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Visit Finland - 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Finland

  • Опубліковано 22 тра 2024
  • Finland or Suomi is the land of eternal sunshine in the summer, more lakes than you can imagine, and possibly the grossest candy on the planet? Finland is an amazing country to visit and whether it is the breathtaking nature, the kind yet quiet Finnish people, or the endless times you will visit the sauna there will always be things that may shock a tourist when they visit Finland.
    10 Things That Shock Tourists about Visiting Finland
    1. The Sauna Culture: Do expect to head into a sauna during your time in Finland. It is such a part of the culture that people have them built into their homes, and yes do expect to go naked and run out and jump into the snow for a little extra fun.
    2. The Finns Can Talk While Inhaling: the Finns have so much to say when they do talk that they actually can talk while they exhale and while they inhale. Quite a sight when you see it for the first time.
    3. The Natural Beauty of Finland: from the lakes and forests to the parks and islands Finland boasts a ton of nature and the locals love it. So whether it is skiing in Lapland or mushroom hunting or visiting the archipelago islands you will see so much beauty in Finland.
    4. How Quiet the Finns Can Be: the Finns enjoy silence and you will see that in stores, on the street, and especially on public transportation. So do keep it down.
    5. How Clean Finland Is: from pristine forests, to amazing clean and crisp air, to the locals having pride and keeping their cities and towns clean, Finns do love a clean country. Oh, and never wear your shoes in someones house.
    6. Finnish "Tasty" Treats: Salmiakki is the child of black licorice and salt, and I mean that in the least tastiest way possible. The Finns love salmiakki candy (and Finland has a ton of great candy aside form Salmiakki). So be prepared for some great tasty treats, like their cinnamon rolls and anything made with mushrooms and do watch out for the funny ones.
    7. How Difficult the Finnish Language Is: luckily for tourists most Finns speak very good English, so you do not need to speak any Finnish. The Finnish language is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn and when you see all those vowels you will understand why.
    8. The Cities Have Two Names: in Finland, Finnish and Swedish are the two official languages and so all the signs on the highway are in Finnish and Swedish. This can lead to a bit of confusion when the cities don't have similar names in both languages, for example Turku is Turku in English and Finnish, but Abo in Swedish.
    9. Finnish Logic: for as smart and clever as the Finns are some foreigners sometimes get lost in Finnish logic. When you see something around the country that just doesn't quite make sense, just chalk it up to Finnish logic.
    10. You Have to Go to a Government Store to Buy Hard Alcohol: if you want to grab a bottle of Finlandia Vodka in Helsinki you can't just head to the local grocery store. You have to go to Alko, the government run liquor store. The prices are high and the hours are strange, but it is the only place to go.
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КОМЕНТАРІ • 5 тис.

  • @James-dm7ir
    @James-dm7ir 5 років тому +6675

    90% of people watching this are Finns

    • @Joylibelle
      @Joylibelle 5 років тому +90

      KnightLife Except me, I’m Dutch and read about the Finns drinking coffee so much, Well, so do the Dutch, ‘to do a bakkie koffie’ is very important here. Also, the salmiakki is what is known here too. We used to have it as like wooden sticks and as in licoriche. Actually... I got here because of a Finnish song I like so much... 🎶Kun kello kay, taas liian paljon se lyo, on kohta paattynyn yo, taas alkaa arkinen tyo🎶 Don’t know the meaning of the words, but they sound so lovely with all these vowals :)

    • @EffableLemming
      @EffableLemming 5 років тому +47

      Joylibelle "When the clock ticks on, again striking too late, soon the night ends, soon begins the everyday work" Kinda sorta. "Oh no, too late, night's over, back to work", basically. :P

    • @Joylibelle
      @Joylibelle 5 років тому +11

      Marjo Naylor Thanks, Marjo!

    • @giuseppeottaviani9673
      @giuseppeottaviani9673 5 років тому +5

      KnightLife finland its just a swedish colony

    • @kana4641
      @kana4641 5 років тому +8


  • @morkomuki1239
    @morkomuki1239 4 роки тому +2256

    If you think air at Helsinki is clean.... go to Lapland....

  • @Fullface
    @Fullface 5 місяців тому +16

    I am a Japanese who absolutely loves Finland.
    This country's culture, language, politics, national character, everything about it captivates me... I'm currently studying Finnish hard. It's very difficult, but I'll do my best. I will definitely go to Finland someday!

