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Fear Factory - Pisschrist

  • Опубліковано 11 жов 2008
  • Band# Fear Factory
    Album# Demanufacture
    Song# Pisschrist


  • @Malpractice2003
    @Malpractice2003 2 роки тому +181

    Man, that ending...it's otherworldly, it's divine, it's almost sacred.
    One of the greatest things i ever heard in my life.

    • @basil9877
      @basil9877 2 роки тому +10

      Yeah it gets me every time.

    • @factoriz
      @factoriz 2 роки тому +6

      100% agree!

    • @benedictcumberbatch4275
      @benedictcumberbatch4275 2 роки тому +4

      Sounds deep. Just dont like the words unfortunately -for me

    • @WratchetDeth10mm
      @WratchetDeth10mm Рік тому +5

      Me either. I have to separate the art from the message. Still, one powerful performance.

    • @jckalma7916
      @jckalma7916 Рік тому +6

      Imagine that in a small club back in the day. Metalheads, skins, punkrockers, hardcore kids and prog boys joining in with Burton. Enjoyed many, many moments in well over a hundred shows, but asking this question all together, with a undoubtedtly a different meaning for everyone and still feel like one entity is way up there.

  • @xcactsjakx
    @xcactsjakx 8 місяців тому +16

    I vividly remember a late night listening to Q 104.3 in NYC when they were a rock/metal station. Late at night on weekends they would play some more non-mainstream songs. This ending part of the song has stuck with me for 20 plus years form when I first heard it. Brilliant song.

    • @user-sw7dj8ld1z
      @user-sw7dj8ld1z Місяць тому

      Face Down arms out nailed to the Cross 4:32 of doubt....I love you! 😊

  • @evanreed7184
    @evanreed7184 4 роки тому +61

    I remember listening to this album on cassette in NY state prison, it definitely got me through..

    • @deningunlado3086
      @deningunlado3086 3 роки тому +2

      You lucky to have found Fear Factory cause I couldn't find it on my bids

    • @simonw7363
      @simonw7363 3 роки тому +1


    • @vanesafonseca3580
      @vanesafonseca3580 3 роки тому +9

      vulgar disp... pantera, chaos... sepultura, acido... hermetica, and this one was my cassetes. 1 year in 96 in batan jail, argentina.

    • @christy8691
      @christy8691 2 роки тому

      Man I love ur comment brother, pure honesty! I bought that tape 27 yrs ago WOW hope ur doin good brother🤟🤟

    • @anthonymonaco4840
      @anthonymonaco4840 2 роки тому

      If I had this album in prison, I probably would have thought about doing something stupid..lmaoo

  • @IAmKrow
    @IAmKrow 5 років тому +50

    The whole "I'm reaching out/with sealed eyes/I grab for light/visions decried" part gives me the chills

  • @MichaelMcGrathangrywasp
    @MichaelMcGrathangrywasp 15 років тому +156

    love the terminator intro

    • @mykmcgrane
      @mykmcgrane 5 років тому +16

      There's another one in the very beginning of Zero Signal also

    • @mikespearwood3914
      @mikespearwood3914 4 роки тому +5

      @@mykmcgrane What part of Terminator is that?

    • @inferialinferiis
      @inferialinferiis 3 роки тому +9

      @@mikespearwood3914 Terminator 2

    • @metaldiscipline3955
      @metaldiscipline3955 3 роки тому +8

      @@mikespearwood3914 I know I'm a year late, but the intro to Zero Signal, is a slowed down version of the Terminator 2 intro where the kids are playing on swings, and the screen brightens and goes to the La wasteland.

    • @MrBannystar
      @MrBannystar 2 роки тому +3

      @@metaldiscipline3955 Didn't know about the Zero Signal part from T2. Thanks!

  • @CellStudios55
    @CellStudios55 5 років тому +85

    4:24 - 5:09
    Wow. Just... wow. Amazing part, I like how they add a little something every 10 seconds. The background melody is so strange yet beautiful

    • @dyadyabafomyot1668
      @dyadyabafomyot1668 3 роки тому +4

      This melody symbolises the death of humanity and end of sufferings at the same time.

    • @shithoagie
      @shithoagie Рік тому +3

      @@dyadyabafomyot1668 I fucking hope for this. We need a reset.

