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Music Snob's Classic Rock Tier List...again

  • Опубліковано 11 сер 2022
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    I take another stab at the Classic Rock Tier List with bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Guns n Roses, Van Halen (more key words), Queen, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd (yet more keywords incoming) Jimi Hendrix, Rush, and The Doors
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    • @napo7866
      @napo7866 Рік тому

      Yes I love UA-cam,
      Video- 1 hour ago
      Comment- 8 hours ago

    • @Dino23968
      @Dino23968 Рік тому

      You should check out Vh1’s Top 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time

    • @TheBlackQueen
      @TheBlackQueen Рік тому

      The JM logo is John Mellencamp.
      He's mid

    • @gregmcdonald8962
      @gregmcdonald8962 Рік тому

      @@TheBlackQueen guaranteed, Mike hates him. 🤣

    • @jaidynheadford4092
      @jaidynheadford4092 Рік тому

      In This Video, it Looks Like You gotten Older.

  • @kellenivanuck1447
    @kellenivanuck1447 Рік тому +418

    Should’ve put ac/dc in A tier, twice in C tier, and once in D tier

    • @tnightwolf
      @tnightwolf Рік тому +17

      Probably the most accurate description of any AC/DC fan, depending on the combination of song+environment+friends+level of vol%!... But then again... i think the majority of AC/DC songs are fun in almost any environment, with most friends and with any level of vol%, even 0!

    • @Matt-sl1wg
      @Matt-sl1wg Рік тому +14

      @@tnightwolf woosh

    • @HemiSlant6828
      @HemiSlant6828 10 місяців тому +3

      ​@@tnightwolf Read their comment again.

  • @EmperorTigerstar
    @EmperorTigerstar Рік тому +381

    I'd never thought I'd see the day the Doors actually moved to a passable grade tier for Mike.

  • @thebaldbrand
    @thebaldbrand Рік тому +105

    JM is John Mellencamp. And from what I've seen, that logo only appeared on one album: 1996's "Mr. Happy Go Lucky".

    • @BecomeTheKnight
      @BecomeTheKnight  Рік тому +61

      Nailed it. Google confirmed. Thank you for demystifying.
      Given is The Cougs.....I'd throw him in Not Enough Context.

    • @jon8021
      @jon8021 Рік тому +17

      Good call. The only artist with those initials from that era I could think of is Joni Mitchell, lol

    • @jarnekompier
      @jarnekompier Рік тому +11

      @@jon8021 I kept telling my brain that it wasn't Jim Morisson...

    • @therealjohnnyreb5098
      @therealjohnnyreb5098 10 місяців тому

      John Mellencamp... still belongs in the "Get Your Stupid Fucking Bullshit Out of Here Tier"

    • @vinboi8053
      @vinboi8053 4 місяці тому +1

      @@jarnekompierI kinda thought it was Jim Morrison

  • @WillisFN
    @WillisFN Рік тому +495

    This guy probably likes the doors!

    • @eddyjohnson1096
      @eddyjohnson1096 Рік тому +14

      You should watch his top 5 The Doors songs

    • @noonecares7730
      @noonecares7730 Рік тому +20

      The doors arent my favorite, but I'd listen to it over the grateful dead.

    • @fishy2996
      @fishy2996 Рік тому +17

      Cardi B is his favorite actually

    • @Mason_____
      @Mason_____ Рік тому +10

      @@noonecares7730 I’d rather listen to a physical door than the Grateful Dead

    • @pandabearguy1
      @pandabearguy1 Рік тому +11

      The Doors in a nutshell
      shitty MKUltra circus music starts playing I EAT MORE CHICKEN THAN ANY MAN EVER SEEN shitty boomer guitar solo SHE GET HIIIIGH SHE GET HIIIIIIIIIIGH SHE GET HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH shitty ten minute keyboard solo FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK song ends wow, truly the GOAT band. Thank you Jim Morrison for your truly groundbreaking """music"""

  • @ewitsdonnieproductions204
    @ewitsdonnieproductions204 Рік тому +151

    Mike’s character arc is slowly bumping the Doors up to s tier.

  • @obiwanjustpeekinginonya
    @obiwanjustpeekinginonya Рік тому +151

    Man I remember 4 years ago when I first started watching this channel. It’s been so cool to see how your channel has evolved over the years, and your editing has really improved a lot. Keep it up man!

  • @machine-madedog5059
    @machine-madedog5059 Рік тому +109

    ZZ Top's debut album is 50 years old, so I'd definitely consider them classic rock.

    • @mikal0457
      @mikal0457 Рік тому


    • @alexlogan124
      @alexlogan124 Рік тому +11

      Yeah no I’m not sure Mike knows anything before Eliminator exists

    • @mrbungle3310
      @mrbungle3310 Рік тому

      Yeah thought the same

    • @alexandergilles8583
      @alexandergilles8583 Рік тому +5

      Same with Journey

    • @robwalsh9843
      @robwalsh9843 9 місяців тому +2

      Pretty damn good album too. (Somebody Else Been)Shaking Your Tree slaps hard.

