Danny Carey | "Pneuma" by Tool (LIVE IN CONCERT)

  • Опубліковано 10 бер 2020
  • Vic Firth Signature Artist Danny Carey performs "Pneuma" by Tool from their latest album 'Fear Inoculum' in Boston, MA!
    Live Sound Engineer - Alan "Nobby" Hopkinson
    Audio Mix - Liam Halpin
    Drum Tech - Joe Slaby
    - Danny Carey Signature Sticks
    ➤Website: www.vicfirth.com
    ➤UA-cam: ua-cam.com/users/vicfirthdrumsticks
    ➤UA-cam (Marching): ua-cam.com/users/vicfirthmarching
    ➤Twitter: vicfirth
    ➤Instagram: vicfirth

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  • Andrew Simpson
    Andrew Simpson 2 роки тому +4283

    Man, I couldn't even hit the wrong drums that fast.

    • Lydirius
      Lydirius 5 годин тому

      It's not about being difficult. You must give yourself to the music. Feel the song. Let it take you. Be the song. Danny has always been comfy with odd timing. He just plays what the song tells him it needs. When you've played as many times as he has, it's second nature. I doubt he's even thinking about it. Probably thinking "Damn, I'm thirsty!" or "I could go for a good hotdog right about now" 😉

    • No One
      No One 4 дні тому

      @Toad ??

    • SimonUser
      SimonUser 7 днів тому

      @Roy Mc try to count it trough 6:16 and on xd
      Seriously tho, idk wtf he’s doing with his left hand but I wouldn’t be able of doing those polyrhythms

    • Theresa Collins
      Theresa Collins 15 днів тому


    • Darren Gore
      Darren Gore 17 днів тому

      🤣 yeah, that's about all there is to say!

  • bkb5f6
    bkb5f6 24 дні тому +414

    In my humble opinion, this is one of the greatest drumming videos out there. This is mesmerizing.

    • Sargatha
      Sargatha 11 годин тому +1

      I do not disagree, but please watch Triad by the one and only Mr. Carey :)

    • BigRed 1
      BigRed 1 6 днів тому +1

      Only disagree with two words…one of 🧐

    • Gooseface Killa
      Gooseface Killa 6 днів тому +1

      I have a friend, one of the best drummers I’ll ever meet, and his dad sends this to him every month

    • Ratius Rattius
      Ratius Rattius 7 днів тому +2

      Its fuckin bonkers 🥵

  • TOTO Rocks
    TOTO Rocks 19 днів тому +189

    Doesn't matter how many times I watch this. Elevated heart rate, involuntary movements, euphoria, admiration. I love Tool and Dan is a legend! .

    • Dennis Daniel
      Dennis Daniel 7 днів тому

      For sure, chills for daysssss

    • Maranda Dyer
      Maranda Dyer 8 днів тому

      The involuntary movents tho yes me too haha 😆 I love the feel of their whole sound!!

    • Jeffrey Massie
      Jeffrey Massie 13 днів тому

      Yes sir!

    • seminole17910
      seminole17910 14 днів тому +2

      That's the way I feel when I listen to the last minute of "Pushit" (live version or studio version). I literally can't listen to it sitting down. I have to stand up and rock out looking like a total idiot in the process but I don't care.

  • Mn XJ Mike
    Mn XJ Mike 2 місяці тому +348

    This video made my wife finally appreciate Tool. 15 years of me listening to it didn’t do it for her. Sometimes you just have to see how amazing something is with your own eyes to appreciate it. She surprised me with Tool concert tickets, which we just went and saw in Minneapolis. The bond is tighter now🤘🏻❤️

    • Steve Garner
      Steve Garner 5 днів тому

      I took my wife to see Tool at the O2 in London. I'm a massive Tool fan and my wife came along maybe just to make me happy. She left saying it was the best gig she'd ever seen.

    • Alex E For S
      Alex E For S 14 днів тому

      Ey buddy! Niice!

    • Theresa Collins
      Theresa Collins 15 днів тому +4

      You shouldn't have to convince anyone. Either you love Tool or you're wrong 🤷‍♀️

    • Benjamin Goldman
      Benjamin Goldman 19 днів тому

      My fiance came with me to see Tool in Philly...floor tickets. Me being a massive tool fan and her just someone appreciates talent....she had a great time. Needless to say I had the time of my life.

    • KirbSyde
      KirbSyde Місяць тому +1

      Holy fuck dude, definitely don't let her go. She is a keeper!✌🤘

  • ironbeast6
    ironbeast6 4 дні тому +15

    Danny is an absolute master and Tool brings up emotions in me that I hadn't experienced in many years. What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL song!

    • Shady Willow
      Shady Willow 4 дні тому +1

      💯🥁😍 He is truly AMAZING 😳 I watch this over and over just amazed he's human! I wish I could play drums!! So mesmerizing and truly touches the soul!! ❤️

  • T00L
    T00L 2 роки тому +1884

    Danny will go down in history as one of the best drummers of his time. Period.

