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  • Опубліковано 16 вер 2023
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    All other tracks are just the character themes from Marvel vs Capcom or themes from DMC5.
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  • @TheRussianBadger
    @TheRussianBadger  8 місяців тому +7020

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  • @radiantduality8366
    @radiantduality8366 8 місяців тому +26397

    Lythero and Badger are those two people who you’re worried about putting in a room together, but then they blindside you by being absolute homies.

    • @sleepygamer905
      @sleepygamer905 8 місяців тому +369

      Bro this is amazing

    • @lr674
      @lr674 8 місяців тому +528

      The collab we didn’t needed yet but the collab THAT BRING FUN TO ALL

    • @KillerK965
      @KillerK965 8 місяців тому +155

      Two of my favorite UA-camrs them and their friends

    • @sebastynsharlow466
      @sebastynsharlow466 8 місяців тому +260

      Try Max0r, Badger, and Lythero in one room

    • @NitroDrifter8864
      @NitroDrifter8864 8 місяців тому +119

      They're the same type of unhinged, just at different levels

  • @bryanmangual5735
    @bryanmangual5735 8 місяців тому +4024

    "I created you. And you creased my jays"
    *Nothing is more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose*

  • @PotatoPatatoVonSpudsworth
    @PotatoPatatoVonSpudsworth 5 місяців тому +3202

    Phoenix Wright walks like a man who knows exactly how to take your house in court.

    • @punprincess3214
      @punprincess3214 5 місяців тому +176

      That is a man who's faced death and serious injury in court, nothing fazes him

    • @braixentrainer8676
      @braixentrainer8676 4 місяці тому +72

      He has put nigh-untouchable people in prison with his pure Attorney skill

    • @MasterCraft_48
      @MasterCraft_48 3 місяці тому +49

      Mfs be like, Vergil is lore accurate. Phoenix Wright can put you to fucking jail, what's more broken than that

    • @Mekboy_ComputerMonster
      @Mekboy_ComputerMonster 2 місяці тому +11

      The Most Mundane Dork you've ever laid eyes upon;
      *And he is able to make the MOST Unshakeable crumble, because of dedication to Justice and the Law*

    • @Sillyfella15
      @Sillyfella15 2 місяці тому +3

      Fr got that, "where you go I go"

  • @eloizeaubin8724
    @eloizeaubin8724 6 місяців тому +857

    14:20 To defend my girl Amaterasu, she literally is THE Amaterasu incarnate. Like the sun god. Her facing against the other characters isn't that far-fetched in theory.
    But she is also very much a dog, and this game isn't working on Okami rules.

    • @Daniel_Lancelin
      @Daniel_Lancelin 2 місяці тому +97

      *Literally the most powerful god in all of Japan.*
      "Yo, who let that dog in here?"

    • @GeoGamerArtistVlogger
      @GeoGamerArtistVlogger 2 місяці тому +47

      You know when fighting games add animals, that the animals HAVE to be super OP in lore. All the disrespect they're putting on Amaterasu makes me want to get the game, practice Amaterasu as my main, then challenge them to beat me with my Amaterasu

    • @thegamerator10
      @thegamerator10 28 днів тому +17

      The funny thing is, Ammy's canonically one of the strongest Capcom characters in MvC3. Even Thor himself tells her that Nippon is lucky to have someone as powerful as her protecting it.

    • @theguileraven7014
      @theguileraven7014 24 дні тому +8

      @@thegamerator10She can pop stars into existence and spin galaxies, she’s pretty much Odin level. lol

    • @jonhawk117
      @jonhawk117 13 днів тому +1

      @@theguileraven7014 She is as powerful as Rune King Thor, so she is pretty op

  • @aaronle8357
    @aaronle8357 8 місяців тому +30198

    Vergil isn't broken, he's lore accurate.

    • @jackiechan8262
      @jackiechan8262 8 місяців тому +573


    • @skeletonking1
      @skeletonking1 8 місяців тому +449

      And that's a fact

    • @un-kyejohn2968
      @un-kyejohn2968 8 місяців тому +195


    • @HennryHammerhead
      @HennryHammerhead 8 місяців тому +345

      To be fair theres at least a dozen other marvel characters that are just as "lore accurate" as Vergil. Still would be hilarious to see a fight between him and them.