  • @TheSpicyFalafel
    @TheSpicyFalafel Рік тому +266

    I loved the original, and as we know sequels are always better
    I’d love to see a 90s-2000s tier list cause you’re gonna shit on half the bands

    • @isaacmorrow7077
      @isaacmorrow7077 Рік тому +13

      Nirvana will be a c tier, he doesn’t like them, but he hates death threats.

    • @enyazogd5325
      @enyazogd5325 Рік тому +8

      He better put Rage Against The Machine in S or imma die
      Heard about them for a long time but never bothered to look up their music, and let's just say I'm glad as fuck I actually did
      The only popular band to have ever fused metal with hiphop and not made it sound like shit *COUGH limp fucking bizkit COUGH*
      If you push their politics to the side that is, I agree with some of their messaging but some I don't, a lot of stuff is too leftist for me, they're really good writers though

    • @godfather53
      @godfather53 Рік тому +5

      @@isaacmorrow7077 Nirvanas lyrics were bad

    • @apolodord1439
      @apolodord1439 Рік тому +7

      @@godfather53 So was the music

    • @CJL-ib5ee
      @CJL-ib5ee Рік тому +6

      I wonder where he'd put radiohead, he keeps making this assumption they ripped off Muse but they were around way before. Hope he corrects it

  • @UniversalBlackRocker
    @UniversalBlackRocker Рік тому +47

    Great video Mike! I think your tier is perfect. And the JM with the heart around it is John Mellencamp!!

    • @BecomeTheKnight
      @BecomeTheKnight  Рік тому +28

      Huh, never really thought of him as classic rock. But I wouldn't have nearly enough context tbh

    • @UniversalBlackRocker
      @UniversalBlackRocker Рік тому +2

      @@BecomeTheKnight I understand!!

    • @Vivi_9
      @Vivi_9 Рік тому +1

      Nuts he doesn't consider GNR classic rock

  • @fuziontonygaming
    @fuziontonygaming Рік тому +25

    Bruce Springsteen is the type of guy to charge 5 grand for a concert ticket.

  • @oldcat7
    @oldcat7 Рік тому +168

    The Boston album cover is actually upside down guitars, not spaceships. One of the best debut albums of all time, no question.

    • @mattw404
      @mattw404 Рік тому +34

      They are spaceships in the shape of guitars

    • @shitzevonvolkstigen9534
      @shitzevonvolkstigen9534 Рік тому +1

      Yeah you goof

    • @therovingson3493
      @therovingson3493 Рік тому +8

      shit I never noticed that

    • @JoolsGuitar
      @JoolsGuitar Рік тому +1

      I giant 'flying v' over our heads is probably full of aliens anyway

    • @belltolls1984
      @belltolls1984 Рік тому +2

      holy shit! I never noticed that and I've been listening to them for over 20 years now.

  • @spartansquid5931
    @spartansquid5931 Рік тому +34

    We need an 80's Hard Rock/Hair Metal tier list!

    • @johnhill762
      @johnhill762 Місяць тому

      Yeah but not from this guy. He’s a subjective wanker.

  • @EpictheEpicest
    @EpictheEpicest Рік тому +136

    Black Sabbath should be S tier: they were considered rock before heavy metal was a widely used term. They created a genre that spawned at least 20 other subgenres. They created many good albums and multiple albums that could be considered landmark and influential. One of the best riff writers in rock history, 2 of the greatest frontmen in rock history, an amazing bassist, two amazing drummers(honorable mention to Tony Martin and Ray Gillen), and a fairly diverse catalog that spans hard rock, stoner rock, doom metal, British heavy metal, European heavy metal and progressive metal.

    • @Goofballhero
      @Goofballhero Рік тому +5

      I agree. They have so many good songs despite a few bad albums.

    • @alexlogan124
      @alexlogan124 Рік тому +12

      Like Black Sabbath all the way through Sabotage is amazing, all killer songs. I don’t quite understand his gripe with Sabbath. I know he doesn’t like Iommi solos, but for the context of the time they were amazing, and I think they’re amazing bluesy solos.

    • @TheRealRaditz9001
      @TheRealRaditz9001 Рік тому

      This is a rock tier list not a metal tier list and they are also more overrated than taking a shit

    • @youreokayboah2128
      @youreokayboah2128 Рік тому

      He keeps making it clear
      “I liked the stuff early on, don’t love it” I’m sure if it wasn’t for the fact that they’re the foundation of Metal, I’d bet he’d put them at C or lower.

    • @ericpreston8877
      @ericpreston8877 Рік тому +3

      The only bad Sabbath albums are Forbidden and, possibly, 13. Literally everything they put out is at least good, and probably better than good.

  • @TreblaFreeman
    @TreblaFreeman Рік тому +41

    Even if your content doesn't get the deserved views compared to the pop related one, I'm really glad you keep doing it.

  • @solarwinds5114
    @solarwinds5114 Рік тому +96

    I'd love to see a prog band tier list

    • @tommyjoekavanagh6590
      @tommyjoekavanagh6590 Рік тому +5


    • @youreokayboah2128
      @youreokayboah2128 Рік тому +2

      He’s not that into progressive rock.

    • @standrew131
      @standrew131 10 місяців тому +9

      @@youreokayboah2128 he’s not really into good music

    • @Sandkasten36
      @Sandkasten36 9 місяців тому

      ​@@youreokayboah2128 his favorite bands are Dream Theater and Opeth. Yes, they're both Metal but still prog.