    • destroyermaker
      destroyermaker 4 дні тому

      *all time

    • No One
      No One 4 дні тому


    • Peter de Valk
      Peter de Valk 7 днів тому

      @Joshua Pearson RU4REAL? LMAO. You clearly never ever played drums yourself. It's not about taste, it's about quality. Danny is up there with the very best EVER.

    • CZ Cryptic
      CZ Cryptic 8 днів тому

      Of HIS time? Nah, of ALL time. He's up there with Buddy Rich, Neil Peart, and Mike Portnoy.

    • TheLasagne
      TheLasagne 11 днів тому

      @Ray Pratt you cant spell danny and you cant spell neil.. im not gonna trust your opinion on either then

  • Matt Eng
    Matt Eng Місяць тому +173

    Danny Carey, dude is probably in the top 5 of rock/metal drummers of all time. And to be playing 10 minute songs in his 60s, is beast mode.

    • P M
      P M 3 дні тому

      @Alex E For S What a cliched opinion. They are both awful drummers that play technically to over compensate playing the most boring music known to man (prog).

    • destroyermaker
      destroyermaker 4 дні тому

      He looks half that. Must be magick.

    • SimonUser
      SimonUser 4 дні тому

      @No One name 10 better drummers then

    • No One
      No One 4 дні тому

      Nowhere near top 5

    • SimonUser
      SimonUser 7 днів тому

      @ekmad went to them in Antwerp recently, The entire stadium was almost silent throughout, absolutely astonishing performance 10/10 best concert I’ve ever been to

  • Christopher Phillips
    Christopher Phillips Місяць тому +145

    The amount of skill involved is mind numbing. Truly a legend.

  • Frederick Fullon
    Frederick Fullon Місяць тому +137

    Danny Carey is a musician's musician. This song, this performance is a master class for drummers. :)

    • TheHypernaught
      TheHypernaught 19 днів тому +4

      The best of it is Danny is only their drummer because he felt sorry for them and stood in. then he was like wow I found my dudes

  • Taciturn Tacitus
    Taciturn Tacitus 7 днів тому +6

    6:11-8:54... pretty sure Danny is actually performing magic/"magick" on stage. I don't believe in that stuff, but when you try to unpack what he's doing with each limb, how the strokes relate to each other, how the patterns progress, probably even the "shape" he's "drawing" with his arms when he plays them...
    I sound like I'm on psychadelics, but it feels like it might be true because I'm stone cold sober thinking through all this. Dude must be tapping into some other world to make music like that.

  • Mike Malone
    Mike Malone Рік тому +5778

    My drumset watches this while I'm not home

  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed 2 дні тому +4

    *6:17* Just this sequence alone gets me everytime. Finding someone who can even do this would be hard. Using all 4 limbs with different rhythms is wild.

    • Johnny Appleseed
      Johnny Appleseed День тому +2

      @YummyBaer that’s the word I was looking for. Thanks brother

    • YummyBaer
      YummyBaer День тому


  • Heretic Primal
    Heretic Primal 2 місяці тому +145

    Once a year young metronomes travel to Danny to get educated in tightness!

    • Left Blank
      Left Blank 6 днів тому


    • Alex E For S
      Alex E For S 14 днів тому

      Metronomes cant follow this guy. 😂

    • faris ahmad f
      faris ahmad f Місяць тому +2

      Rumour said that the old one still asking for danny's advices

  • crash
    crash 5 днів тому +10

    Remember my friend in college telling me about Tool. He was a musician and told me they have one of the best, if not THE best rhythm sections of any band he's heard, which is saying a LOT. Its something when someone who is a musician says something like that, you immediately go out and find their music.
    First couple of listens, I'm thinking, "Yeah, not bad, but surely not one of the best."
    Then you dig in, then my friend starts pointing out specific sections of songs, then you start hearing the technicality in what Danny and Paul are doing, then you listen more closely, then it finally hits you what level these guys are on - and then you agree, yeah, they are easily in the top three rhythm sections of any band you've known. You can easily make an argument for them being the best.

    • Chris K
      Chris K 2 дні тому

      Paul quit the band in the 90's. That's Justin you're looking at.

  • Tim Greig
    Tim Greig 2 місяці тому +51

    It's hard to comprehend the complexity of the work the brain goes through to perform this. It's insane how extraordinary humans are. And yes, Danny is amazing.

  • Musa Tariq
    Musa Tariq 2 роки тому +7791

    It’s not very often we get high quality drum cam videos from Danny Carey, this is super cool

    • Jay Hurley
      Jay Hurley 10 днів тому +1


    • TheLasagne
      TheLasagne 11 днів тому

      yeah usually its 144p for some weitd reason

    • Gregg Lohr
      Gregg Lohr 26 днів тому

      I think he's the leader of the band... nope I'm sure of it.

    • S V
      S V Місяць тому

      @Vic Firth
      And a stellar job of it!!
      Thanks . .

