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Fear Factory - Zero Signal

  • Опубліковано 11 жов 2008
  • Band# Fear Factory
    Album# Demanufacture
    Song# Zero Signal

КОМЕНТАРІ • 1,2 тис.

  • @hollywoodmkx
    @hollywoodmkx 2 роки тому +710

    “To my greatest fan - signed, Johnny Cage.”

  • @danielsan2142
    @danielsan2142 14 днів тому +30

    The song that made me a Heavy Metal enthusiast! Pure masterpiece!

  • @danielsan2142
    @danielsan2142 14 днів тому +22


  • @seanleyden8354
    @seanleyden8354 3 роки тому +161

    Man does this bring me back. when the headbangers ball died so did a ton of metal with it. Fear Factory got me through those dark times. Awesome stuff. Anyone 35+ in here, METAL RULES!!!!!

  • @Maverick8778
    @Maverick8778 Рік тому +109

    Hearing this in the OG Mortal Kombat movie and looking it up is what got me into Metal, still one of my fav songs of all time. Absolutely timeless, still a perfect banger

  • @martinrivas8193
    @martinrivas8193 3 роки тому +64

    I keep saying this over and over again.... Demanufacture is one of the best metal albums of all times. Absolute perfection from start to finish. Long live Fear Factory!!!

  • @sdry
    @sdry  +100

    This album is so good. Whoever did mixing, samples etc. stuff is legend. Not even FF has managed to replicate something like this again.

  • @orphia6479
    @orphia6479 5 років тому +109

    Such a unique melody angle. It's not your typical sad minor melody, it isn't euphoric major either. It's crazy simple, and yet so damn effective. Memorable as hell.

  • @pvhep4036
    @pvhep4036 7 років тому +463

    21 years have passed and I still get musical goosbumps FFrom this song! Agrresive and emotional! Passion even! <3 Amazing!!! Fight!

  • @UncleAnaesthesia
    @UncleAnaesthesia 6 років тому +329

    To this day, Burton C. Bell has one of the best metal screams ever.

  • @PersonOfBook
    @PersonOfBook 6 років тому +556

    The drumming on this song is insane!

  • @sticksman7819
    @sticksman7819 3 роки тому +79

    Raymond is incredible.his drumming on this album is flawless.

  • @tearsoffinality5529
    @tearsoffinality5529 3 роки тому +273

    The best Fear Factory song and the best Fear Factory album. Has it really been 25 years?

  • @priedthirdeye

    One of the most powerful metal songs ever written.

  • @andrewphippsphillips1455
    @andrewphippsphillips1455 7 років тому +113

    Undoubtably their greatest work. It will sound amazing in 1000years time :)

  • @adamlone5548
    @adamlone5548 5 років тому +37

    A true masterpiece. I can't stop listening!

  • @MJXtube
    @MJXtube 3 роки тому +28

    My favorite part about this song is how the beginning sounds like the literal gates of HELL, and the riffs are just devastatingly heavy throughout; then right at the end it gets all ethereal and uplifting. Just fantastic.

  • @Niekieboyz
    @Niekieboyz 2 роки тому +137

    Couldn't find the lyrics in the comments..

  • @tightlondon

    This album changed metal for ever when it came out, it was the first time the stop start double kick patterns were done and rest is history

  • @jamesscales8775
    @jamesscales8775 3 роки тому +11

    This the the first song I ever heard from them and the band that got me into metal. Plus the fact that it was playing during a fight scene with my favorite Mortal Kombat character (Scorpion) makes it that much more epic for me <3