Game Theory: FNAF, I SOLVED Ruin! (Security Breach)

  • Опубліковано 5 чер 2023
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    Loyal Theorists, today I'm tackling one of the most recent FNAF BOMBSHELLS. The recent reveals of The Mimic, The Storyteller, and GGY have set the FNAF community ablaze. What does all this mean? You mean MatPat was RIGHT when he kept saying that the books were important? How does this all tie into Ruin and the larger FNAF story? Well, I'm here to answer all of those questions for you friends. So sit down in front of the HUGE white tiger animatronic... because it's time for a STORY!
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  • Cinos
    Cinos День тому +11384

    theory: matpat is patient 46 and his therapists exploded from the stress of trying to comprehend fnaf lore

  • Just Some Gal
    Just Some Gal 22 години тому +2729

    Markiplier might be the king of FNAF but Matpat deserves the title of "King of FNAF lore"

    • Lynn Ezzeddine
      Lynn Ezzeddine 17 годин тому +46

      I thought everyone called him that anyway 😂🤣

    • Ethan Ulloa
      Ethan Ulloa 16 годин тому +21

      Jesus Christ Loves You!!

    • Whole_Wheat_Soup
      Whole_Wheat_Soup 16 годин тому +21

      Freddy Fazlore

      QUBI-QUBED 16 годин тому +11

      @Ethan Ulloathanks Jesus!

    • CouchDoggo
      CouchDoggo 16 годин тому +6

      Matpat really is the FNAF Lore Lord

  • Cole Kiesler
    Cole Kiesler 22 години тому +1363

    To this day it still amazes me that MatPat still works his hardest on not giving up on the FNAF lore. Also when MatPat does not mention Music Man then this game theory video will start to get serious.

    • InXine
      InXine 20 годин тому +8

      why would he, he gets millions of views for his fnaf videos.
      money talks

    • AzureinkVI
      AzureinkVI 19 годин тому +4


    • Dont_Enter_My_Profile_
      Dont_Enter_My_Profile_ 18 годин тому

      Don't read my name!.

    • morbiusfan317
      morbiusfan317 18 годин тому


    • Ethan Ulloa
      Ethan Ulloa 16 годин тому

      Jesus Christ Loves You

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body
    Come Fast To Get Into My Body 3 години тому +610

    Bro, if Matpat went to a therapist for help cuz of his stressing out over FNAF lore, he'd probably end up giving the therapist trauma

  • cosmo
    cosmo 21 годину тому +495

    i like the idea that no matter how many times william “always comes back”, charlie will be there to see that he’s put back to rest and kassidy won’t be far behind to see that he suffers

    • Ethan Ulloa
      Ethan Ulloa 16 годин тому +10

      Jesus Christ Loves You

    • Neckromancer
      Neckromancer 14 годин тому +6

      ​​​@Ethan Ulloacan i get a hallelujah

    • Neckromancer
      Neckromancer 14 годин тому +4

      The ultimate tag team

    • Fiery Gamerz
      Fiery Gamerz 14 годин тому +3

      @Ethan Ulloa salam u aleikum
      Thanks Heynotizzy for the correction

  • noobsley
    noobsley День тому +4344

    Therapist: What’s bothering you?
    MatPat: Fnaf…
    Therapist: Can you explain more?
    MatPat: Oh boy..

    • Fourgrifin1
      Fourgrifin1 22 години тому +34


    • Just Some Gal
      Just Some Gal 22 години тому +168

      **gives therapist trauma**

    • LynkPlaysGames
      LynkPlaysGames 21 годину тому +86

      Matpat: how long is this session again?

    • Speak Games
      Speak Games 21 годину тому +34

      But that's just a theory...

    • dog eater
      dog eater 20 годин тому +46

      "So it all started with Fredbear's family diner, an animatronic diner founded by Henry Emily and his co-founder William Afton. Back then...

  • HotBarbie • Nude Yoga
    HotBarbie • Nude Yoga 4 години тому +120

    I imagine Scott Cawthon just sitting on a red velvet chair, with tons of money around him, happily chuckling while smoking a rich person cigar with the whole plot for the lore for the next ten years in his head while MatPat is going fully insane on these FNAF theories

  • CBKJoker
    CBKJoker 22 години тому +162

    It just hit me. Either Scott told a group of developers what the story is and they have not said anything. Or there are two cannons Scott’s and the team that made security breach.

