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Car Thief Gets Instant Karma (the FINAL Glitterbomb 6.0)

  • Опубліковано 8 гру 2023
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  • @MarkRober
    @MarkRober  2 дні тому +6394

    Saved the best fart spray reaction for very, very last :) Get CrunchLabs for Christmas and receive 2 FREE boxes- crunchlabs.com/glitter6

  • @StevenHe
    @StevenHe День тому +17437

    The world needs you to continue this series.

  • @iainwalker8615
    @iainwalker8615 19 годин тому +1475

    The lack of action by authorities that is clearly on display in this video is why there’s so many car break ins

    • @MicusII
      @MicusII 13 годин тому +59

      100% especially since there is market on their doorstep that is selling stolen goods

    • @librarynan4610
      @librarynan4610 13 годин тому +98

      Why should cops arrest anyone when the DA’s will just let them go?

    • @chronocross85
      @chronocross85 11 годин тому +115

      It's California where the criminals get treated better than the victims

    • @sammysaito529
      @sammysaito529 10 годин тому +54

      Hey, the people asked to defund the police, democracy amiright

  • @MrTattooASMR
    @MrTattooASMR День тому +834

    Anyone else never want this series to end...???

    • @harrywong7708
      @harrywong7708 14 годин тому +6

      nah u alone on this one

    • @Cherrie_The_Furry
      @Cherrie_The_Furry 14 годин тому +4


    • @CedaFTW
      @CedaFTW 11 годин тому +7

      @@harrywong7708I never want it to end and so does the 100s of other people who commented they don’t want it to end with thousands of likes attached to those comments lol

    • @SnoopyDoofie
      @SnoopyDoofie 9 годин тому

      It takes months for him to do these videos, which ends up taking away time from new content he could be creating - so no, I don't want to see it continue.

    • @vnc.t
      @vnc.t 5 годин тому +2

      ​@@harrywong7708u a theif or something?

  • @sailordragon
    @sailordragon 14 годин тому +88

    As someone who works in Asset Protection, thank you for explaining how fencing works and what these people really do. I know a lot of what's out there is just people not knowing, but having that information helps people understand what's really going on with retail and their own stolen stuff.

    • @Kkubey
      @Kkubey 4 години тому +1

      Ever since I had my own phone stolen once I have never bought used ones from random stores or private sellers that had more than one phone to sell. Not feeding any of that. Always know your IMEI and check databases if you bought a used one, as a side note.

    • @MrRiley2007
      @MrRiley2007 4 години тому +1

      Mark Rober inspires me… My parents said if i get 1k followers they'd buy me a professional camera for recording begging u guys literally begging u guys literally begging.....

  • @The14Rules
    @The14Rules День тому +941

    You guys have a real opportunity to get other engineers involved in this and turn it into something really huge and special.
    This shouldn’t be the end, it should be the beginning of something bigger.
    I hope you consider keeping it an annual tradition at the least.
    Thank you for years of entertainment!

    • @anixtro6837
      @anixtro6837 20 годин тому +11

      Mark Rober worked at NASA, he's an engineer and scientist in every sense of the word

    • @Cherrie_The_Furry
      @Cherrie_The_Furry 14 годин тому +1


    • @MrRiley2007
      @MrRiley2007 4 години тому +1

      Mark Rober inspires me… My parents said if i get 1k followers they'd buy me a professional camera for recording begging u guys literally begging u guys literally begging.....

  • @hezowo6445
    @hezowo6445 9 годин тому +27

    This isn't a complex issue at all. It's the allowed lack of accountability of individuals who know they will go unpunished. Incredible, how there is no regard at all for someone else's propety there

  • @TrapNation
    @TrapNation День тому +7200

    Please never end this series, im begging you Mark 😩

  • @pmoh5992
    @pmoh5992 20 годин тому +194

    Mark has done more on this one project than SFPD has done in the last 10 years. Don't stop, keep it going!

