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Visit Finland - What to Know Before You Visit Finland

  • Опубліковано 2 бер 2024
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    Thinking of Visiting Finland (Suomi), But Not Sure What to Expect? Here we talk about the language, money, travel destinations, safety, food and so much more of Finland. So, whether you are visiting on a European cruise into Helsinki or at a conference in Turku or just enjoying the beautiful lakes and nature around Tampere this video will help you know what you should know before you visit Finland.
    Filmed in Helsinki, Finland
    Copyright Mark Wolters 2018
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  • @tapanilofving4741
    @tapanilofving4741 5 років тому +582

    You can drink tap water anywhere in Finland, it is considered cleaner than bottled water :)

    • @XtreeM_FaiL
      @XtreeM_FaiL 5 років тому +39

      Tapani Löfving Be carefull in Nokia.

    • @asomim1208
      @asomim1208 5 років тому

      XtreeM FaiL wut

    • @XtreeM_FaiL
      @XtreeM_FaiL 5 років тому +3

      marko laakso fi.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokian_vesikriisi

    • @thesuomi8550
      @thesuomi8550 5 років тому +1

      Tapani Löfving no ei nyt ehkä ihan

    • @nikoozen6049
      @nikoozen6049 4 роки тому

      En ees tienny tota :/

  • @laurenkostich7792
    @laurenkostich7792 5 років тому +324

    I spent a month in Oulu. It was amazing for an introverted American. I loved going out in public because no one talked to me. 😂
    The beaches are great, too!

    • @NakedMkone
      @NakedMkone 5 років тому +1

      59 Wilhite St. Monticello, KY 42633 where did u live in Oulu? I lived there for 20 years.

    • @vrecta
      @vrecta 5 років тому +9

      Omg I'm from Finland and I live in Oulu :D

    • @laurenkostich7792
      @laurenkostich7792 5 років тому +2

      Mkone667 I stayed in Valivainio.

    • @vrecta
      @vrecta 5 років тому +1

      59 Wilhite St. Monticello, KY 42633 oh that's cool, my sister lives there :D

    • @thesuomi8550
      @thesuomi8550 5 років тому +1

      59 Wilhite St. Monticello, KY 42633 Välivainio* also Nallikari is gr8

  • @Omgcarlinios
    @Omgcarlinios 4 роки тому +142

    Finnish people: see's video
    Happy mood*

    • @caolkyle
      @caolkyle 2 роки тому +1

      My finnish fiancé is drifting to sleep and hears at the start of the video ‘things to know about Finland’ and she gave the approval grunt lol

  • @oh2mp
    @oh2mp 5 років тому +232

    I like your videos! I am Finnish and live in Helsinki metropolitan area. Recently I have been watching quite many travel videos about Finland because for some reason UA-cam recommends them to me. It's very interesting to see our home country from a different point of view. A little hint to your watchers who plan travelling to Finland: A lunch in Helsinki can be a lot cheaper if you get just outside from the "tourist blocks". The same is in Tallinn, Estonia.

    • @woltersworld
      @woltersworld  5 років тому +27

      So true! Great comment on saving some money. Kiitos!

    • @ArnieandJo
      @ArnieandJo 5 років тому +5

      Thanks for that little tip.

    • @MarcoCortex
      @MarcoCortex 5 років тому +1

      oh2mmy hahaha. Best ironic comment

    • @paulkocabay1
      @paulkocabay1 4 роки тому +1

      I am planning a trip to Helsinki this year, what places/ areas would you recommend for lunch and dinner for good salmon etc. when you say outside of tourist blocks? Thanks in advance.

    • @bobthebuilder2922
      @bobthebuilder2922 4 роки тому

      Hesa o perseest

  • @j0klu
    @j0klu 5 років тому +169

    Good to know even tho i am finnish and have no idea why i am watching this

    • @woltersworld
      @woltersworld  5 років тому +27

      Well kiitos anyway :)

    • @ukkomies100
      @ukkomies100 5 років тому +27

      paavo jokelainen finns often need outside validation. That is why i am here. And i want to see our culture from a new perspective. You can never do that while finnish😂

    • @Fismies
      @Fismies 4 роки тому +1


    • @aurasalomaa1894
      @aurasalomaa1894 3 роки тому

      @@Fismies jep

    • @pyryvanska
      @pyryvanska 2 роки тому


  • @tobyghose30
    @tobyghose30 5 років тому +55

    Fell in love with Finland since our first visit in 2011, have been here thrice since. Beautiful country, lovely people, the reindeers were awesome (both on the highways and on the plates). Hope to visit again soon

  • @teemukivimaki3806
    @teemukivimaki3806 5 років тому +47

    So amazing to see what Americans and others like about Finland, greetings from Pori Finland👀

  • @TravelwithTommy
    @TravelwithTommy 5 років тому +182

    Wow Helsinki is gorgeous. Never been in Finland. Will put this on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing your video Walters.

