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Evil Morty's Dark Backstory | Rick and Morty | adult swim

  • Опубліковано 14 лис 2023
  • Evil Morty teams up with one of many Ricks to take down their counterparts from across every dimension. Catch all-new episodes of Rick and Morty Sundays at 11p on [adult swim]. Stream seasons 1-6 now on Max: bit.ly/3hRw9rU
    Season 7, Episode 5: Unmortricken
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    Evil Morty's Dark Backstory | Rick and Morty | adult swim
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  • @ankar1757
    @ankar1757 25 днів тому +10217

    What I like about this backstory is nothing major happened. No big twist, nothing. It was exactly like every other episode. One day evil morty just snapped.

    • @themollymachine
      @themollymachine 24 дні тому +176

      Yeah that extremely lame with no pay off just like this season and last season

    • @OriTheBestGame
      @OriTheBestGame 24 дні тому +1063

      ​​​​​​​​​@@themollymachineNo, this is how you make a broken character feel natural, they did a great job with Evil Morty, he's not some super villain who got infected and went crazy or has a tragic past, he is just a regular Morty who got tired of the Ricks' abuse. And this season is great, sixth was also great, the fifth was ok, and the fourth was bad, but the show is clearly recovering.

    • @bobross4616
      @bobross4616 24 дні тому +103

      @@OriTheBestGame Eh, I didn't care for it. It may be clitche for the expectations for Evil Morty's backstory to be some grand out of the ordinary reason. But I just think there should be something that really differentiates the character. Nurture or Nature. Either through experiences that show more abuse than other Morties, or if not that at least some explanation to why he's so intelligent and capable of building Rick-like inventions: IE, evil spawns from capable people like Rick and his genes differentiate Morty in the worst way. This explanation was very inside the box, super basic, and really made no sense. Morty's way too smart, and he snapped pretty easily. Not very interesting either.

    • @Spycho13
      @Spycho13 24 дні тому +26

      I want jerry evil lol!

    • @OfLanceTheLonginus
      @OfLanceTheLonginus 24 дні тому +63

      @@bobross4616sounds a bit entitled ngl

  • @dave_riots
    @dave_riots 25 днів тому +9110

    A Morty being smarter than most Ricks is just what this show needs.

    • @jayfree3852
      @jayfree3852 25 днів тому +383

      He’s basically smarter than all ricks in the central finite curve

    • @thepoemsof...855
      @thepoemsof...855 25 днів тому +39

      ​@@jayfree3852 not c 137

    • @sandcastle9905
      @sandcastle9905 25 днів тому +248

      ​@@thepoemsof...855he is tho

    • @geox8485
      @geox8485 25 днів тому +86

      @@thepoemsof...855He is

    • @dswynne
      @dswynne 25 днів тому +293

      This Morty is no smarter than the others. He's just more focused on a goal, rather than pining for Jessica.

  • @mhelm0225
    @mhelm0225 24 дні тому +2222

    "Evil" Rick still being semi conscious and wanting to end himself is probably one of the darkest things I've seen in this show, imo.

    • @shinobix4925
      @shinobix4925 19 днів тому +137

      Fr, I feel bad for him purely because of that, the fact Morty put him through that shows how little he cares

    • @AnimalBlundetto-12
      @AnimalBlundetto-12 16 днів тому +68

      ​@@shinobix4925I mean..we've seen how our Morty's original family and universe were abandoned and all killed. Not to mention countless other Mortys and Ricks over the course of the entire show. You can see Evil Mortys train of thought here. Does it all matter when there are infinite realities and at some point in time a Rick or Morty does something even worse? Infinite universes provide the perfect setting for creating sociopaths. Our Morty became one and it's likely he'll end up like Evil Morty given enough time.

    • @potsdam28
      @potsdam28 15 днів тому +20

      @@shinobix4925clearly Evil Rick put Evil Morty through a few things. This was apparently the breaking point

    • @Horacio_Poggi
      @Horacio_Poggi 14 днів тому +45

      When Evil Morty said, "Yeah, pal, 100 years...forever." I think he meant that. He was planning to slave him forever, not allowing him to escape or even die. That Rick was lucky those Morty finished him off.

    • @weebjeez
      @weebjeez 13 днів тому +40

      Yeah, and that the whole "do it, kill me!" wasn't him being controlled by EM to say that. Originally, a lot of people thought the goal was to goad the Mortys into murdering a Rick (perhaps to prove to them that they can), and that EM was basically forcing ER to say that.
      Now we realize he was telling the Mortys to do their worst, because he couldn't stand living like this anymore, and he knew they could only kill him if they really tried their best.

  • @wdcain1
    @wdcain1 25 днів тому +5036

    0:43 I love how disinterested Evil Morty sounds. He's not driven to madness, just tired of the nonsense.

    • @xonnaxaswaterxinternet6813
      @xonnaxaswaterxinternet6813 25 днів тому +75

      Well what he does next shows he was driven to madness

    • @0ranger
      @0ranger 25 днів тому +93

      @@xonnaxaswaterxinternet6813madness?? he did the smart thing and you're calling him mad

    • @xonnaxaswaterxinternet6813
      @xonnaxaswaterxinternet6813 25 днів тому +49

      @@0ranger I mean he killed almost every Rick and Morty i mean he couldn’t find another method to escape the central finite curve

    • @kiasersouzayxoxo
      @kiasersouzayxoxo 25 днів тому +12

      Why did I hear morty’s voice when I read this 😂

    • @nickbrown638
      @nickbrown638 24 дні тому +26

      Yeah, it really feels like he doesn’t like what he’s doing, but feels he needs to out of a sense of obligation.

  • @MLGHazrad
    @MLGHazrad 25 днів тому +8370

    I like how nobody finds it extremely amazing that Rick prime created a device that can kill a specific person across infinity. Like its par for the course when you are Rick.

    • @maylabrown4584
      @maylabrown4584 25 днів тому +248

      It’s not infinity, the central finite curve was a continuously segmented part of infinity.

    • @Cookiekopter
      @Cookiekopter 25 днів тому +509

      ​@@maylabrown4584But it actually ereases them outside of the finite curve, cause otherwise Rick would break it earlier to find Diane

    • @luameduardo9611
      @luameduardo9611 25 днів тому +360

      The central finite curve was created after Prime Rick deleted Diane from existence. The device really deletes someone from infinity.

    • @IAmTheChoosenOne
      @IAmTheChoosenOne 25 днів тому +171

      @@maylabrown4584 Rick prime said that he erased her across "every universe across infinity" for prove it's in the scene where all the rick's are about to fight each other

    • @stonr2keh769
      @stonr2keh769 25 днів тому +42

      did i miss something, but why did rick prime do it to begin with? what happened to his diane? or is that like season 1 ?

  • @Kyleplaysgames567
    @Kyleplaysgames567 25 днів тому +1823

    I think we all agree that any episode with evil Morty is a fantastic episode.

