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All 7 Chakras Solfeggio Frequencies, Whole Body Energy Cleansing, Chakra Meditation, Healing Music

  • Опубліковано 24 тра 2024
  • In this video we have collected all solfeggio chakras tracks, each track lasts 26 minutes. You can use this collection for a long meditation to rebalance all the chakras. Namaste
    00:00:00 Root Chakra 396Hz
    00:26:08 Sacral Chakra 417Hz
    00:52:16 Solar Plexus Chakra 528Hz
    01:18:24 Heart Chakra 639Hz
    01:44:32 Throat Chakra 741Hz
    02:10:40 Third Eye Chakra 852Hz
    02:36:48 Crown Chakra 963Hz
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    Music for Body and Spirit channel includes also:
    Meditation music
    For your short and long meditation or yoga sessions, to balance your body and spirit. Here you can find the music suitable for your taste.
    Healing Frequencies Music
    Frequencies of these tracks have been chosen for a specific situation like sleep or anxiety problems, or to accompany meditations.
    We underline that these tracks cannot cure a health condition nor do they want to replace the advice of a doctor or health care provider. Moreover, never listen to our music whilst driving or operating machinery of any kind.
    Binaural Beats
    Brain waves for intelligence, happiness, sleep and meditation.
    Chakra Meditation Music
    This playlist can improve the balance of your key chakras and bring your health and mental attitude into a more peaceful state. Namaste
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    These tracks can be used in any situation: as a background while you are working, in relaxation moments after a stressful day or just when you like.
    Guided Meditation
    Let a pleasant voice guide you into deep relaxation.
    Reiki Music
    Here you can find the music for your Reiki treatments with bell every 3 minutes, or without bell. Tracks with bell change to every position with melodies and harmonies studied in detail to help the treatment.
    Sleep music
    Sleep is very important to a person's health. These compositions are designed to accompany you for the duration of your sleep or just to fall asleep.
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  • @ferreebrahim6682
    @ferreebrahim6682 Рік тому +13

    Everyone reads this text. Please pray for my 27 year old son. He has schizophrenia.please.....

    • @anubis4348
      @anubis4348 Рік тому +1

      If i may,i would suggest you different form of praying.
      When you pray for him to be healthy,don't just pray simply like that,but close your eyes,and imagine him healthy,but imagine him in details,imagine what are you doing together what kind of fun you have with him,feel him healthy,see him in your mind healthy.
      Do this in depth and in details as much as possible,and the creator of the universe will make that happen for you

    • @GiuseppeBorzacchiello-ip9tb
      @GiuseppeBorzacchiello-ip9tb Рік тому

      Buon Buongiorno sono Giuseppe Mamma Del Tuo La schizofrenia Portare Sacre Di Casa Dove siamo Uccelli Il Verde Sta Pu ciao Mamma,sono

  • @j.w.161
    @j.w.161 Рік тому +172

    I came here because, I haven't taken a break from giving birth to 4 kids in 6 years, cooking, cleaning, being a mom wife, I need healing and love please send my way to remember who I am🙏💕

    • @MusicforBodyandSpirit
      @MusicforBodyandSpirit  Рік тому +9

      Welcome J.W.! Thank you for listening to our music. Blessings. Namaste

    • @bonnieprice9482
      @bonnieprice9482 Рік тому +7

      Have the kids meditate listening to the you tube commentaries and music... it helps all even the cats and dogs.

    • @ericamichelle8851
      @ericamichelle8851 Рік тому +14

      That is such a beautiful and powerful thing , becoming a mother that is. I am proud of you & I am sending much love. May blessings be your way momma🤍

    • @BeSantosha
      @BeSantosha Рік тому +6

      What you loved when you were small? What is that you can do for hours with pleasure?

    • @user-rv6tg3fi5r
      @user-rv6tg3fi5r Рік тому +1

      ​@@BeSantosha часами она может только работать так как времени у нее не появится никогда.Потом внуки.
      Единственное что может эта женщина,слушать музыку часами во сне.

  • @Musicas.Relaxantes
    @Musicas.Relaxantes Рік тому +766

    If you are reading this, it doesn't matter where you are right now on this planet, I wish you a wonderful day and a happy. peaceful life where all your dreams come true.
    Se você está lendo isso, não importa onde você esteja agora neste planeta, desejo-lhe um dia maravilhoso e feliz. vida pacífica onde todos os seus sonhos se tornam realidade.

