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Car Thief Gets Instant Karma (the FINAL Glitterbomb 6.0)

  • Опубліковано 8 гру 2023
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  • @MarkRober
    @MarkRober  2 дні тому +4866

    Saved the best fart spray reaction for very, very last :) Get CrunchLabs for Christmas and receive 2 FREE boxes- crunchlabs.com/glitter6

  • @StevenHe
    @StevenHe День тому +2715

    The world needs you to continue this series.

  • @TrapNation
    @TrapNation День тому +4594

    Please never end this series, im begging you Mark 😩

  • @milijappert1320
    @milijappert1320 День тому +1537

    I think this is the most entertaining series Mark Rober has ever done. Please don’t stop.

    • @thebestnoobytalt
      @thebestnoobytalt День тому +8

      Ur dad leaving u is the most entertaining series he has ever done

    • @Soonley
      @Soonley День тому +2

      It’s not that deep

    • @skmgeek
      @skmgeek День тому +1

      ​@@Soonleythe person who posted the original comment is a bot lol

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      @Grayson-tk5hn 23 години тому

      @@skmgeekoh the pfp checks out its a bot

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      @walterc.clemensjr.6730 23 години тому

      The youtube bots strike again.

  • @Waxerer
    @Waxerer День тому +139

    love that youtube has allowed mark to try actually make a difference in so many ways, teaching kids to enjoy learning, while simultaneously getting a little bit of justice and hopefully having an impact on theft in areas, truly amazing!

  • @JohnRayGenre
    @JohnRayGenre День тому +370

    Because every single comment is begging Mark to continue this series, Mark, *PLEASE NEVER STOP THIS SERIES!!* It’s one of the best series on UA-cam at this moment! 🙌

  • @Mugxwara
    @Mugxwara День тому +186

    Please don’t end this series, you’re helping a social cause and it’s entertaining to watch!

  • @dude.dans_
    @dude.dans_ День тому +16350

    This is definitely one of the best series on UA-cam!

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      Yeah lol

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      Hi Dans

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      ကျွန်ုပ်ကို စာရင်းသွင်းပြီး ဤမှတ်ချက်ကို ကြိုက်နှစ်သက်သူတိုင်း ကို ကျွန်ုပ် စာရင်းသွင်းပါမည်။.

  • @opiumDot
    @opiumDot День тому +703

    PLEASE DO NOT END THIS SERIES !!! It's too much of a public benefit! Amazing work Mark!

    • @ed_cmntonly
      @ed_cmntonly 22 години тому +1

      mark hearted a comment saying that he's pretty much saying that it's the "finale" to lure the thieves into a false sense of security
      so this series is probably being continued most likely

  • @__m37
    @__m37 День тому +309

    This needs to be continued. You are doing a service to the community in so many ways!!! Please don't stop!!!! :(

    • @thebestnoobytalt
      @thebestnoobytalt День тому

      U drinking milk needs to be continued

    • @SeamusKearn
      @SeamusKearn День тому

      what does that even mean@@thebestnoobytalt

    • @turtlez8628
      @turtlez8628 День тому

      ​@@thebestnoobytalt bro gets comebacks from a middle schooler🔥🔥🔥🔥

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      @Redstoneprojrjr День тому

      @@thebestnoobytaltbro is a hater

  • @BlueKnight87
    @BlueKnight87 День тому +128

    This series is 99% of the reason I started following you! Please keep it going!

  • @marieneu264
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  • @inoob26
    @inoob26 23 години тому +112

    you knows its messed up when even thieves need their faced censored as there is a possibility they can sue you for a bs lawsuit despite being a literal thief

    • @Will-rc9lh
      @Will-rc9lh 22 години тому +15

      everyone deserves rehabilitation. These people should not have their futures destroyed by the court of public opinion.

    • @MrudulJain
      @MrudulJain 22 години тому +48

      ​@@Will-rc9lhand who will rehabilitate their victims? These trashy people destroyed countless lives of people who might've spent their whole month's paycheck on some of these products as you can see in the video.

