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I beat Pokemon's Hardest Challenge (Kaizo Ironmon)

  • Опубліковано 26 лют 2024
  • After 1786 Attempts I beat Pokemon FireRed Kaizo Ironmon.
    You should watch me live on Twitch:
    / smallant
    ▶Discord: / discord
    ▶Twitter: / smallant
    ▶Reddit: / smallant
    ▶TikTok: / smallant
    Edited by: Cosmizog
    Thumbnail art: @Lycel
    #SmallAnt #pokemon #challenge
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  • @vikrambansal1416
    @vikrambansal1416 День тому +4901

    32:10 "I am the most powerful trainer in the world" *sends out delibird*

    • @Green_Lightning
      @Green_Lightning День тому +73

      He is right. Delibird is op

    • @jescalona2104
      @jescalona2104 День тому +64

      "Strong pokemon, weak pokemon..."

    • @user-jr8tf4yr1u
      @user-jr8tf4yr1u День тому +3

      Or a magikatp

    • @shadowdragon1396
      @shadowdragon1396 День тому +73

      If you can make Delibird work, you are the most powerful trainer in the world

    • @nugget9214
      @nugget9214 День тому +55

      He googled strongest Pokémon and saw Iron Bundle but since he didn't know how to get it he said "This should work"
      It didn't work.

  • @nuqi
    @nuqi День тому +1522

    I see now, the true strength of smallant... DELIBIRD.

  • @Eden-kw1kw
    @Eden-kw1kw День тому +1916

    28:51 The reason why he called tickle the “ultimate technique,” is because on one of his really good runs, Blaine gave Smallant the TM for tickle and said, “Tickle is the ultimate technique!” or something like that.

    • @nathanh2523
      @nathanh2523 22 години тому +36

      that dialogue was shown and commented on by narrator smant

    • @luomiDieoib
      @luomiDieoib 21 годину тому +7

      Your words are fantastic!

  • @noinfo1018
    @noinfo1018 День тому +1605

    From somebody who’s watched kaizo ironmon since it came out, massive respect. This challenge is much harder than people seem to think

    • @harryh4h720
      @harryh4h720 День тому +84

      Seems like any bad luck could be fatal like e4 jolteon did so much damage that if even a half decent thing afterward may lose the game

    • @CorgiPuppie
      @CorgiPuppie День тому

      When did he start

    • @Alex-vl1mk
      @Alex-vl1mk День тому +93

      I mean, 1786 attempts just to win once is pretty self explanatory lol.

    • @yungruuku
      @yungruuku День тому +30

      I think people think it's easy because the strategy is way different. You don't have multiple options to deal with all the threats that come your way, and with all of the limiting rules there isn't much room for skill expression. The difficulty comes from playing around the rules and making critical decision in regards to them.

    • @warcriminalyes
      @warcriminalyes День тому +57

      ​@@yungruuku and lots of luck.
      Lots, and lots of luck.

  • @pokeaimMD
    @pokeaimMD День тому +3214


  • @nikhilanand2613
    @nikhilanand2613 День тому +2392

    Well actually Blaine's badge boost is the same as the original games because back then there was no separate Special stats. It's why psychic Pokémon were so broken

    • @toastr1255
      @toastr1255 День тому +308

      _Part_ of why psychic pokemon were broken. The type itself was also busted. It was immune to ghost for some reason, and dark and steel didn't exist yet, so its only weakness was bug, an absolutely garbage type, and its only resist was itself.
      But yes, the special stats being one single stat was insane, especially with amnesia giving +2 to it.

    • @JiggieSmalls
      @JiggieSmalls День тому +33


    • @jetnyan2348
      @jetnyan2348 День тому +89

      @@toastr1255ghost also had like, no fucking moves so that wouldnt matter

    • @Jayyemi
      @Jayyemi День тому +60

      ​​@@toastr1255also, the best bug move was Pin Missile and RBY has an absurd amount of poison types

    • @user-eo1qe3uu5e
      @user-eo1qe3uu5e День тому +13


  • @Vearru
    @Vearru 20 годин тому +107

    “Let’s hope it’s a bunch of weak garbage, 6 Gyarados, please”
    That must be a brand new sentence.

