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ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree | Story Trailer

  • Опубліковано 20 тра 2024
  • The shadow of the story can now be told. Learn the history of the Realm of Shadow, the unseen land that will be revealed on June 21, 2024.
    Pre-order #ELDENRING Shadow of the Erdtree: bnent.eu/EldenRing-SOTE
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  • @LiamMazeika
    @LiamMazeika 16 годин тому +16387

    >Story trailer
    >Completely indecipherable
    We are so back

    • @VictorIV0310
      @VictorIV0310 16 годин тому +224

      Even the countdown was making me lose my marbles.

    • @MapMonkey96
      @MapMonkey96 16 годин тому +27


    • @dgooshe
      @dgooshe 16 годин тому +222

      Vaati: You underestimate my power, mortal

    • @Pussalia
      @Pussalia 16 годин тому +80

      ​@@dgooshe yeah, I'm happy that one person will understand what's going on

    • @wraith.ferron
      @wraith.ferron 16 годин тому +42

      I think the beginning of it was supposed to be a flashback to the war of the Order against the followers of the Frenzied Flame, that left the merchants as pretty much the last remnants of that group.

  • @DigiNeko
    @DigiNeko 16 годин тому +2746

    Bro it's literally random tuesday what are you doing Bandai

    • @incineakechi5197
      @incineakechi5197 16 годин тому +160

      I mean it's exactly a month before release, not too random

    • @ApexGaming100
      @ApexGaming100 16 годин тому

      Bandai Namcoooo

    • @Tbar67
      @Tbar67 16 годин тому +8

      God’s work

    • @emilhartmann6518
      @emilhartmann6518 16 годин тому +14

      Now it's not just a random tuesday.

    • @defaultname7685
      @defaultname7685 15 годин тому

      @@incineakechi5197good eye, dlc comes out 30 days from now- THE DLC COMES OUT 30 DAYS FROM NOW

  • @kingrhythmo9045
    @kingrhythmo9045 15 годин тому +2076

    I’ve never seen so many homies standing next to each other in a fromsoft game. What a bold shot at the end there

    • @datonkallandor8687
      @datonkallandor8687 15 годин тому +52

      And yet you still needs mods to actually play proper coop, much less with that amount of people.

    • @Splatcake
      @Splatcake 15 годин тому +82

      ​@datonkallandor8687 that co-op mod basically killed online play and invading. Soo i wonder if this dlc or an update is gonna turn that seamless mod into the basegame so elden ring ends up looking like an mmo without any grinding

    • @sean8102
      @sean8102 15 годин тому +49

      @@Splatcake I will be shocked if fromsoft doesn't take some notes from the seamless co-op mod. IDK if they will integrate some kind of similar functionality into ER with DLC, or their next game. But if they don't do one or the other it would be pretty dumb of them IMO. It's crazy how popular it is (~1.6 million downloads from the nexus), not surprising with how much fun it is and easy to use (just drag and drop some files). I've played hours of that mod with my cousin and had SO much fun. WAY more fun than we ever had playing the games built in multiplayer. And it's amazing how perfectly it works. But yeah that was my first thought when I saw that shot. Only 30 days to go!

    • @portalmanHUN
      @portalmanHUN 15 годин тому +9

      You just know most of them are going to die by the end.

    • @bobertastic6541
      @bobertastic6541 15 годин тому +20

      I think it is a bunch of npc’s, as the big stone armour guy is there. Considering it’s the story trailer it perhaps means all these npc’s are here for the same reason as us, finding miquella. But I hope it means better coop and invading

  • @thetoasty7417
    @thetoasty7417 14 годин тому +399

    >Miyazaki releases trailer on random Tuesday
    >Includes Marika feet shot

    • @joaovitorlima9952
      @joaovitorlima9952 14 годин тому +6

      Or was it Radagon's feet? Who knows

    • @hitagi531
      @hitagi531 14 годин тому +1

      Miquella, and it's a he

    • @abdelhaditayebbey
      @abdelhaditayebbey 14 годин тому +10

      @@hitagi531 nah that's marika for sure

    • @septariannodule
      @septariannodule 14 годин тому

      It’s may 21st…

    • @Aenarion_Godslayer
      @Aenarion_Godslayer 14 годин тому

      @@hitagi531 She wear a long black robe, with rings around her arms, long golden hair, quite tall and feminine silhouette. For sure it's Marika.

  • @SnakeandFox
    @SnakeandFox 16 годин тому +9318

    > drops initial trailer with hardly any notice
    > refuses to elaborate
    > goes silent for a month
    > drops another trailer without notice
    > refuses to elaborate further
    > leaves

    • @ernestdrake1433
      @ernestdrake1433 16 годин тому +519

      > delivers on all promises and more
      > gets DLCOTY (dlc of the year)
      > keeps making microtransaction-less bangers

    • @razerblaze070
      @razerblaze070 16 годин тому +46

      cant forget the elden ring EXPANSION on twitter during april

    • @tryhardname
      @tryhardname 16 годин тому +30

      Normal souls development

    • @Sushi0923
      @Sushi0923 16 годин тому +43

      This is why we love him and Fromsoft haha

    • @lettucearsebiscuits8375
      @lettucearsebiscuits8375 16 годин тому +7

      Finally someone who uses this with correct grammar

  • @FightinCowboy
    @FightinCowboy 17 годин тому +12975

    Fromsoft always dropping bombs on random Tuesdays.

    • @SeeNoEvil320
      @SeeNoEvil320 16 годин тому +44


    • @fuucaran
      @fuucaran 16 годин тому +82

      Tuesday seems to be FromSoft's favorite day!

