Black Cobra loosing the Battle with Mongoose

  • Опубліковано 25 лют 2023
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  • Barry Gapang
    Barry Gapang День тому +19

    The mongoose is immune to the cobra's venom. The venom has very little or no effect at all on the mongoose.

    • zoSpace
      zoSpace Годину тому

      nothing is immune to cobra's venom

    • Mohd Hilmi
      Mohd Hilmi 5 годин тому

      If it doesnt have any effect, then can u explain to me about how this mongoose died. Before this, i also thought mongoose was immune. But then. As u can see.

  • fredy melendez
    fredy melendez День тому +16

    Good job Mongoose👏👏

  • Mike
    Mike День тому +7

    "Loosing" the battle where's the full video?

  • Suicidality
    Suicidality 4 дні тому +77

    Amazing how such a small creature can easily tear the snake to shreds.

  • Unmil Akash Patra
    Unmil Akash Patra 19 днів тому +219

    Cobra : I'm the most dangerous guy here
    Mongoose : Hold my beer 🍺

    • LUHD
      LUHD День тому


    • Louivic Masong
      Louivic Masong День тому +1

      ​@Rhondell Garcia cobra is the favorite snacks of Mongoose... Venom is nothing...

    • Deano Ramsay
      Deano Ramsay 3 дні тому


    • Rhondell Garcia
      Rhondell Garcia 3 дні тому

      In this case both died tho

    • Pero Perić
      Pero Perić 4 дні тому

      Mongoose : Hold my bugs

  • 카라반매니아
    카라반매니아 День тому +5

    몽구스에게 프로포폴일뿐😂😂😂

  • Wanderer Kenshin75
    Wanderer Kenshin75 2 дні тому +15

    Love Mongooses used have Mongoose BMX back in the day.

  • Rojo corazón
    Rojo corazón 7 днів тому +10

    No sé trata de quién es el mejor .se trata de que debemos valorar a estos y otros animales o serpientes . sí ellos luchan para vivir .

  • Татьяна Иванова
    Татьяна Иванова 3 дні тому +8

    Рики тики тави 😂
    Моя любимая сказка детства.

    • Le Rod
      Le Rod День тому

      I forgot about that book

  • R K
    R K День тому

    Cobras win these battles more often than not.

  • SpaceBat StuckonEarth
    SpaceBat StuckonEarth 2 дні тому

    Mongoose: guess what pal your venom don't matter to me

  • Peter Litchfield
    Peter Litchfield 4 дні тому +6

    Cobra bit himself at the end and seemed to start going limp
    But video cut to soon to know for sure

  • Charles Vossler
    Charles Vossler День тому

    He mighta hit his target once. Looks like the rest landed in the next county

    ALABAMA F.L 5 днів тому +15

    Is this payback from the other video where the cobra put him to sleep with the quickness?

    • Phillip Isogon
      Phillip Isogon 4 дні тому

      Same I also watched it

    • Edward Hill
      Edward Hill 4 дні тому +1

      Dang that's something I also just watched it two videos ago

    • Nitesh kumar
      Nitesh kumar 4 дні тому +1

      Yeah I also watched that video

  • Karthik
    Karthik 4 дні тому +5

    I hope my mangoose really won. Go go my mangoose. Muuuah

  • Thaison Roofing
    Thaison Roofing 20 годин тому +2

    these 2 again!? lol MA! doomsday and superman r at it again.

  • luca angelino
    luca angelino 3 дні тому +1

    Immunity to poison is the best
    mangoose 's weapon against snake

  • vikato zhimomi
    vikato zhimomi 2 дні тому

    The snake not only bites the mongoose but also himself at the end

  • Daryl Lau
    Daryl Lau 19 годин тому

    he had that cobra biting his own tail

  • Sean Hancock
    Sean Hancock 10 годин тому

    Love this

  • Jayson Blanch
    Jayson Blanch 12 годин тому

    Even the cobra bites the mongoose, they can recover from the bite, mongoose always win the battle.

  • Helio Teixeira
    Helio Teixeira 8 днів тому +124

    Mangusto vai entrar em estado de sonolência e quando acordar a cobra vira refeição ele e imune ao veneno.

    • ZOV
      ZOV 20 годин тому

      ​@странник щ ₽₽₽₽₽₽

    • Que RCODE
      Que RCODE День тому

      Pode ser imune ao veneno, mas não as dentadas

    • Diones Silva
      Diones Silva 3 дні тому +1

      ​@Don Dyer É claro que são

    • Mirian Díaz
      Mirian Díaz 3 дні тому +2

      Y come bamba al desayuno, almuerzo y la cena😊

  • Xevier Red
    Xevier Red 4 дні тому +19

    There's got be a better way of putting food on the table. Somebody needs to talk to the Mongoose about the menu available other than snakes.

