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The Sacrificial Performer

  • Опубліковано 21 лют 2024
  • The story of Marina Abramović's iconic Rhythm Series
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    Music by COAG: / @co.agmusic
    Shout out to Elaina for the idea


  • @wolfhawk1999
    @wolfhawk1999 Рік тому +4685

    I think things would have gotten a LOT worse if people were able to go in one at a time and do whatever they wanted privately. I think accountability with peers was the only thing that kept her alive.

    • @vincec.202
      @vincec.202 Рік тому +356

      I think you're 100% right. There's some dark, sick, evil people in this world. I think she just might be one of them too.

    • @ticket2space621
      @ticket2space621 Рік тому +27

      No doubt

    • @luse9031
      @luse9031 Рік тому +115

      This is the first time I’ve heard of her and I wish I had known about her earlier! She is an absolutely amazing Artist!
      I see how you can possibly say that she’s “sick” or “evil” dark yes,
      but Dark does not = Evil or “Sick”
      Nor the people in attendance everyone has a “ dark”, inquisitive nature and I believe she showed how it’s not as deep, hidden or uncommon as people would like to believe or the fact that everyone is capable of crossing Societal norms.

    • @CaIypso5150
      @CaIypso5150 Рік тому +15

      Well obviously. That isn't a profound idea.

    • @alexs.6434
      @alexs.6434 Рік тому

      @@luse9031 She's openly a satanist. NOT the atheist kind, the occult type who believes Satan is real. She has a lot of connections to really evil people with depopulation and eugenics beliefs. I don't know her personally but I don't think she's a good person based off who she associates with.

  • @AtrocityEquine01
    @AtrocityEquine01 Рік тому +2006

    Rhythm 0 sounds interesting but so damn terrifying considering how far people would be willing to test something, even if it means killing/hurting someone.

    • @ButterscotchMcBean1995
      @ButterscotchMcBean1995 Рік тому +1


    • @DerPijO
      @DerPijO Рік тому +9

      Yeah an apokalypse would be so awesome.
      A Planet full of peace and not one goddamn Human left.

    • @kerenpooh5314
      @kerenpooh5314 11 місяців тому +4

      It just show thier true nature! It’s not just testing

    • @Realcordy
      @Realcordy 7 місяців тому

      @@DerPijOyou mean a few humans with no law

    • @DerPijO
      @DerPijO 7 місяців тому

      @@Realcordy had an bad day writing this. Misantropy is not the best answer anyway..

  • @chewygal69
    @chewygal69 Рік тому +1525

    She is DEFINITELY one of the most controversial artists to ever live.

    • @WorldClassSatanist
      @WorldClassSatanist Рік тому +28

      Shes great

    • @thiagoxhernandez9445
      @thiagoxhernandez9445 Рік тому +24

      One of the Best to

    • @Agaetis1811
      @Agaetis1811 Рік тому

      only cringe Satanists enjoy such perversive "art". there is nothing insightful from her art and if you think so you're pretentious.

    • @Agaetis1811
      @Agaetis1811 Рік тому

      only cringe Satanists enjoy such perversive "art". there is nothing insightful from her art and if you think so you're pretentious.

    • @staciemae
      @staciemae Рік тому

      Ummmm she’s a bad ass woman!

  • @sophiebuni
    @sophiebuni Рік тому +1137

    i genuinely wouldve just hugged her, i cant even begin to imagine how much willpower and commitment the rhythm series mustve required.

    • @ratatouilledrinksclorax9897
      @ratatouilledrinksclorax9897 Рік тому +36

      Lets be real, in 0, taking away any idea of taboo, given absolute control
      You would probably find a demon in yourself too, violent, disgusting, idk, its up to the individual

    • @iammyself7885
      @iammyself7885 Рік тому +84

      Same. Can't imagine getting violent against someone you don't know for any reason. Alone or with a group of people. My father is a horribly violent man, and even if I was given the opportunity to fight him back I wouldn't take it. Don't want to fall to that level.
      But hugging someone I would definitely do. I haven't hugged a person for maybe 5 months now tbh, definitely something I miss

    • @reeveswaterz767
      @reeveswaterz767 Рік тому +28

      In my opinion, she is the bravest and best performance artist. She truly have unbelievable strength when it comes to her works.

