The MCU Is A Joke

  • Опубліковано 13 вер 2023
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    -The MCU Dilemma-
    The MCU is falling apart before our eyes. Let’s take a look at the current state of the MCU, both where it’s at in story as well as its perception in the current pop culture climate.
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  • The Movie Cynic
    The Movie Cynic  19 днів тому +83

    Big thanks to Keeps for supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out!

    • Axiom
      Axiom 13 днів тому +1

      +You're made well around over a dozen of these types of videos, by the way. IF it isn't clear to you already how petty you are.

    • Skinnie
      Skinnie 12 днів тому +1

      You must be high. Its definitely as bad as Martin says it is. Wake up.

    • finnna kanya
      finnna kanya  11 днів тому +1

      1:02 WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT'S THE CASE. your argument doesn't make sense.

  • Dr. Medieval
    Dr. Medieval 18 днів тому +4727

    The super-hero genre isn't dying, it's committing suicide.

    • Adamphibia Kalboonchuy
      Adamphibia Kalboonchuy 18 днів тому +70

      Oh, Lord. I guess only the 2023 Hollywood Strike can save them now. When busy writers and VFX designers quit their jobs altogether, it can stop superhero films from continuing to be oversaturated, or at least give the audience more time to catch up on older Marvel Studios content made before 2023. At least do not overwork the writers of the DC Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe by rushing them to put together a dozen new films or streaming series every year. Writers and Actors not only deserve more money to make these big studio productions, they also need more *time* to make them, and that is why Kevin Feige and James Gunn really need to spread their long-term plans further out to be four years longer than they originally were in 2023.

    • Brick Behind the Screen
      Brick Behind the Screen 18 днів тому +7


    • Ded man
      Ded man 17 днів тому +21

      Good narrations like across the spider verse are example for it

    • Twisted Companion Cube
      Twisted Companion Cube 17 днів тому +29

      I recommend The Boys.

  • Arcademan09
    Arcademan09 15 днів тому +986

    You know what im sick, tired and disgusted by? Having a masked superhero character *THAT DOESN'T KEEP THE MASK ON* they keep taking it off even just for small talk!

    • Sandman
      Sandman 14 днів тому +94

      thats what made V for Vendetta great.
      Dont like actors who think they need their face shown in movies to add to it.

    • Mike Adams
      Mike Adams 14 днів тому +69

      Dredd 2012. Which is better than most dc and marvel output lately, respected that very well.

    • Han T. Miles
      Han T. Miles 14 днів тому +28

      Pedro Pascal didn't learn his lesson and didn't respect his own character's lore. I heard he had arguments against Disney to show his face during the show

    • Sandman
      Sandman 14 днів тому +43

      @Han T. Miles actors who have egos large enough to potentially threaten the potential success of a movie or a series, like what pedro did should be punished, or at least have their egos popped with a dose of reality.
      As Russell Crowe once said "acting is like any other profession, you listen to the boss and do what they say, directors are our boss. we are just actors, we should not be pushing unsolicited opinions and disagreeing with the boss. Any other job you would get fired"
      Its so true.
      Now movies and series are made to please themselves, with fans, who are the ones to make or break the success of a show, are low priority. It seems as if hollywood is forgetting what made hollywood successful in the first place.
      Thank goodness for directors like Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson.... who still respect the craft and who make the movie/series for the fans.

  • BassManDan101
    BassManDan101 17 днів тому +825

    If ‘No Way Home’ followed ‘End Game’, and then they took a break, and in 2023 Guardians 3 came out, people would still be be seriously hyped about the MCU.

    • The Movie Cynic
      The Movie Cynic  17 днів тому +110


    • MrPerser
      MrPerser 15 днів тому +72

      Actual facts. Then kick off the multiverse with the destruction of the sacret timeline and build on that storyline by making it slowly creep into other movies.

    • toshtao1
      toshtao1 13 днів тому +7

      Okay Captain Hindsight.

    • Rich Smith
      Rich Smith 13 днів тому +35

      The TV shows have done alot of damage tho. People feel they can't keep up with it all.

  • MΔsterofbloopers
    MΔsterofbloopers 13 днів тому +423

    Even my friends, who are vehement superhero movie haters, went to see Infinity War and Endgame. That's the kind of magic the MCU once held. Crazy how it can all just disappear in the blink of an eye.

    • Eliminate
      Eliminate 12 днів тому +1

      That’s anecdotal

    • Daniel Waybright
      Daniel Waybright 12 днів тому +21

      @Eliminatenot really. These movies were objectively massive and magical.

    • A fine addition to my collection
      A fine addition to my collection 12 днів тому +11

      @Eliminate Idk, man. The box office results for both movies kind of prove his point. Those movies were 1 2 punches and became cultural events on a high level

    • JayDay
      JayDay 12 днів тому +9

      ​@EliminateIW and Endgame became spectacles. Same kinda hype as sports stadiums. It's why the FNAF movie is going to rake in revenue. People just recognize something that's been around and popular for a while and want to join in on the fun for a limited time. No one would shit a fuck about Oppenheimer if it wasn't Christopher Nolan, same with Barbie if it wasn't a doll line for decades.

  • Harry Figueroa
    Harry Figueroa 15 днів тому +339

    Thank you, Disney, for taking the most beloved comic book characters from my childhood, to the present, and destroying them beyond repair.

    • Arthur X
      Arthur X 15 днів тому +13

      Let us not be overdramatic.

    • Lézuzis
      Lézuzis 15 днів тому

      Thank you for being a comic book character destroyer for our sake

    • Domingo Ca
      Domingo Ca 15 днів тому

      What are you talking about you are so wrong I don't even want to get into it explain if you think you can

    • Harry Figueroa
      Harry Figueroa 14 днів тому +3

      @Domingo Ca with the exception of the Iron Man, Captain America and GOTG, Disney has FU every other Marvel character and storyline. IN MY OPINION. Everyone is entitled to opinions, right? I can't explain in detail, there's a limit to how much I can text, but Marvel Studios is also to blame, especially with the sacrilege it committed with The X-men franchise as well. And now Disney acquired the rights to that in 2019. I cringe in horror and disbelief just thinking about it.

    • Erick Rocha
      Erick Rocha 14 днів тому

      Maybe they should stay as a memory from your childhood.

  • Danny Palin
    Danny Palin 17 днів тому +279

    I love Daredevil, both the comic and the Netflix adaptation. When I saw him turn up in No Way Home, I flipped out along with everyone else because I couldn't wait to see him integrated into the MCU. After seeing him in She-Hulk, and hearing the bombshell that Foggy and Karen weren't coming back in Born Again, I don't care if it's cancelled.

    • BlackWing 92
      BlackWing 92 15 днів тому +30

      i wish it will be cancelled. can't watch they did my boy dirty

    • Tiffany Z
      Tiffany Z 15 днів тому +19

      Besides, daredevil season 3 was the perfect finale for the daredevil series, so I don’t really care if there’s more.

    • Domingo Ca
      Domingo Ca 15 днів тому +1

      You are high the tone of She Hulk is different from continuation of the Daredevil show what are we going to do without Karen and Foggy? lol imagen seeing Bullseye return in his own costume Electra returning more Kingpin or more Punisher new super villains with the same tone as the Netflix show She-Hulk was a comedy so Daredevil was a little bit funny and jocky I hate when people say they ruined the character for me or I can't take him seriously because he was in a episode of She-Hulk a completely different show with a completely different tone the new Daredevil show will be a continuation of the original Netflix show continuing that tone with a more comic book or Marvel twist and foggy might come back we don't need Karen back anyway but it would be cool to see her again so yeah you had a bad take

    • BlackWing 92
      BlackWing 92 15 днів тому +8

      @Domingo Ca yep u right, I'm gonna need 60 bottles to agree Daredevil in she-hulk is good *hic*

    • Domingo Ca
      Domingo Ca 15 днів тому

      @BlackWing 92 hic ? What do you mean it was one episode to get people excited they had sex She-Hulk is not a very good show I understand that

  • Nero Piroman
    Nero Piroman 18 днів тому +5175

    endgame was trully the correct title

    • D D
      D D 18 днів тому +71

      They were bad before that...