    • @meriewanderer
      @meriewanderer 24 дні тому +75

      He carrys the show on his back and he's only got what, 5 episodes or something

    • @borisveselinov2262
      @borisveselinov2262 22 дні тому +10

      Him and the President of USA

    • @user-qg3nj1sv8j
      @user-qg3nj1sv8j 22 дні тому +28

      ​@@borisveselinov2262The president episodes are great, screw Mr. Nimbus the president is Ricks true nemesis.

    • @Dream-cf3go
      @Dream-cf3go 20 днів тому +1

      With how everyone was hesitant with the season because of the new VA situation. They def should've made this episode 1 instead of 5.

    • @user-qg3nj1sv8j
      @user-qg3nj1sv8j 10 днів тому +1

      @@Dream-cf3go They probably wanted to knock out the story of Prime Rick now in case they get canceled.

  • @ParanoidThalyyMVS
    @ParanoidThalyyMVS 25 днів тому +5080

    For the people who say "Well, now I get why he's evil", every Rick abuses his Morty to an extent some more than others, some really care about their families, some just want what's best for him without caring how it affects the rest of the Smiths, Evil Morty is the only one who snapped and had the guts to do the things that he did, he doesn't just get annoyed by Rick's actions, he has a distaste for his and every other Rick, that's why he wanted to leave the central finite curve, and besides let's be honest, Ricks have done worse things to Mortys than shoving them up cavities.

    • @Areaninetyone
      @Areaninetyone 25 днів тому +162

      True except for one thing our C-137 that we been following is the only Rick that genuinely cares for his Morty.

    • @ParanoidThalyyMVS
      @ParanoidThalyyMVS 25 днів тому +196

      @@Areaninetyone Hmmm, not sure, with how many dimensions there are i'd imagine that there are other Ricks that feel affection towards their Mortys, on some of the comics we actually follow Ricks and Mortys from different dimensions and some of those Ricks seem to truly care about their Mortys.

    • @ClockwerKxs
      @ClockwerKxs 25 днів тому +3

      Is Morty evil now?

    • @SocraticMayhem
      @SocraticMayhem 25 днів тому +126

      I dont think hes the only one that snapped. We had that one joke in season 3 i think where rick was reborn into a clone body in a fascist universe where fascist morty killed fascist rick right off the bat. Im sure there are a bunch of morty’s that had meltdowns or snapped and killed their ricks, it seems like this morty is the only one to break the cycle though.

    • @g8tr80
      @g8tr80 25 днів тому +54

      @@Areaninetyone The wasp version seemed quite caring tbf

  • @erenyldz9724
    @erenyldz9724 25 днів тому +1241

    I love that they added the little piano snippet of For the Damaged Coda at 0:42 . Such a masterfully crafted scene.

    • @DanChannel_
      @DanChannel_ 24 дні тому +73

      It’s short because he is just starting

    • @FortniteGamer12356
      @FortniteGamer12356 20 днів тому +24

      love how they always make it show that the song is specifically evil morty's theme

    • @DenizSinanoglu
      @DenizSinanoglu 19 днів тому +5

      ah I have missed that part, thanks.

    • @LetMeDoItForYouKermit
      @LetMeDoItForYouKermit 19 днів тому +9

      What’s the song that played during Evil Morty’s actual montage in this clip?

  • @Shad0wCK
    @Shad0wCK 23 дні тому +1627

    Rick trying to commit suicide to free himself and then being prevented by Evil Morty is one of the most evil, deplorable and truly messed up things i've seen in this show.
    The idea that Evil Morty was puppeteering his Rick like an NPC is incredibly cruel, when Rick literally bends himself backwards to shoot the security guard Rick shows how little he cares now

    • @silverblade357
      @silverblade357 22 дні тому +128

      Except "Evil Rick" wasn't Evil Morty's Rick, nor vice versa. He was a replacement Morty and was assigned to this angrier abusive Rick. This Rick either lost his own Morty or never had one in the first place. Evil Morty was basically a slave and Evil Rick was his enslaver.

    • @Burner-td4cu
      @Burner-td4cu 22 дні тому +18

      That’s not how NPCs work lmao. What do you think the N stands for? You control a PC

    • @edward9232
      @edward9232 22 дні тому +38

      ​@@silverblade357no this was "his rick" he controlled him. Thats why it was showed him trying to himself.

    • @jeromealday614
      @jeromealday614 22 дні тому +31

      Seriously? That's one of the most deplorable and messed up you've seen in this show,
      literally the episode before this is a how a government conditioned its citizens to commit suicide so they can sell their guts to aliens

    • @ithamarlowe6158
      @ithamarlowe6158 22 дні тому +7

      That was his grandpa. He didn’t want to see him go out like that. But then again he let him get beaten to death by Mortys

  • @riley1320
    @riley1320 25 днів тому +3219

    It's kinda genius how Evil Morty purposefully took advantage of Rick's alcoholism here to get him vulnerable, "Are you drunk yet?" wasn't just a snarky comment, he wanted to make sure Rick was at his most mentally impaired before he attacked him
    The Scariest thing about Evil Morty is that nothing particularly bad or tragic happened to him that put him on this path, he was a relatively normal Morty who snapped one day, and I think that's much more impactful than if he went through some tragedy and we felt bad for him
    Edit: Relatively normal Morty, but way more smart and capable than your average Morty for sure yes

    • @bvbxiong5791
      @bvbxiong5791 25 днів тому +169

      i mean...Rick puts him up to a ton of abuse, physically and emotionally. it looked like his Rick wasn't as emotionally evolved as our Rick (which isn't saying alot i know). most Morty's put up with the BS but Evil Morty just had enough of it, so it's not like it's out of the blue or anything.

    • @psychee1
      @psychee1 25 днів тому +93

      The only thing that seems a bit weird to me is that he's suddenly Rick-levels of science-savvy and starts making his own advanced cybernetics. I had the impression that he was intelligent at using Rick against himself but not necessarily that he was able to out-science him.

    • @riley1320
      @riley1320 25 днів тому +111

      @@bvbxiong5791 oh it was absolutely not out of the blue, he just couldn't take it anymore and snapped, its like Evil Morty said "That's what makes me evil, being sick of him, if you've ever been sick of him you've been evil too"

    • @nikolai6489
      @nikolai6489 25 днів тому +41

      @@bvbxiong5791The way this Rick is talking to morty compared to others, he definitely cares. I wouldn’t doubt if he was like C-137 (became depressed after losing Dianne) but instead of Rick being able to move on, this Rick, while loving his family and morty, saw it as useless at the end of the day. Him being drunk and talking to the morty like that shows he truly loves him somewhat.

    • @Renkencen
      @Renkencen 25 днів тому +20

      It's not just that and even then I'm not sure if he was "normal" in the first place?
      What I'm getting at is how is he smart beforehand as in building that eyepatch thing and aswell the stuff leading up to today episode (make his Rick evil and he pretend to be his underlind, being the new leader of the Citedal and made a new home in that multiverse of madness)? He obviously learn from Rick but this is Rick we're talking about and not just learning from a mentor? Like the main Morty is still a bumbling idiot that couldn't find a gun to shoot Evil Morty so Evil Morty so far is definitely special among the others!

