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  • TheRussianBadger
    TheRussianBadger  9 днів тому +4547

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  • Aaron Le
    Aaron Le 9 днів тому +13944

    Vergil isn't broken, he's lore accurate.

    • Jackie Chan
      Jackie Chan 9 днів тому +267


    • SkeletonKing
      SkeletonKing 9 днів тому +189

      And that's a fact

    • unkyeJ
      unkyeJ 9 днів тому +72


    • Henry Hammerhead
      Henry Hammerhead 9 днів тому +133

      To be fair theres at least a dozen other marvel characters that are just as "lore accurate" as Vergil. Still would be hilarious to see a fight between him and them.

    • SkeletonKing
      SkeletonKing 9 днів тому +30

      @Henry Hammerhead imagine how much destruction there would be

  • TerminalLag
    TerminalLag 6 днів тому +791

    Damn seeing the old animation style hit me with nostalgia like a truck

    • 19panther43
      19panther43 3 дні тому +61

      I didn't even notice it, thanks for pointing it out. That really do be hitting hard

    • Slinder B.
      Slinder B. 8 годин тому

      Jesus I didn’t even notice that, shits flying everywhere and yelling. Thanks for pointing it out man.

  • Rhexis
    Rhexis 5 днів тому +906

    Lythero, Zyzx and Badger being together is something I never thought would ever happen but it's literal gold when they are together.

    • The Saiyan Gamer
      The Saiyan Gamer 3 дні тому +4


    • Strider Zessei
      Strider Zessei 3 дні тому +13

      I've always wanted to see a video of Badger and the boys competing against SovietWomble and the rest of Clan ZF.

    • Grave Mind
      Grave Mind 3 дні тому +5

      ​@Strider ZesseiWe're gonna get that and Lythero with the rest of the Shenanigoons with DotoDoya and the rest of the Three Idiots and it's gonna be like the Avengers of funny gaming UA-camrs.

    • Arcane Arachnid
      Arcane Arachnid 3 дні тому +2

      The crossover I never knew I needed

    • MaxRUNITUP813
      MaxRUNITUP813 2 дні тому +2

      Shit on lythero crews impressions like its not a main draw of lytheros😭 channel

  • Scar Asriel
    Scar Asriel 3 дні тому +419

    Seeing this live and participating in in the casual “don’t let him cook” spam was amazing

  • Cooper Hanson
    Cooper Hanson 5 днів тому +177

    10:13 might actually be the funniest Badger moment

    • Silent knight M
      Silent knight M День тому +2

      i heard it and i couldn't stop laughing

    • Bennyboi789
      Bennyboi789 20 годин тому +7


  • Tallstar513
    Tallstar513 День тому +127

    Everyone's impressions of Wesker getting upset at losing his 50k has me rolling 😂

  • Vide
    Vide 9 днів тому +3593

    mickey: wins the bracket
    mickey: takes 42k.
    mickey: I'm going to buy popeye's and smack
    grouse: that's mai boi.

    • Vexnator
      Vexnator 8 днів тому +109

      it gets funnier
      he's gonna buy popeye's and crack

    • Ultrasecond77
      Ultrasecond77 8 днів тому +70

      he said it with no hesitation either like bruh i laughed so hard i missed what grouse said!

    • Absolute Idiot Moth
      Absolute Idiot Moth 8 днів тому +16

      Fr, he had that shi in his head, it’s like he wasn’t even joking

    • SphealingIt22
      SphealingIt22 8 днів тому +6

      dats mahvel baybee

    • SoundRogue
      SoundRogue 7 днів тому +2

      crack not smack

  • Master DJ
    Master DJ 4 дні тому +173

    Gary is potentially the funniest person I know of. I remember watching Lytheros vids and when Gary was introduced everything just became 10x better. H e just has some amazing way of working with other people to make the best content Ive seen

  • Lobo2019
    Lobo2019 3 дні тому +88

    Badger: Alright, Mickey is up 2-1. But it's not over yet!
    Chris: EAT LEAD!! *bang*
    This whole video was amazing, but THAT was perfect!