    • Cédric Messmer
      Cédric Messmer Місяць тому

      @Vic Firth Give us the rest of the recording !!!
      I'm sure you didn't put all this cams and mics for just one track... There MUST be the entire show stored somewhere on a hard drive or something !!
      and a selfish video editor who's enjoy it for himself... ;)

  • Mats Palmquist
    Mats Palmquist 29 днів тому +47

    Saw this masterpiece live in Stockholm yesterday. Best live experience I have ever had… mind blowing. Had to sit a song out afterwards…

    • Max Power
      Max Power Годину тому

      @inkjet42 Where r u guys all seeing them live what country are the touring?

    • shane kennedy
      shane kennedy 11 днів тому +1

      Dublin too Mats me auld son

    • Loftgroover
      Loftgroover 20 днів тому +2

      Saw them in Manchester on Monday..I've never felt such an emotional connection to a band/performance it was indescribable 😪

    • inkjet42
      inkjet42 20 днів тому +2

      I saw them last night truly amazing and loved all the visuals on the screens it really is an experience

    • SuperSteveez
      SuperSteveez 25 днів тому +1

      OMG i missed. Was is amazing ?

  • Claude V.
    Claude V. 5 днів тому +10

    The greatest drummer of our generation. Not just prog or metal, all around groovy master of the time.

  • Neil
    Neil 14 днів тому +47

    Had to revisit this after seeing Tool live in London last night. Danny was just mesmerizing. It's one thing watching him smash it on a youtube video like this, but another entirely to do it as a full set for 2 hours straight. The GOAT.

    • Mr. Whoever
      Mr. Whoever 11 годин тому +1

      same here man, we saw them yesterday in budapest. one of the best concert ive ever seen

    • Andrew Hopkins
      Andrew Hopkins 8 днів тому +1

      That gig changed me!

    • Neil
      Neil 9 днів тому

      @ekmad We didn't get Descending though which I would love to have seen!

    • ekmad
      ekmad 9 днів тому +1

      Can't believe you guys got 7empest. Very jealous (saw them in Manchester and Birmingham)

    • Riley McElmurry
      Riley McElmurry 11 днів тому

      I'm so jealous of the Europe tour

  • J.D. Harvis
    J.D. Harvis 2 місяці тому +61

    I love how he lays his sticks so gently on the snare after the song.

    • BeingAHero14
      BeingAHero14 27 днів тому +2

      Its because after almost 12 minutes of drumming full tilt he is masterfully in control of every motion and would never slam them down after achieving this take

    • Katy Ungodly
      Katy Ungodly Місяць тому +2

      Probably is tired af haha

    • Dragracer612
      Dragracer612 2 місяці тому +3

      I almost commented the same thing. Beats the piss out of the drums for 11 minutes, then lays the sticks down like they're fragile.

  • Chris Allen
    Chris Allen 2 роки тому +5588

    Obviously we're all here for D.C but can we take a minute to appreciate the fact that this is also an amazing live recording of Pneuma?

    • Phill Smith
      Phill Smith Місяць тому

      They aren't working with shitty aqement though

    • Phill Smith
      Phill Smith Місяць тому

      Absolutely! Insane. Fucking funanimal

    • S V
      S V Місяць тому

      *@Chris Allen*
      Maybe tomorrow.

    • Helder Fonseca
      Helder Fonseca 2 місяці тому

      It might even be better than the studio recording!

    • Tom Zadvydas
      Tom Zadvydas 2 місяці тому

      Hell yea

  • Wizdumb
    Wizdumb 27 днів тому +72

    One of the best live drum performances ever in history

  • Blackout Betty
    Blackout Betty 11 днів тому +7

    I’ve consumed this MANY times but every time I watch it, it’s like the first time. Chills. Hard to listen to or watch anything else after. Unless it’s more TOOL.

  • Brennan waters
    Brennan waters 2 місяці тому +62

    I was raised by drummers, my dad and I cried watching this. Danny, You absolute god. They say there is beauty in this world and fuck me you proved it.

  • sneezy deezy mc deluxe
    sneezy deezy mc deluxe Місяць тому +8

    Pneuma is one of the best songs Tool ever made.

    • axisgr
      axisgr Годину тому

      Every Tool song is one of the best songs Tool ever made.

    • Cole Jarvis
      Cole Jarvis 5 днів тому +1


    • Dragracer612
      Dragracer612 Місяць тому +2

      I agree 100%

  • Oussama
    Oussama 3 місяці тому +1252

    The odds that this group of people got together, formed a band and somehow agreed that this what they're gonna sound like and went with it just blows my mind.
    Idk it just seems incredible to me

    • Alien Demonic Deception 24
      Alien Demonic Deception 24 12 днів тому

      ✨*Wash *Rinse *Repeat✨

    • Foxtrot Hotel
      Foxtrot Hotel 13 днів тому

      @Joe Mama I mean my comment sounded pretentious, not the music. Practice does make perfect, but these guys are unreal together.

    • Joe Mama
      Joe Mama 13 днів тому +1

      @Foxtrot Hotel pretentious. More like practice.

