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California immigrant advocacy groups are speaking out against proposed budget cuts to services

  • Опубліковано 13 тра 2024
  • As California faces a more than $50 billion budget shortfall over the next two fiscal years, groups with programs on the chopping block are speaking out, including immigrant rights advocates.
    They raised their voices in support of preserving funding at a press conference at the State Capitol Tuesday afternoon.
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  • @ABC10
    @ABC10  5 днів тому

    Read more: www.abc10.com/article/news/local/california/immigrants-rights-advocates-proposed-california-budget-cuts/103-58b8b6e9-eb2b-4c29-9312-c36c050a8bc6

  • @rw4022
    @rw4022 День тому +9

    These people are unbelievable…they think citizens are supposed to pay for the world to live for free in California.

  • @davinxi5926
    @davinxi5926 5 днів тому +15

    You can’t steal from Jane to pay for Juanita

  • @SonRagnar
    @SonRagnar 5 днів тому +11

    We've given plenty.. get to the flea markets like the rest of them

  • @booch9109
    @booch9109 9 годин тому +3

    Get a job!!! ,in the country you came from

  • @booch9109
    @booch9109 9 годин тому +2


  • @Homeless2013nov
    @Homeless2013nov 5 днів тому +4


  • @davinxi5926
    @davinxi5926 5 днів тому +1

    2:14 department of finance?

  • @Richdevens4
    @Richdevens4 4 години тому

    A one-time state tax of $1400 should cover it. Send out the bills!

  • @MikeOShea-lx4tc
    @MikeOShea-lx4tc Годину тому

    As a taxpayer I don't get free legal service, neither should they.