  • M H
    M H День тому +8

    Watching a badger video is like watching the last ten minutes of an action movie.

  • cerberus400
    cerberus400 2 дні тому +101

    Your video editing is always so impressive, 32:00 is probably the most impressive so far. Just loved how it set up an internal monologue from introspective blue to high on your own supply red.

  • FrostiKid
    FrostiKid 19 годин тому +7

    Badger, Lythero, and Zyzx. The collab we didnt ask for, but needed.

  • Radiant Ace
    Radiant Ace 9 днів тому +17578

    Lythero and Badger are those two people who you’re worried about putting in a room together, but then they blindside you by being absolute homies.

    • sleepy gamer
      sleepy gamer 9 днів тому +202

      Bro this is amazing

    • l r
      l r 9 днів тому +310

      The collab we didn’t needed yet but the collab THAT BRING FUN TO ALL

    • UwU
      UwU 9 днів тому +13

      ကျွန်ုပ်ကို စာရင်းသွင်းသူတိုင်းကို စာရင်းသွင်းနေပါတယ်။..

    • Killer K
      Killer K 9 днів тому +80

      Two of my favorite UA-camrs them and their friends

    • Sebastyn Sharlow
      Sebastyn Sharlow 9 днів тому +143

      Try Max0r, Badger, and Lythero in one room

  • Zac Fellows
    Zac Fellows 6 днів тому +154

    Badger may not release videos every week, but every single video hits so hard. The amount of effort that goes in is obvious. Moar badgur

  • Sayyin
    Sayyin День тому +4

    Part of me believes Badger just walks around the house in his mocap suit for an entire day to fill up the random spots with more mocap action in the video

  • Jax Steel
    Jax Steel 9 годин тому +7

    24:29 by far and away my favorite moment In the whole video

  • Sippy
    Sippy День тому +3

    When Badger said “How do I get the black Spider-Man” I was dying 💀

  • Enter Name Here
    Enter Name Here 5 днів тому +73

    watching badger evolve from normal weekly gaming shit to one of the most innovative and hilarious people on the platform has been my favorite thing to unfold before my eyes on this platform in the last decade

  • Solar Eagle
    Solar Eagle 9 днів тому +4610

    I appreciate how Badger didn't actually have a rule behind the bar, he just wanted to make whoever won the bracket worry that there would be one final test.

    • Mr Joe
      Mr Joe 9 днів тому +382

      I imagined he wouldn't do them dirty like this. I thought the final twist would be "if you lose, you get all the money, but badger keeps Jordans "

    • ferit Perliare
      ferit Perliare 9 днів тому +127

      Would've been the final boss of chess meme if he brought the guy that trained him to be the final boss

    • Strider Zessei
      Strider Zessei 9 днів тому +145

      I was hoping the grey bar would reveal, "Whoever beats Badger has to beat Maximillian Dood."

    • Kevin Elliott
      Kevin Elliott 9 днів тому +53

      ​@Strider ZesseiThe left field collab play, that woulda been GOATED

    • DrackFlame951🔥
      DrackFlame951🔥 9 днів тому +8

      But he didn't tell the truth that it
      WAS 50 grand and not $50, nobody is willing or tempted to just win $50 since it's not that much money
      So he lied, and there are no good lies, a lie is still a lie and it's still bad

  • suzycore
    suzycore 13 годин тому +2

    Badger and Lythero being in the same video is like a crossover i didn't know i needed

  • Zero
    Zero 21 годину тому +2

    I've been watchin this dude for YEARS and he STILL is a funny mf to this day. Just wash the stress away with a funny moment, hell yeah

  • Ryuza Yuki
    Ryuza Yuki 12 годин тому +3

    I like Badger's vids the second they start. That's how much I trust the methodof his madness. After the electric fire in my apartment 5 days ago and having to move my stuff for the last 4 days this is a much needed mood booster. I can't thank you enough for making this videos.