    • @ekids.bassment
      @ekids.bassment Рік тому +10

      You're such a good person that you have to go out and tell people about it...... I don't believe you at all.

    • @thepinkestpigglet7529
      @thepinkestpigglet7529 Рік тому +62

      @@ekids.bassment why, because you personally would abuse someone?

  • @yyg4632
    @yyg4632 Рік тому +1005

    The inclusion of the objects are so clever. The weapons show that it's ok. It removes that barrier of taboo around them. The persons conscience, and the group around them is now the only barrier.

    • @ratatouilledrinksclorax9897
      @ratatouilledrinksclorax9897 Рік тому +13

      Everyone has a monster inside them, take away any taboo and absolute control, you would probably do some things near absolutely horrific or disgusting
      All we have left is our self control, and even then, with the lenient rules, even self control may go so far

    • @zaynes5094
      @zaynes5094 Рік тому

      @@ratatouilledrinksclorax9897 I don’t buy it. I think there are bad who would do bad given the chance or not. This isn’t a case of Art this is a case of insanity meeting more insanity.

    • @roxyspence
      @roxyspence Рік тому +5

      Especilly that there was a gun with a bullet, there was really no question about going too far.

    • @thekameru6058
      @thekameru6058 6 місяців тому

      And oh my isn't it a thin barrier.

    • @redwolf4611
      @redwolf4611 6 місяців тому +2

      Mob mentality. Being in a group makes things worse than a solitary incident because people begin to feed off each others actions. She was in the most danger in front of that crowd.

  • @uniquelyuriel1415
    @uniquelyuriel1415 11 місяців тому +235

    I need a movie based on her and this performance.

    • @Tomsfii
      @Tomsfii 8 місяців тому +9

      Well... there's Life and Death of Marina Abramovic... its a documentary tho

    • @curious1053
      @curious1053 6 місяців тому

      Not a movie, a video game.

    • @abikoyeatofarati6867
      @abikoyeatofarati6867 27 днів тому +1

      @@curious1053 fax

    • @KyleGD
      @KyleGD 26 днів тому

      ​@@curious1053that'd be horrific n scary

  • @sheilarogge2461
    @sheilarogge2461 Рік тому +659

    He didnt mention that people got in front of her to stop the others from hurting her. Several men decided enough was enough and fought to end it after the gun situation. Even before that. That is why fights were breaking out. Amazing piece of art work. It should also show men how women are treated if left to the demise of men. Its terrible.

    • @JK-sh2yx
      @JK-sh2yx 11 місяців тому +7

      Was the whole two groups men, or were there women, too?

    • @jessesfilms1269
      @jessesfilms1269 11 місяців тому +54

      I don't think its a gender thing I just think its how evil some people are quite stupid and kind of missing the point of the whole thing tbh

    • @sheilarogge2461
      @sheilarogge2461 11 місяців тому +91

      @@jessesfilms1269 It not ONLY a gender thing but it most def IS a gender thing. Woman ( more so today than in a long time) are having a hard time with men.

    • @alexmcphee6789
      @alexmcphee6789 10 місяців тому

      Women nowadays are all
      Add my insta add my insta
      When they see a man do that oh it’s bad but apparently it’s fine for them ?
      Both sides are just useless nowadays.
      Men should be men. Women should be women. I truly believe that if you have a look at social catfish on UA-cam and see what some of these older ladies say. Thinking that they deserve a young muscled up man. While they have crows feet and hanging stomachs. Delusional. Everyone’s delusional
      But then again all I have is my opinion. Even in meetings at work we’ve moved women up to see if they can handle the stress and that’s been 5 out of the 6 women have asked to go back to desk duty as they couldn’t do it. If we just accepted our positions and got on with it we’d probably do better. End of the day we’re so divided today that I am surprised we have a society

    • @ahobimo732
      @ahobimo732 10 місяців тому +50

      ​@@sheilarogge2461 Women have their own ways of causing suffering. Neither gender is innocent.

