In the Room with Nirvana and Soundgarden: The Krist Novoselic, Kim Thayil and Jack Endino Interview

  • Опубліковано 24 сер 2022
  • Krist Novoselic (Nirvana) Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) and Jack Endino (Producer) reflect on the legacy and inception of the two most important bands of the ’90’s. From the practice rooms of the mid-80’s to the height of world fame in the ’90’s. The ups, downs and details. We also discuss their latest project 3rd Secret with features Matt Cameron (Drums), Jon "Bubba" Dupree (Guitar), Jennifer Johnson (Vocals), Jillian Raye (Vocals).
    You can listen to 3rd Secret here:
    Nirvana - Kurt Cobain (Vocals, Guitar), Krist Novoselic (Bass) & Dave Grohl (Drums)
    Soundgarden - Chris Cornell (Vocals, Guitar), Kim Thayil (Guitar), Ben Shepherd (Bass), Matt Cameron (Drums) Hiro Yamamoto (Bass).
    Jack Endino - Nirvana (Producer), Soundgarden (Producer), Skin Yard (Guitar, Producer, Engineering), Mudhoney (Producer, Engineering, Mixing), Screaming Trees (Producer), Hole (Producer), Green River (Producer)


  • Rick Beato

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  • Egroj Z
    Egroj Z  +5

    Rick, you're singlehandedly creating an archive that will be gold in future years. You've managed to get musicians who are famously difficult with interviewers to feel comfortable and open up. I mean Sting? Maynard? Kim Thayil? All we can do is thank you for what you're doing.

  • Alex Loyola
    Alex Loyola 14 днів тому +198

    Hey, MTV, this is the kind of content a true “music television” channel should have. Rick, thank you so very much. Fantastic interview.

  • jonathan schoenherr
    jonathan schoenherr 21 день тому +33

    Seeing the pain in Krist's eyes really hit me hard. You can tell how much he's struggling with the mix of emotions from that time.

  • The1khronohs
    The1khronohs 28 днів тому +44

    Man, Krist looks like the sweetest grandpa. Yet he carries with him the wildest stories and history itself! Amazing guys. Thank you do much for these interviews, Rick!

  • jortega999
    jortega999 21 день тому +51

    Soundgarden’s music timing always intrigued me and made them stand apart from other Grunge era bands. After hearing that Cornell was a drummer who loved odd time signatures, it makes sense why they would write such complex songs. The rhythm section wrote the songs. Great and insightful interview, Rick. That was great when they start playing Black Hole Sun, Kim looked like he was about to cry upon hearing his old dead friend, then Krist gives him a back slap and rub like he was telling him that only he knew how he felt and he was okay. Heavy.

  • Victor Miranda
    Victor Miranda 28 днів тому +217

    I don’t know anyone of these people personally but God, Rick makes it easy to feel like we could belong in that interview. Thank you.

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  • David Simms
    David Simms 21 день тому +36

    I was never a Nirvana fan, but I was a huge Soundgarden fan. After this interview, I will honestly go back and give Nirvana another listen with a much different perspective. Kim fawning over Nirvana is enough to make me open up my mind...30 years later.

  • Jordan Norris
    Jordan Norris 14 днів тому +12

    People don’t realize how much of an impact Kim had on the 90’s “grundge” scene. Drop D was a hugeee reason it was so special. Kim is such a vast ocean of history. Wonderful guy, and amazing musician.

  • Shannon RN
    Shannon RN 28 днів тому +145

    The respect that you have for these bands and artists have made yourself a safe place for them to talk about their experiences. They don’t really have a platform like MTV used to be. It’s so wonderful! I’m so enthralled and happy. That may sound juvenile but that’s how it feels. Thank you and thank the wonderful artists who have came on your channel to talk about their experience

  • PretzelDude
    PretzelDude 14 днів тому +34

    This video was longer than most Hollywood movies, and was 1000x more entertaining. Thank you for this! Gonna go back into my corner and feel ancient now 😁.

  • Leandro Angeli
    Leandro Angeli 28 днів тому +88

    This interview almost brought tears to my eyes , Im 30 somenthing and this guys are like the Beatles or Led Zeppelin to my generation , to see them sitted in a room talking about all this amazing details it's just sooo cool, thanx so much Rick for this interview.

  • Kevin Nicolello

    Krist Novoselic?!?! I thought Maynard was huge, in reality it was, but I don’t ever see Krist Novoselic doing interviews. Congrats Rick, you’re doing incredible things and have become an amazing interviewer.

  • Sock Monkey
    Sock Monkey 21 день тому +50

    When you think about all the random life events that had to line up perfectly for these bands to form it’s really a miracle. Or it must be destiny.

  • Ann Marie Knapp
    Ann Marie Knapp 21 день тому +18

    As a die hard Grunge loving 90's girl now at 53 I miss how freaking fantastic Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone, which became Pearl Jam, and so many others it was a magical time. The 80s were decade of synthesizers and hair bands. When I first heard, "Smells Like Teen Spirit," in college it was like nothing I had ever heard before. They were the Jimi Hendrix of Gen X. God, I adore all these musicians and how they changed music forever. I would love any new collaboration. I introduce 90s music to my students at university they are always blown away that such music exists. Hugs to you all. Thank you for your contributions to music and to a whole generation that needed our own voice!!!

  • Thomas Visani
    Thomas Visani 28 днів тому +22

    I just love that when the drumming sequence in Smells Like Teen Spirit begins at

  • Scott
    Scott 21 день тому +30

    I've always felt that the album cover for Nevermind went really well with the overall sound of the album. I don't mean the symbolism, but the color. The water. There are a lot of songs on Nevermind where Kurt's flanger or phaser sounds "watery".

  • Eduardo Alejandro del Corral Lira
    Eduardo Alejandro del Corral Lira 28 днів тому +61

    Everyone there (Rick obviously included) is a legend. Seriously, isn't incredible that we are fortunate enough to see something as cool as this?

  • Arnoldo Sanabria

    Rick you're rescuing the rock scene. As a 26-year-old guy and a Grunge lover, I greeeatly appreciate your work on this