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      Asé 🧘🏾‍♂️

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    @user-ei3mv7nn6e Рік тому +439

    Читаеш эти комментарии,и душа радуется .Сколько хороших и добрых людей.Нас много и мы нужны этому миру.Пусть любовь,счастья ходит рядом с вами.Забота близких и родных вот что важно.Любите и сделайте мир краше.Люблю Благодарю во благо.Любовь сотворит все!!!!!!!!

    • @marhiistar9215
      @marhiistar9215 Рік тому +15

      Só o Amor pode curar este planeta!!!🌟💜🌟
      NAMASTÊ 🕊🌟💕🙏🏻💕🌟🕊

    • @garyflaherty6001
      @garyflaherty6001 Рік тому +7

      Amen ❤

    • @mariaguitron6549
      @mariaguitron6549 Рік тому +7

      Thank you for all healing help ❣️❣️❣️

    • @evelinalmeida1632
      @evelinalmeida1632 Рік тому +11

      Sim...somos amor puro ❤ ❤ ❤ Vibremos puro amor por tudo e todos!

    • @bonnieprice9482
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  • @user-jj7wg3u
    @user-jj7wg3u Рік тому +107

    Спасибо за это видео, мне несколько лет не снились сны, а теперь я вижу их каждый день, а тем кто прочтёт этот комментарий я желаю счастья и добра

  • @user-rb5nk2rh9j
    @user-rb5nk2rh9j 2 роки тому +355

    Благодарю и принимаю! Счастья, здоровья, любви, успехов тому,кто читает этот комментарий.Всех вам благ.

    • @anepie369
      @anepie369 2 роки тому +9

      Grazie, altrettanto a te

    • @timofteluxita892
      @timofteluxita892 2 роки тому +6

      Hola buenos días,sois especial,un abrazo fuerte 😅 bendiciones 👍

    • @maristelafernandes9224
      @maristelafernandes9224 2 роки тому

      não. para dinheiro inesperado é 520. vc pode usar 741 junto.
      são sequências diferentes tem que ser colocadas uma abaixo da outra. assim
      520 dinheiro inesperado
      741 solução imediata
      8 potencializar e enviar ao universo
      dessa forma está errada
      520 741 8
      777 em grabovoi significa segurança em voo e não milagres.
      repetir 108x não faz parte do método de grabovoi. é mistura de outras técnicas.não. para dinheiro inesperado é 520. vc pode usar 741 junto.
      são sequências diferentes tem que ser colocadas uma abaixo da outra. assim
      520 dinheiro inesperado
      741 solução imediata
      8 potencializar e enviar ao universo
      dessa forma está errada
      520 741 8
      777 em grabovoi significa segurança em voo e não milagres.
      repetir 108x não faz parte do método de grabovoi. é mistura de outras técnicas.Sim. com hipopótamo

    • @timofteluxita892
      @timofteluxita892 2 роки тому +5

      Mil bendiciones, gracias 👍 un abrazo fuerte 🫂

    • @timofteluxita892
      @timofteluxita892 2 роки тому +3

      Agapo,te amo😅

  • @innerharmony1412
    @innerharmony1412 2 роки тому +1156

    If you are reading this, your light is much needed in this world and I hope you know you are special and capable of amazing things. Wish you lots of love, health and success 💛

    • @HeikoMRah
      @HeikoMRah 2 роки тому +15

      🙏🏵🧘🏿 OF COURSE 🧘‍♀️🌸🙏

    • @pearlgeneste1890
      @pearlgeneste1890 2 роки тому +7

      Indeed the world does news it! So last have at it in light and kindness/love

    • @alainmontfort2674
      @alainmontfort2674 2 роки тому +10

      Merci beaucoup ❤️❤️❤️que du bonheur pour l'humanité unité avec foi confiance, courage avec les maîtres qui nous accompagnent 👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️ belle journée

    • @virginiathornton9910
      @virginiathornton9910 2 роки тому +4

      I am?

    • @anepie369
      @anepie369 2 роки тому +5

      Grazie di cuore ❤️ altrettanto a te.

