One Minute of Musical Perfection

  • Опубліковано 25 лип 2022
  • In this episode I break down one of my favorite moments in film music by the great John Williams.
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  • reno145
    reno145  +1

    When Steven Spielberg asked John Williams to score "Schindler's List", he said "You need a better composer than me." Spielberg responded, "I know, but they're all dead." What a compliment.

  • IncenseAndPeppermints

    I hear the cracking emotion in your voice as you narrate, Rick. We’re all feeling it!

  • Nathan Struthers

    I had no idea what Rick was going to play for us. As soon as he fired up John Williams E.T., I started crying like a baby about 2 minutes in.

  • Jonathan Shearon

    The final 15 minutes of E.T. is like a little mini symphony, maybe the greatest 15 minutes of film music ever composed. It has everything - awesome chase music, William’s most magical flying music, emotional goodbye music, and a rousing fanfare for the ending. It’s my favorite thing Williams has ever written and that’s saying something.

  • Farrell McGovern

    You should do a whole series onf John Williams' soundtracks! ET, Star Wars, Jaws, Indiana Jones...just some of the most classic soundtracks of a generation. He and Vangelis are two of my favourite soundtrack composers.

  • Sonny Lallerstedt

    I think ET was the first movie we took our daughter to. She was 2... At the end of the movie when ET left in the spaceship, she burst out crying when the music ended. Even though she had no idea of the complexities that John Williams brought to that moment, she understood the emotion, and literally cried her eyes out! And so did I! It was a double whammy for me. Hearing the music, and seeing daughters reaction.

  • Michael T. Scott

    Let's get the Beato/Williams interview ASAP so I can listen to two brilliant music minds talk over my head for 90 minutes!

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan  +32

    That crescendo stopping for a moment to allow the solo flute motif is tear-worthy every single time. The last glance at his friend.

  • 66jediknight

    Rick Beato, a wonderful teacher and talent who brings tremendous passion and knowledge and love for music. Providing wonderful insights of the artistry, craftmanship and greatness of music. Besides all that he has a wonderful spirit, that is why we love him. Thank you Rick

  • Jeff Calhoun

    Dude. Thank you SO much for making this video. Finally, someone who gets it. For the past 40 years, this piece of music has been more important to me than I can express. Your video helped me understand why.

  • Matt Jenkins

    I was fortunate enough to see John Williams conduct a live orchestra a few years ago...I barely made it through this ET composition without breaking, but I couldn't hold back the tears any longer at Leia's Theme. I had just lost my grandmother, the world had just lost Carrie Fisher, and I sobbed. This video is a good reminder that the music itself is enough to invoke this emotion on its own merit. Brilliance.

  • Brett Christensen

    How could one not love that piece of music! Sheer brilliance.

  • Douglas Gaxiola

    I think you could argue that John Williams had a far greater impact on the popular culture of his lifetime than any other composer in history. No other composer's work has touched as many people. There have been better composers, but how many could say that billions of people have heard and loved their work.

  • Bob Powers

    Most of us listening can tell you that this is brilliant music. Rick makes a video and tells us WHY it's brilliant. I love the juicy French horn parts in this BTW. God bless you Rick, Layla and family!

  • Max Jerry
    Max Jerry День тому +1

    This is such a coincidence. This is literally the same epiphany I had the other day. That this piece of music from ET at the end of the movie is in my opinion the most spectacular single moment of music ever. Insane storytelling

  • JohnMcAllisterMusic

    I have always LOVED the fact that John Williams had the foresight to take major seventh chords (ET, Indiana Jones, etc), put them in the BRASS, and play them at FFF. So freaking awesome.

  • salasnet

    John Wiliams is magnificent. I absolutely love how he borrows and harkens back to all of the great composers while still being uniquely John Williams with a singular, distinctive composer voice. The end of E.T. I have always thought has a great affinity with the end of Stravinsky's Firebird. Just epic heroic brass and emotional changes. More classical Rick, MORE!

  • Doug625
    Doug625  +73

    I'm in my 50's and this scene still makes me tear up.

  • HMat
    HMat  +231

    "The end of the film was one of the most significant musical experiences for composer John Williams. After several attempts were made to match the score to the film, Steven Spielberg took the film off the screen and encouraged Williams to conduct the orchestra the way he would at a concert. He did, and Spielberg slightly re-edited the film to match the music, which is unusual since normally the music would be edited to match the film. The result was Williams winning the 1982 Academy Award for Best Original Score."

  • Mitch Weiner

    I was 11 years old when this movie was released. I watched and was moved to tears. I never knew a movie could be inspiring or moving. 40 years later and I still believe in the power of music and movies! Show that movie to your kids! They will love it!