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The Cuphead RIP-OFF That Gets EVERYTHING Wrong

  • Опубліковано 22 вер 2023
  • This is a very long video about Enchanted Portals. This game hurts my brain. Enjoy!
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    Edited by: / acidixz
    Character art by: / sillystr1ngz
    Outro Music by Garrett Williamson
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  • @petergriffin-vl8sz

    I think the developers need to understand that, spamming enemies doesnt make your game challenging, it just makes it unfair

  • @regiboi7709

    As terrible as the game is, none of it feels malicious. The game was a product of two people, who were filled with inspiration from Cuphead, not having enough coding skills, funds, or support to make their dreams come true. I hope they can learn from the game's mistakes and make a new and great game.

  • @krlw890

    The really sad thing is that, while watching the video, most of the bosses had me going, "Oh, that's such a fun idea!" The cowboy birds riding a bison that then swaps to the inverse, the fountain of youth, the cow alien. Such fun and creative concepts bogged down by horrible execution.

  • @ajitsreepathi8013

    Fun fact: The reason as to the trailer showing the game being much smoother is actually because it was supposed to originally be made in Adobe Flash, but the timebomb forced them to start from scratch with HTML.

  • @nfistfu

    Man, I feel like the swapping art style thing could have been a really cool effect, especially if it was saved as a twist for the final boss and possibly mixed in with the whole time travel aspect. Feels like the pieces were there but they just didn't come together

  • @blackballsgaming777

    The Beethoven boss turning into a rock band in it's final phase would've been the coolest thing ever.

  • @JillLulamoon

    Something Enchanted Portals really fails at in comparison to Cuphead is how each new phase of a boss fight wows you. One of my favorite aspects of Cuphead was seeing what crazy new thing the boss would do in the next phase.

  • @pandosham
    @pandosham  +411

    The dog fight actually could've incorporated the color system by letting you choose which dog head you wanted to keep out of the fight

  • @BleepBloopRobotLOL

    I actually feel bad, because clearly the developers just wanted to make something like a game that they loved, and it's actually pretty well done for only two people...

  • @madeliner1682

    Only one correction -

  • @SomeGuy-tr2hi

    The funniest part to me is how people thought the game looked bad based off the trailer, however the stuff shown off in the trailers ended up being the best parts of the game visual wise, with just about everything else new added in the final product being considerably worse.

  • @outathisworld2130

    Could you imagine how fun and creative some of these bosses would’ve been if they were actually made by the people who made cuphead? That would’ve been great

  • @RealBananaSuitBilly

    I, personally, think that they could have gotten away with the art style change thing if most bosses had at least ONE style change. Like, cow had an 8-bit phase, Princess looked like medieval tapestry, so on so forth.

  • @SleeplessStreams

    The cerberus fight is part of why I believe this game wasn't originally themed after rubberhose animation, and possibly just animations in general. Those three dog breeds are all MODERN joke breeds: the pug, chihuahua, and shiba inu. They're not something "traditionally" 1920's like Cuphead's more on-the-nose dice-headed gambling boss or living booze bottles.

  • @agenerichuman

    I was actually really excited for this one. "Clone" gets a bad reputation but older gamers know clones can be a lot of fun and are usually the sign of a new genre. It's frustrating because gamers are missing out on a lot of great games with this label. And the clones gamers do play, they will bend over backwards to say how original these games that are very much clones are. The example of the latter would be the string of mostly good Hollow Knight clones that are more than just your standard metroidvania and have a lot of the same mechanics and move sets as Hollow Knight. Mention one of those is a clone and someone in a fedora will pop out and say "well actually metroidvania is a genre" like these clones have nothing else in common. I still remember all the great Doom clones which over time grew into what we'd call the FPS genre.

  • @The-Branch

    I wonder if the guns in the bison boss fight being completely silent could have been a result of them previously being bows and arrows, and the devs not bothering to get new sound effects

  • @bonedude1286

    This game actually got an update that fixes a few issues. Most noticeable, you can now change weapons anytime with a single button. No more d-pad, no more standing still. It doesn't fix any other issues, but at least they're listening.

  • @bee-kf5jd

    I just wanna say I really love it that this story starts hopeful in tone as if the narrator is excited for the game and then devolves into frustration and inevitably rage to the point where he's like "these giant fucking lasers". it's beautiful

  • @rogercheetoofficial

    I think if they had shifted art styles all the time throughout the game, it would have been more interesting and at least been less obvious with how they were cutting corners

  • @hisirdoux3526

    if this game had a bigger budget i would've absolutely loved if they incorporated the artstyle change into every boss