    • Nero Piroman
      Nero Piroman 18 днів тому +226

      @D D mcu was never nolan/Tarantino acadamy award winning deaply written franchise

    • Just some guy who loves Berserk
      Just some guy who loves Berserk 18 днів тому +149

      @D DThey weren't IW was awesome despite having flaws, Civil War and Winter Soldier are peak Superhero movies, GOTG was funny and actually great, Avengers 2012 is Nostalgic greatness, Iron Man 2008 was great, Incredible Hulk is so underrated as well

    • klaus hammer
      klaus hammer 18 днів тому +6

      And it really started with that film

    • Drew McIntyre
      Drew McIntyre 18 днів тому +3


  • J.E.R.O.M.E.
    J.E.R.O.M.E. 18 днів тому +448

    Even greater than having forgettable heroes, the thing that these movies are missing are amazing villains. Someone that is undeniably dangerous, extremely intelligent with a purpose, or someone that's plain fun to watch. Whether you want to watch them because they always give the heroes fits, or because they're so terrifying that you're invested in seeing how in the world the heroes can find a way to defeat them, your villains have to be as big a draw as the heroes. Pink lemonade is underrated and delicious.

    • Sgt Jdm
      Sgt Jdm 18 днів тому +28

      Yes - so they have to keep making storylines where the heroes fight each other. And there are so many options. Dr. Doom may be the most interesting character Marvel has.

    • Svetlana Andrášová
      Svetlana Andrášová 18 днів тому +20

      True. If a villain is great and a big threat, then it makes it so much more impressive when the hero beats them. It makes an impression on audience. But when you have someone like that woman at a wedding in She hulk,who has like one fist fight with Jen, then...If there is no big villain to beat,your hero has nothing to overcome and they come up as very useless and bland.

    • Twilight
      Twilight 18 днів тому +27

      Exactly. With no charismatic enemy like Loki for everyone to fight, it gets super boring. It becomes "we fight bad joe shmoe" and nobody cares and then we all go home

    • SleepyStump4509
      SleepyStump4509 17 днів тому +10

      True, Pink lemonade ❤

    • Leith aziz
      Leith aziz 17 днів тому +18

      To be completely fair, that has been a problem with MCU movies from the start, so it's not a new issue. It's just more obvious now that the other elements of the movie are also suffering. You had exceptions like Loki and the High Evolutionary, but most antagonists fall in the forgettable/boring territory.

  • TheChoach
    TheChoach 17 днів тому +139

    Say what you want about the show Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac absolutely killed that role and is CLEARLY the best actor in Phase 4. I need a lot more of him.

    • Zaviah Norwood
      Zaviah Norwood 17 днів тому +17

      Yeah, Moon Knight or The main character from the legend of the ten rings (I can't spell his name lol) would be a great anchor in my opinion.

      DIPANJAN01YT 15 днів тому +12

      Yeah, I liked MoonKnight. Not that its a masterpiece, but it wasn't bad.

    • Thclemm
      Thclemm 15 днів тому +13

      I would have rather them make Moon knight a movie and eternal’s a tv show

  • TheWannabeGamer
    TheWannabeGamer 8 днів тому +33

    It would’ve been so easy to make Dr. Strange the anchor for the new phase. His character is similar to Tony Stark but different enough to grow and develop some nuance to create a backbone for all of the crazy Multiverse stuff. We saw in the first movie alone (not to mention all of the other times he was in other movies) that Dr. Strange is kind of a snob and developed a huge ego after being able to control literal time and space. This can be manipulated in so many different ways: he (understandably) believes he’s always right, so what happens when someone with his powers is wrong?; he shows an over-reliance on his powers, what happens if they stop working correctly?; what made him humble enough to go across the world for help and what scenario would show that humility again?; what if we started this phase showing how stable and reliable his is as a leader but then over time (multiple, well established movies over a normal course of 5 years or so) he starts to lose his mind and the very people he loved had to make the choice to go against him? These are just few of millions of questions that you could ask about his character. And I realize that some of this may seem simple, but the current writers at the MCU have clearly shown that they either hate simple or they literally are not good enough of writers to create simple. And I’m just talking about one character! Multiple characters with fairly simple stories with simple questions will create multifaceted and complex stories and writing without having to think too hard.
    But instead, they made Dr. Strange into a joke, wrote him so that he directly goes against what he would actually do as the character, and has had no growth. That is a tragedy in my book. (He was one of my favorite characters in the MCU before No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness ruined that) Thank you if you read my rant. 😅
    (Edit: I wrote this before I got to the part in the video where he talked about this so I edited it to go more into detail of what I’m talking about)

    • WackMaDino
      WackMaDino 7 днів тому +5

      Its a shame too because Multiverse of Madness had every opportunity to take his character in interesting directions through his relationship with America Chavez & his dichotomy with Wanda but instead they just sidelined him and stuck alternate universe Christine in there, which gets in the way of his development with America whilst rehashing his whole too busy for a love life thing

    • XpoToH Великий
      XpoToH Великий 4 дні тому +1

      We don't need Strange to go through "Ego" phase again, it's exactly what Disney likes to do - character regression, just to tell the same stupid words again and again.
      There's another direction, which far better. Strange being a mentor. "Why do you think that world is centered on you", lesson about ego was done in his first movie, plus Strange even sacrificed himself just for the purpose of defeating Phanos. It's only natural that already "humble" Strange would become a mentor, instead of being an idiot for forgetting everything he went through.
      How we can show Strange being a mentor?
      Easy, Strange's magic doesn't work properly in other universes. I can even explain why it doesn't work and why it would be a good point for being a mentor.

  • Zach Rohler
    Zach Rohler 18 днів тому +135

    "Mcu" humor has crept its way into everything. I understand what Scorsese meant. Thanks to the mcu, eveeything coming from hollywood has mcu level banter or one liners all the time. Aswell as the flip floppy tone and themes

    • Hercules
      Hercules 18 днів тому +7


    • Thclemm
      Thclemm 15 днів тому +6

      This is true

    • Gaming legend
      Gaming legend 15 днів тому +30

      It's crazy how his initial criticism of the MCU even tho when he said it wasn't true, it ended up developing into what he said it was back then. Man was on point