    • @MrRiley2007
      @MrRiley2007 4 години тому +1

      Mark Rober inspires me… My parents said if i get 1k followers they'd buy me a professional camera for recording begging u guys literally begging u guys literally begging.....

  • @TiagoTiagoT
    @TiagoTiagoT 20 годин тому +602

    The fact civilians managed to catch so much on camera so easily kinda makes it sound like there's no way there isn't some level of corruption by the part of the authorities allowing this to keep happening so predictably; if not by the people working on the streets, then by the people allocating resources, controlling training etc... Very hard to believe incompetence to such an extreme level happens by accident.

    • @vortdr
      @vortdr 19 годин тому +21

      Yea. Why can't they get police to stay in unmarked cars and arrest the theifs

    • @jr_Up1onyu
      @jr_Up1onyu 17 годин тому +4

      @@vortdrthey are undercover cars round here they js sometimes be doin nun bout it

    • @colemurphy6522
      @colemurphy6522 17 годин тому +69

      ⁠@@vortdrthey don’t arrest/ have any serious penalties for petty theft in cal. That’s why it’s so rampant.

    • @shawno8253
      @shawno8253 16 годин тому +8

      I mean LAPD is the worst police department in the US.

    • @Layonayo
      @Layonayo 16 годин тому +39

      I just don’t understand why people continue to scream about defunding the police and then immediately complain about the police not doing enough about crime. Kinda hard to do policework without the proper resources

  • @fdgplayz
    @fdgplayz 15 годин тому +15

    you need your flowers bro. you're stopping crime and giving us awesome content at the same time

    • @MrRiley2007
      @MrRiley2007 4 години тому +1

      Mark Rober inspires me… My parents said if i get 1k followers they'd buy me a professional camera for recording begging u guys literally begging u guys literally begging.....

  • @Popedishsoap
    @Popedishsoap День тому +558

    I feel like getting rid of the countdown would go a long way in having the package stay with the thief until they get to a location where they could be more easily tracked/get more spray and glitter unleashed on them. Random piston sounds at intervals are one thing (and if the thieves have nabbed multiple packages, it could be harder to pinpoint which item is doing it), but it becomes obvious to dump the bag ASAP when constant sound comes from it! Most people, from what we see, have already gotten rid of it before the countdown even gets to 5. I think if you want to get the bag back more than anything else, even a fire alarm chirp would go a long way in making people think there was something about to go off in the bag, rather than a long countdown where they immediately seem to associate it as a prank/bait bag. As much as I love to see them every year, I just really wish we got to see more justice with these vids!

    • @chrismullin9437
      @chrismullin9437 День тому +120

      I wondered whether the point of the countdown was to convince the thieves to get rid of the bag, so Mark could retrieve it and reuse it.

    • @iamrambo99
      @iamrambo99 22 години тому +16

      A agree. Get rid of the countdown timer.

    • @zZzZzyxel
      @zZzZzyxel 17 годин тому +53

      IIRC the whole point of countdown was to encourage people to ditch it.

    • @MicusII
      @MicusII 13 годин тому +4

      It might be a legal protection, though I’m not sure.

  • @freelancer001
    @freelancer001 6 годин тому +1

    Takie arcydzieła powinny być produkowane na masową skalę

  • @TrilogyMedia
    @TrilogyMedia День тому +5503

    Please don't end this! Maybe we need an India call center Glitterbomb Part 2 🤪

  • @berniecosta348
    @berniecosta348 День тому +33

    F#*king incredible. Mark, you are an amazing person. Keep doing what you do because there are thousands of people, I'm sure that appreciate what you do. Thanks, bro.

    • @MrRiley2007
      @MrRiley2007 4 години тому +1

      Mark Rober inspires me… My parents said if i get 1k followers they'd buy me a professional camera for recording begging u guys literally begging u guys literally begging.....