  • @NoLiveGirl
    @NoLiveGirl Рік тому +181

    I'll never understand why everyone in Marina's life let her continue to harm herself for the sake of art. Yes her work is telling a lot and are very interesting, but we can all see this woman needed help

    • @PM-xu2nq
      @PM-xu2nq Рік тому +29

      Yeah kinda thinking her parents may have had a reason for setting that curfew ngl
      Like, you can self-harm in an interesting manner and it's still slef-harm lol

    • @aquabluerose7734
      @aquabluerose7734 Рік тому +17

      @@PM-xu2nq or if they controlled her life in other ways that may have caused her desire to self harm

    • @jolantaanasiewicz5234
      @jolantaanasiewicz5234 Рік тому +17

      @@PM-xu2nq you ever think that her parents strictness are the reason for this, because she never learnt to be reasonable for herself she was always given boundaries by her parents which prevented her from trial and error learning from mistakes.

    • @PM-xu2nq
      @PM-xu2nq Рік тому

      @@jolantaanasiewicz5234 I guess that could've played into it. Could've been a lot of things though. Rarely do such severe mental health issues have a singular root cause. My point is that it's nuts people allowed her to do these things.

    • @cameronfleming6628
      @cameronfleming6628 7 місяців тому +2

      She also couldn’t leave her own home after 10p till she was 29 she probably wanted deatg

  • @sbalsamo410
    @sbalsamo410 Рік тому +679

    I wonder if things would be different if the experiment were tried today. Has our society become more inhumane? I’d hate to know the answer though. This was fascinating. Thank you.

    • @nathanhensn8717
      @nathanhensn8717 Рік тому +57

      It hasn't, it's our sin nature. Just publicly things change, behind close doors it's been the same since forever.

    • @whatever3145
      @whatever3145 Рік тому +27

      @@nathanhensn8717 nah. The internet has changed things. I think some are more inhumane, and some are much human.

    • @nathanhensn8717
      @nathanhensn8717 Рік тому +6

      @@whatever3145 it's changed the avenue in which we express ourselves, that fight or flight, or greed, murder, lust, and xyz is still there. Another big difference is the lack of testosterone in our generation vs previous ones. Men are somehow being chemically castrated, young men's agreeability gives the perception of peace, that however makes us weak as a society.
      The majority of these peaceful movement are built on dopamine releases from empathetic highs. That's why cancel culture is a thing. If people didn't get high from trying to one up another on how great of a person they are it wouldn't exist. This gives a false perception of reality. Instead of genuine emotions, it's false piety that acts like a drug. Take away Internet, give the teenagers the same testosterone that people had in the 1980's and this perceived growth we feel we've achieved disappears almost instantly.

    • @enyaalexander476
      @enyaalexander476 Рік тому

      I’d say it’s become more humane for humans are the only creatures on the earth that know cruelty and evil. Animals kill for survival, but we kill and torture for pleasure

    • @Naesil89
      @Naesil89 Рік тому +2

      @@nathanhensn8717 I feel that while individually people are more or less the same, there has been horrible people in the past and there is horrible people now, BUT I think todays group mentality has changed so that if this experiment would be conducted now it would have escalated way faster to horrible things.. "I was just part of the group I am not to blame" I think younger generations have never experienced collective punishment so even the ones who are not participating in horrible things would not intervene, and the bystander effect seems way more common now + probably people would just film it so they can post it to what ever social media they can.

  • @papaversomniferum8508
    @papaversomniferum8508 Рік тому +89

    i remember reading about her when i was around 17? i was extremely fascinated by her and she made me realize how much i love performance art, no matter how much weird or deranged it gets.
    i deeply respect her and her work. thanks for the video!

  • @creamcannon825
    @creamcannon825 Рік тому +170

    I love when art totally busts open wide the perceptions that people have of themselves by removing them from the superficial reasons they have to build those perceptions on. Pure genius.