    • @hammerstix5791
      @hammerstix5791 18 годин тому +8

      I mean, even under normal circumstances you'd be wishing for 6 Gyarados if you had a moderately good mon with t-bolt

    • @Vearru
      @Vearru 18 годин тому +8

      I mean maybe, but I think you’d still prefer other Pokémon like Pelipper, and also calling Gyarados “a bunch of weak garbage” is just the cherry on top.

    • @lemons38
      @lemons38 16 годин тому +4

      @@Vearru nah, i would rather sweep team full of gyarados, it's funnier this way

    • @niello5944
      @niello5944 13 годин тому +2

      @@VearruIt makes no difference though. Pelipper or Gyrados will be down in one hit of a mighty thunderbolt.

  • @incrediblecoockie6342
    @incrediblecoockie6342 День тому +267

    14:08 there is just a Deoxys chilling in the safari habitat XD

    • @T3Draco
      @T3Draco 23 години тому +48

      It's an easter egg, Deoxys killed so many runs for the creator of this challenge.

  • @perfectlymedium
    @perfectlymedium День тому +952

    You are slowly destroying every challenge on this platform man respect 🔥

    • @deauxmn
      @deauxmn День тому

      Mate you’ve been robbed

    • @unofficialken
      @unofficialken День тому +1

      Ken approves of this comment

    • @Noobminous
      @Noobminous День тому

      I approve of ken

    • @Shorts-stealer
      @Shorts-stealer День тому

      Please reply to this comment “whatch the video before you comment”

    • @blazekick3662
      @blazekick3662 День тому +5

      @@Shorts-stealer what if he watched it on like 10x speed

  • @FranMG
    @FranMG 22 години тому +49

    thanks for naming it Fran ❤

    • @fernandomoya767
      @fernandomoya767 21 годину тому +1

      No esperaba encontrarte acá crack, un saludo! Hace tiempo no veo tu contenido pero era muy bueno tambien

  • @tls178
    @tls178 День тому +129

    For anyone that's not acquainted with the average FR Ironmon run, getting 800% of heals or 14 items is something that some people failed to get in thousands of runs. This kind of luck is insane. On top of that, it looked like PP maxes and status healing items were raining in this run. White herbs as well. Something that you'd struggle to get in thousands runs he accomplished in 2k. No mirror coat, destiny bond or perish trap users either. He could win the lottery with this luck.
    No pop off at the end is freaky man, this dude is a cyborg

    • @_rosmarino
      @_rosmarino 13 годин тому +10

      I mean, he balanced the luck with a suboptimal pokemon. Stats and moves were good but not league-winning good. All those healings really hard carried, and he managed to use them in the best way possible

    • @redox4604
      @redox4604 12 годин тому +6

      @@_rosmarinoBut then again, the stat distribution on his Skarmory was next to perfect

  •  5 годин тому +2

    The clicking sound when he beats a pokémon is satisfying

  • @melodyjoy3813
    @melodyjoy3813 День тому +93

    30:05 "You've gotta be kidding me brother" is so funny to me

  • @corporeal5347
    @corporeal5347 День тому +548

    You pace narratives so well, it really hooks in to be along on the ride with you

    • @Y0G0FU
      @Y0G0FU 20 годин тому +6

      Yeee he is one of the best Narrators for his own adventures. It never gets boring watching him. Heck not even his own adventures.. the way he Narrates speedruns he watches and analyzes is also incredible :D

  • @estebanquito2386
    @estebanquito2386 День тому +145

    33:05 "volt absorb? You're a genius" that literally made my day HAHSHAHS

  • @MicoDossun
    @MicoDossun День тому +96

    SmallAnt making waves in the gen 3 meta with this never before seen “Skarmory and sand stream” strategy

  • @benarim
    @benarim День тому +86

    This whole endeavor was a wild ride from start to finish and I'm so happy to have seen you win this live! Congratulations and cheers to Cosmizog for the amazing edit and Lycel for the hype thumbnail!
    That last sentence.. the Kaizo Ironmon Madness Returns.. here's to hoping it doesn't take 1786 attempts this time. Looking forward to it!