  • @crobinson2624
    @crobinson2624 День тому +273

    A lot of the crime in San Francisco has to do with a lack of prosecutions and weak criminal penalties on theft under $5000. As a result of rampant crime in the city, the city and its residents are suffering. This needs to change.

    • @ccgod
      @ccgod 17 годин тому +54

      these are the policies they voted for and encourge.

    • @MC-810
      @MC-810 13 годин тому +22

      And that is why businesses are pulling out of that city.

    • @d-rot
      @d-rot 10 годин тому +2

      Or the cops are taking payoffs. 🤷

    • @DicklessHipster
      @DicklessHipster 9 годин тому

      ​@@d-rotWhy would the police bother arresting someone that's not going to be charged?

    • @CalifornianSupremacy
      @CalifornianSupremacy 9 годин тому +3

      @@MC-810the GDP of the city just went up and the budget exceeded 16 billion dollars while having no debt. I think you’re coping

  • @wall_2039
    @wall_2039 17 годин тому +20

    I feel like the countdown is one of the main reasons the theifs throw it out

  • @dphilp75
    @dphilp75 День тому +38

    I've really enjoyed these over the last 6 years...almost like a Christmas present from Mark! :)

  • @user-sl5bw2im2h
    @user-sl5bw2im2h 11 годин тому +4

    As long as there are car break-ins, this series should exist

  • @skull-guy2620
    @skull-guy2620 2 дні тому +43650

    This series should never end

  • @Suburp212
    @Suburp212 День тому +37

    This series should never end.

  • @DinFL
    @DinFL 22 години тому +7

    Congratulations Mark. Yet another “smashing” success. The only people who want you to stop this series are those committing such crimes.

  • @thekev1nle
    @thekev1nle 13 годин тому +13

    Please never end this. This is raising huge awareness for everyone

  • @Thotrack
    @Thotrack 23 години тому +6

    Don't end this series, please! Everyone needs this.

  • @faithpainting6918
    @faithpainting6918 17 годин тому +3

    Next series we should all agree that Mark puts paint or dye in the package to give them a forever reminder.

  • @dude.dans_
    @dude.dans_ 2 дні тому +16923

    This is definitely one of the best series on UA-cam!

    • @IAmJustAPersonLoll12
      @IAmJustAPersonLoll12 2 дні тому +19


    • @memekitty69
      @memekitty69 2 дні тому +9

      Yeah lol

    • @superpro3227
      @superpro3227 2 дні тому +13

      Hi Dans

    • @RobloxxEditzz
      @RobloxxEditzz 2 дні тому +8


    • @universaltoons
      @universaltoons 2 дні тому +30

      ကျွန်ုပ်ကို စာရင်းသွင်းပြီး ဤမှတ်ချက်ကို ကြိုက်နှစ်သက်သူတိုင်း ကို ကျွန်ုပ် စာရင်းသွင်းပါမည်။.

  • @Bella_snipperCatXx69
    @Bella_snipperCatXx69 День тому +20

    As a person who deals in second hand goods, I am glad someone brought this up. I go to flea markets all the time and I see people who have these types of operations, it makes it hard to make sure what your getting isn't stolen.

  • @arkydaarcticfox9497
    @arkydaarcticfox9497 День тому +4

    PLEASE keep this series going. The world needs you!

  • @IsraelMendez0
    @IsraelMendez0 3 години тому +1

    Imma miss these Glitterbomb episodes was so relieving knowing there's still people who care about other people's belongings. More can be done and you've literally proved that with these videos. Thank you Mark. I wish I had the time/money/brain power to even do these things you do. But truly appreciate it. Keep making the world a better place with your content !

  • @boinkball1013
    @boinkball1013 12 годин тому +1


  • @McDeezy_
    @McDeezy_ День тому +3836

    Nah we gotta keep this series going, Greatest Series on UA-cam!!!

