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20 Weird Things Finnish People Do

  • Опубліковано 4 бер 2024
  • There are many funny and weird things that Finnish people do. 🤣 🇫🇮 In this video, I’m going to share with you the 20 weird things that really stand out.
    Here's the list:
    0:00 Intro
    0:51 The way we talk
    3:21 Home & office
    7:04 Out & about
    10:12 Family
    13:25 Fun facts
    Drop a comment below to let me know which item on the list is the weirdest for you ⬇️
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  • @evablack6934
    @evablack6934 9 місяців тому +179

    I'm from russia and I miss Finland very much. I used to go there a lot, and I felt very comfortable there. I'm friendly, but very introverted, so I really loved having my private space being respected. My country became crazy and completely ended all diplomatic relations with Finland, so I can't go there anymore. But I hope that one day I will go again... sending love to your channel! ❤

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  8 місяців тому +16

      Thank you for sharing! 🧡

    • @raijatilles1099
      @raijatilles1099 5 місяців тому +4


    • @oqqaynewaddingxtwjy7072
      @oqqaynewaddingxtwjy7072 4 місяці тому

      My country became crazy and completely ended all diplomatic relations with Russia ! but who tried to make proxy war against Russia and put NATO on the door step and made wars every where Irak Syria Libiya afghanistn killed Millions and millions into Euerope who is crazy !Finland was a friend of Russia lost 26 Million fighting so saved Finland I respect Russia enormously because they saved europe but Europe is owned and they do work for US even destroying their economy UK is completely own by US and we have become broke lost our land to Airbases that will happen to finland it was a relationship and both had peace now unelected Eu is done we are told to hate Russia that saved us from tyranny in 1945 they have spine and my deepest respect they save Europe from Monghols they saved us from Napolion that country you pay 4 times for gas lives far away and will think it does not get touched and europe would better make peace than war I respect Finland because it manage detante for 60 years aand was prosperous it was saved from Swedish colonialism and still finland calls pakko routsi most of what is Finland was karelia karl gustav land of Sweden Finland was a swamp hence fens fin joen suu it got all of karelia and russia gave to the white sea Even US did not wel come Fins to migrate and steal First nations land US takes land from everyone and makes war

    • @StrollingArtist
      @StrollingArtist 3 місяці тому +7

      Totally agree! Same here. I’ve a Finnish visa but I can’t enter Finland or be there but I can stay in many other Schengen countries. It’s breaking my heart and driving me crazy honestly.

    • @user-ps4bg7wq6i
      @user-ps4bg7wq6i 3 місяці тому +2


  • @ciganyweaverandherperiwink6293
    @ciganyweaverandherperiwink6293 Рік тому +477

    I get the impression that Finns, Norwegians and the Japanese could co-exist very well. There's certain aspects of communal behaviour, social value systems and general personalities that would 'get' each other and be at peace I sense. Does anybody else concur? Especially interested in hearing from people who are from either of the aforementioned cultures. I love videos like this. Charming, quirky, honest and educational. Thumbs up!

    • @user-vq9lr6ss4z
      @user-vq9lr6ss4z Рік тому +60

      I'm Finnish and I totally agree, having been to both countries they are very similar

    • @auroravanessa221
      @auroravanessa221 Рік тому +37

      As a Dane, I'm actually quite thrilled that the finnish culture is in many aspects similar to the danish one. Then again, Scandinavian countries *do* have certain similar features, in some more or less prominent than others. I'd be surprised if that weren't so.

    • @ramone2720
      @ramone2720 Рік тому +48

      I disagree.
      Finns and Norwegians don't have the excessive respect for the elder like Japanese, and they're not too submissive to their bosses at work either.
      I can only agree that these countries have very homogeneous populations because they don't have lots of foreigner residents or inmigrants.

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому +28

      Thanks so much for sharing!🙌 I actually wrote a blog post about this connection between Japan & Finland, so that's nice you feel that too! Here it is: herfinland.com/finland-japan-connection/

    • @blackcoffeebeans6100
      @blackcoffeebeans6100 Рік тому +5

      Japan is different. Religiously, politically and culturally. I think Nordic countries could learn a lot from it.

  • @andicarson1339
    @andicarson1339 6 місяців тому +30

    I live in Minnesota, USA. My heritage is 1/2 Finnish (my father was a Finn). My father died when I was young. I have always had things that I tended to do that were different from other people. Now, as an adult, I have started to learn about Finland. For most off what others find weird about me are normal for Finnish culture, but I didn't know it was. ❤ Now I know that I am not weird...I am Finnish! ❤❤❤

    • @jamescbliss2225
      @jamescbliss2225 24 дні тому

      My mother was from finland so I am half fin

  • @missywoford1809
    @missywoford1809 Рік тому +86

    I love that Finns are comfortable with silence, I wish more cultures were! Same with not using names in conversation (for some reason, I don't care for it when people use my name when talking to me) Avoiding small talk by enjoying silence and responding to "How are you?" with a genuine response sounds fantastic, not weird at all!