    • Foxtrot Hotel
      Foxtrot Hotel 13 днів тому +1

      It's very pretentious, but I always think once it leaves the speakers as one sound it's not even the four guys, it's its own thing. Saw them last week and felt the exact same way.

    • Joe Mama
      Joe Mama 14 днів тому


  • sam mcguinness
    sam mcguinness 17 днів тому +2

    Watching Danny Carey play drums is the closest thing I've found to replicating the giant octopus I saw whilst tripping balls on DMT, leaves a similar feeling of lingering euphoria too

  • Thomas de Corail
    Thomas de Corail 2 місяці тому +52

    Can we appreciate the delivery of "THIS FLESH" at 5:11 ? It's better than the studio version and the echo sounds awesome

    • Ohlawd
      Ohlawd 23 дні тому


    • Bulletz
      Bulletz Місяць тому +3

      The joke with Tool is that they'd lose most of their lyrics if Maynard couldn't use the word "this" so it makes sense that he'd be able to nail it by now.

  • Josh Patrick
    Josh Patrick Місяць тому +38

    That face at 10:40 when it’s go time! And the the smile at 10:46 when you know you just killed it is everything!!

    • Majid Amiri
      Majid Amiri 15 днів тому +1

      im absolutely appreciating Danny's playing here but anyone notice Maynard in the background of this particular section? he's playing air-bass hahaha. I guess he still picks up a bass every now and then.

    • Road House
      Road House 24 дні тому +1

      I absolutely agree with those statements 100%

    • Lynton Collins
      Lynton Collins Місяць тому +2

      Amazing how much he loves it still ....

  • Jorgeduardo Ibarra
    Jorgeduardo Ibarra 8 днів тому +1

    this is from other planet, I have known Tool for many years but watching this video from danny is the science, the art, the mind, the beast the magic, all that is need for us to hear..

  • RobinManer34
    RobinManer34 Рік тому +1036

    It’s so hard to play this, but it’s otherworldly to write it. This man is literally the Renaissance of drumming

    • Rubaida Allen
      Rubaida Allen 4 місяці тому

      @Drummer Needs a Band
      Live Danny Carey is something else 🔥🔥🔥

    • Drummer Needs a Band
      Drummer Needs a Band Рік тому +1

      The dude is incredible.
      Never saw Him before.
      Definitely one of the best.

    • Easypeck
      Easypeck Рік тому

      @emeralddez And he's STILL working on his craft. The best don't get complacent.

    • Hannah Anderson
      Hannah Anderson Рік тому

      @emeralddez I was wondering why I saw Neil Peart when watching Danny play. Neil is the legend and king of drums, but Danny is so damn close to him.

  • Yeayeayea
    Yeayeayea Місяць тому +18

    The amount of concentration and memory...wow! This has become one of my personal favorites. These guys are all masters in their craft. Saw them Feb. 2022. Absolutely amazing 👏 😍 ❤

  • Jurgen Cuypers
    Jurgen Cuypers 10 днів тому +5

    I saw them last week live. There are aliens and one of them is called Danny Carey. It's unhuman how he drums.

    • Casper Ablij
      Casper Ablij 6 днів тому +1

      dude it was absolutely mindblowing

  • K S
    K S 17 днів тому +6

    The best musicians don’t just play music, they become music, and this a great example ❤️😄👍

  • Miagi Fodder
    Miagi Fodder 12 днів тому

    Seeing the band live i'd say this song was the best, great lighting on the chorus worked a treat first time around

  • Magno Santos
    Magno Santos 2 роки тому +1845

    Dear Vic Firth,
    Please don't hold out on Danny Carey content, we know you have more video from this recording!
    Tool Die Hard Fans

    • Big Daddy
      Big Daddy 3 місяці тому +1

      @Jonathan Vos LMFAO

    • kaerbear
      kaerbear Рік тому +1

      I feel like releasing more footage would cure covid worldwide. But that's just me.

    • AcroTrainer
      AcroTrainer Рік тому

      I'd like to second this request. And third. And fourth. And fifth....

    • Christopher Eric
      Christopher Eric Рік тому +1

      @Gary Stafford or even record it at all.

    • Ben Goodfellow
      Ben Goodfellow Рік тому +1


  • Zachary Wheeler
    Zachary Wheeler Місяць тому +7

    The whole beat and slow build up from 6:17-9:24 never ceases to amaze me and sometimes brings on powerful emotions!!!! It's absolutely incredible!

  • teufel314
    teufel314 18 днів тому +6

    I love the way Tool has evolved into what they are today. They have always been complex and unforgiving, but now they seem to transcend what music traditionally is. A totally immersive experience. I love the way they are uncompromising in their music and don’t pander to anyone. You either like it or don’t, and they couldn’t care less.

  • Bob Wilson
    Bob Wilson 16 годин тому

    Danny and Neil Peart are definitely two of the greatest to ever sit behind a kit, both are absolutely amazing.

  • C A
    C A 5 днів тому

    The greatest drummer of all time 😎👍🏴‍☠️
    Always has been decades ahead of the times!
    Thank you for all of the Epic music!