    • @m0xxie-pr7ju8ex4u
      @m0xxie-pr7ju8ex4u Місяць тому

      exactly!! nobody is actually a good person, we don't do good things for good reasons, we do them because we're afraid of negative reactions or consequences. when those fears are removed and we're actually free, true human nature is shown

    • @libyann9385
      @libyann9385 3 дні тому

      That's not true there are people that do good things maybe for selfish reasons thought I guess they do them because it makes them feel good people dedicate their entire lives to helping people sometimes

  • @yyg4632
    @yyg4632 Рік тому +136

    Wow. The end of the performance is just amazing and telling. It reminds me of a criminal who will only cry when they get caught or have to face the victim in court.

  • @tylerramos7633
    @tylerramos7633 Рік тому +268

    Can’t think of his name but there was an Icelandic artist who put on a performance where he told the audience to kill him and when nobody did he gashed open his own wrists in an attempted to commit suicide. I believe he also lit all his other art on fire during the performance.

    • @andemand5172
      @andemand5172 Рік тому +14

      If anyone finds the name to this guy, please update me/us :)

    • @ladymouse666
      @ladymouse666 Рік тому +38

      ...are you possibly talking about the piece "kill me before I kill myself" by Frost?

    • @playmasterangie
      @playmasterangie Рік тому

      i think more people also are more willing to do it a women, because many men hate women and or see them as objects

    • @Davey1522
      @Davey1522 Рік тому

      @@andemand5172 his name is Dum Fuk

    • @issaread5937
      @issaread5937 10 місяців тому +7


  • @SaturnsBiggestAsshole
    @SaturnsBiggestAsshole Рік тому +79

    I couldn't imagine being close to Marina during these projects. Just half knowing what kinds of evil humanity is capable of is enough to make me feel complete distress for her. How do you sleep comfortably at night after any of these experiments?

  • @naelocklear2730
    @naelocklear2730 11 місяців тому +26

    It breaks my heart that that many random strangers would be willing to do and did do such harmful acts of violation upon her body. That's a very sad, disappointing revelation about the human species, and scary as hell. I really admire this lady for her tremendous amount of self-discipline. She also has more bravery than any man I can think of.

    • @jiririnagl302
      @jiririnagl302 2 місяці тому +2

      Very important part of context what nobody mentoined is performance like this attracted these type of people. I wouldn't draw conclusions from such a small sample of people.

  • @jacobcaudill6357
    @jacobcaudill6357 Рік тому +359

    You should do a story about Conway the Machine the rapper who was shot in the head and survived to become a legendary underground artist. His album GDMM goes into some crazy details about his trauma but there hasn't been a solid UA-cam video explaining his story. I would be interested to see what you would do with a video on him as you deal with musicians, trauma, and dark stories well. And I think his overall message is actually very powerful and universal and would be a great thing to expose to your audience.

    • @deburke321
      @deburke321  Рік тому +79

      Love Conway's music, haven't thought about making a video about him but I might look into it if I get time

    • @toolie3671
      @toolie3671 Рік тому +22

      griselda is nuts. also don’t forget to mention how the dude raps completely normally while having half of his face paralyzed

    • @nathanjudy7705
      @nathanjudy7705 Рік тому +8

      @@toolie3671 You could hear the lisp more before but you can hear him getting more used to it over the years. Now I can only tell cus I know, and its just part of his style. It also adds a layer of intimidation cus you know he's real af.

    • @toolie3671
      @toolie3671 Рік тому +3

      @@nathanjudy7705 nah now that i’m thinking abt it this factual but it’s still pretty hard to tell to the avg listener

    • @jacobcaudill6357
      @jacobcaudill6357 Рік тому +4

      @@toolie3671 its because he incorporates the slur into his style the perseverance is really beautiful. He was good live.

  • @faye7441
    @faye7441 Рік тому +23

    im someone who thinks about pain and death a LOT... im terrified of it, which makes marinas artwork all the more braver. its something i wish i could do if i had the guts

  • @tscarlsson
    @tscarlsson Рік тому +96

    Wow, I absolutely love your channel and I hope you do more pieces like this, about performance art. Great content, keep making videos man.