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому +2

      Thank you for your comment! 🧡🇫🇮

    • @ristovirtanen6396
      @ristovirtanen6396 8 місяців тому +1

      Name days are remnants from old Catholic Church calendar of saints whose celebration was dedicated to a certain date of the year.🙄

    • @NannyOggins
      @NannyOggins 7 місяців тому +3

      Oh yes, silence can be golden! I wish certain cultures would realise that you dont have to fill it with loud nonsense! I LOVE that you take off your shoes in the house. Ive tried to introduce it to English culture but people wont comply, they consider me silly.
      I think your culture sounds marvellous.

    • @Datacorrupter234
      @Datacorrupter234 22 дні тому

      im part finnish i gravitate towards this type of behavior a lot i suppose ill start using my finnish ancestry as an excuse haha

  • @michaeldriscoll8537
    @michaeldriscoll8537 8 місяців тому +43

    My impression of Finland as an American? I LOVE your country. My wife and I went to Helsinki and then to Lapland. The cold weather doesn’t bother us, everyone was polite, everything was clean and orderly, the transportation was reliable and the food was amazing! We like silence and don’t like small talk. And we also love coffee! I hope we get back soon. 🇫🇮

    • @Cat_paww
      @Cat_paww 8 місяців тому +6

      Good that you like finland we in finland are so friedly to strangers

    • @ArchieArpeggio
      @ArchieArpeggio 7 місяців тому +3

      I can see that you and your wife fit here fine. I love the night time when it´s even more silent everywhere (exept in bars). You can hear the nature and breeze of air.

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  7 місяців тому +4

      Awww, you are so sweet. Thank you so much❣️🇫🇮

    • @ciganyweaverandherperiwink6293
      @ciganyweaverandherperiwink6293 6 місяців тому

      Wow! Sold! I'd love to go based on what you just shared here.🛫☕😊

  • @user-wi5ij9bt3q
    @user-wi5ij9bt3q 8 місяців тому +44

    I am 100% Finnish but born in a Finnish farming town in South Dakota. Everything you spoke about is me and my family. It is amazing how the culture replanted in the states in the early 1900’s. I love silence, never know someone’s name until they ha in my life for awhile and naked in the sauna with family and friends is the closest relationship you will ever experience. Letting babies nap in the cold brought back memories. Loved it all. Thanks.

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  7 місяців тому

      Thank you for sharing this❣️🇫🇮

  • @theHaba99
    @theHaba99 Рік тому +14

    you know its a true friend when you can be just relax and be silent and it doesnt feel awkward, maybe this is just finnish thing.
    sometimes you just dont have anything that feels worth bringing up in your mind and we'll just be silent, but its still nice to hang around people because if tought comes then you just talk about it.
    we can sometimes just be silent but still enjoy the time together.

  • @karhukivi
    @karhukivi Рік тому +55

    I worked in Finland for about 8 weeks (6 weeks summer, 2 weeks winter, and out in the countryside) back in the 90s and really enjoyed the place, the people and the language, (which I'm now learning for fun). The "silence" is only when there is nothing much to say, but almost every morning in the office there was a discussion at coffee break and all the Finns were talking, often at the same time. The only people who were silent were the non-Finns, like myself, who were unable to follow the conversation!

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому +5

      Hei George!💁🏼‍♀️ So great to meet you here! Love your comment!!! Thank you so much!🧡🙏

  • @kevytmelankolia3395
    @kevytmelankolia3395 Рік тому +38

    The baby naming thing is on point. As a finn I get anxiety when celebrities name their kids way before the due date and announce pregnancies super early.

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому +2

      Haha so nice you can relate 😊

  • @vladimirsvetlov1243
    @vladimirsvetlov1243 Рік тому +81

    Lived in Turku/Abo for a couple of years, and really liked the fact that Finns don't feel like every moment should be filled with small talk. The thing with not introducing yourself is a bit weird, worse tho is when I called my Finnish colleague by wrong name, and that ass didn't correct me 🤣 Thanks a lot, Timo. 🤪

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому +4

      Thank you so much for commenting and sharing Vladimir 🇫🇮🧡

    • @gracewang815
      @gracewang815 Рік тому +5

      I had the same experience of what you had! I wrote Joe instead of Joel many times but this Finns never corrects me until I realized it was my mistake

    • @moriseyusa
      @moriseyusa Рік тому +6

      Someone came up with this hideous idea that using people's names made them feel seen and helped build a relationship for sales etc. I freaking HATE it, if you use my name, you've lost the sale and I'm going somewhere else. I feel like neurodivergent's would be so happy there not having to figure out how to talk and engage constantly.

