Have you tried a sesame leaf?

  • Опубліковано 31 тра 2022
  • We visited the Girl and Dug Farm to try various rare vegetables!


  • j
    j  +41

    I realized that all flavors are combinations of other flavors in my cooking class. Every food we did would have the same ingredients and it all started to taste similar lol

  • SPZ Aruba

    Koreans call it kkaennip 깻잎 (sounds like gen-yip). It is used widely in kimbap, bibimbap, and wraps for all kinds of galbi (beef and leaf). Sesame seeds, leaves, and oil all taste different and you will either love or hate each one differently.

  • Paul Chang

    probably my favorite leaf used in korean food.

  • cricke
    cricke  +20

    who is narrating this?

  • Nathalie

    first thing to pop up in my mind now is the perilla leaf debate...lol. but honestly though, those are actually good with kbbq.

  • Financial Shinanigan

    I wouldn't eat it alone but always want it with Korean BBQ lol

  • Kat

    this feels like baby’s first herb that you can’t buy at ralphs

  • Jazzy Lee


  • The Girl in the Shadows

    Who is narrating this? They sound like the person who does the building a case series on Buzzfeed Unsolved (I'm sorry, I'm not 100% sure what her name is but my brain is telling me it's Carol?)

  • Christina Kim

    Perilla leaf.... with perilla seeds.... used for perilla seed oil... 들기름. They're not the same as sesame...

  • hypersapien

    I dated someone from Korea and she made a delicious dish that was meat and mushrooms wrapped with sesame leaves. I loved it.

  • Hansel Finn

    That is sesame leaf? I have a bunch of that in my garden what i didn't realize it

  • Call me AB

    Andrew with all flavours are combinations of other flavours...

  • Jonwikk206

    You remind me of frost from the blade movie.

  • Sarah Dennisa
    Sarah Dennisa 2 години тому

    thats perilla leaf

  • malesna92

    Is it Betel leaf? I just had it a week ago in Bangkok street food in Wien. Awesome taste, like sweet mint but subtile. But I cannot find it in Croatia :(