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Elizabeth and I Break it down to "We Got The Moves" by Electric Callboy

  • Опубліковано 28 вер 2023
  • Hey yall!
    I'm back from tour and FINALLY found a chance to upload this! We're back with another reaction video- and with great company! Me and Elizabeth (of The Charismatic Voice) are gunna listen to Electric Callboy for the veryyy first time learn how to break it tf downn. If you know me, you know I'm not tooo familiar with what's going on in the world of new metal so this should be a killer. Let’s goooooo
    Written and Performed by Electric Callboy
    I definitely recommend watching the original video without interruptions. Here's the link: • Electric Callboy - WE ...
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  • @TheCharismaticVoice

    This was so much fun to do, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to show you Electric Callboy!

  • @Keksgame
    @Keksgame  +495

    It's crazy how well they harmonize with each other, it's really incredible that a laryngoscopy can turn two almost complete strangers into good friends sharing the same passion

  • @DaveLowe28

    Electric Callboy are insanely talented. A rare band where every song is as good as the next. You NEED to check them out more and collab. Also, it's their guitarist and his brother that do all their videos.

  • @jenniferdardis2134

    I would pay to see Will dance like this front row of an electric callboy concert, he most definitely got the moves for this song😂😂😂

  • @OffscreenKill

    I cannot get over the fact how fairy tail-y this whole friendship is. Its wholesome beyond words. Downright magical to see stuff like that haha. Idk opera singer and death metal singer best buddies just warms my heart in the weirdest way

  • @Dutyfreeftw

    u should see them live, the whole croud is fn crazy with the " da, da da da dup, da da da da da dup" part, its incredible

  • @th3n3wc4d

    I've said it so many times before, but the unexpected Elizabeth/Will friendship arc is one of my favourite things ever

  • @sherrymitchell9908

    I think it's hilarious that the drummer won the German version of the Bachelorette.These guys are awesome!!

  • @MetalMinion3

    Elizabeth and Will's relationship reminds me of an aunt and nephew, who discovered they both love metal and extreme music. And they bond to this love of metal, and have developed this close friendship because of this.

  • @castilezach7419

    I'm so glad you enjoyed Eletric Callboy! If you enjoyed this one so much you HAVE to check out their son Hypa Hypa. You'll defiantly love it as well.

  • @Falany
    @Falany  +13

    I love that last week Lorna Shore played their set JUST before Electric Callboy at Rock Circus! I'm sure you guys were watching from in the wings! Both sets were amazing btw, absolutely LOVED seeing you perform live. Your stage presence is mesmerising ❤ and I honestly feel like you've awakened a whole new part of music/vocal appreciation for me! I hope to see you play in the Netherlands again sooooooon

  • @Steckbert09

    As a german guy and vocalist I love the fact to see my idol vocalist and my favourite vocalanalyst reacting to my favourite song of this German band. I love to see the fun you have with it. It's an absolute banger at their Live gigs. I recommend you to see them.

  • @AileenSenpai

    Will, Elizabeth, AND Electric Callboy?! Best Friday ever 🤘🏼♥️

  • @ciderfeet3331

    The duo we didn't know we needed, I genuinely laughed when Will said "mini horse" 😄

  • @aestelker

    Man... this bro/sis friendship is the juxtaposition of the decade. Keep these collabs coming!

  • @Evravon
    @Evravon  +90

    He definitely brought something out in her. I have seen quite a few of her videos and I have

  • @ballhawks32587
    @ballhawks32587 14 годин тому +6

    I love how happy Elizabeth is the whole time to share this and how hype Will gets throughout. Will was me discovering the band and Elizabeth is me showing my friends now 😂

  • @marvinalexander2253

    The face of Liz as soon as she noticed you loved it is, is like a parent gigting the perfect christmas gift

  • @dedballoons

    The most wholesome collaboration on the internet. I feel like the metal community has just adopted Elizabeth because she's so lovely.

  • @escher2112

    I am not a vocalist - but I fell in love with Will through a random reaction to Lorna Shore on Elizabeth's channel - and I just adore this.. Seriously, you guys need a regular show together. You have the best chemistry!