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson День тому

    Gotcha 😅

  • Mr_Wizard
    Mr_Wizard 2 дні тому

    I know that Mongoose got bit, he has resistance to the cobra venom but he's not immune, he's going to feel that for a few days, most videos show them going for smaller snakes, and getting it right behind the head , those blacks are fast, almost as quick as the Mongoose

  • Alex Castrillo
    Alex Castrillo 13 годин тому

    I wanna see a mongoose VS honey badger 🔥🔥

  • Freddy Angel Ramos Quispe
    Freddy Angel Ramos Quispe 4 дні тому +15

    El roedor solo toma su descanso para luego devorar a la cobra, pero antes de dirmir muerde a la cobra sujetandola para cuando despirrte y lo encuentre ahi donde lo dejo.

  • Farly R A
    Farly R A 3 дні тому +20

    what a great Mongoose ✨🤩

  • Brian
    Brian 15 годин тому

    It's the poor mongoose that lost , they are NOT immune to cobra venom!

  • Bardock215
    Bardock215 8 годин тому

    Actually, the mongoose is losing badly to the cobra.

  • Sergs Abbess
    Sergs Abbess 3 дні тому

    Cobra's Venum sent mongoose to death

  • OA P
    OA P 8 днів тому +11

    It seems both mongoose and cobra are dying according to the video.

    • Abdoulaye Ba
      Abdoulaye Ba День тому

      Exactly. Mongoose received a hit from the cobra on its head.

  • T Welch
    T Welch 6 днів тому +19

    If I lived there I figure out how to have a hundred mongoose around me lol

    • Demetric
      Demetric 3 дні тому

      no u rite no b.s.

    • Derek Hawks
      Derek Hawks 4 дні тому +2

      Get a goose call and start calling geese on Mondays! Now follow that routine on Tues, wed, etc. etc .

    • Tɪtʌɴ〆aฝïเ
      Tɪtʌɴ〆aฝïเ 5 днів тому +1


    • The Kingman
      The Kingman 5 днів тому


  • Rexon Ndhlovu
    Rexon Ndhlovu 6 годин тому

    Brave little fella,

  • franklin young
    franklin young День тому +1

    That snake was in pain big time 😮

  • Boniface Emono
    Boniface Emono 6 днів тому +28

    The mongoose has already been bitten. The snake's venom will kill it. It is not as immune to the venom of the cobra as the badger.

    • НЕ ВАЖНО
      НЕ ВАЖНО 4 дні тому

      а что он до сих пор ел? это не первая его добыча!

    • Jamal Abdul
      Jamal Abdul 4 дні тому

      Educate me guys

    • Jamal Abdul
      Jamal Abdul 4 дні тому

      Then how can mongoose kill a cobra and feed
      If the venom is killing the mongoose

    • Vân Bùi Thị
      Vân Bùi Thị 5 днів тому

      😰😰😰😰😰😰 yes bro

  • 3ren
    3ren 6 днів тому +31

    The best rivals in the wild

    • Daniel Son
      Daniel Son 2 дні тому

      These guys and lions and hyenas. Now those guys hate each other to literally to the bone.

    • Daniel Son
      Daniel Son 2 дні тому

      These guys and lions and hyenas.

  • Dave Shondel
    Dave Shondel 3 дні тому +3

    In Vietnam, for obvious reasons, those of us in the infantry had to maintain light and noise discipline. While we were on patrol at night. Two things that really threw us all off and that was the sound of a mongoose and a cobra going at it and the second thing was these monkeys that would yell fuck you! Over and over! The Vietcong and the NVA were also very good at Copying, those sounds exactly like the animals.

  • SanjeevRanaSanjeev
    SanjeevRanaSanjeev 19 днів тому +6

    Both will loose the battle in this case it seems.

  • Luis
    Luis День тому +5

    Wao eso sí q es ser inmuno a uno de los venenos más letales 👍😉

    • Gaspar Pluma
      Gaspar Pluma 8 годин тому


    • Brian
      Brian 20 годин тому

      Not immune: highly resistant

  • Jany chen
    Jany chen 7 днів тому +20


    • Jonathan Manuel
      Jonathan Manuel 5 днів тому +1

      not really mongoose bitten multiple times but may still recover . if he does and cobra still around its munching time .

    • Yordy Campos
      Yordy Campos 5 днів тому +1


    • Cristian Vallesi
      Cristian Vallesi 5 днів тому +2

      A veces mueren los dos !

    • Сергей Сурин
      Сергей Сурин 6 днів тому +1

      Не может быть умным,записаны биологические программы Жизни животного,так у всех,у кого нет разума.

  • Lucilo Realista
    Lucilo Realista 23 дні тому +37

    I think mongoose survive the fight god bless mongoose

    • Mister E
      Mister E 10 днів тому +1

      Every single animal on earth plays an ecological role. Snakes 🐍 were not created by accident. For instance, snakes help to get rid of annoying frogs 🐸 and toads 🐸 that, through loud screams, refuse to let you fall asleep at nights.

