Limp Bizkit & KoRn on FARMCLUB World Premiere + Interviews

  • Опубліковано 11 лип 2014
  • Limp Bizkit and KoRn appear on Farmclub with their world premiere's of Make me bad and break stuff plus interviews and Jon discusses Sick n Twisted Tour with Staind! Matt Pinfield hosts the show. Wish Farmclub was still around.
    Sorry about the quality guys; was recorded using a VCR. Will be adding more videos so please stay tuned and subscribe!!
    Note: Some quality of these videos I upload will be better than others However, keep in mind these recordings are over 15 years old and recorded with a VCR.
    I found an old box with TONS of old VHS tapes from back in the day. I plan to share a lot of KoRn and Limp bizkit rare stuff, so stay tuned!!
    Feel free to leave any comments or email me with questions! Thanks for watching and rock on!
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    The DANKO DANKO 2 роки тому +27

    Love how Jon holds the mic like his performing 🤘🏻🖤

  • wco420
    wco420 3 роки тому +51

    Look how happy and healthy everyone looks before everyone had to have a cell phone in their hand instead of just being their in the moment.. I miss these years..

    • 123612100
      123612100 2 роки тому +1

      The nu metal era was cringy in its own way.

    • Brad Lee
      Brad Lee Рік тому +2

      These are the days I really wish I could go back to. Yeah those days are like a distant memory, but these vids remind me of how life used to be.

    • ecaepevolhturt
      ecaepevolhturt 3 місяці тому +1

      There's no denying it, before broadband internet destroyed Hollywood and the music industry, life for young people was good.

  • J Beezy
    J Beezy Рік тому +12

    This was it. The peak of humanity. It will never be better than 97-02

    • tom northcutt
      tom northcutt Рік тому +2

      man you are correct world went to hell after 03 lol

    • Last One to Leave
      Last One to Leave 11 місяців тому

      Maybe the worst stretch of pop culture in human history. Nu-metal, boy bands, bad fashion, bad facial hair. We don't have to get nostalgic about every moment of time...

  • drew rosecrans
    drew rosecrans 7 років тому +14

    i remember this show back in the day korn&limpbizkit4life!!

  • Antidote Beats
    Antidote Beats 7 місяців тому +1

    Thank you so much for sharing stuff like this!

  • Brandon Bankes
    Brandon Bankes 2 роки тому +30

    Wish I was 20 then instead of now these days look way more fun simpler just people having a good time an the music is way better shit will never get old for me !

    • Ryan Gunwitch-Black
      Ryan Gunwitch-Black 2 роки тому +1

      I was like 22 and it was a pretty good time to be alive.

    • Boris The B1ad3 X
      Boris The B1ad3 X Рік тому

      Im from 1981 and i totally agree with you

    • Ben McMillian
      Ben McMillian 3 місяці тому

      Born in 87. Signficant other and Follow the leader, that shyt changed life lol

  • newwaveknight1
    newwaveknight1 7 років тому +96

    This was right after WWF Raw Is War. Does it get more late-90's than that? Who remembers playing some N64 after watching this lol?

    • DougglesMagnificent
      DougglesMagnificent 6 років тому +11

      LOL yeah, fire up the THPS or Goldeneye, microwave some pasta with some melted cheese on top, I was one happy camper!

    • newwaveknight1
      newwaveknight1 6 років тому +2

      Aw, fuck yeah for some THPS! There was Tony Hawk, Chad Muska, Bob Burnquist, but the real star of the game was that fucking soundtrack.

    • Ahhw E-Any
      Ahhw E-Any 6 років тому +4

      I prob went to sleep after. I prob. had school the next day. I was like 12. No I'm kidding. I was young though. I do remember this. It was exciting to see them together ha. I had a farmclub cd. Rip wherever you are. Stolen, i know that much.

    • themadrapper101
      themadrapper101 5 років тому +9

      Then get up the next morning getting dressed, making sure I got my backwards hat on before putting in Limp Bizkit Significant Other in the Walkman n go to school

    • Carlos Duarte
      Carlos Duarte 5 років тому +7

      While drinking Surge and eating hot pockets!!

  • Extremely Repulsive
    Extremely Repulsive Рік тому +4

    бля, ахуенное исполнение, сейчас так никто не делает

  • Dan B
    Dan B 2 роки тому +2

    Best episode. Just what I was looking for!