  • @Shulkern
    @Shulkern День тому +145

    5:14 thats now how you say "repel"

  • @masonm8351
    @masonm8351 День тому +16

    Ironmon is like a roided version of how I played pokemon when i was 10. Use one pokemon the entire time and sweep every gym, minus the masochist's wet dream

  • @JoanCalista
    @JoanCalista 9 годин тому +85

    He passed the first “road brock”. Oh smant these are so good

  • @Dasbif
    @Dasbif День тому +51

    Forgot you won specifically with Skarmory, congrats! I'm on a wild run with a lucky Skarmory of my own - Flash Fire; Dragon Dance + Drill Peck; bulky but mediocre attack stat at best. Wish me luck!

  • @kelthulhu
    @kelthulhu День тому +81

    Skarmory is one of my favorite pokemon

  • @econsean
    @econsean День тому +35

    Really nice video that explains what Kaizo Ironmon is for people who might not be familiar while showing off this really sweet run. I hope this encourages more people to try it out! It's fun!

  • @dronicx4002
    @dronicx4002 День тому +19

    I remember this run from stream. It was so late for me that I'd dozed off midway through, woke up in the final fight, immediately awake and hyped to see Della get this far, going back to sleep right after, feeling a little giddy cuz I was among those immediately attached when smant said "don't get attached before Brock" XD

  • @mystraunt2705
    @mystraunt2705 День тому +53

    Ngl, that clicking sound that plays whenever he beats another pokemon is really satisfying.

  • @vincichen8604
    @vincichen8604 День тому +29

    Man these pokemon challenge videos are just amazing no matter what it is. KEEP EM COMING!

  • @huegofarley4684
    @huegofarley4684 День тому +15

    "you have to talk to mom, i dont know why this is a rule"

  • @landonblakeman4493
    @landonblakeman4493 День тому +61

    His UA-cam sleeps for a long time, but when it wakes it’s always a banger

    • @billbobs678
      @billbobs678 День тому +8

      Bro wdym he literally posts every weak

    • @ulisessalduna4351
      @ulisessalduna4351 День тому +6

      ​​@@billbobs678 he stopped posting for 3 months until a month ago

  • @rubye4022
    @rubye4022 20 годин тому +11

    Ironic that despite Aerial Ace and- moreso than that- Blast Burn were the two moves that were realitively weak and memed on for just that in the run, there was at least one notable time both came in clutch IE the Shedninja popping up. Especially Blast Burn for the last attack to land you the win. GGs all around to you, 10/10 never touching this ruleset ever and going through this hard of a challange.

    • @runeheal
      @runeheal 6 годин тому

      idk man he has permanent sand shedinja is a non issue

    • @rubye4022
      @rubye4022 4 години тому

      And move the battle along how? Using the limited pp he has of moves? Using his limited amount of items? Even if it would have gone down to chip, taking turns that would waste resources could have killed the run too.

  • @greenownes
    @greenownes День тому +28

    Man i would love to see smallant and some friends racing in the same seed to see who can get the furthest :D

  • @agr0nianTV
    @agr0nianTV День тому +44

    This was amazing stuff, but I wish you'd posted some loses too leading up to this point

  • @TheSB63
    @TheSB63 21 годину тому +7

    Everyone talking about Delibird but bro, it makes me so happy that the bulk of the game you got through with my favorite pokemon Skarmory.