  • JakeTheLakeMan
    JakeTheLakeMan 6 днів тому +41

    This is over if the most perfect videos ever. The jokes: fire, the gameplay: absolutely phenomenal, the video composition and editing are untouchable. Love the video!!!

  • MCG WarriorZ
    MCG WarriorZ 22 години тому +5

    God this video made me laugh the entire way, badger you are a gem!

  • Yes
    Yes 9 днів тому +1304

    The fact that Badger's friend group is willing to fight over $50 for god knows how long suggests that there's a core part of this friendship that most others don't have called bribery

    • Casual Markit99
      Casual Markit99 9 днів тому +112

      $50 cash AND $1000 pair of shoes. Theres a difference, and it is stark.

    • Stealth The Fox
      Stealth The Fox 9 днів тому +29

      @Casual Markit99 Tony Stark.

    • Extant Fellow
      Extant Fellow 9 днів тому +11

      @Casual Markit99Didn’t you see the start of the video? His friends didn’t know about the shoes or the rest of the money. The only thing he told them about was the $50

    • Casual Markit99
      Casual Markit99 9 днів тому +16

      @Extant Fellow ... in the first 5 seconds he says it was "50 dollars and some air jordans, instead of the real prize pool of 50,000 dollars and air jordans." The 1000 valuation on those shoes didnt crop till late in the vid, but im pretty sure he would imply the shoes were some tight big dolla ones if he didnt just tell them which ones they were at the false point. Only later does he imply not including the shoes with the 50, but clearly that is contradictory and so gets us nowhere. He said two different things that supports us each and contradict the other. Unless the vod spells it out, we should agree to disagree due to lacking proper evidence.

    • DrackFlame951🔥
      DrackFlame951🔥 9 днів тому +3

      ​@Casual Markit99so he didn't tell the truth, he just lied , and there is no such thing as good lies, a lie is still a lie and it's still bad, like nobody in gaming tournaments would ever play a tournament in winning $50's it's not a lot of money people would be willing to have.

  • Hayden McQueen
    Hayden McQueen 4 дні тому +33

    Umvc3 is one of my favorite fighting games of all time, seeing people just genuinely having a blast playing the game and learning brings me indescribable joy

  • T!TANvr
    T!TANvr 4 дні тому +29

    Badger going villain and silencing the crowd goes crazy 🔥🔥🔥

  • Aflay
    Aflay 5 днів тому +29

    6:05 Heavenly is the goat for not only knowing Gary, but inviting him.

  • Glowing Purple Girl
    Glowing Purple Girl 4 дні тому +15

    The "it's so over" and "WE'RE SO FUCKING BACK" combo at the end it perfect. A truly nail-biting event that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. You've done it again, badger, that was a whole 3 acts of epic battles that had me like. Genuinely heartfelt near the end. Your animation skills are getting top notch too!

  • Shade
    Shade День тому +1

    I’ve never heard of this Siberian Otter before, but it’s always fun to see someone new try Marvel. Was a pleasant surprise to see Lythero and Zyzx involved.

  • Fervidor
    Fervidor 9 днів тому +1876

    Amaterasu: *is in the game*
    Badger: "Why is there a dog here?"
    My brain, after all these years: "ORIGIN OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND MOTHER TO US ALL!"

    • Tren Status
      Tren Status 9 днів тому +138

      Unironically, with the skill level that was shown in this tournament, I am convinced Amaterasu would have easily swept solo
      Also, if any of them took half a second to learn Morrigan

    • Sandman
      Sandman 9 днів тому +126

      badger: "why its there a dog in here named ´´amaterasu?´´ "
      vietnam flashback: "her name its okami!"

    • Fervidor
      Fervidor 9 днів тому +97

      @Sandman You know, the funny thing is that "What's up with this dog/wolf?" is pretty much how every normal human reacts to her in her own game.

