Brian "Head" Welch - Paralyzed (Official HD Music Video)

  • Опубліковано 8 лис 2011
  • Watch Brian "Head" Welch's official music video for "Paralyzed"
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  • Robert Hicks
    Robert Hicks 12 років тому +171

    The creepiness of KoRn combined with the awesomeness of GOD along with very deep and right-down-to-the-bone lyrics. Absolutely beautiful. This guy is for real.

    • Rob Blanchard
      Rob Blanchard Рік тому +1

      Brian is Korn...

    • TylerLee
      TylerLee Рік тому +1

      You can’t combine God with creepiness and Korn. “Abstain from every form of evil.”
      ‭‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:22‬ ‭

    • Brokkr The Dwarf
      Brokkr The Dwarf Рік тому +4

      ​@TylerLee Creepy is defined as: "causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease."
      Given this, I would counter that the feeling of being 'creeped out' could just as easily be conviction for one's actions.
      As far as combining God with prior/current projects one partakes in.....John Schlitt is a great example of an artist who'd vehemently disagree with you. He has performed songs recorded by the band he was a member of before Petra, 'Head East'.
      Emotion is an important element to music, perhaps the most important one. Context matters. How the singer sounds, what is being said, the tone of the instruments......kind of like the Bible reference you posted:
      "Do not quench the Spirit. Do not treat prophecies with contempt, but test them all; hold on to what is good, reject every kind of evil."
      People who only use a single verse or even part of one, without context are the millstone hung around the neck leading others to sinking. The Bible is a book, beyond all others, which has been used to cause great harm when the words are twisted, inaccurate or incomplete. Like music, it requires context.
      Moreover, I don't consider Korn to be evil. I hear an internal struggle and an anger at injustice when I listen to their older songs.

  • Knight-Time
    Knight-Time Рік тому +3

    I met him once. He is a genuine, kind, and present human being. Just talks like you are old friends. I will always support him.

  • Morgan Snyder
    Morgan Snyder 11 років тому +61

    Absolutely amazing! I grew up listening to Korn. I love metal and am also a Christian. I find such inspiration from Head. Thank you so much brother!

    • Colby Key
      Colby Key 3 місяці тому +1

      Amen brother

  • Levi H
    Levi H 11 років тому +21

    I have so much respect for this, dude. Seriously. He's been through SO MUCH to get to this place in his life.

  • Eden Sanguine
    Eden Sanguine 10 років тому +26

    There are no words that can express how much respect I have for him for how he's changed.. Truly an inspiration.

  • Alexander Glover
    Alexander Glover 11 років тому +1

    people don`t understand good music when they hear it. this is awesome music and brian is very talented regardless of what he looks like or what he has done in the past. ill rock out to brian anyday !

  • Robert Landrum
    Robert Landrum 8 років тому +15

    This album is seriously one of my favorite metal albums. Every song is just amazing and the Whip it cover/rendition is superb.

  • acemacer
    acemacer 12 років тому +2

    Looking forward to when the album drops. Love it!

  • Michael Vigil
    Michael Vigil Рік тому +2

    Love it!

  • Ben Larson
    Ben Larson 11 років тому +2

    I love this band!!

  • Bonnie Gaudet
    Bonnie Gaudet 4 роки тому +41

    listening to his Audiobook Eyes Wide Open. Loving it. Im not a christian. I havnt been "saved" . I havent felt the spirit, but Im open to it if it happens. Anyway, I decide to take a listen to his solo stuff. this is the 1st song Ive heard. DAMN .MAD LOVE to you Brian Head Welch

    • Brother Grimes
      Brother Grimes Рік тому +10

      God is with you. Your are with God.

    • nothinman
      nothinman Рік тому +2

      where did You get it from?

    • Holly Warehouse
      Holly Warehouse Рік тому +3

      When you hit rock bottom and cry out for help from God, and feel His LOVE, then invite Jesus into your heart you’re saved. I’m praying for you. It’s a hard road too follow! May God Bless you!

    • aaronleeglenn
      aaronleeglenn Рік тому +2

      You matter you aren't a mistake god cares about you he loves you so much just surrender

  • bogues
    bogues Рік тому

    A solid tune that has stood the test of time.

  • Sanford Joseph
    Sanford Joseph 10 років тому +18

    Ministry through metal...Head uses his talents for God....Awesome!!!