    • @deburke321
      @deburke321  Рік тому +9

      Thanks a million!

    • @roamingirl
      @roamingirl Рік тому +3

      Same. Except not only the performance art for me. Just found it & subbed, of course!

  • @paigecee4085
    @paigecee4085 Рік тому +78

    I only learned about Marina a few weeks ago when Serbia's Eurovision entry by Konstrakta referenced Marina's Art Must Be Beautiful... in her performance and song lyrics. Most of Europe seemed to Get It because it took fifth place. Learning now that Art Must Be Beautiful... was just a mild taste of what Marina did is a lot. Thank you for the video!

  • @Lili-Benovent
    @Lili-Benovent 5 місяців тому +8

    A true artist, the world is fortunate to witness her talent.

  • @YouTubeMakesudumb-ni1sk
    @YouTubeMakesudumb-ni1sk 27 днів тому +1

    I would go up to her and whisper, “I admire your work, you’re so brave to be doing this, I couldn’t ever imagine letting my body be an object.” And hug her.

  • @Dipply
    @Dipply 8 місяців тому +17

    There was a similar social experiment done by two artists, I can’t remember the name of it, but two girls went out onto town for the night, one of them wearing a reflective mask hiding her face, the other recording, and both of them promising to not say anything.
    Unfortunately, mob mentality caused them to harass her- pushing her, tripping her, spilling drinks on her, yelling at her and questioning if she was a girl, and more.
    It ended when she got shoved to the ground and got hurt

  • @jbart4183
    @jbart4183 Рік тому +20

    The world stops when he uploads. Welcome back Legend 💪

  • @murkyseb
    @murkyseb Рік тому +11

    I had no idea taking drugs could be performance art

    • @choedae8082
      @choedae8082 10 місяців тому

      *_sniffs crack in front of audience_*

  • @lostpelican1883
    @lostpelican1883 Рік тому +32

    Love that you covered this talented artist. I think Marina's work is amazing.

  • @D3ltus
    @D3ltus Рік тому +12

    Her Rhythm 2 performance is what getting prescribed max doses on day 1 is like. You go dumb and numb and for a few people it's heaven, for others it's hell

  • @nickmtzsaenz9312
    @nickmtzsaenz9312 Рік тому +44

    A song was made based on her love story and damn it's good. Her and her husband walked across the Wall of China and if they got to each other and didn't feel the love they once had anymore they would let go and I believe they did. So beautiful

    • @nyxissleepy0125
      @nyxissleepy0125 5 місяців тому +5

      They met again for a few minutes later on in life. She had this one piece where an audience member could sit across from her at a table and they'd just stare at each other for 5 minutes (I think) and then it would be time for the next person. Her ex had shown up and participated. There's a video of it happening and she teared up

  • @cosmicklutz1675
    @cosmicklutz1675 Рік тому +38

    That was chilling to watch. I often feel a desire to express but it’s very trapped and I’ll probably never be able to explore it but looking at these artists push boundaries of thought… I don’t know how to describe it, I’m horrified and a bit envious

  • @SFLOVER94
    @SFLOVER94 Рік тому +82

    Really loving these deep dives into disturbing art pieces Deburke! Would really like this to become a new series of yours!
    Have a look into some of the following:
    - Performance Art
    - Extreme Performance Art
    - Body Art
    - Shock Art
    - Transgressive Art
    - Endurance Art
    There are SO many pieces you could talk about!

    • @deburke321
      @deburke321  Рік тому +11

      Thanks for the recommendations! Yeah I’ve been really interested in the performance side of things recently, still gonna cover musicians as well but I’ll probably do some art throughout the year as well

    • @zaynes5094
      @zaynes5094 Рік тому +1

      @@deburke321 In this case, is it even performance art at that point? is it just insanity? Or just a a messed up social experiment in the guise of “performance art”?