  • @louisemacleay2846
    @louisemacleay2846 Рік тому +56

    Spiritual people are the kindest in the world!! Much love to all you kind souls 💞💋❤

  • @sapereaude__
    @sapereaude__ 2 роки тому +74

    Frieden auf Erden, wir sind eine Menschheitsfamilie. Wir dürfen uns nicht spalten lassen, sondern mit Liebe begegnen für eine bessere Zukunft 🙏❤🦈

  • @lubow.drogolova6556
    @lubow.drogolova6556 Рік тому +66

    Все кто читает. Я от всей души желаю.Вам здоровья счастья

  • @AprilAnnaMay
    @AprilAnnaMay Рік тому +6

    My whole life was turned upside down , my child and I suffered much loss the past 3 years, So much adversity, and strife confusion, and anxiety, pain, abandonment, we need healing, mind body and soul, love for my child, endless, I will have to separate from her to keep her from being harmed further or used like a pawn. Not sure how to convince the powers that be, that I am, in fact, a loving nurturing, mother who will stop at nothing, to see her baby thrive and flourish. I welcome the truth, welcome justice, a miracle... I pray ... " please reunite me with my love, let her be safe, and protected always, until we can be together again, keep my love with you sweet Song, together in spirit" I believe, So be it, so it is done.
    Thank you for reading and I pray your journey be filled with grace, love, and fellowship, bless you, a million times, bless your life, may you live long, and prosper always. 🌸

    • @MusicforBodyandSpirit
      @MusicforBodyandSpirit  Рік тому +1

      Welcome April Allen! Thank you for listening. We are sorry for your situation. We'll pray for you. May our music help you. Blessings. Namaste.

  • @user-ud3km1pr5v
    @user-ud3km1pr5v Рік тому +34

    Счастья и радости тому, кто сейчас читает мой комментарий!

  • @user-sy8od3qe8y
    @user-sy8od3qe8y 10 місяців тому +21

    Благодарю!Благодарю!Благодарю!!!Пусть Миру будет ХОРОШО!И всем в нашем прекрасном Мире пусть будет ХОРОШО!!!. Все кто читает. Я от всей души желаю.Вам здоровья счастья.

  • @sherezade7872
    @sherezade7872 Рік тому +117

    La paz sea contigo donde quiera que estés 🙏🏻🌟

  • @optikalinziochki
    @optikalinziochki Рік тому +65

    Принимаю счастье ,любовь ,здоровье ,чистоту души ... Желаю того же всем ,кто здесь находится .Благодарю Вселенную за каждый прожитый день !!! Аминь ! Аминь! Аминь!!!

    • @dott.phibes7294
      @dott.phibes7294 Рік тому +2

      Non si possono accettare solo la felicità e tutti gli aspetti positivi della vita. Per ogni momento di felicità ci sarà un momento di tristezza. La vita è un onda di alti e bassi.
      La sofferenza che nessuno vuole ci insegna ad andare oltre il velo di Maya.
      Gli antichi guru sostenevano che la sofferenza è la vestale consacrata al sacrificio dell’immortale perfezione; quando prende il suo vero posto davanti all’altare dell’infinito allontana il bruno velo e scopre il volto a chi la contempla come una rivelazione di gioia suprema.

  • @jaunnawalton251
    @jaunnawalton251 Рік тому +199

    Love all the kind words, love and positivity here. Wish you all the best on your journey and I want to say ths thank you for the uplifting words and encouragement! You all sure helped my day. Hope you day is blessed with love and prosperity ✨️ 💕

    • @margaretboardman9069
      @margaretboardman9069 Рік тому +7

      I have breast cancer spread to my lungs.. lived 2 and a half years longer than the doctor gave me. But I really hurt now. Always thing positive and don't accept the pain

    • @PedroSimoes-iu5os
      @PedroSimoes-iu5os Рік тому +2

      Thank you so much....I wish you all the best too.....may your life be filled with kindness , joy and happiness, to you and your loved ones....🫶🙏❤

    • @helindogan5017
      @helindogan5017 Рік тому

      @@margaretboardman9069 ıü

    • @MatildeParra-en6eu
      @MatildeParra-en6eu 11 місяців тому +3

      Chakras que están recibiendo limpieza hoy aquí y ahora gracias seres de luz porque yo necesitaba

    • @user-wk1cz6vo5r
      @user-wk1cz6vo5r 9 місяців тому

      Я желаю Вам Счастья, Любви и Добра!. И Удачи!