  • @ronibarlund5156
    @ronibarlund5156 3 роки тому +547

    As a Finn I can tell that you are the most respectful tourist ever been to Finland😂

    • @Eitsus
      @Eitsus 3 роки тому +5

      Jep 😂

    • @Vincent9
      @Vincent9 3 роки тому +2


    • @girf4233
      @girf4233 3 роки тому +1


    • @awowoi
      @awowoi 3 роки тому +1


    • @ozsfi
      @ozsfi 3 роки тому +14

      I'm a Finn but have never been able to speak breathing in, that is really funny😄
      About hän: I'm a translator, also I got married to an Australian so my family language has been English for 46 years but I still use the wrong pronoun occasionally.

  • @StenSturesKanal
    @StenSturesKanal 6 років тому +2539

    This guy is a respectful traveler. Logan Paul would be running around, shouting and thinking he's funny/cool. As a Finn I can say that wouldn't be accepted here.

    • @jocelynwolters293
      @jocelynwolters293 6 років тому +111

      Mankel Löv I think this might be my favorite comment on one of our videos in a long time. We really try to be respectful and teach our children the same. It's part of why we do this! Kiitos!

    • @woltersworld
      @woltersworld  6 років тому +273

      I'm glad I can show support and respect to Finland. I loved loving there.

    • @nakkiperuna5723
      @nakkiperuna5723 6 років тому +41

      Mankel Löv he would probably get beaten or arrested

    • @TheLegoBrickery
      @TheLegoBrickery 6 років тому +48

      I don't think he is accepted anywhere that he travels

    • @oonkymppa5923
      @oonkymppa5923 6 років тому +11

      Yeah... in Finland you should be silent.

  • @dibti0
    @dibti0 5 років тому +1532

    My dad has traveled a fair bit...he said Finland was the quietest place he's ever been.

    • @Essuzu
      @Essuzu 4 роки тому +69

      That's so true, even when you get inside a group everyones so quiet😂😂

    • @drphil9756
      @drphil9756 4 роки тому +3

      My Sister always says its always too loud

    • @juliushanninen370
      @juliushanninen370 4 роки тому +74

      Yeah it is really quiet place until you go to Kamppi, it is a center in Helsinki and it is full of teenagers who yell all the time

    • @imjaebum9187
      @imjaebum9187 4 роки тому +5

      @@juliushanninen370 Fiilis ku asun Kampis😂

    • @savageelana366
      @savageelana366 4 роки тому

      Trust me, it is! (Suomi gang)

  • @nakaharakarin8315
    @nakaharakarin8315 3 роки тому +239

    The silence in Finland is for me one of the best things about Finnish people. It's amazing living in a place where you know that you will not be bother because of others.

    • @JuniperJennifer666
      @JuniperJennifer666 3 роки тому +3

      Yeah, u tell me, i retired to the south of france. Do these frogs eaters ever shut the f up. Talking non stop from each side and i live in my own house. I come back to finland just decompress in silence.

    • @keravavantaa2886
      @keravavantaa2886 2 роки тому +6

      i’m a weird finn. i don’t like silence.
      i scream alot for some reasons and make loud noises
      the reason why is because i’m a kid

    • @historyouuu3495
      @historyouuu3495 2 роки тому +1

      @@keravavantaa2886 lol

    • @manjelos
      @manjelos Рік тому +1

      Well, it is silent but not really silent, people do talk and you can hear conversation in the train

  • @zikkeboi
    @zikkeboi 4 роки тому +479

    Finns are introverts at heart, but when we open our mouths we do not shut up at all xD

  • @tapanilofving4741
    @tapanilofving4741 6 років тому +2176

    As a Finn I like how politely you can present things, thank you :)

    • @nunneli10
      @nunneli10 6 років тому +18

      Kyllä ne nyt vaa kirjotetaa isolla.

