What Makes This Song Great? Ep.104 Pink Floyd

  • Опубліковано 1 чер 2021
  • In this episode of What Makes This Song Great? we explore the music of Pink Floyd. The song is "Comfortably Numb" off Pink Floyd's 1979 release entitled "The Wall".
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  • DuckTalesWooHoo1987
    DuckTalesWooHoo1987 Рік тому +4

    True Story: When I was a young man my band covered Comfortably Numb and we would always play it note for note and then do an extended jam at the end. There was a girl in the crowd that I had known my whole life and was WAY out of my league. However, after watching me play the solo to Comfortably Numb she decided I was hot enough for her. She is now my wife and we have 2 kids and have been married for almost two decades. Thanks Pink Floyd. LOL!

  • Steven Crayn

    David Gilmour did that legendary second solo as a first take. He thought he could do a better one, but no matter how much he tried he couldn’t top it. Producer Bob Ezrin said “You got it in the first take”, and that’s the one they used. Genius.

  • Zaid Adham

    No matter how many times you play Comfortably Numb, even on repeat, it hits you right in the feels every. single. time. Never has there been a more goosebump-inducing song in the history of prog rock. Even Echoes, which is my personal favorite Floyd song, doesn't come close.

  • Alfred
    Alfred  +85

    I think this is your most heart felt episode Rick. Your feelings at the end really come out and your channel is not just about music but about your love and appreciation of it and how other talented musicians influence your deep music soul.


    Only Beato could make this classic great song cooler than we even we thought it was...I mean who would've thought there was anything more to say or think about this masterpiece?

  • Fay Private

    I am not a musician, just a Pink Floyd lover, but hearing all your explanations and analyses, I appreciate them even more than ever. Comfortably Numb is one of my most favorites. They bring me to tears, the emotion is so deep.

  • Peter Leary
    Peter Leary Рік тому +859

    Rick Beato is to rock what David Attenborough is to nature - the world's most enthusiastic and likeable teacher.

  • Färjan
    Färjan  +1

    Rick Beato, ein wahrer Meister, einfach nur schön, ihm zuzuhören und zuzusehen, wie er gleichzeitig Fan und Musiker ist. Glaube ihm jedes Wort, weil ich wie er fühle

  • Greg McNamara

    Both Solo's have ALWAYS hit me right in the soul whenever I have heard them. David Gilmour can say say more in 3 notes than most other guitarist can even begin to try to express with 20 notes!

  • Mark Ahrens

    I have always found that looking into particular songs can destroy the mystery of the work, like when you don't really know the lyrics, then you're disappointed when you actually look the lyrics up .... Rick has the knack of not destroying any mystery; he illuminates the crevices and makes it even more amazing. Rick, you're doing such a service for us even though i don't know notes from adam, i'm a drummer not a musician,. Thank you.

  • Miguel Morales

    Pink Floyd was the greatest band to ever exist. Their music is just incredible and their messages are so thoughtfully bottom line human.

  • Steve Griffith

    The out solo is one of the angriest, most helpless things I've ever heard. Gives me goosebumps every time. Pink is trapped, he can't ever get out, not really - so all he can do is scream his anger through his guitar.

  • TXmotoRacer
    TXmotoRacer Рік тому +288

    I wonder how many people watching this realize what an incredible talent Rick actually is.

  • Eric Nelson

    What always appealed to me about the closing solo is that it has an "angry" tone to it. Kind of a feel of frustration that the first solo doesn't have. Gilmour is an absolute maestro.

  • Christian Dady

    Gilmour's solos are so well crafted. He doesn't waste a note. You could write lyrics to his solos.

  • Paulo
    Paulo  +2

    I’m gobsmacked, I’m a 57 year old Welshman 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿, this song has been with me most of my life, yet it feels I’ve never properly listened to it, what a gift you have revealed to me Rick, you legend 👏🙏😁

  • Anthony  Millwood

    Hey, Rick! I don't know if you ever read these comments, but, if you do, I want you to know that I listen to music entirely different since I began following you... Thank you for the knowledge and talent that you share. You, Sir, are incredibly gifted, and I hope I can meet you some day. Keep on rockin in the free world, and keep sharing these great videos!

  • Brian Edwards

    I brought home the newly purchased “The Wall” album without having heard anything from it. I was 19. Played it for the first time. Normally on a concept/opera album I’d have played it all through to the end at least once. When “Comfortably Numb” finished, I lifted the stylus immediately and played the track again … I did this at least 4 times in a row before allowing the disc to play out normally. I’d never heard anything like it!!

  • astewart
    astewart Рік тому +195

    My wife works in mental health and, one time during a group session, she played this song in an appropriate setting to encourage discussion with some non-communicative patients. They all immediately reacted and moved to the music, even interacted and were lifted by it. We know that music is a universal language, and this is without doubt a very powerful tune.

  • Bob
    Bob  +1

    Probably one of the best songs ever. So many people try to imitate but very few can bend the strings like David could. Amazing.