  • @PastelPinkChaos
    @PastelPinkChaos 25 днів тому +1101

    After rewatching this scene over and over again, Prime was right about something.
    "He's only 14!, what will happen the next time he gets mad at grandpa." Sure, he didn't know Evil Morty is WAY different than the rest of Morties but think about it.
    Evil Morty didn't had a tragic backstory, didn't had a tragic event that drove him to madness, he wasn't driven by adrenaline to commit horrible acts like our Morty or driven by blind rage and revenge like Rick. He was a complete normal Morty who just decided he didn't wanted to pull up with all this anymore.
    Which leaves open a door for our Morty to go down a similar path. There has been several instances on how our Morty rebelled against Rick and knows him enough to know where to hit.
    He just needs to get tired of his BS to become Evil Morty 2.0

    • @nnk9305
      @nnk9305 25 днів тому +66

      The thing is Rick-C137 doesn't go adventuring anymore, because of the fact that he has no purpose in life anymore he's much worse than that Robot who passes Butter
      Which leaves Morty being alone living a normal 14yo does, go to school, gets bullied, chasing his crush, etc.

    • @VashD15
      @VashD15 25 днів тому +72

      I think that's a tragic backstory. Evil Morty was an abused kid who decided to bite back. They had clearly had this fight over and over again and it never resulted in Morty getting treated any better. Evil Morty IS way different, but mostly because if a Rick said "you're in or you're out" then every other Morty would decide they were in. This one just decided he was going to stick up for himself. All of this was him getting out, as completely as he could.

    • @miagrass
      @miagrass 24 дні тому +9

      ​@@VashD15he did had a choice like the Rick said quit he but Marty chosen to stay

    • @HarpingFish
      @HarpingFish 24 дні тому +5

      @@nnk9305Nobodies Bullying Morty lmao

    • @HarpingFish
      @HarpingFish 24 дні тому +3

      @@nnk9305Also I know that Jessica does Love Morty and will end up with him

  • @ezv4311
    @ezv4311 10 днів тому +78

    You know after he snapped he lost his stutter, such a slight thing, but it shows how confident he became after he stopped caring about rick.

    • @gamer_kitsune2023
      @gamer_kitsune2023 2 дні тому +3

      This is the potential the mortys have if they just stop caring about their ricks.

  • @felixclover2013
    @felixclover2013 25 днів тому +905

    The fact that we got a backstory of evil morty and a final battle with rick prime, rick c137 teaming up with evil morty in one episode middle of a season proves how great this show is.

    • @nikolai6489
      @nikolai6489 25 днів тому +5

      Exactly. These are somehow ricks who are hurting the literal oringal Rick, Rick prime number one (since prime confirmed if he didn’t kill ricks family. C-137 would had killed his and he would had been prime Rick.) point is, these ricks are clearly all different and have different tech, but yet only 2 of them had enhancements? Excluding morty, Evil Morty and C-137. The last Rick to live along with Indy Rick both had ehancments, but none of the others did. Even the wife beater Rick “attachment is death bro, that’s what I learned hunting this guy.” This Rick is now confirmed hunting him for long enough for him to relaize this, but yet his unarmed with zero cybernetics? Makes no sense

    • @boydixonentertainment
      @boydixonentertainment 25 днів тому +24

      @@nikolai6489C-137 was ready to give it all up. Prime was most likely just saying that to pretend he was above him. Villains tend to say stuff with no actual meaning just to get in the protagonist’s head.

    • @higharchbishopofteatasting6217
      @higharchbishopofteatasting6217 23 дні тому +1

      Hey guys, our Rick isn't c-137, that's Rick primes timeline. We're never got a definitive answer for his original universe number.

    • @ricekrispies4994
      @ricekrispies4994 23 дні тому +5

      ⁠@@higharchbishopofteatasting6217our rick is c-137, if it weren’t c-137 the council members wouldn’t call him Rick c-137 because they know what his original dimension is because of the flashback. The dimension we’ve never gotten a number for is rick primes, the Cronenberg one

    • @higharchbishopofteatasting6217
      @higharchbishopofteatasting6217 23 дні тому +1

      @@ricekrispies4994 That's not remotely true, our Morty and Rick prime are both C-137, this is described in s6 e1, when Rick mentions that Mortys original grandpa wasn't around anymore, actually watch the show before spouting nonsense.

  • @DeeSee25
    @DeeSee25 25 днів тому +858

    I love how they tied in the episode from our universe where they come in and steal our Rick and Morty. This episode was soooo good

    • @cisco4766
      @cisco4766 25 днів тому +3

      wait, what do you mean?

    • @violetrose674
      @violetrose674 25 днів тому +26

      ​@@cisco4766The episode where Evil Morty first appears

    • @Maaz2360
      @Maaz2360 24 дні тому +3

      They say the name of the episode somewhere in the middle of season 5 finale

    • @jaythomas468
      @jaythomas468 24 дні тому +10

      I get what you’re saying, but since the “cold open” for that episode was meant to be a fakeout (kinda like the “cold open” for Mortiplicity where the alien squids come in and kill the whole Smith family), that wasn’t actually “our Rick and Morty” that was captured.
      In fact, the only reason they get captured in that episode (if I’m remembering correctly) is because they happen to stumble upon Evil
      Morty’s hidden lair.

  • @Hairrub
    @Hairrub 24 дні тому +302

    Evil Morty went crazy in this episode. Not only was he able to keep up with Rick, but he was even improving Rick's stuff, giving him advice and basically working side by side together as equal beings. Also, the reason he got his personality and knowledge was very intriguing as he simply just got sick of Rick and decided to take matters into his own hands. Definitely in my top 3 favorite characters in the show now.

  • @jahvarbennett3568
    @jahvarbennett3568 25 днів тому +260

    Big respect to the writers and the staff responsible for this season. It is truly phenomenal, you guys outdid yourselves 🙏🏾

    • @Childofbhaal
      @Childofbhaal 22 дні тому +5

      Lol wow people are seriously easy to please. This whole story was shoehorned as hell. We never learned a smidgen of Prime Ricks origin or intent. Why is he so evil and bad? Why did he kill Diane across all universes? Why is Evil Morty smart enough to build devices to control Rick and eventually become even greater than him. Things happening with 0 explanation is not good writing in any way

    • @LungePin.
      @LungePin. 21 день тому +7

      ​​@@ChildofbhaalOf course there's many things we don't know yet. That's why this episode is not a season finale buddy.

