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Battle of the Ricks | Rick and Morty | adult swim

  • Опубліковано 18 лис 2023
  • Rick, Morty, and Evil Morty join forces to take on Rick's greatest nemesis, the vengeful Rick Prime. Catch all-new episodes of Rick and Morty Sundays at 11p on [adult swim]. Stream seasons 1-6 now on Max: bit.ly/3hRw9rU
    Season 7, Episode 5: Unmortricken
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    Battle of the Ricks | Rick and Morty | adult swim
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  • @happyhattergamer8078
    @happyhattergamer8078 21 день тому +9147

    Really puts into perspective how different and smart our Rick is, considering he ACTUALLY invented portal travel unlike the other ricks who just got the hand-me downs from prime instead…

    • @victor6305
      @victor6305 21 день тому +238

      Prime and pur Rick when he did the citadel

    • @purpleguyreal
      @purpleguyreal 21 день тому +188

      I mean yeah, rickest rick

    • @lelouchvibritannia7647
      @lelouchvibritannia7647 21 день тому +130

      primes only equal simply bc he wanted his simple life w his family😂 ( he was still tryna make teleportation, idr why tho)

    • @kroneexe
      @kroneexe 21 день тому +79

      @@purpleguyrealRick Prime is the rickest Rick.

    • @KickStreamClips
      @KickStreamClips 21 день тому +23

      @@kroneexe nope

  • @PartialKredit
    @PartialKredit 21 день тому +6831

    I don’t know how the show will continue without Uncle Slow. But props to them for being willing to kill off a major character

    • @SM-ok3sz
      @SM-ok3sz 21 день тому +263

      They already killed off the audience, so I doubt they care at this point

    • @rgrossjr42
      @rgrossjr42 21 день тому +542

      @@SM-ok3sz Sure Jan. Ratings are strong as ever. Hell of an episode.

    • @shadowsun649
      @shadowsun649 21 день тому +152

      Uncle Slow was a real one 😢

    • @DK-fd3fi
      @DK-fd3fi 21 день тому +66

      We lost him to soon 😔😔😔😔

  • @familia3sgte
    @familia3sgte 21 день тому +6702

    Jerry slicing Rick Prime's neck was foreshadowing how Rick Prime's overconfidence and lack of respect to Jerrys and Mortys was his ultimate weakness.

    • @jonathanhernandez8285
      @jonathanhernandez8285 21 день тому +274

      Makes me wonder who would win in a fight; Rick Prime or Doofus Jerry.

    • @tienatho2149
      @tienatho2149 21 день тому +206

      @@jonathanhernandez8285 Rick outsmarted Doofus Jerry. Rick Prime beaten Rick C137 therefore Doofus Jerry would lose against Rick Prime

    • @DH-bx8bs
      @DH-bx8bs 21 день тому +141

      ​@@jonathanhernandez8285 Obviously Rick Prime. Doofus Jerry doesn't have technology and also doesn't know about Rick Prime's regenerative factor. The same thing would happen as with Cronenberg Jerry.
      D. Jerry shoots him, Prime regenerates, and kills him.

    • @streetridersss8360
      @streetridersss8360 21 день тому +36

      They were images of a muscular jerry that will appear in this season. And Doofus Jerry was defeated only because of his overconfidence something all evil, prime, -est, have in common...

    • @DromusTH
      @DromusTH 21 день тому +24

      @@tienatho2149 Rick did not out smart Doofus Jerry, Doofus Jerry dead because of plot and by another Jerry who for some reason drink portal fluid summoning a worm.

  • @DoppelDyne
    @DoppelDyne 21 день тому +4606

    Rick Prime managed to hold off Evil Morty and Rick C-137 on his own. He could've won if he did not underestimate Evil Morty. His overconfidence was his downfall.

    • @toziassmitt
      @toziassmitt 21 день тому +148

      Hubris, one might even say

    • @devinsheaven
      @devinsheaven 21 день тому +24


    • @skills7585
      @skills7585 21 день тому +38

      Darth Sidious laughing starts

    • @conq1273
      @conq1273 21 день тому +8

      He was Reminded

    • @Khaoslance2
      @Khaoslance2 21 день тому +46

      “Have you nothing to say to your creator, before you strike him down?”

  • @anthonyhans1664
    @anthonyhans1664 21 день тому +3868

    Rick prime may have been our Ricks worst nemesis but for evil morty, he was just another Rick.

    • @streetridersss8360
      @streetridersss8360 21 день тому +222

      Evil Morty was another Morty for Rick Prime, oh wait...

    • @zarryld1554
      @zarryld1554 21 день тому +228

      but he just 2 v 1 them? only reason evil morty won was playing on prime's sheer over confidence.
      if morty thought he could have won he just would have. he's not as gimicky as rick. he just gets the job done and goes home

    • @wojciechwerner8787
      @wojciechwerner8787 21 день тому +144

      @@streetridersss8360 No you are right. Evil Morty was another Morty for Rick Prime so he underestimated him.

    • @minatodroger7890
      @minatodroger7890 21 день тому +20

      Evil morty on another level

    • @louiedavemozar2519
      @louiedavemozar2519 21 день тому +3

      coldest comment ever

  • @benjaminmainez7818
    @benjaminmainez7818 21 день тому +1125

    I love how Rick prime is genuinely sad about slow mobius

  • @Fiberz_
    @Fiberz_ 21 день тому +3244

    The new VA's for both Rick and Morty did an amazing job this episode. Barely even notice it anymore.

    • @tomorchard6660
      @tomorchard6660 21 день тому +196

      I disagree completely it sounds like Rick has a massive ball of snot stuck in his throat and Morty has 0 passion in his voice

    • @Chris.530
      @Chris.530 21 день тому +643

      ​@@tomorchard6660I disagree completely.

    • @ibrahimdogonyaro1732
      @ibrahimdogonyaro1732 21 день тому +57

      @@tomorchard6660i agree with the morty voice but, rick one was a bit off.

    • @uhjeff3651
      @uhjeff3651 21 день тому +9

      What's VO?

    • @AbasiMatthew
      @AbasiMatthew 21 день тому +165

      I actually forgot that these are new voice actors. They did an amazing job honestly! Everyon'es first season is rough, by the time they hit the second season, they gonna be extremely acclimated.

