This Electronic Drum Kit is only $599?!?!

  • Опубліковано 21 чер 2022
  • Review and demo of the Donner DED-400 Electric Drum Set
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  • Alex Isiv
    Alex Isiv  +105


  • Khrashing Phantom

    I played drums for nearly 10 years (self taught) and this was so cathartic to watch. I played alone mostly since I never really knew any other musicians in my area (fairly rural area). Anyway I never told people I played drums for many years since I exclusively played an electronic kit. We lived in an apartment so a regular kit was out of the question. Lol But I stopped playing some time back (after I went off to college and meat other musicians), because I got tired of playing alone AND other musicians telling me I wasn't a real drummer. I know it's foolish to give up something you enjoy because of what other people say, but I have to be honest hearing people tell me that over and over just got to me over time. Now (after some years have gone by) seeing you jam out like this on this kit has reignited the passion! Thanks for posting this! You really showed off how awesome and fun an e-kit can be. Thanks again for the re-inspiration!

  • Yannis Gouras

    Man I am seriously hoping one day that you put all of your kits together especially now that you got this one and make the most insane Neal peart sized drum kit that anybody has ever seen

  • Big Daddy Sprinkle

    That is actually impressive for the price. Great kit for inputing drum midi notes on the fly.

  • lucyferina

    Even though you didn't mention it , I appreciate the fact that you set your pedal beaters to use the rubber and not the felt side of the beaters, felt chews through mesh heads really quickly, rubber on the other hand doesn't.

  • The Real Zodax

    I can't tell how much fun I had watching this, loved how you literally poked blast beats and fast double bass everywhere hahaha, It made me feel like I definitely gotta buy one of these bad boys. You are awesome Sam!!! I hope to see more gear reviews like this one.

  • ControversyRadio

    I could listen to you all day playing along with the demo songs. You totally can see just how much FUN you were having.

  • Salttrap
    Salttrap  +19

    Sam you are the one who pushed me to learn, Joey inspired me and you were the push I needed. Keep on rocking on 🤘

  • GamerOfTag
    GamerOfTag  +112

    Good, I've been wanting to get an e-kit since I had to sell my regular kit. I haven't played drums in 4 years because I had to move constantly. Saving up for this is my goal now.

  • FreakinRican32

    That Rock with You track is ABSOLUTE GOLD. can’t believe that came on the module lmaoo

  • Grindhead Jim

    This... this has potential. I kinda want an electronic kit for ease of recording and streaming. This might be the one. Only thing I would have liked to have seen is a in-room mic, so I can hear how loud the pads are acoustically.

  • Nick Fine
    Nick Fine  +12

    I haven't laughed out loud so much in a long time. You demoing the kit is absolute comedy gold. Loving your work :D

  • Hayley Lumpkin
    Hayley Lumpkin 21 день тому

    The energy in this video makes it a whole other level of fun to watch. I’ve been looking around for e-drum kits and never found a review that stuck with me. This review made me so enthusiastic for this drum kit! Thanks you 🥰.

  • Erik Mabry

    All of those sample tracks sound like they're right of a Sonic the Hedgehog game and I loved it.

  • IlliniDog01

    That kit sounds pretty good. Some really interesting presets. The expandibility looks nice too. I bought my young daughter the DED-200 kit for Christmas and it is an amazing value, but this looks like a clear step up.

  • kalaaleq nuummioq

    Its very impressive for the price, kind of considering buying the same kit as this.

  • Sithsingh
    Sithsingh  +18

    Loved the "Rock With You" section. That shit had me so impressed. Excellent work as always Samus 🤘🏾

  • Alternative Drummer

    I see their samples are still completely clipping like the original ded200, but in a way I kinda like their distorted/overdriven drum sounds. It does look like a much better kit though. I love the demo songs!

  • BurstingVeins1

    I just want a decent cheap kit that has bell action, but this kit seems like a really good cheap first kit option.

  • CrimsonPlayzzz

    Did not click on this video expecting to hear blast beats on a drum track of Rock With You by Michael Jackson. But did I receive that? Yes. Did I know I needed it? No. Do I now know that I needed it? ABSOLUTELY