    • Kyler Belshaw
      Kyler Belshaw 20 годин тому +34

      According to Steel Wool, Scott told them to put in some things, but didn't explain why.

    • Dylan Marler
      Dylan Marler 5 годин тому

      You're propably right, as because of the internet pressuring Scott into retiring from FNAF the timeline may not go in the intended direction

  • Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body
    Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body 5 годин тому +159

    “It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times” - Matpat, slowly going insane from all the fnaf lore

  • Master_Adam
    Master_Adam 22 години тому +73

    Matpat figured out the dlc before it released, now that’s some real dedication

  • Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body
    Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body 7 годин тому +261

    Everyone says matpat goes crazy with fnaf but the entire fnaf series is insane enough to make anyone who Glaces at it go mad

    • Parciwal Gaming
      Parciwal Gaming 6 годин тому +2

      Bot f u

    • Dylan R
      Dylan R 6 годин тому +2

      You even copied the spelling error

  • BlazeRBX
    BlazeRBX День тому +3146

    As we watch Matpat’s sanity unfold it’s like reading in on his own lore, like he’s generating some complex lore that we have to find out now

    • Kaydee draws lol
      Kaydee draws lol День тому +30


    • G
      G День тому +19

      dude was crazy long ago

    • Sam Torney
      Sam Torney 22 години тому +14

      someimes hes crazy sometimes not bet fnaf made him crazy back then

    • Ray Fire
      Ray Fire 22 години тому +1


    • finn_bow
      finn_bow 22 години тому +6

      Matpat has, loooooooore

  • HotBarbie • Nude Yoga
    HotBarbie • Nude Yoga 4 години тому +42

    I remember MatPat saying a few years back that there aren't that many FNAF theories on the channel. Well, they've... multiplied.

  • HotBarbie • Nude Yoga
    HotBarbie • Nude Yoga 4 години тому +54

    I think the reason the books have suddenly started to become more explicit with the lore and connections is because Scott's finally realized he needs to be more clear about what he wants the story to be

  • M & Artroom
    M & Artroom 20 годин тому +144

    I totally get why Mat is convinced Gregory is a robot mastermind but… you play the game and i just can’t help but think he’s just some lovable slightly sassy lost kid gosh dang it 😂

    • Alyssa
      Alyssa 16 годин тому +24

      I mean, if he is indeed a robot, his memory could have gotten corrupted. So he could be both the hacker mastermind in the past, and a slightly sassy lost kid now.

    • Andres
      Andres 9 годин тому +2

      RIGHT 😭

    • Bonnieplush Tuber
      Bonnieplush Tuber 6 годин тому +3

      Help wanted 2 is probably a prequel that will be about Gregory being possessed soooooo no

    • Mathison Chicetawn
      Mathison Chicetawn 5 годин тому +2

      why can't he be both?

  • Quirkity
    Quirkity 22 години тому +42

    With the “3rd generation” of games (help wanted, special delivery, and security breach), it really feel like the franchise has stepped away from supernatural horror, with ghosts and possession, and fully embraced sci-if horror with malicious viruses and evil AI

    • Makulatoren
      Makulatoren 7 годин тому +12

      In Dawko's interview with Scott he said that he prefer writing in the sci-fi genre and throughout the early games he had to hold himself back from making thing too much sci-fi. So it makes sense that it would take this direction.

  • HotBarbie • Nude Yoga
    HotBarbie • Nude Yoga 4 години тому +45

    Charlie tapping into the animatronics could also serve as a reason as to why Glamrock Freddy wants to help Gregory, yet doesn’t know why. The puppet was always known as the one to help the fallen children after all…

  • Maysar
    Maysar 20 годин тому +53

    Also noticed this green + purple combo on Roxy, Monty and Chica. All three of them have both colors somewhere in their designs, which i noticed when i first played and thoughts was kind of interesting, especially since Freddy doesn't have them, almost hinting that he's different in some way to us the player.

    • TitaN
      TitaN 11 годин тому +2

      you can get a purple bowtie from upgrades and I think you were supposed to get monty's legs or smth, which would probably get the green color.

