Juice - Necro

  • Опубліковано 12 лип 2008
  • Hi Juice lovers. I was listening to Juice songs here on UA-cam and suddenly I realized that there is no video of Necro! ...so I decided to upload it. It is another great song of their 99 demo. Hope you will like it!
    Juice is:
    Brian Armer - vocals
    Ray Solis - guitar
    Tim Fluckey - guitar
    Anthony Cutshall - drums
    Dave Deroo - bass
    1. Something
    2. And I Cannot
    3. Wish and Kiss
    4. Necro
    5. As I Fall
    6. My Love
    Special thanks to:


  • CarbajalQZ
    CarbajalQZ 4 роки тому +5

    This goes hard 🔥🔥🔥
    These guys need to come back 👊

  • KR8OS
    KR8OS 6 років тому +10

    damn I miss these guys.

  • kenny whitney
    kenny whitney 9 років тому +10

    i remember before Korn's Untouchables album leaked and then came out, this was one the fakies that people were using, claiming it was new Korn! i love this song!

    • Tails Prower fan
      Tails Prower fan 5 років тому +1

      they did that back then to? wow and that was before flymore came out

  • ejpollo1
    ejpollo1 12 років тому +6

    great song, and all the members look like badasses too haha this band shouldve stayed together

  • kennydalman
    kennydalman 15 років тому +4

    This song is one of the best... all Juice songs are the best!!! xD

  • Sarox Myeruk
    Sarox Myeruk 13 років тому +2

    We're a nu-metal band and we've got a fairly big following in our home town. We also do well at out-of-town shows. We're on a hiatus right now because Death Metal bands are bashing us so hard. It's just about put us out of commission. It's like they think we suck just because we don't play their music. It's hard to keep up the fight in modern times. The way Korn has gone with their music makes people look down on us for playing the style we do, lol.

  • Sofia Moreno
    Sofia Moreno Місяць тому +1

    This is Gold!!!!

  • Eric Sartana Madness
    Eric Sartana Madness 13 років тому +4

    Memories!!! I used to hang out at their practices and bring the weed;) still talk to Tim a bit...Great band:)

  • carlos lizardo gomez
    carlos lizardo gomez 4 роки тому +1

    Colombia presente tiempos aquellos donde las chicas andaban detrás de mí

  • ejpollo1
    ejpollo1 12 років тому

    i think this is juice's best song

    • Sofia Moreno
      Sofia Moreno Місяць тому

      This is one of these. They have so many perfect songs.

  • Repent In Reprise
    Repent In Reprise 10 років тому

    What are the lyrics to this song!? Please? Anybody?

  • KrisG419
    KrisG419 15 років тому

    oooo aww nice love this thanks

  • KrisG419
    KrisG419 13 років тому +4

    Awh fresh song & i love this band to. But does anyone know what brian armer is up to these days & if he is musically there still peace.

  • KoRnyboj
    KoRnyboj 13 років тому +1


  • lodidodi89
    lodidodi89  10 років тому

    Ya it would be like a dream came true...

  • Colunga210
    Colunga210 12 років тому +2

    @SIRRIX000 wait another 10 years. Nu metal will have a revival of some sort, I'm sure.

    • Splaygum
      Splaygum 5 років тому +1

      Colunga210 it’s been ten years, it’s revival is ghostemane

    • W W
      W W 4 роки тому +3

      ​@Splaygum It's been 7 years since his comment, not 10. Though, there won't be any "Nu metal" revival but it's obvious that some futur artists that love KoRn will make similar music. We could call that a "revival".

    • JustAnother(s¡c)K¡d
      JustAnother(s¡c)K¡d Рік тому

      @W W I've been practicing my vocals for awhile and I'm hoping to start my own nu metal band soon and if I have any say I want my band to sound like the old raw shit not the pussy shit you hear today

  • SinisterGrapefruit
    SinisterGrapefruit 12 років тому

    Oh god. I think i just came. Dat Nu-Metal 0.o

  • Luis RAND
    Luis RAND 12 років тому

    Where can I donwload this album?

  • H215
    H215 14 років тому +1

    THanx to: cReePyLunatic

  • lodidodi89
    lodidodi89  12 років тому +1

    @K0RN0nAc0b You can get their CD on cdbaby

  • Insanelyobese5123
    Insanelyobese5123 5 років тому +1

    I hear a Digitech Space Station

  • max B
    max B 13 років тому +1

    @godawefulll well ask them do form the band again , they would be big now thta korn sucks

  • Yqz76p
    Yqz76p 6 років тому

    Christ, the chorus in this song is awful. Was really digging it up until 1:45 when the pig squealing started.