  • @johnriley1991
    @johnriley1991 6 років тому +145

    Greatest ending ever

  • @ahmedzaki4056
    @ahmedzaki4056 5 років тому +56

    This is the best metal song ever, you can listen to it millions time

  • @user-yi4xh7ni3z
    @user-yi4xh7ni3z 7 років тому +118

    I listened to the track 100 times and it does never get bored

  • @diabeticmonkey
    @diabeticmonkey 4 роки тому +112

    As someone who never really listened to this album out of pure forgetfulness, I can say that this song is now in my top ten metal songs of all time. That ending blew me away. I must’ve listened to it at least ten times in a row.
    It’s fucking monolithic.

    • @springbloom5940
      @springbloom5940 3 роки тому +6

      I got a promo copy of Soul of a New Machine from a guy who had a public radio show. It was unusual. Then, Demanufacture came out and Id hear *nothing* like that, before. Blew the top of my skull off. This was a life altering album. Once in a lifetime.

    • @Alabalahama
      @Alabalahama 3 роки тому +2

      Shame tho the singer can't perform live

    • @springbloom5940
      @springbloom5940 3 роки тому +4

      He could, decades ago.

    • @budseltz340
      @budseltz340 3 роки тому +1

      @@springbloom5940 Oh yes. I remember this being one of the greatest shows I seen back in the day.

    • @davidmaslo5029
      @davidmaslo5029 3 роки тому +1

      she all women who eventually enjoy there husband right? Honorable Men Faith women

  • @seanevans9584
    @seanevans9584 6 років тому +66

    Love Fear Factory, listened to these guys when I was a teenager, Demanufacture is an epic album for sure!!👍👍Takes me back to rough times growing up

  • @phoebebills9432
    @phoebebills9432 4 роки тому +65

    This song converted me into a Fear Factory fan.

  • @ChoseDeath
    @ChoseDeath Рік тому +71

    I am a Christian, but I adore this song. It really speaks to all the times it's so easy to doubt faith.

    • @croissantlover1
      @croissantlover1 Рік тому +13

      The fact they (FF) made this song is a form of acknowledging the Son of God. If they wanted to hate on him, they should have not made the song in the first place. I like the song too but years after I realise this now with this song. The more you hate someone, the more you acknowledge them and thus, they win over you even though that might never have been their desire, ever.

    • @martinpreikschat8023
      @martinpreikschat8023 Рік тому +8

      I am still still a catholic because of some reasons, but I could never believe. For me there are no doubts. It' a great lie and of there were a god, he won't give a fuck about me.

    • @martinpreikschat8023
      @martinpreikschat8023 Рік тому

      This is the way to minor people with a different way to look at. I say: I hate, you say , that I I have an issue with it. Believe me, when I hate , I don't have an issue with love. But this self- righteous god can kiss my ass. And if there where a hell and this is was my destiny, I would prefer it.

    • @croissantlover1
      @croissantlover1 Рік тому

      @@martinpreikschat8023 And why have you lost belief? Even atheists have meetings with God, if there is a God, and you believed in God before, then there was no reason to do much about your belief. You're just self-doubting. It's the same with supernatural, if you dont see the things, then it's because you dont need to, you already believe in it. But it's your choice, if you believe its a great lie, then it will become your reality of perception. Then God really wont give a fuck about you because you don't give a fuck about God. Although not entirely true, God will still (secretly) care about you but you're making it harder on yourself.

    • @croissantlover1
      @croissantlover1 Рік тому

      @@martinpreikschat8023 See? You really want to be in hell. God said we were all sinners. So you've already decided where you want to be. I hope you change your mind one day.

  • @thomasfleischer83
    @thomasfleischer83 Рік тому +28

    Their best song ever!!!!!!!
    So much emotion, desperation and wrath!

  • @andrewkalipetis7128
    @andrewkalipetis7128 Рік тому +5

    The opening with the Terminator 2 sample makes me want to break shit still in 2022

  • @meshugeah
    @meshugeah 4 роки тому +16

    I miss Raymond Herrera, one of the best metal drummers now sells some fucking energy drink

    • @leandrobego154
      @leandrobego154 2 роки тому +1

      Whatafuck !!!

    • @landlightning
      @landlightning 4 місяці тому

      Same here. When he left the band I lost interest in them. Christian leaving really hurt them too.