    • @invictus6176
      @invictus6176 20 днів тому

      @@Childofbhaal Evil Morty was just a smarter Morty we know theres several ways to boost your intelligence these complains all seem pretty Trivial
      Rick Prime is just creating the origin for all Ricks tho but we dont truly need his intentions he can be evil just for evils sake lolanyways this seasons been mid asfuck but Episode 5 was fantastic
      and in anycase your questions can all be answered at a later date its not like the doors closed on them all lol

  • @nickwong3919
    @nickwong3919 25 днів тому +844

    “You know how we feel about pirates”
    Lmao classic

    • @spammzy155
      @spammzy155 25 днів тому +8


    • @elementarydream6205
      @elementarydream6205 25 днів тому +2

      didn’t get it, captain?

    • @grunpelz6773
      @grunpelz6773 25 днів тому +117

      ​@@elementarydream6205In the S3 finale Rick mocks the US Military for believing that "sanzechism" was his weakness. One of the Leaders says "Stand down he's not afraid of Pirates" and a dozen of Pirates emerge from the Surrounding bushes. Rick then says "Ah run Morty, that Parts True!"

    • @orokusaki1243
      @orokusaki1243 25 днів тому +49

      @@grunpelz6773 Also pirates of the pancreas being in his horror theme park.

    • @afkathisguy
      @afkathisguy 24 дні тому +5

      ​@@orokusaki1243I came here to find this comment, and I did

  • @ZyxieRumor
    @ZyxieRumor 25 днів тому +295

    One thing no one pointed out so far is how Evil Morty knows his gadgets. I believe that Evil Morty's Rick has been making him do all the work, *which made Morty know of the ins and outs of Rick's technology and mind.* This is just assumption, but it's also possible that Evil Morty already self-enhanced himself with cybernetic augmentations before the Morty-napping and presidency. After all, no Rick would expect a Morty to be cybernetically enhanced like all Ricks.
    It really show throughout the whole episode, he really thinks 10 steps ahead and not giving a f#&k about any of Rick's adventure.

    • @Burner-td4cu
      @Burner-td4cu 22 дні тому +2

      Lmao why’d you put it in bold writing 😂😂
      *it ain’t that serious bro*

    • @bananasinfrench
      @bananasinfrench 22 дні тому +23

      Disregard the previous comment, that is definitely an idea worth highlighting. I think you're totally onto something, it makes a lot of sense if EM were forced to do a lot of the work that he picked up the skills for engineering that we see from him later

    • @xDarkMonkeyz
      @xDarkMonkeyz 21 день тому

      And as we say his genius might have skipped a generation from it's original rick (or Rick's DNA) 🤔

    • @bananasinfrench
      @bananasinfrench 21 день тому +4

      @@xDarkMonkeyz nah. EM can take credit for his own accomplishments.

    • @thequestbro
      @thequestbro 19 днів тому +1

      He literally downloaded several Rick's knowledge about his tech into his brain.

  • @ParanoidThalyyMVS
    @ParanoidThalyyMVS 25 днів тому +357

    This episode was one of the best in years. I feel like Season 7 so far has been an improvement over seasons 5 and 6. It's interesting how every canonical appearance of Evil Morty has been on odd numbered seasons, I wonder if it's by design or just a coincidence.

    • @maxxymrice6200
      @maxxymrice6200 25 днів тому +21

      Season 4 was very hit or miss, season 5 was a slight improvement, but season 6 was the best season in years, this season has been amazing so far.

    • @ParanoidThalyyMVS
      @ParanoidThalyyMVS 25 днів тому +28

      @@maxxymrice6200 Seasons 4-6 are all mixed bags, some very strong episodes but also some extremely weak ones, Seasons 1-2 are flawless, 3 showed some cracks but was still great, season 5 is specially awful though, in my opinion at least, hate the Gotron episode.

    • @lookingextrafresh8185
      @lookingextrafresh8185 25 днів тому +1

      agree with the the Gotron episode felt ... idk weird @@ParanoidThalyyMVS

    • @maxxymrice6200
      @maxxymrice6200 25 днів тому +5

      @@ParanoidThalyyMVS Season 4 had more bad episodes than good (the heist episode, the timetraveling snakes, the toilet episode, Story Train all sucked). Season 5 was a bit of an improvement, but had the sperm monster episode, worst episode overall. Season 6 got better, but the second half was weaker than the first half. Season 7 has been great so far.

    • @Ambar42
      @Ambar42 25 днів тому +1

      @@ParanoidThalyyMVS I absolutely loved the Gotron episode.

  • @tonycallme3667
    @tonycallme3667 25 днів тому +430

    Everyone tends to forget that Morty IS Rick's grandson, possibility of one Morty becoming just as competent is the same for Summer and even Jerry.

    • @neviot666
      @neviot666 25 днів тому +91

      Jerry is not related to rick biologically

    • @MoNaeto
      @MoNaeto 25 днів тому +56

      ​@@neviot666doofus jerry moment

    • @vangledosh
      @vangledosh 25 днів тому +60

      @@neviot666exactly, as Beth once said “Jerry don’t insult my father, he’s the reason our kids are only half-stupid”

    • @duckhouser
      @duckhouser 25 днів тому +29

      He said “I don’t want a bunch of summers coming after me” so… yeah.

    • @WhatIfTheories
      @WhatIfTheories 25 днів тому +15

      @@neviot666 While that is true even Jerry is famous and a movie star in one dimension. So anything is possible with the right set of conditions.

    @ELIPHONT 25 днів тому +132

    I like how an infinite number of universes also means a universe where a Morty is smarter than most Rick + is evil. I wasn't expecting this episode mid season but I loved every second of it

    • @cedricdauvergne5970
      @cedricdauvergne5970 25 днів тому +9

      Infinity also means there is always someone smarter than u. And this is something even Rick could be afraid of.

    • @nemo53
      @nemo53 24 дні тому +4

      Evil Morty can't be smarter than his Rick, because then Rick isn't smartest in the world, and that means his universe wouldn't be a part of the Central Finite Curve

    • @JustOnlyHallow
      @JustOnlyHallow 24 дні тому +5

      ​@@cedricdauvergne5970he is, thats what the central finite curve is all about, having only the universes that Rick is the Smartest but in their hubris they underestimate how much Morty is on par with them

    • @antmartagg2866
      @antmartagg2866 23 дні тому +1

      Evil Morty did not win cause he was smarter cause he was more tactiful. He knows Rick underestimate morty so he used that to his advantage, if he treated him as a threat he would of lost.

    • @caprice28
      @caprice28 22 дні тому +2

      If Morty was smarter than Rick he wouldn't need to steal the knowledge of all those dead Rick's. All Morty did was take knowledge and apply it. You don't have to be smarter to get the drop on someone. All you need is opportunity.
      The only reason Morty got away with so much is nobody expects much from a Morty. Low expectations and Anonymity were his biggest advantages.

  • @devontetheone
    @devontetheone 25 днів тому +183

    No wonder he became evil morty SHEEEEESH

  • @josuenieves5069
    @josuenieves5069 25 днів тому +136

    I feel like some people are forgetting that certain Mortys are tossed around to different Ricks in the Citadel whenever a Rick dies. Could be that Evil Morty was mistreated by all his past Ricks and just one day snapped. He's even on the Morty Agency directory suggesting that he's a hand-me-down like Slick Morty. One of the windows in the background says
    "Get Yours"
    But I guess it's also just as possible that Evil Morty just killed his Original Rick after a few adventures. Meaning perhaps Evil Morty has Psychopathic tendencies.