  • @carter7656
    @carter7656 18 годин тому +2

    Okay, right now I need to appreciate Smant's hard work and dedication to his skill, talent, and ability to not only play games but more specifically making consistently good content. Smallant is my favorite UA-camr and Streamer because of the fact that he mainly plays Nintendo content, his skill at games, his intellect, his storytelling, his intuition, and risks everything for content mindset. Everything in this video is amazing... from the script writing, the intentionality of the music choice to create an enticing atmosphere, creating a story that keeps an audience engaged for a feature long video. Now, I have seen this from other creators, however every single one of Smallant's videos are like this. Amazing... consistently amazing. With the ever rising short form video content that shortens the general audiences' attention span to the point I struggle staying on one video for much longer than 13 minutes, he manages to create a video that keeps me entertained and engaged throughout the entirety of 35 MINUTES, almost 3x my average attention span for a video. I've been watching Smallant for five years now and it hasn't ever felt that long. Not only does his videos hit, he's just a cool dude. He engages with his audience regardless of what he is doing whether he's on a run that could WR, or just chilling. He engages with a variety of communities and participates in events that he's not necessarily interested in being a part of, but does it anyways because he knows it will make others happy. He stays connected with his interconnected community of creators, the community of various speedrunning communities, makes amazing 30-50 minute content, and somehow still has time to have quality time with his mom. I've seen a person go from mostly Super Mario Odyssey content to a variety streamer creating everything from the hardest of gaming challenges to P.O. Box openings to chasing after the pencil sharpening WR to playing Hide'n'seek Mario Odyssey with 3-7 others at a time. Always ambitious, ready to make more exciting content and connect with all kinds of people. Thank you Smallant! If I ever have the chance to play games with you, or choose to become a content creator and rise to the point you have to have a chance to connect with you, I would take it in a heart beat. Keep doing what you're doing and know that you are appreciated by your fans.
    Just saw the last part of the video...
    "Always ambitious..."
    Finished a challenge that took almost 1800 attempts. Time to work on another impossible challenge... without any hesitation.

  • @user-yk3xl5ve6q
    @user-yk3xl5ve6q День тому +47

    Theres more rules than a strict discord server lol.

  • @C-Vite
    @C-Vite 20 годин тому +16

    #1 on Trending...
    You are literally dominating the YT algorithm with a gaming video amongst all other topics

  • @wastecontainer4237
    @wastecontainer4237 День тому +27

    13 mins in the vid, and it’s already a certified tanner classic

  • @alextang3860
    @alextang3860 22 години тому +8

    Would love to see a compilation of all the funny/intense fails

  • @KarlMathiasMoberg
    @KarlMathiasMoberg 10 годин тому

    Having watched these stream for weeks, this video was so much fun to watch. Excellent job editing, great effects, great narration. Just an incredible video! Well done Smant!

  • @agustingarcia-huidobro7388
    @agustingarcia-huidobro7388 День тому +2

    The edits on these videos are amazing!! Definitely the best video I have watched in a while

  • @jamescruz8678
    @jamescruz8678 День тому +2

    this man beats one of the hardest challenges in all of pokemon and then immediately sets out to do another
    he cannot be stopped

  • @quak9087
    @quak9087 11 годин тому +1

    I really appreciate what Lanturn contributed to this winning run, being the mon that "always died to Extrasensory", and also that it snuck its way onto the champion's team twice!!!

  • @nathsalt1890
    @nathsalt1890 День тому +9

    Finally back with some UA-cam vids I’m all for it

  • @NintenHawk
    @NintenHawk 17 годин тому +1

    Congrats on beating Kaizo! It was very fun watching you beat it live! That final battle got intense

  • @Kready44
    @Kready44 7 годин тому

    very nice video, loved the narrative, you really got a lucky ironmon but it totally came through because of your plays and another bunch of luck. really love seeing more attention brought to the kaizo ironmon challenge hope youll really do a hgss one

  • @UnEv3n
    @UnEv3n 5 годин тому

    Thank you, Smant. Skarmory and Absol have been my top two favorite pokemon since ruby and sapphire came out. Nice to see someone use the metal birb even if it's a meme run.

  • @BenTheGamer-101
    @BenTheGamer-101 22 години тому

    I love watching your content all the time Smallant, especially all the extreme challenges you can beat. Please continue making great content and videos. Keep up the amazing work. 💙

  • @rocket117
    @rocket117 День тому +1

    I don't know shit about pokemon, but for some reason when you made this split second decision at 29:51, out loud to myself I said "jesus this guy is cracked...".

  • @ryanvieira9007
    @ryanvieira9007 23 години тому +1

    The "favorite" mechanic lets you disregard the pre-decided starter if one of the other two is a favorite. It should be mentioned that Small Ant picked really honest and truly fun favorites for this run. This attempt number would be way lower if he optimized his play there, but chose not to. I thought this deserved a mention.

  • @apfelsaftschorle
    @apfelsaftschorle День тому

    Love your content recently, make me happy and upload some more old school Pokemon stuff ❤

  • @linkypete
    @linkypete День тому +1

    This is such a well-narrated video. Congrats on the run!