    • Lucilo Realista
      Lucilo Realista 10 днів тому +4

      I hate snakes i want all snakes out of this world

    • Bernard Mbock
      Bernard Mbock 13 днів тому

      What were you looking at. Mongoose rarely survive after getting bitten a few spots or a long bite in one spot is enough to kill mongoose.

    • Mister E
      Mister E 14 днів тому

      Did not

  • Morad Alamzad
    Morad Alamzad 10 днів тому +14

    They usually go for the head ,but seems it didn't matter much.😏

  • Malik Robinson
    Malik Robinson 17 годин тому

    Poor cobra! Just minding its slithery business. Then, all of a suddenly, attacked by a deranged rodent!

  • dbache
    dbache 3 дні тому

    Wouldn't the Mongoose get bitten? Are they immune from the venom?

  • Сережа Иванов
    Сережа Иванов 17 годин тому +1

    В результате наступает мышечный и нервный паралич и укушенное животное погибает от остановки сердца или дыхания. У мангустов же те участки клеток, куда приходят медиаторы, отличаются по своему белковому составу, и молекулы яда не присоединяются. Поэтому укусы змей и не причиняют зверьку особого вреда.

  • ufc 300
    ufc 300 5 днів тому +1

    когда мангус хочет кайфануть он идет к кобре😂😂😂

  • Steve L
    Steve L 10 годин тому

    The Mongoose can die from the venom. Hey should have caught the snake behind the head. The snake definitely tagged him so who knows what happened

  • jakiya khan
    jakiya khan 22 години тому +1

    feel sad for that beautifull quite creature but yeah it's a life cycle 😔

    MINGO PERES 5 днів тому +1

    La mangosta es inmune a veneno de la serpiente...queda adormilada y luego despierta acabando con la serpiente

  • M JK
    M JK 2 дні тому +5

    Amazing the Balance of Life when GOD ALMIGHTY created these magnificent animals!

  • Amadeu Cosi Junior
    Amadeu Cosi Junior 3 дні тому

    Não adianta resistir e pode se morder porque tu vai virar um lanchinho.😂😂

  • Danny Dionne
    Danny Dionne День тому

    Cobra loses every time mongoose is amended to its venom has no affect on mongoose

  • Nemesis Prime
    Nemesis Prime 11 годин тому

    I know that mongooses kills snakes that they can handle but it looks to like the snake got some strikes in so the mongoose might die too.

  • Panchosvillos
    Panchosvillos 2 дні тому +8

    Who'd have thought cold blooded creatures feel pain.

  • Аркадий
    Аркадий 11 днів тому +9

    Мангуст погибая убил кобру. Какой сильный и храбрый зверёк.

    • Мика
      Мика 7 днів тому

      Он выживет

  • Sergs Abbess
    Sergs Abbess 3 дні тому

    Smarter Mongoose don't allow Cobra to hit with it's venum

  • Tiaocarvalho
    Tiaocarvalho 5 днів тому

    A natureza é perfeita 😀

  • ShellingOut
    ShellingOut 18 годин тому

    Mongoose still got bitten and would have felt it, closer to the head next time

  • Milk-choco💯
    Milk-choco💯 День тому

    Mongoose never go back🤣👍

  • Łîł Wïž Řåj
    Łîł Wïž Řåj 4 дні тому

    did anyone see how the Cobra accidentally bite himself

  • Norizman Mohd Sa'aid
    Norizman Mohd Sa'aid 3 дні тому

    Nope. Mongoose also dead, he took multiple bite from that cobra. Good job cobra.

  • Jairo Agudelo
    Jairo Agudelo 2 дні тому

    Cobra is a disadvantage.. the mongoose is bullet proof

  • Jungle King
    Jungle King 4 дні тому

    Like to see the whole battle

  • Daniel Son
    Daniel Son 2 дні тому +4

    Can you imagine hating an opponent so much that you would die to make sure the other guy is dead also. This is the mind set of a mongoose. That's why Cobra's avoid them as much as they can.

    • Daniel Son
      Daniel Son 2 дні тому

      @Frank King are you sure about that. I know they are immune to a curtain level. But a level doesn't mean totally.

    • Frank King
      Frank King 2 дні тому

      The mongoose is pretty immune to the cobras venum. It will pass out from the venum, but recover to eat the snack.

    • Dave Walker
      Dave Walker 2 дні тому

      Doesn't kill the mongoose

    • Shane Wright
      Shane Wright 2 дні тому

      ​@Dmitry Podolsky wow didn't know this

    • Dmitry Podolsky
      Dmitry Podolsky 2 дні тому +1

      Он не умер, поспит и оклемается!