    • @vladimirsvetlov1243
      @vladimirsvetlov1243 Рік тому +2

      @@moriseyusa I think a lot of people can be happy in Finland - after all, isn't it the happiest country in the world? 😎

    • @jinusrafezadeh3335
      @jinusrafezadeh3335 Рік тому

      I naturally dislike everybody ,hence I am impervious and indifferent to all what people do in all cultures 😂😂😂

  • @nunoribeiro4462
    @nunoribeiro4462 Рік тому +48

    I lived in Finland and I can say that everything you say, it's true!! I miss Suomi so much! Congrats for your presentation! 👍

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому +1

      Haha nice you can relate! Thanks for watching. 😊

  • @MotionMechanic
    @MotionMechanic Рік тому +72

    My Grandfather was from Finland, and I am surprised how many of my personal habits are apparently straight from Finland! No shoes, writing notes, recycling, and most of all silent together are all things that I am and most people I know don't get it. And yes, I take the "How are you" question very seriously and do not like the small talk version of stopping at "Fine." Oh, my husband I am picking up puppies in 5 weeks, and he has a name for his picked out, but I always wait until I have mine for awhile to see who they are first.

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому +2

      Hei! So glad to meet you here! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Thank you for commenting and sharing this! 🧡🇫🇮

    • @katarina_fen
      @katarina_fen Рік тому +2

      It's also very close to my culture (I'm from Belarus)..;) except recycling unfortunately;(

    • @ashleighsparkle8810
      @ashleighsparkle8810 Рік тому +2

      My husbands Finnish family talks a lot. And my husband is pretty extroverted. I don’t know much about this silent thing. I guess that’s why he liked me, an American 😂. We love to talk, even the more introverted ones like me.

    • @thewildbruce5612
      @thewildbruce5612 Рік тому +3

      @oh hi Actually. That's not an exception for Finns. We may seem introverted at first. But when we get to know a person, then we can't seem to shut up and are talking non-stop. 😂

    • @thewildbruce5612
      @thewildbruce5612 Рік тому +2

      @@ashleighsparkle8810 That's a very Finnish thing. We may seem introverted at first. But when we get to know a person, then we can't seem to shut up and are talking non-stop. 😂

  • @RamenLlama
    @RamenLlama Рік тому +27

    This was a really fun video! Finland's culture and language is so interesting and resonates with me more than I can put into words, so thank you for all the insight your videos give us

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому +1

      Thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed 🙏

  • @blotski
    @blotski Рік тому +82

    I'm a finnophile and have visited Finland often for over twenty years. You know this business about Finns being shy and taciturn? A Finnish friend just yesterday told me he was sick of people stereotyping Finns as being incapable of chatting or terrified of strangers. Finns are just as varied and individual as anywhere but the internet if full of Finns telling everyone about how they just sit in silence etc. I had to say I agree. I have always found Finns to be very friendly and very responsive when you speak to them. Especially, when they find you're a foreigner who has learned Finnish. Some of my Finnish friends are much more extravert than me. I'm English. So sure, in comparison to many other nations, the Finns are fairly shy. But they are friendly on the whole and people shouldn't be afraid of chatting to them. They are the worst for spreading exaggerated stereotypes about themselves.
    I have never noticed the name thing. I've always found that when you meet a Finn they automatically say their name when they shake hands.

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому +3

      Hei Bob! Great to meet you here! Thank you for commenting on your thoughts and experiences about the Finns! 🧡🤩🇫🇮

    • @martincotterill823
      @martincotterill823 Рік тому +4

      I'm originally from the North West, I had to watch Little Britain for the first time, because a finnish colleague enjoyed it so much, he had a wicked sense of humour

    • @johnkiefer8982
      @johnkiefer8982 Рік тому +6

      The „stereotype“ of Finnish lack of social interaction far predates the internet. The TV show 60 Minutes did a segment on Finland in maybe the late 1970‘s and they must have used the word shy a thousand times. Personally, I’ve not been there yet so I can’t say

    • @MissMoonshineDance
      @MissMoonshineDance Рік тому +3

      Great! I’m going for first time in May to try saunas and trying to learn the language - i have no clue what’s in store and hope i can get some tips here :)

    • @johnm7267
      @johnm7267 Рік тому

      The wives are too friendly if the prime minister is anything to go by

  • @kjoy519
    @kjoy519 Рік тому +44

    I loved this! And explains why Finns are so happy 😀 Maybe the rest of us could adopt some of your “weird” practices. Thank you for sharing , Varpu. x

  • @sherylnurmi724
    @sherylnurmi724 Рік тому +19

    I'm a Finn living in Canada. People here don't understand being silent together and have loud opinions about being naked in Sauna lol. Watching you makes me so happy 😊. Kiitos

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому +1

      Thanks so much for watching ❤️ If you ever have to explain your Finnish ways in Canada, send them this video to explain 😂

    • @Kerppu68
      @Kerppu68 Рік тому +4

      I have noticed many people outside of Finland are scared of silence. Are they also afraid to find their inner voice?