    • @ruuvivaras6305
      @ruuvivaras6305 5 років тому +5

      You should definitely go to the finnish countryside

    • @j0lel666
      @j0lel666 5 років тому +4

      You should go watch some finnish baseball

    • @Speed_7545
      @Speed_7545 5 років тому +4

      J0lel hyi saatana

    • @toqe
      @toqe 5 років тому +5


    • @j0lel666
      @j0lel666 5 років тому +6

      toqe it's 200times better than baseball. It is not boring like that murican game

  • @rachelandnick
    @rachelandnick 5 років тому +118

    Finland sounds awesome!!😍

    • @lay-zbluemoon5140
      @lay-zbluemoon5140 5 років тому

      Because its awesome!

    • @ageravena
      @ageravena 5 років тому +2

      It is

    • @Sp0rde
      @Sp0rde 4 роки тому

      It is but living in here is a little expensive

    • @thatonedude7928
      @thatonedude7928 4 роки тому

      I love there buy I want to live in america

    • @nohuh5055
      @nohuh5055 3 роки тому

      Don't get too excited about coming here

  • @joojoojeejee6058
    @joojoojeejee6058 5 років тому +26

    Pro tip: Hi/Hey = Hei (pronounced pretty much exactly like "hey" in English). "Hei hei" = goodbye. "Moi" is a synonym to "hei".

  • @OnTheGoWithCarson
    @OnTheGoWithCarson 5 років тому +69

    I need to get to Finland. I want to go once in winter and once in summer, at least :)

    • @ruuvivaras6305
      @ruuvivaras6305 5 років тому +3

      You should see the big cities and the countryside. They are so different but yet somehow the same.

    • @thesuomi8550
      @thesuomi8550 5 років тому +8

      fataali hiljaa, tulee meille verokyhnyjä

    • @StPaul76
      @StPaul76 5 років тому

      Ei mitään verokyhnyä vaan rehellistä amerikkalaista elintasoflätää.. :D

    • @Lerssinen
      @Lerssinen 5 років тому +2

      Dont go overpriced capital area at all ! ! ! Avoid also Lapland tourist areas and travel to some smaller places.. In Lapland i suggest Enontekiö or Kolari as places to visit..

    • @teoblomqvist6268
      @teoblomqvist6268 5 років тому +2

      Lerssinen Go to Helsinki and the countryside or Lapland

  • @GarhuOP
    @GarhuOP 5 років тому +6

    I am from Tampere, Finland and love to watch travel videos of Finland to see our country on different light really good videos!

  • @joshuag.a287
    @joshuag.a287 5 років тому +109

    He's wearing the flag

  • @ArnieandJo
    @ArnieandJo 5 років тому +25

    Mark, your timing on these last two videos has been impeccable. We are counting down the days.

    • @woltersworld
      @woltersworld  5 років тому +3

      i'm jealous!!!

    • @ArnieandJo
      @ArnieandJo 5 років тому +1

      You're jealous!!??!! I do not get that, my friend? I wish we traveled as much as you!

    • @anni584
      @anni584 5 років тому

      Something similar here, my mum is up there for work

  • @libertyalert5567
    @libertyalert5567 5 років тому +25

    I am loving these Finland videos!

  • @AmyMoncure
    @AmyMoncure 5 років тому +17

    Thank you for the Finnish phrases!

    • @woltersworld
      @woltersworld  5 років тому

      we have a few basic videos on finnish for tourists too

  • @jessie0311
    @jessie0311 4 роки тому +13

    My dream is to live in Finland 😍😍😍 I'm in love with this wonderful country ❤️

    • @aahpuuh
      @aahpuuh 3 роки тому +1

      and finland loves you, llama

    • @jessie0311
      @jessie0311 3 роки тому +1

      @@aahpuuh so sweet ❤️ i visited Helsinki for 1 week after Christmas 😁

    • @aahpuuh
      @aahpuuh 3 роки тому +1

      @@jessie0311 ooh how was it? not that much snow?😞

    • @jessie0311
      @jessie0311 3 роки тому

      @@aahpuuh yes :( the weather was really good

    • @hjn14
      @hjn14 3 роки тому +1

      I live in Finland! It's a wonderful place, you should check it out!