    • @The_King_72
      @The_King_72 День тому +4

      Hello random famous person

    • @Avalon0907
      @Avalon0907 День тому +3

      ​@@The_King_72hi there, it's me, a random famous person

    • @LawDevMe
      @LawDevMe День тому +1

      Я бы наполнил бы рюкзаки взрывчаткой, я живу в России и никогда в жизни такого не видел в живую, но по мимо этого у нас поджигают автомобили, меня бест тот факт что эти люди остаются без наказанными

    • @Wizard69420
      @Wizard69420 День тому

      Nah fr tho ❤

  • @fullrigormortis3684
    @fullrigormortis3684 День тому +1

    This series has brought me so much joy and great memories of watching them with loved ones, so many laughs to the point I start crying. I truly hope this series never ends and my children can truly enjoy the new uploads with me in a few years. Thank you so much Mark for everything you do❤

  • @rushiasingsfasola
    @rushiasingsfasola 3 години тому +1

    Just admit it, we are NEVER going to let you retire this series. These guys are the agents sent specifically after Mark Rober's stuff to make sure that he returns.

  • @tcasoccer13
    @tcasoccer13 3 години тому

    This needs to be Mark’s Christmas gift every year to UA-cam land. Please don’t end this series 🥺

  • @sandman589
    @sandman589 День тому +4

    Please dont stop this series.

  • @EngineFD223
    @EngineFD223 12 годин тому +1

    I hope that you revisit this series in the future. Can't tell you how much joy it has brought to my heart over the years lol

  • @blakehawkins3296
    @blakehawkins3296 2 дні тому +8635

    I like the idea of Mark calling each video the “last one” to lull the thieves into a false sense of security

    • @pokechatter
      @pokechatter 2 дні тому +502

      Looks like you’ve figured something out.

    • @mr.smortguy0-o132
      @mr.smortguy0-o132 2 дні тому +67

      no way

    • @skykibo7289
      @skykibo7289 2 дні тому +152


    • @d1kgaws12
      @d1kgaws12 2 дні тому +59

      They’ll catch on soon. Sure some have already caught on.

    • @rosswalenciak3739
      @rosswalenciak3739 2 дні тому +74

      This is getting to MatPat FNAF level of "last one".

  • @carlosgranda4651
    @carlosgranda4651 22 години тому +3

    Thank you for everything you’ve been able to accomplish through these videos, I love it and you should keep going…😂

    @MRMARKETINGBEAST4EVER 17 годин тому

    Never stop this series. The world needs you.

  • @tivodvr7276
    @tivodvr7276 3 години тому +4

    Seems to be a common denominator with these thieves.

  • @kingRJ-
    @kingRJ- 2 години тому

    Never end this series, it’s a Christmas special I love to watch every year leading up to Christmas!

  • @hollypotter3554
    @hollypotter3554 2 години тому


  • @MovieGasm
    @MovieGasm 2 дні тому +5135

    It happens because of San Francisco’s minimal punishment for what should be felonies. A day or two in jail and a slap on the wrist is all they have to risk.

    • @jong2359
      @jong2359 2 дні тому +226

      Just another in a long list of reasons why laws are not effective at stopping crime.

    • @CommanderOfTDS
      @CommanderOfTDS 2 дні тому +8


    • @SteelheadTed
      @SteelheadTed 2 дні тому +850

      @@jong2359no, lack of enforcement is why.

    • @sameerislam1328
      @sameerislam1328 2 дні тому +5

      im gonna miss this series

  • @idontwanthandles8stfu
    @idontwanthandles8stfu 7 годин тому +1

    What do Mark and these thieves have in common?
    They can't keep their hands off these glitterbombs to try to make some extra money
    Looking forward to next year's video Mark ^^

  • @codewithdmytro
    @codewithdmytro 11 годин тому +3

    20K per year, that's insane. Can someone explain why the police let this happen?

  • @papalegba4449
    @papalegba4449 6 годин тому +27

    Racial profiling is a thing for a reason.