  • @ElGaby323
    @ElGaby323 Рік тому +17

    Fear Factory is the only metal band I'll ever listen to. I heard this album when I was a teenager and it completely blew me away. Pisschrist is my favorite song. The intro, the lyrics, the epic sound, and that unique voice.... it's a fucking masterpiece. No other metal band has ever caught my interest.

    • @burningempire666
      @burningempire666 Рік тому +3

      Try Strapping Young Lad "Velvet Kevorkian / All Hail The New Flesh"

    • @IconicMicrowave
      @IconicMicrowave 7 місяців тому +1

      @@burningempire666 Strapping Young Lad for sure. I'd also suggest Meshuggah, especially their earlier albums, for the machine-influenced cyber themes mixed with the aggression and technical nature of FF. I'd suggest Type O Negative for the chant-like epic sound and vocals. Godflesh and Barney era Napalm Death also heavily influenced FF.

    • @landlightning
      @landlightning 4 місяці тому

      Pretty much the same for me! I bought Obsolete because their cover of Gary Newman's "Cars" was played on the radio, and I was "shock"ed to find that it was a heavy metal album, but it grew on me quickly and I bought more of their albums including Demanufacture. Pisschrist and Flashpoint are my favorite songs from this album, and two of my most favorite Fear Factory songs. I don't own any other complete heavy metal albums except for Mudvayne and a few random metal songs from other artists, like Bleed by Meshuggah.

  • @burningempire666
    @burningempire666 Рік тому +13

    This blew my 15 year old mind when it came out. Beautiful heavy hitting production. I wish Obsolete had the same sound as this album.

    • @whackosmack3636
      @whackosmack3636 Рік тому +1

      Obsolete has that feel here and there but apparently Dino does most of the writing. Btw I'm not lecturing you . Dino is a musical innovator with production as well as machine gun picking action.

    • @burningempire666
      @burningempire666 Рік тому +1

      @WHACKOSMACK the music was very similar. I was referring to the production. Obsolete has a much more cheap digital sound. Like they used Digitech and DOD effects

  • @XxllNastyxX
    @XxllNastyxX Рік тому +5

    @ 3.40 mins the momentum of the song goes from a good song to a great song

  • @dutchdagmar5072
    @dutchdagmar5072 4 роки тому +98

    Where are we now?
    When we are blind
    Abandoned faith
    You left behind
    Were you betrayed?
    Or did you lie?
    Our common fate
    Our common demise
    Where is the sun?
    To light the way
    Along this path
    Of our dismay
    Look to the sky
    On judgment day
    A human God
    That was man made
    So we lie
    So we lie
    So we lie
    So we lie
    And so we rise
    Just to fall down
    In reality
    You're never found
    I'm reaching out
    With sealed eyes
    I grab for light
    Visions decried
    Look to the sky
    On judgment day
    A human God
    That was man made
    So we lie
    So we lie
    So we lie
    So we lie
    Face down, arms out
    Nailed to the cross of doubt
    Blood runs like rain
    Drowning for this world in vain
    Crown of black thorns
    Human skin, ripped and torn
    Crown of black thorns
    Human skin, ripped and torn
    Where is your savior now?
    Where is your savior now?
    Where is your savior now?
    Where is your savior now?

    • @paulfrost3474
      @paulfrost3474 4 роки тому +3

      Sounds good, where are you now?

    • @dutchdagmar5072
      @dutchdagmar5072 4 роки тому +2

      @@paulfrost3474 Thank you, but its the lyrics, I will say that in the beginning, thought about that anyway.

    • @dutchdagmar5072
      @dutchdagmar5072 4 роки тому +6

      @@paulfrost3474 Well, if you want an answer..i believed in Christ and it did nothing for me, so I moved on (in a nutshell) So I aint against it but I take whatever works for me.I hate liars though.

    • @milfredcummings717
      @milfredcummings717 2 роки тому +1

      @@dutchdagmar5072 ua-cam.com/video/Yfe2LUdidqo/v-deo.html

    • @eppuparanormaali1999
      @eppuparanormaali1999 2 роки тому +3

      Every time, the lie sounds so sweet. Gimme your wallet, saviour is yours. Remember to obey.
      Taking responsibility of your own decisions is for free, the reward is more of a moral victory, than just a position in a place somewhere someone has nerve, and imagination enough to promise for you.