  • @sabreejohnson1551
    @sabreejohnson1551 21 день тому +1630

    Still one of the best episodes of this season, even one of the best fights of the series. Not gonna lie. Wonder what’s gonna be next for Rick after he’s finally completed his mission and killed Rick Prime. Also, RIP Uncle Slo, aka Slow Mobius. You will forever be missed. We haven’t seen him since the party back in Season 1 Rick and Summer threw.

    • @kekyoin1261
      @kekyoin1261 21 день тому +27

      I went back to watch the party episode in season 1 when this episode dropped, can't believe he's gone. Fly High 🕊🕊

    • @lestarchatman9226
      @lestarchatman9226 21 день тому +6

      Agreed 😊 love this episode I’ve watched it so many times now. Can’t enough. Awesome fight scene 😮 this is definitely one of my favorites 🤗

    • @Clarencecj2468
      @Clarencecj2468 21 день тому +1


    • @mr.crowgamer6250
      @mr.crowgamer6250 21 день тому +2

      Meh was a rushed episode man can’t lie

    • @Clarencecj2468
      @Clarencecj2468 21 день тому +3

      @@mr.crowgamer6250 it was so good its my favorite episode of this season how all the Rick's fight and Morty and Evil Morty 😈 👏 GOD TIER

  • @simonepriolo
    @simonepriolo 20 днів тому +275

    I love that Evil Morty's imitation of Mory started with an "Oh jeez"

    • @curtisberg3028
      @curtisberg3028 14 днів тому +17

      “What are you gonna do oh jeez me to death”

  • @user-em6ie2be7x
    @user-em6ie2be7x 21 день тому +1261

    Unbelievable how across all of Infinity only 2 Rick's we're actually able to create The Portal Gun.

    • @Roman-ib8qn
      @Roman-ib8qn 21 день тому +177

      They would have probably all figured it out eventually, prime just got to it first

    • @Kaiyats
      @Kaiyats 21 день тому +140

      @@Roman-ib8qnPrime gives them a portal gun which he controls

    • @Jonas-Seiler
      @Jonas-Seiler 21 день тому +13

      no reason to assume that

    • @user-em6ie2be7x
      @user-em6ie2be7x 21 день тому +80

      @@Jonas-Seiler Beside the fact Rick Prime said it himself & he's too full of himself to lie about something like that?

    • @Elnmsk
      @Elnmsk 21 день тому +13

      Doofus Rick managed to make a portal by himself in the comics

  • @valesbridge_yt
    @valesbridge_yt 21 день тому +207

    Really loved seeing Evil Morty’s fighting style, just goes to show how talented our morty could be if he wasnt held back

    • @nikolamilknikolacola3165
      @nikolamilknikolacola3165 15 днів тому +2

      He wasnt even fighting it was our morty who fight him😊

    • @nikolamilknikolacola3165
      @nikolamilknikolacola3165 15 днів тому +1

      Accident emoji to lazy to edit it

    • @octaviosalvatierra1389
      @octaviosalvatierra1389 14 днів тому +7

      @@nikolamilknikolacola3165 it was? its looked like our morty did not even recall do in it, for me evil morty switch with him in the last seconds only and thats why our morty said ``we switch shirts`` cuz evil morty was wounded and he need to hide it to appear like our morty.

    • @Longest_comment501
      @Longest_comment501 4 дні тому

      @@octaviosalvatierra1389yeah thats what actually happened. The other outcome makes no sense

    • @egg-040
      @egg-040 21 годину тому

      @@Longest_comment501its just people trying to give morty credit for anything because of his lack of character development or more so power wise.

  • @sunman2849
    @sunman2849 21 день тому +769

    Seeing Rick and Rick prime fight and how when they rip off limbs, their is more wires than muscle tissue. Really puts into perspective how much more machine Rick is than man

    • @quicksolution5881
      @quicksolution5881 21 день тому +51

      Define man. As long as those machines keep producing the same or at least similar electrical output directly to his brain through the nervou system as would ordinary human flesh, and i assume rick would design them as such, then it literally doesnt matter. He is still the same, because all that truly makes you you is your neurons firing with each other And with your body through the nervous system.

    • @streetridersss8360
      @streetridersss8360 21 день тому +18

      Evil Morty is also more machine than human...

    • @sunman2849
      @sunman2849 21 день тому +6

      @@streetridersss8360 maybe that’s a hidden message in the series lmao

    • @JohnPeacekeeper
      @JohnPeacekeeper 21 день тому +19

      Evil Morty seems to be headed that direction too. We already know he has, besides Doctor Octopus arms growing out of his spine, head implants, as well as at least his left arm being a weapon. But his own augmentations are a lot more subtle.

    • @sunman2849
      @sunman2849 21 день тому +8

      @@JohnPeacekeeper I feel that there’s also a hidden message in that as well. Cause evil morty never seeks out revenge, doesn’t look for anyone approval, and overall. Truly does not care. He has no need to be flashy because he isn’t looking for a villain to defeat. He just wants to be left alone. Where’s Rick was so hell bent of getting Rick prime, that he went all out on augmentations, and even though he claimed he was never looking for approval. It seems like he is with morty

  • @robinvik1
    @robinvik1 21 день тому +444

    After all this build up I can't believe they went through with it and killed him off for good. Just to think we will never see another episode with Uncle Slowmo

    • @MordenWex
      @MordenWex 19 днів тому +17

      Hah good one. Had us in the first part

  • @610Hobbies
    @610Hobbies 21 день тому +715

    Anyone else noticed how Prime never attacked Morty? I mean, the drones did for a moment and he got into some crossfire with the puppets, but he never actually targeted Morty directly until their official "reunion" and even then he was hesitating to kill him.

    • @mrman6035
      @mrman6035 21 день тому +196

      Cause deep down all Ricks have a soft spot for Morty

    • @thachocolategod
      @thachocolategod 21 день тому +281

      Also, he just doesn't view Morty as a threat, which led ultimately to his downfall.

