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[슈취타] EP.20 SUGA with 태민

  • Опубліковано 29 жов 2023
  • #슈가와취하는타임 #슈취타 #SUGA #슈가 #TAEMIN #태민
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КОМЕНТАРІ • 9 тис.

  • @shineeggoong

    태민이 초반에 예의 바른 참한 아기 고양이 같다가 지민님 오고나서 좀 신났네요ㅋㅋㅋ 지민님 슈가님 이렇게 재밌는 분들인지 몰랐어요 너무 잘봤어요. 중간 중간 삽입된 노래나 자료화면들 이것까지 안다고? 싶을 정도로 정성스러워 놀랐어요 슈취타 고마워요 화이팅🫶

  • @ShawolandAtiny

    These guys all like, respect and admire each other. Jimin and Taemin have been friends for years. I wish the fandoms could do the same. I really enjoyed watching them together. Thank you Suga for inviting Taemin.

  • @shineeverse
    @shineeverse 14 днів тому +236

    I got really happy when I saw them mentioning the SHINee members according to their age order and not avoiding Jjong in that one clip and saying "SHINee shines the brightest as five". Thank you for following with us 💚💜

  • @aapjm
    @aapjm 28 днів тому +537

    taemin is always so articulate. he knows things very well can explain them eloquently and confidently

  • @itachiswifee
    @itachiswifee 21 день тому +244

    Taemin really does not aging at all😭😭 and gets more handsome everytime we saw him

  • @wdfgewff920
    @wdfgewff920 28 днів тому +223

    태민 저 완벽한 사람의 겸손. 아무도 못따라할 정도로 멋지다 나도 저런 사람 되고싶네.

  • @JO8_
    @JO8_  +327

    전 샤월이라 태민이 보러 슈취타 처음 왔는데 영상도 너무 훈훈하구 댓글에서 아미분들 샤월들 서로 응원하는 모습 보니 마음이 더 따뜻해졌어요❤❤ 저도 BTS 응원합니당!!! 그리구 탬니 여기서도 그냥 예쁘당!!🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻 얼른 보고 싶따아아

  • @mzpandyrae

    My heart seeing the "SHINee shines the brightest as five" during the 'Everybody' clip at

  • @shim4705
    @shim4705 14 днів тому +86

    태민 참 말도 잘하고 데뷔한지도 오래돼서 조금은 거만해질 법도 한데 되게 겸손하다. 팬도 아니고 별 생각없이 킨 영상인데 많이 배우게 되네

  • @runa5860
    @runa5860 28 днів тому +302

    태민이 왜 저렇게 말잘해

  • @tysedon
    @tysedon  +250

    Watching this really gave me a sense of fulfillment. SHINee really is an artist that I grew up with. I watched Taemin grow up with my own eyes into the man and artist he is now. I feel so proud of him and it really touched my heart when he talked about how SHINee is the artists who grew up together with their fans because I AM one of the fans. Whenever I watch SHINee, I just have this feeling of being safe, like "this is my element", and "this is my home". My love for SHINee will never change. Whether it's the past, now, or the future, I'll always be a shawol. Let's grow old together, SHINee. Thank you for being a part of my life. Love you guys.

  • @lakeeshaarafat1544
    @lakeeshaarafat1544 День тому +38

    I don't think I've ever seen Jimin smile so brightly and laugh like this before. You can tell he was with his absolute favorite people ❤ I love these three together and want in on their friend group, too!

  • @user-zk8yu2ow3q

    태민은 메타인지가 미친거 같은 수준이다 이번앨범을 태민의 클리셰, 과도기다 라고 표현하는 게 진짜.. 다 알고있고 알면서 하고있구나 싶음

  • @chaeshi

    Our Taemin getting praised for being well-spoken makes me so emotional. He’s grown up so well and he improved so much but at his core, the drive and passion for music is still as consistent as Day 1. And that essence is why SHINee is still stable at their 15th year and Taemin’s upcoming 10th year solo career :”) thank you for always making me proud to be your fan Taemin!! and thanks Jimin for surprising Taemin too, such a cute friendship. Hope Suga and Taemin can continue and be friends too haha

  • @dango5738
    @dango5738 День тому +29

    We can tell Taemin is such a pure and clear person, he is that type of always being humble and open-minded to accept sth he doesn't know well at beginning but nail it in sophisticated way quickly

  • @Immybebekiki

    태민이 진짜 말 예쁘게 잘 한다..

  • @yurrr96
    @yurrr96  +250

    아니.. 태민님 왜이렇게 말투가 다정해요?? 지민이 대화 받아줄때 모먼트가 진짜 너무 다정해서 지민이가 좋은 형을 두었구나~ 이런 생각이 막 드네용 지민이도 한 다정하는데 다정한 형이라고 하는거 보면ㅎㅎ 말 다 했네요ㅎㅎ 세분의 우정 앞으로도 더 돈독해지길❤

    @AMTISTICME День тому +9

    this is so cute! taemin is amazing! and jimin's visit was so cute.. suga's face when taemin & jimin were talking lol suga roasting jimin 😂😂 such a funny and amazing episode! thank you suga

  • @mtorres1192

    I didn't know anything about Taemin, what a nice and talented person. I have Guilty , HARD and The Feeling on repeat now. Thanks for exposing me to his and SHINee's music.

  • @teamkase

    The genuine surprise on Taemin's face when Jimin arrived and how he rubbed his back when he sat down was so sweet!