  • @XANAX-Pilled
    @XANAX-Pilled Рік тому +37

    Finally got in quick enough to thank you for your work. I've really appreciated it over the past few years. I wound up with a damn autoimmune disorder (RA) in 2019 and don't get around like I used to (I'm only 42 ffs), and work like yours means a lot. It honestly helps get me through the rougher days. If you ever wonder if you're helping someone with these vids, well, you're helping me at least.

    • @araorangepeel
      @araorangepeel Рік тому +4

      it helps me too

    • @deburke321
      @deburke321  Рік тому +7

      Thank you so much Tyler, I’m really sorry to hear about that but I’m glad you find enjoyment from stuff like this, I feel very proud to be a small part of that

    • @XANAX-Pilled
      @XANAX-Pilled Рік тому +1

      @@Yummicookie1979 Word. It sounds like we're in the same grim boat. Perhaps that's part of why we gravitate to some of this stuff. Hold on, and be strong. I'll try to do the same

  • @ribunny123
    @ribunny123 Рік тому +76

    I wonder, if choosing to stay around to protect her would be ruining the art, or would become part of it?

    • @skeetsmcgrew3282
      @skeetsmcgrew3282 Рік тому +34

      It sounds like that did happen, so no need to wonder. It started a big fight when that guy put a gun in her hand

    • @mastertrey4683
      @mastertrey4683 Рік тому +21

      Would become part of it because it also shows that humans have a tendency to protect

    • @a.k.7341
      @a.k.7341 Рік тому +9

      You would be doing the right thing, and btw would become part of the art.

    • @kirkwright8954
      @kirkwright8954 8 місяців тому +9

      The audience participation was very much a part of the art. Everything the audience did was part of it.

    • @KyleGD
      @KyleGD 26 днів тому

      they were definitely a part of it. they can do anything right?

  • @rabbitsrefuse
    @rabbitsrefuse Рік тому +39

    I have always found this piece to be not only terrifying, but very moving.
    Edit: Rhythm 0 specifically.

  • @Trash.Katt.
    @Trash.Katt. Рік тому +10

    I wonder how a piece like this would go this year. But also, if it were in public streets in different cities, large & small. New York City, Houston TX, Frewsburg NY, Chicago, Aiken SC,.. With the same items. Seeing how people in completely different environments would interact.

  • @livanbard
    @livanbard Рік тому +6

    I knew about this piece. The conclusion is perfect peer pressure is the only thing keeping the animals in

  • @blep226
    @blep226 Рік тому +6

    In school we touched up on her only on surface level so im glad I found this video. It convinced me to look into her more

  • @vvitchuntt2983
    @vvitchuntt2983 Рік тому +6

    glad to see u back!!! no offense haven’t been watching ur content but i love crazy artists like this pls do more

  • @baalan6799
    @baalan6799 Рік тому +106

    She is definitely one of the artist that ever lived

    • @prawngravy18
      @prawngravy18 Рік тому +7

      Imagine being that closed off to concepts of anything other than "ugg ugg marvel universe ugg ugg".

    • @roamingirl
      @roamingirl Рік тому +3

      @@prawngravy18 marvel what now? ;)

  • @bruce3242
    @bruce3242 Рік тому +4

    This is truly fascinating stuff very professionally explained like always cheers 🍻 It would be a honour to meet this lady such guts and interesting ideas

  • @morphchoir
    @morphchoir Рік тому +17

    Thank you so much for making this. I love your video on Tehching Hsieh too. I hope you’ll do one on Chris Burden or Vito Acconci soon!

  • @celink4813
    @celink4813 Місяць тому

    Like many people, rythm 0 was my introduction to Marina's work. We talked briefly about her in art School but even them deemed her "too much", saying this basicly was "taking it toi far"...
    I couldn't desagree more and have loved her work ever since.

  • @misterx4757
    @misterx4757 Рік тому +15

    Great video man. So telling about the impulses within all of us.

  • @koolkel00
    @koolkel00 Рік тому +82

    Damn this lady is metal as hell, brutalist as hell, and I number one person I think of when I think of performance art. Performance art is such a niche and and unique kind of expression redefines what we consider art to be. What an experience.