    • @khalilpontikes7293
      @khalilpontikes7293 24 дні тому +17

      Yeah I really don't think the Rick he took control of is his original Rick. The sudden change in personality doesn't seem like someone snapping to me but more like revealing their true intentions. Like he was pretending to be that Rick's Morty to eventually control him.

    • @abdullahansari437
      @abdullahansari437 15 днів тому +2

      Bruh, if there's one thing evil morty didn't do wrong, it's all the ricks he killed. That's not psychotic, ricks are so cruel to mortys

    • @amandafly1580
      @amandafly1580 5 днів тому +1

      I think you may be on to something. I hope in the future we get an evil morty background. Like more than this type of background. He's such an interesting, well written character.

  • @ckies4777
    @ckies4777 24 дні тому +124

    I love this so much. His Rick could've been abusive, or harmful in ways that aren't normal for your average Rick.
    But he's not. Infact, the way he spoke is near equivalent to how our Rick once fought with our Morty.
    Only difference is that our Morty took it and waited for Rick to transform into someone better.
    But.. Evil Morty? Nah. He just got *tired* of it, and took charge.

  • @aissaaissa3080
    @aissaaissa3080 25 днів тому +388

    1:09 He wasn't smiling .He was different since the beginning.

    • @Evieteresa
      @Evieteresa 25 днів тому +43

      Nice catch!

    • @maxtheamazing8870
      @maxtheamazing8870 22 дні тому +39

      I’m glad someone else caught this, I definitely think he’s one of the artificially manufactured Morty’s maybe one that just came out wrong but I am DYING to learn more about and SEE more of him

    • @maosenju5444
      @maosenju5444 22 дні тому


    • @amandafly1580
      @amandafly1580 21 день тому +23

      Very possible or the writers just wanted us to know it was him he was deleting in the file. Besides the eye patch the only way to tell who evil morty is, his facial expression or lack of one.

    • @Fighter_Enthusiast79
      @Fighter_Enthusiast79 20 днів тому +6

      Perhaps he was the first Morty to finally understand how all the Morty's he sees are just replacements for the incompetence of Ricks.

  • @summertime6785
    @summertime6785 25 днів тому +671

    1:00-1:03 Theory: Evil Morty wears the eyepatch because he knows many Rick Sanchez’s are afraid of pirates.🏴‍☠️

    • @Rousella
      @Rousella 25 днів тому +60

      Isn't it already clear that it's a part of the device he uses on Rick?

    • @killyo5302
      @killyo5302 25 днів тому +175

      @@RousellaI think it’s the reason why it’s an eyepatch instead of something like a wrist watch or something

    • @Rousella
      @Rousella 25 днів тому +40

      @@killyo5302 that makes sense, but does it really terrifies them that much? He seems more annoyed than scared

    • @dotchas4133
      @dotchas4133 25 днів тому +82

      @@Rousella rick mentioned he was afraid of pirates in one of the president episodes (3x10 around minute 8:40)

    • @patriot459
      @patriot459 25 днів тому +28

      Such a good call back to that president episode talking about Rick being afraid of pirates haha

  • @privilegemendes1433
    @privilegemendes1433 22 дні тому +84

    Evil Morty is basically a version of Morty who actually learns from Rick. So much so that he becomes even smarter. It’s a Morty that matures, it’s a classic master and student relationship where the student surpasses the master. So technically there isn’t actually anything evil about Evil Morty. He’s just Ricks best student.

  • @jonnycool123
    @jonnycool123 25 днів тому +56

    Tbh this was the greatest episode we’ve had from the show in awhile, so much to take in. Very excited to see more.

  • @AMHarbinger
    @AMHarbinger 25 днів тому +55

    Everyone has a breaking point. Most fans see Mortys and Ricks as less than people, more like objects but each one is individual. Each one has a breaking point and different capabilities. Just like Cop Rick who was shown to be sympathetic and in this case Evil Morty.

    • @bananasinfrench
      @bananasinfrench 22 дні тому +8

      YES you get it! A lot of the fandom treats "Rick" and "Morty" more like DnD classes than people. That's why it's so annoying to see so many call EM the "rickest morty" imo

    • @yeOldeThorne
      @yeOldeThorne 4 дні тому +1

      To be fair to the fans though, the characters themselves also refer to other "Ricks" and "Morties" that way.

  • @eldieeego
    @eldieeego 13 днів тому +23

    How ironic, technically Evil Morty is a space pirate, wandering, free of restrictions, and wears an eyepatch, Rick's worst fear ended up being real

  • @XYZ-eo8um
    @XYZ-eo8um 25 днів тому +60

    My theory: since Rick said about quitting in a manner similar to a threat, Evil Morty isn't in fact his original one.
    As Evil Morty explained that there was an entire industry of Morty cloning, he could be the clone as well, the one who would return to the assignment bureau as their asset, or even product. This would also explain why once he took control over his Rick decided to delete files in the bureau. Those were the most likely his own.

    • @joachimbifronz2845
      @joachimbifronz2845 25 днів тому +17

      I think its deeper than his Morty threatening to quit. The way Rick talks its like he's talking to a battered spouse, like Morty has tried to run away or just tried to not engage as a form of passive resistance. If he can't just leave, "quitting" seems to be a matter of just going back to the Citadel to be assigned another Rick, which could be even worse if the citadel has a policy of shuffling uppity Mortys to progressively worse Ricks until they end up dead or shut the hell up because they know the next Rick down will just be worse.

  • @sniffsniffmmm8873
    @sniffsniffmmm8873 4 дні тому +2

    This Morty is about a backstory that is not a cliché. It's just about a person who is just done and do whatever

  • @xXYannuschXx
    @xXYannuschXx 25 днів тому +54

    What I wanna know: how did this Morty get so freaking smart? I mean, he is basically on Ricks level at the point of this episode.

    • @misasa53
      @misasa53 25 днів тому +19

      He scanned and took some of the rick's memory that he could get his hands on

    • @imge509
      @imge509 25 днів тому +29

      Morty always had the capacity but neither Rick nor his conscience gave him the chance to reach his full potential. He is not only younger, but also determined, unlike Rick. Rick's ego get in his way of learning and adapting but Morty doesn't have his pride and knows being "smart" (just being ambitious really) doesn't make him better than other people. He also seems to think there is no meaning in life, like Rick, but instead he creates his own happiness whereas Rick mops in his self-pity, destroys his body, most of the time isn't even sober to use his brain properly. Also Morty is his grandson. I'm pretty sure he inherited that genius just like Summer.