    • @skeletonking1
      @skeletonking1 8 місяців тому +85

      @@HennryHammerhead imagine how much destruction there would be

  • @solareagle1802
    @solareagle1802 8 місяців тому +6251

    I appreciate how Badger didn't actually have a rule behind the bar, he just wanted to make whoever won the bracket worry that there would be one final test.

    • @mrjoe332
      @mrjoe332 8 місяців тому +526

      I imagined he wouldn't do them dirty like this. I thought the final twist would be "if you lose, you get all the money, but badger keeps Jordans "

    • @feritperliare2890
      @feritperliare2890 8 місяців тому +180

      Would've been the final boss of chess meme if he brought the guy that trained him to be the final boss

    • @StriderZessei
      @StriderZessei 8 місяців тому +199

      I was hoping the grey bar would reveal, "Whoever beats Badger has to beat Maximillian Dood."

    • @nintendork9207
      @nintendork9207 8 місяців тому +76

      ​@@StriderZesseiThe left field collab play, that woulda been GOATED

    • @drackflame951
      @drackflame951 8 місяців тому +12

      But he didn't tell the truth that it
      WAS 50 grand and not $50, nobody is willing or tempted to just win $50 since it's not that much money
      So he lied, and there are no good lies, a lie is still a lie and it's still bad

  • @thegamerator10
    @thegamerator10 4 місяці тому +491

    14:18 Amaterasu is the main character from the niche (and awesome and completely-deserving-of-a-sequel) Capcom game Okami.
    She's the goddess of the sun (literally based on the Shinto goddess of the same name) and utilizes an ability called the Celestial Brush to use different elemental attacks (Blizzard, Thunderstorm, and Inferno are heavily featured in MvC3). Her little green companion is the wandering artist Issun, who does the speaking for her in the game.
    Her weapons in MvC3 are the Divine Retribution (a Reflector), the Devout Beads (a Rosary), and Tsumugari (a Glaive; it also has an important place in the game's lore).
    Her theme song in MvC3 is a techno remix of The Sun Rises (Rising Sun), the song that plays during the final phase of the final boss of Okami, when Amaterasu is at full strength from the faith and prayers of everyone in the lands of Nippon and Kamui (basically the game's version of Japan) due to Issun's efforts. Go listen to the original from Okami, it's pure ear candy.
    Okami was made by Clover Studio, who later became PlatinumGames, and was directed by Hideki Kamiya, who also directed the first Devil May Cry. Compared to everyone else, Amaterasu is actually one of the canonically strongest Capcom characters in the game (Thor himself even tells her that Nippon is lucky to have someone as strong as her as its protector).
    Okami, for as amazing of a game as it is, sold poorly on release due to timing; it released at the same time as a more hotly-anticipated game starring a wolf and small, plucky protagonist, that game being The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

    • @ramothynadeak440
      @ramothynadeak440 2 місяці тому +5

      26 likes and no comments? thats sad lemme change that

    • @joshsiegel2765
      @joshsiegel2765 2 місяці тому +9

      I actually played Okami on the Wii, I preferred that over Twilight Princess cuz I never got into Zelda. Didn't get very far into it, probably like 2-3 hours in, but I loved everything about it when I first played it.

    • @averyfields8183
      @averyfields8183 2 місяці тому +16

      It does have a sequel. It was on the DS. Okamiden.