  • Calvin Rehn
    Calvin Rehn 12 років тому +5

    Freaking awesome. Still sounds like the old school Korn, God bless Head and his new found faith as well sweet job brother.

  • DazhagraWOW
    DazhagraWOW 12 років тому +7

    Best song of all time, love the lyrics, love the vocals, love the rhythm, this tune is so awesome, thank you so much Brian!

  • Doris G.
    Doris G. 7 років тому +20

    I love this amazing song!!!! Head is so talented, awesome!!! 👍 👍 😘😘

  • Daniel Hull
    Daniel Hull 11 років тому +2

    I admire the fact that someone can change their life and turn total negativity into positivity.

  • shari420 harvey
    shari420 harvey Рік тому +1

    You rock so hard Brian!! The energy and message is heavy!! Love it!! 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

  • iknowimokay
    iknowimokay 11 років тому +3

    What he's doing is amazing - keeping the hard core, but this time with a really important message.
    Rock on Head! (:

  • Thanos Karagiannis
    Thanos Karagiannis 12 років тому +1

    Amazing track i keep listening to it again and again!!

  • johnb382s
    johnb382s 11 років тому +1

    This is awesome, I cant stop listening to it!

  • versusmode223
    versusmode223 Рік тому +2

    He always did amazing backing vocals in Korn so this makes so much sense. Head is my favorite guitarist. His riffs and his unique pedals he uses are just amazing. Plus the tone of his 7 string is 👏

  • Nauti TFT
    Nauti TFT 11 років тому +1

    I love his vocals.. so sick

  • Christiane Singh
    Christiane Singh 2 роки тому +5

    Awesome song🔥 god bless them in their journey👌

  • Gustavo Rengifo
    Gustavo Rengifo 11 років тому +5

    Esto es genial brian! G E N I A L! bless!! soy ex seguidor de Korn y al igual que tu entregue mi vida a Dios mi vida cambio para siempre!!! es mejor que nunca!

  • Jimmy Rippy
    Jimmy Rippy 12 років тому

    Its so great to hear Brian on the guitar again!!! He is a truly an original innovator.
    Maybe, consider bringing in someone new for vocals.
    But like I's inspiring for me to hear his sound again!

  • Melissa Amoroso
    Melissa Amoroso Рік тому +10

    Brian your voice gives me goosebumps ❤️ LOVE is the key! God Bless!

  • Jeff Adair
    Jeff Adair 11 років тому +6

    What an awesome way of spreading the Message of God! rock on Brain!

  • BSR
    BSR Рік тому

    This song hit home hard. Exactly what the Dr ordered I need this in my life period trying hard to reach out to God.☝️💗🙏🎼🤘🏽

  • thelittlespaceship
    thelittlespaceship 11 років тому +2

    But I must say, Brian's guitar riffs are immensely powerful, one of a kind, & A M A Z I N G! :D

  • Grits And Gravy
    Grits And Gravy 3 роки тому +17

    Head was always my favorite in Korn... I love JD, Munky, Fieldy, and David too but Head is incredibly talented.
    God bless

  • icbm777
    icbm777 11 років тому +1

    Great Track can't wait to hear the full album!

  • sulfid6392
    sulfid6392 11 років тому

    Just Wow...First album did not impress me that much as this did. Great improvement on vocals and also songwriting. Now I am definitely spared of any doubts that Head was the essence of Korn´s sound and that they would pretty much sell they soul to sound like this!!!

  • leiforrdrumz81
    leiforrdrumz81 11 років тому

    I freaking love these guys!! Dan is pretty cool dude, and I used to talk to Head at church. I love what these guys are doing!! I think that they are going to eclipse KORN.

  • ryan van heerden
    ryan van heerden 10 років тому +2

    damn this is powerful... you rock Brian!! Bless you brother

    ULTRA-BROZ Рік тому +4

    Heads solo career and other music is underrated.
    He's got such a beautiful voice.

  • David Lindner
    David Lindner 9 років тому +162

    Now I know where all the power from early Korn came from. WOW!

    • Edddy
      Edddy 9 років тому +6

      Same thing I was thinking.

    • The Wumboligist Master
      The Wumboligist Master 7 років тому +6

      +David L He's back in KoRn now and their 2016 album is supposed to be more metal than The Paradigm Shift.