  • @eddyrongen3513
    @eddyrongen3513 5 років тому +6

    You vlogs are always so pure, non-amercan style: Go ahead!

  • @emppu9850
    @emppu9850 5 років тому +2

    Everyone saying they want to go to Finland: You won't regret it! I am a Fin myself, and it is absolutely beautiful! 🌺

  • @timmmahhhh
    @timmmahhhh 5 років тому +6

    Architect here, Turku is known for its Seven Churches Tour, really neat old little Churches throughout town. I have a page in the sketchbook with all seven. At one a parishioner sang for us, operatic style. And the Saarinens, Alvar Aalto, and many other Finnish architects totally rock.

    • @jocelynwolters293
      @jocelynwolters293 5 років тому +1

      timmmahhhh I love Aalto. I minored in architectural history and very much agree the Finns put out some great architecture.

  • @jonsku1400
    @jonsku1400 5 років тому +3

    It is insanely cool to see what foreigners think of Finland! Awesome video!

  • @tinamvin5359
    @tinamvin5359 5 років тому +5

    I love this video series on “What to Know Before Visiting...”! So interesting and helpful😊

    • @woltersworld
      @woltersworld  5 років тому +1

      thank you Tina. We were getting a lot of questions about different countries, so we started these "know before" videos to give more logistical travel help as opposed to the fun shocks and don't videos :)

  • @sauce4417
    @sauce4417 5 років тому +76

    The cathedral reminds me of a certain music video!

    • @woltersworld
      @woltersworld  5 років тому +6

      which one?

    • @kriskantu
      @kriskantu 5 років тому +7

      Allahu Akbar I would think the cathedral reminds you of infidels.

    • @mikrokupu
      @mikrokupu 5 років тому +20

      Wolters World: Sandstrom from Darude, has become kind of alternative national anthem :)

    • @sauce4417
      @sauce4417 5 років тому +7

      Wolters World Darude - Sandstorm

    • @e-gill5006
      @e-gill5006 5 років тому +10

      Someone start a petition to change Finland's national anthem to Darude - Sandstorm

  • @briangarrow448
    @briangarrow448 5 років тому +1

    Finland is on my bucket list. Been to other northern European countries and always had a wonderful time. Love the Finnish people.

  • @ToastedCigar
    @ToastedCigar 5 років тому +3

    I like how you appreciate Turku so much :D I used to live there for a year or so, and loved every bit of it. Such a beautiful city, especially during summer and early autumn. In many ways I preferred to live in Turku more than in my current hometown Helsinki, for example when eating out you are more guaranteed to get your money's worth there than in Helsinki.

  • @adamengstrom5349
    @adamengstrom5349 5 років тому +4

    thanks mark! i plan to travel to every country in the world and your videos are a great guide. keep up the good work my man. :)

  • @Psychphuq
    @Psychphuq 5 років тому +3

    Some of the local berries / fruits are amazing as well...
    Cloudberry & Sea Buckthorn are delicious as sauce on icecream or as a jam on some good bread...
    Your kids are sooooo adorable at the end...!

    • @aahpuuh
      @aahpuuh 3 роки тому +1

      ohh boy have u ever had dried cranberries?

  • @jocelynwolters293
    @jocelynwolters293 5 років тому +28

    The Hesburger Dance! 💛😂😂😂💛

  • @turboalex124
    @turboalex124 5 років тому +3

    The new trains are so quiet, I love them.

  • @zebra3stripes
    @zebra3stripes 5 років тому +4

    Helsinki can be expensive for an American, but it's not too bad. One easy way to eat well and cut down on food expenses is to go to nice restaurants for lunch and eat your main meal of the day then. A lot of restaurants have a lunch special, with a limited menu of four or five choices, for nine or ten Euros, which usually includes a salad bar and coffee or tea. So I would postpone my usual morning coffee and have it at the restaurant after lunch. Then for dinner, there are plenty of all-night burger and sausage stands. Or I like going to grocery stores and sampling the weird dairy products for dinner. Great city!