  • Viktor 371
    Viktor 371 3 дні тому

    Настоящий воин. 👍👍👍

  • Nard Castro
    Nard Castro 7 днів тому +21

    Mongoose: just concentrate in figth and never double of what you want to do.

  • Keion Chase
    Keion Chase День тому

    Seen the whole video...Cobra wins ... doesn't eat comatose mongoose ⁉️

  • Diego Cantor
    Diego Cantor 14 годин тому

    He’s taking a break before eat cobras head 😅

  • Francisco marte, get up and go.

    After the cobra bit it he isn't moving much.

  • Katia
    Katia 5 днів тому

    Poor mongoose!😔

  • David Pa
    David Pa 3 дні тому

    Mongoose is a small creature that is immune to all snake poison, snake can never kill that , the most were just to make them sleep awhile!

  • Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh 5 днів тому

    Waheguru ji

  • Anthony Kynes
    Anthony Kynes 12 годин тому

    Who the hell is thinking... Damn poor king Cobra??? LoL

  • scotia grizz
    scotia grizz 2 дні тому +1

    Looks like they both lost

  • Gianluca Bucci
    Gianluca Bucci 2 дні тому

    Questa volta e' la mangusta ad aver avuto la peggio nella battaglia, contro il cobra reale!

  • Lilia Porcidonio
    Lilia Porcidonio 14 днів тому +6

    Ele é imune ao veneno da cobra

  • Philip E
    Philip E 3 дні тому

    The mongoose looks like it’s dying

  • OjingNana
    OjingNana 19 годин тому

    Mongoose ❤💪❤️

  • Rinat Ahmerow
    Rinat Ahmerow 4 дні тому

    Это называется съест добычу, и поймать кайф 😂

  • Carmen Rivera
    Carmen Rivera 13 годин тому


  • Harry Dela Rosa
    Harry Dela Rosa 4 дні тому +5

    Looks like they both lost!

  • Рооуу Прлнр
    Рооуу Прлнр 15 днів тому +25

    Салют Мангуста!!!ненавижу гадов

  • Айрат Кутушев
    Айрат Кутушев 20 днів тому +76

    Он не умрёт через некоторое время очухается

  • AH
    AH 4 дні тому

    Who’s win?

  • John dela cruz
    John dela cruz 6 днів тому

    cobra bites his own body in confusion..

  • حسن العلي
    حسن العلي 5 днів тому

    I'm so sorry for the mongose

  • faith varney
    faith varney День тому

    .he didn't lose the fight with the mongoose. I saw the whole video, and the Cobra bit him and the venom took affect. So sad

  • Леонид Баринов
    Леонид Баринов 52 хвилини тому

    поспит и поест потом)

  • Doug Obujen
    Doug Obujen 3 дні тому +11

    According to the molecular biologist - Sara Fuchs - the Mongoose's acetylcholine receptor is slightly mutated (much like the snake's itself), making it resistant to venom. A number of bites though, might turn the tables. But, the Mongoose's speed, and, agility, and, it's thick fur coat (making for a difficult strike), gives the advantage to the Mongoose (with a 75 to 80% kill record).

  • Annalyn Samonte
    Annalyn Samonte 23 години тому


  • Ari Ari
    Ari Ari 2 дні тому +1

    Pertarungan hebat

  • Jun Dayalo
    Jun Dayalo 6 днів тому

    Weasel not a mongoose.

  •  It is interesting
    It is interesting 5 днів тому

    Кобра: снова эти читеры!

  • Magatism
    Magatism 4 дні тому +4

    Mongoose probably was killed. There's a similar longer video, where it did not go down well for the mongoose.

    • Magatism
      Magatism 3 дні тому

      @Freeman 4498 For one mongoose are very agile, most have perfected snake hunting style and are rarely bitten, plus they go for the head , snakes only weapon. Alo eating snakes produces tolerance to commonly available poisons as they are eaten and not injected. But if it's bit by a different poison snake it would die. If a rattlesnake area mongoose was bitten by an autralian taipan, it will surely die. Mongoose are even hunted by Constrictors like pythons. But allthis is in very few cases, more often than not mongoose choses the right snake to engage and win's 99% of times.

    • Freeman 4498
      Freeman 4498 3 дні тому +1

      Is mongoose really immune to snake bites ? Always saw such videos whereby mongoose win ..

  • Israel Lopez
    Israel Lopez 3 дні тому

    I see both losing the battle.

  • Bijju Vai
    Bijju Vai 4 дні тому


  • Israel Judah
    Israel Judah 3 дні тому

    It looks like the mongoose lost to me it looks like the Snake won

  • Brownie bad cat
    Brownie bad cat 2 дні тому

    I don't think it did lol

  • irakli chkuaseli
    irakli chkuaseli 4 дні тому

    ვინც კლაცს გველს ყველა მიყვარს❤❤❤❤❤