    • ToyDox
      ToyDox 7 років тому +5

      +The Wumboligist Master Rotting in Vain is just out and it's plain AMAZING, korn is back to their roots

    • Jeffrey Ramsaur
      Jeffrey Ramsaur 27 днів тому

      Dang almost a decade old metal u think they are now??

  • Christ-is-King!
    Christ-is-King! 2 роки тому +2

    Just checked out the old school album. Lyrics are super deep. Brian that album is amazing. Eternal life in the bosom of Abraham, eternal life in Christ see you their brother!

  • Lyle Trush
    Lyle Trush 11 років тому +4

    You can hear where the fresh feel of Korns riffs came from. His story is amazing and the message is real! I'm so blown away!

  • Midwest Yeti
    Midwest Yeti 2 роки тому +1

    Love this song!

  • Gypsygirl Nz
    Gypsygirl Nz 2 роки тому +3

    Just watched your movie...
    I was moved to tears an inspired by you and you dedication to your beautiful daughter... You are both amazing people... God bless you both 🙏

    • Hope To The Hill
      Hope To The Hill 2 роки тому

      Bless you, gorgeous. Thanks for the love ❤️ 😍 💕 and valuable information
      Much love I got for you 🥰😘

  • Donnie Cooper
    Donnie Cooper 11 років тому +1

    That song rocked!!! I loved it. God bless the band and brother Brian.

  • nathan benson
    nathan benson 8 років тому +10

    Your music is amazing brother! Thank you

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 11 років тому +1

    Soooo I pretty much can't wait to hear the new record! Great job Brian!

  • Pmr358
    Pmr358 12 років тому

    That was freaking cool! I can not wait to buy the new album is the rest of the songs sound like this! LONG LIVE METAL!

  • queenSummerKeli
    queenSummerKeli 11 років тому +1

    absolutely love it!!!!

  • Batman 90
    Batman 90 Рік тому +1

    He is very talented artist

  • Nigel Frost
    Nigel Frost 3 роки тому +2

    I am a huge Korn fan and I was shocked seeing this! Fucking awesome!

  • Inf7cted
    Inf7cted 2 роки тому +3

    Man I love this song!! Gonna listen to this tomorrow when I do bench press!! Weight is sin trying to hold me down, and the strength is me disobeying the weakness!

    WILLPOWERLESS 12 років тому +1

    Sounds awesome!!! Love it . . .

  • ukgirlonce
    ukgirlonce 11 років тому +1

    awesome brian!!!! i love so stoked ...please never forget how many people you encourage every day!!! i just LOVE your songs!!! and books..God bless you my brother in Christ Jesus!!!

  • shroudknight0707
    shroudknight0707 11 років тому +1

    wow man amazing, one of Brians best songs

  • Thomas Dannemand Jensen
    Thomas Dannemand Jensen 11 років тому +2

    The production on this track is simply amazing! 1:40 nuff said! Those drums are not for fun, damn!

  • Joshua Luecking
    Joshua Luecking 10 років тому +1

    great song..along with a good message keep on keeping on Brian

  • trustmeimadoctor0
    trustmeimadoctor0 11 років тому +3

    I love this guy. his story is amazing

  • Tiffiney Moir
    Tiffiney Moir 12 років тому +1

    i love this video...its absalutly amazing i love Valentine's eyes there amzing and brian is an amzing vocalest cant wait to get there next album!!

  • Darrell Ellisor
    Darrell Ellisor 11 років тому +2

    I absolutely love this song and Heads direction in music, I wish I could have gotten the guitar spot in this band!

  • mikey black
    mikey black Рік тому

    This song put its arms around me and carried me through tough times, thank you Brian peace x

  • Andrew Russo
    Andrew Russo 8 років тому

    This is noteworthy, and yet I didn't even know it existed. There is a different layer of emotional depth to it for me than his work with Korn. Of course for all the positive things I can say about this it is certainly not Jonathon Davis on vocals, or Fieldy on the bass, (not that it needs to be to be good, but it's hard not to compare). I dig it regardless, and plan on checking out more of his solo material.