  • @kriskantu
    @kriskantu 5 років тому +1

    Thank you for all these informative videos, Mark. I first came across the Prague love and hates you did just before my travels. They were spot on.
    I always look if you have videos for places I visit beforehand to help out.

    • @woltersworld
      @woltersworld  5 років тому

      That is cool to hear Kris. I am glad we can give you some good tips. Great travels to you!

  • @reggieandherman4251
    @reggieandherman4251 5 років тому +11

    Your son has those moves down😉
    We're on Baltic cruise 2019...this is great info!!!

    • @woltersworld
      @woltersworld  5 років тому +4

      cool! we will have more baltic country videos coming :)

  • @vrecta
    @vrecta 5 років тому +1

    Okay, I'm from Finland, and I have to say, that these videos are just amazing!!!

  • @lauriperamaki5354
    @lauriperamaki5354 Рік тому

    Thank you for this video. When I have been traveliing US people have always beem so friendly. And I also live in Turku

  • @JerryTheReporter
    @JerryTheReporter 3 роки тому +1

    Early spring is my favorite time to visit

  • @overcooked4189
    @overcooked4189 2 роки тому

    thank you for your sharing. we are planning to go to finland next month. we are so excited to visit such a great country. your information is so important for us. thamks again.

  • @acraia7256
    @acraia7256 5 років тому +2

    I recommend having a picnic in Suomenlinna (finnish castle), just a short ferry ride from the centre, it's so beautiful in the summer especially during sundown. Also renting a cabin by a lake or visiting someone's cabin is a must during the summer, pretty much the best thing in the whole country!

    • @rapas5104
      @rapas5104 2 роки тому

      Yes, i too suggest going to Viapori(Suomenlinna), its a beatyful place.

  • @Foxforce_6
    @Foxforce_6 3 роки тому +3

    I’m actually moving there soon I’m from Texas hopefully i like it

  • @seetaami5810
    @seetaami5810 Рік тому

    Great video with a lot of practical tips and information. Keep up the good work!

  • @gjmarc
    @gjmarc Рік тому

    nice video, glad you mentioned koskinkorva and noticed your glass had Lapin Kulta (my favourite beer).

  • @samantha1054
    @samantha1054 5 років тому

    Thank you for this. My family and I will always be grateful for the "getting to know you" aspects of your videos. Not sure about the reindeer (smile). My Wife and I are so thankful you are a family man. That in its self-makes you family. Thankyou

  • @ebruabby6863
    @ebruabby6863 2 роки тому +2

    Awesome video! I'll be moving to Helsinki this week, so excited! - and more relaxed after seeing your video, kiitos !! :)

    • @masterticcu35
      @masterticcu35 2 роки тому

      How has it been?

    • @ebruabby6863
      @ebruabby6863 2 роки тому

      Summertime is awesome. Winter seems challanging tho.

  • @Moustache_D_Luffy
    @Moustache_D_Luffy 4 роки тому

    Very helpful video. Thanks for the tips! 👍🏻

  • @stunningandbrave7475
    @stunningandbrave7475 5 років тому

    Great stuff Mark! Seeing the northern lights is on my bucket list for sure.

  • @ernestkovach3305
    @ernestkovach3305 5 років тому

    Thank you, very informative & helpful.

  • @cletus223
    @cletus223 5 років тому +23

    When I was in Denmark, a local told me that Finland had a lot Russian influence (especially with architecture) but I haven't seen that on any of the travel videos for Finland so far.

    • @woltersworld
      @woltersworld  5 років тому +20

      i've heard that from other travel books too, but aside from a few buildings and churches i don't see a lot of influence

    • @mikrokupu
      @mikrokupu 5 років тому +14

      The 19th century architecture in Finland has Russian influence but hard to point any other significant Russian influence beside that. The Swedish influence is clear, Finland was a part of Sweden for 600+ years. Generally speaking Finnish genome has more eastern influence than in other Nordic countries, perhaps the Dane met some 'Russian' faces in Finland :)

    • @herrakaarme
      @herrakaarme 5 років тому +4

      mikrokupu It's not really Russian architectural influence per se, unless you mean the Orthodox churches. The 19th Century Russia imported a whole lot of continental European architectural ideas. The Helsinki monumental centre is by Engel, a German, for example, hired by the Empire to make Helsinki respectable looking. If some building styles look similar in Finland and Russia (apart from the Orhodox churches, again), it's largely due to the fact Russia imported those style, maybe with adaptations, and since Finland was a part of Russia back then in the 19th Century, they also got here, instead of some other styles. Europe has always been quite international indeed.