    • @infernalstormrider
      @infernalstormrider Рік тому +3

      Silence is golden!

    • @ashleighsparkle8810
      @ashleighsparkle8810 Рік тому +1

      @@Kerppu68ilence can be fine, but it also can mean you don’t have much to say. Why is that? Are you a boring person with no thoughts? Do you not value sharing things with others? Why don’t you feel the need to connect w others through language? Do you not value others input? These are some of the questions people will feel when we see a so called silent culture. Like others do not matter much as you exist in your own bubble.

    • @thewildbruce5612
      @thewildbruce5612 Рік тому

      @@infernalstormrider Yes! Silent is the best! 😁👍🏻 Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivä! 🇫🇮 🤍💙🤍 🎆🎇🎉🥳

  • @carlcushmanhybels8159
    @carlcushmanhybels8159 Рік тому +9

    Enjoyed it! I have long time Finnish family friends in a very rural corner of New Hampshire. I'll share more about Finnish ancestry friends another time.The Finnish custom of not firmly naming babies till they reveal their personality: Navajo (a large tribe of Native Americans) also have that custom. Often the grandmother gives/ settles on a name. And Navajo have a wonderful "First Baby's Laugh party." Whoever first made the baby laugh becomes an honored participant in a small family celebration gathering and blessing. --I used to be a storytelling school librarian for Navajo in NE Arizona.

  • @federicorizzi4189
    @federicorizzi4189 Рік тому +22

    First of all thank you really much for your video, which moved my thoughts away from this sad and difficult situation the whole world is living. And your smile heals every wound of the soul :)
    I'm also really happy to see your channel growing up day after day. The passion you put into it deserves every credit, keep it up with your outstanding work!
    There are some similarities between finnish and italian uses after all: names day, split bills... One think I strictly relate with is I hate to have debt. Even 1€ of won't make me sleep haha!
    You mentioned several weird sports (sometimes reported even in italian newspaper) but you forgot the most important one: the Air Guitar contest!
    Finnish people in my Country aren't see weird at all and, as much as your northern neighbourghs, you're rather seen as inspiration for your political, educational and environment care systems.
    One big difference is about baby names: here you have to register their name the day they born. But I confess I find emotively deep to choose a baby's name according to her/his personality (for how a personality could be on a baby girl/boy after few days of life!).
    I can't wait for your next video :)
    Love from Italy

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому +2

      Thanks for your comment & for watching Federico! Nice to hear the similarities to Italy but also the big difference in baby names too 🙌 Always so nice to have your support 🇮🇹. :)

    • @katin.rontti4479
      @katin.rontti4479 Рік тому

  • @meggiepis
    @meggiepis Рік тому +30

    #11 I have lived in Finland for 5 years and noticed some inconsistencies in not using names by Finns. On the one hand, they go to the gym or swimming pool and, despite meeting the same people regularly, they don't know them by name because they're just "acquaintance". On the other hand, when the phone rings (unknown number), Finns introduce themselves by name, often first and last name 😊

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому +5

      Thank you for sharing this Magda! 🧡

    • @katin.rontti4479
      @katin.rontti4479 Рік тому +23

      So true 😂 Short version: It is for speeding things up. Explanation: It is because normally those phone calls from unknown numbers are either a missed call - and by saying your name you get rid of the caller quickly - or it's an official phone call, when the caller have to verify, they have called to right person before they can start to tell their business. So, basically we answer with our name to get rid of the call as quickly as possible. How Finnish of us, don't you think? 😁

    • @meggiepis
      @meggiepis Рік тому +2

      @@katin.rontti4479 I got it! Thanks for explaining this. I couldn't find a clue😉 100%Finnish in Finnish.

  • @danielivan9146
    @danielivan9146 Рік тому +12

    Hi Varpu, I'm from Slovakia and I found that few things we have common. Like: Sticker for vegetables in shops, recycling, names day celebration, getting shoes off inside, giving babies to sleep outside even when it's freezing, drinking milk as adults, working time, and we have also odd sports championships :D ... you should visit Slovakia when u'll plan your vacation. Sadly we don't have so many saunas as you do, but maybe you should consider the visit. ;)

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому

      Thank you for your comment Daniel! I will keep in mind the invitation to Slovakia!

  • @CatMunz1
    @CatMunz1 Рік тому +5

    I was an exchange student to Finland 50 years ago. My Finnish friends and adopted family have never lost touch. All of them have been here, and I there (many times). I love Finnish people, I love their ability to keep quiet and yet they say what they need. Thanks for your video,

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому

      Awww!!! Thank you for sharing this! 🧡🇫🇮

  • @PM-gx2bp
    @PM-gx2bp Рік тому +18

    I wonder how long these wonderful ways of doing things will last. I’m a natural born Finn but I have lived abroad for 33 years. I’m a stickler about taking shoes off inside one’s house and it drives me berserk when someone doesn’t take his or her shoes off when entering my home. I also love eating potatoes and drinking milk. One thing I miss is herneent. I don’t understand that we can get all kinds of exotic fruit and vegetables where I live but one can’t get herneitä (siis tuoreita herneen palkkoja). Whenever I visit Finland around summertime I eat myself sick with these peas. I miss Finland and hope to move back before I die.