    • AtomicGaming Productions
      AtomicGaming Productions 12 днів тому +1

      Reminds me of comparisons between the L4D and the Back 4 Blood trailers lmao. People wonder why that game flopped and people get annoyed with characters like this so easily..
      Good characters can salvage a bad product in some capacity. If you make characters people care about, sure, this one adventure or incident may not have gone over well, but you can bring them back later and try again because the audience is invested. You can have weird CGI or graphics at times, or a simplistic story that's not too advanced, and if people care about who your story is about, they'll watch.
      Problem is, even during serious moments or scenes, every damn character has turned into a one-liner spouting badass trynna be "quirky" and "funny" and not even in a good way. At first, it was novel because compared to other "edgy", over the top protagonists and stories that were shoulders-deep in trauma, here was a protagonist that didn't give two shits and acted like it. Think characters like Duke Nukem, Duke clearly doesn't care and is meant to be the stereotypical testosterone-packed badass "movie action hero" character, but at the time, he was one of the only ones.
      Now with all of them like that, it feels hard to take the stories seriously or even care. When you go to get into a series or story and the main characters have no personality beyond swearing, sex jokes, or "cool guys don't look at explosions" one liners it's boring as hell. Not saying a character has to be some deep thinker every time who questions life, the universe, and our very existence, but at least have SOMETHING to make them relatable! Plus, PLUS, please stop ruining serious moments with stupid jokes. Seeing a giant creature rip apart a starship and kill thousands of people would I think be more impactful then just saying a line in a monotone voice similar to: "Damn, guess that thing wanted us to.. "ship" out eh? Alright let's kill it!"
      I can name the characters that came from modern video media that I actually like on four fingers, and that's it. Even then the series they're from wasn't even that good, there are almost no good or at least relatable characters in modern movies or TV and I'm sick of it.
      (Sorry for the rant, your comment inspired me to write something.)
      TLDR: No good characters in modern film or TV as they're all too busy cracking ""jokes"" and one liners with no personality beyond "bland action hero" outside of that and I hate it.

    • jingle balls
      jingle balls 10 днів тому

      He wasn’t even talking about that tho

  • Søren Lund Søndergaard
    Søren Lund Søndergaard 17 днів тому +48

    The problem with Iron Man is that after a few movies everybody startet acting like him, even Steve. Everybody jokes and take nothing serious...

    • Gustavo Sandoval
      Gustavo Sandoval 12 днів тому +15

      They didn't understand that it wasn't the jokes what people liked, it was the whole character

  • h#99
    h#99 18 днів тому +3210

    Thanos may have lost, but he still did exactly what he said he would - bring an end to the avengers.

    • Tyler E.
      Tyler E. 18 днів тому +364

      Maybe Thanos was right, he was trying to save the MCU from oversaturation. What a thoughtful guy.

    • George Stain
      George Stain 18 днів тому +49

      @Tyler E. That can become a great theory

    • Gyrfalcon312
      Gyrfalcon312 18 днів тому +38

      "Congratulations, you're a prophet."
      If only this line didn't cross into our reality and kill one of the coolest movie franchises ever.

    • Adamphibia Kalboonchuy
      Adamphibia Kalboonchuy 18 днів тому +5

      @Tyler E. Ugh, I am SO SICK of people who try to make the villains look like the good guy for ending the existence of the heroes earlier! I hated it when it was done before 3 years ago in the comments of Clownfish TV videos, talking about Sideshow Bob "saving" The Simpsons from becoming worse, and Mojo Jojo "saving" The Powerpuff Girls from becoming worse. At least The CW finally quit on Powerpuff while they were ahead of not finishing a doomed-to-fail product nobody would like, so at least someone learned something from Batgirl.

  • scaredragon
    scaredragon 18 днів тому +71

    To me the ant-man movies were smaller character based stories, it didn’t seem like the first one planned beyond its ending. It could have been the MCU movies that are basically the opposite of the MCU movie
    It’s been proven they will not be that, but personally Paul Rudd as Ant-Man is my favorite MCU casting

    • Bobo Boy
      Bobo Boy 18 днів тому +2

      Edgar Wright supposed to direct ant Man 1, he Even wrote a script which later to be what we saw (not all) but feigi refuse to Let him to do what he want

      THE AMAZING SPOODERMAN 15 днів тому +1

      ​@Bobo Boy Ant Man 1 that we got was good tho so no problems there

    • johnny cage
      johnny cage 15 днів тому

      @THE AMAZING SPOODERMANantman movies are all boring with terrible villains

  • Adam F
    Adam F 17 днів тому +58

    You are precisely correct about the importance of Iron Man/Tony Stark to the MCU. That character had by far the best development arc over phases 1 to 3.

    • Иван Иванов
      Иван Иванов 10 днів тому

      Nah, nope, he didn't. Only movies that really showed his development - first Iron Man and probably, first Avengers. And then it's stay the same with repeating his "anti-egoism" theme over and over again.

  • Ice Tide
    Ice Tide 13 днів тому +117

    Remember, you can make amazing movies with CGI. They're called animated movies. I mean you can even make amazing movies that use both CGI and live action. Plenty of movies pre-endgame are a testament of that. But you need to actually make it look good. Hard to believe, I know.

    • kapono5150 sucks
      kapono5150 sucks 10 днів тому

      Imagine being sad over superheroes lol

    • Soft Piet
      Soft Piet 8 днів тому

      @kapono5150 suckswho’s kapono?

  • AlexJustAlex YT
    AlexJustAlex YT 13 днів тому +21

    The thing is that it is also weird to have one of the most amazing, most anticipated, and the most biggest film that is Endgame which took a decade to build to going back to trying to speedrun to another "Endgame", every movie is now being centered around Khan or whatever his name is instead of the movie being able to stand completely on it's own and maybe at the end-credit scene it connects back to "the main villain"

    • JD Di
      JD Di 11 днів тому


  • Wrecker
    Wrecker 9 днів тому +5

    Here's a cold hard fact: the vast majority of fans have grown up. Not in the sense that we are too old for superhero movies, but that we've seen and experienced all that there was from this franchise, and have now moved on. Here's another: what was achieved this past decade and a half can never be recreated. It was a special and unique era in cinema, a time capsule worth revisiting, but one that also needs to be laid to rest.

  • Scarlett
    Scarlett 18 днів тому +2114

    how does Disney spend 200 million dollars on a show that is WAY worse than a youtube video? and then get less views than a youtube video as well! it's astonishing.

    • DaveLee Vicks
      DaveLee Vicks 18 днів тому +32

      Top dude= this Property is worth a lot of money, but I need to get somebody to make this product. Checks the pool of people to choose from to make said property. Chooses person who has made a name for themselves. Person top dude chooses= I don't know or really care for this stuff, so I'm gonna do this my way.

    • Zeriel
      Zeriel 18 днів тому +48


    • dingdingdingdiiiiing
      dingdingdingdiiiiing 18 днів тому +33

      Maybe it's money laundering.

    • Mark Faraday
      Mark Faraday 18 днів тому +20

      Critical Drinker has entered the chat

    • youtubenit
      youtubenit 18 днів тому +28

      Because THE MESSAGE

  • KDP
    KDP 17 днів тому +36

    I can't really think of anything that would make me care about the MCU again. I feel i've seen everything there is to see.

    • AttackCrash
      AttackCrash 13 днів тому +2

      She hulk season 2

    • Deondrex17k
      Deondrex17k 13 днів тому +2

      I'm waiting on what if season 2 and The other Spiderman into the spider verse movie other than that there isn't much I care for anymore tbh might check out Loki

    • Louiepikmin3
      Louiepikmin3 3 дні тому

      Ngl, I'll probably watch the kang dynasty when that comes out, but I'm probably gonna skip everything else

  • Leonardo Klotz
    Leonardo Klotz 13 днів тому +8

    "Evil cannot create anything new. It can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made."
    - JRR Tolkien

  • Yusuf Amir
    Yusuf Amir День тому +2

    After NWH I was convinced that MCU was worth it and for some time I watched their shows and be the first in line to watch their moves, for some time I always showed up, but soon I realize that this was trash and I was kind of just waiting for Spider-Man appear on the Hawkeye Show Finale or for him to appear on She Hulk with Daredevil, so I left it and I just didn’t care about superheroes in general anymore, I watched Guardians 3 and it was pretty good I really really liked it felt like and actual MCU I want to see but that didn’t bring me faith back I knew that was the only movie that had tears and heart in it by James Gunn and the cast and the rest of the MCU wasn’t like this I was still convinced this was trash, and only things I care about is Spider-Verse movies and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, and I hate that the only good stuff we have is Spider-Man and maybe The Batman too but Superman the literal face of superheroes hasn’t gotten is own movie in over 10 years, all I’m really looking up to right now is Superman Legacy Beyond the Spider-Verse but if I had to choose one I’ll probably choose Superman Legacy. one more thing I feel like Deadpool 3 is going to be the only good movie in a while just like Guardians 3 because it actually has effort put into it by the creators and the cast

  • Catzilla
    Catzilla 18 днів тому +181

    8:22 _"Keeping fans around is difficult but bringing them back after they've left is a mountain of a task."_
    Especially when Disney has gone out of its way to antagonize the fans. We've been telling Disney for years now exactly what is wrong with their product (the writing) and they stubbornly, defiantly continue to make crap. At some point, those fans stop caring and they are NEVER coming back.