    • @Grooby__
      @Grooby__ 8 місяців тому +1

      ​@@standrew131 😂😂😂

  • @masonpeterson8894
    @masonpeterson8894 Рік тому +46

    A nice out of context statement. “I don’t like when the police experiment” 😂
    Edit: Also Clockwork Angels and Snakes and Arrows are 2 very good rush albums with a little more edge to them. Also their last 2 albums. Heavier, but undeniably Rush

    • @tommyjoekavanagh6590
      @tommyjoekavanagh6590 Рік тому +5

      Also true for Vapor Trails. That one had a heavy edge to it that I found appealing.

    • @WillieWonka928D
      @WillieWonka928D Рік тому

      Counterparts as well IMO. That was kind of the return to a more straightforward heavier sound after the 80s.

  • @raquelamorrone4043
    @raquelamorrone4043 Рік тому +12

    yeah, that Boston album alone bumps them high up on this list. My dad kept telling me that it’s one of the best debut albums in rock ever and I kept putting it off…which was a big mistake 🥲🤣

  • @connerstines1578
    @connerstines1578 Рік тому +22

    Rush, Yes and Genesis, Uriah Heep and their many copies would be S tier to me. I would not know or care about anything music as much as I do today without Rush, they will always be with me inevitably, and of course the classic prog bands followed shortly in my prog discovery arc. I came to that from being mostly into Type O Negative and Disturbed. I've never really gone back, except Type O Negative every now and then and of course the preceding bands like Carnivore.

  • @paulonius42
    @paulonius42 Рік тому +58

    Supertramp's "Goodbye Stranger" is a perfectly crafted rock/pop song, best appreciated through headphones with no distractions.

    • @BecomeTheKnight
      @BecomeTheKnight  Рік тому +34

      That song kills 🤘

    • @gustavovalladares5296
      @gustavovalladares5296 Рік тому +2

      I always remember Michael Scott's "Goodbye Toby" now instead.

    • @brgreg8725
      @brgreg8725 9 місяців тому +2

      I have 3000+ songs on my playlist, Goodbye Stranger is top 10 and always will be.

  • @Jayemce
    @Jayemce Рік тому +22

    This was an amazing tier list in my opinion, its always interesting too because when I go deeper into the discographies they always tend to make me give much more respect like for Queen in recent times, Queen became my favourite band of all time and listening to 70's Queen with some of the most experimental tracks like March of the Black Queen which is my favourite song, it just captivates you

    • @LageYouTube
      @LageYouTube Рік тому +6

      My Fairy King and Great King Rat from their debut are criminally underrated. Same goes for March of the Black Queen

    • @TheBlackQueen
      @TheBlackQueen Рік тому +3

      My favourite Queen song as well!!! Hence my name!

  • @utopianeconomics5814
    @utopianeconomics5814 Рік тому +13

    Whoever made this list should’ve put Thin Lizzy and Scorpions. In the 70s, those bands really helped pioneer the heavy metal dual-lead guitar sound and bridging the gap between funk, prog, blues rock, folk, and heavy metal.
    It’ll be hard to find a NWOBHM or even an OG thrash band that doesn’t claim Thin Lizzy or Scorpions as influences.

    • @skylined5534
      @skylined5534 10 місяців тому +2

      A bit left field, but when I think of bands that pioneered the dual guitar sound is Wishbone Ash. Great stuff!

    • @promark5317
      @promark5317 3 місяці тому +2

      Also it shouldve had The Faces, Jeff Beck/group and humble pie.

  • @symbiosisai
    @symbiosisai Рік тому +15

    ZZ Top and Van Halen are definitely classic rock and Rainbow deserve to be on the list, Ritchie Blackmore is the best guitarist from the classic era imo

  • @powerpeanut8865
    @powerpeanut8865 Рік тому +10

    Tom Petty actually has a bunch of upbeat/ hard rocking Songs. I'd recommend Honey Bee, Refugee, You Wreck Me, Kings Highway, A Higher Place or Saving Grace

  • @metalmedia8192
    @metalmedia8192 Рік тому +31

    Im watching this right now and i gotta say ur videos make me laugh. I recently subbed and I gotta say it's just amazing. ur vids keep me entertained. Stay safe my good sir.

    • @BecomeTheKnight
      @BecomeTheKnight  Рік тому +9

      Thank you and thank you 🙏 I'm honored it added something positive to your life.

    • @nickk6747
      @nickk6747 Рік тому

      @@BecomeTheKnight why aren’t GNR and Def Leppard not classic rock?

    • @doom32x4
      @doom32x4 Рік тому +1

      @@nickk6747 that's easy, Def Leppard is no more classic rock than Iron Maiden or Judas Priest is, just their hair/Pop metal cohorts, and GnR isn't any older than like Soundgarden.

  • @docvince1491
    @docvince1491 Рік тому +67

    To each of their own. I love Blue Oyster Cult. Buck Dharma is an extremely underrated guitarist.