    • @herrakaarme
      @herrakaarme 5 років тому +3

      Satunnainen Katselija I wouldn't go that far. Without Russia there ought to be more buildings looking like those in Sweden. Russia adopted certain styles from the larger European selection of styles. Sweden had its own choices. Since Finland was a part of Russia for that century, it was the Russian choices that affected the big public buildings built back then. Although naturally the Finnish society always remained more Swedish (or Nordic as we'd say today) than Russian, so it had its own impact as well.
      Helsinki was already founded centuries ago to compete with Tallinn, so it wouldn't have remained a small village. Maybe Turku would be as big as Helsinki is now and Helsinki would be like Turku today. Who can say. Though without our independence Finland would likely be less developed all in all and Stockholm even bigger.

    • @Xerdoz
      @Xerdoz 5 років тому +2

      Yes there is communist influence all right. Hundreds of beautiful old buildings (which weren't destroyed during the wars) were replaced with hideous communist conrete blocks in the 60s and 70s.

  • @anglicky69
    @anglicky69 5 років тому +2

    he's not joking about the clean air. it was very very noticeable immediately upon getting off the plane. striking, actually

    • @Lischu
      @Lischu 5 років тому +1

      The cleanest air in the world according to WHO.

  • @eliasanas6977
    @eliasanas6977 5 років тому +2

    Thank you for the effort you used to make this video!

  • @myopinions1
    @myopinions1 5 років тому +9

    I loved Helsinki. Going back this summer g-d willing.

    • @woltersworld
      @woltersworld  5 років тому +3

      amen :)

    • @vede6193
      @vede6193 5 років тому


    • @virvisquevir3320
      @virvisquevir3320 4 роки тому

      NORTHWOODSPREPPER1 - Yes, you're right, for everyone else, but not for those still stuck in stone age superstitions. They haven't been liberated yet. Oh, well...

  • @Hanneled
    @Hanneled 5 років тому +2

    Best time to go to Finland is first 2 weeks of September - no mosquitos and weather is still pretty good!

  • @FORRESTtheunoriginal
    @FORRESTtheunoriginal 5 років тому

    Quick tip for anyone looking for something to do while in finland other than the basic tourist stuff.
    Rent a car, and just drive about the central Finland, maybe around the Saimaa.
    You can find some quaint little local museums that way if thats your thing, or you can just wander around the little towns and what not.

  • @lpgrunt
    @lpgrunt 5 років тому +1

    Always enjoy your videos!

  • @sampza77
    @sampza77 5 років тому +21

    As a native finlandese :) Yeah, you got most of the stuff right. But on summertime you don't want to spend your time on capital(s). Everyone has a summer house (mökki). Go there, enjoy the nature and enjoy being away from people, That's the finnish experience. Just be away from other people and take the silence in. And suddenly you're half finnish already :)

  • @aroundthegoodworld
    @aroundthegoodworld 5 років тому +17

    Another excellent video! You're such a great inspiration for my channel. Keep it up :)

  • @moonchant
    @moonchant 5 років тому +1

    I have just recently discovered your channel. I like your content very much, very informative!
    When travelling to Finland what I would recommend; in the summertime don't go too north because of the mosquitoes and other insects. So don't go to lapland in summer, it won't be too warm either.
    In the winter you should definetly go to lapland and other more northenr parts, the winter is beautiful and has no flaws ;)
    For less expensive trip ask locals good and cheap places to eat and sleep. In biggest cities you should rely on public transportation, it's way cheaper than taxi. Also we have good railway connections fron town to town, don't be afraid to use them!
    When it comes to people, we don't smalltalk too much, but if you wan't to know something just ask us! Most of the people will understand English and are willing to help or even guide more deeply if we have some free time.
    So, what you wan't to see and experience to feel the Finland is the stereotypical landscape by the lake, going to sauna and connecting with nice people. If you dare try as many draditional dishes as you can, you might find your alltime favourite.