    • Andrew Greeb
      Andrew Greeb 18 днів тому +10

      We told them what was wrong, we gave them chances, we walked away.

    • The_ Archer1202
      The_ Archer1202 17 днів тому +9

      Honestly kind've hilarious how Disney's big bosses look to cut costs in the parks/ other areas yet you wanna spend a couple hundred million on a tv show for characters the audience doesnt care about

    • [banned]
      [banned] 14 днів тому +2

      Also with how much shitty shows they its imPossible to get back into the mcu after phase 3 so they would basically need to re do all of phase 4 with good writing to get fans back

    • The_ Archer1202
      The_ Archer1202 14 днів тому +4

      @[banned] they don't need a reboot they just need to move on and make decent shows instead of pumping out content like now, part of it is they need to stop making villians into just the punching bag of the week like many films they've made since avengers has done

    • LiveFreeOrDie2A
      LiveFreeOrDie2A 14 днів тому +5

      They’ve methodically gone through and destroyed every beloved male super hero, replacing them with female versions of the character infinitely stronger, better, and badass than them in every way.. or so they relentlessly try and shove down our throats in EVERY aspect of EVERY new addition to their super hero franchises

  • M. Lewis
    M. Lewis 14 днів тому +6

    What you said about getting people back after they lose them is so true. I used to be the biggest MCU stan, but I literally don’t care anymore. I’ve skipped so much of their projects recently, and the ones I have watched were so bad that I felt disrespected lol. It would take a lot for me to start going to the theater or paying for their streaming again

  • Robert Luna
    Robert Luna 18 днів тому +1365

    The problem Disney has is that they are trying to force the backbone character to be Captain Marvel, and nobody is buying it.

    • natta4
      natta4 18 днів тому +222

      Not anymore they aren't. That was the plan pre Endgame. It was for her to be the new MCU lead but that backfired and they lost Chadwick. So you can tell they've panicked and changed alot of the plan.

    • pyropulse
      pyropulse 18 днів тому +109

      They haven't been trying to do that since 2019...

    • E D
      E D 18 днів тому +26

      The same problem with star wars

    • Matthew K
      Matthew K 18 днів тому +83

      @natta4 Exactly. She's not even the lead of her own sequel.

    • Create Greatness
      Create Greatness 18 днів тому +63

      I don't care if the character/name is from the comics...being "Marvel Comics" and "Marvel Studios" and the "Marvel Cinematic Universe"....and having a character BRANDED as "Captain/Miss Marvel" is the STUPIDEST thing ever. It is just an incredibly tacky move to go with.
      Especially when they try to promote Captain Marvel as the strongest MCU character, and tried to "prequel-ize" her into being a key part of the backstory of the MCU, making her the first "Modern" Avenger after Captain America, predating Iron Man, and having her call-sign be the reason it was called the "Avenger Initiative"
      It was REALLY annoying to see them force so much focus onto a brand new character right when the franchise was about to conclude with Endgame.
      Very poor business decision.

  • StevetheCollector18
    StevetheCollector18 18 днів тому +37

    I like to comfort myself with the fact the first 3 phases of the MCU will always be there to be enjoyed once again and shared with people who haven't experienced them, and of course I need to do this because Disney is NOT going to change the way they make movies any time soon, just look at that awful Snow White live action they're making.

    • The_ Archer1202
      The_ Archer1202 17 днів тому +4

      I remember my excitement at the prospect of going to the theater just to see the marvel movies, i remember driving home late at night nerding out in the car at the prospect of seeing certain heroes or villians then DC did a Justice league and has fumbled thus far and after endgame i barely find any excitement at a new movie and it just saddens me because those marvel movies were such big events in my year even when they were meh like the two ant man movies and thor dark world

    • StevetheCollector18
      StevetheCollector18 16 днів тому

      ​@The_ Archer1202 I totally get it man, my feelings have also changed a lot towards supehero movies in general, from wanting to know what happens next to not being interested at all.

    • Erick Rocha
      Erick Rocha 14 днів тому

      Move on.

  • Dramn
    Dramn 18 днів тому +10

    I have always hated this mask stuff, where people think that someone can't act through a mask. They have an entire body... literally everything down to where they put their shoulders to how tilted their head is, would be MORE than fine. Not to mention context, music, camerawork, whatever

  • Taipan brown
    Taipan brown 17 днів тому +5

    I feel like loki could be lead if they could write him well enough, I was enjoying his character in the show until he got a bit sidelined.

  • Merlith
    Merlith 18 днів тому +12

    I am glad you are hammering down this point 6:40. It mirrors my own take that I have had for years and ultimately why I've never liked or had any interest in multiverse stories, and made it hard for me to continue staying invested in comics beyond my initial childhood.
    Many years ago, I made this exact claim "once the MCU starts introducing the Multiverse, thats when it starts going downhill"

  • Rish G
    Rish G 17 днів тому +5

    These MCU roundups always remind me of at least a half dozen shows/movies I completely forgot existed

  • Chad Kirk
    Chad Kirk 18 днів тому +884

    It took them from 2008 to 2019 to build an empire. It only took them 2 years to completely destroy it. But hey, they know everything and it's really the fans that are the problem.

    • Adamphibia Kalboonchuy
      Adamphibia Kalboonchuy 18 днів тому +7

      They did not completely destroy the Marvel empire or else Kevin Feige would have to reboot the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is what is happening now to the DC Cinematic Universe with James Gunn's new plan. How do you feel about Superman Legacy?

    • Aldrei Alhambra
      Aldrei Alhambra 18 днів тому +124

      ​@Adamphibia Kalboonchuyso typical mcu response bringing on dc just to feel better at themselves

    • PrimeDiam
      PrimeDiam 17 днів тому +54

      @Adamphibia Kalboonchuy Bro how are you tribal over companies wtf

    • mark borishnikoff
      mark borishnikoff 16 днів тому +16

      @Adamphibia Kalboonchuy nah it’s dead and I’m happy it’s falling apart. I’m sick of the oversaturation.

    • Sidney Rodrigues
      Sidney Rodrigues 16 днів тому +6

      ​@Adamphibia Kalboonchuysadly they did, and denial won't change that

  • MichelangeloVA
    MichelangeloVA 18 днів тому +9

    The recent performances of the MCU makes me believe more and more that secret wars will essentially be the finale of the MCU before it gets rebooted. Which i think ultimately is for the best.