    • @errorx_x1063
      @errorx_x1063 25 днів тому +4

      ​@@imge509When Summer was hanging out with rick, she went from cliche sweet 16 girl to, Basically her mom

    • @jammygamer8961
      @jammygamer8961 25 днів тому +10

      Its possible that when the curve was created everyone including mortys were dumber than their Ricks at that point in time. However they must of not foreseen the possibility that a Morty could at one point surpass their own Rick.
      It could be that this Morty at first even when he took control of his Rick he was still dumber, but over time improved his mind with technology. And now its at the point that Evil Morty may even be smarter than C-137

    • @patriot459
      @patriot459 25 днів тому +11

      Yeah pretty sure in the first episode of evil morty it’s shown that the reason all the attacks on ricks were happening were because the brains were being scanned and downloaded. While then in the season 5 finale I think they have evil morty say our ricks brain was also mostly scanned already as well. So the whole scheme was evil morty was gaining as much info as possible to bring down the finite curve.

  • @neatthy4337
    @neatthy4337 18 днів тому +17

    I like evil morty's expressions through out the episode. With his own Rick he shows a bit of sadness with what he's doing to him, but he knows he can't stop

  • @emisor9272
    @emisor9272 21 день тому +41

    I love how this backstory recontextualizes evil rick's death back in season 1. Before, it was just a Rick being a Rick until the end. Now we know he was still there and actively wanted to die to be released.

  • @chrissy9153
    @chrissy9153 25 днів тому +75

    I like how he wasn’t evil he was just sick of it

    • @toxiclightning5303
      @toxiclightning5303 24 дні тому +5

      I mean he murdered mad ricks

    • @shadw4701
      @shadw4701 24 дні тому +4

      Idk he did allot of evil things

    • @Angry_Peanut_52
      @Angry_Peanut_52 24 дні тому +6

      "That's what makes me evil. Being sick of him."

    • @tsukicha3674
      @tsukicha3674 24 дні тому +1

      ​@@toxiclightning5303as if our morty didn't kill anyone before

    • @toxiclightning5303
      @toxiclightning5303 24 дні тому +1

      @@tsukicha3674 He didn’t kill any ricks tho.

  • @NotMyRealName69
    @NotMyRealName69 24 дні тому +35

    I genuinely like the touch of instead of Evil Morty slinking off and hiding among all the Mortys, he was deliberately welcomed among them by a council member. I mean it was a evil Rick, who cares about his Morty...

  • @Caminopoi66
    @Caminopoi66 5 днів тому +2

    You know they did really well with conveying a “tired, done, kinda depressed, almost a little regretful ” look.

  • @TahuNuva
    @TahuNuva 18 днів тому +16

    The fact that evil rick truely wanted to die when he said " kill me, do it" was a nice twist. back in the day we fought it was some kind of insult just but it was still rick left inside this puppet

  • @stealthgamer4620
    @stealthgamer4620 25 днів тому +18

    I think it’s interesting ending BOTH Evil Morty and Rick Prime plots at the same time. It really does leave you with wonder of what’s to come next. Because every major plot has been wrapped up.
    A story of the infinite multiverse and 2 in infinity Mortys and Ricks.

  • @StarWarsStory
    @StarWarsStory 16 днів тому +9

    0:15 It's scary how Morty made this heavy decision instantaneously. He had enough and immediately began his plan by getting Rick Drunk. No outward tell-tale signs broadcasting that he snapped.

  • @antichristsuperstar2090
    @antichristsuperstar2090 25 днів тому +352

    How did evil morty get so smart?

    • @trasegorsuch5140
      @trasegorsuch5140 25 днів тому +279

      This Morty must have paid more attention to what his Rick was doing.

    • @aaw265
      @aaw265 25 днів тому +223

      Morty has always been smart. This Morty snapped.

    • @justinfoley7136
      @justinfoley7136 25 днів тому +75

      He scanned Rick's brain

    • @MLGHazrad
      @MLGHazrad 25 днів тому +187

      It's often shown that a Morty without anxiety can display the same intelligence as Rick.

  • @Ryanthebrobdingnagian
    @Ryanthebrobdingnagian 17 днів тому +8

    Anyone else find it interesting that the "evilest" versions of morty and Rick are the ones who have zero emotional connections to any other humans (their family).
    Not sure if Harmon did that on purpose, but i like it.

  • @MrLordFan
    @MrLordFan 13 днів тому +8

    you know seeing in the last episode Rick called Morty a dog (again), I'm really giving more credit into what Evil Morty has done

  • @jakemacracken4016
    @jakemacracken4016 17 днів тому +5

    I love how simple it is. Implying almost any morty can become evil morty.

  • @blackday1013
    @blackday1013 25 днів тому +16

    I really do enjoy the fact that Evil Morty really did just get sick of Rick. He thought it was demeaning that he had to go up something's butt for Rick, so he murdered thousands of Ricks and Mortys so he didn't have to do it again.

  • @Jt-fb9ui
    @Jt-fb9ui 23 дні тому +16

    I think the thing that truly makes evil morty is that he’s actually just the rickest morty. Generally just accomplish his goals and not care about anything or anyone else. He’s just like Rick, but a morty henceforth “evil” morty

  • @bearjam5372
    @bearjam5372 24 дні тому +10

    I love the new Rick's scream. It sounds a bit off from the last one, but it feels way more genuine and creepy. The death of Rick prime felt weirdly real.

  • @nienieakino2578
    @nienieakino2578 25 днів тому +19

    The scene where "evil-rick" dies has now such a different feel about it, if you know what happend to him.
    I can see why morty got sick of every rick so he has no problem killing them all, but attacking other mortys is very strange behavior.

    • @litterbox0192
      @litterbox0192 23 дні тому

      maybe he didn't want to have to deal with another morty as capable as he is

    • @nienieakino2578
      @nienieakino2578 23 дні тому

      @@litterbox0192 Sry, what? Hes idea was to leave the space behind, where only rick was the smartest man alive. He is right now in a place where jerry could be smarter then him, or any other person. He just escaped out of ricks reach to a place where everyone else can reach him.

    • @litterbox0192
      @litterbox0192 23 дні тому

      @@nienieakino2578 he was only attacking other mortys when he was still in the central finite curve collecting ricks. he left the curve after he was done killing them.
      what are you trying to say?

    • @nienieakino2578
      @nienieakino2578 23 дні тому +1

      @@litterbox0192 Why did he kill them in the first place? They were not dangerous and didn't abuse him. He is so much similar to rick (who he hates), then the "good" morty he tries to tell. Before he left he said that he is sick of rick and wants to leave and that is why he is called evil morty. He is however evil morty, because he tortured and killed mortys without any good reason. If he wanted to show that mortys get abused then abusing mortys himself is not better then rick.

    • @litterbox0192
      @litterbox0192 23 дні тому

      @@nienieakino2578 he didn't kill mortys, and he tortured them because of some "morty waves" and "rick waves" thing that was mentioned in an episode evil morty appeared in, to mask the location of rick or maybe himself
      am i talking to an 8 year old?