  • Martins33
    Martins33 10 місяців тому +1990

    Danny has more control of his feet than I have of my life.

    • Lucky Lola
      Lucky Lola Місяць тому

      Truest statement I've seen in months!

    • Mike
      Mike 2 місяці тому

      This is the best comment I've ever read. Thank you ☺️

    • Prime Beef
      Prime Beef 2 місяці тому

      Lots of truth in that comment

    • Shannon Ladiges
      Shannon Ladiges 5 місяців тому

      🤣🤣🤣 i feel ya

  • Shane Milligan
    Shane Milligan 9 днів тому +6

    Straight hip hop head... but damn this is pure talent, proud new tool fan

  • Korrydorr
    Korrydorr Місяць тому +2

    This is just.... Wow! incredible, magic. Tool is by far my favorite band for a long time but Danny is just a Monster love it!

    • Mr Bean real
      Mr Bean real Місяць тому

      What is your favourite tool album

  • bourne 3476
    bourne 3476 День тому

    I've been playing for 40 years and this guy always amazes me!

  • hurti1000
    hurti1000 8 днів тому

    man, this is one iconic drum video! a joy to watch, even for a non-drummer like me!

  • oliver durgen
    oliver durgen Рік тому +1456

    imagine being able to drum like that. Now imagine doing it in front of thousands of people. Now...imagine you do it flawlessly for over 10 fucking minutes.
    You can tell this isn't a walk in the park for him. He appears extremely focused, and he left nothing on the table. He worked his ass off, physically and mentally, to accomplish this awe inspiring performance. A master at his zenith.

    • Snapdragon
      Snapdragon 7 місяців тому

      Fuckin right! He is so incredible that there aren't words good enough to describe his mastery of drums/percussion.

    • Joykiller
      Joykiller Рік тому

      Infortunately its not flawless he messes up a few times but still an amazing song

    • AdoreYouInAshXI
      AdoreYouInAshXI Рік тому

      @Came12on 10:52 is the only mistake. Show me otherwise. Anything else is so small that I didn't catch it, and while I hate to honk my own horn, I've been drumming professionally for 20 years.

    • scottmn1
      scottmn1 Рік тому

      Since he is the original artist, any way he plays it is correct. What are you basing the reference standard off of? if you are using the original recording as a reference standard, maybe he didn’t like the original version and has decided this version is now correct.

  • Robbie Anderson
    Robbie Anderson 2 місяці тому +2

    This guy was a freaking insane when th this shit. Omg. Wow. Makes my hair stand up. Wow. I’m smiling like a mutha the whole time. Freaking awesome

  • Mathew Shaw
    Mathew Shaw 12 днів тому

    You just have to come back every few wks to watch this again..Its sooo good man..Love What Danny brings to the party 🥳...More drum cams pls..

  • Jasmine Parker
    Jasmine Parker Місяць тому +6

    Me ame de coração♥️ XXLIKE.Uno de los mejores conciertos 😍 mañas no se la .

  • Luca Veronese
    Luca Veronese 12 днів тому +10

    You can literally see how most of his energy goes into counting the beats and not actually moving the body.

  • Kevin Greg
    Kevin Greg 5 місяців тому +1899

    I used to work out at the gym with Danny Carey and he is the coolest guy. Like a normal person he would ask for a spot and spot you on bench etc and shoot the shit. It seems we had similar schedules so I saw him their often. I am a guitar player and a huge tool fan but I didn’t recognize him. He even wore the Carey jersey and I didn’t put two and two together, I thought he was in to sports and I don’t follow sports. No body guards or attitude just a down to earth human.
    One day my friend came with me to the gym who is a guitar player as well. I started talking to Danny and afterwards my friend was loosing it. He said “do you know who the fuck that is”! I was like yeah Danny he’s a pretty cool guy. He’s says that’s Danny fucken Carey from tool. It took every bone in my body not to geek out and make a fool of myself after that.
    Eventually, down the road we were talking about music and sure enough he was the drummer for tool. It was epic to workout next to Danny for a year and a half while I was at music school. He definitely doesn’t have an attitude or a huge ego just a down to earth awesome human.

    • Graham stefan
      Graham stefan 2 місяці тому +1

      I'd pass out if I met Danny. Greatest drummer earth has ever seen.

    • Steve Seipel
      Steve Seipel 2 місяці тому

      We all just people

    • Nicholas Mcbride
      Nicholas Mcbride 2 місяці тому

      @Matt Alisch underrated comment ngl

    • Wollemiwanderer
      Wollemiwanderer 2 місяці тому

      not surprised. He's in it because he feels it, loves it. Cool story btw

    • WillB
      WillB 2 місяці тому

      @Big Daddy Yes, but only YOU have that amazing memory - and now you shared it with ME and I am richer for it. If you had the recipe - it would have hung on your wall. That's it. I'm not a Tool fan, but I Totes Respect them all. It's plain to see he is a gentle giant in many ways. And a master musician too.