  • Atlas Graham
    Atlas Graham 10 днів тому +1

    I think the two characters who were fit to take the lead were Loki, since he was the one who started all of the Multiverse stuff, was a known character, and could carry a scene, and Doctor Strange for the reasons brought up in the video.
    It's too late in the phase to make Loki the lead at this point, and Strange - like the video said - has been relegated to a plot device.

  • Ivan Lim
    Ivan Lim 5 днів тому +1

    I think the biggest problem of the mcu right now is that they haven't introduced the x men and F4 as a whole yet.

  • DaPumpkinHead
    DaPumpkinHead 7 днів тому

    Ever since Stan Lee died it just isn't the same. Such a shame what he had to live through in his final years. Rest in piece.

  • Big Mountain Studios
    Big Mountain Studios 8 днів тому +1

    The MCU has gone from a lasting franchise to a total shell of a franchise.

  • Wyndell Lee the Spammer
    Wyndell Lee the Spammer 18 днів тому +541

    Disney needs to stop and think on why they are failing.

    • avokka
      avokka 18 днів тому +41

      Bob Iger is too busy seeing dollars

    • gamermasterL
      gamermasterL 18 днів тому +53

      introspection is beyond these people.

    • Petrie W
      Petrie W 18 днів тому +40

      i'd say Disney actually needs to stop and ask someone who wasn't hired directly by Bob Iger or someone he hired why they're failing, and actually listen
      Disney's problem, for a long time now, has been how ideologically inbred the company is. It's full of people with their heads firmly up their own asses who believe Disney will succeed simply because it's Disney. They have no outside perspectives, they have no actual idea what the outside world of them thinks, they have no idea what they're own flaws are. This is why they keep repeating their mistakes.
      hubris and Disney are pretty much now synonymous.

    • Paul Stratton
      Paul Stratton 18 днів тому +6

      They are victims so the "cause" is always outside of them.

  • theusernameicoodfind
    theusernameicoodfind 18 днів тому +33

    Yeah I’m still a little bummed out about strange being a side character in his own movie lol that was the worst decision they could have made

      THE AMAZING SPOODERMAN 15 днів тому +2

      wasnt exactly a side character, he had more spells than before, had a great arc and settling at the end that he IS happy, plus we find out he is the best among his variants, I always saw Wanda as Thanos of MoM, like how we saw both Thanos and Avengers in IW but whatever they did was not enough to hurt Thanos, similar in MoM

    • Diomedes
      Diomedes 10 днів тому +5

      ​@THE AMAZING SPOODERMANThey turned Strange into a absolute moron, doing some of the dumbest things imaginable.
      The fact you bring up Wanda. Another character they absolutely destroyed and made irredeemable, yet the story tried to some how defend her actions in Wanda vision and thst movie is laughable.

    • D. Mi
      D. Mi 2 дні тому

      ​@THE AMAZING SPOODERMANMore spells yet didn't use them most of the time or even try to establish any rules for them. They made both him and Wanda dumbasses.
      His arc fell flat because he *does* feel like a side character and his big flaws weren't touched upon properly.

  • 1DAR26
    1DAR26 18 днів тому +17

    Spider-Man could've and should've been the main anchor going into the next phase. However, due to Sony, they probably didn’t want to do that. It even makes sense for him to be one of the leaders to lead the New Avengers as he was mentor by Tony and fought alongside everyone against Thanos and his army. His battle knowledge and experience is up there. Even if Disney/Marvel and Sony worked out a deal to have Spider-Man as a prominent figure going into phase 5, Tom Hollan stated he doesn’t wish to continue acting as the web swinger. This would lead to yet another recast which many of us are exhausted from.

      THE AMAZING SPOODERMAN 15 днів тому +1

      Tom Holland is just talking a break I'm pretty sure, he will be back

    • bushidorox
      bushidorox 4 дні тому

      Another thing that would’ve made Spidey perfect as the new centerpiece is that he was the youngest of the Avengers at the time; the de-facto ‘kid who flails around in the original, then grows into his own and becomes the new leader’.

  • BluntMachete Astartes
    BluntMachete Astartes 19 годин тому

    i do agree that kaiju/monsterverse is the next big thing alongside avatar within movies.
    but gacha companies like mihoyo is the next big video game thing.

  • Tarumarugan
    Tarumarugan 13 днів тому

    Centering a franchise around a villain is an interesting idea.

    SEIKH ABDULLAH 13 днів тому

    It doesn’t matter if a character is C or D tier the story and character development can really do wonders. I mean if they at least tried.

  • Scooter13101
    Scooter13101 18 днів тому +518

    After phase 3, it just became quantity over quality.
    With all the shows and movies, it just felt like homework just to keep up.

    • The Jazz King
      The Jazz King 18 днів тому +27

      I agree there are way too many projects. Audiences cannot keep up with the various shows.

    • Just some guy who loves Berserk
      Just some guy who loves Berserk 18 днів тому +33

      It became overwhelming and it started losing it's charm and writing quality from the previous phase

    • Adamphibia Kalboonchuy
      Adamphibia Kalboonchuy 18 днів тому +5

      To me, watching every movie in the pre-Disney+ phases already felt like homework. I watched whatever Marvel movies I wanted to watch out of order, and found I can enjoy most of them more when I am not one of the overly-analytical people who has to watch every individual Marvel film property in the order of which they were made. With both Marvel movies and Marvel series or mini-series on Disney+, I find that I enjoy each individual production on their own because I am not thinking about the bigger picture with Secret Wars, so I am lucky that for now, for this year, I do not have to keep up with everything right away until Avengers Secret Wars officially begins production, which will not happen for another three years due to the 2023 WGA and SAGA strike.

    • Andrew Greeb
      Andrew Greeb 18 днів тому +13

      Nobody misses the big movie coming out, but when there's one every couple months it gets old fast.

  • Arsenal 616
    Arsenal 616 15 днів тому

    One of the things I liked about the MCU early on was the mix of genres that kept things from getting stale. In Phase 2 you had a spy/action thriller, a space adventure and a heist movie (crap on Ant-Man all you want, I think those movies are ok, not great but better than Thor 2). They had lots of opportunities to mix things up and keep it interesting. The build to Infinity War and Endgame kinda put the genre mixing on the back burner and after Phase 3 they forgot all about it.

  • sstorey79
    sstorey79 13 днів тому +16

    I feel like the anchor for the current MCU was supposed to be black panther, and losing Chadwick really left a massive hole they don’t know how to feel

    • Mistermeuh328
      Mistermeuh328 11 днів тому +2

      Just recast him.
      It has been done again and again in cinema history

  • Derek Tyburczyk
    Derek Tyburczyk 17 днів тому +8

    Just as the entirety of the movie industry is failing to provide new and appealing ideas for entertainment, they seemingly cannot fail hard enough to learn any lesson, whatsoever.
    Never learn, never change.

  • Toxic_drip_1995
    Toxic_drip_1995 2 години тому

    I've been wanting to see ol man Steve Rogers after endgame. I think focusing on him while he still keeps in contact with bucky and Sam would be nice and help the story. Seeing ol Steve Rogers visiting Tony grave would be interesting

  • Joshua Henderson
    Joshua Henderson 17 днів тому

    Honestly i think Hollywood and the rest of these films could learn alot from UA-camrs like you

  • Cole Tussing
    Cole Tussing 18 днів тому +859

    Another reason why Guardians was low at first was because for everyone, Guardians was the make or break movie for people staying or leaving the MCU for good

    • Visser Matt
      Visser Matt 18 днів тому +79

      pretty sure the dr strange and thor 1-2 punch kicked a bunch of people out there... what a sadistic attack on peoples sanity

    • Dolavin
      Dolavin 18 днів тому +5

      It broke me

    • A You Tube Commenter
      A You Tube Commenter 18 днів тому +19

      The Marvels will set more packing. Watch.