  • @Jill_collette
    @Jill_collette Рік тому +9

    One day it’s gonna seem like it happened over night that breakthrough you so deeply desire. trust. believe. achieve. Focus on the things you can do right and well and let go of the rest. Let go and let God. ❤🙏

  • @hannataras6297
    @hannataras6297 Рік тому +199

    Let any pain leave you. Let there be health, well-being, love and joy.

  • @user-fq4pq6ff1n
    @user-fq4pq6ff1n Рік тому +48

    Благодарю!Благодарю!Благодарю!!!Пусть Миру будет ХОРОШО!И всем в нашем прекрасном Мире пусть будет ХОРОШО!!!❤❤❤❤

  • @brandeejones632
    @brandeejones632 Рік тому +16

    Love and light to whom ever reaches this❤

  • @themlife3113
    @themlife3113 2 роки тому +6

    Namasté pour les 1℅ qui verront ce message

  • @user-hv7mi8nu8g
    @user-hv7mi8nu8g Рік тому +61

    Эта чудесная музыка!!!
    Всем пробуждения и просвятления!!! Счастья, добра и мирного неба ,всем читающим! Жить желаю в Свете Божественной Любви и Мудрости!!!
    Мир полон добрых и светлых людей ,так пусть он станет ещё больше !!!
    Да будет так !!!
    Ом А Хунг!!!

  • @user-zj6gi4gk4p
    @user-zj6gi4gk4p Рік тому +15

    Так счастлива, что Вас нашла, Божества и существа света и любви.
    Люблю всех и благодарю!!!

    • @MusicforBodyandSpirit
      @MusicforBodyandSpirit  Рік тому

      Welcome Лоло Леле! Thanks for listening to our music. We are glad you have found us. Happy listening! Blessings. Namaste

    • @GiuseppeBorzacchiello-ip9tb
      @GiuseppeBorzacchiello-ip9tb Рік тому

      Buon sera Giuseppe Ilaria 🎏 sono Giuseppe Di Note Fare Stare Bene Milano Crazie

  • @caseyhymas6803
    @caseyhymas6803 Рік тому +24

    God Bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you and give you peace, strength, courage, hope, and faith. May you be a vessel full of light and may you know God’s unconditional love. In Jesus name, Amen. ❤

  • @latoyawilliams7781
    @latoyawilliams7781 Рік тому +209

    Thank you Universe for aligning and balancing all 7 of my Chakras. Much gratitude❤

  • @daisytorres5796
    @daisytorres5796 Рік тому +73

    Vengo a da mi testimonio, ecuche este audio por primera vez y de uns vez comence a sentir paz y me dolió mucho ls garganta tenia mucha tos cuabdo llevaba 12 minuto me cuerpo cambio yo sentí que mi garganta se calentaba y mi cuerpo se erizada es ls fuerza de ls sanación, emocional y física, grscias por esta maravilla es mucho con demasiado, le envio un abrazo de luz a los creadores de este canal y a todos lo que entren y escuchen este audio.🤗

    • @MusicforBodyandSpirit
      @MusicforBodyandSpirit  Рік тому +1

      Welcome Daisy Torres! Thank you for listening to our music. Blessings. Namaste

    • @marichuy3279
      @marichuy3279 Рік тому

      Ami me dió escalofrío de la parte de mi cabeza derecha.

      @WALLKAINKAFILMS Рік тому +3

      @@marichuy3279 anoche me acoste con dolor de cabeza y garganta y tos , pero puse este audio para dormir y me despierto a las 5am , cero dolor de cabeza y garganta , gracias dios, bendiciones a todos

    • @flavioadrianocardoso6358
      @flavioadrianocardoso6358 Рік тому +1

      Oi! Li teu testemunho e vou escutar pois eu também estou com dor na garganta e tosse. Tenho certeza que já tenho a cura. São 4hs da madrugada vou ver se consigo dormir um pouco. Gratidão pelo teu testemunho.

  • @user-uh5gc1wu3n
    @user-uh5gc1wu3n Рік тому +70

    Принимаю с любовью и благодарностью. Всем кто слушает любви, света и процветания🎉🎉🎉

  • @bam12369
    @bam12369 Рік тому +3

    If your reading this, stop and go to sleep because rest is important.