    • @PastelPinkChaos
      @PastelPinkChaos 21 день тому +148

      He either had a soft spot for Morty, or he just didn't thought he was worth killing (Since his ego is so gigantic, he probably thought killing Morty was a waste of time and that he wouldn't be able to do anything to him)

    • @DuendeTortuga
      @DuendeTortuga 21 день тому +74

      I mean, he said "so, should I just get this over with or.." because it was a weird moment, being that that was "his" Morty (who also isn't a threat to him) before him not because he wasn't going to kill him, he would have done it for sure..

    • @Naev0w0
      @Naev0w0 21 день тому +31

      It's because he (like almost every rick) does not see Morty as a threat or even view him as capable in any way. He's not even entertaining the idea that Morty is even worth taking seriously.

  • @jdartistry90
    @jdartistry90 21 день тому +770

    They've pulled this whole season off so far it's been brilliant 👏 ❤

  • @anomalocaris2593
    @anomalocaris2593 21 день тому +524

    Counter point to Morty. While Slowmobius' death was slower it also gave him more time to accept it and think of something nice untill the inevitable

    • @violetrose674
      @violetrose674 21 день тому +48

      It also prolonged the other Slos' deaths so they all lived a few more seconds of their lives

    • @anomalocaris2593
      @anomalocaris2593 21 день тому +4

      @@violetrose674 He didn't know anything about that though

    • @violetrose674
      @violetrose674 21 день тому +6

      @@anomalocaris2593 I mean... He would have seen the screens of his alternate selves. He could have figured it out

    • @MED48L
      @MED48L 20 днів тому


    • @anomalocaris2593
      @anomalocaris2593 5 днів тому

      @@violetrose674 I don't think he saw those, not to mention he was panicking so much that he would have paid attention to them

  • @Judicator334
    @Judicator334 21 день тому +66

    This just shows that evil morty is way more dangerous than what rick thinks. And also show how far morty prime could go

    • @Jestrath
      @Jestrath 21 день тому +8

      Think it cemented the fact the evil morty is probably even more intelligent than any Rick.

    • @jay-yi9im
      @jay-yi9im 14 днів тому +1

      @@JestrathI think is besides our Rick and prime Rick

    • @rupom5881
      @rupom5881 11 днів тому

      ​@@jay-yi9imNah, right now, Evil Morty is the supreme Villain. Dude has an OP machine at his hands and he said he can still upgrade It further. Let the guy alone otherwise it's the end for everyone

  • @mr.skateandwatch
    @mr.skateandwatch 21 день тому +159

    At this point the dedication Rick C-137 is doing to just kill Prime is respectable and yet subtly melancholic

    • @ChinnuSped
      @ChinnuSped 21 день тому +15

      Actually, the Rick we're following, the so called "dead wife" Rick is not from c137. C137 is prime Rick's universe. We don't know where our Rick came from. We only know that he came to c137 and took prime Rick's place along with his morty only to cronenberg that universe and left to another one.

    • @user-dp2zl2ch7i
      @user-dp2zl2ch7i 21 день тому +27

      ⁠​⁠​⁠​⁠​⁠@@ChinnuSpedit’s confirmed by the creator that our Rick is from c 137 and the Rick prime universe is called prime universe

    • @ChinnuSped
      @ChinnuSped 21 день тому +3

      @@user-dp2zl2ch7i oh. Then my mistake. I always thought that's the case, but in this episode prime Rick called that morty his original morty and thought they're universe is assigned with c137.
      Thank you for letting me know.

    • @TimothyGod
      @TimothyGod 21 день тому +3

      ​@@ChinnuSpedyea morty only thought he was c137 up til then

    • @kunali.
      @kunali. 20 годин тому

      ​@@ChinnuSpeddo some research first please

  • @ntaentae6264
    @ntaentae6264 20 днів тому +78

    I love how capable evil morty is he probably could’ve stopped rick completely by himself if he actually cared

    • @renatoguedes1645
      @renatoguedes1645 7 днів тому +2

      and the face he does when rick is smashed looks like "I defended you for that?" Lmao

  • @jackhanver1420
    @jackhanver1420 21 день тому +81

    Love how prime Rick first thought after being outsmarted by Morty is to call him cool grandson.

    • @thedelordhimselfgokublack
      @thedelordhimselfgokublack 20 днів тому +10

      😂😂😂 it confirms his intelligence can at least be inherited

    • @justinwillingale2086
      @justinwillingale2086 5 днів тому

      Evil morty isnt that smart he dose not invent he only takes tricks inventions and reuses them for his own gains. in hindsight evil morty won by playing on the fact that rick will ultimately underestimate a mory lol @@thedelordhimselfgokublack

  • @JoshSweetvale
    @JoshSweetvale 21 день тому +110

    I love how Evil Rick has Sentinel Drones and Human Reaper Dianes. It's a smorgasboard of late 00s pulp SciFi.
    Hell, he even has a setting-wide selective-fire doomsday device. Stargate, Doctor Who, Halo _and_ Mass Effect had those.

    • @antdorf0825
      @antdorf0825 21 день тому +5

      I was wondering if the the giant Dianes were supposed to be like the human reaper from ME2 lol.

    • @fartpluswetone8077
      @fartpluswetone8077 21 день тому

      The Booger Aids device reminds me a lot of the Halo control room

  • @ezekielsparadise4633
    @ezekielsparadise4633 9 днів тому +10

    Evils mortys hand gesture when he said "oh geeze" was HILARIOUS cus if Rick wasnt so full of himself, hed catch that Morty was being sarcastic and baiting him.

  • @participatoroftomfoolery
    @participatoroftomfoolery 21 день тому +118

    Hands down the coolest fight scene in the show

    • @tiacool7978
      @tiacool7978 21 день тому +3

      Yea, the giant Dianes was amazing.

    • @AED10
      @AED10 21 день тому +6

      Idk I'm partial to the phoenix person fight

    • @GyroScopeGD
      @GyroScopeGD 21 день тому +5

      @@AED10I like how that one had no music, it just felt so serious

    • @mrblank-zh1xy
      @mrblank-zh1xy 15 днів тому +1

      The Reaper Dianes were absolutely fantastic, complete with fistpounding attack

  • @darwinray7394
    @darwinray7394 20 днів тому +31

    Evil Morty is extremely smart and effective in a fight, but I just want to point out and shout out that our Morty (Morty Prime) may not be as combat savvy but the kid has so much moxy and intelligence in his own right, don't underestimate him haha
    He was able to piece together rocket fire from a downed Rick-Bot, when he came under fire he immediately used that rick bot as cover to block the lasers!