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому +1

      Thanks for your perspective and sharing these nice memories 🇫🇮 💙

  • @melodybelle92
    @melodybelle92 10 місяців тому +3

    Thank you for sharing this video. I like your channel. It helps me understand my Finnish-American husband and family more. ❤ Also very funny! 😂 I have made some of these observations too. Although most Finns are a lot more quiet and reserved I have found that they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever known. The kindness and hospitality is unmatched. I’m blessed to be married to one.😊

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  9 місяців тому

      Thank you for your comment!

  • @CosplayBuddies
    @CosplayBuddies Рік тому +12

    Haha "we are watching all of the youtube videos about Finland" here I am, a Finn, watching this video from another Finn telling what we do, as if I didn't know these :D
    It's very true we like to hear what other people think about Finland, "Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan"-Finland mentioned, we'll meet at the market square- as a popular saying really says it all.

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому

      😂 true! Glad you shared this. Thank you!

  • @auroravanessa221
    @auroravanessa221 Рік тому +96

    Kiitos 🇫🇮❤️ Quick fun fact: Finland just received a first spot in the worlds' "happiest country" category for five years straight placing Denmark as second after having been first for quite some time. Well done! I'm a Dane and I see many overall resemblances between Finnish and Danish culture. Of course there are differences, but that only adds more beauty to Finland. The recycling ♻️ part is taken *very* seriously here in Denmark and we care deeply about nature, wildlife and biodiversity. We're also introverted as a nation, we like our privacy and don't engage in small talk, not even with our neighbours. In this aspect, we're pretty similar. I know of many (myself included) who are very fascinated with the Finnish landscapes, and travel there regularly. Finland is like a second home 🏡 to us Danes 🥰🇫🇮🇩🇰

    • @HerFinland
      @HerFinland  Рік тому +10

      Thanks so much for watching! & wow so many similarities between Denmark & Finland, so awesome to see 😍

    • @karrikemppainen1535
      @karrikemppainen1535 Рік тому

      "Happiest country" sounds like a global scam 🤔
      Finland is "funland" of a sort in many ways, but as a finn living "under the surface", it just feels like some collective global propaganda with taps on the proud simpletons back to keep us "happy"
      Now if you'll excuse me, I'mma go roll myself in aluminium foil 🤪

    • @auroravanessa221
      @auroravanessa221 Рік тому +3

      @Karri Kemppainen This is more of an appreciation statement on behalf of sharing some socio-political, cultural and economic aspects between Denmark and Finland which I personally thought was suitable considering the nature of this particular topic. I studied and now teach cultural studies, so I find anything related to culture, extremely fascinating.
      Not too long ago, Aleksi Himself made a video on his UA-cam channel explaining the down sides too, and his observations are spot on.
      To expand on your take, and if you don't mind me recommending Chapter Two, page 23-40 "Happiness is a problem" in Mark Mansons' The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F.' Basically falls in line with a lot of issues people struggle with while offering some degree of solutions. The entire book worth the read, not just one chapter.

    • @karrikemppainen1535
      @karrikemppainen1535 Рік тому

      @@auroravanessa221 my goodness, I love responds like this!
      Thank you! Your recommendation is much appreciated and I daresay these are the times we actually begin to LEARN some culture.
      I am from Oulu and my home-city has some vague idea of becoming somekind of "capital of culture", which quite much has me rolling out of cringe-laughter alongside so called "worlds smartest hospital".
      Big goals for such little wits imo.
      I wish I could call it "noble".
      With literally pissy-ball at rotuaari, stone-cold police officer "toripoliisi" at ever iconic finnish meeting place "tori" at torinranta and markethall that is always surrounded by construction sites, I really can't help but wonder and question this goal 🤣
      First world Finland... Shadow is always dark underneath fat tummy of the blissful ignorant.

    • @felixchaus
      @felixchaus Рік тому +2

      Well the thing about Finnish been happy is a myth and comes from the dark way of Finnish people see their lives.
      There was some bookclub book that had comments about people and their happines, german was happy since he had 10k in his bank account, swede was happy about great collece their daughter got in, finnish woman was happy since she had enough money to pay that moths rent.
      Yes you read correctly, every one else was happy about fortune and prosperity, finnish person was happy she was able to pay rent for that month.
      In finland people can joy and celebrate when someone has things worse than them selfs

  • @eskomies
    @eskomies Рік тому +3

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    Sama suomeksi och samma på svenska. Tai jotain. Piristävä video! Tykkäsin. Kiitos.