  • @marvin19mejia
    @marvin19mejia День тому +3

    Great work on your end the real issue is none of these criminals are being sought after, Californias laws are too loose and they don’t care to take of this issue, matter of fact I don’t think they care to take care of anything

  • @joechavez1761
    @joechavez1761 11 годин тому +2

    Mark, this NEEDS to be a yearly Christmas tradition. It's hard enough being alive, conscious and an adult. Don't take this away from us.

    • @sarahallen8739
      @sarahallen8739 9 годин тому

      it is a yearly christmas tradition, he’s done it for the past 6 years. he calls them his last videos because.. you know ;)

  • @Seed
    @Seed 2 дні тому +2871

    Happy to see this series back again! :)

    • @lavademongaming6844
      @lavademongaming6844 2 дні тому +19

      It's never coming back and it will never coming back, NEVER

    • @universaltoons
      @universaltoons 2 дні тому +4

      ကျွန်ုပ်ကို စာရင်းသွင်းပြီး ဤမှတ်ချက်ကို ကြိုက်နှစ်သက်သူတိုင်း ကို ကျွန်ုပ် စာရင်းသွင်းပါမည်။.

    • @realoutdoorgaming
      @realoutdoorgaming 2 дні тому +4

      who are u

  • @CougarBen02
    @CougarBen02 14 годин тому

    That final montage set to Ode to Joy was EPIC. Well earned, Mark and team!

  • @SebitaSSJ
    @SebitaSSJ 15 годин тому

    El audio de este video es increible, que buen sonido, que bien que está grabado, es espectacular

  • @StickerMitch
    @StickerMitch 22 години тому +1

    Mark thanks for all you do! My whole family love your videos and my son absolutely loves getting his crunch labs boxes! He gets so much from them. You are doing so much for this world by how you encourage kids to think outside of and even build the box!

  • @anomonyous
    @anomonyous 5 годин тому +15

    Yes. Those thieves definitely all work on their own. And they have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN COMMON AT ALL. 👀
    They're all purely isolated incidents, I'm sure.

    • @vapeurdepisse
      @vapeurdepisse 3 години тому

      Nothing at all, I saw no pattern 😂

  • @TheColeWerner
    @TheColeWerner День тому +2341


    • @SanFranciscoSacramento4
      @SanFranciscoSacramento4 19 годин тому +6

      San Francisco Break ins are probably an everyday thing for me

    • @TheColeWerner
      @TheColeWerner 14 годин тому +1

      @@SanFranciscoSacramento4 not probably, pretty sure it’s something like 2 break ins every hour

    • @Cherrie_The_Furry
      @Cherrie_The_Furry 14 годин тому


  • @oli9692
    @oli9692 20 годин тому

    I feel like mark is the perfect content creator, he is kid friendly and it’s interesting for pretty much everyone. It’s also educational and fun to watch. In the process he helps the world too!

  • @somersthesunless9091
    @somersthesunless9091 День тому +85

    They are doing it because there are no consequences in California for doing it. It has been decriminalized effectively. You cannot engineer your way out of this problem because it is a political one. Even if you catch all of these thieves, they will just get released with no punishment. This is not normal, I have lived in Kansas most of my life and my car had never been broken into.

    • @ApostleMan222
      @ApostleMan222 16 годин тому +4


    • @the_bee_is_me
      @the_bee_is_me 8 годин тому

      Yup. I don't live in Chicago, but I'm there fairly often, and it's never happened to me or anyone I know.
      Granted, that's just my limited experience, but I think it says a lot that it's something I'm not concerned with when I go.

    • @Oscar-_-_
      @Oscar-_-_ 6 годин тому

      > You cannot engineer your way out of this problem
      Have you ever heard about the concept of pipebombs ?

  • @CaptainPeterRMiller
    @CaptainPeterRMiller 7 годин тому

    Absolutely Fabulous Mark. You are marvellous, and I hope your science kits go through the roof.