    • @jackhanver1420
      @jackhanver1420 19 днів тому

      I thought they had switched before arriving?

    • @darwinray7394
      @darwinray7394 19 днів тому +3

      @@jackhanver1420 That's a theory going around but it's not confirmed, the way I think of it they switched after the explosion

    • @saucevc8353
      @saucevc8353 18 днів тому +3

      @@jackhanver1420 Probably not, Evil Morty uses technology in the fight that Morty Prime wouldn't have if they really were just switched.

    • @israellopez9766
      @israellopez9766 17 днів тому +2

      no if you pay attention the entire time evil Morty was controlling Morty prime. to act and imitate him . Morty prime isnt even aware or awake during the entire fight . Evil Morty was using him as a puppet and double to fool rick prime so he would ultimately let his guard down in front of him . because Rick prime did not see Morty prime as a threat. thats when evil Morty took rick prime down and Morty prime woke up asking why he was wearing an eye patch. Evil Morty the real threat here . Because he was not above using another Morty to pull off his plans

    • @darwinray7394
      @darwinray7394 17 днів тому +1

      @israellopez9766 Right, that's the theory the reason it's only a theory is because there's no way to know that for sure, the show never reveals when they actually switched if anything Evil Morty gets shot in the arm and is shown bleeding on the arm, later Morty Prime says "they switched shirts" and if you look his arm isn't bleeding, which imo means they switched after the explosion or his arm would still be bleeding

  • @briankao6833
    @briankao6833 21 день тому +283

    Best episode of the whole season. Should have been a season finale but will have to wait and see what the real season finale is

    • @jorgeortizdelandazuri7318
      @jorgeortizdelandazuri7318 21 день тому +13

      I REALLY dont understand what people are enjoying so much about this episode. Id like to understand, though. - I am glad you enjjoyed it so much. I dont think it was bad, but I dont think what is there to make people so excited about it.
      It seems legitimately designed to leave you unsatisfied. Its fails to deliever a satisfying conclusion - on purpose, in my opinion. It wants to leave you as "and this is it"? As Rick is feeling right now. That is why its not a finale - a finale would have been climatic. It isnt supposed to be

    • @dr.autismgod3538
      @dr.autismgod3538 21 день тому +16

      @@jorgeortizdelandazuri7318 Awesome Rick characterization, awesome Morty characterization (including Evil Morty), awesome fight, awesome music, awesome death for Prime. What's not to like?

    • @interstella0
      @interstella0 21 день тому +10

      @@jorgeortizdelandazuri7318 it's a good conclusion to the prime rick arc, sure it's unsatisfying for rick, but that is the point

    • @jorgeortizdelandazuri7318
      @jorgeortizdelandazuri7318 21 день тому

      @@dr.autismgod3538 awesome Death for prime...? How so? What is special about It?

  • @qwertwert21
    @qwertwert21 21 день тому +46

    I like how Rick attaches RP's arm to replace his leg, but instead of using it to walk, it just acts like his other hands, and he continues hopping on one foot.

  • @auzzypound308
    @auzzypound308 21 день тому +201

    Didn't expect the Rick Prime battle mid-season

    • @23_bruno_oh
      @23_bruno_oh 21 день тому +20

      me neither but its amazing

    • @williamdaviddiazcuchimaque7511
      @williamdaviddiazcuchimaque7511 21 день тому +2

      ese era el punto

    • @lazyassbum
      @lazyassbum 21 день тому +15

      They got desperate after the first 3 episodes bombed.

    • @SpScarletSpider
      @SpScarletSpider 21 день тому +4

      @@lazyassbum Were the ratings bad for the first three episodes?

    • @lazyassbum
      @lazyassbum 21 день тому +4

      @@SpScarletSpider episode 1 and 3 specifically.

  • @thefatman8119
    @thefatman8119 21 день тому +60

    I think Rick prime was also hurt by his wife’s loss cause he does have a lot of her in his hideout and not to mention the giant ones look like him trying to remake his wife but not fully remembering her face

    • @remjo
      @remjo 21 день тому +27

      Maybe it's meant for the ricks that keep coming after him

    • @Remitonov
      @Remitonov 20 днів тому +20

      He probably was, but his jealousy of Protagonist Rick (C-137)'s happy marriage overruled his judgement, choosing to make _that_ Rick suffer rather than admit that his own ego and neglect was what made his own marriage fail.

    • @Alex-gp7wg
      @Alex-gp7wg 13 днів тому +7

      Definitely not the case. In this same episode we see that he constructed a crab-like bomb version of Diane with her face reproduced flawlessly. Memory isn't going to be an issue for somebody this smart and that scene alone proves his memory isn't at fault. The giants exist as a kind of body-horror for Ricks that come after him, we've been shown time and again that Prime takes a sadistic pleasure in inflicting emotional anguish on others.

  • @randomrat8063
    @randomrat8063 20 днів тому +22

    Rick prime summoned his clones only on evil morty and our rick, and never summoned one to harm his own morty. really goes to show how every rick cares about morty

  • @Mr.Taskmasta
    @Mr.Taskmasta 21 день тому +96

    This episode will always hold a special place in my heart

  • @Tmb1112
    @Tmb1112 21 день тому +154

    At the start of the actual combat, did anyone else think of Huey, Riley, and Robert Freeman fighting against Stinkmeaner’s ghost in Tom’s body? The action, set up, moves, and even the characters at that point are oddly reminiscent.
    Edit to explain: Well it starts similarly. An old man with two of his grandsons facing another old man who is his rival who he’s fought before, a rival who is seemingly immortal. One of his grandsons is super competent and a good martial artist who can read his enemies’ moves. Huey even does that thing I think where he gets hit onto his back and kicks his legs up to jump on his feet and attack again, like Evil Morty does at the start here. Riley is less useful in the fight but does play his small part like regular Morty does. And they defeat Stinkmeaner like they defeat Rick Prime, only to knock him unconscious first and tie him up, then finish him off while he’s tied up by the end of the episode.