    • Ty_teynium
      Ty_teynium 9 днів тому +25

      Kinda easy to forget not everyone plays or has played the same games. Also, imagine this guy trying something like Kingdom Hearts 😅.

    • Ty_teynium
      Ty_teynium 9 днів тому +15

      Also; I don't see what the big deal; all he wanted to know was what da dog doin.

  • DfterARK
    DfterARK День тому +9

    22:17 had me in FUCKIN TEARS 😭💀

  • Zay _ B
    Zay _ B 5 днів тому +2

    WOW THE MEMORIES, dude I gotta bring this game back out. Me and my dad would play this all the time

  • Gabriel Sinclair
    Gabriel Sinclair День тому

    Goddamn. I’ve been following badger since 2015, and this man just made a movie. This was art. Bravo.

  • Upside Down Pyramid
    Upside Down Pyramid 3 дні тому +28

    YES YEEEEEEEEES! There is nothing like that feeling of opening up a fresh badger video after waiting 2-4 months for it, the wait is always well worth the quality.

  • LV. 20
    LV. 20 5 днів тому +4

    Putting the hype aside, this may be the most heartwarming video in recent memory. Just immaculate good vibes all around

  • Larva Movies
    Larva Movies 8 днів тому +1970

    This friend group has really evolved from out-of-pocket humor and stupid memes to genuine good times among friends and I think there's a special amount of beauty to that.

    • ParaFox404
      ParaFox404 7 днів тому +21


    • Technical Override
      Technical Override 7 днів тому +29

      fr cause the only way to have genuine good times is to host a tournament with 50k on the line

    • Larva Movies
      Larva Movies 7 днів тому

      yeppp@Technical Override

    • Matthew Ihrig
      Matthew Ihrig 7 днів тому +51

      Honestly, if we’re being real, it’s evolved from out-of-pocket humor & stupid memes, to the exact same shit, just with a major dose of the amazing chaos of an online friend group!
      They’re all still walking breathing shitposts, they’re still the same guys who take the dumbest strats in games and pull Ws with them, but they’ve all grown into such a close-knit crew that nothing can ever truly break them!!

    • chxrmer
      chxrmer 6 днів тому +2

      Maybe it is us who have changed

  • Rose Yoisaki
    Rose Yoisaki 5 днів тому +5

    I never thought id live to see badger lythero and gary play together. Truly MARVELous

  • An0therAverage1
    An0therAverage1 13 годин тому

    Badger, you and your crew are the missing piece of society that everybody needs. I, for just one example, have mostly lost my funny bone through my years as a human flesh bag. there are a lot of people just like me, so keep up the good work and keep inspiring people all over the world.

  • IIISixStringIII
    IIISixStringIII 5 днів тому +6

    I absolutely love this! And i also love it for the insane amount of exposure this brought UMvC3.
    Thank you, Badger.

  • draconia20
    draconia20 5 днів тому +7

    I just want to say to badger thank you for helping me go through a very hard time of my life with your humor and your content keep it up man

  • Stuart F
    Stuart F 23 години тому

    This was almost as good as the yearly vids Badger does.

  • Bryan Mangual
    Bryan Mangual 7 днів тому +1974

    "I created you. And you creased my jays"
    *Nothing is more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose*

  • Bovatronix
    Bovatronix 5 днів тому +7

    these Videos are honestly, so damn Great, love your work and the Effort you Bring into the Content you share with us all. 👍

  • M Bryant
    M Bryant 17 годин тому

    This was like an IV drip of pure joy

  • Malcolm Montroy
    Malcolm Montroy 12 годин тому

    Badger your videos are like cottage weekends with the boys, Friday night gaming with the squad after a long week of work, or the dinner party with the friends one considers family. That is to say, I feel extremely jubilant when I watch your content, and the fun and positive energy pours out of your videos in swathes. Thank you for sharing.

  • MigratoryWhimbrel
    MigratoryWhimbrel 3 дні тому +57

    Badger keeps being real wholesome, what a great video!