    • @tesseract5569
      @tesseract5569 Місяць тому


  • @MirunaNero
    @MirunaNero 6 місяців тому +841

    2:56 I'm gonna crease your jays, nemisis
    7:03 Gary are you any good
    8:26 bajur has a gamer moment
    10:13 muscleman gets cheated on
    11:33 bing presses the buttons harder
    12:55 that man is a gangster, on god
    13:49 Im gonna win this game *badda picks ghost rider* Fuck.
    13:55 good job
    16:45 idonTwannASEEYOUINCoURT
    17:36 your honor, stfu you wasnt even there
    18:19 Bajur's a chiapet
    20:24 heavenly's mad
    22:05 banished to arby's
    25:13 vergil's ricks are fake
    30:56 that was for nine ele-
    33:27 bajur's joker arc
    36:50 popeyes and crack

    • @carbro476
      @carbro476 2 місяці тому +7

      Leaving this reply so I can check back later

    • @TheSuperSpud
      @TheSuperSpud 2 місяці тому +2

      Ty for ur community service

    • @MirunaNero
      @MirunaNero 2 місяці тому +1

      @@TheSuperSpud you're welcome, citizen

    • @TheSuperSpud
      @TheSuperSpud 2 місяці тому +3

      @@MirunaNero”I never thanked you”
      “And you’ll never have to”

    • @GeoGamerArtistVlogger
      @GeoGamerArtistVlogger 2 місяці тому +2

      MiruTheRumi, everyone. What a madlad.

  • @TimeBucks
    @TimeBucks 8 місяців тому +1348

    This was an emotional roller coaster.

  • @Cami_22099
    @Cami_22099 8 місяців тому +2765

    I feel like Digi is on his villain arc
    first he gets verbally buzzered for his obama joke, then he fails a Fortnite game and now he gets shitted on in Marvel V Capcom. Digi is absolutely plotting a comeback

    • @dasdonbandindo9077
      @dasdonbandindo9077 8 місяців тому +42

      Wait when and what was his Obama joke

    • @somenerd3515
      @somenerd3515 8 місяців тому

      ​@@dasdonbandindo9077goblin mode brain rot video

    • @kison7715
      @kison7715 8 місяців тому +129

      @@dasdonbandindo9077 "Goblin Mode Brain Rot"

    • @bruteforce69
      @bruteforce69 8 місяців тому +27

      @@dasdonbandindo9077 Its the MW2 video badger did.

    • @Cami_22099
      @Cami_22099 8 місяців тому +87

      @@dasdonbandindo9077 "I'm sure you're a nice kid-"
      Mmm, nah, m-mm, nope

  • @darksora32111
    @darksora32111 6 місяців тому +484

    25:24 Yo Gary's hype is contagious asf, he really do be hiping ppl up and is just genuinely happy to see ppl playing Marvel

  • @Mr-Green0
    @Mr-Green0 4 місяці тому +117

    Who was yelling like a madman?
    The madman is gonna break the sound barrier from his yelling.
    Now he's yelling like he's Jim Ross.
    There goes the sound barrier.

    • @voidglitchylol
      @voidglitchylol 2 місяці тому +10

      that's geuce

    • @rm14hitman
      @rm14hitman Місяць тому +1

      Thanks for the timestamps those are the parts that get me rolling the most

  • @Videmacio
    @Videmacio 8 місяців тому +6206

    mickey: wins the bracket
    mickey: takes 42k.
    mickey: I'm going to buy popeye's and smack
    grouse: that's mai boi.

    • @erikdahl6861
      @erikdahl6861 8 місяців тому +202

      it gets funnier
      he's gonna buy popeye's and crack

    • @Ultrasecond77
      @Ultrasecond77 8 місяців тому +132

      he said it with no hesitation either like bruh i laughed so hard i missed what grouse said!

    • @sphealingit222
      @sphealingit222 8 місяців тому +17

      dats mahvel baybee

    • @soundrogue4472
      @soundrogue4472 8 місяців тому +7

      crack not smack

    • @richardauthement3105
      @richardauthement3105 8 місяців тому +3

      ehhh I would've gone for Chinese and or Raising Cane's.

  • @emojibomb9030
    @emojibomb9030 8 місяців тому +947

    The image of Ghost Rider backing away in fear as Phoenix Wright approaches him is a *gift*

    • @phasedcloak2835
      @phasedcloak2835 8 місяців тому +44

      12:40 he's literally doing the giga-chad dr livesey walk!
      not only that, he's walking away is also pure malice!