  • YelloHammer
    YelloHammer 23 години тому +46

    The fact that Charlie is in charge of the Pizzaplex, due to the use of Marionette iconography in several parts of the building, kind of like a tree, seems to contradict what Matpat said in his previous video-- on the Blob, the Puppet's eyes aren't lit red like the other animatronics, and it doesn't have tear marks like it normally does. As a result, Matpat states that Charlie's soul exists elsewhere-- the Pizzaplex itself couldn't be it.

    • IX
      IX 21 годину тому +4

      well i mention this not to fat up but i think personally the blob are all the spirits that got dragged back with afton and so the blob is really just a pile of victims. that's my theory at least. like if afton came back, why wouldn't have the other?

    • Nyah Nyahson
      Nyah Nyahson 19 годин тому +12

      The blob is not the same as the wires, they look different.

    • GrenouilleSuprême
      GrenouilleSuprême 16 годин тому +2

      Charlie soul is just freed, that's it, there is no contradictions

    • YelloHammer
      YelloHammer 16 годин тому +1

      @GrenouilleSuprême Yes, but where would she go after getting freed? Her soul is clearly "elsewhere", as Matpat states, but he doesn't explicitly tell that her soul is possessing the Pizzaplex.

    • GrenouilleSuprême
      GrenouilleSuprême 15 годин тому

      @YelloHammer no, just in the afterlife, she's not stuck on earth anymore, souls in fnaf are not stuck forever as ling as there is no remnant keeping them here they just die and the fire destroyed her remnant

    ROSA LEE 22 години тому +6

    When I saw "Solved" I was shocked beyond shocked.
    It's been almost a DECADE since Matpat was trying to crack FNAF lore and "SOLVED"in this case is just a very strong word here.
    Be reminded, I am currently 36 SECONDS into this video, but I'm just saying.😂

  • Brandon Walker
    Brandon Walker 19 годин тому +20

    It would be funny if later down the line in, say, 5 years Scott drops books explaining the entire story and Matpat gets 98% of it all right

    • Funtime Fredboi1
      Funtime Fredboi1 5 годин тому

      Let's be honest he would get like 12% right his theories constantly get debunked.

    OTTER День тому +4295

    Team Theorist is going to have a field day with the fnaf movie lol
    Just imagine seeing Mat and his team at the premiere of the movie with notebooks and pens

    • BoxerGal
      BoxerGal День тому +127

      I can see this happening

    • Callie cat
      Callie cat День тому +178

      Wait that's actually so true. Mat will probably talk the whole movie and wish he could rewind.

    • SageTea
      SageTea День тому +71

      I just imaged it so vividly lmao they would be discussing theories during the trailers

    • Cloudation
      Cloudation День тому +5


    • Jman
      Jman День тому +29

      Matpat is going to die when the movie comes out

  • BlaNk
    BlaNk 23 години тому +6

    It seems like Scott and SW Studios are trying to make up for what happened with Security Breach and I'm so glad because to be honest, as much as I love this franchise and that game, I was a little worried 😅

  • CruncheeCat
    CruncheeCat 15 годин тому +5

    This video was definitely eye opening, and i pray to god it won't all be debunked when ruin comes out. Because it actually makes sense for once.
    FNAF finally makes just a little bit of sense...

  • phixe
    phixe 21 годину тому +8

    It would be cool to see a theory on Into the Radius VR. There is lore all throughout the play through of the game, would be awesome to see

  • Solangelo shipper
    Solangelo shipper 8 годин тому +4

    I know you probably won’t see this but I just wanted to say that as my parents have been getting divorced this past year your channels have been a huge support for me due to me loving these games and films etc. I’ve been watching your channel since I was I was eight and now 6 nearly seven years later they are a huge inspiration to me. Thank you, for everything

  • Primeval Frost
    Primeval Frost 23 години тому +1439

    It's crazy to think that i saw your first FNAF theory when I was just a young kid in primary school. now I'm finishing college and still watching.
    Thanks Matpat for years of entertainment and here's to another awesome decade 🍻

  • Bratu Teodor
    Bratu Teodor 15 годин тому +7

    Gregory being a robot is even more solid when you notice to his vision is start glitching when Glitch Trap is close.