  • @lyxykyte
    @lyxykyte 21 годину тому +6

    I never understood the reason behind wanting to end this series.

    • @ccgod
      @ccgod 17 годин тому +2

      probably the time investment.

    • @cj.wijtmans
      @cj.wijtmans 12 годин тому +2

      because it exposes something we are not allowed to talk about.

  • @Anonymous58312
    @Anonymous58312 17 годин тому +1


  • @RajaniIsa
    @RajaniIsa День тому +3173

    The ones that act all insulted and upset they got a glitterbomb, as if they were wronged, always give me a laugh.

    • @WahlVids
      @WahlVids День тому +87

      Remember, they're peacefully protesting.

    • @beckymartin7731
      @beckymartin7731 День тому +11

      They sounded like a kid who got in trouble lol

    • @Original_dug_the_buggy
      @Original_dug_the_buggy День тому +2

      Mark is the opposite of the FAILURE

    • @fsxaviator
      @fsxaviator День тому +10

      ​@@WahlVidsbreaking into a car has nothing to do with protesting lol

    • @bonkgameing
      @bonkgameing 23 години тому +17

      13% activities

  • @RevengeIsBetter
    @RevengeIsBetter День тому +8

    I feel like the countdown ruins all of it, if the countdown didn’t start, most of the thieves wouldn’t of thrown the bag/tracker.

  • @ElizabethAnna22
    @ElizabethAnna22 16 годин тому

    one minute in, and i just gotta say before i watch the rest of it, that i am so extremely glad and grateful you've done more of this. honestly think your videos do more to deter theft than people realize. whether you make more or not, thanks for all you've done.

  • @R...Oficial
    @R...Oficial 12 годин тому

    por favor não para não, quero ver mais disso hahahaha

  • @adbelmendoza1826
    @adbelmendoza1826 10 годин тому

    Keep up the great work Mark. Kudos to you and your team.

    @WHATSINSIDEFAMILY 2 дні тому +945

    Don’t. Ever. Stop. 🎉

  • @tacobell8764
    @tacobell8764 День тому

    This should never end!!!
    You do more work for the people than politicians and police do on these issues. Please dont stop. Just take a break.

  • @craig4112
    @craig4112 День тому +20

    The moment when you realize Mark is doing more effective work than Gavin Newsom

  • @DannyRampage
    @DannyRampage 8 годин тому

    This series needs to be an entire channel itself.

  • @hackysackzac
    @hackysackzac 21 годину тому

    This series has been truly amazing. Please don't end it! I'm sure most of your fans and myself love how you turned our every day item storages like backpacks and suitcases into deadly, smelly weapons! I also have a suggestion. What if you made a saddle for a horse that works like a human being riding one? Like a robot that can take the reins and ride an actual horse? Just an idea. Anyways, keep it up! You are awesome, Mark.

  • @SolbladeX
    @SolbladeX 5 годин тому +1

    The fact that this type of nefarious behavior has been going on for so long that they can make a series about it is so disappointing. Local and state officials are making SF what it is by creating a haven for criminals.

  • @IvettOrdog
    @IvettOrdog День тому +1700

    Come on Mark... you can't stop at 6. Everyone knows that after 6 years, you are officially obligated to continue until you hit the 10 year anniversary :D

    • @s4v4gedragone43
      @s4v4gedragone43 День тому +59

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    • @takeahike858
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    • @michaelduguay7698
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      @@takeahike858 They could've been if we hadn't let them down. People don't just wake up and decide to commit crime like a cartoon villain. I'd encourage people to think about deeper problems rather than just seeing whats on the surface

    • @alexkartashov4018
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      @@michaelduguay7698 You'd be surprised, but some just do. Sometimes (often), these people just decide "yeah, this looks like something I can get away with" and they just do it.

    • @DaddieJ
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      @@alexkartashov4018its a symptom of poverty and socioeconomic inequality. These comments on this video are from small minded racists who never went to college a day in their lives.

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