    • @churrbumlion
      @churrbumlion 21 день тому +12

      He would have to be fighting them on both sides to me

    • @HatredInTheFlesh
      @HatredInTheFlesh 21 день тому +5

      Nah that show is trash

    • @IllusionaryVisionModernWorld
      @IllusionaryVisionModernWorld 21 день тому +3

      Why would anyone else be specifically thinking of The Boondocks? If you wanted to express your love for The Boondocks you definitely could've used a better segue.

    • @theodoris
      @theodoris 21 день тому +9


    • @churrbumlion
      @churrbumlion 20 днів тому +8

      @@HatredInTheFlesh username checks out

  • @tobybraden2012
    @tobybraden2012 20 днів тому +28

    I love the scene with Evil Morty and Rick fighting Rick Prime together, it shows their teamwork, they have put aside each other’s differences because Rick Prime is the truest threat.

  • @ultimatechad.
    @ultimatechad. 20 днів тому +13

    Man, as much as I'm not a fan of the new voice actors they really put their heart and soul into this episodes voice acting. And wow, primes instant healing ability is so broken, for some reason i feel like prime isn't dead..

  • @tylerk5104
    @tylerk5104 21 день тому +28

    It's amazing how this concludes Rick's past and now he can finally move on without prime rick lingering in the back of his mind. I wonder what new adventures Rick & Morty will go on now

    • @SoulReaperSlayer19
      @SoulReaperSlayer19 21 день тому +1

      Idk why but I feel Space Beth has an ulterior motive…

    • @umbrellazandthangz1539
      @umbrellazandthangz1539 21 день тому +1

      ​@@SoulReaperSlayer19 oh? enlighten us! I don't hear a lot about space Beth

    • @chrizmerk756
      @chrizmerk756 12 днів тому

      I get the feeling that Rick Prime is still out there. Or he'll be brought back as a robot or something.

  • @errorcringyname4044
    @errorcringyname4044 21 день тому +16

    Anybody else think evil morty was controlling normal morty like he did his rick the whole fight? That was one crazy set up to down rick prime.

  • @dark6.6E-34
    @dark6.6E-34 21 день тому +11

    Unbelievably well written packed and satisfying episode.

    • @santiagolopez9034
      @santiagolopez9034 20 днів тому +1

      I don't think it was well written tbh. It was packed though I agree.

  • @austinverburg313
    @austinverburg313 20 днів тому +13

    I love the unimpressed look on Evil Morty's face when our Morty does the salute lmao

    • @Einseraph
      @Einseraph 16 днів тому +3

      He does a little nod to him like "good job" he always has an unimpressed look

  • @NaruKami-rb1pw
    @NaruKami-rb1pw 21 день тому +193

    I really like how petty Prime Rick is like fr the best villains always are the petty ones ngl

    • @toziassmitt
      @toziassmitt 21 день тому +7

      fr no cap

    • @RashaadGolden
      @RashaadGolden 21 день тому

      Wouldn't call him the best though.

    • @dr.autismgod3538
      @dr.autismgod3538 21 день тому +3

      @@RashaadGolden Come on man, can you just let him have it?

    • @RashaadGolden
      @RashaadGolden 21 день тому

      @@dr.autismgod3538 just looking at it as it is.

    • @dr.autismgod3538
      @dr.autismgod3538 21 день тому +1

      @@RashaadGolden I'm sorry but Rick Prime's death speech some of the best acting I've seen in recent memory.

  • @thibautisserant
    @thibautisserant 21 день тому +25

    Evil Morty saying "Oh Geez" is a dead givaway of the switcharoo. Our Morty has stopped saying that long ago.

  • @kevin-mg4by
    @kevin-mg4by 21 день тому +14

    It’s crazy that Rick prime almost solo’d both Rick c-137 and evil Morty. I wouldn’t be surprised if he somehow survived...

  • @jaydragonsbreath2423
    @jaydragonsbreath2423 13 днів тому +1

    this episode was SO EPIC! The hype was unreal. Especially loved everything Evil Morty did. Also this EP had one of the best fights ever so far.

  • @wintereczusik
    @wintereczusik 21 день тому +224

    When Rick and Morty ends I want a series with adult Morty.

  • @jetsguy226
    @jetsguy226 21 день тому +28

    Seeing evil Morty fight with them is actually kind of sick. I had my problems with the show the last couple seasons and I didn't want to watch this one. However, seeing this clip made me reconsider it.

    • @pedroj3432
      @pedroj3432 21 день тому +2

      K mate😂

    • @pikachuzero3335
      @pikachuzero3335 20 днів тому +2

      The world awaits your decision.

    • @Bruh-zx2mc
      @Bruh-zx2mc 20 днів тому

      I regretted taking a break from the show after S5E9. Take that how you want.

  • @hawkvice9751
    @hawkvice9751 17 днів тому +3

    I'm like how Evil Morty's eye patch doesn't only represents him, but also helps him in fighting and identifying things

  • @isaacibac9915
    @isaacibac9915 20 днів тому +6

    Ricks car sounding like his wife is one of the greatest twists ever in the show

    • @Truck_person
      @Truck_person 20 днів тому +1

      They explained that it was super early in the series

  • @DeathDragon99a
    @DeathDragon99a 20 днів тому +1

    So much better than how they resolved the rift across dimensions, this season looks like it could be a good turning point for the show, at least for me. Just gotta see how the season continues

  • @InktheImpassive
    @InktheImpassive 21 день тому +7

    I like how our Morty created a makeshift weapon out of a Rick prime bot, I guess with the right mindset, he would be just as dangerous and capable as Evil Morty.