  • @user-bm5eo5gc7j
    @user-bm5eo5gc7j 20 годин тому

    Great video, Also I liove the absurdity of the fully genuine sentence "please have a full team of weak pokemon, like 6 GYARADOS" XD what a well deserved long earned victory

  • @LenaVanille
    @LenaVanille День тому +3

    It was a pleasure to see you suffer through all those 1786 runs. 🙂🙂🙂
    Congrats~ :D

  • @ragedragon1018
    @ragedragon1018 22 години тому +2

    Haha I love how Smant’s posting a lot more often like he used to! These challenges bring back the good old days of Smant

  • @redgyrados2000
    @redgyrados2000 18 годин тому

    Couple of clarifications for anyone wondering:
    - Step-based items actually appear a few places in the overworld in addition to Mt. Moon. The QOL patch gets rid of them but, at the request of the challenge creator, the ones in Mt. Moon are kept because there's actually risk involved in getting them to spawn
    - The "second Pokemon is the strongest" isn't exactly true. Trainers will usually send out a mon with a super-effective move if they have one, which is why the second mon in a fight is often the most dangerous
    - For anyone confused why he went to Lavender Tower right away after Rock Tunnel, the rules require you to go there and fight the Rival. This is also an exception to the "enter each dungeon once" rule.

  • @DamsEiueh
    @DamsEiueh 14 годин тому

    Great film showcasing this incredibly sweet run and providing background information on Kaizo Ironmon for those who may not know. I hope that more people will be inspired to give it a try! It's enjoyable!

  • @decryptorknight
    @decryptorknight 10 годин тому

    I love this challenge to be honest and happy to see how you tackled it, and I'm thinking about doing an emerald national dex version that just seems improbable... I hope you enjoyed it though, well as much as you can with how ridiculous it gets. Thanks for the great content not just pokemon but everything!

  • @stolenmonkey7477
    @stolenmonkey7477 22 години тому

    Bro there have been so many smallant uploads this year. Thank you, you're ny favorite youtuber and have been for years. I am so glad we have been getting more content this year :)

  • @colemitchell6728
    @colemitchell6728 День тому +1

    I think aplharad said it best. Its hard in the same way fliping a coin 100 tomea and getting head is hard. So much of the challenge is dependent on good rng. The vast majority of runs died early and boils down to " should have been luckier"

  • @Haxbox1700
    @Haxbox1700 17 годин тому

    As someone who watched about 6000 of Pie's Kaizo attempts I'm pretty confident in saying you got some of the most forgiving early game gym leaders back to back I've ever seen. Still an amazing run regardless and you definitely put in the leg work to make this a very clean run, especially that friendship max return to get out of the lab.

  • @thefirstcurse3123
    @thefirstcurse3123 День тому

    I'm loving these frequent uploads so much. My biggest problem with you was that your content was amazing but you never uploaded enough. You're a perfect content creator now and I hope that you gain a lot more success from it.

  • @davidclimbs3
    @davidclimbs3 День тому +1

    17:51 that “AAHHHHH” sounded sensual 😂

  • @MrGamerCaptain
    @MrGamerCaptain 12 годин тому

    love the UI edit effects. love how easy to understand your videos are

  • @KnallenN
    @KnallenN 19 годин тому

    you did such a good job of explaining the rules and how the game works. Never understood it until now really

  • @darby2314
    @darby2314 День тому +13

    Great that you got those early fire and flying moves, really takes the stress off of your Shedinja coverage.
    Next up, rather than HG/SS, it's time to do the Survival Ironmon, AKA the Real Ironmon challenge. Good luck!

    • @depotheose7890
      @depotheose7890 День тому +3

      Isnt sand stream shedinja coverage enough?

    • @randommeo
      @randommeo 22 години тому

      ​@@depotheose7890 tbf it could roll safety goggle, so a fire/flying move is good backup

    • @darby2314
      @darby2314 22 години тому

      @@randommeo It could also perish song or Destiny bond while you wait for the sand.

