Top 10 Joey Jordison drum beats

  • Опубліковано 2 сер 2021
  • Top 10 Joey Jordison drum beats
    This is for you Joey 🤘 thank you for the inspiration ❤️
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    You guys are amazing. Thank you so much!!


  • 66Samus
    66Samus  Рік тому +6

    This is for you Joey 🤘 thank you for the inspiration ❤

  • Andrés Llopis
    Andrés Llopis Рік тому +1

    Eyeless intro doesn't even need the music and you can hear the melody in your head... Amazing!!

  • Wickedshrapnel
    Wickedshrapnel Рік тому +746

    Awesome tribute! You are a badass drummer. RIP Joey

    METAL & MUSCLE Рік тому +373

    Damn I didn’t realize Joey was such a groove machine until I heard these licks isolated like this.

  • Appu Sajeev
    Appu Sajeev Рік тому +93

    Joey's drumming was intense as well as groovy...not often one finds drummers like those. Slipknot's songs float on Joey's drumming.

  • Ezekiel Ortega

    The fact that I can hear the lyrics through drums .🤯 Joey was unique

  • Bo Moore
    Bo Moore Рік тому +161


  • metfan4l
    metfan4l Рік тому +3

    He was so recognizable... what a loss. Nice tribute, man.

  • Вовчик Шилов

    Джои. Великий малыш Джои! Ты не играл, нет, ты Жил этим. Сердце бьëться в унисон вместе с твоими ритмами. Джои, Великий малыш Джои! Ты не ушёл. Ты просто вышел покурить. Отдыхай Легенда! Но иногда приходи к нам раскатами Грома!) мы ждём. Мы любим. Мы скорбим.

  • Dokka Chapman
    Dokka Chapman Рік тому +109

    Still adore that drum break in 'The Blister Exists'. It's such an iconic beat and sounds incredible live, almost comes across as a call to arms!

  • Ricardo Ely

    He was such an expressive drummer. Can’t believe it’s been 3 months since his passing.

  • Mehmet Gorgun
    Mehmet Gorgun Рік тому +115

    You missed Purity.

  • Rubro Negro •

    Joey nunca será esquecido. Sempre será o número 1 do Slipknot

  • John Smith
    John Smith Рік тому +1

    Joey is one of those drummers that people can cover all day, but cannot replicate. His intensity on stage and turning those swing-esque and groovy beats into something iconic is once in a lifetime. Rock in Peace, Joey.

  • Iracema Sousa
    Iracema Sousa 14 днів тому +2

    Joey nunca será esquecido. Ele foi uma LENDA DA BATERIA

  • Srgnt Pepper

    Joey was a blessing for the metal world...

  • Devon A
    Devon A Рік тому +1

    Joey is was probably my biggest influence and inspiration in my early drumming. I was super obsessed with him and even dressed as him for Halloween a couple times. What a loss. Great playing, great tribute!

  • I am Bodybuilding YT

    They are all so iconic

  • NJHC609
    NJHC609 Рік тому +35

    I love seeing people that are so in tune with their particular craft. You make it look so effortless and easy, but people have no idea the time and practice it takes to reach this level. Kudos man, excellent tribute 👍

  • Chairs missing
    Chairs missing Рік тому +468

    He was self-taught with an advanced musical sense and sensibility. His style was undeniably his which is an extra hard thing to do within the metal boundaries of playing. His legacy will live on.