    • @ratatouilledrinksclorax9897
      @ratatouilledrinksclorax9897 Рік тому +10

      Shes crazy, i respect her art and her as an artist because she showed the good and bad of humanity, and especially when given absolute control or no control at all but lets be real, shes fucking crazy
      No one that mentally there would do any of this

    • @reneesmith3953
      @reneesmith3953 Місяць тому

      Dumb wht folks

    • @m0xxie-pr7ju8ex4u
      @m0xxie-pr7ju8ex4u Місяць тому

      @@ratatouilledrinksclorax9897 "art is meant to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable" , my friend. all famous artists had a few screws loose, without that, art and creativity can never flourish

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    her works were talked about in my contemporary arts class and rhythm 0 was really memorable for me because it shows that we humans will do heinous things if we were given a chance and without the consequences.

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    Thank you for sharing this. What an incredibly strong woman. I can’t Imagine what she went through.

    • @nalbinalbii888
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      honestly speaking she chose to put herself through it, she knew what crazy people were capable of and couldve stopped at any time

    @ANGJKWENRUGK Рік тому +24

    I understand rhythms 10, 0 and partially 5 and 2, but whats the point of rhytm 4? I tried looking up what was it supposed to mean but couldnt find anything, its like she just wanted an excuse to pass out

    • @rasmuskock8077
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      I guess

    • @raveninfinity5450
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      It was made as a response to Rhythm 5, as in Rhythm 5, she lost consciousness due to a lack of oxygen. By making Rhythm 4, she aimed to explore the unconscious state without interruption from the audience, which is also what happened in Rhythm 5.
      I hope that helped clear things up!

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    i watched your insanity artist video and discovered marina abramovic after that, i even watched her 2012 documentary
    and here we are now…

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    Wow this is disheartening and scary! I'm over here thinking I'd wanna share some of the food with her, then these folks are trying to hurt her? Wouldn't even cross my mind to do 😥 tbh it sounded to me like she had a desire to die during a performance piece. She kept setting herself up for it but someone kept intervening. I'm wondering how she stayed so stoic during rhythm 0... Perhaps she took the schizophrenia medication beforehand? Stunning that she didn't react to the abuse.. kinda reminds me of the 2008 movie Martyrs but real life
    Fascinating story, thanks for sharing this

    • @juliogurrola3645
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      I bet this time she was sober to remember it

    • @imaybedead6096
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      You say "Wouldn't even cross my mind to do" but I highly doubt that, and even if that is true that you would "only wanna share some of the food with her" I don't think you would know unless you participated, because it gets very tempting to do/try things you wouldn't even think about doing normally when you know for a fact there is 0 consequences.

    • @ratatouilledrinksclorax9897
      @ratatouilledrinksclorax9897 Рік тому +6

      @@imaybedead6096 yeah, theres inherent evil in all of us, take away any taboo, all you have left is self control
      Who knows the person who originally commented may have used one of the tools in the same scenario, maybe i wouldve, maybe i wouldve used my fists, maybe i wouldve coware in a corner, 0 really is just about how truly evil humanity can be given a lack of taboo

    • @imaybedead6096
      @imaybedead6096 Рік тому

      ​@@ratatouilledrinksclorax9897 I don't know if I would describe it exactly like that but yeah I agree, and that's why I highly doubt someone would do nothing or only give her food, unless you are predetermined to do nothing or fear being seen as a terrible person.
      I myself don't think I would go as far as to hurt her since I wouldn't gain anything from it but if I did, it would probably also only be to the extent of using my fists, however I do know I would want to do sexual things to her but considering there's other people participating it would probably only go as far as kissing.
      But honestly though who really knows at the end of the day, maybe I would also be too scared to do anything but I feel like it would wear off after seeing other people do stuff to her, all I can say for certain though is that it's getting quite morbid to think about and you'll never really know for sure unless you are given the opportunity.