    • @punprincess3214
      @punprincess3214 7 місяців тому +9

      What's worse? a chain wielding fire ghost or an immortal lawyer with a medium sidekick?

    • @Mr-Green0
      @Mr-Green0 7 місяців тому +7

      The fact a lawyer looks fearless when he walks towards a flaming skeleton from Hell who has the Penance Stare is insane.

    • @punprincess3214
      @punprincess3214 6 днів тому

      ​@@Mr-Green0 what I find disrespectful is ghost rider can say to Phoenix "you know how many lawyers there are in hell?" Meanwhile Phoenix pulled a legally blonde to start his career, took care of his dead mentor's sister, and always proves his client innocent and finds the real murderer, he ain't going to hell

  • @gallopingghostofthejavacoa5112
    @gallopingghostofthejavacoa5112 5 місяців тому +389

    10:15 Literally the best RussianBadger moment in recent memory, Gary is such a laugh riot.😂

  • @Mr-Green0
    @Mr-Green0 4 місяці тому +122

    (Laughs very hard)
    Doing a taunt=Instant execution.

    • @monsterfanatic5344
      @monsterfanatic5344 Місяць тому +3

      It also feels very in character for Deadpool to do something incredibly stupid before his face gets vaporized by a shotgun

  • @Yes-vx2un
    @Yes-vx2un 8 місяців тому +2127

    The fact that Badger's friend group is willing to fight over $50 for god knows how long suggests that there's a core part of this friendship that most others don't have called bribery

    • @casualmarkit9969
      @casualmarkit9969 8 місяців тому +194

      $50 cash AND $1000 pair of shoes. Theres a difference, and it is stark.

    • @StealthTheFoxz
      @StealthTheFoxz 8 місяців тому +54

      @@casualmarkit9969 Tony Stark.

    • @casualmarkit9969
      @casualmarkit9969 8 місяців тому +35

      @@extantfellow46 ... in the first 5 seconds he says it was "50 dollars and some air jordans, instead of the real prize pool of 50,000 dollars and air jordans." The 1000 valuation on those shoes didnt crop till late in the vid, but im pretty sure he would imply the shoes were some tight big dolla ones if he didnt just tell them which ones they were at the false point. Only later does he imply not including the shoes with the 50, but clearly that is contradictory and so gets us nowhere. He said two different things that supports us each and contradict the other. Unless the vod spells it out, we should agree to disagree due to lacking proper evidence.

    • @drackflame951
      @drackflame951 8 місяців тому +5

      ​@@casualmarkit9969so he didn't tell the truth, he just lied , and there is no such thing as good lies, a lie is still a lie and it's still bad, like nobody in gaming tournaments would ever play a tournament in winning $50's it's not a lot of money people would be willing to have.

    • @ponivi
      @ponivi 8 місяців тому +35

      @@drackflame951 actual 12 year old in replies

  • @jackofclubs6229
    @jackofclubs6229 8 місяців тому +1593

    Badger getting to feel the raw intoxication of being the Villain to match the heroes in strength and skill was amazing to see.

    • @thinkingsoutherner9911
      @thinkingsoutherner9911 8 місяців тому +34

      Eh, more anti-hero. I mean, he did make it so that whoever fought him would get the whole prize even if they lost to Badger. But I get what you’re saying 👍

    • @karlwikman3874
      @karlwikman3874 8 місяців тому +25

      Wrestling heel

    • @The_whales
      @The_whales 8 місяців тому +2

      And then get slapped by mickey

    • @EventideEcho
      @EventideEcho 8 місяців тому +4

      ​@@The_whalesjust like a proper villain

    • @massgunner4152
      @massgunner4152 5 місяців тому

      Only to get anticlimaticaly stomped right after.

  • @GZilla311
    @GZilla311 5 місяців тому +83

    17:37 Wire Fraud case
    22:18 Gary and 5-Day old Caesar salad
    24:45 Surprisingly accurate Dante and Vergil descriptions

  • @zrex4007
    @zrex4007 5 місяців тому +57

    Spider Man says"MaXimUm" "whack to death by a metal pipe" 0:52

  • @fogsster
    @fogsster 8 місяців тому +872

    This friend group has really evolved from out-of-pocket humor and stupid memes to genuine good times among friends and I think there's a special amount of beauty to that.

