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AP World History Livestream REVIEW-Units 7-9 (90 minutes)

  • Опубліковано 13 тра 2024
  • Heimler Review Guides:
    +APUSH: bit.ly/44p4pRL
    +AP World History: bit.ly/46rfHH1
    +AP Euro: bit.ly/3PCPyiw
    +AP Government: bit.ly/3rfXr2Y
    +AP Essay CRAM Course (DBQ, LEQ, SAQ Help): bit.ly/3XuwaWN


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    Good luck to everyone tomorrow!!!!

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    Heimler is such a GOAT that he spent literally over an hour and a half reading superchats.

  • @Zouzouluuu
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    3:40 Unit 7- Global Conflict
    Big idea #1 3:45
    Big idea #2 6:32
    Big idea #3 9:12
    Big idea #4 11:33
    Big idea #5 16:10
    Big idea #6 19:28
    Big idea #7 24:45
    31:43 Unit 8- Cold War and Decolonization
    Big idea #1 31:52
    Big idea #2 35:45
    Big idea #3 40:08
    Big idea #4 45:07
    Big idea #5 48:20
    Big idea #6 51:04
    Big idea #7 52:09
    1:06:23 Unit 9- Globalization
    Big idea #1 1:06:32
    Big idea #2 1:10:08
    Big idea #3 1:13:44
    Big idea #4 1:16:52
    Big idea #5 1:20:49
    Big idea #6 1:24:39
    Big idea #7 1:26:50
    Big idea #8 1:28:46

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      god bless u bro.

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      @@deejee823Ty btw whos the character in your pfp I like the artstyle

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      @@Zouzouluuu no idea dawg. Middle school me searched aesthetic anime pfp, kept it ever since.

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      i’m literally in love with you

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    There are two kinds of AP World students, ones who cook, and ones who are cooked

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      I’m the one who’s cooked for tomorrow

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    Hey Mr.Heimler I took AP world freshman year during Covid and you helped me get a 4. You’ve helped me get a 4 in Euro and a 5 in APUSH and hopefully another 5 in Gov. While you weren’t one of my actual teacher you had such a big impact. As a senior I can definitely say you have been one of my favorite teachers I’ve had. My sister is now a freshman and taking AP World and using your videos to help her. I just want to express my gratitude for all the young adults you have impacted and you will continue to impact through your amazing personality and informative videos.

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    last time my brain cows ever get milked

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    *This is No.3 on trending. Y’all got the best help for your tests. Good luck.*

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    I took the ap world exam today and wow, it felt easy and I knew all of the terms, questions, references etc. I feel like I did so good on my saqs and especially the dbq. Obviously I studied and read the textbook but a good amount of that understanding and knowledge came from you, thank you so much for all that you do for us and know you are appreciated ❤️

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    Watching this at 12:54 am on the day of the exam. Chat am I cooked?

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      GO TO BED

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      me rn but it’s 10:37 for me

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      @@axolotlsareverycool u too- SLEEP. I’m tired and it’s only 7:41 my time

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      @@wordslvr5269Bro, I just woke up and walking to school. Wish me luck

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      ​@DerpyGamin Good luck dude

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    bro poor heimler having to read all the brain rot 😭, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE

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    guys I hope my ap grader doesn’t judge me based on how bad my dbq and leq are about to be

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    Love how this is #12 on trending as of writing this

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    that procrastination caught up now huh.... I better play heimlers livestream reviews in 2x or im FINISHED‼

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    Good Luck Everyone!!! We’re all getting 5s!!!!! I’m rooting for you!!!!!!!❤ Thank You Heimler

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    Yall don’t worry, my score alone will curve the grade so much yall will do amazing 😫

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    Just finished reviewing!!! Good luck everyone! I hope you know I’m rooting for you!❤ Thank you so much Heimler!!!!!

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    Wow # 4 on trending! Congrats on this achievement, and thanks for helping us all on this journey through the past.

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    guys im gonna miss heimler ☹️ doing dual enrollment next yr so im excited for no ap classes but IM GONNA MISS HIMM

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    GOOD LUCK GUYS I just cried but ima pull through we got this!

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    Thank you for the support throughout the year Heimler 🙏

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    You've really helped me man, thank you 🙏

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    chat lowk just started studying am i cooked

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    THANK YOU HEIMLER!! I'm probably getting a 5! Thanks for putting in the work for us to learn as you don't need to. Staying 1.5 hours for just superchats is insane!!

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    Thank you bring the test was light work

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    That exam was light work thanks to you Mr. Heimler!

