Modern History of Europe Pt.1 - Countryballs

  • Опубліковано 21 жов 2022
  • Part 2 (by @MattBroAnimations : • Modern History of... )
    3 and a half months in the making, and its finally done! As you can see, within this 3 months I have improved alot, and as you may notice, some of the earlier scenes looks like shite compared to the later ones.
    - Because drawing a piece of art is so time consuming, I had to exclude most of the 1848 revolutions 💀
    Corrections / extra info: (thanks to the comments that pointed it out!)
    -Russia burnt Moscow, its capital is St.Petersburg, not Moscow.
    -The lost of Napoleon was not directly caused by "General Winter". in fact, Russia's weather wasn't even at its coldest when Napoleon and his troops left Russia. The deaths are mainly caused by disrupted supply lines, Russian assaults, the lack of forages(food), and diseases.
    -Prussia wanted to unite all German states, not all German speaking countries. Unifying all the German states was called the "Little Germany solution," while unifying the German speaking areas was the "Greater Germany solution." Prussia didn't go with the Greater solution, because that meant annexing Austria, Czechia, and Slovenia, which will tip Europe's balance of power, and thus turn other European countries against Prussia.
    - I forgor the Crimea war 💀
    Music used (in order + timestamps):
    (/0:00 - 0:04) Fife and Drum : https :// • Yankee Doodle (Fi...
    (/0:13 - 0:54,3:51 - 3:55)Onion Song : • [Eng CC] Song of ...
    (/0:54 - 0:58) Rule Britannia! : • British Patriotic...
    (/1:02 - 1:40) La Victoire est à Nous : • La Victoire est à...
    (/1:47 - 2:14,2:54 - 3:09)Waterloo OST - A Field of Death : • Waterloo Original...
    (/2:16 - 2:50,3:10 - 3:30)Waterloo OST - Waterloo Waltz : • Waterloo Original...
    (/3:47 - 3:50,4:28 - 4:50)Shogun 2 - A New Enemy : • A New Enemy - Sho...
    (/3:55 - 4:17) Midieval 2 - Going Home : • Medieval 2 : Tota...
    (/5:04 - 5:17) Shogun 2 - Yoisa : • Yoisa
    (/5:21 - 5:42) Midieval 2 - Tally-ho : • Medieval II Total...
    Time spent: 264 hrs 17 min
    (just on animations. doesnt include researching & editing time)
    App: Krita, Final cut
    This video includes the history of the napoleonic wars, revolutions, Italian unification, and German unification.


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