    • @talosine2963
      @talosine2963 8 місяців тому +32

      And also stupid memes

    • @krafaxxii6685
      @krafaxxii6685 8 місяців тому +28

      And out of pocket humor. Still same shite, but this time they're bros.

    • @fogsster
      @fogsster 8 місяців тому +1

      Let me have my moment please

    • @zzodysseuszz
      @zzodysseuszz 8 місяців тому +4

      YOuU KnOw WhOo eElsE wAs CheAtEd OnN?¿

  • @Jtheclown
    @Jtheclown 5 місяців тому +10

    16:32 that was the smoothest and most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen “what’s the time?”

    • @0rionx
      @0rionx Місяць тому +2

      Time to get a watch

  • @Mr-Green0
    @Mr-Green0 4 місяці тому +33

    Well, that was the quickest match ever.

  • @tincoln
    @tincoln 8 місяців тому +623

    As someone said before, Vergil in UMvC is like unlocking the boss as a party member with all of his moves

    • @gilang26060
      @gilang26060 8 місяців тому +24

      Hell even in the game he absolute nuts especially 4se man can keep mixing

    • @zovinchen3281
      @zovinchen3281 8 місяців тому +20

      DMC5 is better. He has even MORE moves than his boss version.

    • @crescentjester
      @crescentjester 8 місяців тому +6

      @@zovinchen3281 Idk man, I've put a couple hundred hours into every DMC game, but I couldn't even finish DMC5. Idk what it is, but it lost some of the sauce that made the others great. DMC3 Vergil will always be king. Especially Neo Angelo Vergil where you get to be him from the first DMC game, and unlimited DT.

    • @tio_john
      @tio_john 8 місяців тому

      Well he is the boss in DMC 3

    • @Firestorm422
      @Firestorm422 11 днів тому

      ​@crescentjester Do you mean where he's barely finished and has a massively incomplete movelist? Yeah, I guess you can think that.
      This just screams of nostalgia talking. The quality of the games are debatable, but the quality of the move list and character is not

  • @mistamemewide
    @mistamemewide 8 місяців тому +819

    By the way, Mickey Winning a Tournament against a Full Bar, Level 3 X-Factor VERGIL with a god damn SHOTO is just pure FGC. God dammit I love Fighting Games.

    • @azurewolf2075
      @azurewolf2075 8 місяців тому +6

      I couldn't agree with you more

    • @TheTolnoc
      @TheTolnoc 8 місяців тому +23

      He brought that Parry from Third Strike with him.

    • @azurewolf2075
      @azurewolf2075 8 місяців тому +5

      @@TheTolnoc do you mean moment 37# the daigo parry with Ken and chun-li? Now that's a moment in fgc history right there

    • @mistamemewide
      @mistamemewide 8 місяців тому +2

      @@TheTolnoche got that DAIGO in em

  • @Dawson886
    @Dawson886 5 місяців тому +51

    1:39 rizz is unmatched absolute perfection

  • @zrex4007
    @zrex4007 5 місяців тому +14

    "This is my taunt" "gets a head shot from a shot gun" 1:00

  • @likesixducks1565
    @likesixducks1565 8 місяців тому +1505

    That Muscleman impression at 10:13 was on point. I was laughing so hard I cried! Haven't had a laugh that good in a long time!

    • @KawaiiNeko333
      @KawaiiNeko333 8 місяців тому +61

      I just finished the whole series a few months ago. It hits different considering at the end Pops is dead while everyone goes on to have families of their own.

    • @pmfieryflakes5749
      @pmfieryflakes5749 8 місяців тому +15

      That impression is so funny 😂

    • @astephens3600
      @astephens3600 8 місяців тому +10

      I could not stop laughing. It was so funny that I was crying and that I could not breathe. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @roke3526
      @roke3526 8 місяців тому +43

      The fucking pause after saying “you know who else” is definitely my favourite

    • @sergiogarza6816
      @sergiogarza6816 8 місяців тому +11

      ​@roke3526 That pause after that build up of that line was so comedy gold that it had me cry laughing because it was that good.