    • @Y_27099
      @Y_27099 16 годин тому +5

      You wannanow ?

    • @spice_59
      @spice_59 16 годин тому +8

      Seems like FromSoft has a favourite day

    • @PbAndJamess
      @PbAndJamess 16 годин тому +2

      Just so happens to be recording gameplay to build up to the entrance for the DLC too lol

  • @sil5429
    @sil5429 15 годин тому +356

    I just realized. We got Elden Ring and the DLC before Silksong

  • @christopherhale3140
    @christopherhale3140 15 годин тому +780

    The line about “a purge without Grace or honor” is subtly terrifying in what it implies. We know from the base game that the Golden Order has been responsible for several horrific massacres, many of which they either boast about or at least seem indifferent to the knowledge of. Whatever the hell Messmer did, it was so nightmarish and morally bankrupt that even MARIKA- who ordered or at least condoned the mass torture of the Omens and the slaughter of the Misbegotten- wanted nothing to do with him and had all record of his deeds erased from history.

      @KABLAMMATS 15 годин тому +127

      "nah bro that aint mah kid bro, hes adopted"

    • @deltaz3362
      @deltaz3362 15 годин тому +86

      Right? The implications are unimaginable. In the base game we learn of the Golden Order's several wars across the continent, complete genocide of the giants, the persecution of the omen and wandering merchants, and enslavement of demihumans. Somehow there's something so atrocious even compared to all this it is considered unspeakable in nature. Holy shit.

    • @KhangNguyen-ij4xh
      @KhangNguyen-ij4xh 14 годин тому

      @@deltaz3362Man Godrick is already fucked in the head. I can’t imagine how bad Messmer is

    • @skeeyrt
      @skeeyrt 14 годин тому +26

      Calling it now that holy damage is gonna be crazy in the dlc

    • @gretchling5012
      @gretchling5012 14 годин тому +12

      something tells me that whatever happened here was just messmer's first offense against the golden order. i think he probably did something else later to get himself excommunicated, and marika chose to stick him in the land of shadow as a sort of poetic justice.
      shame for whoever survived the first round messmer had with the place, though.

  • @mintymayhem9673
    @mintymayhem9673 16 годин тому +3791

    immediate foot shot you can tell miyazaki made this

    • @thetrickster834
      @thetrickster834 16 годин тому +327

      Bro is the Tarantino of games

    • @princeprinc12
      @princeprinc12 16 годин тому +81

      collab with Quentin

    • @doomslayer3294
      @doomslayer3294 16 годин тому +123

      At this point, it's his personal signature lmfao

    • @briggy4359
      @briggy4359 16 годин тому

      ​@@princeprinc12unironically this I want Pulp Fiction by Fromsoft

    • @barakomamba
      @barakomamba 16 годин тому +5

      ​@@thetrickster834 you beat me to it

  • @Skumnut
    @Skumnut 19 годин тому +7816

    Bro I was just about to go to bed 😭

    • @wegMachMeister
      @wegMachMeister 19 годин тому +238

      hello funny internet man who is definitely not tired of elden ring

    • @should_296
      @should_296 19 годин тому +100

      get back to work!!

    • @Raius01
      @Raius01 19 годин тому +88

      dont worry about it, once the new sleep swamp comes out you can sleep plenty of time

    • @Makimasfeet
      @Makimasfeet 19 годин тому

      No bedtime for you

    • @diesal_one
      @diesal_one 19 годин тому +24

      Fucking same. I'm gonna get an hour and a half of sleep now... fuck me..

  • @iantank1033
    @iantank1033 15 годин тому +344

    For those confused on the release on a random Tuesday, it's exactly one month before the actual release

  • @lolkalo5
    @lolkalo5 14 годин тому +138

    The music at the end is the most positive and heroic music I have ever heard in a fromsoftware game.

    • @maricleredpav4068
      @maricleredpav4068 14 годин тому +5

      I was just thinkin that too lets goo

    • @vance4171
      @vance4171 14 годин тому +6

      Literally 😂 I was like why does this sound like they’re about to say some motivational ish. That’s a first

  • @Vinexee
    @Vinexee 19 годин тому +5192

    Miyazaki going for seconds with the GOTY tittle

    • @razerblaze070
      @razerblaze070 19 годин тому +108


    • @rngesus66
      @rngesus66 18 годин тому +239

      Miyazaki will win DLC of the year with this one.

    • @wake_up14
      @wake_up14 18 годин тому +47

      ​@@rngesus66 If its possible to win that title He will win IT

    • @parkout95
      @parkout95 18 годин тому +112

      Formsoftware about to make a new Trophy category

    • @threemeters1425
      @threemeters1425 18 годин тому +61

      triple actually, sekiro won goty too

  • @vikerish3633
    @vikerish3633 15 годин тому +3030

    Vaati: Spends days putting together 5 hour armoured core video, taking a toll on his life and putting it out finally

  • @lichmopp
    @lichmopp 15 годин тому +71

    I was worried I was going to get spoilers for the expansion by watching this and then i remembered which game it was for

  • @Guirko
    @Guirko 15 годин тому +130

    The music from 1:50 onwards sounds so different what FromSoft usually puts out. It's actually... uplifting and optimistic?! Stunningly well made as always, though.

    • @darkyrusher7743
      @darkyrusher7743 15 годин тому +1


    • @gvn7na
      @gvn7na 15 годин тому +4

      And there are homies with us too

    • @sean8102
      @sean8102 15 годин тому +6

      Yeah. I like it quite a bit. I thought the same about the music in the game when you fight that one boss (IDK the exact name off the top of my head), the deer in the underground area where you have to light those shrines. I loved that track, and it really stood out to me as quite dif from the rest of what I've heard from fromsoft.

