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WORST Fans of Rock and Metal Tier List

  • Опубліковано 12 жов 2022
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    Today we examine which fanbases are the most toxic and the least toxic. We put em on a tier list. It's a thing I guess. UA-cam kinda sucks.
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КОМЕНТАРІ • 1,2 тис.

  • @BecomeTheKnight
    @BecomeTheKnight  Рік тому +35

    Check out my podcast here:

  • @colbymathews5173
    @colbymathews5173 Рік тому +481

    "Generically American Metal" translated into its natural tongue is, "Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire, Gimme That Which I Desire, Oooo."

  • @f0rth3l0v30fchr15t
    @f0rth3l0v30fchr15t Рік тому +291

    Tool fans online: F tier

  • @daveataway1952
    @daveataway1952 Рік тому +496

    Being a member of Dream Theater Fandom is essentially equal to being one of their biggest critics

  • @someguy7424
    @someguy7424 Рік тому +390

    As a Pink Floyd fan, I begrudgingly agree with your description of the worst of us. Unjustifiably elitist indeed.

  • @Midna__
    @Midna__ Рік тому +511

    Tool fans deserve there own gigachad tier. They transcend all of us with there knowledge of the Fibonacci sequence. Every time the listen to lateralus they just go berserk and they cannot be stopped. Beware if you ever call there songs less than an experience. We mere mortals are nowhere near capable of handling the knowledge they possess.

  • @OblivionZXZ
    @OblivionZXZ Рік тому +330

    Megadeth fan in every Megadeth music video comment section -

  • @The88shrimp
    @The88shrimp Рік тому +215

    So as one of those Maiden fans that does love the later stuff as well, to put it simply I'm very self aware on how repetitive some of their post reunion stuff is. You can basically predict the entire song structure after hearing the first minute and they are very long comparatively. But I simply like the long instrumental sections as repetitive as they are. They just have a sound to them that fits my personal music taste near perfectly so I don't tend to get bored of them.

  • @mattw404
    @mattw404 Рік тому +144

    I find it hilarious that you chose the Philadelphia Eagles logo, considering they have a reputation for having one of the most toxic NFL fanbases lol

  • @bobjohnson9806
    @bobjohnson9806 Рік тому +214

    thank you for doing us foo fighter fans justice

  • @jtrider3779
    @jtrider3779 Рік тому +55

    As a Tool fan, I fully expected F tier… 😂

  • @conormurphy4328
    @conormurphy4328 Рік тому +76

    Sorry Mike but as a Pink Floyd fan i'm just better than you.

  • @charlesabrell4853
    @charlesabrell4853 Рік тому +41

    As a Nirvana fan, I totally agree with you about the toxic fans. I never understood why they think Kurt was a musical genius. I like a lot of Nirvana's catalog, but the music is pretty basic and that's fine

  • @lunamoone5231
    @lunamoone5231 Рік тому +87

    Honestly as a 16 year old Nirvana fan, im sick and tired of the fandom making us look like shit and acting like Kurt did no wrong and was a fucking saint or some bs. Its so tiring. Especially when not all of us are like this. Ugh. Oh and the fact that kurt cobain literally hated elitists is so pathetically ironic its insane.

  • @MorelloZzT7
    @MorelloZzT7 Рік тому +112

    You didn't do kiss fans? Now that is a toxic fanbase. No questions.

  • @musicofkieran9189
    @musicofkieran9189 Рік тому +62

    I'm a Nirvana fan and yes a lot of us are very toxic. I feel sorry for the people that go out with a Nirvana t shirt (because they just like how it looks ) and fans coming up to them and being "like what did Kurt like to eat for breakfast"

  • @PewciSlayer
    @PewciSlayer Рік тому +44

    Mike’s Iron Maiden argument is true. I got annihilated in a forum when I said the new song “Stratego” sounded like “Powerslave.”

  • @JeremySlayer
    @JeremySlayer Рік тому +125

    As a huge Pink Floyd fan, I agree. There are many fans who just can't accept any views that don't align with their own and get offended so easily. I try not to be that guy.

  • @wadekemmsies7180
    @wadekemmsies7180 Рік тому +39

    It also helps Foo Fighters fans is that Dave Grohl is one of the coolest dudes to ever exist and it influences the coolness of the fanbase

  • @TheSpicyFalafel
    @TheSpicyFalafel Рік тому +60

    Weezer fans are either the worst or best, no inbetween. Same with Ween or any fanbase that doesn’t take its band seriously