    • @domsrecords6353
      @domsrecords6353 Рік тому +10

      None of what he said made any sense lol

    • @jamesking9807
      @jamesking9807 Рік тому +12

      Yeah, he missed the mark there. BOC is a great band, and live they're even better.

    • @domsrecords6353
      @domsrecords6353 Рік тому +5

      @@jamesking9807 agreed…one of my favorites. Got to see them live and they were absolutely fantastic

    • @peen897
      @peen897 Рік тому +4

      but most of them are terrible singers. And musicians. Only the guitarist was decent. Oh and terrible songwriters too.

    • @domsrecords6353
      @domsrecords6353 Рік тому +6

      @@peen897 is that why they’ve sold millions of albums and still tour to this day?

  • @karlstrauss2330
    @karlstrauss2330 Рік тому +7

    Everything you said about Jimi Hendrix I agree with when applied to the Beatles.

  • @ritualafterlife
    @ritualafterlife 10 місяців тому +3

    Pretty fair for the most part. I almost shat myself on the ZZ Top thing however. You where probably initially thinking "Legs", and "Sharp Dressed Man". But I immediately think "Cheap Sunglasses", "Tush", "Lagrange", and "Just Got Paid". They are the definition classic rock.

  • @dylanhester4194
    @dylanhester4194 Рік тому +9

    Mike love your stuff man. When will you do a alternative rock tier list?

  • @lucatjoe
    @lucatjoe Рік тому +8

    I'd love to see this with other genres, prog, thrash, death and ofc Black metal

  • @nicklane607
    @nicklane607 Рік тому +4

    Nice Video! just curious, but where would you rank King Crimson in this list?

  • @MrFlaten92
    @MrFlaten92 Рік тому +10

    I dont agree with all of these, but this is a list I can respect. Would be cool to have a playlist of the two best songs of each band in S, A and B tier, that would be a really good playlist!

  • @corbinm5237
    @corbinm5237 Рік тому +7

    The Mario/Luigi pop up for the Allman Brothers fucking killed me 😂

  • @sweetcell8767
    @sweetcell8767 Рік тому +2

    I think we’ve done the classic rock thing to death my man. It’s time to see your tier list for modern rock, 90s and onwards. And I’m sure it’ll be a nice subscriber boost for ya.

  • @connerstines1578
    @connerstines1578 Рік тому +7

    The way I always think of Supertramp is basically catchy prog. It's got the sound and timbres of mostly Genesis style stuff with pop songwriting, I think they're great but I'm biased.

  • @panayotisgoutziomitros1209
    @panayotisgoutziomitros1209 Рік тому +8

    If we go by influence, then the Who are S tier. Just behind the Beatles behind influence. There is a reason why diverse artists like David Bowie, Rush, Mr Big, the Clash, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Sex Pistols, the Sweet, Queensryche, Ramones, Pearl Jam, Oasis, the Jam, Limp Bizkit, Van Halen, Elton John, Green Day, WASP, U2 and many others cite them and have covered songs by the Who. Even Leonard Bernstein congratulated them. The Who practically played a major role in every rock genre (from power pop and post punk to heavy and prog metal) until the 00s. Their song writing is S tier too (but thats a personal view) While the Stones definetely influenced many bands in the late 60s and early 70s, by the 80s their influence had waned, despite them going strong. Also, the biggest miss from this list are the Kinks (probably A tier).

    • @samwecerinvictus
      @samwecerinvictus Рік тому +1

      I agree, was confused by the giant Kinks sized hole in this list.

  • @tedkoppel4199
    @tedkoppel4199 Рік тому +12

    ZZ Top formed in 1969 and had three big albums in the 70's I'd vote them as classic rock. B tier at least.

  • @tatemalmsteen
    @tatemalmsteen Рік тому +4

    Great video Mike! I like it more than your original classic rock tier list.

  • @iheartcicada
    @iheartcicada Рік тому +11

    the rolling stones made one of the best rock albums of all time with a tracklist of deep cuts so i wouldn’t really listen to who you’ve been hearing that from.

  • @SRMoore1178
    @SRMoore1178 Рік тому +6

    I agree that the Beatles were way better as a team than they were separately. I'm not really drawn to the individual member's solo careers. There are some good tunes here and there. I wish they would have stuck together for a few more years because George's songs were really starting to stand out. I think the Beatles being together and their dynamic made each member come up with their best ideas then.

  • @docchicken1342
    @docchicken1342 Рік тому +6

    Pretty solid list. I agree with most except I'd have Genesis at least in A, love Collins' early drumming and Gabriel was one of the craziest frontmen. I think out of the 70s prog bands they did the best moving to pop. Steve Hackett has to be one of the most underrated guitarists ever.

  • @loubadabin420
    @loubadabin420 Рік тому +5

    Brother, I needed to hear that Tier List 2 REDEMPTION from you today for some good reason.
    You had me crying! I was laughing so hard, I forgot about life just for a minute. Thanks, BT Knight.....

  • @ZB3000
    @ZB3000 Рік тому +5

    If it’s guitar tone you’re looking for, check out Rush’s Counterparts, Vapor Trails, and Snakes & Arrows albums! Much fuller sound, compared to the 80’s.