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    I really like how holiday time & free time in the evenings are so respected in Finland. It’s so important for a person’s health to have rest time available to them.
    It’s definitely not like that here in Canada.

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      Yes so important! Sorry it's not the same in Canada 😕

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      Glad to hear Finland stayed the same!

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      Europe has a strong and long tradition of unionising. That is the reason for the perks. The nordic countries are somewhat common when it come to perks like long summer vacation that must be taken in the summer, 40h week, and the list goes on. I don't know canada on this matter, but USA have destroyed as much of the unions as possible, and the ones left is almost violent in nature with often irrational demands. Unions in the nordic countries want perks, but work more together with business and politics. There is also more rules and system in place to regulate strikes, negotiations and stuff to prevent it go out of hand. French and british unions is more messy in this regard. And unions in italy is .... italian .... I can't explain it in simple terms, but the perks is ludicrous.

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    The non introduction of names seems funny as I usually start with hello I'm Jenna when I meet someone new. I like the warm personal connection of using a name, I think it can make you feel important to that person if they remember your name & use it but it's not that your ways are weird, they are just your ways. Diversity makes it interesting to visit different cultures. It would be boring if we were all the same. Thanks for allowing us into glimpse of Finn culture. 💗

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      Super interesting! Thank you so much for sharing your story!!! 🤩

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      What's that?

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      I am also a third generation Finnish-American and see many similarities that American-Finns have held on to. I love learning about Finn culture as a way to resonate with my history and identity. Love the “Sisu” that Finns have. Sisu, recycling, social concerns for all and honesty has definitely stuck around in our Finnish roots. We also still make Finnish meatballs and Niseua (Pulla).

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    Went to Finnland last year, to see my husband play a concert in Helsinki. I felt strangely at home and what you describe feels totally familiar, apart from taking the shoes off in the office. I am German, but have been living in the UK for over twenty years. I loved your food and your language. Started to learn a few words before my travels, just to be able to say thanks and please, but it is so much fun, so I keep going. Thanks for the lovely video.

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    So, your video was very interesting and I loved learning more about your culture. Taking shoes off in homes in the UK tends to vary from house to house, some people like to keep their carpets clean, others aren't so worried but apart from working in kindergarden baby rooms, I have never worked anywhere where you need to remove your shoes. In fact, several places have expressly forbidden it!
    For me, the weirdest thing is absolutely being naked in a sauna (I am English after all, being prudish is a well known, and true stereotype for us in general!😂) I cannot imagine anything more horrifying than being in a sauna with anyone who isn't my husband (even that would need a few stiff drinks first!) without even a swimsuit on. That is a massive HELL NO from me and the stuff nightmares are made from! Strangers, nope! 😳Family OMG even worse! 😲
    I absolutely loved that your restaurant bills are split in groups of people so easily. That is so sensible! I personally find silence quite uncomfortable and so I tend to overcompensate by filling the silence with utter rubbish, sometimes to the point that I start to annoy myself after a while! I could learn so much from you there!😄 I am subscribing to you and hope to learn more about your glorious country and maybe a little of the language too and someday I would absolutely love to visit.

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      Thanks so much for watching and for your support! Haha yes that is certainly something that could have ended up on this list 😂

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      Hei Steve! Thank you so much for your comment! I am so glad you found my content! ❣️

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    I suffered a severe brain injury 30+ years ago, and had to overcome a very tough speech impediment. I started studying the Finnish language, just practicing pronunciation (after 15 minutes of trying to speak Finnish, English seemed easy!). I never spoke Finnish very well, but I was able to overcome the worst of my English speech issues over a five year period! So, thank you, Suomi!!!

    • @HerFinland
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      Oh man! Thatäs a fun won. Thanks so much for this comment 💙 Great Finnish, welcome back 🇫🇮

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    It's interesting to know that you weigh your own fruits and vegetables in the supermarket, to get the price. This did not shock me when I had the pleasure of coming to your country because it is the same in Switzerland. However, in California, this happens at the cash register, which is equipped with a scale, and it is the store employee who takes care of the pricing.
    In Canada, we also take off our shoes when we enter a house, especially in winter! This is also the custom in California but not necessarily an obligation. If there are carpets in the house one does it, with a stone or wood floor, we keep our shoes (flip flops) on.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

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    I find your culture amazing. I live in the USA and we purchase our fruits and vegetables mostly in the same way. Things have changed a bit with many people having their products delivered, but I was very familiar with what you were speaking. Thanks.

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    Love the name giving isn’t necessary when it comes to acquaintances. Sounds like Japanese and Finns would get along just perfectly

    • @thewildbruce5612
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      Finland is NOT a Scandinavian country! 🇫🇮 Finland has a completely different culture and language than the Scandinavian countries (Sweden 🇸🇪, Norway 🇧🇻 and Denmark 🇩🇰)!

