Slipknot's NEW Song "Yen" is VAMPIRE-CORE? (REACTION)

  • Опубліковано 5 сер 2022
  • @Slipknot dropped a banger that seems like it is inspired by Type O Negative mashed with Satan's minions screaming!
    Slipknot's NEW Song "Yen" is VAMPIRE-CORE? (REACTION)
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  • blacktytrix

    This definitely my favorite of the 3 we've gotten from this album so far. So creepy and eerie yet so beautiful at times. And I just love how much they are taking from their other albums. They are repurposing everything they've ever done and making it new again and it's working perfectly.

  • Throw To The Wolves

    Sid and Jay Killed it on their solo.

  • Andon
    Andon  +81

    Here's my theory:

  • Lillerilallerit :D

    This song reminded me of the gray chapter a bit. I think dj part was sick and it's cool to have little of a tamer song🤘🏻

  • Wigberto santana jr

    The song is freaking amazing!! Like I don’t know what to expect from this album but all I know is that I’m gonna be mesmerized by it & it’s gonna get me to headbang alone in my room, neck is gonna hurt!!

  • Sean The Bus

    Cannot wait for the new album, I love the way that they are going musically, how many bands can hold your interest for 20 years and still sound interesting!

  • Spencer Hoff

    When I first heard this song yesterday I was like cool, a ballad. Then it progressed, or escalated ig. Love it. Honestly they've really developed over these last few years. I think they've found their balance - musical, expressive and aggressive. The part after Sid's solo is def giving Doom vibes haha can't wait for the full album.

  • Mert Sami Gündoğdu

    I have vibes from Vermillion + Gehenna + Killpop, such great production, eagerly waiting the release

  • Adam Gouveia

    This is exactly why I love Slipknot. They aren’t one-trick ponies. And you could see it blossoming even on ST and Iowa. So many different styles and varieties of sounds and vocals but still have that Slipknot oomph, they’re amazing. A lot of people try to place them in a specific genre of music, they’re their own genre lol

  • Bry Far
    Bry Far  +54

    I think, I could be wrong, this song is about money. Hence the Yen title.

  • Тимофей Елисеев

    This song is my favourite Slipknot's song right now. Drums,dj and clean vocals are mvp in this track. I've got shivers three times while listening. Second day yen is on repeat 🤘😎

  • jt conley
    jt conley  +47

    I've only listened to this a couple times, although this is growing on me so far I'm liking The Dying Song better - I think you're dead on we're gonna be in for some real surprises when the entire album drops. Keep doing your thing man, we love you!

  • EJPalmerRPH

    There is no band that makes me more happy when new music drops. No other band can do this. I love the evolution as you said with the mix of all the different sounds. Simply amazing!!

  • Kristine Renna

    I am a HUGE TON fan and also of Slipknot. I can definitely hear shades of "Love you to Death" in this song. I could actually imagine TON doing this with Pete Steele's awesome vocals.

  • David Riddick

    This song is so beautiful and haunting and then it slaps your gooch hard and the takes you for the ride 🤘🏻🤘🏻🔥🔥 I really can’t wait for the album too

  • Dave S
    Dave S  +12


  • Daniel Lenning

    Form the last song and this song I’m getting volume 3 vibes but heavier and more darker than volume 3. Can’t wait for the new album to come out

  • Ben Dover

    I've listened to every slipknot song, this is my fave so far. Corey Taylor kills it with those lyrics and his voice is so mesmerising

  • Matt V
    Matt V  +9

    It's so great to see them changing it up! The vibe this song gives off reminds me of Killpop.

  • stacy holland
    stacy holland 14 днів тому

    This song is freaking epic. There is a tone of differant styles. Blended in song.