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Whitechapel - Without You | Without Us (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

  • Опубліковано 13 вер 2023
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    “We are excited to release our final video from the Kin album cycle for “Without You/Without Us''. We worked with longtime friend David Brodsky and MyGoodEye Visuals on bringing this epic battle to life and feel it is a great way to close this album as we begin work on our 9th album.” - Alex Wade, @WhitechapelTV
    Phil Bozeman - Vocals
    Ben Savage - Guitar
    Alex Wade - Guitar
    Zach Householder - Guitar
    Gabe Crisp - Bass
    Brandon Zackey - Drums
    Directed by
    David Brodsky and Ben Savage
    Cinematography, Editor, Post-Production FX:
    David Brodsky for My Good Eye: Music Visuals
    Producer, Cinematography, Editor:
    Allison Woest for My Good Eye: Music Visuals
    2nd AD, Gaffer:
    Robb Brown
    Assistant Camera, Grip/Electric, Additional Cinematography:
    Christopher Lee Herod
    Hair and Make-Up:
    Jillian Savage
    Costume Designer:
    Kelly Ann Hawkins
    Production Assistants:
    Ben Sterling
    Josh Mangers
    Justin East
    Body Double:
    Alec Scheller
    Audio Producer, Engineer: Mark Lewis
    Audio Mixing: David Castillo
    Audio Mastering: Ted Jensen

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  • @erikmsavage2003

    You know what I like about Phil more than about the younger generation of extreme metal vocalists coming up right now? He isn't using his voice to show off any sounds or skills, he solely uses it for the sake of storytelling. He COULD show off, but he is embracing his mid range because the words are more understandable then. I respect that more than any sound or technique.

  • @quincyjackson7855

    Its much more powerful seeing Phil have the conversation with himself in the way they did this video. Such a good song, a good album. It is beyond theraputic. I feel like this was made for people with trauma.


    I know album 9 will be great, but I just can’t get over how amazing Kin was. The storytelling and melodies were another level. A masterpiece front to back.

  • @melomaniac334

    Having visual representation of this song in this way makes me so happy. This video is so well done. That intro with the three of them playing acoustic guitars together was really cool. But then it gets even better with the duality in Phil's amazing vocal delivery between himself and the character and showing the power struggle as well. I had goosebumps at the end. Incredible effort by all.

  • @sithsingh2675

    that was one of the most confident displays of power in a song I’ve ever seen and heard. Whitechapel are gonna KILL this next record

  • @mario1268
    @mario1268  +176

    I cant describe how much I cried with this song. The line:

  • @joeysnowynoey8054

    I’ve always been a fan of Whitechapel since I heard them, but The Valley and Kin have really blew me away. Everything from the actual songwriting to the lyrics is just amazing.

  • @Hubbath
    @Hubbath  +174


  • @mariafernandakicheleski

    Essa música é tão perfeita ❤

  • @jrehberg
    @jrehberg  +23

    So many people didn't like Kin or The Valley, but to me, they are pure emotion and storytelling. I love Kin more than most WC fans simply to the evolution of the band and hearing Phil showcase his clean vocals and still have some extremely guttural vocals in the same songs. Can't wait for the next album!

  • @DarkShaman667

    The change from accoustic to electric scared me. And then I got goosebumps. Damn! What a beautiful song! I love it!

  • @godvandamme9921

    What a vocal journey. And the music was right there moving it along. Very dark, melodic and heavy.

  • @addonexus2656

    KIN is so phenomenal, I couldn't have asked for a better album. Confronting the shadow has never been so awesomely depicted as such a powerful juxtaposition of sound.

  • @7mcleodj
    @7mcleodj  +39

    Growing up with Whitechapel from the Somatic Defilement to Kin has been an incredible journey. Phil continually inspires me with his openness to push the boundaries of not only what it means to be human but also how to be vulnerable and deal with personal demons. This song and the imagery used to portray it are so identifiable and therapeutic. Through sharing our struggles, we strengthen one another. The Valley and Kin will forever remain two of my favorite albums. Thank you for everything!

  • @Beelzebubs696

    I’m so happy to see how far Whitechapel and Phil have come. Started listening to them when I was just a kid when Somatic came out and the evolution is something to be in awe of. Please never stop Whitechapel!

  • @placitwosacks

    I've loved WC since the old glory days back when i was in high school, 05 onward. Their sound has evolved so much. I'll never forget being pulled on stage @ the Masquerade in ATL and getting to scream Fairy Fay with Phil, and he told me I sounded good! Love this new song, its exploring so many different genres. As a musician who didnt blow up, didnt care to and always loved music for what it is - this is awesome dudes! Seeing some heavier stuff come back makes the nostalgia-seeker in me so happy.

  • @jeremiahbarnor2953

    I really love how the video actually helps explain the song. Many times bands' music videos make the meaning of the song more confusing. Such a great video ❤

  • @Badalabandabad

    I recently discovered this song and must say it already has topped the charts in my most played songs this year.

  • @zackfreeman3985

    This song is amazing. Can't wait for the next album. 9 STUDIO ALBUMS! I've been a fan since the beginning and I hope the next and probably last album will be both old school heavy and clean vocals for the true fans. Love you guys.

  • @cravingmetal

    The visuals are actually terrifying when you don't expect the part after the acoustic intro.