  • @claire_stapley
    @claire_stapley 5 років тому +1

    I just got back from Helsinki.
    One thing I wish Id known before I went there was that most ticket machines only accept card. Not good if you only have cash. But still had a wonderful time. I love Helsinki 😊

    • @woltersworld
      @woltersworld  5 років тому +1

      That is true. Card is king in lots of northern Europe

  • @davidkelly132
    @davidkelly132 5 років тому +2

    Travel tip: We might be quiet but secretly we would love if foreign people came to us and started talking. I'm always interested on people stories how they ended up coming to Finland and what they have been doing :)

  • @armiunicorn5102
    @armiunicorn5102 5 років тому +1

    Im from finland and i watched this vidro this is so true.

  • @Jessica-vc5el
    @Jessica-vc5el 4 роки тому

    I appreciate that you mentioned the bilingual Finlad. Not many knows that we talk swedish too, especially in the west, where Swedish is more spoken than Finnish.

  • @patrikkindstedt8375
    @patrikkindstedt8375 2 роки тому +1

    My Hometown Porvoo mentioned! WOOO!

  • @valoxiii422
    @valoxiii422 5 років тому +2

    I cant wait to visit this beautiful country for the first time in December. Ill be visiting Helsinki with my friend for the christmas season. I d love to come back and also visit during the summer. I love how you include places to visit, but are those places still accessible during the winter time? I could really use some tips on what is still possible to do during winter. Thanks for any help from anyone.

  • @affidavid5730
    @affidavid5730 2 роки тому +1

    Lakes near Tampere were mentioned, but for me as a Finn, the Lake Saimaa region is in a league of its own. Especially Savonlinna, Punkaharju, and you must try the road 62 from Mikkeli to Puumala. Stunning views!

  • @kurikuri1619
    @kurikuri1619 5 років тому +3

    Interesting videos even for a finn :D
    Like you did say there are signs that have both finnish and swedish town/city names.
    If the swedish is on top, that means that the city has more swedish speaking people. For example in Parainen and other places with lot of finnish swedish people.

    • @thesuomi8550
      @thesuomi8550 5 років тому +3

      Kalma and in most of Finland there's no swedish at all on the signs

    • @kurikuri1619
      @kurikuri1619 5 років тому +1

      TheSuomi yep i know :)

  • @vriska8924
    @vriska8924 5 років тому

    Once I finish school, I'd like to visit (and possibly live in) Finland. I like the entire humble demeanor the culture has. Besides visiting Helsinki and Lapland, I'm hoping to visit some of the more hidden, hipster spots.

  • @villejaakkola9211
    @villejaakkola9211 5 років тому

    Good point about the tipping in restaurants. We don't do that. If we're tipsy enough (which we are most of the time, to be honest) we might give some change to the wait staff but generally that doesn't happen and it's not expected.
    (...wait, those words must have some common etymology, it can't just be a coincidence.)

  • @11Argetlam11
    @11Argetlam11 5 років тому +241

    Is it an american thing to worry about safety of countries so much or a parental thing?
    As long as I don't visit a war zone or a region with big slums I would assume to be safe.
    It never crossed my mind that Japan or Finland could be concidered unsafe

    • @woltersworld
      @woltersworld  5 років тому +48

      people ask me all the time from all over the world about different places

    • @nj472
      @nj472 5 років тому +18

      TineP82 hahaha you are better of save on the couch in your gated community, listing in fear to the news. Hehe

    • @ArnieandJo
      @ArnieandJo 5 років тому +58

      We get asked all of the time by so many Americans about safety in Europe. I always say the same thing. I'm much more concerned about getting gunned down anywhere in the US.

    • @alexandriuscomnenus8017
      @alexandriuscomnenus8017 5 років тому +11

      Arnie, the 5 dangerous cities for firearms In the US are Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, New Orleans, and Washington DC. The least dangerous are where (not shocking at all) guns are easier to have. The Southern States are the safest.There is no self defense laws in a good portion of Western Europe, which means you need to rely on people that are not always available.

    • @ruse_kiri
      @ruse_kiri 5 років тому +3

      Hey, TineP82, native Belarusian here. There was one actually, 5-6 years ago, don't remember exactly when. Someone detonated a bomb in the subway. There are policemen at the station entrances since then - they will occasionally check your bags through an x-ray machine (or manually), especially if you have sizable luggage. There are some districts that are considered not very safe at night (e.g. Shabany), but otherwise, yeah, it's generally pretty safe out there.