    • @calebstrain1048
      @calebstrain1048 22 години тому +10

      @@Will-rc9lhevil human

    • @gilliesiut2332
      @gilliesiut2332 21 годину тому +2

      Defund the police

  • @TrilogyMedia
    @TrilogyMedia День тому +4828

    Please don't end this! Maybe we need an India call center Glitterbomb Part 2 🤪

  • @HitmanFunnyClips
    @HitmanFunnyClips День тому +15

    i love that you can always improve an invention it will never be finished so give us more of this series please mark! we love them!!

  • @Trekari
    @Trekari День тому +546

    It's a complete failure of law enforcement to know that a location is a place where stolen goods are fenced, and to do nothing about it for months.

    • @christopherlewis1847
      @christopherlewis1847 День тому +66

      They were probably getting a cut

    • @J4M13M1LL3R
      @J4M13M1LL3R День тому +32

      The people who buy soap and toiletries from these places in general aren’t criminals, they do so because the alternative is choosing between soap or food.
      Shutting down these markets is a win for the current state of the economy, but it legitimately won’t solve the problem

  • @sterlingodeaghaidh5086
    @sterlingodeaghaidh5086 23 години тому +5

    As a person who deals in second hand goods, I am glad someone brought this up. I go to flea markets all the time and I see people who have these types of operations, it makes it hard to make sure what your getting isn't stolen.

  • @Verlisify
    @Verlisify День тому +40

    The fact this happens so often is to depressing to be uplifted by Mark busting them for me.

  • @lukechase6346
    @lukechase6346 День тому +12

    Watching this compared to channel 5’s coverage of basically the same thing is crazy. Gotta love Andrew for that

  • @McDeezy_
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    Nah we gotta keep this series going, Greatest Series on UA-cam!!!

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      Hello random famous person

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      ​@@The_King_72hi there, it's me, a random famous person

    • @LawDevMe
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      Я бы наполнил бы рюкзаки взрывчаткой, я живу в России и никогда в жизни такого не видел в живую, но по мимо этого у нас поджигают автомобили, меня бест тот факт что эти люди остаются без наказанными

    • @Wizard69420
      @Wizard69420 День тому

      Nah fr tho ❤

  • @ruachglory
    @ruachglory День тому +45

    How generous of you to give them 15 seconds. I would of gave them 5! Also, dont end this please 😭

    • @IonRuby
      @IonRuby 23 години тому


  • @davidgreer6036
    @davidgreer6036 День тому +7

    I can’t wait to see this series come back in two years with an even larger recap and more extensive glitter bombs

  • @kconnon9541
    @kconnon9541 21 годину тому +3

    Thank you Mark for your services over the years

  • @michellebwilson2610
    @michellebwilson2610 День тому +7

    Hope you’ll continue this work. Can’t imagine the time and work that goes into a 20 minute vid. Kudos.

  • @BufoDesu
    @BufoDesu День тому +5

    This is incredible. Your series are truly amazing

  • @Seed
    @Seed День тому +2782

    Happy to see this series back again! :)

    • @lavademongaming6844
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      It's never coming back and it will never coming back, NEVER

    • @universaltoons
      @universaltoons День тому +4

      ကျွန်ုပ်ကို စာရင်းသွင်းပြီး ဤမှတ်ချက်ကို ကြိုက်နှစ်သက်သူတိုင်း ကို ကျွန်ုပ် စာရင်းသွင်းပါမည်။.

    • @realoutdoorgaming
      @realoutdoorgaming День тому +4

      who are u

  • @geev3416
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    Don’t worry, If he stays living in San Francisco this series will never end

    • @hoodedclaw5852
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      If he keeps voting democrat it will never end

    • @buttieboy666
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      ​@@ohtehlolzI was thinking of how to say that 😂

    • @buttieboy666
      @buttieboy666 День тому

      ​@@ohtehlolzit will be Marks fault too.

