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Extreme Dares In Public!

  • Опубліковано 25 чер 2023
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  • @SomeRandodude222

    Use this comment as a “Tom is goated” button. He was actually amazing he fit in so well.

  • @TristanDefeuilletVang


  • @user-us9zu2ji5r

    You better hire Tom and keep him forever. He needs to be in EVERY video. thank you.

  • @cruze8725
    @cruze8725  +675

    tom made me feel like there is hope in the world, like humanityis not doomed. the moment i saw tom run shirtless onscreen, a smile lit up my face. the whole sky seemed a little more sunny. the moment tom said, "always". my harvard acceptance letter came in the mail. This is quite odd considering i did not apply to Harvard. I shall not question the blessings that tom brings with his presence. if tom does not become a part of the arrack team. I shall never sleep easy, not even in my grave.

  • @rosiedale7042

    Tom is the chillest man I’ve ever seen🤣we need this guy back!😂

  • @Jemmad0g
    @Jemmad0g  +483

    Andy was so wholesome hope his acting career goes well

  • @epicgaming11195

    tom needs to be a permanent part of the channel, he fits right in

  • @paulcuffaro

    Tom is goated, we need more of Tom

  • @rocherjohnston7177

    Tom is amazing! 😂❤️ He understood the tasked challenges very well and delivered flawlessly! A true mafia fam favourite and a true dude living his life to the fullest! Please do bring him back in a future video! Can't wait to see it!

  • @porfer0
    @porfer0  +123

    Tom would actually be really great if he was on the team, he's the kind of guy that would be really fitting for the team

  • @culturebreath369

    Tom was a legend!! 😂

  • @kilokay5506

    Tom did that flawlessly and he was so elegant. What a legend, we need to see more of him!

  • @user-ii2rf8cs8j

    The dj dare was the easiest one out of all the dares 😂 Tom and Andy had it rough lol

  • @Vayee
    @Vayee  +2

    Tom is so chill yet brave enough to step outta the comfort zone.. BRING HIM BACK

  • @CherryBirthdayCake

    Bring back Tom AND Andy. They were BOTH willing to to put themselves out there. Everybody is rooting for Tom, but ANDY jumped in the WATER.

  • @MrJingles7091

    Tom's incredible, definitely bring him back! He's super charismatic

  • @kisaawatimothy8067

    tom is one of the guys this channel needs

  • @Cuanzs_ways

    We definitely need Tom either back or on the team full time.

  • @shriramgite4013

    Hope Andy is doing great all of these people were super enthusiastic and let’s hope they live there best life ❤

  • @UnderWaterFilms3Sock

    100% need more of Tom. Bring the man back.