    • @miikkaugusti
      @miikkaugusti 6 років тому +8

      Kyllä ne kirjoitetaan isolla alkukirjaimella :)

    • @eettuu_
      @eettuu_ 6 років тому +1

      Really politelity

    • @linneavlogs
      @linneavlogs 6 років тому +1


    • @konstakesonen6158
      @konstakesonen6158 6 років тому

      Niin varmaan ainoa

  • @mann7298
    @mann7298 6 років тому +1207


  • @bosniafinalboss
    @bosniafinalboss 3 роки тому +214

    As soon as I heard the word "salmiakki kossu" I had a huge PERKELE moment

  • @vanny670
    @vanny670 3 роки тому +231

    We Finnish people are quiet and calm around strangers, but when do I have a friend with me... I just go hölöpölöpölöpölö and not calm at all 😭🤌

    • @sannazetterman722
      @sannazetterman722 3 роки тому +3

      Pölö on Pöly ja myöskin Pölö on Pöllö 🦉

    • @comradecatbug5289
      @comradecatbug5289 3 роки тому +17

      For non-Finnish people (yes, all 4 of them in this comment section): hölöpölöpölöpölö is kind of like blah blah blah

    • @mrferrari6472
      @mrferrari6472 3 роки тому +1

      Riti maz truu mään

    • @buffchicken8500
      @buffchicken8500 3 роки тому +1

      No välil joo välil ei

    • @vanny670
      @vanny670 3 роки тому +2

      @@buffchicken8500 usein 😩✨

  • @hetakauppinennn7231
    @hetakauppinennn7231 6 років тому +904

    Someone knows how to pronounce ~sauna~😄

    • @matildaisstupid285
      @matildaisstupid285 6 років тому

      Pinkfluffy keepsinging i know how to

    • @eerokoskinen4466
      @eerokoskinen4466 6 років тому

      FD6 yeah because he said how to

    • @matildaisstupid285
      @matildaisstupid285 6 років тому

      Eero Gosgine no beacouse im finnish lol

    • @Tundrah648
      @Tundrah648 6 років тому +2

      LOL in Spain it is also pronaunce like that xDD .

    • @hetakauppinennn7231
      @hetakauppinennn7231 6 років тому

      Ratle Mantle Yeah, I know. It's funny how we pronounce "Idea" the same way😀

  • @me-yd1qx
    @me-yd1qx 5 років тому +1628

    I have born in Finland, and I did'nt even know I breath while talking, when I watched this I realized it. Finally I can be Eminem😂

  • @suvodipchakrabarty1311
    @suvodipchakrabarty1311 3 роки тому +218

    Whatever, Finns are very smooth, calm, quiet, most importantly don't bother others. You can really enjoy being there and find peace at yourself. A Finn may be shy but that also means they are harmless. They are wonderful people.

    • @11sjv
      @11sjv 3 роки тому

      but if you mess with them u get the L 39

    • @jessejamsen1244
      @jessejamsen1244 3 роки тому +5

      This is so fun read what you guys are writing about finns, and im from finland

    • @davidhastie7700
      @davidhastie7700 3 роки тому +1

      Finland is wonderful.

    • @bosniafinalboss
      @bosniafinalboss 2 роки тому


    • @Ferlitasari7
      @Ferlitasari7 2 роки тому +1

      yes,definetely, minä olen ollut suomessa 2 vuotta, olen kotoisin indonesiasta, and till now i really enjoy living in finland , very2 nature country, so many lakes, and feeling comfortable and safe

  • @ronaldgarrison8478
    @ronaldgarrison8478 3 роки тому +110

    "Cleanliness is next to Finnishness." Got to remember that one.

  • @felixs9592
    @felixs9592 6 років тому +476

    Hahaha, I walked by near you when you filmed this video at Aurajoki. I remember hearing your american accent, funny that I found this video!!

    • @saga2227
      @saga2227 5 років тому +11

      Felix Södergård I just love the American accent of speaking Finnish ! 😂

    • @damien1781
      @damien1781 5 років тому +1

      Lol odd

    • @emmachomao
      @emmachomao 5 років тому

      Oh, did you get into the camera accidentally? Which one is you?

    • @KeyLime231
      @KeyLime231 5 років тому +1

      Sam Gul aww your lucky your Finnish I want to be in there

  • @mikrokupu
    @mikrokupu 6 років тому +264

    Some very Finnish things: 1. Coffee all day long.. Finns are the top coffee drinkers in the world 2. An extra shower head next to a toilet seat. Very handy. 3. Transparency in the Finnish culture: All tax data is open information, you can check how much your neighbor pays taxes. Most fines in Finland are based on your taxable income, you can be fined tens of thousands for speeding. The rich boys drive like old ladies in Finland.. ;)

    • @marylancelot
      @marylancelot 6 років тому +3

      Yes for the coffee thing! I drink 4-6cups a day and my mother drinks up to 8!
      For clarification, I'm not talking about the cup that's a unit of measurement, but a coffee cup that is traditionally 1.25 desiliters or about half a cup(yes, the unit of measurement).

