Wife Walked in on Me Listening to *SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL* 1984 (REACTION)

  • Опубліковано 9 сер 2022
  • Welcome back to the channel! I see you couldn't get enough.Slaughter to Prevail dropped another banger! This one is called 1984
    Wife Walked in on Me Listening to SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL 1984 (REACTION)
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    Special thanks:
    The Band for making this awesome music
    Every one of you guys watching this now
    I love yall! :)


  • Boogaloo Baloo

    I've said it before, I'll say it again; Lorna Shore is like jumping off the second story into a pool. Slaughter To Prevail is like jumping into that same pool only it's empty.


    This song is stp protesting the Ukrainian war they actually moved to Florida a few months before they released this song so bad things wouldn’t happen to them. You can feel the anger the helplessness and the sorrow through the whole song and I love it and the lyrics are outstanding. I wish everyone saw how beautiful of a message metal generally has this definitely is one of those and one of my favorite stp songs

  • Nori Vixen
    Nori Vixen  +128

    your wife reaction is literally my moms reaction every time she enters my car. I always get the: "dear god the fuck is wrong with my daughter" stare.

  • Gigabite
    Gigabite  +254

    1984 is a dystopian novel by George Orwell about the consequences of totalitarian rule. Also I love the pinch harmonics in the first half of this song.

  • morkthevan

    probably my favourite slaughter song as well. alex's screamy singing in the chorus, the solo, and the clean guitar bits make this a much more "emotional" song to me if that makes any sense. all of the other songs (that i've heard) have been pretty much just slammy slam without that emotional aspect

  • alien in society
    alien in society 14 днів тому +1

    I really can't understand how people can not see the beauty and harmonic in music like this. great song

  • Michael Beverly

    I absolutely love that they decided to switch it up on everybody. That’s why they teased the heavier breakdown in the middle. Made people think “how can they top that?” And then boom, more of a riff down to solo.

  • YodaRules
    YodaRules  +32

    Oh man, I had never heard of these guys but couldn't stop head banging!!!

  • Golkarath
    Golkarath  +10

    The Song is awesome, the reaction is fire, but just the fact that your wife came in and you said "my wife", lad i've been a viewer for some time now and that just made me feel so happy for you dude, you are amazing !

  • Danny Dennis

    This is prolly a top 2 or 3 stp song for me. The melodic aspects in this are crazy good

  • InsaneDirtyDan
    InsaneDirtyDan 14 днів тому

    i actually just seen these guys live at the blue ridge rock festival and they played this song live and it was absolutely insane

  • Sir Eggward

    If you wanna hear Alex Terrible doing more melodic stuff he had a side project called Scumsters, more punk/thrash with some melodic parts in there, would recommend you react to them

  • Varxiva
    Varxiva  +3

    Thank you for the reaction!

  • I am Bodybuilding YT

    Slaughter to prevail is the beat newer metal band they are so heavy but so catchy at the same time and Alex is so charismatic at the same time

  • capone s
    capone s  +13

    Hey Alex, if you haven't heard it yet you should definitely listen to the cover of Linkin Park's - Given Up that Alex T. Does on his channel. It's an amazing cover and it gives you a bit more of what you were asking, to hear his singing voice

  • theHeretic

    This song is about Russian invasion to Ukraine. Alex has a video on his channel where he talks about his position. I am from Ukraine, but because of the war I had to move to Austria.

  • Ethan Gilley

    You should definitely check out FFAK latest single. It is amazing. The lyrics cut deeper than any song I’ve ever listened to

  • BellyJelly

    I believe it's a reference to the book by George Orwell "1984". A lot of what happens in that book is happening now.

  • Big Homie Steve The Metal Head

    Slaughter To Prevail has actually had melodic interludes like this in other songs before, I believe "I Killed A Man" and I think another song from their last album had similar components to this song. If you haven't already heard "I Killed A Man", you should definitely check it out cuz it's one of the best songs off of Kostolom imo.

  • Nicole Weber

    Love this song and their message. STP is awesome!