  • T
    T 18 днів тому +9

    Saw this in Manchester earlier this week. First TOOL tour since what... 16 years ago?!?! Minus the Download appearances. Tool are the only band I love to see in an arena. The visuals are just ❤

  • Steve Brisendine
    Steve Brisendine 2 місяці тому +16

    Saw them for the first time the other night in KC. Massive, completely seamless experience. Danny KILLED it in front of the hometown crowd, and I think his energy was infectious for the whole band. Even Maynard gave him a shout-out from the back of the stage before the last song. (Granted, he called him "THIS idiot," but it was affectionate sarcasm.) Loved when DC came out, with a big grin on his face, and did a little bow for the fans after the encore.

  • Doozla Muller
    Doozla Muller 23 дні тому

    I love watching this amount of talent as often as I can.

  • Robert Renfro
    Robert Renfro 18 днів тому

    This band is amazing! This drum cam video, and the sound alone is life changing like mushrooms themselves!

  • Paul . Mayers
    Paul . Mayers Рік тому +20023

    Almost forgot to watch this today

    • Jaret
      Jaret 3 години тому

      Fucking same

    • Hightower
      Hightower 23 години тому

      Naa, I‘m back again! 🍻

    • Hightower
      Hightower 2 дні тому

      I‘m in 🍻

    • shpins
      shpins 5 днів тому

      It's a daily thing for me

    • Darkside
      Darkside 6 днів тому

      Me 2 😅

  • P
    P День тому

    Absolute genious ! Would watch Danny play day and night. So awesome. Magic and pure perfection !

  • Dildo Baggins
    Dildo Baggins 15 днів тому +17

    Just saw them last week and it’s an experience. No phones crowding everything up, the visuals, Unforgettable is an understatement. id recommend tickets at the first opportunity

  • Chosen Won
    Chosen Won Місяць тому +4

    Tool has always been on a different level!! Everybody in this band is an amazing musician ahead of there time!!!

  • L MM
    L MM 2 дні тому +1

    Badass drummer.... one of the greatest.

  • Peter de Frankrijker
    Peter de Frankrijker Рік тому +2353

    Kudos to the editing guys for masking out Danny’s four other limbs.

    • Barrens chat
      Barrens chat 6 місяців тому

      Stay very still... so still you become one with the stadium... and know they only do stadiums...

    • Michael R
      Michael R 6 місяців тому

      Peter de Frankrijker
      Thats Fkng Hilarious but true as F😁🤣🤣

    • Brian Myers
      Brian Myers 6 місяців тому +1

      This made me smile. Well played sir.

    • Larry Hyde
      Larry Hyde 8 місяців тому


    • Kelli Couch
      Kelli Couch 8 місяців тому

      Hahaha! Right?!! Or else his other 4 limbs are invisible! Don't they call him "the octopus?"

  • Theresa Collins
    Theresa Collins 15 днів тому +1

    Happy birthday, Danny Carey!!! Best drummer EVER 🤩

  • Jesse W
    Jesse W Місяць тому +5

    That middle interlude where it quietens down just soothes my soul everytime i hear it. Its a medatiative beat for me. Have blessed day anyone and everyone who reads this, much love

    • Lucky Lola
      Lucky Lola Місяць тому +1

      Tool is amazing at the hypnotic, trance like effect. I have listened to Tool and A Perfect Circle more than once to fall asleep. It's beautiful.

  • Bool False
    Bool False 4 дні тому

    if watching with keeping attention, you will see that since ~8:23 Danny starts to hit with order from left to right and decreasing the hits like 5x0 4x1, 3x2, 2x3, 1x5 times, which ends at 8:53.. this is mindblowing implementation !!!

  • Wesley Parmentier
    Wesley Parmentier 11 днів тому +3

    my first Tool show ever yesterday in Antwerp... had to wait for it like 20 years as I got to know them when I was 16. Truely unforgettable , mesmerizing, beyond words ... this changed my life. Musical brilliance by all band members and what a great drummer this is!

  • Tim Pagliaro
    Tim Pagliaro 25 днів тому +9

    The best performance on drums you could EVER watch!

  • Hacklin
    Hacklin 12 днів тому

    Saw them yesterday. Absolutely fantastic performance!

  • Toby Goodman
    Toby Goodman 13 днів тому +1

    Watched this live the other day and it was the best song they did. It was unreal. My favourite song off the latest album, insane. It was so good. He is a beasttttt on those drums.

  • Steve S
    Steve S 2 місяці тому +14

    Not sure many people realize how amazing it is that hes plays different time signitures like he is at the same damn time. I started playing the drums when i heard Carey. He was my literal inspiration to go out buy a drum set and play.

  • Joshua Feazel
    Joshua Feazel 2 роки тому +424

    If the universe ever had a soundtrack, Danny Carey would be the drummer.

    • Morningstar Veggie Patty
      Morningstar Veggie Patty 2 місяці тому


    • Joshua Feazel
      Joshua Feazel 2 роки тому

      @MelburnDownhill fuck yes it does!