    • @HeliNoir
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      @@thewildbruce5612 Therefore saying Finns Scandinavians in general sorry if the separation wasn't clear 😅

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      @@HeliNoir I apologize. I misunderstood. English is not my native language as you can tell. 😂 Greetings from Finland. 🇫🇮

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    Great video~

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    My dad was born here, in northern Canada, to Finnish immigrant parents. I am proudly Canadian, speak English and French, and know very little Finnish, but your list explains so much about my father, his father (sadly his mom died when he was quite young), and some quirky parts of my own ways of doing things to this day. Thanks for the fun video! I shared it with my daughters who look remarkably similar to you.

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    I really love your comments about Finland. It´s the first time I´m on your channel. Just want to tell my personal short "Finnish" story: I was offering a car for sale within the int´l organization, where I was working. A Fin was interested and we finally (tough negotiation!) agreed on a price. Nothing in writing though. I still had to re-register my car from diplomatic to normal plates and this process took a while. After a few weeks (!) I phoned the guy asking, whether he would still stick to his word, since the process was longer, than expected (long explanation by myself...). His answer was one word: Yes. Few weeks (again) later I phoned him again, same reason, same question, same lengthy explanation. His answer was again: Yes. No further word. Finally I phoned him and told him, the car was ready for him. He came to my office and brought the money. No word too much was exchanged. I have to point out, that I never had any impression of unfriendlyness. I was just amazed by this guy, simply sticking to his word.
    And since my organisation ranges from southern Europe to the high north, I really had to do with many different cultures....

    • @HerFinland
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    Finland sounds delightful. You have an admirable culture. I live in the inland Pacific Northwest out in the countryside where the wind in the trees is music to my ears. My interest in Finland is mostly a result of my admiration for Tuomas Holopainen, one of the great minds of our time. I'm glad I found your channel - have my like and subscription.

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      Thank you for commenting Ward! I am so happy too that you found my social media!! Glad to spark your interest in Finland a bit more!! 🤩🇫🇮

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    Hello, Varpu. I just discovered your videos. Finland has always fascinated me and I have it on my travel wish list. Personally speaking, I love how the Finns value silence. I do not talk much; unless my words have a purpose. My fellow Americans talk way too much! Ironic that Americans are so obsessed with security; yet, they will freely talk about their life stories to any strangers who will listen! Please keep making your informative videos about Finland. You are a terrific teacher, Varpu!

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    Lovely video, but you missed a few things! I was surprised to find frozen birch twigs with leaves on in the frozen section of a supermarket. I now know why: the sauna! Also, during a project in Vantaa, we had fun finding words with the most Umlaut, for instance: määrä

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    9:16 we have this at Meijer store in usa. I find this easier because sometimes tiny labels won't scan, cashier might not be familiar with the product and you might choose a different quantity than what is advertised so it is calculated before hand

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    The name day for me is weird because my name isn't on the Finnish calendar. My name is Friida and it apparently has German origin, but it's a Swedish name. My name day is in Swedish calendar is 29th of December so we celebrate it then. Anyway I realized that there's a lot of things I do I didn't even realize I do. Love the video keep up the work! :D

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    ^ ^ This was absolutely facinating! I have only been in Finland once. We went to do a fire performance show in Helsinki ...... it was amazing. The strangest things about Finnish culture I found is the attitude to drinking alchohol..... it was ridiculously expensive! So you have these stores called "Alko" and they are not so expensive. The other thing I noticed is that when I walked down the street people would look directly in my eyes..... that is not usual in Scotland. The other thing is eveyone we met spoke perfect English. you must have a very good education . The chances of me learning Finnish are 0. Foxy Pagan Love fae Scotland VVxx

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    Finland is the most lovely place to visit! i have been there like 4 times and still dying to go back when I plan a trip its never dissapointing! very safe, nice and polite people lot of fun and love the language im learning it, is not so easy 😁 but someday I will learn it to move and live there! greetings from sweden ❤!

    • @thewildbruce5612
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      You don't need to learn Finnish to come and live in Ostrobothnia (Österbotten) as the majority of the Finns there speak Swedish.

    • @erikafinland2162
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    • @henr2000
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      @@thewildbruce5612 good to know that, I thought only in Ahvenanmaa was where people speak Swedish thanks for your reply 🙂

    • @thewildbruce5612
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      @@henr2000 Finland är faktist ett tvåspråkigt land där vi talar både finska och svenska. De flesta svenskspråkiga Finländarna bor i huvudstadsregionen och vid västkusten. 😊

  • @brianvandorp25
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    I dutch, but married to a Finnish lady, she's definitely not silent lol, but unequaled in the honesty, classy and the genuine department, hope to go to Finland soon 🇫🇮

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      Er zijn meerdere nederlanders in Finland 🇫🇮 Welcom! (Wij verhuisden hiernaartoe toen ik 3 jaar was, daar ben ik blij mee 😊).