    • @TheLoaKai
      @TheLoaKai 14 годин тому

      @@sean8102Ancestor Spirit

    • @matheussantiago3230
      @matheussantiago3230 14 годин тому

      😂miquella bossfight music

  • @Zant1920
    @Zant1920 16 годин тому +2176

    I’m so emboldened by the flame of ambition rn

    • @forsaken841
      @forsaken841 16 годин тому +78

      ooh, my flame of ambition is so hot, its emboldening the fuck outta me

    • @cavemanzach9475
      @cavemanzach9475 16 годин тому +123

      There is a zero percent chance my foolish ambitions are being put to rest

    • @brandonprows
      @brandonprows 16 годин тому +4

      big if true

    • @Sternertime
      @Sternertime 16 годин тому +9

      I'm out here buffing my shit

    • @johnny2598
      @johnny2598 16 годин тому +7

      PC optimization: put these foolish ambitions to rest

  • @rcortez5979
    @rcortez5979 19 годин тому +2968


  • @SheenaTrosper
    @SheenaTrosper 15 годин тому +248

    2:35 Yeah . . .
    Miquella gonna pull that Eclipse Griffith sh*t with all of his follower.

    • @RealTillBill
      @RealTillBill 15 годин тому +25

      Yepppp. I have a feeling we are his "band of the hawk"

    • @r.s.asangarb5345
      @r.s.asangarb5345 14 годин тому +6

      Omg it just like that anime berserk the mangaka😂😂😂😂

    • @RealTillBill
      @RealTillBill 14 годин тому

      @@r.s.asangarb5345 bro what

    • @maricleredpav4068
      @maricleredpav4068 14 годин тому

      ​@@r.s.asangarb5345thatd be firee tho 😂

    • @SaxSlaveGael
      @SaxSlaveGael 14 годин тому +1


  • @evil.valentine
    @evil.valentine 15 годин тому +50

    Funny how one 3 minute trailer can turn an average day into one of the best days of the year

  • @MithAran28
    @MithAran28 16 годин тому +1897

    1:22 clearly Mesmer may have to tank the hit because that casting speed is too slow, what a casual

    • @dsuable_
      @dsuable_ 16 годин тому +85

      Dex build forever

    • @GuitarGuy057
      @GuitarGuy057 16 годин тому +47

      If you think that's not a viable strategy, you're the casual.

    • @Cheesedragon117
      @Cheesedragon117 16 годин тому +161

      No he's a chad, hes showing that he's confident in his Vigor.

    • @Car_made_of_cheese
      @Car_made_of_cheese 16 годин тому +9

      But what if he planned for that and used something to reduce the incoming damage, Like a talisman or physick?

    • @dunkleham
      @dunkleham 16 годин тому +15

      ​@@Car_made_of_cheeseworlds first counter-attack spell?

  • @JonySmith-bb4gx
    @JonySmith-bb4gx 16 годин тому +1170

    For the fans, it was the most important day as elden ring fans
    For Fromsoft, it was Tuesday

    • @snimon5824
      @snimon5824 15 годин тому +9

      Quite literally in fact.

    • @AvalonDreamz
      @AvalonDreamz 15 годин тому +3

      They know the havoc they bring on those Tuesdays🤣

    • @leithaziz2716
      @leithaziz2716 15 годин тому +5

      "OF COURSE!"

    • @Endeva09
      @Endeva09 15 годин тому +2

      Tuesday 21st May - exactly 1 month before release day.

    • @mindoftheswarm7
      @mindoftheswarm7 15 годин тому +2

      I got that reference. 😉

  • @BadBoy-cb4fv
    @BadBoy-cb4fv 14 годин тому +71

    My wifes favourite game was bloodborne. Until this game came out and blew us away. It sucks that this time l was journey into the shadow alone. may she rest in peace. may her grace guide me.

    • @darealdovahkiin3652
      @darealdovahkiin3652 14 годин тому +7

      Much love brother. Enjoy the hell out of the DLC for the both of you ❤️

    • @bahamuto9035
      @bahamuto9035 14 годин тому +5


    • @zelnickno.2348
      @zelnickno.2348 14 годин тому +4

      Bless her soul

    • @its_nuked
      @its_nuked 14 годин тому +5

      As dareal said above yo 🙏
      Kick all that DLC ass for the both of ya >;D May she rest in peace 🙏

  • @harazon2473
    @harazon2473 15 годин тому +7

    the lead up to the Choir at 1:28 is just so good its making my ears melt i just love it so much

  • @ParaphernaIias
    @ParaphernaIias 15 годин тому +693

    You know its a fromsoft trailer when you are left with more questions than answers

    • @MeUngaBungaButYouAreWorst
      @MeUngaBungaButYouAreWorst 15 годин тому +7

      Indeed, though we had some pretty SLICK information from this trailer. Make some screenshot and look well mi friend

    • @kumitapp
      @kumitapp 15 годин тому +3

      Waiting for 3 hours long, Vaati's video

  • @Chipsy101
    @Chipsy101 19 годин тому +1926


    • @DevPriti1
      @DevPriti1 19 годин тому +14

      From where

    • @Michaelboi319
      @Michaelboi319 19 годин тому +67

      ​@@DevPriti1From soft

    • @phone-hit-manhhh7968
      @phone-hit-manhhh7968 19 годин тому +43

      ​@@DevPriti1 From Softwhere

    • @OmarManta
      @OmarManta 19 годин тому +16

      @@DevPriti1 From FromSoftware

    • @jmdesantis
      @jmdesantis 19 годин тому +1

      Started my new character on PS5 a week ago (originally beat ER on PS4). Cannot wait!