  • @Mr.nesser
    @Mr.nesser 8 місяців тому +1107

    Mickey literally just had an anime protagonist moment.
    Beat the final boss and split the rewards with his previous adversaries in a heartbeat
    He seems like such a great guy

    • @user-mg2yw4hq7q
      @user-mg2yw4hq7q 8 місяців тому +41

      Am i the only one that saw when chat doubted Mickey someone said “I captured a Lopunny?”

    • @KamenRiderRaiden
      @KamenRiderRaiden 7 місяців тому +3

      You forgot the part in Heavenly v Mickey where Mickey cornered Heavenly and caught him point blank with Shinku Hadouken to Heavenly saying "Get in there, Mickey, *_TAKE IT!_* " at 30:35

    • @Mekboy_ComputerMonster
      @Mekboy_ComputerMonster 2 місяці тому

      Was playing Nova aswell;
      Suddenly got Annihilation flashbacks.
      (At least he didn't...Rip out Badger's guts from his own mouth.
      I mean, he did "Metaphorically"...)

  • @infinityblayde1973
    @infinityblayde1973 2 місяці тому +9

    I'm absolute dogwater at fighting games, so I don't watch stuff like that often, but this was really fun to see.
    Badger's wholesomeness mixed with the genuine joy and fun that playing a game with friends gives just makes a day so much better.

  • @dylanbussell3745
    @dylanbussell3745 25 днів тому +3

    i love how the whole first part of this is just that moment when you join a friend group and they’re cool but you don’t quite fit in, and then the GARY SHOWS UP

  • @epicpaladin375
    @epicpaladin375 8 місяців тому +735

    Imagine getting so big and loving your friends so much that you just willingly give away 50k to one of them in a videogame tournament. This is the epitome of friendship right here, this should be everyone’s goal in life.

    • @shadowknightgaming1874
      @shadowknightgaming1874 8 місяців тому +16

      I mean ya but it's a bit different when your set like badger isn't poor or anything so giving away 50k isn't as big of a deal as it would be to most people

    • @Jose-im1ch
      @Jose-im1ch 8 місяців тому +9

      @@shadowknightgaming1874also these videos rake in money so he basically made back the money the moment he posted this kinda

    • @Fartless69420
      @Fartless69420 8 місяців тому +7

      @@Jose-im1ch his videos don’t get ads very often, most of the money comes from sponsors and i think the amount his paid is dependent on how many people actually sign up using his code so I would say his definitely well off but maybe not super rich (plus he only uploads every 3 months)

    • @Awesomeface-es5qf
      @Awesomeface-es5qf 8 місяців тому

      bruh say something interesting

    • @NinjaBray
      @NinjaBray 3 місяці тому

      @@Fartless69420 Pretty sure most of it comes from Gamer Supps and Twitch donations. He may only upload on UA-cam every few months but he streams pretty frequently and his Gamer Supps flavor can be bought at any time from the day it was released until the day Gamer Supps goes under, which probably won't be for a while.

  • @tallstar513
    @tallstar513 7 місяців тому +2365

    Everyone's impressions of Wesker getting upset at losing his 50k has me rolling 😂

    • @ghuudan3940
      @ghuudan3940 7 місяців тому +33


    • @logicallgaming
      @logicallgaming 7 місяців тому +19


    • @Shashou1987
      @Shashou1987 7 місяців тому +19

      "DAMNIT! I needed that 50k to pay off my gene modifications!"

    • @Mr-Green0
      @Mr-Green0 4 місяці тому +1

      Sounds like Wesker lost a bet.