    • M J
      M J 2 роки тому +2

      ​@MelburnDownhill Larry Bird is good on drums :D

    • Cheval Nektosha
      Cheval Nektosha 2 роки тому +1

      I'm going to steal that

    • MiscerVids
      MiscerVids 2 роки тому +3

      These beats need to broadcast out into space, so hopefully they live on after the world ends

  • Gustav Rosander
    Gustav Rosander 28 днів тому +2

    Just Insane talent.
    Also one of the best recordings of Tool. I love it when the drums are prominent

  • Adam Garner
    Adam Garner 26 днів тому +3

    Yes I’m here again, thank you Danny & Vic Firth, this video is absolute mastery in drum composition and performance. I wish we had another song recorded at this quality.

  • Soul Break
    Soul Break 8 днів тому

    I'm a long time rocker, Danny is legend!! Unbelievable!

  • MAP
    MAP Місяць тому

    No mames que belleza de performance🔥🔥

  • Chuck Cassidy Music
    Chuck Cassidy Music 10 місяців тому +1223

    Probably the most perfect drum performance ever caught on camera.

    • Chuck Cassidy Music
      Chuck Cassidy Music 6 місяців тому

      @Kevin Key Sorry, I see that I've already responded to you like five times, usually in a drunken state.

    • Chuck Cassidy Music
      Chuck Cassidy Music 6 місяців тому

      @Kevin Key Neil is one of my biggest musical heroes. RIP. I can watch him play all day and never get bored. What I enjoy about Danny is that he plays with such joy and pain, happiness and anger, technicality and balls, whereas Neil is a technical master and master songwriter. They shouldn't be compared, really, they are kindred spirits from different planets. Don't say "better" or "worse" when you're talking about masters. It makes you look like a music geek (something that I used to be).

    • Keith Hughes
      Keith Hughes 8 місяців тому +1

      You could be right. 17M views would support that theory.

    • What Doth Life!?
      What Doth Life!? 8 місяців тому

      @nz south12 That's not the point, Chuck said "The most perfect drum performance ever caught on camera" which is objectively false. The small hiccup at 10:46 is a pathetic critique and the most miniscule smudge on an otherwise legendary performance, but Jack isn't wrong.

    • Big Thunder
      Big Thunder 8 місяців тому

      @Steve Hope I liked ginger baker do you know him from cream

  • Casper Ablij
    Casper Ablij 6 днів тому +1

    i just saw them live, it was such a spectacular experience

    • Max Power
      Max Power Годину тому

      Where r u guys all seeing them live what country are the touring?

  • C B
    C B 2 місяці тому +7

    I don't think I've ever simultaneously rocked AND vibed so hard to something.

  • mikey6719
    mikey6719 2 місяці тому +11

    Absolutely Love this band. Danny Carey has to be one of the best all time yet you rarely hear his name. His idol was John Bonham, but Id take Danny Head to head anyday at their best.

  • Amanda
    Amanda 2 місяці тому +6

    it's addicting to see Danny playing this drums with such concentration .

  • Chris Mitchell
    Chris Mitchell 2 роки тому +2116

    Dear god let this be a sign of a live DVD to come..

    • Kushed Out Vids
      Kushed Out Vids Рік тому


    • Parisa Vassei
      Parisa Vassei Рік тому

      Take my money.

    • Steve C
      Steve C Рік тому

      if they came out with a dvd of the concert like this it would sell more than there albums I would bet full concert hq and also add VR

    • Dillon Buckingham
      Dillon Buckingham Рік тому

      @Mike Hodges he's drumming right in front of you

    • Rubaida Allen
      Rubaida Allen Рік тому

      @Skye M Pook
      Beautifully said Sir.

  • Lauren Garrett
    Lauren Garrett 2 місяці тому +9

    I was at this show! I've seen Tool 3 times and it blows my mind how their music is so complex, yet they perform to perfection when Live. Amazing playing by Danny, as always.

  • Chris Siewert
    Chris Siewert 2 місяці тому +7

    I have been a huge fan since I bought undertow, I saw them in the 90's at Ozzfest and I am going to see them this Sunday at Target Center,Mpls. I have always thought Danny as one of the best drummers ever! and I have seen Bonham in 77

  • anickiN
    anickiN 5 днів тому

    Saw them this week in Germany. Insane show.
    Danny was constantly in the spotlight, light flashes all the time. A normal person would break down with Vietnam flashbacks, without even witnessing the war.
    Outstanding human(?) being.

  • 5/ˈkrɑːkən/5
    5/ˈkrɑːkən/5 11 днів тому +1

    Danny Carey is unbelievably great & Tool are 1 of a kind!!

  • liquid rigidity
    liquid rigidity Рік тому +802

    I would pay good money to have a full concert DVD of just Carey playing.

    • lrwiersum
      lrwiersum Рік тому +1

      Shut up and take my money !!

    • hurleytom
      hurleytom Рік тому

      Vic Firth/Tool are sitting on an entire concert's worth of Danny playing!! 😱👍🏻

    • Mariano GDS
      Mariano GDS Рік тому

      I was just thinking " i hope they release this show"....sounds infernal !!!

