My Chemical Romance - The Foundations of Decay

  • Опубліковано 11 тра 2022
  • The Foundations of Decay by My Chemical Romance is now available:
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  • NateIsLame
    NateIsLame День тому +28

    I remember listening to “Fake Your Death” in 2013 and thinking to myself “I need to savor this moment because I’ll never hear a new MCR song for the first time ever again.” I’m so glad I was wrong. Welcome back.

  • Tiarmaulf
    Tiarmaulf 4 години тому +55

    Acabo de mearme encima. La banda que más he escuchado con diferencia, que marcó mi adolescencia (y en realidad mi vida) y que guió gran parte de mi exploración musical.

  • SuperSizeSenpai
    SuperSizeSenpai 6 годин тому +121

    Gerard Way: We gotta let the fans know we're back by making a kickass new song.

  • Isaac Dupras
    Isaac Dupras 13 годин тому +377

    i do appreciate how their "last" song was called "fake your death" now this this is out

  • Zach Sheppard
    Zach Sheppard 16 годин тому +550

    This definitely has a "last track of the album" feel to it

  • Sergio Amaya
    Sergio Amaya 6 годин тому +19

    esa melodia me recordo a los viejos temas, brutal, increible que ya ha pasado tantos años desde que los comence a escuchar por alla en el 2005 wow una de las bandas que mas me inspiro a aprender a tocar guitarra, los amo muchachos

  • HiddenXperia
    HiddenXperia День тому +1

    New MCR music... I never thought I'd see the day... IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL

  • Kristina valencia
    Kristina valencia 6 годин тому +98

    And just as the world was falling apart.. here they are to help ease the pain. 🖤MCR for life.

  • Charly Holehouse-Eyre
    Charly Holehouse-Eyre 16 годин тому +194

    Really interesting to hear elements of their original sound from the first albums.

  • Corey House
    Corey House 17 годин тому +7

    Gerard Way has always had a brilliant sense for melody. There's always been something special about this band that separated them from the whole "emo" trend in the 2000's. You all remember those bands. We all went through it. A lot of those bands sounded the same. Like they were trying to fit into that emo box. None of them sound like MCR. I'm so glad they're at it again, and can't wait for a new record.

  • Adam Julian
    Adam Julian 13 годин тому +139

    Getting to hear Gerard sing a new MCR song is a blessing we all do not deserve.

  • мяу
    мяу 4 години тому +33

    мы ждали вас так долго…. теперь вы снова с нами.. ребята, мы вас любим, вы - наша надежда и любовь

  • Johnnie Guilbert
    Johnnie Guilbert День тому +14

    This is the reason I never stopped wearing eyeliner and dying my hair black.

  • Sunday Leonard
    Sunday Leonard 8 годин тому +201

    this gives me “demolition lovers but make it black parade” vibes. And I’m so here for it!!!

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith 6 годин тому +23

    Im glad they’re finally getting the credit they deserve. Beneath the emo aesthetic, mcr has always been a ROCK band in my opinion. The Black Parade is a timeless rock opera and it deserves iconic status

  • if you see a younger version of me, SQUISH IT

    i’m a teenager and i just found my chemical romance. i felt kind of heartbroken that i would never get to see them live. my parents bought tickets. i can’t wait to see history be made

  • Red Marker
    Red Marker 11 годин тому +201

    Such a good song, it’s almost as if they mixed Danger Days and Three Cheers. Its dark, but its so moving. So glad to have them back.

  • Konikoos
    Konikoos 8 годин тому +173

    Feels like being my teenage self again. This is just insane man. This truly brings back all the wonderful memories I've had associated with MCR. They have left such an impact on the development of who I am today. It's good to be back. I've got my Olde English with me like the good old days. Cheers to you MCR and cheers to you all, my fellow MCR fans. 🍻🍻🍻

  • Bao The Whale
    Bao The Whale День тому +3


  • Indigo_1
    Indigo_1 20 годин тому +12

    As many have said it’s like being reunited with a long lost friend. And I’m here for it my fellow elder emo’s. And for you youngster fledgling emos, welcome, to the joy of experiencing brand new MCR releases :)