    • @zwerker
      @zwerker 6 років тому +8

      Ugh! I hate having a cup of coffee. I drink it by the mug.
      [and yes, I'm also a Finn ;-) ]

    • @broadbandislife
      @broadbandislife 6 років тому +6

      Back during the war the continental embargo cutting off supply of coffee was a major issue, and the arrival of the first postwar shipment of beans a matter of nation-wide interest.
      Coffee is Serious Business in Finland. (Sadly it's mostly brewed *fucking awful* but the coffee-shop culture is slowly improving things...)

    • @munniharppukostaja4702
      @munniharppukostaja4702 6 років тому +6

      mikrokupu and heavy metal😈

    • @rainbow2401990
      @rainbow2401990 6 років тому +18

      I really like the fines based on income thing. Fines are meant to be a punishment. It's meant to sting a little so that you don't do it again. If you make millionaires pay $20 fines, they aren't even going to notice them.

  • @DionysosThanateros11
    @DionysosThanateros11 3 роки тому +91

    Me as a German I love Finnland too. Friendly and always helpful people! Clean, quiet, beautiful nature, that is looked after well

    • @hrn4757
      @hrn4757 3 роки тому +1

      Then again, the nature's mostly just monotonous flat forest country. And only a small percent of the forests are kept in their actual natural shape. The rest is "industrial forest" maintained and pruned for easy wood extraction for the paper industry and so on. So although you have the right to camp almost anywhere, you are better off picking a specific natural park or conservation area for your camping and other nature stuff. Just friendly advice.

    • @historyouuu3495
      @historyouuu3495 2 роки тому +1

      @@hrn4757 bs

    • @hrn4757
      @hrn4757 2 роки тому

      @@historyouuu3495 care to elaborate?

    • @historyouuu3495
      @historyouuu3495 2 роки тому

      @@hrn4757 haista v...

  • @littledodge5692
    @littledodge5692 3 роки тому +118

    I’ve been to Finland seven times for music festivals and to see friends and it’s honestly my vacation go to. It feels similar to Canada (home), but taken up a notch in politeness lol. So it’s very comfortable, calm, and safe. If you’re not that into the quiet and the nature, then hit up Helsinki after dark. Concerts, rock bars, clubs, and just an all around good time.

    • @arnieg8800
      @arnieg8800 3 роки тому +3

      It's calm and safe because there are almost non-migrants from the third world. In a decade or so this calmness will be disturbed strongly by waves of non-Europeans.

    • @littledodge5692
      @littledodge5692 3 роки тому +46

      @@arnieg8800 That’s not true at all. There are many immigrants from many different countries that come to Finland either to go to school or to live and it’s completely absurd that you’re judging someone’s worth by their country of origin. Please spread your disinformation elsewhere.

    • @arnieg8800
      @arnieg8800 3 роки тому +6

      @@littledodge5692 Finland is the Home of the Finnish people for the Finnish people. Migrants should come to study and then leave. It is not their country.

    • @stinkymilk7385
      @stinkymilk7385 3 роки тому +31

      @@arnieg8800 My mother lived in Finland and absolutely loved it but was relentlessly harassed by people like you that have such racist ideologies about immigrants. Who are you to dictate who can and can’t live in the country? Pathetic.

    • @lauri3627
      @lauri3627 2 роки тому +10

      @@arnieg8800 just stop that

  • @PerkeleenPelle
    @PerkeleenPelle 6 років тому +853

    why would anyone wear shoes indoors

    • @thatonlyredhead5297
      @thatonlyredhead5297 6 років тому +55

      Fucking Pikachu people do it in America

    • @Masai69
      @Masai69 6 років тому +11


    • @jessicaely2521
      @jessicaely2521 6 років тому +28

      Sometimes you can't stop to take your shoes off. Sometimes you have to make a mad dash to the bathroom (well at least I do).