    • @randommeo
      @randommeo 19 годин тому

      @@darby2314 True I hadn't even thought of that

  • @shottysteve
    @shottysteve День тому +1

    despite knowing this was THE run, i was on the edge of my seat the whole time. a true legend

  • @gregoryudovich1441
    @gregoryudovich1441 День тому +2

    Please @SmallAnt do more lockout vods i watch them in there entirety and have been wanting more of em. The commuinty would agreee

  • @MichaelTaylor-td8ws
    @MichaelTaylor-td8ws 21 годину тому +2

    14:07 are we just going to ignore the deoxys chilling out in the open

  • @RohanSateejTV
    @RohanSateejTV 10 годин тому

    Congratz on beating this challenge! Once again, great video Tanner!

  • @zadowcloud
    @zadowcloud День тому +7


  • @kiipio
    @kiipio День тому

    Always love smants Pokémon kaizo vids tbh!!! Thank u for more content to listen to while I do work lpl

  • @joshricks1273
    @joshricks1273 День тому +3

    I remember watching this on stream. I'm glad you finally finished it! I was routing for you with the Snolax run! Made it sooo close to the end!

  • @AshHart12392
    @AshHart12392 День тому +1

    The GOAT of Pokemon main series content. Unreal how Any stays entertaining

  • @rhydalic9540
    @rhydalic9540 21 годину тому

    fantastic commentary! really built up the tension. well done!

  • @robovelcro
    @robovelcro 10 годин тому +1

    This was such a rollercoaster, but the biggest of congrats my man

  • @anch0ve488
    @anch0ve488 5 годин тому

    I’m always so happy when I see a new upload. Thanks for all the great content!!!

  • @matsinaguglia2275
    @matsinaguglia2275 День тому

    Been waiting for this dam video since the day u beat it!! Lol great vid buddy love ur content

  • @romicron1325
    @romicron1325 День тому

    i watched quite a few attempts live and missed the winning one, happy to finaly see it, well edited aswell, congrats !

  • @zeitGGeist
    @zeitGGeist 23 години тому +1

    Genius to release it today. You deserve this success

  • @oetti4209
    @oetti4209 День тому +1

    Was so nice to watch it on stream. Would be nice to see an ironmon emerald run 🔥

  • @nutmegdoesstuff1339
    @nutmegdoesstuff1339 21 годину тому

    Mount moon sounds like such a terrifying split. Just had to use all your healing items on the gym, no chance to just leave and come back like in a normal run, and *so* many trainers you could fight for xp, but no resources.

  • @MovieMaker1040
    @MovieMaker1040 14 годин тому +1

    This is insane. Nicely done.

  • @funkboy2850
    @funkboy2850 День тому +1

    Anyone else notice the deyoxys just chillin in the Pokémon Zoo at 14:09 ? No? Just me lol?

  • @Lucellia
    @Lucellia 23 години тому

    Let's go!!! Was so great to witness you win this live.

  • @aleco678
    @aleco678 9 годин тому

    This is your best video ever small ant i respect the grind so much bro
    As an oldschool rs player i get grinds
    But this took precision

  • @hoboayoyo
    @hoboayoyo 8 годин тому

    Sick run
    The mod should update against the 3 moves that just kill you instantly + explosion.
    Keeping thunder over AA would do about 6 times as much damage as AA, assuming thunder hits.

  • @StratozMKIII
    @StratozMKIII 23 години тому

    At the end of his stream, after randomized stat revealing, Lance’s Kyogre had roughly 200 randomized physical atk stat and unused attacking move. Rival’s Deoxys also had quite high randomized special attack. Thanks to his luck, Skarmory didn’t get any hydropump or the challenge end.

  • @forclee
    @forclee 17 годин тому

    10:55 “Fury Cutter? It wouldn’t cut it” Lmao

  • @Seadrex37
    @Seadrex37 18 годин тому

    This challenge (especially in the beginning) reminds me a lot of Destiny Tower in mystery dungeon. Just insanely hard and heavily focused on healing and survive, as well as move management.

  • @ToadPlayer64
    @ToadPlayer64 День тому

    These attempts made work fly by when listening to them as I worked. I miss them a lot! Congratulations!

  • @ericallen333
    @ericallen333 13 годин тому

    Loved the cliff hanger at the end. I'll watch the HG,SS video when it comes out

  • @chosentokill6148
    @chosentokill6148 День тому

    i love that the first step is to talk to ur mom, wholesome :)
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