  • @djolltax
    @djolltax 15 годин тому +12

    Anyone else noticing how the knight closest to the sigil at 2:28 is wearing a skirt suspiciously similar to the intro shot from the gameplay trailer

  • @universal_wisdom3416
    @universal_wisdom3416 14 годин тому +10

    Elden Ring about to win game of the year with this one. LETS GOOO!! I’m so ready

  • @SoBasicallyHayden
    @SoBasicallyHayden 15 годин тому +1508

    FromSoftware strikes me as an old, wise master who stays mostly silent, and only speaks when they have something legitimately important to say.

    • @chocolatemilklover8532
      @chocolatemilklover8532 15 годин тому +12

      Yeeeeep sounds about right

    • @IIiIiiIliIIIiIiiIiIIIiI
      @IIiIiiIliIIIiIiiIiIIIiI 15 годин тому +6


    • @KSkrode
      @KSkrode 15 годин тому +37

      the wise old master who says a single brief phrase that makes no sense upon hearing, but after everything is settled you realize he told you everything you needed to know right from the start

    • @Kiwiiizzz
      @Kiwiiizzz 15 годин тому

      Shut up

    • @lilmcging5305
      @lilmcging5305 14 годин тому +4

      And it's always in riddles

  • @aintijustthecutest3863
    @aintijustthecutest3863 16 годин тому +563

    Narrator: "Will you walk with us?"
    Me: "You have my sword."

  • @yYanni
    @yYanni 15 годин тому +10

    Damn, that soundtrack at the end is something else. Made me tear up a little.

  • @gabrielschaldach401
    @gabrielschaldach401 14 годин тому +7

    That shot at the beginning. Extreme bloodborne vibes and i'm all for it

  • @StrunDoNhor
    @StrunDoNhor 16 годин тому +298

    "Will you walk with us?
    Or have you been swayed by 18 inches of Messmer?"

    • @albertwesker4375
      @albertwesker4375 15 годин тому +2


    • @Zero-se4xb
      @Zero-se4xb 15 годин тому

      Enjoy yourself a full 18 inches of Messmer

    • @care_lezz
      @care_lezz 15 годин тому +1


    • @anthonydraco7958
      @anthonydraco7958 15 годин тому +5

      Too mesmerizing. Hard not to.

    • @pollos1
      @pollos1 15 годин тому

      @@anthonydraco7958 was that on purpose

  • @punishedvenomsnake716
    @punishedvenomsnake716 16 годин тому +533

    Despite waiting over 2 years, this last month is gonna feel like an eternity, I can already tell 😂

    • @AvalonDreamz
      @AvalonDreamz 16 годин тому +4

      No kidding!! The suspense is terrible🤣

    • @itsmeike
      @itsmeike 16 годин тому +3

      Me playing Paper Mario to bide the time until Shadow of the Erdtree (they're totally similar games guys I promise)

    • @punishedvenomsnake716
      @punishedvenomsnake716 16 годин тому

      That's me with Armored Core VI rn lmaooooo, focused on getting all of the endings and forgetting that time even exists. Like a Reverse Hyperbolic Time Chamber from Dragon Ball 😂

    • @itsmeike
      @itsmeike 15 годин тому

      @@punishedvenomsnake716 I have no idea what a "Reverse Hyperbolic Time Chamber" is and I've never seen Dragon Ball, but sounds fun lmao

    • @jeffthegamerboy3476
      @jeffthegamerboy3476 15 годин тому

      ​@@itsmeike based af. And while you are at it, be sure to try out bug fables. It's like paper mario, but with insects.

  • @EFB
    @EFB 15 годин тому +9

    Love waking up to bangers!

  • @aryanshindode8406
    @aryanshindode8406 14 годин тому +8

    Miquella honestly feels like a big Griffith reference

  • @BadBoy-cb4fv
    @BadBoy-cb4fv 15 годин тому +517

    That "even his fate" shot of St. Trina thought... 2:14

    • @defaultname7685
      @defaultname7685 15 годин тому +1

      Stolen comment

    • @toastee5421
      @toastee5421 15 годин тому +17

      @@defaultname7685I'm calling the police 11!1!1!1!

    • @deadlyapple8333
      @deadlyapple8333 15 годин тому +6

      @@defaultname7685two people can have the same idea.

    • @runcodematias8832
      @runcodematias8832 15 годин тому

      Has to be right?

    • @defaultname7685
      @defaultname7685 15 годин тому +1

      @@deadlyapple8333he literally used the exact sentence structure and wording lol, I wouldn’t have called it out otherwise

  • @_kdr_1541
    @_kdr_1541 19 годин тому +983

    Miyazaki cooking to take another GOTY award.

    • @mikeAustinstonecold
      @mikeAustinstonecold 19 годин тому +40

      DLC of the year

    • @savariauking7202
      @savariauking7202 19 годин тому +68

      @@mikeAustinstonecold nah game of the year, when this drops its gonna make more noise than everyone's favorite game.

    • @corvoattano4544
      @corvoattano4544 19 годин тому +2

      Assassin's creed shadows is goty

    • @antony9384
      @antony9384 19 годин тому +59

      @@corvoattano4544 As if

    • @winxwest2964
      @winxwest2964 19 годин тому

      @@corvoattano4544people said the same thing about Starfield. We all need to stop declaring unreleased games as goty. Marketing departments will do whatever it takes to make their upcoming game look as great as possible, even if the promotional material looks nothing like the final product.