  • @benjaminoechsli1941
    @benjaminoechsli1941 5 місяців тому +22

    So Gary not only taught you the lingo for a fighting game, he taught you how to pull off the moves, and when you were ready, threw you in a cage match with a legend to kick your butt into shape? Man, Zzyx_ is a goat. 🐐

  • @shadystuff673
    @shadystuff673 4 місяці тому +12

    9:55 people to me in ssb

  • @IroManiac
    @IroManiac 8 місяців тому +2186

    Can’t believe this made #3 in gaming, thanks for supporting for Mahvel Badger.

    • @opusmagnus26
      @opusmagnus26 8 місяців тому +10

      What about Capcom?

    • @comediccomrade5716
      @comediccomrade5716 8 місяців тому +17

      should’ve gotten No.1, that one short wasn’t even gaming related

    • @Freedomfighter205
      @Freedomfighter205 8 місяців тому +6

      Now it's number 8 on trending

    • @snifey7694
      @snifey7694 8 місяців тому +4

      Corporate salesman upsell an unaffiliated product

    • @SovietMarmalade
      @SovietMarmalade 8 місяців тому +2

      ​@@opusmagnus26when people say "Mahvel" they mean Marvel Vs Capcom

  • @LegendaryTaco900
    @LegendaryTaco900 8 місяців тому +940

    You know, I never imagined I would see a crossover of Lythero, Gary, and Badger's crew, but I guess reality is stranger than fiction

    • @user-ls8xj5rj8e
      @user-ls8xj5rj8e 8 місяців тому +5

      i agree

    • @deadtenno417
      @deadtenno417 8 місяців тому

      Fr fr

    • @seamonster7081
      @seamonster7081 8 місяців тому

      it really is isnt it

    • @glench4693
      @glench4693 8 місяців тому +1

      Not gonna lie. I saw the names, paused for a minute rewound, and checked again because I did not believe what I saw.

    • @spacey9443
      @spacey9443 8 місяців тому +1

      Fans who watched Lythero or Gary knew this was coming, yet again badger did say this was one of his ideas in 2022. Just happy to see it come into reality.

  • @zrex4007
    @zrex4007 5 місяців тому +45

    Badger says "I'm playing on a controller from China that I can barely read." 2:33

  • @StronkMank
    @StronkMank 5 місяців тому +17


  • @TheDoctorFromArknights
    @TheDoctorFromArknights 8 місяців тому +1387

    He's back when the world needed him the most.

  • @theredgrin6765
    @theredgrin6765 8 місяців тому +481

    Badger won that second round against Mickey and all of sudden he went
    *"Pillagers, emboldened by the FLAME of Ambition! "*

    • @Oliver-Thyella
      @Oliver-Thyella 8 місяців тому +16

      Went from Godrick to Morgott, then straight to the Soldier of Godrick.

    • @PyramidMan1174
      @PyramidMan1174 8 місяців тому +4


    • @deadlybrotato
      @deadlybrotato Місяць тому


  • @t0mies_b0dy
    @t0mies_b0dy 5 місяців тому +18

    Geuce being König is infinitely funnier when you realize how König actually behaves in MW

    • @IronSoulElf
      @IronSoulElf 4 місяці тому +2

      I hope badger will forever use Konig in his vids

    • @discmanthecdlord
      @discmanthecdlord 3 місяці тому +3

      Konig:*suffers from social anxiety*
      Guece:*full on fucking screamlord*

    • @IronSoulElf
      @IronSoulElf 3 місяці тому

      @@discmanthecdlord that's why it's funny af xD. And cute

    @NPCSHADOW_VR Місяць тому +5

    4:05 “chief you mind telling me what your doing in that game.” “Sir quarter circles.”