  • @Wyocaster
    @Wyocaster Рік тому +19

    Zeppelin's still S tier, I see you are still a man of great taste as well sir

    • @villainousappetite8841
      @villainousappetite8841 10 місяців тому +6

      Zep's S tier by default objectively

    • @Ijbvfknnn
      @Ijbvfknnn 5 місяців тому +1

      And they were the first openly gay rock band. Respect to them

    • @Nichwar19
      @Nichwar19 Місяць тому

      ​@@Ijbvfknnnthey weren't gay bud

    • @Ijbvfknnn
      @Ijbvfknnn Місяць тому +1

      @@Nichwar19 yes they where don’t be homophobic man it’s gross Robert plant was the best gay singer

    • @Nichwar19
      @Nichwar19 Місяць тому

      @@Ijbvfknnn no he wasn't :D

  • @laugebylovnielsen8777
    @laugebylovnielsen8777 Рік тому +12

    ACDC, got the best fans. when you here the bitching of other fandoms, the ACDC fans are just so nice and full of love. metalica fans: not as good as the black album. ACDC fans: this was good, almost ass good as back in black.

    • @starman6468
      @starman6468 Рік тому +13

      I guess if you release the exact same song over and over again there’s really nothing to complain about.

    • @asloii_1749
      @asloii_1749 Рік тому +4

      And they’re self aware

    • @towel2043
      @towel2043 Рік тому +4

      AC/DC fans understand and agree with basically every criticism that they get, but continue to love them because it’s just a good time to listen to good old rock and roll. Even the band members themselves agree that all their albums sound the same, they just have a blast making those songs and playing them for people that love it

  • @christopherfranklin3554
    @christopherfranklin3554 Рік тому +10

    If you haven’t heard the farewell to kings album by Rush I’d definitely recommend it- it’s my favorite rush album, and the two ten minute tracks (Xanadu and Cygnus X-1) are killer imo. Great list

    • @ido11hfa
      @ido11hfa Рік тому +1

      That’s exactly what I thought to myself when he put rush in A tier

    • @Kuffdad
      @Kuffdad Рік тому +4

      Not to mention Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, the rest of Moving Pictures, and Signals. If he listens to 75-82 rush he easily puts them at S tier

    • @WillieWonka928D
      @WillieWonka928D Рік тому

      Maybe it's own my bias but I'd put Rush in S-tier because IMO of all the bands here their from beginning to end is easily one of the strongest. A lot of people don't like their 80s period because they did lose the raw sound they had in the 70s in favor of a more polished Very 80s Sound, but the song writing and playing is just as good or hell even better in some places, I personally think.

  • @Biozene
    @Biozene Рік тому +9

    Alice Cooper certainly has some really cool songs from the 70s, but his metal stuff from the early 2000s is what really shines.

    • @4zafinc
      @4zafinc Рік тому

      Oh wow. Gotta check his later stuff then. Any particular recommendations?

    • @Biozene
      @Biozene Рік тому +1

      @@4zafinc Yeah, the Brutal Planet and Dragontown albums, especially the latter

  • @austinskaggs4184
    @austinskaggs4184 Рік тому +6

    The Cars have two fantastic records. 1978s ‘the cars’ and 1984s ‘heartbeat city’
    I don’t really consider them as classic rock, they were a new wave band

  • @TheBurning1981
    @TheBurning1981 Рік тому +39

    Blue Öyster Cult is S tier for me since they’re my favorite band. However, bias aside, they’re at the very least a B tier. I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with you more than I do here lol
    That being said, I appreciate your brutal honesty like always.

    • @skan5728
      @skan5728 Рік тому +3

      Same bro

    • @ethanmichael5490
      @ethanmichael5490 Рік тому +1

      Yeah felt the same way

    • @sawyer3623
      @sawyer3623 8 місяців тому +1

      Yeah I almost shed a tear

    • @user-qb1sm3rk9r
      @user-qb1sm3rk9r 2 місяці тому +1

      I really feel BOC are underappreciated today. They have a diverse range, some amazing songs, and Buck Dharma is my pick for most underrated guitarist. However despite the fact that I own all their albums I think they're one of the most inconsistent bands ever. Every album has mediocre and occasionally outright bad songs.

  • @Ibol406
    @Ibol406 Рік тому +3

    AC/DC is a Band that most of the time I’m like Whatever it’s pretty good but when you’re in the mood there’s nothing more fun to listen to

  • @napesdrk1174
    @napesdrk1174 Рік тому +10

    Willow farm by Genesis is an amazing tune, just discovered it a few years ago, totally blew me away.

    • @goodester6924
      @goodester6924 11 місяців тому

      like the whole of supper's ready

  • @johand.h1087
    @johand.h1087 Рік тому +7

    Blue oyster cult in C tier? come on man.
    I respect your opinion though, keep the great videos up!

  • @Slagdar
    @Slagdar Рік тому +44

    9:05 The Dio era is my favorite version of Sabbath imo. But I understand your reaction to those 'Tony Iommi' solo albums inbetween that where forced to carry the Black Sabbath name due to the record company.