  • Death Creeps
    Death Creeps Рік тому +2

    I knew that Brian 'Head' Welch was in two different bands. However I didn't know about these two songs Paralyzed and Save Me From Myself. Am surprised. This is pretty good. Now checking out the other solo song. 😊🤘
    Edit: Turns out it's not a solo song. It's a full album. Woah snap! 🥰

  • The Wumboligist Master
    The Wumboligist Master 7 років тому +129

    While this is pretty dope, I'm extremely happy that he's back in KoRn.

    • Belinda Rios
      Belinda Rios 7 років тому +1

      are you being serious

    • The Wumboligist Master
      The Wumboligist Master 7 років тому +1

      Belinda Kaufman yes. I like him better as a guitarist with Jon on vocals.

    • ToyDox
      ToyDox 7 років тому +2

      he still has the band as a side project so it's fine

    • Intelligent Wiseman Official
      Intelligent Wiseman Official 4 роки тому +3

      Brandon Anderson amen brother!

  • Justin Stryker
    Justin Stryker 11 років тому +2

    So amazing. Head has grown so much as a musician and writer.

  • Dan B
    Dan B 11 років тому +1

    I always loved watching Brian Welch play the guitar. There is just something about it that is so damn hard core. I love the new band though, very similar to KoRn, obviously because he was a big part in the song writing for KoRn, but at the same time very different. It is good to see Head in action again.

  • james reme
    james reme 11 років тому

    muitoo locoo...gloria a Deus pela vida desse cara...

  • Alejandro Vasquez
    Alejandro Vasquez 11 років тому +1

    This is an EXPLOSIVE song on many parts. I have been listening to Korn since 1994 and there may be people who disagree with me, but in my opinion Head took the original sound of Korn (Korn and Life is Peachy) with him when he left. Head is doing great for himself. Sadly, I have been disappointed with Korn since his departure. ROCK ON HEAD!

  • The Reclusive Believer..😑
    The Reclusive Believer..😑 11 років тому +2

    I love how Brian is teaching and helping these kids and having them involved in the music industry. Especially with a pretty controversial sound like metal/rock which the church in most cases still thinks is satanic music. God I pray for the renewal of the minds of the religious prunes. Amen

  • Liza Reed
    Liza Reed 8 років тому +17

    Love this guy so much

  • rambo pontillas
    rambo pontillas 12 років тому +1

    i wish the original members of Korn could reunite again even just for one show! i just love them! i have all their classic albums!

  • Mistaskieth
    Mistaskieth 11 років тому

    saw them live. they are a great band

  • Kemberle
    Kemberle 11 років тому

    Can't get enough of this video! Or song! And definitely can't get enough of JESUS!

  • Wally Balljacker
    Wally Balljacker 11 років тому +1

    Fantastic. Brian, keep going, you're an inspiration to many including me. Happy Holidays Bro.

  • Georgia Lucena
    Georgia Lucena 11 років тому +2

    I'm paralyzed, I need U now.
    One of my favorite songs. It's hit in the ear and the praise rising pro King! Love and Death is totally rocks! We love u, guys :)

  • Сергей Журавский
    Сергей Журавский 11 років тому +3

    Спасибо, люди, Вам. Отдельное спасибо "Head"у, он многое принес в мою душу, в том числе после прочтения его книги. Korn очень много потерял после ухода "Хеада", но и создал он (Хеад) очень много. Спасибо ему за Божий дар, пусть счастье ему улыбается всю жизнь. Очень бы хотелось, что бы он прочитал это сообщение

  • Nimrod in Motion
    Nimrod in Motion 12 років тому

    A true guy who lives after strong convictions.

  • nfindc
    nfindc 11 років тому

    SHAKE THE GATES OF HELL HEAD!! I can honestly say that even though some of the imagery in this video is a little dark, the message is clear: I need Jesus in my life no matter how hard it may seem to let go of the old things I once held dear. Fact is, I LOVE that Brian is sticking to his musical guns and playing his style of music to honor God. This is what we need to push it in the devils face and tell him we can come into your yard and kick you out!! Praise the Lord!