    • @camderb8761
      @camderb8761 22 години тому

      @@hoodedclaw5852 you think he does ?

  • @x-celsius5905
    @x-celsius5905 День тому +2

    Mark, i cant thank you enough for all of these amazing engineering videos! You were one of the people who have inspired me to work towards being a NASA engineer, hopefully working towards a new generation of space exploration!!

  • @ArcadeChristian
    @ArcadeChristian День тому +2

    Thanks for all you do, Mark!

  • @dominicrichardson5546
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    I'm so glad you made one, it feels like Christmas now, thanks so much Mark!

  • @user-wf6lg6xt5g
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    Never stop, Mark. I think everyone can agree that this is one of their favorite videos of the year.

  • @blakehawkins3296
    @blakehawkins3296 День тому +8312

    I like the idea of Mark calling each video the “last one” to lull the thieves into a false sense of security

    • @pokechatter
      @pokechatter День тому +450

      Looks like you’ve figured something out.

    • @mr.smortguy0-o132
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      no way

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      They’ll catch on soon. Sure some have already caught on.

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      This is getting to MatPat FNAF level of "last one".

  • @ThePigThing
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    Never stop doing this series!! It entertains so many and the reactions are HILARIOUS!

  • @oBrxtn
    @oBrxtn 22 години тому +1

    It would be cool to see these on the shelves at stores!!
    Mark you and your team are AWESOME!

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    I look forward to this episode every year at Christmas time! It’s become a tradition for me lol

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    Don't end this series! It's too funny

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    @gm0420 23 години тому +1

    Love that you teamed up with a fellow journalist for this 😀 love the engineer + journalist duos out there

  • @skull-guy2620
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    This series should never end

  • @LunarP2W
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    I wish this series wouldn’t end!! Or atleast find another way to help? Your videos are amazing Mark!!!!❤️🎉🎊

  • @kennethperez4221
    @kennethperez4221 День тому +1

    I love watching these videos and at the same time it’s always so heartbreaking how crappy people are. Thank you mark for changing the world.

  • @KagedWhizDumb
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    Great work Mark, thanks for the quality content!

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    You’re pumping out videos like crazy bruh! Mad props!!❤❤❤

  • @MovieGasm
    @MovieGasm День тому +4931

    It happens because of San Francisco’s minimal punishment for what should be felonies. A day or two in jail and a slap on the wrist is all they have to risk.

    • @jong2359
      @jong2359 День тому +218

      Just another in a long list of reasons why laws are not effective at stopping crime.

    • @CommanderOfTDS
      @CommanderOfTDS День тому +8


    • @SteelheadTed
      @SteelheadTed День тому +776

      @@jong2359no, lack of enforcement is why.

    • @Communism.is.a.cancer
      @Communism.is.a.cancer День тому +369

      ​@@jong2359they are effective if they give them heavy punishments.

  • @docmorrell
    @docmorrell День тому +3

    Please keep the series going!

  • @jamescurfman3284
    @jamescurfman3284 День тому +1

    AWESOME! lol Happy Holidays, Mark. Thank you for the laughs and smiles. :)

  • @user-mx5xq5mw9z
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    This should be a series that never ever ends.

  • @agentgumby420
    @agentgumby420 День тому +2

    glad to see this series with another video. Please don't stop these as a professional home security specialist i will say you do make a difference!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @davidcunningham8319
    @davidcunningham8319 День тому +2

    Even though I know Mark wanted these bags stolen, I still got progressively angrier with each break-in.

    @WHATSINSIDEFAMILY День тому +913

    Don’t. Ever. Stop. 🎉

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    @jjwilly5114 21 годину тому

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    This series has been a service to society and should never end! It's ledgendary and we love it Mark!! Thank you for your service!

  • @RajaniIsa
    @RajaniIsa 22 години тому +2

    The ones that act all insulted and upset they got a glitterbomb, as if they were wronged, always give me a laugh.