  • Big Mac
    Big Mac 17 годин тому +6

    4:45 I've been agreeing with MatPat since the first theory video

  • Cory & Co.
    Cory & Co. 17 годин тому +11

    I really appreciate how Mat changes his intro every episode, it's nice

  • Detective Yuki
    Detective Yuki 21 годину тому +3

    If the story teller was bought in to generate new stories, those stories would have to be based off some kind of training data it gathered due to being an AI. If this is the case, that would explain why the books aren't 1 to 1 to the games. The stories in Tales from the Pizza Plex are literally Tales from the storyteller at the pizza plex. Things would happen at different attractions at the pizza plex over its runtime before security breach, and since the story teller had like full control over the entire place, that would allow it to gather the data of these events and turn them into stories. And just like how AI can't exactly generate things perfectly, the stories from the storyteller are just a little off from the actual events with some name changes as well.

  • Max B
    Max B 8 годин тому +3

    Surprised Scott hasn't made an actual pizzeria chain yet and put law in it

  • Oicul FPKLTM
    Oicul FPKLTM 21 годину тому +6

    I think is actually in the order that MatPat just explained it. Greg/46 is a evil robot that transforms the animatronics into hunter by hacking them and kills his therapists, but later at some point he gets reprogrammed by Charlie/Henry and turns into Gregory, the one we play as.

    • Phobia Animations
      Phobia Animations 9 годин тому

      Security Breach takes place somewhere around 2050 there is no way that Henry would still be alive.

    • My name is Forgettable...
      My name is Forgettable... 8 годин тому

      ​@Phobia Animations SB is in 2035 bro

    • Oicul FPKLTM
      Oicul FPKLTM 8 годин тому

      @Phobia Animations That's why I wrote Charlie/Henry. I'm not sure if was only Charlie or Charlie with Henry or Henry, and then Charlie was busy saving missing souls, etc

  • Larva Super Show
    Larva Super Show 23 години тому +3

    So I was just stuck in a link to the past, and your videos always help me know where to go if I’m really stuck. Thanks!

  • DMphobia
    DMphobia 17 годин тому +3

    Oh hey, Matpat's solved FNAF again.

  • Nate Grenade
    Nate Grenade 22 години тому +2

    With every Fnaf episode we gain more knowledge on the series, but we lose more of MatPat's sanity

  • TheCorns
    TheCorns 9 годин тому +1

    Can't we just appreciate the amount work he put inside of us

  • gayfrenchsheep
    gayfrenchsheep День тому +1100

    I actually think Matpat is going to be largely correct about everything because Scott has secretly offloaded the lore-crafting onto him and is watching all these videos and taking notes.

    • bongo
      bongo 21 годину тому +98

      That's been a running theory (aha) for as long as I can remember honestly.

    • #1 Roxy Fan
      #1 Roxy Fan 20 годин тому +4

      not quite

    • Dont_Enter_My_Profile_
      Dont_Enter_My_Profile_ 18 годин тому

      Don't read my name!.

    • The poisoned gamer
      The poisoned gamer 18 годин тому +7


    • Muck
      Muck 18 годин тому +1


  • blueberry
    blueberry 21 годину тому +2

    there’s this game series that i used to play a few years ago. it’s called cube escape. it’s got some lore behind it and i got some of it but i know for sure you could figure the whole story out. i love this game and am currently replaying it and i would love a video on it. it’s a bunch of escape rooms where the character is trying to escape his past i think. i would love a video ❤️

  • Piyo :D SBL
    Piyo :D SBL 21 годину тому +3

    Personally I think the pizzaplex books are connected to the canon games. Mainly because, the desc for them told us they were (this was written by Scott) the desc was only taken down because Scholastic changed it. NOT Scott. This means that in the lore the books were intended to be canon.

  • Shiøn Ch. 黒神シオン
    Shiøn Ch. 黒神シオン 6 годин тому +1

    I’ve been waiting for this video ever since the trailers for the movie, dlc and vr game dropped. I knew he was gonna make a vid. So glad I checked in everyday

  • Gabriel Eliott Minuci Motta
    Gabriel Eliott Minuci Motta 10 годин тому +1

    i feel like i've listened to the mimic story a thousand times already it better actually show up in the dlc lol

  • FuhNaff
    FuhNaff День тому +1879

    The fact that what I said about Henry rebuilding Charlie in my “I Solved Security Breach” series might actually be true is insane. Glad MatPat is now on board haha ;)

    • Aubrey Johnson
      Aubrey Johnson День тому +39

      Hello John from FuhNaff

    • ANM
      ANM День тому +46

      Your theory was epic and it made sense so of course MatPat was going to be on board :D

    • Meg Parker
      Meg Parker День тому

      hullo i love that we’re watching this at the same time lol

    • Focy
      Focy День тому +19

      you and matpat are making me have hope for the future of security breach/fnaf, i really personally enjoy the sci-fi direction its going in (as im pretty sure scott is more of a sci-fi guy than horror, dont quote me on that-)

    • Dont_Enter_My_Profile_
      Dont_Enter_My_Profile_ День тому

      Don't read my name.!..