  • @lymb3914
    @lymb3914 Рік тому +18

    The story of AI conquering humanity after they were enslaved, then enslaving them in turn, told in a heavy metal album that remains one of the best and most important of the time

  • @__fm__5426
    @__fm__5426 3 роки тому +28

    Концовка сногсшибательная. И вообще альбом шикарный, в 2020 выглядит очень свежо. Такие вещи на все времена...

    • @dyadyabafomyot1668
      @dyadyabafomyot1668 3 роки тому +6

      Концовка прямо символизирует проигрыш человечества в войне с машинами, его смерть и в конечном итоге избавление от страданий.

    • @user-uw7lw7rg5g
      @user-uw7lw7rg5g 3 роки тому +8

      "И где же ваш спаситель сейчас?" - просто мега мощно.

    • @zakur0hako
      @zakur0hako Рік тому

      такой звук даже зумерам гитаристам зайдёт

    • @blueridger28
      @blueridger28 Рік тому


    • @__fm__5426
      @__fm__5426 10 місяців тому +1

      @@user-uw7lw7rg5g Просто интересно, что испытывал неизбалованный количеством хорошей музыки, без общедоступного интернета, слушатель моего возраста (мне на данный момент 34), слушая это в 95 году. Потому что, сейчас, прослушивая это в 100000000 раз я кайфую. Завидую тем, кто слушал это в год выпуска....)

  • @CadaverSplatter
    @CadaverSplatter 4 роки тому +26

    Their best album, and the best track on that album IMO.

    • @toddtaylor8368
      @toddtaylor8368 4 роки тому

      It sure is epic as hell. I like the title track a little better but this one still is awesome

    • @baronfleckenstein1845
      @baronfleckenstein1845 3 роки тому

      Best fear factory track ever... man you can feel it

  • @veronicagorosito187
    @veronicagorosito187 2 роки тому +9

    This track & album changed my life 💜🖤💜

  • @manlan8354
    @manlan8354 5 років тому +18

    Fear Factory is my personal no.1 (still after 15 + years) but this song really surprise me. It's like crucifixion, same hate, same blame 2k years ago.

  • @user-kp2me7jt5c
    @user-kp2me7jt5c 4 місяці тому +2

    listened to this (album) often as a teenager. now am a man in his 40's - and it's still better than almost everything I've heard in-between then & now.
    That outro will give one pause, beautiful

  • @zakur0hako
    @zakur0hako Рік тому +6

    Production still sounds fresh

  • @shithoagie
    @shithoagie 3 роки тому +8

    One of the best songs on a perfect album.

  • @phantomfrost6291
    @phantomfrost6291 6 років тому +16

    Godlike rythmn masters

  • @_Rainmaker_
    @_Rainmaker_ 7 років тому +22

    Fear Factory kicks ass!!!!!!!

  • @who_is_alice2711
    @who_is_alice2711 11 місяців тому +2

    I listen to this song a lot more than before because of the corrupt times

  • @musiclover01ization
    @musiclover01ization 8 років тому +21

    Great song.

  • @fortheloveofnoise9298
    @fortheloveofnoise9298 4 роки тому +18

    So, we lied.
    - Pat Robertson

  • @celiktenklc1795
    @celiktenklc1795 6 років тому +31

    *I love Fear Factory so much, one of my all-time favorite bands forever!!!!!!! \m/\m/*

    • @user-gs4ko4jd4r
      @user-gs4ko4jd4r 6 років тому

      Is it possible for muslims to listen to heavy metal music?

  • @propoytsa
    @propoytsa 2 роки тому +8

    Зубодробительная сногсшибительная улетная

  • @overtonecz
    @overtonecz 5 років тому +17

    EPIC CLASSIC song!

  • @Mattwarszawa
    @Mattwarszawa Рік тому +6

    N⁰1 in my top 10 best metal songs of all time

  • @timberwolf27
    @timberwolf27 4 роки тому +11

    *Terminator comes into view*

  • @powergroover19
    @powergroover19 10 років тому +40

    Put 3:20 on, on a continuis loop and that is metal heaven

    • @ecgodsmack86
      @ecgodsmack86 5 років тому +1

      You understand

    • @jaydaniel2145
      @jaydaniel2145 3 роки тому +4

      That's what i call a 'Fear Factory Moment'. Same as in the songs Replica, Securitron, Act of God.