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith 11 років тому

    Christina musics has to expand to reach the masses. Head is doing that with this. This song is all sorts of awesome. There is tons of energy, the drum and bass line are incredible. 10 thumbs up Head. Loved the book btw

  • Khybur
    Khybur 11 років тому +16

    i saw in some interview Head did that he would return to Korn if they were doing something positive...I would like to say that without the influence of Korn in my life i would not be the person I am today, and I damn proud of who I became. They helped me through some of the rough spots in my teenage years and helped me stay strong throughout...sidenote...Korns music never glorified drugs, Head found those on his own, just unfortunate he had to leave to get off them

  • Hemlawk AKA EDK
    Hemlawk AKA EDK 11 років тому

    Decent song. Thumbs up to the video. I still love many of the christian bands I listened to when I went through my christian phase.

    JOSUÉ SCHADLER DE LIMA 11 років тому +4


  • g0nzalp1
    g0nzalp1 11 років тому +1

    I saw him live in scottsdale n he tears up the stage, cant wait to see him again. God bless man!!

  • White Guys Got Hops
    White Guys Got Hops 11 років тому

    Brian...good song, love the music layout, love the lyrics...but please don't give up playing guitar ever for singing...EVER

  • 1576sebastian
    1576sebastian 11 років тому

    I can't stop listening to this song!!

  • jrfree
    jrfree 12 років тому

    I never realized how much he contributed to KoRn's sound. Even after "See You on the Other Side" came out, I just thought they were trying go in another direction, or distance themselves from Brian. Definitely missed his sound

  • fourdoormafia
    fourdoormafia 11 років тому

    wow im blown away this song is incredible!

  • RaiderOutlaws
    RaiderOutlaws 11 років тому +3

    I love how heavy this song is, Hope the rest of Head's CD jams like this!

  • danomanno747
    danomanno747 11 років тому

    I still like Korn (even their current "dubstep" thing is still listenable for me), but this song is far better (for me) than anything on Korn's past 3-4 albums. This song is catchy, and the riffing is *actually heavy* (amen!...not that I'm religious). I hope Brian records a full length followup to Save Me From Myself.

  • Isaiah Perry
    Isaiah Perry 11 років тому +1


  • Bucc i
    Bucc i 11 років тому

    This is surprisingly good. It's better than I thought it would be.

  • njchampion
    njchampion 12 років тому

    like i already said in some head's n old korn's video:head was korn.when he was in korn,i always thought head deserved more spotlight with some songs totally played and singed by him.just look somebody someone live,it was already an example how a great korn song could be excellent with his powerful voice.his guitar skills,his inventiveness has created that great sound in korn .
    he has always been a genius.head 's music in the past was labeled "korn" now is labeled "head"

  • Mark Wolfe
    Mark Wolfe Рік тому +2

    I love this song

  • Scott Woodham
    Scott Woodham 3 роки тому +19

    I'm 50 and still love this type of music

    • Therese
      Therese  2 роки тому +1

      Try 58!!!! I’ll never ever tire of Korb/Brian!!!!!

  • Renton90
    Renton90 11 років тому +1

    ojala que tire mas temas nuevos Brian Head welch Veo que se viene con TODO!! AWESOME sige asi!!!!

  • TkgDotTf
    TkgDotTf 11 років тому

    Awesome! "When I am with those who are weak, I share their weakness, for I want to bring the weak to Christ. Yes, I try to find common ground with everyone, doing everything I can to save some." ~ 1 Corinthians 9:22

  • agustin ejarque
    agustin ejarque 2 місяці тому

    una obra de arte

  • Thanos Karagiannis
    Thanos Karagiannis 11 років тому

    Phenomenal track!

  • Tyke Nagel
    Tyke Nagel 11 років тому +1

    God or no god, Korn or no Korn, it's amazing to see him still putting out such great music. Don't forget music is his career, he isn't using you any more than your local grocery store. Can't wait to hear more!

  • Emanuel Lima
    Emanuel Lima 7 років тому +3

    sin dudas los rockeros tambien podemos adorar a Dios y el puede hacer nuevas todas las cosas, gran canción

  • wjveryzer7985
    wjveryzer7985 11 років тому

    I really like this man. Hes brining it stickin to what he does best. Its petfect time to cause korn fans are cravin this sound right now with the whole dub korn thing. Well I am at least haha. Love it head cant wait for the rest!

  • UntitledKirk
    UntitledKirk 11 років тому

    Damn, Brian by himself has made a better song than anything by Korn in a while!

  • Kasia L
    Kasia L 11 років тому

    Bardzo fajna nutka :) Pozdrowienia z Polski :D