  • @swellow28
    @swellow28 14 годин тому +5

    I love the fact that no one knows what the story will be about for real. Can't wait for it to drop and find out!

  • @reginaldh2079
    @reginaldh2079 14 годин тому +6

    "How many times have you watched this already"
    Me: "yes"

  • @Raius01
    @Raius01 19 годин тому +835

    Cant wait for miyazaki explaining us the lore of the new swamps for three minutes

    • @jeffthegamerboy3476
      @jeffthegamerboy3476 19 годин тому +47

      I swear I saw sleep swamp and deathblight swamp in previous trailer 💀😭

    • @cmdrziczag
      @cmdrziczag 19 годин тому +2


    • @cmdrziczag
      @cmdrziczag 19 годин тому +3

      ich habe zwar noch keine Ahnung aber frfr

    • @Raius01
      @Raius01 18 годин тому +2

      @@cmdrziczag was geht bro

    • @apollyon8983
      @apollyon8983 17 годин тому +13

      "And this swamp here gives you radiation sickness."

  • @jeffthegamerboy3476
    @jeffthegamerboy3476 19 годин тому +406

    I am so ready for Countdown boss battle!
    Phase 1: 5 minute countdown
    Phase 2: 30 minute countdown

    • @zak5575
      @zak5575 17 годин тому +31

      Phase 3: When the ashes are two a flame alighted (15 minute countdown)

    • @obz3n045
      @obz3n045 17 годин тому +2

      So true bro😅😅😅

    • @cakeassassin6277
      @cakeassassin6277 16 годин тому +1

      phase 4 numbers

    • @shockgames23
      @shockgames23 16 годин тому

      @@zak5575Phase 4: Blackflame Countdown

    • @AnalrightBoah69
      @AnalrightBoah69 15 годин тому


  • @MaxDegauss
    @MaxDegauss 14 годин тому +5

    I'm ready for the 2 hour long VaativVidya explanation vid

  • @tehfoxlord3585
    @tehfoxlord3585 14 годин тому +4

    My biggest complaint with the soulsborne games is we never get to see what happened before everything went to shit. 15 seconds of Messmer's war and I am satisfied

  • @michal16a
    @michal16a 16 годин тому +398

    From Software has done some serious witchcraft.
    First trailer used my Credit card to preorder and second one wrote and gave an vacation request form to my boss

    • @buggo_boi
      @buggo_boi 15 годин тому +15

      Exact same thing happened here. Made that a nice long weekend with Monday and Tuesday off so I could play it lmao

    • @AvalonDreamz
      @AvalonDreamz 15 годин тому +3

      Strategy pays my friend!

    • @MajinTrev
      @MajinTrev 15 годин тому +1

      In the same boat here lmao scheduled to take off the last week of June.

    • @butHomeisNowhere___
      @butHomeisNowhere___ 15 годин тому +1

      Holy cow, me too! Wowee!

    • @1stNumberOne
      @1stNumberOne 15 годин тому +2

      This is hilarious! I literally just checked to see if I work on the 21st 😂😂

  • @nibulsheep8214
    @nibulsheep8214 16 годин тому +404

    They keep out-doing themselves with Music and scenery, i'm glad to finally be riding the hype train after missing the previous ones

    • @ReConWolf10
      @ReConWolf10 16 годин тому +15

      Bro, glad you are a part of it. I lived all the hype after Dark Souls 1 DLC and tot his day, Fromsoft DLC released days are the best gaming time of my life

    • @tragc
      @tragc 16 годин тому +2

      Welcome aboard

    • @jefki2626
      @jefki2626 16 годин тому +1

      Same, im so hyped, could compare it to the hype i have felt before god of war ragnarok and it delivered

    • @asukaslament2381
      @asukaslament2381 16 годин тому +2

      That song at 2:00, my god we are gonna be fighting something so godly!

  • @AhmOOO
    @AhmOOO 14 годин тому +5

    Miyazaki on his way to receive another GOTY award:

  • @SixPapayas
    @SixPapayas 15 годин тому +3

    Dammmmm. It’s so good that we still have a studio that brings this much creativity in there fantasy. Also the studio that did the cg trailer. A big bow 🙇 ❤❤

  • @Tallroot
    @Tallroot 16 годин тому +1248

    They really hit us with the *Plin, plin, plon*.

    • @ollychismon-hurst371
      @ollychismon-hurst371 16 годин тому +3


    • @Cleytonspeed
      @Cleytonspeed 16 годин тому +9

      plin plon plin

    • @cakethecrazy
      @cakethecrazy 16 годин тому +19

      Around :25 and :45 seconds.. I noticed them too. Sounds like the middle note is removed.. WHAT DOES IT MEAN

    • @9buttskin
      @9buttskin 16 годин тому


    • @jockycracker8253
      @jockycracker8253 16 годин тому +54

      It's just final fight OST, though.

  • @historycraft9633
    @historycraft9633 16 годин тому +355

    2:37 remember what was said before: "blood must be shed... blood of your companions"

    • @gabrielleonardo3750
      @gabrielleonardo3750 16 годин тому +33

      Fear the old blood

    • @DragonslayerArmour
      @DragonslayerArmour 16 годин тому +38

      Miquella = Griffith

    • @Bemw0
      @Bemw0 15 годин тому +17

      @@gabrielleonardo3750 we are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood. Our eyes are yet to open...

    • @freakihaijiki
      @freakihaijiki 15 годин тому +1

      Blood of your fellows. This is a great observation.

    • @leithaziz2716
      @leithaziz2716 15 годин тому +6

      Beasts all over the shop. You'll turn into one of them, soon enough.