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    I (German) was very lucky to visit Finland twice: in 1978 and 1980. That's a pretty long time, but I never ceased to love this country. Sadly I have forgotten much of my (scarce) knowledge of the Finnish language. But one sentence I will never forget: Minä vihaan hytyssiä. 😉

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      Mäki vihaan hyttysiä, mut paarmat on pahempia

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      Keegi ei oska eesti keelt, aga, nagu samasugune jutt soomega. Välismaa rahvus don’t understand. Võro keel päris hea idé 😁. Ei. Mitte midagi. Kaik korras. Greetings from PõhjaPoro riikist to Estonian vabariig . Selgitus; ei õppinud veel eestikeel, tegelik prakti, peab Kalevipoeg etc.

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    Thanks for the video🥰
    I would add two naked things. We have naked running competition event every year, called Nakukymppi in Padasjoki. And we have also mixed public naked saunas, e.g. Sompasauna in Helsinki. Sometimes people have mixed naked saunas with friends also, not only with family.

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    Like yr video and share at the moment trying to understand Finnish culture and life style yr video helps me a lot in funny ways thx

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      Thank you for commenting!

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    What an excellent ambassador you are, I would love to visit Finland. The icy bath… no!
    I would reply to a note with a nice letter…. 😅 the silence might be nice for a while. I love the name day and holidays and time off too. In the USA many often work too hard. Stay Happy!

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    I find some of the things normal like taking off your shoes when you are indoors. Have probably to do with the climate. Others are weird like leaving notes but we do them too. Funny how many things we have in common.
    Greetings from Sweden.

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      Thank you for your comment Reine! 🤩🇫🇮 Best wishes from Finland!

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      Some of these things are also common in other Nordic countries.

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    I spent a summer in Finland in 1979, working at a bank through AIESEC. This video brought back lots of great memories, so thank you!

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      Thank you so much for sharing this❣️🇫🇮

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    As a German I feel we do many things like you in Finland. 👍
    I am married in Canada for many years and I miss my former Life style in Germany. 🌍🌲🌲
    First time I watched you and I subscribed. 👍💖

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    I just love your youtube channel and your Pinterest! I'm a Finn (born in the US) and watching your videos and reading your articles makes me feel more connected to Suomi!

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      Hei Elizabeth, thank you so much for sharing! 🤩🧡🇫🇮

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    This list sounds pretty normal to me now, as I've been living with a beautiful Finnish lady in the UK for 20 years. When I first encountered things on this list they did seem strange to me, as a Brit. I'm naturally shy, but even I was uncomfortable with prolonged silence. Sometimes during a silent period, I would question if something was wrong. If an English woman is silent, you KNOW that you have done something wrong 😆.
    We have adopted some of the 'weird' things into our house (like no shoes indoors) because they make much more sense.

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    We were in Finland for some days in 2005. One custom that amazed and delighted us (I am Australian, my wife from India). We were walking down the street in Helsinki, when someone turned on recorded music and started dancing on the street. Everyone nearby formed a crowd, when the dance stopped, all clapped and went their different ways. A but further along, someone started reciting poetry, and the same thing happened. The next day someone started singing and an instant crowd assembled. We never see anything like that in our countries, and it was most wonderful. (We also found the best Indian restaurant outside India.)

    • @HerFinland
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      Thank you for sharing! 😍🇫🇮

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    That is a lot of helpful information🙏 And we have also already had experience with a recycling note 😁

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      So nice you enjoyed these "weird" things. Thanks for sharing 💙

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    As an American with all four grandparents born in Finland, I can see so many of these traits were carried to the new country. I have been to Finland with own sons in 2016 and first with my mother and sisters in 1998 where we found the grave of our great-grandmother and the farm house my father’s father (the first-born son) left to avoid Russian conscription. None of them ever saw their homeland again, which must have been a heartbreak. Still they taught us how to work hard, keep a clean house, take the hottest sauna (naked of course), how to relish silence and the beauty of white birches and a cold lake at sunrise. Not to mention the delicious panukakku, pulla, leipäjuusto and the dreaded lipiagula (don’t know how to spell that one) the terrible fish cured with lye my mother served on Christmas Eve.

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    The one time I was in Helsinki I remembered the excitement about strawberries. The person showing me around took me to the market and we ate them at a park overlooking the sea. Also, Finns might have the most beautiful English accent.

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      Aww!! Thank you for sharing this!

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      I'm a Finn myself and I think we have the ugliest English accent! 🤣

    • @mreurovisionau
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      @@thewildbruce5612 Oh no. Australian accent is the ugliest. Believe me!

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    Irish people (more rural and older people now) share that ingressive sound too to show you are listening and attentive in a conversation while the other person is speaking. Also new potatoes and strawberries are a big thing in the Wexford in the south east of Ireland come May.

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