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Sacramento Metro Fire unveils new squad car | What We Know

  • Опубліковано 12 тра 2024
  • First responders with Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District are using new innovations to reduce the number of runs a full-engine fire truck can do on any given day.
    On Monday, the fire district introduced a new squad car that will serve the Arden-Arcade and Carmichael areas. The squad car is something Sacramento Metro Fire has tested before, and they know it works.
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  • @ABC10
    @ABC10  5 днів тому

    Read more: www.abc10.com/article/news/local/sacramento/squad-car-carmichael-arden/103-e996c42a-93df-46e3-8343-52e69173fe03

  • @b566t3
    @b566t3 21 годину тому +1

    Should've gotten a charger that would be sick
    Rescue captain and battalion chief

  • @Homeless2013nov
    @Homeless2013nov 9 годин тому

    Nice smart

  • @NBfirefighter9493
    @NBfirefighter9493 2 дні тому +4

    This Tahoe is a few years old, so it's not "new"

    • @dbyers3897
      @dbyers3897 День тому

      Refurbished Metro Fire battalion chief cars.

  • @westsacramentowastetrucks
    @westsacramentowastetrucks 5 днів тому +2

    Now which agency gave it to them? Certainly is used

    • @dbyers3897
      @dbyers3897 День тому +2

      Formerly Sac Metro battalion chief cars from around 2017.

  • @darrens.4322
    @darrens.4322 2 дні тому +5

    It is not a "squad car". A squad car is usually referred to as a police patrol cruiser. This is a squad and it is using a SUV. Many fire departments have been using squads for decades. Remember EMERGENCY the tv movie/series, it was Squad-51.

    • @dbyers3897
      @dbyers3897 День тому +1

      In the fire service, 'squad' means anything the dept wants. Police cars haven't been referred to as squad cars for over 40 years. You're thinking about Leslie Nielsen in his '80s TV series, Police Squad!

    • @darrens.4322
      @darrens.4322 5 годин тому

      @dbyers3897 Regardless of your timing issues, I have never heard a fire rig called a "squad car". On point, people still use the term "squad car" referring to a police cruiser. So there you go.

    • @ember_shep8181
      @ember_shep8181 2 години тому

      ​@darrens.4322 if the fire dept is calling it a squad, then it's a squad. There's no rule saying it can't be a squad car. My dept calls our quick response vehicles "rescues".

  • @israelgarcia7801
    @israelgarcia7801 5 днів тому +2

    Lame, they should have modded cargo vans, I’m sure they just want to look cool.

    • @dbyers3897
      @dbyers3897 День тому

      Refurbished Metro Fire battalion chief cars.

  • @james8156
    @james8156 День тому

    No FD should do lockouts on vehicles and or on homes.

    • @Jason-rn4jk
      @Jason-rn4jk 21 годину тому

      If a child or pet is involved then yes, otherwise no.

  • @conordonnellan571
    @conordonnellan571 День тому


  • @romeosantiago
    @romeosantiago 2 дні тому

    Lock out service? Stay in your lane and let Auto Club do lock outs. Next time say, “Welfare checks.”

    • @zerodarkthirty7171
      @zerodarkthirty7171 День тому +2

      Lockout service by fire department is common to help people typically the elderly or parents with kids that are locked out of the car when they can't really wait for auto service which can take longer to arrive.

    • @dbyers3897
      @dbyers3897 День тому

      Welfare checks are a different service call. Investigate then talk.

    • @james8156
      @james8156 День тому

      FD is being misused across the country with frivolous lift assists and calls for lockouts. Taxpayers do not pay for idiots locking themselves out of their houses and or vehicles and to do home health care.

      @CITYNEWSSUPPORT 4 години тому

      AAA Normally has a 90min ETA in the Sacramento Area!