  • @diegomigliore
    @diegomigliore 14 годин тому +2

    0:55 rumbling vibes, beautiful!

  • @jeftecoutinho
    @jeftecoutinho 15 годин тому +4

    "And affair from which gold arose" This intrigues me.

    • @doot7730
      @doot7730 14 годин тому

      I'm thinking that's messmers origin.
      An affair.
      So he'd be a bastard child

  • @cr0w898
    @cr0w898 15 годин тому +204

    that one close up of messmer might actually be in contenders for the coolest thing like ever

    • @vance4171
      @vance4171 14 годин тому +8

      Fr then the serpents heads on pikes. It was sick

  • @evergreenblossom
    @evergreenblossom 16 годин тому +352

    I love the shot at the end- I don't think the human characters have ever been so prominently featured in a cinematic trailer like that. Gives me hope that they are very fleshed out characters and questlines!

    • @deomikhailangelonunez5789
      @deomikhailangelonunez5789 16 годин тому +9

      I need that animated wallpaper now!!!

    • @sleekyboys7638
      @sleekyboys7638 16 годин тому +1

      need the big hat guy to give us the crest/belt to kick messmer's ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Lee-km7qq
      @Lee-km7qq 16 годин тому +5

      Just the new group of seemingly good people who will ultimately betray you I imagine

    • @sleekyboys7638
      @sleekyboys7638 16 годин тому

      @@Lee-km7qq defo not lol

    • @ianwilliams2632
      @ianwilliams2632 16 годин тому +1

      Felt a little like a gang of chosen undead working together...

  • @deaansugee
    @deaansugee 15 годин тому +1

    The song starting from 1:58 is already divine. Can't wait for the full track to release.

  • @Neoreaver
    @Neoreaver 16 годин тому +117

    This is the only company that I still get excited for the trailers.

    • @defaultname7685
      @defaultname7685 15 годин тому +4

      Savor this moment lads for we will not know kino like this for years afterward

    • @user-el2mj8qg7p
      @user-el2mj8qg7p 15 годин тому


    • @tommapar
      @tommapar 15 годин тому

      Nintendo also gets me from time to time. Zelda's TotK's trailer moved me a bit actually.

    • @gabrielaleactus9932
      @gabrielaleactus9932 15 годин тому

      Santa monica ? Guerrilla games ?

  • @Lessen0
    @Lessen0 16 годин тому +568

    That “even his fate” shot of St. Trina though… 2:14

    • @Motivatededits0
      @Motivatededits0 16 годин тому +42

      St Trina and Miquella are the same person

    • @KamiKaze43v3r
      @KamiKaze43v3r 16 годин тому +2

      How can you tell it's St Trina?

    • @hntr5495
      @hntr5495 16 годин тому +58

      @@KamiKaze43v3r purple petals

    • @Roshek777
      @Roshek777 16 годин тому +3

      Iykyk 😎

    • @Monke15329
      @Monke15329 16 годин тому

      @@Mojanlwhy would it be Ranni

  • @thomasbarou3210
    @thomasbarou3210 15 годин тому +1

    On a random tuesday, I wasn't ready for that 😅. It's perfect, as always👏🏼

  • @TheGrzesiek102
    @TheGrzesiek102 15 годин тому

    That look amazing

  • @TheGrimReapTM
    @TheGrimReapTM 15 годин тому +42

    you know it's a good story trailer when every frame is wallpaper worthy

  • @jenova9665
    @jenova9665 15 годин тому +1

    Dope im so hype im counting down the days.

  • @DarkReaperK97
    @DarkReaperK97 14 годин тому

    HELL YEAH BROTHER. thanks for reminding me I need to replay elden ring again in preparation

  • @verdanteridium
    @verdanteridium 15 годин тому +70

    One: YES!
    Two: Time for my recommended to be filled with Elden Ring videos for a week straight!
    One month!

    • @ThatRandomJew
      @ThatRandomJew 15 годин тому

      It's been one hour and I can already hear Vaati recording his newest video

  • @kvassier
    @kvassier 16 годин тому +127

    Can't wait to powerstance 18 inches of messmer in the arena.

  • @Owendegroot
    @Owendegroot 14 годин тому +1

    I am looking so forward to this❤❤❤

  • @burtos
    @burtos 14 годин тому

    The composition, the timing with the soundtracks, the narration, the high quality visuals, this trailer is such a good, well written masterpiece

  • @balmybull7852
    @balmybull7852 16 годин тому +185

    2:12 is such a great little music chord, we dont hear themes as uplifting as the one toward the end, really liking the direction.

    • @WhoDatBoy9
      @WhoDatBoy9 16 годин тому +8

      Got legit chills

    • @valentinvas6454
      @valentinvas6454 16 годин тому +15

      Exactly my thoughts. It is so bright, uplifting and holy. I totally suspect it's for the final or penultimate boss and more specifically for Miquella. I literally couldn't imagine a more fitting song for him. They also ended one of the Ringed City trailers with Gael's theme back then.

    • @Bemw0
      @Bemw0 15 годин тому +4

      @@valentinvas6454 i highly agree it's gna be so cool

    • @sl_50
      @sl_50 15 годин тому +3

      the hopeful tone is especially noticeable at 2:40

  • @Jamdaman
    @Jamdaman 16 годин тому +482


    • @LorMRKO
      @LorMRKO 16 годин тому +15

      What do they mean Mason😤

    • @dudeguyman96
      @dudeguyman96 16 годин тому +5


  • @cero39b
    @cero39b 14 годин тому

    YEEEEESSSSSSSSS so much to unpack in this trailer! I couldn't be more excited to play this game

  • @Marcosmed99
    @Marcosmed99 15 годин тому +1

    Im in love with the music of this

  • @tolaut
    @tolaut 16 годин тому +271

    I really hope we get to interact with Miquella in some way. It would be a shame if we found out he died in the shadowlands, resulting in much of him remaining a mystery.