  • Boring Oats
    Boring Oats 9 місяців тому +1

    thanks for uploading this video, when this aired i tried to catch it but my mom was drunk and she started throwing all the plates at the sliding glass door, so i had to hide in my room, but the next morning i saw the shadow of my father in the doorway. i of course was in the corner cowering with a dunce cap on and then he sewed zippers on my eyelids and mouth, put me in a straight jacket and locked me in a closet. all because i spend 80 dollars on 60" kikwear corduroy pants. my real name is kLoWn, remember my story.

    • Teuwo
      Teuwo Місяць тому


  • Troy Thirkield
    Troy Thirkield Рік тому +4


  • JJHcars
    JJHcars Рік тому +7

    3:57 I been looking for this show and clip for years. I used to tape WWF Raw and this followed for a short time. I thought to myself how they get Dre emeniem to do opening theme and get acts like limp biscuit. Fred was cussing Ole boy out like they wasn't on TV

  • kyle1m
    kyle1m 3 роки тому +13

    it was funny when powerman 5000 put the mic to the crowd as if they knew the lyrics and crickets lol

    • jose rivera
      jose rivera Рік тому


    • Doom Guy
      Doom Guy 5 місяців тому +1

      Underrated band, especially Mega Kung Fu Radio, they went to shit pretty fast after that.

  • jefersson montoya
    jefersson montoya 2 місяці тому

    I just saw them yesterday july 14 2023 for the first time best day of my life

  • Jade
    Jade Рік тому +10

    not Jon and Fred sitting right on both sides of the female interviewer😭

  • Viq
    Viq 2 роки тому +5

    I use to look forward to this show and one night after WWF, It was supposed to air but there was some kind of message saying the show could not air and something else aired that night.
    That was the last time I seen anything from this show that night.
    Anyone know what happened?

  • goddamn zordan
    goddamn zordan Місяць тому

    these were days

  • Eric 7-Strings
    Eric 7-Strings 6 років тому +10

    Miss Farmclub, i Discover some goods band here.

  • Han Kim
    Han Kim 5 років тому +1

    Too bad they don't have Jay-z and the Wallflowers show. I went to that one. So long ago.

  • tom northcutt
    tom northcutt Рік тому

    this show was the shit but it didnt last that long

  • monkeywaster
    monkeywaster 4 роки тому +4

    Just curious, that’s not the Dorito’s chick is it? Another classic 90’s commercial.

  • Mert Tarioglu
    Mert Tarioglu 2 роки тому

    Hello, do you have the show of Enrique Iglesias from Farmclub 2000?

  • National antheM
    National antheM 5 років тому +7

    Attitude music

  • will
    will 3 роки тому +10

    is that the guy who had a rant at the end of significant other?

  • my usernames an inside joke you wouldn't get.

    this was pretty awkward

  • jimlthor
    jimlthor 5 років тому +7

    But, did you listen to Loveline afterward?

  • Thatoneguy
    Thatoneguy 9 місяців тому

    The tracking on this video gives me anxiety.

  • Xavier Gutierrez
    Xavier Gutierrez 7 місяців тому


  • Ryan Gunwitch-Black
    Ryan Gunwitch-Black 2 роки тому

    Lol she said "WWW"

  • Al B
    Al B 5 років тому +1

    What the fuck was that at the end

  • Esauce
    Esauce 5 років тому +1

    Isnt that bald bastard off of the lil secret track off of significant other? (Im only 15 so I wasnt alive when all of this stuff was good)

    • Esauce
      Esauce 5 років тому

      I could totally be wrong

    • John MoyaRBMG
      John MoyaRBMG Місяць тому

      @Esauceyour right it’s him $ les claypool

  • Warlock4 Reef
    Warlock4 Reef 3 роки тому +4

    Where tha FUCK is munki head and david

  • Leonel Perez!
    Leonel Perez! Рік тому


  • Gregor Wats
    Gregor Wats 4 місяці тому

    How I can contact with you?

  • Fizzy Chew
    Fizzy Chew 8 років тому +11

    Didn't realize the guy from "The Shield" was the host of a music show prior to that role.

    • Steven
      Steven 8 років тому +4

      thats not michael chiklis

    • Fizzy Chew
      Fizzy Chew 8 років тому +6

      Yeah, I'm actually aware of that.

    • bigredcap
      bigredcap 8 років тому +3

      +Don't Fall For Me Bwahahahaha Gold