Apple: It's Good If You Like CRAP

  • Опубліковано 13 сер 2017
  • I'm fed up with Apple.
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  • Rick Beato
    Rick Beato  5 років тому +2

    Check out my new video, where I read some of the comments from this video:

  • CareCORE
    CareCORE Рік тому +1

    Wow holy moly. The phrase "Apple is a bunch of glued together machines and adapters" has aged so well it's glorious!

  • brandanleiter
    brandanleiter Рік тому +537

    I think after Jobs passed, their mission went from being the best to being the most profitable. And the things they do to achieve that are getting way too obvious.

  • That Dude
    That Dude Рік тому +596

    This is gold. It's like Angry Video Game Nerd but it's Rick shitting on apple by telling the truth

  • Matt Mueller
    Matt Mueller Рік тому +506

    It’s remarkable the amount of broken outdated iPods,iPhones and MacBooks that litter my room while my 1980s boombox works just fine

  • ChickenSoupMusic
    ChickenSoupMusic Рік тому +258

    Jobs had an interesting interview about this. He basically said that the engineers were the soul of the company and once the accountants started running things it was game over. There is also a perspective about true intelligence being able to take complexity and make it simple…. Something Apple is no longer able to do.

  • Erik Knudsen

    Apple is the "create a problem and sell a solution" type company.

  • christopher9000p
    christopher9000p 2 роки тому +1

    The only Apple products that I ever buy are from the grocery store.

  • Erwin Patio
    Erwin Patio Рік тому +60

    I hear Rick's frustration. I used to work for Apple and am a long time Apple fan, but recently things are getting really asinine. As if Apple is being ran now by people who couldn't care less about Steve Job's philosophy and more on how they could get that bonus so they can buy that dream yacht. There has been so many instances when I almost lost my job because I empathized with the customer's frustration - being a customer myself.

  • Reza
    Reza Рік тому +115

    Couldn't agree more. I switched to Andriod after 12 years and couldn't be happier

  • lukepy2001
    lukepy2001 Рік тому +34

    That apple pro stand was about the dumbest thing I've seen. $1000 to hold a screen.

  • Chad North
    Chad North Рік тому +21

    Thank you for posting this. As an Apple user for 20+ years, I agree, my enthusiasm for their products has greatly diminished over the past 10 years. It’s a shame.

  • LJ CO
    LJ CO  +4

    This was music to my ears. An apple fan that finally learned the truth. Apple is just a brand, its nothing.

  • Painless Knife
    Painless Knife 3 роки тому +4

    Just a year later, Apple is selling a monitor stand for $999.

  • Aravindhakshan S
    Aravindhakshan S Рік тому +46

    "we have all the new music that's released"

    KOALACID Рік тому +22

    As a DJ I used to love iTunes. It was simple, fast and and organized. I could manage my playlists with ease. Now it's so painful to use.

  • Kurt M
    Kurt M  +6

    I love watching Rick complain about technology in an aggressive way… “5 stars? If it’s in my collection it’s gonna be 5 stars!”

  • Memory Foam
    Memory Foam Рік тому +15

    My dad's been a programmer and worked in various parts of the tech industry for about 50 years, and he used to swear by apple products, he worked for two apple stores on different continents, but the last apple product he bought was the original mac book pro in 2006, he hasn't bought another one since as their prices have been going up while quality, customisation and expandability have been going down.

  • Riff God Inc
    Riff God Inc Рік тому +25

    It still makes me laugh my ass off how he throws everything on the floor

  • Kali Yuga
    Kali Yuga 2 роки тому +2

    Everything he just threw on the floor has a different charger