    • Rookie_Gaming
      Rookie_Gaming Рік тому

      It would be badass to have some sort of live DVD with different camera angles from all 4 of the guys and the crowd

    • Kevin Woods
      Kevin Woods Рік тому

      Dam tootin

  • Burrito Grande
    Burrito Grande 2 дні тому

    This is a masterpiece which will inspire countless humans for many, many years. If it was beamed it into space, it's harmony would bring beings far and wide to seek out it's creator. Thusly, Danny Carey the one who brought the universe together. One space, one time. Perpetual existence not forgetting now or what once was. A breath of strength to not fear the unknown nor the jealously of darkness but instead a rhythmic solace whereas all is one and one is all. Darkness cannot remember with no light. And in that center of the great void a reason to remember what love was shown and given. For it strengthens memories which the void cannot destroy. Information remains to embrace not how far you've gone nor the time it taketh away but the journey itself. Wonder at it's might. Stare into it's being. Breathe and let not the mind cease to explore.

  • Joel Bertocci
    Joel Bertocci 14 днів тому +1

    Really impressive. How relaxed he is playing all these really complex parts 😮

  • Theodore Marinis
    Theodore Marinis День тому

    Legend. Nobody can do what Danny Carey can do. Absolutely incredible.

  • Tyler Hofmann
    Tyler Hofmann 20 днів тому +1

    There are a lot of great drummers out there, who I am sure could do a great job at playing this note for note. But to be able to create this is absolute wizardry. I truly believe he is the greatest, What an artist.

  • Mike
    Mike 4 місяці тому +872

    Not one, not two, but three different time signatures played at the same time by one man slowly building tension into a masterful release. Absolute masterpiece.

    • Tauno Kekkonen
      Tauno Kekkonen Місяць тому

      @Username 1991 someone's gotta live in those trailer parks.

    • Username 1991
      Username 1991 Місяць тому

      @Tauno Kekkonen I’m listening thru a phone buddy -__-

    • Tauno Kekkonen
      Tauno Kekkonen Місяць тому

      @Username 1991 it's not about how many you want to hear, but how many there are. There was a great break-down of this song and it's time signatures on YT and essentially it's in 4/4. Sorry to disappoint.

    • Username 1991
      Username 1991 Місяць тому

      @Tauno Kekkonen everyone may be different. Sometimes I can only hear 3 or 4 but others swear they hear more.
      But just analyze. Carefully and listen close. May have to slow it down. Just pay attention to same events in a small timeframe. Eventually you’ll form a rhythm. And you’ll get it.

    • Username 1991
      Username 1991 Місяць тому

      @Lynton Collins I’m not discrediting pianists.
      But you’re talking about two hands with 5 fingers each. I’m not surprised.
      This man is doing it with two legs and two arms.

  • Dang O'l
    Dang O'l 17 днів тому

    The knowledge and talent of that man is beyond my comprehension!

  • Payne Hooper
    Payne Hooper 21 день тому

    I watch this every day...As much as I love Neil Peart, Danny Carry is without a doubt the best.

  • Mark Whitehand
    Mark Whitehand 21 день тому +7

    Those last three chimes in tune too though...just LOVE watching him in his moment and element.

  • Steve Marten
    Steve Marten 16 днів тому +3

    the song seems so short every time i play it in the car or something, but when you watch the complexity of the percussion and Danny its a lifetime. hes probably one of the most aerobically fit people on the whole damb planet!

  • Michael Haffely
    Michael Haffely 2 роки тому +839

    Ok ....After 33 years on this earth, I finally understand TOOL..... every single member of this band is a master at their craft..

    • dyarab
      dyarab Рік тому

      @Proper Zen This is the way.

    • dyarab
      dyarab Рік тому


    • John Mark
      John Mark Рік тому

      They have been my supergroup for twenty years. Justin is the best thing to happen to TOOL.

    • Jason Luber
      Jason Luber Рік тому

      DEVARMONT7 Dave Matthews Band is an example. But I’m sure I’ll get flak for that

    • Justin Simpson
      Justin Simpson 2 роки тому

      And finding out 10000 days is roughly 30 some years

  • Thylacine
    Thylacine Місяць тому +3

    the breakdown at 7:00 is perfection. Thanks guys, thanks for 20 years personal challenge, enrichment and understanding of self.

  • Johnnyhumbkr
    Johnnyhumbkr 2 місяці тому +11

    A masterclass in polyrhythms! And he has the coolest signature sticks of all time,with that “schwing” at the balance point.

  • Aaron Isaacson
    Aaron Isaacson 2 місяці тому +5

    Just saw Tool live for the first time, Danny is unbelievable! I love the whole band, but his drumming was my favorite part of the show!

  • Bilal
    Bilal 29 днів тому +2

    I can't even airdrum this good lol. Absolute legend 💪🏾

  • A B
    A B 25 днів тому +14

    Best drummer on the planet!!! His changing time signatures and strong emphasis on offbeats at times is unreal… along with just about everything else he does 🤟🏽💯