  • @stuffcompiler2121
    @stuffcompiler2121 День тому +1

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    @RobloxianX 21 годину тому

    Very nice that this was more sucsessful than last year. A great way to end off the series! Even though none of us want it to end... Bravo!

  • @IvettOrdog
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    Come on Mark... you can't stop at 6. Everyone knows that after 6 years, you are officially obligated to continue until you hit the 10 year anniversary :D

    • @s4v4gedragone43
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      And once you hit the 10 year anniversary you have to hit the 50 year anniversary

    • @IvettOrdog
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      @@s4v4gedragone43 Nah... wouldn't go that far... but 6... I mean... you've got to admit, at this point 10 years is so close.

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      We're over halfway, can't stop now.

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    @ozfoxaroo День тому

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    @TuNguyen-pg2gp 23 години тому

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    3:25 Peace indeed was never option for these car thiefs. Keep up the series mark!

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    Mark is seriously the coolest dude on Earth!

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    Thank you for what you do Mark to fight crime!!

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    @LeagueofJay137 День тому

    A way this series could continue is to do this in other places, especially more call centers
    Awesome video and series

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    @gabedarrett1301 День тому

    Great video, as always! Also, It'd be cool if you did a more in-depth video about how everything works, especially the electronics! I'd love to learn more about the custom PCB (programming, software used, hardware, etc).
    Also, would it be better to wait until the package is at the thief's house? If the thief tosses it while driving, the police can't do much anymore

  • @danzi8120
    @danzi8120 День тому +1366

    Mark KNOWS that we don't want a TRUE finale to this series! Keep these glitterbombs going

    • @mr.conductor4938
      @mr.conductor4938 День тому +15

      Yeah, we've gotta do it like Dream videos, where we get a Finale Rematch, and a Grand Finale, and then two whole other series where they increase the glitter count XD

    • @goyangi4143
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    • @wtpurdy14
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      He even clues in that he won't stop with the sticker stating, "Peace was never an option". (3:26)

    • @jaystarr6571
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    • @BlastoTurtle
      @BlastoTurtle День тому +6

      By SAYING that the video series is ending makes the thieves think they're safe

  • @kittyphom
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    Please don’t let this series end

  • @BreezeOffroad
    @BreezeOffroad День тому

    This was an absolute incredible video. I hope this gets shared by everybody everybody that lives in San Francisco.

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  • @_Mackan
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    These people need to be held accountable, whatever their motives are.

    • @tahunuva4254
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      Why them, specifically? Why not you?

    • @michaelkaufman8646
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      @@tahunuva4254 did u even watch the video?

    • @tahunuva4254
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      @@michaelkaufman8646 Yep, sure did. Do you not eat?

    • @michaelkaufman8646
      @michaelkaufman8646 День тому +132

      @@tahunuva4254 why do you think they shouldn't be held accountable?

  • @captainawesome1597
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    @mehido 21 годину тому

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  • @jefftheevilrobot9351
    @jefftheevilrobot9351 День тому +1129

    The fact that the police are aware of those fencing operations and stolen goods markets, but dont shut them down, is why this is happening.
    No consequences means no reason not to do it

    • @IanBLacy
      @IanBLacy День тому +286

      The great state of California…

    • @spacetoven8464
      @spacetoven8464 День тому +86

      there is no way to prove that those items are stolen goods. the vast majority of things sold at fencing operations are things like soaps, detergents, shaving stuff, etc which means you can’t really track where it originated from. it’s too difficult to prosecute

    • @trevorhorvath2112
      @trevorhorvath2112 День тому +65

      Thts California for you

  • @diggity1039
    @diggity1039 День тому

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  • @jamessavely4232
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    I actually started breaking into cars thanks to this series! I'm looking to get me one of these bags, but no luck so far... A lot of electronics, though!

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    Even Mark advertising his products is entertaining to watch