    • @PerkeleenPelle
      @PerkeleenPelle 6 років тому +120

      I bet they like cleaning then

    • @Struudeli
      @Struudeli 6 років тому +29

      Well it's not hard to just kick your shoes of before going to bathroom. But maybe even the shoes we choose are little bit different because we know we have to take them of possible many times in a day.

  • @jackstone112
    @jackstone112 6 років тому +386

    as a swede, i looooove finland, very nice people and very calm, except when drunk the they are crazy, but they best kind of crazy cuz they will drink you under the table aaaaaaany time of the week.

    • @woltersworld
      @woltersworld  6 років тому +42

      yeah... i found that out the hard way... and my liver too :)

    • @nicehedgehog
      @nicehedgehog 6 років тому +114

      - Hi, how was your summer?
      - I can't remember. I was drunk both two days.

    • @jackstone112
      @jackstone112 6 років тому +4

      saaaaaame! XD passed out after the sauna and almost puked when woke up XD

    • @sexycesc
      @sexycesc 6 років тому +9

      Mark you are an endearing American you really are lol keep up the amazing work :)

    • @Pesu1991
      @Pesu1991 6 років тому +1

      There are quite some fairly poor drinkers in Finland as well, so I wouldn't be ashamed of that, I've been drinking with couple of my Swedish buddies, none of us passed out though. @jackstone112 Have a little less next time :)

  • @SerpentStar_
    @SerpentStar_ 2 роки тому +14

    Anyone else experiencing the world through UA-cam? Good video 👍🏻 🇫🇮

  • @user-te1uc1zy3m
    @user-te1uc1zy3m 3 роки тому +54

    I used to visit Finland several years ago, very beautiful country i should say, it looks like my homeland Siberia Russia🇷🇺 best wishes, always yours Wild Siberian

  • @GenialHarryGrout
    @GenialHarryGrout 6 років тому +498

    You missed the ice cream which they eat it all year round even when it's -20c and gaming machines which, in Helsinki at least, seem to be everywhere and people would queue to use them. I also noticed Finns will take every opportunity to sit outside and drink coffee. In the summer when it is hot, I understand, they are making the most of the warm summer days, but even late Autumn and early Winter when there is snow on the ground you see Finns wrapped up in their warm coats and hats sitting outside a cafe drinking coffee.

    • @woltersworld
      @woltersworld  6 років тому +20

      that is true with the ice cream :) at least i got a pic of the salmiakki ice cream :)

    • @MyManSane
      @MyManSane 6 років тому +44

      Words hot finnish summer shouldnt be used in a sentence because the its usually 10 degree celcius and raining

    • @wolfcat87
      @wolfcat87 6 років тому +5

      We eat ice cream in Montana when it is that cold and colder.

    • @victoriahm3417
      @victoriahm3417 6 років тому

      Sane :O in Lima that's extreme winter XD

    • @HertNiks
      @HertNiks 6 років тому

      Genial Harry Grout more like beer than coffee

  • @Bellasie1
    @Bellasie1 5 років тому +388

    I went to Helsinki many times with work and I have a soft spot for this country... it feels so clean and safe, and the people are both friendly and educated. The nation has a very original, almost exotic culture and language (even for Europeans). I also loved the gastronomy there, all the fish, mushrooms, rye crispy bread, blackcurrant leaves cider (non-alcohol) and berries unseen in warmer countries... Great video!

    • @Valhalla_Heathen
      @Valhalla_Heathen 5 років тому +17

      I just got back from visiting both Sweden & Finland 3 days ago! 🇸🇪🇫🇮

    • @Nightwalk444
      @Nightwalk444 5 років тому +7

      Finnish people friendly? Lmaaoo. As a native I can't stop laughing at that. I hate this country.

    • @jenniferlorence1950
      @jenniferlorence1950 5 років тому +18

      @@Nightwalk444 Well Come to America to Deal with ALL the Hateful, Depressed, and ANGRY People here.

    • @9yearoldepicgamersoldier129
      @9yearoldepicgamersoldier129 5 років тому +4

      I'm finnish and I fully agree with you.