  • @DevDabs420Official
    @DevDabs420Official 25 днів тому +167

    The "giant 8 year old" throwaway line is gold

  • @rooneyshannelysanto1795
    @rooneyshannelysanto1795 21 день тому +6

    Evil Morty is by far one of the best characters this show have, his actitud it’s like he is tired of everything around him that why nothing surprises him

  • @kyletalley2373
    @kyletalley2373 19 днів тому +13

    1:02 remember, Rick is afraid of pirates. That’s probably the reason evil Morty uses a eyepatch. It a screw you to ricks.

  • @carlosantoniomanriquezprim9632
    @carlosantoniomanriquezprim9632 25 днів тому +35

    10 years of Evil Morty's journey
    It's awesome what has became

  • @osvaldorodriguez1334
    @osvaldorodriguez1334 25 днів тому +40

    I don't know why
    But i love this little smile morty gives to rick when he gives the beers (0:25) like is not about make him his puppet

    • @xonnaxaswaterxinternet6813
      @xonnaxaswaterxinternet6813 25 днів тому +7

      He wanted to him to be happy before he loses his life

    • @ejosjek52.87
      @ejosjek52.87 22 дні тому +2

      ​@@xonnaxaswaterxinternet6813he didnt really die since he tried to kill himself

    • @xonnaxaswaterxinternet6813
      @xonnaxaswaterxinternet6813 22 дні тому +2

      @@ejosjek52.87 I mean like his free will life which is very uncommon for a Rick to lose free will that’s why I said life

  • @madshockgame1374
    @madshockgame1374 24 дні тому +4

    It's just an amazing episode. You guys did a really good job, so many small details, even the battery on the background was empty and after one minute left it was half full.

  • @fryingraijin
    @fryingraijin 25 днів тому +19

    Love the Mazzy Star inclusion in this one. I was holding my chest by the end of the episode.
    Thanks again for making the show^_^

  • @siroutrage1045
    @siroutrage1045 25 днів тому +29

    I love the detail that at first he stutters and stops the moment he snaps.

  • @mariothane8754
    @mariothane8754 25 днів тому +21

    This was all about Morty recognizing what it would take to break free from his abusive relationship, and going through with everything.

  • @Moksha_222
    @Moksha_222 25 днів тому +46

    I think evil morty was already getting miss treated by rick several times before this so I guess before this evil morty must have been studying rick behind the scenes until he finally had enough of his rick

    • @misteral9045
      @misteral9045 25 днів тому +22

      I think people are missing the reason why this Morty is different. It's because he had the one Rick who had no ego, no concept of self, who truly did not care about anything, even himself. Every other Rick would've had the survival instinct to be wary of Morty's sudden change in behavior, especially when offering alcohol. Every other Rick needs Morty as his inferior to project onto, but this Rick truly did not care whether or not Morty stayed or left. And all the other Morty's play their part, enabling Rick, being pathetic, which takes a lot of hidden effort. He gets it from Jerry, who we get to see how badass he is when he finally decided to take life seriously. Here we see a Morty completely detached from Rick because he chose to be so.

  • @ElementalComicUniverse
    @ElementalComicUniverse 25 днів тому +19

    It makes you wonder, what happened to Evil Morty’s Summer, Beth, and Jerry? Did he let them live or worse?

    • @ejosjek52.87
      @ejosjek52.87 22 дні тому +8

      Not even his original, bro probably didnt even care about his other family members considering he just wanted to leave

  • @ernestoalcala7963
    @ernestoalcala7963 20 днів тому +7

    I like how everyone started this episode and it was all normal and classic between R and M but the he suddenly put on the eye patch and it changed everything, amazing

  • @roobyrne3075
    @roobyrne3075 9 днів тому +2

    After watching this episode
    The line "That's what makes me evil, being sick of him" makes a lot more sense

  • @kir-cool
    @kir-cool 25 днів тому +46

    Tbh, this episode just blew my mind, especially after those four before em. Can't wait for the next episode!

  • @SilverShion
    @SilverShion 25 днів тому +39

    Evil Morty preventing his Rick from killing himself to end his suffering.
    Man, that's dark !

    • @orrorsaness5942
      @orrorsaness5942 20 днів тому +1


    • @torakka2ow640
      @torakka2ow640 17 днів тому +4

      That Rick was kinda good like he felt guilty for the Rick's he killed

  • @snakethejake97
    @snakethejake97 21 день тому +5

    1:32 this changes the meaning behind evil Rick’s line, we wasn’t egging on all those Mortys he wanted them to kill him

  • @_michaelj7150
    @_michaelj7150 24 дні тому +2

    The best episode since season 3 for me. I can't pin why to 1 reason. Like the others are saying, it was good not having a big twist or McGuffin. The writing and dialogue were awesome. It's been a long time since Rick was actually cool. High quality episode

  • @junior7239
    @junior7239 24 дні тому +13

    Evil Morty's character took a massive leap forward he become the most compotent and formidable character in the entire series in a single episode.

  • @ben-israelgurjar4378
    @ben-israelgurjar4378 17 днів тому +6

    Notice how he says "Sorry for being such a high maintainence morty"? That's not his original Rick. He was bought from the citadel. There's more to his story

  • @simplywatching2470
    @simplywatching2470 25 днів тому +44

    Did they drop this backstory on us to say "THIS IS HIS BACKSTORY QUIT BUGGING US ABOUT IT NOW"

    • @postironichno_innit
      @postironichno_innit 25 днів тому +8

      "Whoa... Dead Ricks?"
      "Yes, now everyone can shut up about it."

    • @xonnaxaswaterxinternet6813
      @xonnaxaswaterxinternet6813 25 днів тому +2

      Yea everyone kept saying we think he was a mysterious Morty who wanted it to be over
      And the creators were like just shut up and we will give you a back story

    • @harrylarry6324
      @harrylarry6324 25 днів тому +6

      Yep, but kinda unlike Ricks kinda lazy back story that was already revealed to us through a half fake memory, this one was actually really well done. It shows the realism that nothing really major has to happen for someone like this Morty to snap, it takes time and repetition to build its full weight. This episode was extremely good, definitely gives me the vibes Rick and Morty used to give me back in its early days, but somehow better.

  • @smittyvanjagermanjenson182
    @smittyvanjagermanjenson182 24 дні тому +8

    I think evil morties rick was a classic "citadel minded rick" and would've just replaced him if he quit. Thats why evil morty snapped. His Rick was all take and no give when it came to anything, while C137 acts like that, but really goes outta his way to make things right immediately after because he cares.

    • @wolfzend5964
      @wolfzend5964 21 день тому

      He's a "High Maitanence" Morty.
      Probably factory made to a Rick that saw him as a recalled product.

