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  • Опубліковано 13 тра 2024
  • 1 year ago, I quit UA-cam. Today I unquit.
    On May 14th, 2026. I will do whatever the top comment is on this video. No exceptions. Please AT LEAST make it interesting. Don't tell me to like, do a silly dance.
    Original Soundtrack: song.link/musicforall
    My Gear: www.bio.site/anthonypo

КОМЕНТАРІ • 12 тис.

  • @TheAnimeMen
    @TheAnimeMen 21 годину тому +24

    Watch One Piece in ONE SITTING

  • @yung-eggy
    @yung-eggy 21 годину тому +34

    1. create your own political party

  • @PhillipVu
    @PhillipVu 21 годину тому +69

    Legally Marry Me.

  • @sameergill-raza711
    @sameergill-raza711 16 годин тому +161

    The Return of Anthpo (2024)

  • @Twilight12000
    @Twilight12000 12 годин тому +21

    get married and ,have a child raise them to be a nasa scientist , and divorce your wife and reveal to them that you have another secret family and your other child is your current childs boss.❤

  • @sambromberger2400
    @sambromberger2400 21 годину тому +5

    Hike the entirety of the Appalachians (Penn to Georgia) with as many of the Rutgers era friends as you can convince and wear the Perry the Platypus costume the whole way

  • @nikolamalesevic8541
    @nikolamalesevic8541 21 годину тому +2

    i graduate in May 2026, pay my tuition

  • @afangirlaholic
    @afangirlaholic 14 годин тому +25

    Oh my God...this year has been so hard on me. It was my last year of college and I will admit that I always found your videos comforting. My graduation is in 8 days and I'm scared and sad. Even if this wasn't an announcement of you coming back to UA-cam (which it is and I'm SO excited), I would've still felt how I feel right now: that my journey has come full circle. Thank you Anthpo for being there for me through my ENTIRE college journey. Much love💜

  • @LeonardoIdono
    @LeonardoIdono 16 годин тому +100

    Bro like 3 days before this announcement I went back to watch a bunch of his old videos and got really sad and depressed. Thank you for coming back!

  • @hanseinarfuglum8858
    @hanseinarfuglum8858 21 годину тому +10

    It took you four years to graduate from college, but only one year to graduate from real life adulthood? Mad respect.

  • @qwertymcflurry3013
    @qwertymcflurry3013 16 годин тому +139

    1. Go to Thailand

  • @ahumps4367
    @ahumps4367 14 годин тому +280

    Idk what's more crazy GOJO coming back in the recent JJK chapter or MY SWEET PRINCE ANTHONY PO COMING BACK OF COURSE

  • @Asian_Boii
    @Asian_Boii 21 годину тому +10

    Fly to a small town in Thailand, get accepted by their people, learn the language, train in Muay Thai for a year and a half, fight in a tournament, win the tournament, return to the USA and join the UFC, stay in shape and go undefeated in your weight class, retire and do an interview saying this comment was the reason you fought so hard

  • @thepicferret
    @thepicferret 21 годину тому +1

    Run for president.

  • @ashm003
    @ashm003 16 годин тому +4

    This is probably the best news i've gotten in a while. Welcome back, anthpo!

  • @LeiaI_Bel.
    @LeiaI_Bel. 14 годин тому +10

    Am I the only one that thinks he suspiciously looks like a certain roadwork guy that tried to kill Santa and had a vampire ddy?

  • @benvolio5415
    @benvolio5415 21 годину тому +1

    Go across the world in only the Perry the Platypus costume and place a picture of Fat Yoshi at each of the seven wonders of the world

  • @doothi
    @doothi 21 годину тому +4

    find the one piece

  • @aoifeclancy120
    @aoifeclancy120 16 годин тому +2

    So glad you're back! Can't wait for this new adventure!

  • @S0n1CRul35
    @S0n1CRul35 12 годин тому +4

    I've never seen you< I just found your channel ob my homepage and that simple "hello" got me interested XD