    • @cosplayfiend
      @cosplayfiend 16 годин тому +35

      Imo he is our new Melina for the dlc.

    • @jungtothehuimang
      @jungtothehuimang 16 годин тому +6

      Makes me curious that if Miquella is confirmed to have been in the shadowlands, who is in the cucoon in Mohg's arena... Did Miquella actually abandon his flesh and destiny or did Mohg cause him too lose his future when he was forcibly ripped from the Haligtree? God I want to play this now

    • @TubularBellsRequiem6531
      @TubularBellsRequiem6531 16 годин тому +22

      I rlly hope he's actually a good guy and doesn't turn evil, or if he does we get to save him. Good characters being turned evil is overdone in my opinion, if they keep Miquella as the awesome guy everyone says he is then I think they'll have cooked

    • @justgluff7115
      @justgluff7115 16 годин тому

      Itd be really disappointing with the build up we’ve already gotten

    • @phillidaadamus4349
      @phillidaadamus4349 16 годин тому +4

      He's literaly in the previous DLC trailer.

  • @MrRobot-xs5jf
    @MrRobot-xs5jf 16 годин тому +230

    "Will you walk with u-"
    *banging on the table*

    • @jungtothehuimang
      @jungtothehuimang 16 годин тому +7

      I want to play this yesterday

    • @mrShade-sb1th
      @mrShade-sb1th 16 годин тому +3

      They already took my money

    • @ZenakuShinobi
      @ZenakuShinobi 16 годин тому

      @@mrShade-sb1th you let them take it? I shoved it down their throats!

    • @Rainnifer
      @Rainnifer 16 годин тому +4

      They took my money the moment they gave me the ability to give them my money for this dlc

    • @AvalonDreamz
      @AvalonDreamz 15 годин тому

      @@Rainnifer ikr🤣

  • @Philly.D
    @Philly.D 15 годин тому

    Hype! Can't come soon enough!

  • @NoahSpencer008
    @NoahSpencer008 15 годин тому

    The trailer is amazing, but holy smokes, the music at the end is insane. That key change, and the chimes!

  • @jeffthegamerboy3476
    @jeffthegamerboy3476 15 годин тому +242

    1:14 "This spot marks our grave, but you may rest here too if you like!" kinda vibes from this frame

    • @greenyxd7298
      @greenyxd7298 15 годин тому +19

      another dogged contender

    • @GyorfiAlex
      @GyorfiAlex 15 годин тому +6

      Rise if you would, for that is our curse

    • @rhcp357
      @rhcp357 14 годин тому +2

      ohhhhhh brotherrrrr

    • @justabott
      @justabott 14 годин тому

      mind you, the mantle of Lord interests me none.

  • @eldenringpvpenthusiast1710
    @eldenringpvpenthusiast1710 15 годин тому +118

    about an hour ago I was excited for my new job, a good day just got so much better

    • @GuyAydelotte
      @GuyAydelotte 15 годин тому +13

      Did you already let your new job know you're gonna need June 21st off?

    • @kingrhythmo9045
      @kingrhythmo9045 15 годин тому +3

      Congrats on your new job brotherman

    • @johnnyringo35
      @johnnyringo35 15 годин тому +3

      Congrats on being gainfully employed good sir.

    • @barkeysny.650
      @barkeysny.650 15 годин тому +2

      congratss m8

    • @chrislee1086
      @chrislee1086 15 годин тому +1

      Congrats!! Make sure to put in PTO for the release date🤌🏻

  • @uswiz168
    @uswiz168 14 годин тому

    Aw yiss. I needed this one month before release.

  • @crown_clown
    @crown_clown 15 годин тому

    holy bonanza, this is so mesmerizing, beautiful yet terrifying at the same time. I can't wait, just 1 month left 🧡

  • @jeffthegamerboy3476
    @jeffthegamerboy3476 16 годин тому +179

    2:37 "Will you walk with us?"
    You already had me sold with the music and feet shots alone. Now I'm completely emboldened by the flame of ambition 🔥

  • @aarondelozier4546
    @aarondelozier4546 15 годин тому +124

    The music at 2:17 sounds amazing. I really hope it's an actual theme used in game

    • @Kaathe249
      @Kaathe249 15 годин тому +4

      Ikr! Its so good!

    • @Kingcrimsonprimus
      @Kingcrimsonprimus 15 годин тому +2

      facts. it's amazing!

    • @CancunMimosa
      @CancunMimosa 15 годин тому +4

      Gotta be a boss theme! Please and thank you. Considering how they used the main theme for the final boss, could even go that far

    • @absbabs6153
      @absbabs6153 15 годин тому +2

      Sent me chills!

    • @BrunoCanales
      @BrunoCanales 15 годин тому


  • @Maxpot
    @Maxpot 15 годин тому

    Як це гарно 😍 з нетерпінням чекаю релізу!)

  • @KettleBeetleGaming
    @KettleBeetleGaming 14 годин тому

    Thanks for reminding me to pre-order

  • @moonvenerable7897
    @moonvenerable7897 18 годин тому +84

    2 years since the release and only 30 more days left,, this DLC will be massive it feels like a full game potentially winning GOTY award only Miyazaki could pull off this crazy feat

  • @smg0368
    @smg0368 16 годин тому +409

    “Will you walk with us?”
    YOU HAVE MY SWORD! (Bloodhound Fang)

  • @RobertTrey-ov1lz
    @RobertTrey-ov1lz 15 годин тому +1

    1 more month to go and greatness returns!!!