  • @SeanKearns-ls3rq
    @SeanKearns-ls3rq 19 днів тому +6

    I always thought this would be the final battle at the end of season 10. It’s obvious now that that final fight will be the most powerful Jerry

  • @Thdksks
    @Thdksks 21 день тому +81

    This ep was fire please create another like this one

  • @thinking3682
    @thinking3682 20 днів тому +8

    Crazy to see how well evil Morty does when fighting
    Really puts into perspective the room for improvement Morty C-137 coule have

  • @killerg1853
    @killerg1853 21 день тому +10

    Not gonna lie, this was to me the best fight yet in the Rick and Morty franchise

  • @glitchbonnietrap6883
    @glitchbonnietrap6883 8 днів тому +5

    1:11 you know that something is so sad when even Rick Prime gets sad

  • @gigachadisrussia
    @gigachadisrussia 21 день тому +40

    I am very sorry that Rich Prime died so quickly, it would have been better if he had lasted longer

    • @SullivanDLuffy
      @SullivanDLuffy 21 день тому +1

      it's better that he dead like his whole death was showing us how much of a threat Evil Morty is and i think it open up lots of doors like what well Rick do know he kill rick Prime and how well he live by knowing he well never get his wife back and the line when Rick Prime said you would had be the one to kill my family if i have notr met you got me become i actually believe him so you are wrong they did not wasted him like i love Prime Rick but he is a little bit simple like his whole character that he thinks all the other ricks are better than him when he gave rick the chance to have power rick said no to him rick was sayin im better than you and other ricks too Rick Prime needs attention he needs to show rick that he is better but at the end he show rick they was the same person

    • @TimothyGod
      @TimothyGod 21 день тому +1

      Its exactly why they ended him so quickly, cause they don't wanna linger too long

  • @AMHarbinger
    @AMHarbinger 2 дні тому

    I think the best part is that Evil Morty knew it wouldn't solve anything. He went through what Rick experienced and it didn't help anything. The mark will always be there.

  • @Kero-zc5tc
    @Kero-zc5tc 21 день тому +3

    I love how Rick says he would have tried that too when baddie morty shoots him like Rick did to baddie morty earlier saying he would be a fool to not try

  • @mr.joseph5189
    @mr.joseph5189 21 день тому +18

    I still can’t believe we’re already done with Rick Prime 😢 this actually feels like the end of the season what can our protagonists do now?

    • @Center-For-I.E.D.Mismanagement
      @Center-For-I.E.D.Mismanagement 21 день тому +6


    • @user-nb1fl6hj3v
      @user-nb1fl6hj3v 21 день тому +2

      They could use doofus jerry, evil morty, or my personal favorite Rick c-132. If Rick died and went to hell, Rick morning star/ Rick c-132 could be a really good protagonist

  • @thecinemagician
    @thecinemagician 21 день тому +2

    I've watched this like 500 times now, and I just realized time travel is still a thing, and they could totally fix all of this by making good with the time travel cops at some point.

    @BULLETSCARER 16 днів тому +1

    This episode was really good. I wasn't watching it, but I finally figured, while I still don't like what Adult Swim did to Roiland, the show is bigger than the actor. So, I decided to give this new season a chance and I'm loving it. It's a great season so far and this episode was the best episode in a while.
    This episode was awesome and I like how it was Evil Morty who got Rick Prime, sure, our Rick was the one who actually killed Rick Prime, but Evil Morty was the one to make it happen. And it goes to show how good of a villain he is. And I loved how they showed how he came to be, and showed that even Morty, who's supposed to be dumber than dogshit, if he just pushed himself, he could be as smart as Rick. And I also loved how this show established how smart the Rick we've been following is. Like, he and Rick Prime are the only ones who cracked the inter dimensional travel. That was a cool add on.

  • @streetridersss8360
    @streetridersss8360 21 день тому +10

    This episode is a piece of art! :)

  • @amandafly1580
    @amandafly1580 21 день тому +12

    2:24 is so funny 😂 that spin

  • @jontuxen2724
    @jontuxen2724 21 день тому +5

    Rick Prime could've won against all of them. His over-confidence is the reason of his downfall. He also probably the first one who can even scratch Evil Morty

  • @makaqaldani8448
    @makaqaldani8448 6 днів тому

    i rly like how prime morty and evil morty get along and dont mind eachother even help eachother lol

  • @silentfox139
    @silentfox139 21 день тому +4

    The giant robot Diane made it so much like an end game boss stage

  • @gigachadisrussia
    @gigachadisrussia 21 день тому +102

    1:11 Even Prime Rick felt sad

    • @maxrex280
      @maxrex280 21 день тому

      Wasn't he supposed to not care about others?

    • @toyohimeyeswatatsuki6917
      @toyohimeyeswatatsuki6917 21 день тому +24

      "Yeah this one hurt me too"

    • @safarfalahi5587
      @safarfalahi5587 21 день тому +31

      Uncle slow mo death is probably one of the saddest death in history of television.

    • @trainerikmal2532
      @trainerikmal2532 21 день тому +7

      ​@@maxrex280i think Uncle Slow have something bond to all Universe Rick.maybe like Role Model of Great Dad.

    • @mr.skateandwatch
      @mr.skateandwatch 21 день тому

      Ironic Ricks are related to time

  • @DakuJTenshi
    @DakuJTenshi 21 день тому +3

    This brings up so many questions. Why does Prime rick have it out so hard for other Rick's. And he did confirm that he does have his own wife. So why did he delete her from all existence? Hell, why did he give up on his own universe? He doesn't address morty by name, calling him grandson like he never knew his own morty.

  • @dspace4514
    @dspace4514 21 день тому +49

    I keep wondering when Evil Morty did the switch.

    • @motivated2473
      @motivated2473 21 день тому +15

      In the time it took PrimeRick to regenerate

    • @adriansparks7149
      @adriansparks7149 21 день тому +12

      Same, the only thing I've come up with so far is that they have a cut right before prime wakes back up. so i'm stuck assuming between then

    • @jetsfly1094
      @jetsfly1094 21 день тому +4

      Maybe evil Morty gave him the eye patch and remote-controlled morty the whole fight he did have a spare and the non eyepatch mortgage did some extra science stuff normal mortgage wouldn't do

    • @mikaelharding
      @mikaelharding 21 день тому +3

      I think evil morty brainwashed prime morty when the latter entered his portal at main rick's hideout because the latter didn't have any memory of wearing an eye patch when the fight was over so before both of them reached rick prime's hideout prime morty was wearing an eye patch given to him by evil morty so when rick prime who he thought was his original grandson turned out to be evil morty in disguise and that allowed him to fake out rick prime and knock him out with an electrical.