    • @leavemealone2898
      @leavemealone2898 4 роки тому

      River Shen
      Älä mua säälittää ku suomalaiset haukkuu maahanmuuttajia menkää pois maasta ei ihme kukaan ei tuu Suomeen

  • @avizarob
    @avizarob Рік тому +7

    I spent and lot of time in Finland back in the late noughties. I had a girlfriend there who lived in Vantaa, Helsinki. I absolutely loved my time in Finland, and a part of my heart will always be Finnish ❤
    Hyvä Suomi! 🇫🇮

  • @eheprimp5208
    @eheprimp5208 4 роки тому +23

    I just started dating a Finnish guy. I need to get myself acclimated to his culture. So far, I'm in love. ❤

  • @gunjfur8633
    @gunjfur8633 6 років тому +186

    Not only do we have "hän", but ot is very common to use the word "se" (finnish for "it") when refering to people.

    • @aino2927
      @aino2927 6 років тому +29

      Gυnjα Fυry Even weirder is that I always call everyone ”se” but if I’m talking about a pet I use ”hän” :D But it’s usually only if I’m (can’t think of a English word for ”lässyttää”) xD

    • @gunjfur8633
      @gunjfur8633 6 років тому +4

      Yeah, there are a bunch of finnish word that cant be directly translated to english

    • @NT-bt5rd
      @NT-bt5rd 6 років тому

      Gυnjα Fυry you're right

    • @georgedash8293
      @georgedash8293 6 років тому +4

      lässyttää = squabble
      Pretty much. ;)

    • @mellowmafia
      @mellowmafia 6 років тому +6

      Lässyttää = baby talk. :) I also call people "se" and only use "hän" for animals haha. Pretty much the only time I hear a person being called "hän" is when someone is being petty/annoyed at someone else: "Well I guess (HÄN/)THEY wanted it to be this way then..."

  • @anttomaattanen1774
    @anttomaattanen1774 6 років тому +247

    I didnt even realise that Im sometimes breathing in and speaking. (Im finn)

    • @sucram1932
      @sucram1932 5 років тому +2

      En mäkää se on aika outoo

    • @ralitsapetrunova314
      @ralitsapetrunova314 5 років тому +4

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    In northern Finland in summer if U ask when will the sun set down, we don't look at the clock but the calender. Like in Kemi, sun rises on june 17th and sets 25th.

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      @Aaron Marques I don't know about Sweden but as a Bosnian who lived in Finland(Rovaniemi) for 3 years i can say it's one of the best places in the world. It's peaceful,the people are nice and during the Winter it's simply beautiful.

    • @cheesecracker835
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      @Aaron Marques Well i wish you a great success in your plans :). And yes Finland is really cold especially the north. It's crazy it can get up to -40°C.

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    Been living in Finland for a few years (I am English) and the thing that shocked me the most (that I am surprised you didn't mention) is the abundence of gambling machines in EVERY store. It's so odd to me still after the 4 years I've been here.

    • @Ritchiet
      @Ritchiet 6 років тому +37

      That's true. As a Finn I used to play those machines when I was young but not anymore. Some older people play too much those gambling machines and are addicted to them. I would take the machines out of the stores because now it's too easy to put your money on those. Good thing with those are that the money goes to the charity or supporting childs sport.

    • @surfsusan
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      Lambert2191 I am Danish living in Finland and still shocked. No red wine but gambling machines every where!

    • @surfsusan
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      Pixie Panda Plush No.

    • @sudocatsda1guy390
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      Finnish definition of gambling is a game where the bet is oversized incomparison to players wealth and possibility on winning. There's a state owned betting business that gives its profits to charities. The machines are rigged go give back most (80-90%) of the money put in to then. It's small money (largesr bets are 1€), which makes them not gambling in finnish law

    • @Sirapa7
      @Sirapa7 5 років тому +7

      I would also really wish that those machines were put off from the shops and even bars. I donot know why people are so obsessed with those machines and its sad that It affects a lot of young people, I myself know so many who are addicted to it and lost almost all of their salary in it. I really think that Finnish government should do something about those gambling machines. Also I am aslo so shocked by the amount gambling machines there are in only Helsinki region. I think they should be available only inside casinos and limited restricted areas.

  • @kostimyllymaa9527
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    We don't usually even use "hän" (he/she) in regular everyday conversations. When we're talking about someone who we know well (or don't!) we usually crudely say "se" (it), even if it's about a person. It just works better, because "hän" often sounds too formal. Examples: 1. "Missä se taas viipyy?" (Where is it lingering again?) 2. "Kuka se oli?" (Who was it?) 3. "Sen nimi on Matti." (Its name is Matti.)