  • Danny
    Danny День тому

    I love that this was the first time I saw the stream before the video and it made the video that much more entertaining to know where it was going but to also see what badger saw as the highlights and what he left out

  • SilverCenturion
    SilverCenturion 8 днів тому +1832

    Can’t believe this made #3 in gaming, thanks for supporting for Mahvel Badger.

    • Opus Magnus
      Opus Magnus 8 днів тому +10

      What about Capcom?

    • lep222
      lep222 8 днів тому +12

      should’ve gotten No.1, that one short wasn’t even gaming related

    • BuckSlinger02
      BuckSlinger02 8 днів тому +6

      Now it's number 8 on trending

    • Snifey 76
      Snifey 76 8 днів тому +4

      Corporate salesman upsell an unaffiliated product

    • Soviet Marmalade
      Soviet Marmalade 8 днів тому +1

      ​@Opus Magnuswhen people say "Mahvel" they mean Marvel Vs Capcom

  • Kiraa of the Dust
    Kiraa of the Dust 5 днів тому +2

    I love every single one of Badger's videos but this one is by far one of the best. Literal legendary stuff.

  • The Bloach
    The Bloach 5 годин тому

    I felt like I was watching the Karate Kid with all of the marbles up for grabs in the Championship match up. Badger attempted to put Mickey out of the tournament with a leg sweep from Vergil; however, Mickey came back with a Krane Kick to Badger's Vergil with Ryu, Nova, and Chris Redfield.... I have to say that was some masterful content, and indeed the three months to create this video was evident in every single moment!

  • Yeetus Vanitas
    Yeetus Vanitas День тому

    Almost legitimately choked I laughed so hard at the muscle man bit.

  • Retro Ginger Playz
    Retro Ginger Playz 5 днів тому +2

    These videos are genuinely FUNNY AND AWESOME ASF KEEP IT UP MAN. I felt hype during this AND I WASN'T EVEN THERE

  • Kai---Runeskin
    Kai---Runeskin День тому

    Love your work man, I hope you and the boys have yourselves a wonderful day! Take care.

  • JackofClubs
    JackofClubs 9 днів тому +1215

    Badger getting to feel the raw intoxication of being the Villain to match the heroes in strength and skill was amazing to see.

    • Owen Perrin
      Owen Perrin 9 днів тому +26

      Eh, more anti-hero. I mean, he did make it so that whoever fought him would get the whole prize even if they lost to Badger. But I get what you’re saying 👍

    • Karl Wikman
      Karl Wikman 9 днів тому +20

      Wrestling heel

    • le whales
      le whales 8 днів тому +2

      And then get slapped by mickey

    • EventideEcho
      EventideEcho 8 днів тому +2

      ​@le whalesjust like a proper villain

  • Grayguy!
    Grayguy! Годину тому

    I was here for 5 whole seconds and I feel as if my brain was just blasted with 50 hours of pure and I mean *PURE* fun, and insanity and not gonna lie. I kinda like it.

  • PumpkinHead92
    PumpkinHead92 5 днів тому +5

    This is the best Collab we needed, but never known, the Shenanigoonz, and TheRussianBadger

  • Really freakin’ good video games

    Badger, you are a true source of joy and entertainment. Thank you so much for posting the high quality of incredible content that you do, and I hope you keep doing it for as long as you find joy in it.

  • Intimidate88
    Intimidate88 5 днів тому +9

    This gave me a smile so hard I could not get rid of it for a minute

  • Kenneth Lastinger
    Kenneth Lastinger 12 годин тому

    love this content. always a good time and great vibes

  • Cami
    Cami 7 днів тому +1953

    I feel like Digi is on his villain arc
    first he gets verbally buzzered for his obama joke, then he fails a Fortnite game and now he gets shitted on in Marvel V Capcom. Digi is absolutely plotting a comeback

    • DAS Don bandindo
      DAS Don bandindo 7 днів тому +30

      Wait when and what was his Obama joke

    • KI SON
      KI SON 7 днів тому +84

      @DAS Don bandindo "Goblin Mode Brain Rot"

    • Brute Force69
      Brute Force69 7 днів тому +19

      @DAS Don bandindo Its the MW2 video badger did.