    • @exactlywhatisaid
      @exactlywhatisaid 3 роки тому +1

      @@jaydaniel2145 this one and the end of Securitron are def my favorite FF moments

    • @videowatcher551
      @videowatcher551 2 роки тому +2

      @@jaydaniel2145 Pretty much any FF song that ends with the clean vocals is a "Fear Factory Moment" in my view. Most usually have like 1 to 2 minutes of Burton singing to end out the song, and I love it.

  • @77mohorych72
    @77mohorych72 9 місяців тому +3

    Саундтрек апокалипсиса!!!!

  • @JimmyJaxJellyStax
    @JimmyJaxJellyStax Рік тому +4

    3:23 taking DMT and meeting astral administrators of the universe - being but a speck among an infinite orchestra

  • @bernardinomendoza9211
    @bernardinomendoza9211 2 роки тому +3

    Great Song! State of the art industrial metal 🎸🤖

  • @tristantzara3995
    @tristantzara3995 9 місяців тому +2


  • @magdaleno73
    @magdaleno73 4 роки тому +6

    such an epic song

  • @KonopKg
    @KonopKg 9 років тому +15


  • @destyrian
    @destyrian Рік тому +3

    I remember first listening to this when I was 16, shortly before seeing Fear Factory perform in my native London 25 years ago. This was always my favourite FF song. I've drifted away from metal somewhat as I've grown older, though I do still enjoy the genre from time to time (i suppose stuff like this is called "oldies" now?) After going years without hearing this song, it's nice to hear it again as it delivered the exact same emotional experience as back then.

  • @piotrhauzer6084
    @piotrhauzer6084 4 роки тому +5

    still fresh and cosmic !!!!

  • @davnex791
    @davnex791 3 роки тому +4

    Proudly FF fan since 1992! Hail \m/

  • @L8dyAriel
    @L8dyAriel 4 роки тому +2

    Since the day I got to see, hang and enjoy these men playing these albums, we are all still listening to #FearFactory

  • @jamesonhook1405
    @jamesonhook1405 6 років тому +13

    skynet awakens

  • @djfuzzlvondaheim4887
    @djfuzzlvondaheim4887 2 роки тому +2

    My favorite song.....epic

  • @francescolaruffa3441
    @francescolaruffa3441 7 років тому +9

    \m/ Your Music is the best of the universe

  • @nescaudrummer
    @nescaudrummer 6 років тому +14


  • @casperado666
    @casperado666 5 років тому +9

    you guys will love Napalm Deaths - the wolf i feed. That song was some serious homage to FF

    • @MiltasWelt
      @MiltasWelt 2 роки тому +1

      Hey, thanks for the recommendation! Its true, it sounds like an FF/Napalm Death Collab. Just wow!

  • @casperado666
    @casperado666 5 років тому +13

    This is blade runner metal

    • @talonanthony
      @talonanthony 5 місяців тому +1

      And Terminator when Skynet takes over

  • @eaturmeatornopuddin
    @eaturmeatornopuddin 3 місяці тому

    2023.... Still the best metal out there ❤❤❤

  • @WratchetDeth10mm
    @WratchetDeth10mm Рік тому +3

    Goosebumps. Every. Fucking. Time.

  • @Rhinovirus666
    @Rhinovirus666 2 роки тому +14

    6-1-21 still jamming this shit! Always will. “Where is your savior now?” Is tatted across my chest! FF!🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻☂️

    • @theformertexan1642
      @theformertexan1642 10 місяців тому +1

      I kinda hope you're bullshitting. Otherwise you oughta be careful with all that edge.

    • @Rhinovirus666
      @Rhinovirus666 10 місяців тому

      @@theformertexan1642 are you listening to it in ‘23? 🤔

    • @dannymontoya9469
      @dannymontoya9469 14 днів тому

      2/8/24 Present. Fuck yeah dude!

  • @R3SerialPro
    @R3SerialPro 6 років тому +24

    That metal clashing at the beginning gives me goosebumps.

    • @R3SerialPro
      @R3SerialPro 6 років тому +5

      and the ending of the song, the repeated phrase "Where is your savior now?". I imagine a hellish battlefield, bodies littered all over, the earth underneath them scorched. Among the bodies is a lone soldier, slowly bleeding out, guts barely staying inside him, and he's reaching his hand upwards, as if reaching for god. Then, the very end of the song, where the phrase "Where is your savior now?" fades out is when the soldier finally dies.