  • @loraclarke2614
    @loraclarke2614 Рік тому +35

    Blessings, sending healing energies of love and light to those in the north, those in the south, those in the west, and those in the east. May your paths be strewn with abundant joy and peace. Ase.

  • @bonnieprice9482
    @bonnieprice9482 Рік тому +18

    Be the light so that others can see in the darkness... as we travel this life..😊😊😊😊

  • @sherryingram7250
    @sherryingram7250 Рік тому +2

    I have been going through so much pain and hurt. But I have left the life I was in and on a new journey to love myself God the father Jesus and the holy spirit as one within me. Please pray for my journey to be an amazing rebirth.

    • @MusicforBodyandSpirit
      @MusicforBodyandSpirit  Рік тому +1

      Welcome Sherry Ingram! Thank you for listening. We'll pray for you. May our music help you. Blessings. Namaste.

  • @user-lj5zj9oq7u
    @user-lj5zj9oq7u Рік тому +2

    Скорішого закінчення війни і буде спокій.

  • @mrCetus
    @mrCetus 2 роки тому +34

    Whatever is on your mind, reflect on your life. Shape your future with good things. maybe all your dreams can come true.🙏🙏🙏

  • @faroudjakacer439
    @faroudjakacer439 Рік тому +33

    À tous les travailleurs de lumière, à ceux qui aime d'AMOUR inconditionnel...NAMASTÉ 🙏🌹

  • @joeymiscannon5883
    @joeymiscannon5883 Рік тому +2

    Claim it receive thank you universe praise God amen gratitude love light and harmony with all of us amen and amen ♥️ 🙏

  • @joeymiscannon5883
    @joeymiscannon5883 Рік тому +2

    Claim it receive thank you universe praise God amen so much gratitude for you lord Jesus christ thank you God amen I am blessed thank you God amen gratitude love light and harmony with all of us amen and amen hallelujah praise God thank you Jesus christ amen 🙏 ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • @zoga5811
    @zoga5811 Рік тому +14

    Всем любви и счастье и дом над головой хранит вас господь всех и вся всему миру любовь❤

  • @user-fj3io8io6s
    @user-fj3io8io6s Рік тому +9

    Благодарю Вселенную❤ за каждый миг жизни❤
    Здоровье, Любви безусловной, Благословение Высших Сил.
    Благодарю, ❤всем кто читает,

  • @ericjacobs6968
    @ericjacobs6968 Рік тому +21

    One love! Time to regenerate my body while I sleep as my mind and soul are regenerated and healed by the miracles that are frequencies just as we were made for and as the Creator intended.

  • @kienluu6430
    @kienluu6430 Рік тому +5

    I pray for my mind to be clearer, my friend, my family and financials life is prosperity

  • @Innerpeacemeditation01
    @Innerpeacemeditation01 2 роки тому +230

    I felt I'm flying like a bird over amazon. this video has an amazing vibe, releases stress and super relaxing and soothing for the mind. Thanks to the entire crew members behind this video.🌴save nature….🌳

    • @saft2529
      @saft2529 2 роки тому +1

      fliyng over amazon delivery?

    • @RoseBetuker
      @RoseBetuker Рік тому +4

      @@saft2529 flying like a bird over amazon forest.

    • @cyberwizard3316
      @cyberwizard3316 Рік тому +2


    • @georgekahn3313
      @georgekahn3313 Рік тому +3

      Me too. Floating on water though. Amazing meditation. Very strong sense of floating or flying with this music. Also endless expansion much like the changing image on the screen. That kundalini energy just pushing through that central channel. Upward and outward, the endless flow of that psychic state.

    • @bonnieprice9482
      @bonnieprice9482 Рік тому +3

      Nature is doing a major readjustment ... AS it's gotten unbalanced somewhat...the crystalline grid is activated and the earth is shifting..
      ALL things in perfect timing..👋😁👍♾☮☯️💙💚💖⚛🌧❄🌨👀

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    Принимаю с любовью и величайшей благодарностью медитацию по очищению,во благо,всего доброго,благословение Ваших дел на благо человечества,мир,любовь .🙏🌞🌾❤💕

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      Eneна 🤗🙏☀️💫✨🌿🌷🌾

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      God bless you Елена !