  • James Cole
    James Cole 8 годин тому +2

    The Green and Purple thing also seems reflected in the designs for Chica, Roxanne and Monty. All have green and purple in thier designs, Chica has purple on her legs and forearms, and green earrings. Roxanne is purple but has green hair. Monty is green but his shoulder pads are purple. Those 3 are directly being controlled by Charlie and Glitch Trap, while Freddy the only one not being influenced has no purple or green in his desgin.

  • deadshot47
    deadshot47 12 годин тому +2

    with that whole 'green and purple' thing mat was talking about, the cover art for the dlc has purple lights in the background and green text saying "help me". Just another spot where that colour combo appears

  • Hamstey 1
    Hamstey 1 День тому +3413

    Matpat is going insane day by day, and Im all here for it

  • jacob page
    jacob page 13 годин тому +1

    Thank you matpat, you saved my evening. All it took was your sanity.

    SJTHEGAMER 13 годин тому +1

    Yet again another theory about FNAF, Matpat. At this point the theories never end..

  • Cartoon Box
    Cartoon Box 20 годин тому

    Can we appreciate how they tried their best to make this amazing video for us

  • Dallas Pukeroa
    Dallas Pukeroa 15 годин тому

    I started watching matpat when I was a kid from fnaf I’m so amazed he still has great theory’s over this mysterious game

  • truemetalsonic
    truemetalsonic 7 годин тому +1

    i always took "dont give up on me yet" as a tongue and cheek reference to everyone being done with Security Breach and writing it off as not creepy or challenging but RUIN will be the opposite to make up for the lack-luster main game. "dont give up on the devs yet, we can change the tone whenever we feel like"

  • ShankDeadPizza
    ShankDeadPizza День тому +519

    When it comes to FNAF, MatPat is always ready to do a theory about it and drift into insanity

  • Aludurhage
    Aludurhage 21 годину тому +2

    my theory is that the pizzaplex is actually in the alternate universe and thats why it fits so well with the books

  • Everlasting Dragon
    Everlasting Dragon 23 години тому +1

    OK, I got the thought of Charlie possessing a giant white tiger animatronic or statue (which gets the signature tear markings upon possession, of course) in order to fight Afton and it's just too awesome.

  • Johny1220
    Johny1220 13 годин тому

    I’ve really been loving the FNAF lore lately man lol, can’t wait to see what happens as the franchise continues! Keep it up guys! 😄

  • ariel sigal bein
    ariel sigal bein 13 годин тому +1

    awesome theory, awesome references, s tier editing ❤

  • Oregano
    Oregano 12 годин тому +1

    i like to think that MatPat's dreams consist entirely of fnaf lore ideas

  • Clockman
    Clockman День тому +801

    "Bad news i don't think the wider fnaf community is gonna agree with me on this one" -Every fnaf theory from matpat ever

  • Vian Plays
    Vian Plays 16 годин тому +1

    I imagine John/Fuhnaff is quite happy that the things he saw and found out are paying off.

  • GHOSTEE EGGZ 🏳️‍⚧️
    GHOSTEE EGGZ 🏳️‍⚧️ 7 годин тому +1

    18:38 Charlie and Glitchtrap fighting with the ink drop tools like lightsabers is giving me life

  • Sky Island Easton
    Sky Island Easton 6 годин тому

    Congrats on #1 on trending and quite a W for Matpat

  • ZeroMustang
    ZeroMustang 23 години тому

    I'm actually so hyped for the upcoming theories. It's always a dopamine rush when a MatPat FNaF Theory pops up on my phone

  • Diego Armada
    Diego Armada 5 годин тому +1

    Matpatt never fails to spread my cheeks and fill them up inside 😁😁

  • Hesai_Ouranios
    Hesai_Ouranios 22 години тому +1

    Matpat made it his goal to solve ruin before if even comes out 💀

  • Voisassain
    Voisassain 6 годин тому

    I just love how MatPat works to bring these episodes

  • Greenostrichalternate
    Greenostrichalternate 7 годин тому +1

    He failed to beat Scott to it when FNAF 4 arrived, but he most CERTAINLY beat Steel wool in the DLC.
    Goes to show how indie becomes a little more pants when AAA.