    • Cami
      Cami 7 днів тому +47

      @DAS Don bandindo "I'm sure you're a nice kid-"
      Mmm, nah, m-mm, nope

  • Michael DiMare
    Michael DiMare 4 дні тому +3

    I see you were especially MOTIVATED for this one! One of your best videos so far, the hype was palpable, and no one felt like they were phoning in on the response time for the game.
    Makes me want to get good at a fighting game other than UFC 😅. That Unreal Engine jokes was underrated! Thanks guys

  • ThePotatoKing123
    ThePotatoKing123 3 дні тому +1

    Honestly, such a good idea. I remember from the best of video a couple years back that badger wanted to do a video on this game, and now its one of my favorite marvel 3 videos. The training arc, the tournament, all good. I thoroughly enjoyed

  • Gunner Bailey
    Gunner Bailey 7 годин тому

    Does anyone else watch badger and then bring the memes from the videos to the boys in party because we all watch badger so we all die of laughter?

  • Austin Fennel
    Austin Fennel 5 днів тому

    This has to be one of my fave badger videos ever I was laughing so much this reminds of me and my buddies playing mortal kombat how intense it is love the content badger

  • IDKman555
    IDKman555 4 дні тому

    When I see a new badger video, I feel like I did as a child on Christmas. Just so excited to laugh and finish it, loving every singly minute. Truly one of the best. Thank you, now more videos please!

  • Nesser
    Nesser  9 днів тому +896

    Mickey literally just had an anime protagonist moment.
    Beat the final boss and split the rewards with his previous adversaries in a heartbeat
    He seems like such a great guy

    • George Lightfoot
      George Lightfoot 9 днів тому +31

      Am i the only one that saw when chat doubted Mickey someone said “I captured a Lopunny?”

  • Paragon
    Paragon 8 годин тому +1

    27:43 The most anticipating part of the video

  • Leek
    Leek 5 днів тому

    Gary, lythero and badger is the cross over i didnt know i needed

  • YaMainJ
    YaMainJ 4 дні тому +3

    24:20 Is by far the best friggin' thing I have seen. "FOR AMERICA" and then just slammed his ass was so good, I laughed my skin off. Keep it up Badge.

  • Davide Poggiali
    Davide Poggiali 5 днів тому

    The algorithm blessed me with your Deathwing video during Covid and I have yet to stop laughing, thank you for this supreme content, you deserve everything you get.

  • Quentin Overby
    Quentin Overby 4 дні тому +1

    This video was worth the wait! Hella funny, wicked ass combos, and such creative and ingenious animation. Always a pleasure getting to watch your videos. Thank you for all that you do :D

  • Like Six Ducks
    Like Six Ducks 7 днів тому +1419

    That Muscleman impression at 10:13 was on point. I was laughing so hard I cried! Haven't had a laugh that good in a long time!

    • KawaiiNeko333
      KawaiiNeko333 6 днів тому +54

      I just finished the whole series a few months ago. It hits different considering at the end Pops is dead while everyone goes on to have families of their own.

    • P&M FieryFlakes
      P&M FieryFlakes 6 днів тому +13

      That impression is so funny 😂

    • Alex Stephens
      Alex Stephens 6 днів тому +9

      I could not stop laughing. It was so funny that I was crying and that I could not breathe. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Roke
      Roke 6 днів тому +36

      The fucking pause after saying “you know who else” is definitely my favourite

    • Sergio Garza
      Sergio Garza 5 днів тому +11

      ​@roke3526 That pause after that build up of that line was so comedy gold that it had me cry laughing because it was that good.

  • Soul Walker
    Soul Walker 5 днів тому +1

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