Worth It: Japan Marathon

  • Опубліковано 12 січ 2021
  • Every episode of Worth It we've filmed in Japan!
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  • About To Eat
    About To Eat  Рік тому +1

    Hope you enjoy this marathon! Once we can travel again, where should we go next?

  • Toshiki Yamada
    Toshiki Yamada Рік тому +1

    Im pretty sure Imada-san figured out Steven was left handed when he poured the sake. And that's why the nigiris are placed differently for him, facing sw->ne. And the only reason they do this is because it's the easiest for the guest to grab it. The level of service from Japan makes me envy their eye to detail so much. Taking so many mental notes.

  • Belfry
    Belfry  +128

    Weird how there are no time stamps so here you go:

  • Rie McClenny
    Rie McClenny Рік тому +5

    Who misses traveling 🙋🏻‍♀️🥺?

  • Subi Lee
    Subi Lee Рік тому +770

    did i just spend 2 hours rewatching worth it episodes i've already seen before? yes. any regrets? no.

  • Study with me!
    Study with me! Рік тому +2

    These are the only people I still watch BuzzFeed for. I was hoping that this was their own separate venture.

  • Jason Moir
    Jason Moir Рік тому +567

    I think I'd fly to Japan just for that chocolate cake.

  • Dan Josef
    Dan Josef Рік тому +1

    the only group who ive stuck with since they started buzzfeed. just missing steven

  • Dipo Rayinda
    Dipo Rayinda Рік тому +919

    i think it’s time for Andrew’s Omurice 2.0.

  • Megan Barnes

    The Thèobroma shop owner was so enthusiastic and I love him, getting so excited over the question about aromas, and gagging at how sweet American chocolate is, he was so fun!

  • Dominika Fuskova
    Dominika Fuskova Рік тому +19

    The Theobroma chocolate cake is truly the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten. I went to Japan a couple years ago and visited some of the places from Worth it Japan series. Pablo cheesecake is great as well, only wish we had such great quality food chains in the UK as well. Thanks to all people from Worth it for making such great content. Cannot wait to visit Taiwan and try all the dumpling and soup places.

  • judowodo
    judowodo Рік тому +282

    I feel like this channel answers to all the people that would only want to follow this group of Buzzfeed content maker and not the whole Buzzfeed channel. That's why I'll gladly subscribe to this channel and not the main Buzzfeed channel!

  • princ3sstofu
    princ3sstofu Рік тому +19

    All of the Japan eps really bring out so much emotions from Adam

  • Joshua
    Joshua Рік тому +103

    Love the commentary episodes, and behind the scenes looks. Also, those Japan episodes were great!!! Well all worth it episodes are great, but you get what I mean.😂 Anyway, can’t wait for the interview with the chef, and see Andrew recreate things.🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Keenan Cruz
    Keenan Cruz Рік тому +157

    Steven: Baking was introduced in Japan in the 16th by what country?

  • bishopl
    bishopl  +3

    shanes voice always surprises me during the cookie episode lol it’s like a fun surprise

  • Mal Rathmone

    Rie's sheepish little "Cookie??" remark in that episode always makes me smile <3

  • Carly Singer

    When Andrew says “eggs, not just for babies and old people anymore” kills me everytime

  • Kylah Gruspe
    Kylah Gruspe Рік тому +82

    I miss Worth it & Adam eating quietly at the end so much 😭

  • Michiko Manalang
    Michiko Manalang Рік тому +49

    I'll never get over how Andrew just runs off to pick up a cat.