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    Good luck everybody!! Thank you Heimler so much

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    Shoutout to Sigma Alpha skibidi rizzler Mr Conde and good luck we’re all getting FIVES

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    thank you for the help on my ap heimler, you're a real one for being my only study source.

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    I just took the AP world test. Thank you so so so much Mr. Heimler!

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    I’m sorry Heimler i definitely flunked the ap exam. It did infact cook me and I did not cook it. :(

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      This whole time I was studying the 1-6 🤦 and completely ignored unit 9 cuz I thought it wouldn’t be on there

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    Thanks heimler the test went great!

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    I'm actually so cooked for this ap test (jk im def getting a 5)

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    good luck everyone!

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    I wish you all the best of luck! Thank you so much, Heimler

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    thought it would be harder tbh

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    This is the stuff that should be on trending

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    Bros on trending

  • @user_4146
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    Sorry I'm late to this, I feell asleep and forgot to post this comment:
    Unit 7 (WWI & WWII):
    BIG IDEA #1 | Internal + External Factors -> Change after 1900 - 3:46
    BIG IDEA #2 | WWI Causation - 6:35
    BIG IDEA #3 | Gov. Strategies to Fight WWI - 9:14
    BIG IDEA #4 | Post-WWI, Gov.s more prominent in economy - 11:30
    BIG IDEA #5 | WWII Causation - 16:16
    BIG IDEA #6 | WWII = Total war, Response of Nations - 19:37
    BIG IDEA #7 | Effects of the Rise of Extremist Groups - 24:19
    Superchat session #1
    Unit 8 (Cold War):
    BIG IDEA #1 | Cold War Causation - 31:54
    BIG IDEA #2 | Cold War Effects - 35:46
    BIG IDEA #3 | China -> Officially Communist (Mao Zedong) - 40:29
    BIG IDEA #4 | Decolonization (via negotiation or armed conflict) - 45:08
    BIG IDEA #5 | Effects of Redrawn Political Boundaries - 48:21
    BIG IDEA #6 | Role of Government in Newly Independent States - 51:05
    BIG IDEA #7 | Resistance to Power Structures - 52:08
    BIG IDEA #8 | End of Cold War Causes - 58:15
    Superchat session #2
    Unit 9 (Globalization)*:
    BIG IDEA #1 | Effect of New Technologies in 20th & 21st centuries - 1:06:33
    BIG IDEA #2 | Effect of Disease - 1:10:09
    BIG IDEA #3 | Effect on Environment + Solutions - 1:13:46
    BIG IDEA #4 | Changes in Globalized Economy (Type & Degree) - 1:16:51
    BIG IDEA #5 | Calls for Equality (Reforms) - 1:20:50
    BIG IDEA #6 | Globalization of Culture - 1:24:39
    BIG IDEA #7 | Resistance to Globalization - 1:26:48
    BIG IDEA #8 | Changes in International & Interstate Interaction - 1:28:43
    Superchat session #3: 1:30:23 -END
    *KEY POINT: Most of the globalization BENEFITS have been experienced in the GLOBAL NORTH, but in many cases, many areas, especially in the global south, experienced globalization as a THREAT.

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    Thank you heimler these videos helped me so much for the exam

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    Bro I cooked on the DBQ and the LEQ. Was it jus5 me or were those prompts really easy?

    • @MinecraftXboxOneEdition
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      They were easier than in previous years lol. I chose the one on Industrial Revolution, wby?

    • @typicalgaming9764
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      @@MinecraftXboxOneEdition I had japanese imperialism for the dbq and mongol influence for the leq

    • @nathank7006
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      @@typicalgaming9764 College board gives out “secret tests” to random students across the country to test out new prompts and see how people do. If you had something different than other people you probably had a secret test

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    Ive missed a lot of class cuz of an injury, but ty for this. Ima try for a 4 or 5 tho 😅😅😅

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    ur awesome i binged all ur videos before apush and it was so easy ☺️☺️☺️ thanks mr heimler

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    It lowkey felt easy but idk i think i did good

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    I just took it and while I was doing an SAQ there was a question of how the Mongols facilitated trade. I was describing the Pax Mongolica but I called it the Magna Carta 😭😭

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      I am college board and you have broken the rules. A hitman has been dispatched to your location.

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      @@maximilliano3273they told us as well to not discuss it loo

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    godspeed you! apwh community

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    I have a problem, there are also students who are taking the exam internationally, and it’s really hard to review when the video comes out the day of the exam. Hope u see this and gl to everyone in the states

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    collegeboard: the three tie fighters behind me
    heimler: han solo coming to save the day

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    I am in pain, but good luck to everyone taking the test tmrw

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