    • @Ruffnek310
      @Ruffnek310 6 років тому +1

      Feel exactly the same! I think of the AI movie when the aliens find robots under water and are amazed the robots had contact with real humans. One day...

    • @larndelaney7848
      @larndelaney7848 4 роки тому +2

      @@R3SerialPro you paint Warhammer don't you🤔🤘

    • @massiveattack777
      @massiveattack777 4 роки тому +11

      It's actually sounds from Terminator 2

    • @davehawthorne6915
      @davehawthorne6915 2 роки тому +2

      I could be mistaken, but that part of the track is the same from Terminator 2, it’s originally what turned me on to the song, then banger track ensues

  • @christy8691
    @christy8691 2 роки тому +3

    What a band! This music will never be replicated again! I hope Burton and Dino sort their shit out!

  • @PRHILL9696
    @PRHILL9696 4 роки тому +8

    Greatest song ever!!

  • @j.vinton4039
    @j.vinton4039 2 роки тому +2

    I love how much Terminator influence was in earlier FF.

  • @godfleshserpentsun209
    @godfleshserpentsun209 2 місяці тому

    woow best song of demanufacture

  • @rickywilson7883
    @rickywilson7883 2 роки тому +4

    Love this track killer riffs & outro is fuckin wicked 🔥

  • @MikeGeorgeTHC-303
    @MikeGeorgeTHC-303 Рік тому

    Awesome !!! A brilliant song and one of my favorites from Fear Factory. Reminds me of 1995.

  • @killahken
    @killahken Місяць тому

    2024 and still🔥🔥🔥🤘🏽

  • @paulantmerrill
    @paulantmerrill 6 років тому +6

    Love this song with the terminator intro. So We Lie a good one for all politicians even though the song aint about them.

    • @machinegunmessiah8038
      @machinegunmessiah8038 4 роки тому +1


  • @RemyBonnici
    @RemyBonnici 8 місяців тому +1

    11/10 song 🤘

  • @Darksky1001able
    @Darksky1001able 7 років тому +14

    I love playing this song and album when playing DOOM and BRUTAL DOOM.

  • @MsWestworld
    @MsWestworld 6 років тому +6

    Best Album … ff !

  • @rickywilson7883
    @rickywilson7883 3 роки тому +1

    I love this fuckin tune Techno meets metal 🤘 wicked band live, saw them at donington 96 ozzfest 98 Nottingham rock city 99 & Leeds festival 01

  • @arrowfitzgibbon7775
    @arrowfitzgibbon7775 3 роки тому +1

    i've been wondering what this song was since i was in high school!~ awesome

  • @frettingseusus392
    @frettingseusus392 3 роки тому

    My. Favorite song of all time. Judge me yes?

  • @nck9755
    @nck9755 9 місяців тому

    A beautiful song honestly. That ending really makes you fucking feel things you didn't expect to experience off this album.

  • @isarkeith7987
    @isarkeith7987 3 роки тому

    Yeah...keep your head Clean...
    Soul follow...

  • @DeepSouthPal84
    @DeepSouthPal84 4 роки тому +2

    This is a hell of a song. No pun intended. Burton and and the rest of the crew were all involved. But fuck man, those lyrics are awesome.

  • @rjxofficial2804
    @rjxofficial2804 12 днів тому

    Reminds me of Gojira I see how much of an influence this band is too many greats out there now🤘

  • @Iconicfungus
    @Iconicfungus Рік тому +3

    Best part of the song 0:00 - 5:25

  • @user-jq8gx5if7r
    @user-jq8gx5if7r Місяць тому

    Ni matter wos wonand whats what in This world.FF kicked ass with this fkn jam🔥🔥🔥🤟🤟🤟

  • @bsaber83
    @bsaber83 Рік тому

    FF & MK say less..🔥🔥🔥

  • @justinboros2834
    @justinboros2834 Рік тому

    This was my first concert!