    • @nobody-rd8qs
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      Laama Sullakin oli kirjoitusvirhe. Sitä ei kirjoiteta "hes" vaan "his" ja toiseksi toi jätkä kirjoitti tahallaan "its".

    • @kostimyllymaa9527
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    • @1mchartmann
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      I lived in Hawaii and wearing shoes inside house is not good. It comes from the Japanese culture in Hawaii. I do not feel comfortable with wearing dirty shoes in a house.

    • @inisennn
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      People learn swedish and English in school. Not many speak Spanish although you can take it as an elective I think

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    The inhaling of air is also something Danes do. I have had friends from the States, who thought that ALL Danes had asthma! 🤣🤣
    Finland is beautiful!

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    looking forward to visiting soon and thanks for your nice video

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    Third generation Finnish American. Had to laugh at the sauna. So much of their heritage is still alive and well here in America, even how we can sit for hours and not really say anything.
    You have to try cardemon bread and rasberry jam.
    You can always tell a Finn, but you can't tell them much.

    • @woltersworld
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      Love this comment :)

    • @enpakeksi765
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      I don't know why exactly, but that reminds me of school many years ago, where in English class, we were divided into groups of 2-4 students and to converse in English. Me and another buddy were probably the most reserved people there, and so, we sat for minutes without saying anything and gazing idly around at the others who had broken the ice. Naturally, the teacher noted us and came over to encourage us. When his proposals and cajoling was met with aversively mumbled refusals, his grand idea was to imagine us being on a 12 hour train ride; we'd start talking sooner or later. He gave up on us when I said: "Were Finnish. We can be silent for 12 hours."

    • @shadowlynx1958
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      Cardamom bread ... you mean Pulla? I love pulla. The Finnish exchange student who lived with us my senior year of high school taught me to make pulla and I've made some around Christmas time almost every year for about 40 years.

    • @lowercherty
      @lowercherty 6 років тому +5

      shadowlynx1958 Yes, pulla. Learned to make it, it's basically bread, from my Leena Mo Mo. It's not just for Christmas. Toasted with butter, or made into korpua, mmm...

    • @krypton1260
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      shadowlynx1958 pullapitko, not pulla. Pulla is either korvapuusti or pikkupulla.

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    I'm from Finland myself and I can speak proper English but sometimes I mix up ''He'' and ''She'' because I'm not used to it.

    • @nakkiperuna5723
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      Denofu youre not the only one

    • @kylpyvene
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      "So like she said that his sister.. her sister I mean"

    • @TuomasKivisto
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      I usually just use he everytime since it's shorter.

    • @lumiutopia
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      solution is to probably use ”they”, it’s neutral

    • @trapqueen976
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      Denofu we dont use it in turkey too lmao we just call others “o” lol which used for she/he/it

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    • @sabinee.38
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    • @ArnieandJo
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      Thanks! Looking forward to it. Hoping to connect with you guys when you're in Seattle in May.

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    • @ArnieandJo
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      KIITOS JA NÄKEMIIN Thank you very much. Pretty excited to visit this summer.

    • @aarniarjas8762
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      Arnie Jacobsen Cool! Here's a couple of places you might wanna check out:
      Saunas: Sompasauna and Allas
      Nightlife: Kallio
      Nature: Nuuksio national park and Seurasaari
      Side trip: Tallinn
      Stadissa.fi and facebook.com/freeevenstinhelsinki/ are where you'll find a lot of the events taking place

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    Nice sharing. Many thanks!

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    I've lived here for 3 months. I'm from Australia and the one thing that I can't get my head around is the amount of gambling machines there are. In supermarkets, shopping centres, restaurants they are everywhere! And the inhaling thing is the first thing I noticed when I got here too! I even asked people why they do that and they didn't even realise they did it!

    • @MrTeddy12397
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      all gambling machines are government owned and the government has a monopoly on them.

    • @RelentlessSavior
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      Nevada, United States is the same way. Gambling machines everywhere, supermarkets, gas stations, even the airports

    • @jrodagormykid9063
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      Finns have addictive personalities. I am one and know this first hand. Luckily, I'm not addicted to gambling.