    • @i-anhsieh98
      @i-anhsieh98 Рік тому

      I think it’s more about bill and geezer tho; they did a way better job in the ozzy era imo, like u can hear a lot of variation in the drums and bass and more lengthy instrumentals; and after dio came in it became a more vocalist centred band; still love it tho

    • @Slagdar
      @Slagdar Рік тому +1

      @@i-anhsieh98 Geezer only drummed on Heaven and Hell tho. Mob Rules, Dehumanizer and The Devil you Know had Vinnie Appice.

    • @Slagdar
      @Slagdar Рік тому

      @@le_minion1234 I'd say half of the songs are "ok" , and the other half "very good". Which sadly makes the albums feel a bit "hit single" focussed. But the Ozzy era is also guilty of that.

    • @i-anhsieh98
      @i-anhsieh98 Рік тому +1

      @@Slagdar ye what I’m saying is the drums and bass are generally better in ozzy era imo, like bill had all the variations and beautiful fills whereas the drums in the dio era is more or less just providing the rhythm; both him and vinny

    • @i-anhsieh98
      @i-anhsieh98 Рік тому +1

      @@Slagdar ye I agree with u on the hit single thing, I mean paranoid is far from being their best song but it somehow is the most popular

  • @haydenarlington8256
    @haydenarlington8256 Рік тому +2

    Honestly a much better tier list than the other one, and that one had even me pissed off. But I think you explained your reasonings much better so that helps. There is one band that I wish was on the list and that was Yes. I think their catalog of the 70s is some of their best. Timbre-wise, I think they did a pretty good job, and each member they had(at least from their 70s lineup) brought their own unique sound and technical skill to the band. But that’s just me, I’m not sure if you’ve listened to much Yes or not Mike but I’d be curious to see what you think of them.

  • @tnightwolf
    @tnightwolf Рік тому +5

    Great Tier List! I don't agree with everything, but i do agree with the vast majority of it (also love the "this is not Classic Rock" tier XD) and... 19:32 what can i say? I can't fault Led Zeppelin for anything! At the very least, they did know how to keep things interesting (by stealing some and vastly improving on it) but most important, and on top of that, making some ahead-of-their-time-banger-originals!... Also Pink Floyd, Queen, Rolling Stones and AC/DC... Yes fkn Please! The Doors, i do understand and agree why so many people might not like them, but their influence happened for sure... imo one of those "shooting-stars happenings": For the time, and despite all the "cult" bs, back in 65, they were definitely ahead of their time!... and despite being a brief moment, i'm glad they've inspired more people to make music and explore it on their own.

  • @adnsaurus
    @adnsaurus Рік тому +5

    Didn't understand why you think BOC sucks, but I loved that you praised that first album of Boston, its cool sounding, fun songwritting and talented people behind it. I also don't quite get the hate on the Eagles, I like some of their songs and that but maybe Im lacking context or something. Thanks, it was a cool video.

  • @elijahguist6226
    @elijahguist6226 Рік тому +6

    Def Leppard is more classic rock that they get credit for. Hysteria and onward is way more glam and arena rock but most of On through the night, high n dry and parts of pyromania are straight rock

  • @williamlanger9229
    @williamlanger9229 Рік тому +3

    As somebody with Dream Theater as their undisputed fav band, Supertramp is my favourite band on that list. “Crisis, what crisis?” and “Crime of the Century” are my favourite albums of theirs. I’d check those out.

  • @JudicatorMetal
    @JudicatorMetal Рік тому +3

    Really interesting takes. This has me more intrigued to check out Chicago and Billy Joel

  • @jaydendrennan9567
    @jaydendrennan9567 Рік тому +58

    Cream is kinda underrated IMO. They had so many great songs and I’d almost consider them to be one of the first Progressive Rock bands.

    • @andrelf7
      @andrelf7 Рік тому +11

      agreed. Too influential, that's Clapton's phase that influenced EVH, Brian May, Gilmour and other legends. Geddy Lee said they formed Rush based on Cream. EVH said he and his brother were Cream Jr when they were young.
      I would upgrade them to A tier. Too bad it only lasted a few years, but it's one of the best group of talents ever...

    • @Biozene
      @Biozene Рік тому +7

      S tier! Jack Bruce is the MVP. Way more powerful and expressive voice than Clapton. And a more versatile musician. But still Clapton was strong in Cream. They were all way better musicians than The Beatles.

    • @jaydendrennan9567
      @jaydendrennan9567 Рік тому +5

      @@Biozene absolutely. Id put them up there with Zeppelin as far as musicianship goes. But that’s just my opinion.

    • @realobama1100
      @realobama1100 Рік тому

      100% agree

  • @MegaSilverBlood
    @MegaSilverBlood Рік тому +4

    Id put Chicago in A
    Aerosmith, Billy Joel, Boston, the Police down to B
    Then move Bowie and Sabbath up to S tier (also Steely Dan who are missing here from the first list)
    The Who, Dire Straits and Elton John up to A
    Foreigner to B

  • @lukefitton7329
    @lukefitton7329 Рік тому +3

    Good Tier List. I do think that Blackmore is a big part of what made Deep Purple great but not enough people talk about Jon Lord, their Keyboardist. Guy was a god. I think they’re an A Tier at least.

  • @blucu001
    @blucu001 Рік тому +2

    Your reasons for Allman Brothers are largely the same I use for Springsteen. I’m not the biggest fan of his albums, but his live shows even as old as he is, he’s still incredible to see live often playing 4 hour shows.