  • @FolWiiX
    @FolWiiX 14 годин тому


  • @CreepzFPS
    @CreepzFPS 16 годин тому +198

    I'm starting to get the impression that this ''expansion'' is going to be even bigger and deeper than what they are making out

    • @finnmchugh99
      @finnmchugh99 16 годин тому +31

      Probably akin to Blood and Wine felt like a completely seperate game in terms of size

    • @TheOrangePatriot
      @TheOrangePatriot 16 годин тому +7

      is going to be huge. think about it they got 8 new weapon types .

    • @NaregChakhbasian
      @NaregChakhbasian 16 годин тому +10

      Just like when miyazaki said the base game would be only 30 hours long

    • @Gankstomper
      @Gankstomper 16 годин тому

      ​@@TheOrangePatriotLearn English.

    • @ApexGaming100
      @ApexGaming100 16 годин тому +1

      Well, considering they made us pay $53 for this, it better be big and werth it.

  • @CPNTT
    @CPNTT 16 годин тому +281

    1:29 Holy shit
    Thank God for FromSoft and especially their waltz boss themes lol

    • @dunkleham
      @dunkleham 16 годин тому +21

      Im so glad someone else appreciated my king Fromsoft and their love of 6/8 time

    • @BlazeDragonX
      @BlazeDragonX 16 годин тому +2

      I love it too!

    • @hornplayerchris
      @hornplayerchris 16 годин тому +7

      It's in 6/8 and not a Waltz

    • @albrechtstein8547
      @albrechtstein8547 16 годин тому

      Lol Part 2

    • @LofusRose
      @LofusRose 16 годин тому +5

      @@hornplayerchris What would prevent this from being a faster 3/4 ?

  • @yayoarellano2404
    @yayoarellano2404 14 годин тому +1

    That shot of Mesmer with the city on fire in the background... pure art 🚬

  • @vascosoncini
    @vascosoncini 14 годин тому

    Que buen regalo de cumpleaños, gracias From!

  • @Dejoy1066
    @Dejoy1066 19 годин тому +183

    “Those stripped of the Grace of Gold shall all meet death in the embrace of Messmer’s flames.”

    • @jeffthegamerboy3476
      @jeffthegamerboy3476 19 годин тому +16

      "Come now" 😏😫

    • @user-ol6sp4qz1h
      @user-ol6sp4qz1h 18 годин тому +7

      @@jeffthegamerboy3476 Miquella sure has some rizz - Mohg

    • @minidanielx5208
      @minidanielx5208 17 годин тому

      @@jeffthegamerboy3476 treat yourselff to 42cm of messmer the impaler

  • @Cmane-0-
    @Cmane-0- 16 годин тому +514

    Didn’t understand a single thing from the trailer but its 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • @mauro_jr1
      @mauro_jr1 16 годин тому +16

      EXACTLY my thoughts 🤣

    • @widexawake_
      @widexawake_ 16 годин тому +6

      How much of the base game do you understand?

    • @gamemaster1608
      @gamemaster1608 16 годин тому +33

      - Mesmeer is a Bram Stocker's Dracula big fan
      - Join the femboy simp squad in a rescue mission

    • @javierrodriguez-jy5qn
      @javierrodriguez-jy5qn 16 годин тому +1

      same....like what IS GOING ON!!!! dont understand any of it.

    • @Mannaggiaasantippe
      @Mannaggiaasantippe 16 годин тому

      that MIGHT be us

  • @Synkhan
    @Synkhan 14 годин тому

    We are making it out of the shadows with this one!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • @deadman1367
    @deadman1367 15 годин тому

    what a nice birthday surprise for me! can't wait from software, another masterpiece ❤

  • @combatpilot9062
    @combatpilot9062 16 годин тому +264

    1:33 that shot with that music dude holy. Messmer is definitely inspired by Vlad the impaler.

    • @AvalonDreamz
      @AvalonDreamz 15 годин тому +2


    • @defaultname7685
      @defaultname7685 15 годин тому +19

      His full name is unironically Messmer the Impaler I’m pretty sure lol

    • @notme5205
      @notme5205 15 годин тому

      @@defaultname7685yeah seriously lol

  • @clarentknight
    @clarentknight 16 годин тому +46

    That Messmer shot is so goddamn FIRE

  • @WendrelNatan
    @WendrelNatan 14 годин тому

    omg i'm so excited 😭😭

  • @LethalMaldo
    @LethalMaldo 14 годин тому

    Comes out right after my birthday. AWESOME

  • @buitenaards
    @buitenaards 16 годин тому +46


  • @Tombuglol
    @Tombuglol 15 годин тому +239

    "Will you walk with us?"
    Me in my Lord of Cinder build Already laced up: Fuck It, We Ball

    • @HeyItsNate
      @HeyItsNate 15 годин тому +5

      *Pulls out Dual Vyke Spears* lead the way

    • @NeutralDrow
      @NeutralDrow 14 годин тому +3

      **leaps in with dex/faith Raptor build, pulls out cipher pata**
      Already waiting at the Coccoon, awaiting the signal.

    • @darrenjohnson2991
      @darrenjohnson2991 14 годин тому +1

      Miquella is Griffith
      Oh Blessed King of Longing

    • @jallybwan3767
      @jallybwan3767 14 годин тому

      _raises club in defiance, my loincloth swaying in the wind_