Rick Beato Studio Tour 2022!

  • Опубліковано 27 лип 2022
  • In this episode I give you a short history and current tour of my studio!
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  • Dave's Empire 1981

    I'd imagine that any musician who truly loves the craft of making music, if they are successful enough, will eventually have their own studios.

  • Jeremy Jones

    WOW! That's incredible! How you were able to look like you walked INTO the green screen, was amazing! That's some serious special effects to be able to make it look like your studio is so large. Kudos to your special effects guy on making it look so seamless, so realistic.

  • TDS
    TDS  +2

    Ricks videos are the only ones that I immediately click the like button as soon as the video starts...... I have never been wrong yet ......

    LENNE DUVAR 14 днів тому +1

    El cuarto de los sueños de cualquier músico!!!!❤️❤️💭💭💭

  • Steve Lowery

    Awesome tour! Your studio is comprised completely of choice pieces of bucket list equipment. That said, for those of us that won’t have Dave, a successful UA-cam channel and a lifetime to acquire this treasure, can you do a desert island list of your gear? The things that would be must haves to build a studio if you could only have one and had to start all over again from scratch. Would you have done anything differently? Also, what was it about the Mac Studio that you were having issues with?

  • Father Larsathon

    He's got more gear than the average Guitar Center.

  • Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith

    The stark change in audio quality when walking from the garage to the control room is amazing. Of course it's nothing surprising but it's evidence of a really well built studio. That was super interesting, cheers Rick

  • The Robot Boogie

    A ton of work and good taste has gone into that studio. Very inspiring.

  • Hyperbright Studios

    This is absolutely incredible. What an insane amount of gear!

  • Gary Waddell

    This is not a studio…this is heaven on earth

  • L G
    L G  +8

    Ah building a studio. I built my home studio, which I use for personal use only. It took a long time as well, yet I truly appreciate every aspect of it because I used my own hands. Building isolation boxes for each recessed light, to custom built door frames to accommodate the thicker walls. Today, when someone comes in they see a nice polished studio having no clue whatsoever, as to what is behind the walls, door frames, ceiling etc. It was a labor of love.......

  • Kevin Smith

    Rick, the amount of guitars, pedals, amps and other gear you've amassed is just overwhelming - and none of it is run-of-the-mill stuff. Not to mention the studio itself and all of microphones, etc. It's like a dream I'd love to step into! And I love your videos - always informative and interesting. Keep up the good work!

  • Greg G
    Greg G  +329

    Went through a phase where I'd only buy red guitars. I figured if my wife saw a red guitar, she'd assume it was one I already had and not a new one. So far so good.

  • Kevin Reed

    Rick, that is an incredible studio. Thank you so much for the tour. There was definitely a lot of thought, passion, and hard work that went into that build.

  • Viewer2022

    Super cool ROCKIN' Studio tour. For anyone that had any doubts about Rick's true passion for music, all that gear speaks for itself. Keep on Rockin' Rick!!!!!


    Watching studio tours like these make me wonder how much cleaning you have to do occasionally Rick, would love to see a follow up vid of how you keep everything in pristine condition!

  • Noah Wise

    This is incredible! I had no idea you had this much legendary gear

  • drk_phoenix

    Rick's green-screen game is the best there is! Puts big budget Hollywood movies to shame. 🤣

  • Tim Weber
    Tim Weber  +261

    Rick, you're the only youtuber who I feel is genuinely worth doing a behind-the-scenes video. Very cool gear! Great video!

  • Marc Thompson

    Love the before and after pics. Beautiful studio.