    • @RikiNewtonMusicianSongwriter
      @RikiNewtonMusicianSongwriter Рік тому +3

      Good comment Yarrow, 👍 Nor would I have wanted to hurt her and I too would probably gone for giving her food but that wouldn't have factored much as the art she was wanting to expose, which was the darkest nature within the soul of humans who have had social responsibility and restrictions removed, in order for them to 'Do As Thou Wilt' to quote Alistair Crowley. ..
      She was exceptionally brave and was literally prepared to die for her art. That takes real guts.

  • @ollies246
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    My lecturer mentioned a piece to the class that was so perverted and unethical, he didn’t want to explain what it was. It took the class about 5 minutes to convince him to tell us what it was. It’s called ‘Blind Date’ by John Duncan and it’s far worse than the piece in this video.

    • @vincea1830
      @vincea1830 Рік тому

      So that guy recorded audio of him fucking a dead body until he came, then got a vasectomy? Huh, still not as shocking to the viewer as A Serbian Film. There's a part where they deliver a baby then rape it. So there's definitely much more depraved "performances" out there.

    • @euphoricsolipsism
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      just looked it up and I wish I didn't

    • @Zulf85
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      I just looked that up...wtf? That's...troubling.

    • @auntymurda
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    • @auntymurda
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    Words can not describe my love for this woman and the art that she gave us, sometimes I even have an issue with calling it "art" she gave us raw fucking humanity enclosed in whatever spaces she chooses, either her own or that of the rest of us. Even when she describes her pieces her voice is monotone and without emotion, that is how much she wants you to feel what YOU feel, she does not want to be an influence on your imagination just your psyche..... She is the LITERAL embodiment of ART.
    thank you for focusing on the whole rhythm series and not just 0, literally everything that she did is shattering. The man who drank her blood did so at the request of his girlfriend, this always haunts me.

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      @@someperson4819 yes, she expected it to happen. Doesn’t mean she wanted it to, and they’re still sick.

    • @prettyhatemachine8887
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      Trust me' She's sicker. I'm surprised no one knows about the leaked Emails between her and the Clintons and the Podesta brothers, and her connections with p*******e circles in Washington.

    • @drunkdarkywu7477
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      ​@@someperson4819 nice. Victim blaming. People like you are why the world is fucked up.

    • @gringostarr69
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      Marina was a the most satanic "artist" there has been. You should google some of other work..

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  • @srdjanjolicic7505
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    She is actually from a chernogorian/montenegrin family that settled in Serbia from Crna Gora / Montenegro old capital Cetinje. But yes she was born in Belgrade / Serbia.

  • @johnjohn37371
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    It would be interesting to know how a crowd would've handled that in the 1750's compared to the 1860's, the 1930's, obviously the 70's, and today. And maybe how different cultures would behave....

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    Art Can be subjective and controversial or thought provoking
    Or grotesque
    I have never heard of marina till now and she seems to be unique

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    This was a wild one. Her emotions afterwards I’d never seen before

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    There were far more messed up performance art pieces that existed. However, she was definitely an iconic and important part of the performance art world.

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    Imagine being a 20-30 something y/o man AFTER that.... whether you were an ally to her or foe.... that's gonna go with you everywhere. The men that "hurt" her I guarantee walked away from that either trying to be better men or helplessly live on suffering... Either is just as satisfying tbh.

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    "void" chaser for sure....she wanted to cross over somewhere....I know some of you understand me.

    • @skeetsmcgrew3282
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      Her description of how she felt before doing that knife thing was pretty telling. She wasnt scared, she was fuckin jacked. Possibly the first time in her life she felt truly alive

    • @raven3946
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      Weird how she’s all tense during the burning star thing, eyes wide open then passed out
      Almost like she’s possessed

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    Marina Abramović was their close friend.

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    After hearing about Rhythm 0: Nope, it’s people who have not concept of the consequences that are out of their minds.

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    She did a lot for serbs. She proved if you get permision to do bad stuff, you will do it. Something to think about regarding balkan wars

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    What this ‘performance’ in part showed is that worst thing you can do when people bully you is to ignore it.

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