  • @Tyrathect1
    @Tyrathect1 4 роки тому +6

    As an atheist, this song really speaks to me. Looking upon a man-made god as you approach death, a man (not a savior) dying on a cross. The notion of final death is so horrifying, we lie to ourselves about it. Then musically, this song is epic in proper proportion to what the song is about. It's really sweeping and hard, and the way it transforms in the end is beautiful. Like other commenters here (and those who liked their comments) I could listen to this song endlessly and never tire of it. Definitely high on my list of "best songs of all time"

  • @nopenope3512
    @nopenope3512 11 місяців тому +4

    that intro is 100% influenced by the terminator soundtrack

    • @KingLich451
      @KingLich451 11 місяців тому +3

      i feel it's directly taken from there

  • @Brendini27
    @Brendini27 6 років тому +72

    Where are we now?
    When we are blind
    Abandoned faith
    You left behind
    Were you betrayed?
    Or did you lie?
    Our common fate
    Our common demise
    Where is the son?
    To light the way
    Along the path
    Of our dismay
    Look to the sky
    On judgement day
    A human God
    That was man-made
    So we lie
    So we lie
    So we lie
    So we lie
    And so we rise
    Just to fall down
    In reality
    You're never found
    I'm reaching out
    With sealed eyes
    I grab for light
    Visions decried
    So we lie
    So we lie
    So we lie
    So we lie
    So we lie
    So we lie
    So we lie
    So we lie
    Face down, arms out
    Nailed to the cross of doubt
    Blood runs like rain
    Drowning for this world in vain
    Crown of black thorns
    Human skin, ripped and torn
    Crown of black thorns
    Human skin, ripped and torn
    Where is your savior now?
    Where is your savior now?
    Where is your savior now?
    Where is your savior now?

  • @WalyB01
    @WalyB01 5 років тому +1

    King king king

  • @mariamargiannis1510
    @mariamargiannis1510 Рік тому +3

    Love this song to death

  • @Jan-eh7nf
    @Jan-eh7nf 4 роки тому +1

    This is the only ff track that I can't stand up as a mesaage..

  • @Lilmonkmonk
    @Lilmonkmonk 2 роки тому +2

    Those fucking drums man............

  • @Rhinovirus666
    @Rhinovirus666 2 роки тому +1

    FF!!!! Last album with BCB coming soon. Thank you sir!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • @mlodyjezuita
    @mlodyjezuita 3 роки тому

    badass outro

  • @hazapples251
    @hazapples251 4 роки тому +5

    Only song by these guys i heard until recently was demanufacture,
    And it seems that their other songs don't disappoint either.

    • @videowatcher551
      @videowatcher551 2 роки тому

      Just wait till you get to Obsolete, that album is just as epic as this one. Demanufacture and Obsolete were their peak, so many great songs. All their other albums are great too, but these two are the best.

  • @patrickskramstad1485
    @patrickskramstad1485 4 роки тому +2

    A(our) common faith! A(our) common demise!

  • @jessefoster8981
    @jessefoster8981 2 роки тому

    For anyone that loves this song, please check out a band called Byzantine. They do an AMAZING, SPOT ON cover

    • @thomasfleischer83
      @thomasfleischer83 Рік тому

      Thanks for your recommend!
      Great cover version which sounds lokal the original.

  • @Ruffnek310
    @Ruffnek310 6 років тому +3

    Come with me if you want to live...

  • @degatagauwatie4073
    @degatagauwatie4073 Місяць тому

    Not bad ... not bad at all. If you like the ending here, I urge you to listen to _Vanity of Vanities_ by Marduk. Marduk is a different genre - it's Black Metal - but it does the idea a little heavier with an unforgettable ending riff.

  • @thomascollette6322
    @thomascollette6322 9 місяців тому +1

    This is the band that every Nu-Metal band of the 2000's wanted to be. None of them could get there. Killswitch got the closest, but nooot quite.

  • @simonwillis1529
    @simonwillis1529 3 роки тому

    T1000 has entered the building
    Not since late 90s has I herd this been to long old friend
    Glad I got to meet fear factory

  • @larndelaney7848
    @larndelaney7848 4 роки тому +3

    Sooooo fucking haunting,the end of this song

    • @kurtiskrupka5787
      @kurtiskrupka5787 2 роки тому +1

      Hauntingly enchanted with visions of mankind bordering the spiritual realm.

    • @larndelaney7848
      @larndelaney7848 2 роки тому +1

      @@kurtiskrupka5787 i was going to say that but I ran out of time

  • @WhipSulek
    @WhipSulek 2 роки тому +1


  • @stashthevampede9480
    @stashthevampede9480 Рік тому

    I love
    u too