  • @2ambleach356
    @2ambleach356 5 років тому

    As a finn there's somethings I'd like to point out that are, idk, wrong. But ower all great video. If anyone who reads this is planing to visit finland, i recommend it. The winters can be cold though so I'd recommend coming in the summer time.

  • @hannarivka8487
    @hannarivka8487 4 роки тому

    Yeah, you definitely need to know Olut.

  • @erilassila409
    @erilassila409 5 років тому

    You're American and not butchering my beautiful language too badly, I absolutely love your Finnish ❤

  • @josh_fisher
    @josh_fisher 4 роки тому

    Ohhman! Thank you for this!

  • @0553140
    @0553140 4 роки тому +1

    Also keep in mind, that if you wanna save money during a visit to Finland, go to the VR page and buy the train tickets a month or two weeks early if you know what day you will be going to a specific area. Because that's when they are the cheapest.
    Its what I tend to do.

  • @TheRealCoyote
    @TheRealCoyote 5 років тому +1

    What to do in Finland should definitely include sports events. We love our sports, mostly winter sports but all kinds. And some "sports" are very strange and made up showing our quirky sense of humor. You can compete in such sports as cell phone throwing, or wife carrying. We also have a lot of national parks, most of which are easily accessible and well marked for anything from 1h nature walk to 2 week hike. Ps. Wifi is usually available for free or for a cheap price at airport, cafe, mall, etc

  • @Vadelmahillo
    @Vadelmahillo 5 років тому +10

    Hesburger is indeed so much better than McDonalds

  • @darkgokussj
    @darkgokussj 5 років тому

    If ever get to visit someone's summer cottage then you are quite lucky to see that side of summer :)

  • @GenialHarryGrout
    @GenialHarryGrout 5 років тому

    Great memories. I lived not far from where you were filming

  • @EeliL
    @EeliL 5 років тому +2

    Nice video. But did I miss it or did you forgot to mention Suomenlinna? It's amazing! Also you talked about a lot about Helsinki. What about Tampere, Hämeenlinna, Kotka, Hamina, Kouvola, Oulu, Pori?

    • @thesuomi8550
      @thesuomi8550 5 років тому

      Eeli Lappalainen hyi Kouvola 🤣

  • @joojoojeejee6058
    @joojoojeejee6058 5 років тому +45

    Actually Turku really isn't any more "Swedish" than Finland on average. Only about 5% of the Turku population speak Swedish as a native language. And even that percentage might be a bit artificial because almost all of them are bi-lingual. Finland in general is pretty homogenic language-wise, even though on paper there are two "official" languages in Finland. In reality, everyone speaks Finnish and most people also speak (some) English. Swedish really isn't very widely spoken, even though most people might know a couple of words. But let's not get into language politics more than that...

    • @ivylasangrienta6093
      @ivylasangrienta6093 5 років тому +4

      Jorma Jurrila and then there are those (older) people who speak Swedish to you and can clearly understand Finnish when you tell them you don't speak Swedish and continue to speak to you in Swedish anyway. At least in
      Helsinki I see those people a lot (retail and restaurants).

    • @ponssi6673
      @ponssi6673 4 роки тому +1

      Fucking hurries

    • @emmilumio4665
      @emmilumio4665 4 роки тому

      @@sebastiansalvation6565 yes, and in the east you'll hear a lot of russian too.

    • @m.j.k2155
      @m.j.k2155 4 роки тому +1

      In Tammisaari most people speak swedish and alot of people there can not speak finnish very good

    • @villejaaskela1038
      @villejaaskela1038 3 роки тому +2

      Turussa varmaa 50% puhuu arabiaa nykyään

  • @haileykoo5143
    @haileykoo5143 4 роки тому

    Hi thank you for the video could you share more about what can be done in the winter?

  • @kristinetompkins4261
    @kristinetompkins4261 5 років тому

    Coming on a cruise next summer!

  • @IceDaemon
    @IceDaemon 5 років тому +1

    This was excellent.

  • @Frog89mad
    @Frog89mad 3 роки тому

    Best time to visit is summer, finnish people are at their peak performance and so is the green nature

  • @zimbu_
    @zimbu_ 5 років тому +5

    Prices being lower outside Helsinki is a good rule of thumb, but Northern Finland during Christmas and New Year is a notable exception. 10 euros for a cup of hot chocolate is perfectly normal in some of the skiing resorts.
    I would recommend a vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis if you're interested in spending a lot of time in nature in South-West Finland during the summer months. It's a rare infection to get and it usually just gives you a high fever for a few days, but it definitely has the potential to ruin a vacation. The vaccine is inexpensive, offers complete protection and I've never heard of anybody having any notable side effects from taking it.