  • @rjmilitante2787
    @rjmilitante2787 7 місяців тому +4

    how are Styx classic rock but not Journey? they literally released albums at the same time and Journey probably got more plays on classic rock radio

  • @LeeCharles1993
    @LeeCharles1993 Рік тому +4

    100% agree about Bruce Springsteen

  • @jurekavcic4369
    @jurekavcic4369 Рік тому +11

    I agree with almost everything but Blue Oyster Cult is definitely in A and I'd put Rush in S because they are my favorite band. But putting BOC in C is just plain out wrong, they are at least B.

    • @EzioMonty117
      @EzioMonty117 Рік тому +5

      Agreed. Blue Oyster Cult didn't write enough great stuff imo to be put anything higher than B tier but their great stuff (the whole Secret Treaties album, Don't Fear the Reaper and Joan Crawford for example) is really damn great. And if my profile picture wasn't enough of a dead giveaway, Rush is S tier for me as well. Just an all around great band and very much a staple of classic rock.

    • @docvince1491
      @docvince1491 Рік тому +6

      One of their best songs “Perfect Water” is on their worst album “Club Ninja”. They’re A tier to me.

    • @francisdawson4092
      @francisdawson4092 Рік тому +3

      The BOC songs that have appeared on SSF have mostly been on the weaker side of their catalog. For instance, a lot of Spectres has been there and only one song from Secret Treaties.

    • @someobserver844
      @someobserver844 Рік тому +2

      Strongly agree on BOC. Mike is actually pretty spot on as far as their weak material is concerned, but if one judges all these groups by their best work, they are at least in upper B.

    • @someobserver844
      @someobserver844 Рік тому +2

      @@docvince1491 Harvest Moon would be another example of a strong song of theirs that they buried on an awful album.

  • @theconqueror21
    @theconqueror21 Рік тому +8

    I know this will sound like I am poking the bear but I am just really curious what makes the Eagles so bad? I don't know what I am missing and I would genuinely like an education from Mike's perspective.

    • @kalebpost20
      @kalebpost20 Рік тому +3

      It’s not the music. It’s Henley and Frey continuously treating Felder like shit while being greedy.

    • @samwecerinvictus
      @samwecerinvictus Рік тому

      Joe Walsh makes the Eagles less bad and more of a Walsh side project.

  • @piterfifa
    @piterfifa Рік тому +1

    well since you haven't considered some bands in this tier list because they weren't classic rock, i'd love to see a separate tier list with arena rock/hard rock/hair metal/glam metal bands

  • @stratonicc2651
    @stratonicc2651 8 місяців тому +1

    i wanna see a teir list of all the 80's glam and hard rock bands (GNR, Poison, Crue, Def Leppard, Ratt, etc.)

  • @tylerlennon9955
    @tylerlennon9955 Рік тому +2

    I agree with Rush and the timbres, they are really good but the timbres are what have always held me back from listening to them more often than I do.

  • @glede9377
    @glede9377 Рік тому +10

    I'd say Journey is classic rock their peak was 1978-1983. So if Dire straits is classic rock then so is Journey.
    Yes wasn't here, what tier would they go in?

    • @BecomeTheKnight
      @BecomeTheKnight  Рік тому +2

      Hhhhhmmmmm idk man. Again, I could be wrong about that. There's still something in my gut saying they were more. A transition to the Arena Rock phase. Does Arena Rock qualify for Classic Rock? Imo no, but I might be able to be convinced

    • @trtorbelfort
      @trtorbelfort Рік тому

      Yes to me is A tier at least they pushed the boundary so far for their time

    • @cristianconnolly2709
      @cristianconnolly2709 Рік тому

      I think Mike does not classify them bye year but by sound... Take Van Halen for example, also came out in 1978 but definetely 80s hard rock sound.

  • @eddyjohnson1096
    @eddyjohnson1096 Рік тому +17

    Do a classic heavy Metal Tier

  • @fourseasons4105
    @fourseasons4105 Рік тому +18

    Never hated your original list, actually.
    Not one to idolize most "rock heroes" and completely acknowledge their sloppy musicianship and jammy/unrefined songwriting that is more often than not based on happy accidents rather than actual developments of a well thought idea. So we definitely share a lot of the same opinions on this.
    Hard disagree on Genesis though, their 70's output makes them a top 5 band of all time for me and I don't think that their weaker production alone should play such a big factor in ranking them so much lower than Floyd.

  • @The_Dudester
    @The_Dudester Рік тому +1

    I recently saw your video on how rock is stale and we "are to blame." 100% right. A few years back, saw a girl in YT comments section roast a guy "You're probably listening to the same music you listened to in your teens." That's when I discovered Nightwish, then BABYMETAL, then BAND MAID, LOVEBITES and Nemophila. Let me tell you, rock is thriving in Japan, BIG time. These Japanese bands have virtuoso musicians, especially Miyako of LOVEBITES. So, even though I came of age in the 70's, I am loving that Japanese sound.