    • @ernestopalmira7845
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      So do you like Finland

    • @bambit08
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      Interesting comment!! I lived in Melbourne for 8 years and there were gambling machines (pokies) everywhere being used all day .... has that changed recently? Stats show most money lost per person through gambling No1 = Australia $1288 pa and No5 = Finland $553. Guess you were in a sheltered part of Oz. 🇫🇮

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    Hyvää paivää! Nice to meet you, I'm from France and I would LOVE to visit Finland ♥ one day, I will visit that beautiful country ♥ Kiitos for your video, love from Ranska xx

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    • @Aiko-xb1rs
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      What fascinates me in Finland is: everything. Temperatures under 0°C, snow everyday, Northern lights, Suomolainen mentality, metal music cults and "Christmasy" atmosphere. I guess there are other fascinating things in the North.

    • @Aiko-xb1rs
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      I would love to go to Iceland too ♥

    • @pooferss6056
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      @@Aiko-xb1rs Finland doesn't have snow everyday, but In The winter In The northern parts there's almost everyday. In The south, homever... Not so much. Sometimes, but not always.

    • @spech8343
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    I lived with a Finn for 15 years until he died of liver disease, so none of these really shock me. What I did find shocking about my husband was that his reserved, grizzled, and stoic exterior masked a passionate, intense, and rather raunchy side that he did not let out in public. You could compare him to salmiakki, sweet and salty at the same time...incidentally, I really rather like salmiakki!

  • @tiaelina1090
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    -Guy from Helsinki.

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      @@ecomamaadmin3328 thats why u get electric or waterbased heating system in your floor if the cold bothers. Usually materials r also pretty good for wintertimes so no cold floor. Only cold floor ive met was at canary islands hotels.

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    • @krista6089
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    • @timrosswood4259
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      @@TJO1733 Tove Jansson lived and was born in Finland.

    • @SerafiaRavenclaw
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      @@TJO1733 No. Tove Jansson was Finnish Swede. She was a Finn but her native language just was Swedish.

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    I’m of 100% Finnish ancestry. Apparently a lot of Finns settled here in the upper peninsula of Michigan . I remember juustoa( Finnish cheese )and suolakala (raw salt salmon) as unique treats. My parents sometimes poured their coffee in the saucer and drank it from there to cool it off. We call Finnish logic “Finn-genuity”. Best of all.... Finnish SISU...(their inner strength pride ,spunk and endurance). I wish I could travel there. This year Finland was found to have the most satisfied happiest people in the world! Apparently their wages ,health care and education systems are the greatest in the world! I wish the USA would take a few pointers from the Finns! Thanks I loved your video!

    • @KossolaxtheForesworn
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      yea I have read a lot about finns who went to americas to start a new life, apparently in some areas they were given the shittiest of lands. but finns were like "this is okay" and then just cleaned up the boulders and trees and turned it into a farm land. also some areas were close to indian reserves and surprisingly enough the culture was similar so now there is a lot of mixed with finns and indian ancestry.
      also I watched a documentary about finns being settled to alaska, that was a total shitshow, they got totally fooled by the american government. later it even turns out they were supposed to be the defending force of alaska if russia decided to invade there. they had even planned jews first but decided to go with finns. sibelius had been made a house there, but it was total theater act. he never visited there unless there was some quests which visits were filmed. otherwise I think he actually lived in the real states, in some city in a hotel and called alaska a really shitty place. which it was, no way could anyone farm there when the soil is more dead than mars.
      after the forced labor years passed, many of the finns returned to finland while some crazy ones staid in alaska. I think some towns formed around their fishing ports, but it wasnt some dream land that was promised to them, it was a frozen hellhole that only looked like finland.

    • @kathybrintlinger9993
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      MrAnimepredator Wow thanks for sharing! I didn’t know that!😬

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      Have always wanted to visit Michigan and the regions where the Finns lived in the early times.. I am now too elderly to do that.. but I love to read the comments of the people whose ancestors came from Finland:)) Sending my love to you!

    • @kathybrintlinger9993
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      MRiitta I’m sorry you don’t feel up to travel to Michigan. I would love to go to Finland but won’t be able to fit that expense into my budget. My love to you too! Thanks and take care!

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      My wife is from Michigan's Copper Country, so I can relate. Similar culture, for sure.
      I heard a story about someone from the Copper Country visiting Finland and speaking Finnish. Apparently, the Michigander was speaking an older style of the language. It really piqued the interest of the locals.

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    • @tomis3151
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    • @mythical1059
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