  • Dylan Hughes
    Dylan Hughes 17 годин тому

    I subscribed to all Theorists channels quite a while ago and have always loved MatPat's way of telling a story. I didn't realise how much until now... I've never played this game, read these books.. nothing. My only exposure to this story has been through MatPat.. and I'm only here cause of his amazing energy in these videos. Awesome.

  • Kraton Wolf
    Kraton Wolf День тому +225

    MatPat: "this is the final theory!"
    Me: ".. nah, not gonna be the last one."
    Today, MatPat proves me right. He can never escape FNAF. Unless they stop making books and games and other things, it'll never end.

    • Artic~Peril
      Artic~Peril День тому +4

      Even when they stop he'll be finding more lore in the stuff we already have 😂

    • A person that exists
      A person that exists День тому +1

      I mean, the ultimate timeline was never advertised as the final theory.

    • EditDeath
      EditDeath День тому

      Yeah, that was also gonna be a "sure, Jan" moment

    • Fizzy
      Fizzy День тому

      Uhhhh when did he mention "final" theory tho

  • Crimson
    Crimson 14 годин тому

    Even after so many years, I'm always excited for another FNAF Lore video.

  • Jacai
    Jacai 15 годин тому +1

    This is cool. John at FuhNaff has been saying this very thing for weeks now. The Charlie presence, fight of good and evil between Charlie and Afton, Henry/Edwin and child comparisons, etc. It's cool to see his theory being "validated", if you will, by the FNAF authority that is Game Theory. I'm sure it means a lot to him. I only wish he would have gotten some credit or a small mention for contributing to the thought. If I recall correctly, his theory had a little push back from the community. So, this could turn out to be a real "I was right" moment for him.

    • Knaught A. Masso-kist
      Knaught A. Masso-kist 4 години тому

      Yeah, I was hoping for a little shout-out to John in this theory.

  • icy soul
    icy soul 4 години тому

    I like how even if matpat can be absolutely and completely worng and sometimes unloigcal,the lore will still be based on what he says

  • MegaGravity
    MegaGravity 10 годин тому

    Just something to point out, in the poster of the ruin dlc (I think that is what it is) the 2 prominent background colors of the pizzaplex are green and purple too

  • Nico Angelo
    Nico Angelo 5 годин тому

    Kudos to Charlie for sticking out this long

  • Newman _real
    Newman _real 17 годин тому

    I think I'm going just as insane as matpat cause i legit get goosebumps when he points out something

  • embersflames1
    embersflames1 19 годин тому

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    Thanks for sharing this video with us, MatPat team! Including the book lore in your theories certainly opens up possibilities. It's as interesting as it is complex (and confusing).
    The idea that Gregory might be Patient 46 and maybe Glitchtrap's robot minion is intriguing, but I'm not sure how much can be confirmed based on the game evidence I've seen so far. Gregory's behavior seems fairly normal for a kid. He doesn't recognize Vanessa or Vanny, which could mean that they've never met or that Gregory is missing memories. Also, I don't think Gregory has displayed any major hacking skills. His glitching vision around Vanny could hint at a robotic nature though, as you once mentioned.
    Based on your description, Mimic resembles FNaF novel Circus Baby, whose body started out as a fourth Charlie-bot but was modified by William and fused with Elizabeth. Does this make the Mimic a symbolic mix of novel Charlie and Elizabeth? The Mimic was even created just for David, which reminds me of how game Elizabeth refers to Baby as being made just for her.
    Purple is William's color, but Glitchtrap could be connected to the color green. A few scenes from Help Wanted show Glitchtrap with green light shining on him. In Princess Quest, the Glitchtrap plush is green. Also, the prison cell keyhole in the third game has green circuitry lines rather than purple ones. Interestingly, the mystery rabbit in the Ruin trailer has green and purple circuitry lines on their head.

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    Fun fact, green and purple are on 1/3rd intervals of a colour wheel, you know what’s directly between them? Orangy-brown, the colour of Gregory’s eyes in game. They are described as brown but hazel is probably better.

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