    • @lovethawa9304
      @lovethawa9304 21 день тому +2

      He made the switch before he got there and controlled Morty all through the fight

  • @Mr.Bobble-236
    @Mr.Bobble-236 21 день тому +13

    Actually cried for hours whenever Uncle Slow died. I still am. I'm gonna have to take in my computer for water damage. How could they do this.

  • @seneryy
    @seneryy 18 днів тому +2

    It is funny how at 0:27 evil Morty shoots Rick Prime almost certainly knowing he has a forcefield too

  • @deathkitsune6839
    @deathkitsune6839 10 днів тому

    I find it funny that the only times RP seemed genuinely confused was first when he noticed C-137 Rick's leg about to use C-137 like a weapon to hit him, and when they took each others limbs, and C-137 attatched the arm where his leg should be with no hesitation, and Prime took a moment to look at C-137s leg in confusion before doing the same for his missing arm. The goofiest things are what caught him off guard before evil mortys switcheroo.

  • @Blackacre438
    @Blackacre438 21 день тому +64

    My only criticism is that it would have hit so much harder if our Morty was the one to beat him, instead of Evil Morty

    • @oneiroagent
      @oneiroagent 21 день тому +15

      Do you want our Morty to beat God next?

    • @CountGremlin
      @CountGremlin 21 день тому +1

      Evil Morty is Morty

    • @VulpineChick
      @VulpineChick 21 день тому +5

      @@oneiroagent It's like a Phineas and Ferb the Movie thing

    • @mr.joseph5189
      @mr.joseph5189 21 день тому +10

      Naaaah Our Morty is not as smart as Evil Morty, he would’ve just died.

    • @DuendeTortuga
      @DuendeTortuga 21 день тому +6

      That's the point, Evil Morty is way smarter and more efficient than our Morty, that's why he's so dangerous

  • @purpleninja96original
    @purpleninja96original 21 день тому +2

    Maybe Rick Prime was the smartest man in the universe, but there was only one thing that could defeat him. The sight of his own Morty. If Evil Morty didn’t kill Rick Prime, C-137 would have been killed or tortured. It really makes you think of all of the possible outcomes.

  • @hightierscrub7166
    @hightierscrub7166 19 днів тому +10

    I love the secret reveal of the different Mortys since, it was already established Evil Morty kept a shield up. And while “Evil Morty” was scanning rick’s patterns, he got hit by shotgun shells. Which shouldn’t have happened if it was actual Evil Morty.

    • @webomasto
      @webomasto 17 днів тому

      i think that's more like a connection failure than a detail, bc i dont think morty would fight or scan like evil morty, or he would know he has the eye patch, and he wouldnt have hacked the drones, idk

    • @kyle8952
      @kyle8952 17 днів тому +1

      Nope. Evil Morty swapped places with Regular Morty when the dianebot explosion knocked everyone out. Regular Morty woke up and had no idea why he was wearing a ripped shirt or eyepatch.

    • @fangirl3323
      @fangirl3323 8 днів тому

      Wasn't Morty confused when he was wearing an eye patch and had his shirt ripped tho?

    • @hightierscrub7166
      @hightierscrub7166 8 днів тому +1

      @@webomasto Unless E. Morty was remote controlling him. And the swap happened beforehand, because once Evil Morty landed, for him to not only swap the shirts and eye patch, but to also mimic the exact position he landed in, get up, K.O. Regular Morty, before RP got up seems a bit too hectic for a last second swap, especially for someone who acts before it happens. Not as.

    • @zingobdoop7908
      @zingobdoop7908 6 днів тому

      @@hightierscrub7166 That would take too much time. He was controlling morty like he did with "Evil rick" in the episode's opening scene with evil morty's flashback. This explanation is from another user. Forgot the name.

  • @juandefreitas6586
    @juandefreitas6586 21 день тому +24

    The new voice actors of Morty and Rick are getting better and better.

    • @Center-For-I.E.D.Mismanagement
      @Center-For-I.E.D.Mismanagement 21 день тому +4

      Roiland was always replaceable.

    • @TimothyGod
      @TimothyGod 21 день тому

      ​@@Center-For-I.E.D.Mismanagementif it was these guys the whole time, there'd be no complaint. It's only cause there was a change

    • @Center-For-I.E.D.Mismanagement
      @Center-For-I.E.D.Mismanagement 21 день тому

      There would be a frivolous complaint about something regardless. It's a very good thing that Harmon and his team rightfully ignore the endless shrieking of the willfully ignorant and do what is best for themselves and their work.

    • @TimothyGod
      @TimothyGod 21 день тому

      @@Center-For-I.E.D.Mismanagement and now we can have this be a part of his growing character, and what he can do now

    • @Center-For-I.E.D.Mismanagement
      @Center-For-I.E.D.Mismanagement 20 днів тому

      Who are you talking about, Roiland?

  • @nicholasbarber8531
    @nicholasbarber8531 12 днів тому

    You know, it only just hit me, It's almost nice of Evil Morty to actually kill Rick Prime, rather than just erase his memory of the weapon or something. After all, Rick Prime may be the only Rick that never messes with Morty's (beyond killing them when they get in his way, but that's how he treats everyone), unlike the other Ricks playing their weird mind games and using them as human cloaking devices.

  • @schwifty148
    @schwifty148 19 днів тому +1

    Really hope they release the original voices for some of these good episodes

  • @demilung
    @demilung 11 днів тому +2

    "The only 2 Ricks who actually invented Portal Travel"
    Dear writers of this season, do you know what INFINITY means?

  • @aidanjohnson4131
    @aidanjohnson4131 21 день тому +10

    Such good fight choreo. Up there with the fighting in Star Mort

  • @rodneylagrone7180
    @rodneylagrone7180 18 днів тому

    I haven't had a very high opinion of this show for the padt few years. However, this fight scene was pretty creative

  • @pimpmasterkirbo4383
    @pimpmasterkirbo4383 20 днів тому +3

    You know i think its ironic how he calls our rick sentimental for having the voice of the car sound like their wife but rick prime created an intire robot army that are modeled after their wife too

  • @Friesman_
    @Friesman_ 21 день тому +5

    Rick Prime’s ost is gold ✨

    • @jesseciantar4006
      @jesseciantar4006 10 днів тому +1

      What's the name and where do I get it

    • @Friesman_
      @Friesman_ 10 днів тому +1

      @@jesseciantar4006 Idk bro, this is an unreleased soundtrack ;-;

  • @verke00
    @verke00 21 день тому +3

    Im pretty sure evil Morty has some secret power that allows him to switch between different Mortys.

