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The Winning Time Podcast | Season 2 Episode 5 | HBO

  • Опубліковано 2 вер 2023
  • Director Tanya Hamilton joins host Rodney Barnes to unpack the shifting power dynamics within the Laker organization, and her actor-driven approach to directing. Jeff and Rodney talk about how the Magic/Westhead story changed sports forever. For the buzzer beater, actor Jason Clarke (Jerry West) talks about the energy and humor he brings to the role.
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  • @AriesExtras

    Really hoping we get a season 3, this is one of the best shows on TV in a while

  • @keshiajunuies8966

    Jerry West is my favorite character on the show! I love this show. I am hoping and praying for a season 3!

  • @theprotagonist8764

    That press conference was one of the best trainwrecks I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch…

  • @DJJohnnyRhythm

    The use of the song Fankie Valli's - Grease fit perfectly in this episode! Has me pumped for the next episode.

  • @kingdomstyleapparel

    One of the greatest shows ever made

  • @readbooks9985

    Winning Time is a great show!!! Jason Clarke as Jerry West is exceptional.

  • @BigHeartNoBS

    I was a background talent extra in the season finale. Very cool experience!

  • @jamesv5802

    Love the podcast and show

  • @damianbaileyfitness9348

    Fact or fiction I DONT CARE. Its one of the best shows on HBO right now and we NEED season 3-6 so we can end it with either jordan finals or SHAQ/KOBE.

  • @starttherapture28

    perfection 🤌🏽

  • @user-mm8vw1ow1x

    Lets go Pat!

  • @theprotagonist8764

    I may rip Jason Clarke’s face as Jerry West for my thumbnail…

  • @traceypalmer5526

    I will so very much miss this program. Someone wanted this cancelled-I hope we find out who!!!