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      Благо принимаю! Благо Дарю!

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      Buon sera Giuseppe Ilaria 🎏 sono Giuseppe Ciao piccola Elena Tiamina Mondo di Beatificato sono

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    Everyday, in Everyway, I'm getting better and better!!!

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    It seems like this music is from the place where I was born. it takes you HOME

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    I have been in an anxiety/panic attack for almost an hour. Found this as a last ditch effort to calm myself and I must say - it is helping soothe me.

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      After only 12 minutes of this I am feeling calm! I love this! wow !!

    • @AligatorFTW
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      41 minutes in and loving every second of calmness in my brain!

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      Welcome Ali Wogan! Thanks for listening to our music. We are happy it is helping you with anxiety. Blessings. Namaste

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      Same here!

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      ​@@AligatorFTW hi from another Wogan ! (there aren't that many in the world) ❤

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    Merci Univers infini pour la richesse spirituelle et matérielle que tu me donnes maintenant avec amour, bonheur, joie et succès !

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    Quanto mais pessoas despertas
    ..conseguimos mudar o mundo,. Vamos espalhar luz pra nossos irmãos...

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    Es ist Weihnachten und ich höre mir diese wundervollen Klänge an. Ich wünsche jedem Menschen auf dieser Erde innere Ruhe und Frieden

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      Welcome flo! Thank you for listening to our music. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Blessings. Namaste

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    Thank you universe for body cleansing and balance my 7 chakras.thank you my guide angel archangel.thank you Jesus. In Jesus mighty name 🙏

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    Infinitas gracias 🙏!!!!! Me armoniza y me tranquiliza mucho esta melodía,saludos desde Argentina,soy Vanesa, GRACIAS!!!!💞💖♥️🎶🎵🎼👏👏👏❤️🙏

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    Огромная благодарность создателям этой целебной музыки, удачи, радости, любви, люди будьте добрее, Господь создал такой прекрасный дом для нас под названием Земля, давайте все вместе будем создавать Рай на этой планете, без зависти, злости и войн

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    Peace and love to everyone. 🌍 needs as much as it can get! 🕊☮️

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    Hello 💕dear Music ❤️‍🩹🎶🧡🎶💙🎶💚🎶💝🎶💜🎶✨for Body and Spirit -Meditation Music 🎶thank you for a new meditation here on UA-cam. I will listen 👂to it fall asleep 😴Amazing and beautiful 😍😍I believe you🙏🏻

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    gracias gracias gracias, universo equilíbrame sorpréndeme en abundancia.
    Miel y Oro en abundancia para todos ustedes y su familia para todos los que me leen hoy y siempre.

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    Oi Yuri , galera do rpg Cavaleiros , aqui é Tiago CreeD

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    Gracias por la abundancia y felicidad,. Alegría y esperanza, paz mental y paz espiritual, bendiciones para todos

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    БЛАГОДАРЮ ЗА ВСЁ ВСЕХ БЛАГ ВАМ И ВАШЕМУ КАНАЛУ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Der innere Körper ist die Harmonie der Seele und der Weg der Liebe zu uns Selbst und zu allen anderen Menschen. Danke, danke , danke ❤❤❤

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    Thank you. Worrying thoughts start to transform into more calm and optimistic ones.

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    Благодарю от всей души за эту музыку🤍🙏✨всем любви ,благостных трансформаций и очищения.✨

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    Gratidão! Para mim é muito importante adquirir este conhecimento pois há muito tempo sou a louca da família por causa do meu comportamento voltado para a espiritualidade e ter consciência dos Seres Dimensionais existentes em outras galáxias e também na nossa.