    • Visser Matt
      Visser Matt 18 днів тому +17

      @user-gk3yh2wf1f guardians 2 was bad enough that when i heard the plot summary for 3, i just skipped it. from what i've heard, its the best thing since endgame... but that bar is so low that it doesnt make the film good.
      i do want to know what the frick DC is thinkin though. their hiring of gunn and their announcement kinda went hand in hand during g3s production right? they had no idea if g3 was any good, and they tanked a year and a half of their own films to brag they stole a director... absolute idiocy

    • Semyon Galtsev
      Semyon Galtsev 18 днів тому +12

      Correction: not for everyone, but for a lot of people. For me personally and, I'm sure, some others, it was the Disney+ shows, namely Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk. The logic was: "If I'm I okay with skipping these characters' shows and, by extension, a bunch of lore that may hinder my enjoyment and/or understanding of future films, does that mean MCU's status as a lightning in a bottle that I couldn't get enough of gone? Huh. Apparently it does. Shit."

  • Soulkibble
    Soulkibble 17 днів тому

    One of the biggest issues with the MCU lately for me and many others that I've talked to has been how we haven't had really any memorable villains outside of Thanos. Like the movies prefer to just go with a "villain of the week" kind of formula and make jokes out of villains who in the comics are very interesting and can he a massive threat if given proper time and development. The only recent villain that has left a good impact has been the Spot from spudervwrse 2 because of how the movie actually developed them from being a Joke to an actual multiversal threat.

  • Jacob Hunt
    Jacob Hunt 13 днів тому

    Your multiverse spiel is exactly how I’ve felt about Spider-Man’s infinitely growing multiverse for YEARS. It was one thing to toy with it in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions as it’s own self contained story…
    But now it’s a crutch and two peg legs for the Spider-Man brand. Peter hasn’t been special for years because the Spider-Man powers, gadgets, costumes, villains, and even love interests are no longer his own… he shares everything with the multiverse (usually with Spider-Gwen, and especially Miles).
    Peter can never do his own thing anymore, he has to take on at least 96% of his threats with the help of Miles and sometimes Spider-Gwen. Peter’s no longer a shining star within the marvel universe… he’s just another face with Spider Powers and spandex.
    Spider-Man’s multiverse is high key the diversity and inclusion crutch, and they’re not gonna stop making new ones until something collapses.

  • gotnotimefordis
    gotnotimefordis 13 днів тому +1

    Me, my brother and my father always watched MCU movies together. She-Hulk was the breaking point and we genuinely stopped watching after the twerking scene at the end.
    That doesn't just happen for us. I'm sad to know it hasn't gotten better. What a shame.

  • Fair!e
    Fair!e 17 днів тому

    it's good to know I'm not the only one who was struggling with Loki
    cause I was like ? "wow this show makes the rest of marvel feel like it didn't matter at all"

  • A fine addition to my collection
    A fine addition to my collection 12 днів тому +4

    Does anyone remember summer just 5 years ago? We were all actively speculating what would happen in the next Avengers movie, whose title wouldn't even be revealed until the end of 2018. I'll always miss those times

  • Amateur Analyst
    Amateur Analyst 18 днів тому +348

    I was actually suprised that they were going to continue after Endgame.

    • Daniel Mokobia
      Daniel Mokobia 18 днів тому +21

      why would they not they have so many storys that not been in on the big screen

    • Monocle Gentlesir
      Monocle Gentlesir 17 днів тому +19

      The MCU was a massive money maker, so of course they would want to continue it.

  • xXTheVigilantXx
    xXTheVigilantXx 15 днів тому

    Back after Endgame came out I was (vainly) hoping that it would end there, or the MCU would start a brand new universe. My quote, at the time, taken from Batman was "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain". Greed has made the MCU into a villain.

  • Ironica
    Ironica 14 днів тому

    So, a questions for all:
    Since the super hero genre is dying, what do you think the next big genre shall be?

  • Idiot
    Idiot 14 днів тому +1

    Calling it a joke implies some level of humor

  • cryohellinc
    cryohellinc 18 днів тому +2

    I was never a fan of all those superhero movies, what surprises me the most is how long they lasted.

  • Italia2011
    Italia2011 14 днів тому +2

    I used to watch MCU trailers over and over until the movies came out ..😢

  • Ru Thomas
    Ru Thomas 18 днів тому +151

    22 films over 11 years was great. My dad and I watched them together. Then after Endgame, it became overwhelming, there was just too much, so we stopped watching 🙄

    • GorpaDorpOrp
      GorpaDorpOrp 18 днів тому +8

      They need to do a massive reboot where it doesn't cost a billion dollars just to get the main team in (green) room together

    • Aldrei Alhambra
      Aldrei Alhambra 18 днів тому +2

      ​@GorpaDorpOrp see what u ded there😂

    • Lenny Ztrobos
      Lenny Ztrobos 16 днів тому +4

      The series has definately become a jump-off point. Like it or not, Loki was a huge mistake IMO

    • jingle balls
      jingle balls 10 днів тому +1

      @Lenny ZtrobosI agree. These shows suck lmao. Moon kight I really enjoyed tho.

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 18 днів тому +1

    two huge problems I do have is everything is galaxy ending or topping the last movie. also Wanda and marvels are so OP when they want that no one in the original 3 phases can even compare. atleast iron man and captain America has limitations which made them great characters and had good arcs for story building

  • MrSebus
    MrSebus 13 днів тому

    What about Loki? He is the first who learns about the "main" villain in that phase, and i think he is pretty well written, atleast to that point (I don't see new season from the show while writing it). But it ends here, He could be leader of the new avengers, but marvels lay everywhere else, it is trully the ending untill the CEO don't wanna makes changes and actually give heart to all of new films, shows and everything they have in plan.

  • MegaDeathRay10
    MegaDeathRay10 12 днів тому

    Its not just the products, its the attitude of the company and actors. They had a cocky "if you don't like it don't watch it" attitude and now they reap what they sow.

  • j91632
    j91632 11 днів тому

    Dude this was totally true and frickin hilarious 😂 😂.. Love the channel 👍🏿

  • cheesesteakphilly
    cheesesteakphilly 13 днів тому +3

    Saw “Everything Everywhere All at Once” before Dr. Strange MoM and was excited to see what would happen in a Marvel multiverse…
    Huge letdown.

  • Wyndell Lee the Spammer
    Wyndell Lee the Spammer 18 днів тому +435

    Even a single Barbie movie is doing better than the MCU.

    • Just some guy who loves Berserk
      Just some guy who loves Berserk 18 днів тому +60

      Because Barbie had good marketing alongside Oppenheimer

    • Filmnerd TV
      Filmnerd TV 18 днів тому +15

      @Just some guy who loves Berserkstill if the word of mouth was negative, it would have had a big drop at the second weekend (best example: Doc. Strange 2‘)

    • Aaron
      Aaron 18 днів тому +28

      @Filmnerd TV but it *was* negative. People went to see it cus of the meme, and because it was bundled with an actually good movie.. Oppenheimer.

    • Bobo Boy
      Bobo Boy 18 днів тому +3

      ​@Aaronbundled with oppenheimer??? What you talking about???

    • a n t i s m o
      a n t i s m o 18 днів тому +28

      @Bobo Boy Barbie and Oppenheimer came out on the same day

  • pankace
    pankace 13 днів тому

    I didn't even like the early phases, but I'd watch movies about Dr Doom. Such a cool, overlooked character

  • O'Dwyre ArtWorld
    O'Dwyre ArtWorld 18 днів тому +3

    The money these big studios spend on making mid shows is mind boggling. Don't they have a board of advisors.