  • @ernestopalmira7845
    @ernestopalmira7845 3 роки тому +1

    The food in Finland is the best

  • @formatique_arschloch
    @formatique_arschloch 4 роки тому +1

    It's ok to tip in a restaurant, but not a mandatory thing at all. Restaurant workers get paid quite well, so not tipping is perfectly fine. Just for your info, if someone got shocked by this fact.

  • @tomato5029
    @tomato5029 5 років тому

    ahh just so glad to see pepole actually come to finland :) ahh my home country i wish i was living in helsinki i am in orivesi a crappy town

  • @tehBWUG
    @tehBWUG 5 років тому +1

    If you go to a restaurant and your waiter/waitress isn't Finnish they really appreciate tips, but by no means it isn't a must to tip

  • @leerdamfire
    @leerdamfire 5 років тому +1

    You guys rock!!!!

  • @Izzy-uc5rm
    @Izzy-uc5rm 3 роки тому

    Best Country in every category.

  • @jiipik
    @jiipik 3 роки тому

    Price tip about Finland: at lunchtime mondays to fridays most restaurants have lunchtime menus, usually but not always buffets, the price is around ten euros.

  • @itsn0tjaguar326
    @itsn0tjaguar326 3 роки тому +1

    I’m related to be Finnish, as my mom is and I might visit or move here one day as I’m in Britain right now and I speak very fluent Finnish but I can’t do the wierd r hahah but my favourite thing to do is go to K market or hesburger it’s much better then McDonald’s or anything 😻😋😋

  • @Friiqi
    @Friiqi 5 років тому

    one more thing I would recommend to have is a small tube of Hydrocortisol (oh it is a lifesaver if your body reeally doesnt like those first mosquito bites, before it adapts to them, they can be super itchy and you end up scracthing it till it bleeds). costs like 5 euros or something, sold in every pharmacy.

  • @Slindi81
    @Slindi81 5 років тому

    I guess it says everything about how safe Finland is, when talking about safety here your biggest concerns are slipping on ice during the winter and mosquitos during the summer

  • @agustinvillegas3631
    @agustinvillegas3631 5 років тому

    Thank you, I watch some you videos and are great I just wish to have time and money to travel as much as you do., I have traveleled to a lot of places my only regratre is a did not recorded much of my travels, I hope you followers will videotape all the places they visit it will be a memory to last forever., Saludos desde Mexico.

  • @vandroiiiy
    @vandroiiiy 4 роки тому

    If you like towns they are nice in Finland. I'd recommend to visit the nature and countryside because they are better.

  • @EmppuNyman
    @EmppuNyman 5 років тому +2

    Loved the comment for the German travellers 😂

  • @Kepe
    @Kepe 5 років тому +1

    Everyone in the comments is saying Finland is super expensive. And I don't know why. We have a few things that are expensive, and they are alcohol and gasoline. Prices in touristy places and centers of big cities are of course higher than elsewhere, that's true for every country.
    If you want to save money, ask around for nice, affordable places to eat at. Locals usually know the good places. When I was living in Helsinki, there was (and still is!) this pizza joint in the center of Helsinki that sold these huge pizzas for 5€ during lunch time. That doesn't sound very expensive to me.
    Tourist traps are designed to rid you of all of your money, the worst mistake is eating and drinking in such a place. You'll just get ripped off and the food isn't usually even that great at those places.

  • @kajojeqfishing5786
    @kajojeqfishing5786 5 років тому +2

    No tips! Hell yeah! You should make video of countries where you do not tip :)

    • @NorthernGrow
      @NorthernGrow 5 років тому

      You surely can tip but it is not considered rude not to. You will brighten up staffs day if you leave some coins on the table (dont worry, no one is gonna steal the cash)

  • @samprisam4525
    @samprisam4525 5 років тому

    I am going to Finland in October

  • @Memu_
    @Memu_ 2 роки тому +2

    Even though swedish is an official language only about 5% of finns speak it. We all have to learn swedish because of it but most people just forget most of it.

  • @dannyone1565
    @dannyone1565 Рік тому

    I am going there in September 2022 with my wife