  • @EliTheGleason
    @EliTheGleason 19 днів тому +8

    Everyone please remember that Slowmobius is likely the only living thing Rick prime has every had any feelings for.

    • @TuxDroid
      @TuxDroid 16 днів тому +2

      In reality, Rick also felt affection for Diane, Bird Person, Squanchy, Mr. Poopybutthole, Unity, even to a certain extent Morty. Rick's problem is not so much that he cannot feel affection, but that it is difficult to put them above his own desires (like all narcissists).

  • @anonymoussaiyan7555
    @anonymoussaiyan7555 19 днів тому +3

    In this episode Evil Morty is literally the Hero…He found Rick Prime while our rick was after prime his whole life…He defeated Prime and erased his backup while Rick lost to his nemesis.

    • @r2brandao360
      @r2brandao360 19 днів тому

      Exato, por isso eu acho que esse episódio não é um dos melhores
      É claro que essas opiniões não são em alta

  • @anthonythomas305
    @anthonythomas305 17 днів тому +1

    Seeing Rick vs Rick Prime fight is insane

  • @FoxKingjm
    @FoxKingjm 18 днів тому +3

    “You sentimental little fella.” Rick Prime, 2023.

  • @opliz2383
    @opliz2383 18 днів тому +1

    I couldn't stop thinking how that ball of energy looks and works a lot like the zero point from fortnite considering rick is in the game, and honestly rick prime trying to get all of that power wouldn't be so far fetched from what he'd actually do

    • @philipccmm
      @philipccmm 14 днів тому

      He did but evil Morty fried it.

  • @pedromorales6236
    @pedromorales6236 19 днів тому

    I was in shocked the whole episode, 10/10

  • @billshell6222
    @billshell6222 7 днів тому

    My question is how did evil mordy switch the eye patch without Rick prime noticing? Meaning he out smarted this version of Rick

  • @Kyleplaysgames567
    @Kyleplaysgames567 20 днів тому +1

    I want to know Rick Prime's origin story. How did he evolve into an even bigger psychopath than Rick?

  • @user-ex6xh8gy8j
    @user-ex6xh8gy8j 20 днів тому +4

    I think this is not the end of Rick Prime, we never get to see his body, when our Rick exits the room

  • @Fusion.x2x
    @Fusion.x2x 20 днів тому

    Love this season

  • @commiehunter733
    @commiehunter733 21 день тому

    The episode we've been waiting for ❤

  • @adamj.mc.3078
    @adamj.mc.3078 19 днів тому +2

    honestly? this kinda shows the main morty being smart af too. He hotwired that cut in half robot to shoot its cannon in a few moments.

    @RASTA-BABY 21 день тому

    This was the greatest tv episode I’ve ever watched😂😂😂 never thought it would be Rick and Morty for me

  • @TheYgds
    @TheYgds 19 днів тому

    I do hope they eventually address the elephant in the room that is Morty's intelligence. Thus far we've seen a version of him that is just as intellectually gifted and savvy as Rick C-137, and that Morty Prime can diffuse bombs and rewire half-a-Rick to fire a projectile. The whole "learning disabled" excuse from the first season doesn't scan. Even the old "Morty Waves" thing doesn't really work, since Morty just had phase shifted brainwave signatures, not ones that were lesser in amplitude. Something else is going on, and eventually Rick is going to have to deal with the fact that Morty could become his equal, and can't always be his sidekick.

  • @Calico9288
    @Calico9288 21 день тому +34

    "Battle of Ricks" won by a Morty.

  • @emiliomaalouf5101
    @emiliomaalouf5101 День тому

    Prime rick's story is pretty obvious after all his. His relationship with his wife was obviously toxic, so much that he left his family. He focused all his energy on his research and invented portal travel and after seeing other universes, he gave portal travel to a bunch of versions of himself and convinced them that family was just a waste of time and that they were better of leaving. Of course there were some Ricks who made their marrage work; not willing to accept the fact that they were happy with their lives, he straight up murdered their family just like what he did with our Rick. And then the rest of the series happened.

  • @bryanalexander7571
    @bryanalexander7571 21 день тому +1

    I think Rick would hate me saying this but in fights like this or when he fought the president, that's what I picture when I think of a wizard's duel. When mages fight in most media, it's usually just multicolored energy blasts.
    I guess that's what Rick meant by science takes brains and magic takes dark eyeliner.

  • @jonathanhersey8313
    @jonathanhersey8313 14 днів тому

    Here's a theory...
    What if Rick Prime was some sort of clone and a part of evil Morty's plan? A bigger plan that has yet to be revealed? This might be a good twist. If Rick beat his arch nemesis to death, if he finally got his revenge and it made him feel empty and dead inside... Maybe him regretting that is a part of the story and plot? Maybe The real Rick Prime isn't dead?
    Maybe Rick Prime is redeemable in some way now? Maybe C-137 can make peace with him and himself in the future? Maybe our Rick just beat a clone to death with his bare hands?
    This could be really cool, maybe in the future Rick Prime and C-137 can make amends, maybe the memory of Diane can be used in some sort of other device to bring back those erased by the Omega device?
    That would be a beautiful ending to all this. One can only hope. I don't like seeing our Rick so sad and depressed after beating someone with his bare hands. Revenge is never the answer and it only eats you alive more and more. Just a theory.
    I ultimately think that Evil Morty is the real mastermind here. I think that's the real villain that hasn't shown his true colors yet. Rick Prime is a real piece of work... He's still a Rick. Maybe there's hope? With all the crazy gadgets and devices that twist time and realities... It could be possible that the sheer memory of Diane could be used to bring her back in some capacity? Who knows?

  • @pyromainia4710
    @pyromainia4710 19 днів тому +1

    Man... I really want the music for this fight. It's so good!