  • Barry McCaulkiner
    Barry McCaulkiner 17 днів тому

    You're correct. Over saturation. Too much being shoved down our throats while Disney is holding their hand out waiting for us to pay them for IPs we didn't ask for.

  • Gabe Frost
    Gabe Frost 16 днів тому

    The Tony Stark character for me was the pathfinder character. The one that set the tone and was recognizable, even as his time in the spotlight dwindled to share with others. I wouldn't necessarily call him the backbone, but more, the blueprint. Having a Downey Jr isn't what is missing, in my opinion, but rather focus and story. A movie can make a new star if the elements are right. You can enjoy a character and put them in a garbage movie or two, but you can't make 20 garbage movies with that character because their charisma will only invest the audience so much. MCU worked because each main character was well developed and relevant in the story. And the story used them in meaningful ways. These created multiple stars, where as now the quality is just generating duds.

  • Jørgen Fallet Mosand
    Jørgen Fallet Mosand 10 днів тому +1

    I think wandavision and Loki was really good. And actually Loki himself could be a good leader for avenger if he had a really good redemption story, like Thor dies because of his egoism or something so he has to ressurect the avengers or something. And ofcourse Thor could also be a good lead, but idk Chris kinda done with the role or?

  • Son Wukon
    Son Wukon 18 днів тому +298

    It's literally insane how virtue signaling can ruin an artistic vision

    • Erik Bihari
      Erik Bihari 18 днів тому +3

      M.c.u. is just content, and virtue signaling can ruin even that!

    • pyropulse
      pyropulse 18 днів тому +25

      They never had an artistic vision to begin with

    • Erik Bihari
      Erik Bihari 18 днів тому +3

      @pyropulse. Truer words have never been spoken!

    • Son Wukon
      Son Wukon 18 днів тому +5

      @pyropulse you might believe that it was a bad vision, but you can't say that didn't have any vision up until Endgame.

    • James Knight
      James Knight 18 днів тому

      Well put 👍

  • lanoche
    lanoche 17 днів тому

    We used to always watch every MCU film that came out in theatres but since phase 4 starter and after end game, we just didn't. We would watch one occasionally now.

  • Adam Volný
    Adam Volný 14 днів тому

    I think great connecting villain would have been Norman Osborn (if they could still use him).
    I liked how in Spectacular Spider-Man he was the guy, who was making supervillains, to prevent Spider-Man from spoiling plans of crime bosses, so he could do the same thing, just for TV shows. Maybe some mobsters, villains or even government hires him to distract heroes so they don't spoil their plans, or just as bodyguards/super servants. They don't have to be main villains of the show, villain of the week is fine.
    Then maybe one of those experiments backfires (or works exactly as it should) and we'll get MCU's own Green Goblin, who would appear go against Spider-Man in his last MCU movie.

  • Aegir
    Aegir 13 днів тому

    This made me realize that years after endgame, we haven't even hear rumors of the next avengers. Yes we did saw few candidates but the thought of 'oh they're totally gonna team up for an avengers level threat' isn't present in the past couple of years. Heck, even most of the new characters (and old ones) aren't even a good team player. The Thunderbolts took too long to reveal and they have a more promising, experienced members and leader.

  • Mushy Log
    Mushy Log 14 днів тому

    The problem with multi-verses is not only that "anything can happen" but also "everything can happen", so nothing happens... in the hearts of the audience, whenever they're watching these shows and movies. A character can die and be brought back. When it's that easy to cheat death, the life of our heroes don't matter anymore. ESPECIALLY when the stories are so weak, and characters so badly written.

  • Mister WiZeguy
    Mister WiZeguy 17 днів тому

    As a Pittsburgh-er, I very much appreciated including the clip of the Steelers absolutely WRECKING the Dolphins. 😁

  • Michael Reich
    Michael Reich 18 днів тому +241

    If you're old enough to remember, everything through Endgame was like the WWF Attitude Era. After that is what we have now in both cases.

    • 𝔰𝔢𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔤𝔥𝔬𝔰𝔱𝔰
      𝔰𝔢𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔤𝔥𝔬𝔰𝔱𝔰 18 днів тому +1

      Now we have wwe

    • 三角のメロン
      三角のメロン 18 днів тому +27

      Bad comparison. After Attitude Era, we got Ruthless Agression Era before PG era, RA era arguably same or even better era than attitude era.

    • basickben
      basickben 18 днів тому +5

      This was actually a good comparison. By the Ruthless Agression era, i was fatigued and tapped out after things started to drastically change, and favorites started to phase out or jump ship. I was around for the transition to RA though, and they entered that phase strongly just like the MCU after endgame. Sustainability became the issue in all cases.

    • JamisonWithAnI
      JamisonWithAnI 18 днів тому +3

      Exactly, and endgame was wrestle mania X7

    • Marvin Powell
      Marvin Powell 18 днів тому +7

      No, I disagree. The Ruthless Aggression era still had guys like Eddie Guerrero, Chris [redacted], Batista, Edge, HHH, and even John Cena. 2001 to 2009 wasn't as good as the Attitude Era, but it was still pretty decent. I stopped watching WWE completely in 2013 and only know of it now through Botchamania, but I remember WWE had the PG Era in 2009 which sucked, then the Reality TV, "f*ck kayfabe" era n 2013 which was awful, then the Girlboss era in 2015 with goddamn Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax botching every single week. And from 2018 onward, I don't even know what they were doing.
      The point is, WWE had a slow steady decline, getting worse and worse every era. The MCU had Endgame (and even that movie was average compared to the much better Infinity War,) then fell off a cliff with Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, Multiverse of Madness, Love and Thunder, Wakanda Forever, She Hulk Attorney at Law, Miss Marvel, etc. If its popularity was a line graph, Phase 4 would be at a 90 degree angle going straight down.

  • argnator
    argnator 17 днів тому

    Some of the better stories in comics came about as reactions to the standardized and bogged-down same-old industry-churning stories. They were written by writers who saw how commercialized the characters were and wanted nothing to do with it. We've already seen that potential in these stories during this time, the sparks in the embers. It's all down to the writers, directors and actors who care about that alone and not hamfisting messages or appealing to some sort of international shareholder requirements. Once the big company suits give up, we can get better stories out of the people who care more about the story than the money. And then they'll make all the money, which the suits will want, and this will all repeat again under poor decision making and mismanagement.

  • Kent Nelson
    Kent Nelson 15 днів тому

    I really hope they learn from their horrible mistakes on Phase 4 to get a proper Phase 5 and so on.

  • SomberP
    SomberP 11 днів тому

    The problem now tho is that we’ve gotten accustom to seeing heroes together
    Watching Thor and Hulk do stuff is a lot more fun than just watching Thor

  • Señor Marstón
    Señor Marstón 7 днів тому

    Those checklist were probably the core problem; it doesn't allow for a Tony Stark to exist as a lead

  • deadmanslastwish
    deadmanslastwish 18 днів тому +61

    Its actually worse. Because of the nature of a joint universe, every story in theory builds on what came before. So while there is a steady decrease for the incentive to watch these shows, there is a mounting cost as well. Nobody wants to go back and do all that "homework" slogging through hours upon hours of terrible content just to know wtf is even going on in the new one.