  • @Inferno594
    @Inferno594 Рік тому +2

    If mike makes a video like this were he puts every band in f tier and just rant about them I’ll still watch it

  • @CollinLake
    @CollinLake Рік тому

    Holy Christ I was just watching your pop artists list videos and just got this lovely notification. Can’t wait to see it fellow PA boy

  • @alexandraschindewolf4266
    @alexandraschindewolf4266 Рік тому +1

    Would be cool to see you compare 80s arena rock bands, 90s & 2000s bands too for the fun of it… maybe because I’m a gen-Zer I just view bands like Journey, Bon Jovi, & Van Halen as classic rock. 😆
    That said, solid list though. Agree with you on Springsteen 🤘 love your channel

  • @girishramchandani3943
    @girishramchandani3943 Рік тому +5

    I just came to have my love for queen validated.

  • @user-qb1sm3rk9r
    @user-qb1sm3rk9r 2 місяці тому +3

    Aerosmith are all fine musicians. Steven Tyler especially is an underappreciated singer, there's' videos of vocal coaches who don't know any Aerosmith reacting to his voice and they're almost always surprised. And I don't care if people whine about how they sold out, their first 5 albums are great and even their more commercial 80s/ 90s albums have some good songs. An A or B tier rating is fine by me, but I just think not enough credit is given to them for their skill on their instruments.

  • @bluepinkman4785
    @bluepinkman4785 Рік тому +2

    Your hatred on the Eagles reminds me of The Big Lebowski. Great content as always, man.

  • @underworld6103
    @underworld6103 Рік тому +1

    So much respect to you for putting Chicago in S, absolutely love them :)

  • @jacobstone4real
    @jacobstone4real Рік тому +1

    I did the biggest and loudest Jake laugh ever when you said “why the fuck is General Electric here?” Haha

  • @aggelosgeorgopoulos4137
    @aggelosgeorgopoulos4137 Рік тому

    Been waiting for this one for a long time. Other channels dont really satisfy me with the reasoning of their rankings

  • @cameronbrwdway9486
    @cameronbrwdway9486 Рік тому +3

    I know nothing about music theory, but I just have a feeling, "The Wind Cries Mary" is musically sublime.

    • @johnhill762
      @johnhill762 Місяць тому

      I like this song. But music theory wise, it’s just in F major with some borrowed chords. Doesn’t seem too interesting from that lens. Little Wing, though, has some interesting things going on with the chords. Even Purple Haze has a really cool Dorian chord progression. And that’s musically interesting as hell.

  • @v4hekas
    @v4hekas Рік тому +3

    I’d count Journey as classic rock. They were around before Boston.

  • @belltolls1984
    @belltolls1984 Рік тому +1

    "What the fuck is General Electric doing here?" Lmao! I never knew ELO had that parody logo.

  • @b.g.7580
    @b.g.7580 8 місяців тому +1

    This is a respectable list. WAY better than your original ranking.

  • @sirroxalot
    @sirroxalot 7 місяців тому +2

    ANY Classic Rock list that doesn't include both Steppenwolf and Gand Funk Railroad is null and void.

  • @NeonRadarMusic
    @NeonRadarMusic Рік тому +22

    I think Mike should do a modern pop tier list 😈

  • @thekivster
    @thekivster Рік тому +5

    Please do a video on Blue Oyster Cult I don’t really understand why you don’t like them.

  • @Marcus10250
    @Marcus10250 Рік тому +4

    I'm definitely gonna use "The fuck is General Electric doing here" as an insult now.

  • @nickbelcher8079
    @nickbelcher8079 Рік тому +1

    Expected you to rank the Stones lower, very glad you didn't. You kept a subscriber, good job 👍

  • @jimbograves1576
    @jimbograves1576 Рік тому

    your classic rock tier list is pretty much spot on. much more so than your metal list. thanks for doing this.

  • @musicman7098
    @musicman7098 Рік тому

    Agree with your list dude and love the context, keep it up dude!

  • @belamiklos3399
    @belamiklos3399 Рік тому +1

    i also watched your metal tier list and ronnie james dio's name (be it Dio, Rainbow or Sabbath or even Elves) never came up. He is absolutely my fav artist of all time, i wonder why he is missing from every tier list i found on youtube. :(

  • @yalekpp
    @yalekpp Рік тому +2

    I kinda like The Eagles actually. Aside from their overplayed song "Hotel California" their other songs are good, for me at least.

  • @KilroyWasHere83
    @KilroyWasHere83 Рік тому +3

    * sees Genesis on the list * alright, i am prepared to be shit on

  • @thegreenbastard5745
    @thegreenbastard5745 Рік тому

    what genres would you consider all those bands are? (not classic rock)

  • @iamslav6158
    @iamslav6158 Рік тому +1

    Your rush critique is fair, I love rush simply cause I’m a drummer but Alex’s tone can get on my nerves, but then you have things like the 2 minutes till late night cover of anthem and it’s like holy shit

  • @jaspergillgannon4991
    @jaspergillgannon4991 Рік тому +5

    You could probably use some more context on BOC tbh. Unless, you indeed have listened to more than the songs on SSF streams.
    Also, BOC have more than 3 singers in the band, as well as a pretty rich discography of varying styles of writing and production, so I would not simply go off of the mediocre selection of songs you've been suggested thus far.