  • @skirdus367
    @skirdus367 23 дні тому +7

    aside from the obvious, what caught me offguard is the fact that "evil rick" wasn't just a complete android, and was still at least partially sentient up until his death

  • @ghostshrimp7847
    @ghostshrimp7847 24 дні тому +4

    You know I've been putting off watching this new season because of all the bad reviews and because you got rid of the previous voice actors, but honestly these stories look very good and I'm going to start watching s7 when all episodes finish. Though the voices are clearly different, I can definitely enjoy these episodes just for the story :)

  • @othmanechekhmane4451
    @othmanechekhmane4451 25 днів тому +12

    The writers knew they were losing us with the random eps so they gave us what we wanted in one ep evil morty and prime rick , nice

  • @williamdaviddiazcuchimaque7511
    @williamdaviddiazcuchimaque7511 21 день тому +2

    Algo genial de este flashback es que es como la version opuesta del flashback del de rick aqui no hay una historia tragica de origen solo es evil morty harto de todo mientras veiamos a rick cazando otros ricks y fallando tratando de atrapar a prime aqui morty hace todo exactamente como lo tenia planeado mientras no hay dialogos en el otro aqui si y rick al final nunca logra ser feliz hasta que conoce a morty al final aqui evil morty no logra ser feliz por culpa de rick

  • @chris_zed7425
    @chris_zed7425 4 дні тому +1

    I really like this version of evil morty theme hopefully it has an official soundtrack

  • @Davidmercenary
    @Davidmercenary 8 днів тому +1

    I love how he goes from a mastermind to Clancy Grey from "The Darkest Minds" series, if you don't know Clancy is just a creepy kid who has the power to control minds so he uses it to make people love him.

  • @lukemiller5913
    @lukemiller5913 22 дні тому +1

    Wow finally a great episode in the last 2 seasons. Thank you for finally presenting us with one AS, I havent seen anything this good since S5ep01

  • @michaelglynn7010
    @michaelglynn7010 25 днів тому +10

    0:20 I know it’s bad what he did to Rick but he already knew he was just this disposable thing to him, and you get what you give.

  • @KalEl7802
    @KalEl7802 24 дні тому +7

    The new voice actors are doing a good job with the main characters.

  • @isabellacalderone9916
    @isabellacalderone9916 8 днів тому +2

    the soundtrack is insane, absolutely obsessed

  • @UlforceGreymon
    @UlforceGreymon 24 дні тому +8

    Honestly Evil Marty while terrifying is ultimately a character who just wants to be left alone. He’s no where near as bad as other bad guys such as Rick Prime, Tammy, Story Lord, Doofus Jerry, Fart, King Jellybean, Lucius Needful, and almost a large portion of the alternate Rick’s including our own. The biggest and evilest thing he’s ever done was destroying and killing all the Rick’s and Morty’s on the Citadel and honestly I don’t think any of us are going to shed tears other them… Unless Doofus Rick was among them

  • @magicoddball1452
    @magicoddball1452 24 дні тому +5

    You can tell this Morty is evil because his room is completely clean and organized.

  • @Krusheath
    @Krusheath 10 днів тому +6

    1:14 Love Jerry's screams in the background LOL

  • @tuffneggah
    @tuffneggah 25 днів тому +12

    evil morty needs his own show

  • @drokuuu
    @drokuuu 19 днів тому

    This eps definitely got us all thinking and theorizing. It was SO GOOD. I’m feel like our morty could start to become more independent like evil morty, but I don’t think he’d become evil. Our morty is like most mortys, overly compassionate and sensitive. So if he were to become independent from Rick like Evil Morty, I think he’d just live a life of enjoyment. I feel like that’s where the show will probably go, SPOIIIILLLLLERRRRRRRR especially seeing Rick shut down emotionally after being unsatisfied -SPOOOOIIIIILLEEEERRRRR- with killing Rick prime. I think morty is going to realize he can live without Rick and maybe even help Rick feel again. I could totally see our morty befriend Evil Morty also

  • @jokersvault4155
    @jokersvault4155 11 днів тому +1

    Now I'm wondering if he uses an eyepatch to intentionally antagonize Ricks because of their fear of pirates

  • @herrypottier4201
    @herrypottier4201 21 день тому

    I love how at the end not only is he not satisfied for the fact that it took morty to kill Rick prime, and this morty actually learned from his Rick, this is morty prime

  • @GustavoSilva-ny8jc
    @GustavoSilva-ny8jc 10 днів тому +2

    1:25 The fact they were stuck in repetition was INSANE

  • @Shadowmech88
    @Shadowmech88 24 дні тому +2

    I wonder if every Morty has the potential to become this smart (in the sense of being able to invent things like the eyepatch, yellow portal gun, etc) simply due to being related to Rick and it's just that most of them never cultivate that talent, or if this Morty is unique in that ability.

  • @basketcase6999
    @basketcase6999 23 дні тому +3

    Thought it was kind of weird that Evil Morty seemed to have a relatively normal relationship with his Rick, who also looked completely normal. Like it doesn’t seem like that would be bad enough to make a normal Morty snap.

    • @ejosjek52.87
      @ejosjek52.87 22 дні тому +1

      Well that apparently wasn't even his original rick it was an assigned rick

  • @malcolmmorin
    @malcolmmorin 21 день тому

    I love that they used the actual scene from season 1 where they kidnap that Morty. You can easily see the difference in quality between 2013 and now.

  • @Generalbadass1051
    @Generalbadass1051 23 дні тому +7

    Rick Prime: “we could team up! Be like Batman and Robin”
    Evil Morty: “Eh, I don’t really need a Robin”

  • @williamaguilar5519
    @williamaguilar5519 6 днів тому +1

    Evil Ricks design is underrated and that scene with him trying to commit die is spine shilling

  • @josemariasantos6356
    @josemariasantos6356 23 дні тому

    Cara, essa música de fundo com sintetizadores rivalizou-se com aquela da backstory do Rick C137. Muito bom mesmo!!!

  • @jasminegold2807
    @jasminegold2807 25 днів тому +7

    "An eye patch? You know
    how we feel about pirates." works so well because people watch this show on pirated sites and Ricks are afraid of pirates 😂

  • @TaoistZhang
    @TaoistZhang 25 днів тому +62

    But i think he is not evil. I saw his emotions when Rick kills prime. Evil Morty knows his grandpa.

  • @netsticks4939
    @netsticks4939 24 дні тому +2

    spectacular my only complain is the absence of evil morty's theme, but its not a big deal! just amazingly good, i love rick and morty its so classic and so good with the story

  • @montimier4678
    @montimier4678 4 дні тому

    I like how evil morty starting out the same as other morties insinuates that a morty has higher potential than a rick. He stopped rick prime no diff, when even rick c-137 couldnt.

  • @turnthonkee
    @turnthonkee 23 дні тому +1

    It took me multiple rewatches to take in the fact that Evil Morty is the one that filled the Citadel with Morty clones, just so he could blend in and eventually win the election. He posed as a victim when the Citadel came to rescue them, and this has major implications for other things Rick gets blamed for canonically

  • @emma_nutella58
    @emma_nutella58 16 днів тому +1

    One of my favourite episodes of this season