    • The_ Archer1202
      The_ Archer1202 17 днів тому +5

      Yeah, i remember a lot of people around me hating the idea of having to watch agents of shield just to see coulson again and more people hating having to watch wandavision just to understand why scarlet went cookoo for coco puffs

    • Eternaldarkness3166
      Eternaldarkness3166 5 днів тому

      thank you, got to watch 300 movies and shows just to get that 1 joke in that 1 Marvel movie 😂

  • Andreas Andersson
    Andreas Andersson 18 днів тому

    I have always been quite casual with Marvel movies. But I think Guardians3 and Spiderman are the only ones I watched in the past years. The MCU had a pretty good start I think but then there were to many movies for a casual viewer like me. Sad, because many of the ones I had seen up to endgame were quite entertaining.

  • Freelancer Warzone
    Freelancer Warzone 12 днів тому +9

    For 10 years, I was boring my Dad talking about MCU, and how anticipated the "final movie" at the time was.. got really into comic books, and could feel the weight of the infinity saga years before it was cemented. 2018 was a really special year because of it, and despite everything, my Dad finally became interested in it ally and it became a cornerstone of our daily discussions over the phone.. he obviously takes much more nuanced and serious ideas out of it, while I handle the more fantastical and mystical inplications, but the MCU at one pount was such a phenomena, my world war/history loving father, who at one point was vehemently against this idea of "too many movies to remember" when gave it a chance, sang his praises.
    And neither of us can deny how fucking shit it became over the years..
    I seriously take more enjoyment and appreciation from these movies while I listen to Mauler and the EFAP gang taking it apart piece by piece, or the myriad of video essays indulging me into topics and themes that werent crystal clear to me on first watch.
    It is hilarious that rather than being the source of entertainment, the people behind these projects nowadays are so unqualified that discussing the movies are more fun than the movie itself.
    Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3 on the other hand.. chefs kiss, weaponized feelings and a dozen opportunities to cry your eyes out, so good, made us remember of what the MCU once was and what it was supposed to be (something something quicksilver asking Cap if this is S.H.I.E.L.D)

  • Steve Bueche
    Steve Bueche 15 днів тому

    With the massive amount of stories in the comic books, it kills me when I hear some director tries (and fails) to come up with their own. Now let’s see how they grape DeadPool.

  • Cubist
    Cubist 18 днів тому

    Dr. Strange had a lot left in the tank, and his relationship with Peter/Spiderman could have been explored a lot more - especially in the wake of Chadwick Boseman's death. It really should have been Strange, Spidey, Thor, Hulk, and Scarlett Witch (w/o freak out) as your main Avengers. Maybe even bring in Loki (from alternate timeline) at some point. At some point you retire Thor and Hulk and you would have guided along characters like Yelena (who I think Florence Pugh does a helluva a job with and definitely adds the comedy factor), She-Hulk (done the right way) and Kate Bishop as junior members - a la how QuickSilver and Wanda started out. I think you could have hummed along with the storyline that way and maybe make some of those other movies into D+ shows instead. Yes, some might consider these characters 'knock offs', but I'm suggesting doing it the right way - where these characters learn with the best and our favorite characters aren't brought down, they are allowed to move on.

  • TheCreeker191
    TheCreeker191 12 днів тому

    Thing is, it’s not just the MCU, it’s the whole of Disney descending into madness with their terrible remakes and whatever crap is being released on Disney +

  • ok
    ok 18 днів тому +99

    I would've loved to see a strange/black panther duo as the leaders. I suppose with doctor strange it's still possible despite all the damage they done but black panther is not, for obvious reasons (R.I.P Chadwick Boseman) Haven't seen a new marvel movie since infinity war though, and i don't miss it.

    • Gregory Mirabella
      Gregory Mirabella 18 днів тому +10

      if they just recast chadwick they might've still been able to do this.

    • What I Found Out
      What I Found Out 18 днів тому +13

      ​@Gregory Mirabellanope. They wanna show GIRLPOWER 👭 💀

    • Bobo Boy
      Bobo Boy 18 днів тому +2

      The future is female, boys. Didn't you get that memo?

    • Veylon's Channel
      Veylon's Channel 16 днів тому +3

      @Bobo Boy
      But they killed off both Wanda and Black Widow.

  • v b
    v b 18 днів тому +4

    They could have made dr strange 2 Wanda's madness stretch out.
    Make her start with good intentions but every time she isn't able to save people she gets more and more ruthless toward the villain. In an attempt to gain more power she starts worshipping chthon and reading the darkhold. It corrupts her to the point that the last movie of the phase is a mystic battle between Wanda with Chthon's influence and Dr Strange with the backing of Vishanti. Dr. Strange sacrifices himself and takes Wanda with him to a dimension from which none of them could return.

  • Oguh
    Oguh 12 днів тому

    God they truly made something incredible with iron man and the MCU till end game. Iron Man is just so good. Robert was probably the best Iron Man they could've done. The comedy in the movies he was in was amazing and so good that they sadly thought that every character should be sarcastic..

  • Studio PlopMemes
    Studio PlopMemes 14 днів тому +1

    i think multiverse could have worked if they used other universes to tell stories with the same heroes (maybe different actors) so that you don't need to watch every project they bring out

    • PepeGibón
      PepeGibón 5 днів тому

      To be fair, neither the Infinity Saga was full about the infinity stones. Only 7 of 21 movies were about the infinity stones, and thanks to James Gunn who had to write the lore of the infinity stones just because Marvel Studios asked for it.

  • Shyheem Of The Dead
    Shyheem Of The Dead 15 днів тому +1

    Anything Wanda Maximoff Related In The MCU At This Point, I'm ALL For Because WandaVision Was Phenomenal & After That Series Ended, THAT'S When MCU Got Controversial Nowadays

  • Beboroni
    Beboroni 17 днів тому

    I think it would help if each stand-alone movie lowered the stakes a bit. Everything doesn’t have to be the end of the world/universe/multiverse.

  • Manasés A. Davila
    Manasés A. Davila 18 днів тому +75

    I remember a couple of years before Endgame was released I was having a discussion with a friend about how it was going downhill after phase three and that I would hop off the bandwagon right after. He disagreed and wondered why I thought that. That was around five or six years ago. I was hoping to be wrong, but sadly, my predictions were true.

    • pyropulse
      pyropulse 18 днів тому +11

      Literally everyone called it that the MCU was going to crash and burn after _Endgame._ It is a pretty obvious outcome

    • DeepQuoteMe
      DeepQuoteMe 18 днів тому +8

      @pyropulse Endgame was bad. It was nothing but a forced 3 hour retcon.

    • pyropulse
      pyropulse 18 днів тому +2

      @DeepQuoteMe When and where did I say Endgame wasn't bad? I said literally everyone predicted the MCU would fall off a cliff post Endgame, which is exactly what happened

    • DeepQuoteMe
      DeepQuoteMe 18 днів тому +1

      @pyropulse I never once even hinted that you thought Endgame was good. Learn to read.

    • pyropulse
      pyropulse 18 днів тому +1

      @DeepQuoteMe I was literally thinking "this guy is going to reply how I did," which is exactly what you did
      If you didn't think that I thought Endgame wasn't bad, then why did you explain the obvious to me?
      There is something called *implication*

  • HAF
    HAF 15 днів тому

    Dr. Strange could be a good anchor. Especially with his powers/stories/ and he actually has a personality similar to Tony when written correctly.

    xXBLAKGOATXx 11 днів тому

    Weird ant man's been my favourite of the Marvel movies in the new wave it's actually written so well and for content it's just generally fascinating

  • NaClO
    NaClO 9 днів тому

    Realistically speaking, To the point you made at 9:46 the new corner stone of the MCU would be Spider-man and Doctor Strange as theyre both beloved characters. However the writers have seemingly completely given up