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    Большая благодарность создателям этого видео и музыки! Столько покоя и умиротворения 💜💚💛

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    Thank you for that blessing. We lost our canine Son , George Saturday Eve when he was accidentally struck by a vehicle after he ran loose while we were getting him ready for his nightly walk. He just turned 5 years old in May. The best dog i ever had. :(

    • @carolynvillemaire4683
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      So sorry for your loss. I lost my 16 yo baby girl dash 2 years ago. I grieved and wailed for days. I still miss her constant love and attention. ♥️

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    Good Rising from the UK. All your kind wishes 🙏🏾 are greatfully received by my family and me. I listen to this and i am back in my happy space between my spirit and my shell. Diving Deep like an ocean butterfly 🦋✨. Its the only place that ever felt like ....HOME. PEACE ✌🏽,LOVE 🫶🏽 AND LIGHT 🕯️. LET YOUR LOVE SHINE ALWAYS AND FOREVER ♾️. Thank You 💞😘 xxxx

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    Just got out of a divorce; but I feel it’s for the betterment of my journey. It’s painful and emotional; but I just have this beckoning call that’s telling me to keep pushing and moving forward.

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    Everyday this beautiful music lifts my vibration. Love ❤️ and light to you ☀️

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    LOVE ❤️ 😍

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    God's beautiful work in healing souls,...thank you, dmc@2024

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    Cada chakra muda a sensação no meu corpo fisico.Que essa paz se estenda pelo mundo tão necessitado de mais amor e compreensão

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    Merci pour votre action bienveillante à l'égard de l'humanité souffrante et pour l'apaisement que votre musique nous apporte....Que l'Amour et la Lumière nous rassemblent et nous,connectent avec la Nature et la Terre❤️🌞🌻🌎

    • @angelesrocha5207
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      Te amo me amas desde Mexico amor para todo el mundo 🌍

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    LOVE the experience I had while meditating to this🙏🏾 namaste

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    Я будто плыла на волнах собственного дыхания ❤

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    So cosmic, so peace - giving... I love it !!!!!

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    You can ask me for prayer and I so pray for them Church of Jesus Christ and brotherly love the faithful Church..

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      Welcome Canucklehead! Thank you for listening to our music. Blessings. Namaste

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    Open your senses and your mind will follow, feel it flowing through your body, don’t fear changes but expect them.

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    Thank YOU CREATOR 💟😇💙🛡️
    Healings songs 🎶🎵 AMEN 🙏

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    Большая благодарность за ваш труд мир свет любовь да прибудет всегда

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      Welcome Galina Zolotuhina! Thank you for listening to our music. Blessings. Namaste

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      Welcome Michael Nepia! Thank you for listening to our music. Blessings. Namaste

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    l'ascolto mentre lavoro...e si lavora meglio,l'ambiente si pulisce,si trova un equilibrio vibrazionale,sono piu' produttivo e concentrato. Grazie

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      Welcome Simone Franco! Thank you for listening to our music. We are pleased you enjoy this track while working. Blessings. Namaste

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    Once totally relaxed open at ease without your guards ...deeper breaths as you call in the holy spirit to illuminate your awareness elevate your alertness and feeding nourishing you in always for you to become a child of the most high...yahweh yeshua ruah-hokadesh

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    Peace Eternal, love, abundance... Mostly... fantastic health to the light body to create it All.

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    Close your eyes its a vibe girl

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    Love and Peace to the universe🇺🇳 - Thank you for always composing amazing & hypnotic sounds. Blessed are (WE) for CHOOSING LOVE 💕

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    Gratidão 🌻! Agora me sinto instantaneamente bem, minha alma estava pesada e imediatamente levitou! Que vcs sejam abençoados grandemente poderosamente e abundantemente amém 💥🙌🙏✨🌞🌈🌹🐞🌷🐝🌻🦋🍀🌼 e eu já havia me inscrito ❤😍

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    Dios , Energía 🙏 Divina y Creadora, Bendice nuestro Bien....

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    El alma te pide en silencio lo que tu corazón siente

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    Yo soy una hija perfecta de la fuente Universal qué yo soy Luz yo Amó ala Luz yo quiero ala Luz la luz me protegé y yo bendigo ala Luz por qué yo soy luz y mí gratitud ala Luz porque yo soy luz yo soy luz yo soy lo declaró y decretó aquí y ahora y hecho está y ya está cumplido pará mí mi familia amigos conocidos y pará todo el planeta tierra dé Todo ser viviente y en armonía pará todo el mundo bajó la gracia divina y de manera perfecta gracias papito lindo por qué siempre me oyes y siempre me escuchas ❤️ gracias por todo lo que haces por todos tus hijos té queremos ♥️ un mundo mejor dé paz amor armonía ♥️ gracias dé Todo corazón ❤️

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