  • @BrjannLifts
    @BrjannLifts 6 місяців тому +6431

    “You know who else got cheated on?” That part was too funny 🤣🤣🤣 “it’s not fair bro, I did everything for her”. Things got a little personal right there 💀💀💀

    • @ThisPersonIsARe
      @ThisPersonIsARe 6 місяців тому +215

      It went from his girlfriend to OUR girlfriend
      then to our ex 😢

    • @pixelname4899
      @pixelname4899 6 місяців тому +88

      ​@@ThisPersonIsARethen to their girlfriend
      then their ex 😔

    • @DJLDJ132
      @DJLDJ132 6 місяців тому +15

      @@pixelname4899then a minor, in my case. 😅

    • @davebob9796
      @davebob9796 6 місяців тому +18

      @@DJLDJ132bro what

    • @DJLDJ132
      @DJLDJ132 6 місяців тому +22

      @@davebob9796 my ex started dating a minor after me. 😅

  • @immortalkoopah3138
    @immortalkoopah3138 8 місяців тому +724

    honestly Lee and Gary hanging out with Badger and helping him learn this game is even funnier than it should be

    • @antonyschenk4513
      @antonyschenk4513 8 місяців тому +16

      I’m pretty sure that Gary and Lee are two of the greatest masters of Marvel vs Capcom.

    • @fenrirsrage4609
      @fenrirsrage4609 8 місяців тому

      ​​@@antonyschenk4513You are going to get grabbed by Haggar just for saying that.

    • @antonyschenk4513
      @antonyschenk4513 8 місяців тому +4

      @@fenrirsrage4609 I said “two of the greatest,” I’m sure there a list of the greatest Marvel vs. Capcom players and Haggar’ on that list too.
      But both Dante and Virgil can still whoop his ass.

  • @Grabnok
    @Grabnok 6 місяців тому +57

    Low Tier God did not get turned into a furry, but Sonic Fox DID beat some other douchebag with the bet being a thousand or ten thousand dollars or some obscene amount of money (if Sonic LOST btw). OR, if Sonic WON, the other guy had to get a Fursona.
    The other guy did NOT win after talking huge amounts of shit. Bitched and cried. And when he didn't pick a Fursona, he had one forced on him, and became a duck.
    Also his twitter got suspended for something and that's funny.

    • @Mister_Hyphen
      @Mister_Hyphen 5 місяців тому +11

      Imagine losing so hard you get turned into a duck.

    • @Verymuch_V1
      @Verymuch_V1 2 місяці тому +1

      You have the game of life, Become duck.

    • @Triforce_of_Doom
      @Triforce_of_Doom Місяць тому +2

      I still love the way I heard of Sonic Fox. Hearing about the 13-0 they pulled on PerfectLegend in MKX AKA the saga of PerfectLegend not knowing how to take a fucking L. For those who don't know, Perfect was hyped up on his own bullshit (he was legitimately skilled at some EVO brackets) & challenged Sonic Fox to a ft10 money match. After losing TEN FUCKING MATCHES IN A ROW he added another ft3 on top of that & never broke the lose streak.

  • @RelativelyBest
    @RelativelyBest 8 місяців тому +2340

    Amaterasu: *is in the game*
    Badger: "Why is there a dog here?"
    My brain, after all these years: "ORIGIN OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND MOTHER TO US ALL!"

    • @SuperDroll
      @SuperDroll 8 місяців тому +177

      Unironically, with the skill level that was shown in this tournament, I am convinced Amaterasu would have easily swept solo
      Also, if any of them took half a second to learn Morrigan

    • @Sandman_mr
      @Sandman_mr 8 місяців тому +166

      badger: "why its there a dog in here named ´´amaterasu?´´ "
      vietnam flashback: "her name its okami!"

    • @RelativelyBest
      @RelativelyBest 8 місяців тому +144

      @@Sandman_mr You know, the funny thing is that "What's up with this dog/wolf?" is pretty much how every normal human reacts to her in her own game.

    • @ty_teynium
      @ty_teynium 8 місяців тому +33

      Kinda easy to forget not everyone plays or has played the same games. Also, imagine this guy trying something like Kingdom Hearts 😅.

    • @ty_teynium
      @ty_teynium 8 місяців тому +17

      Also; I don't see what the big deal; all he wanted to know was what da dog doin.

  • @kaxdra
    @kaxdra 8 місяців тому +923

    Black Panther (Gary) at 10:37 has never made me laugh nearly so hard before. “You know who else got cheated on? It’s not fair bro I did everything for her”

    • @Dunkopf
      @Dunkopf 7 місяців тому +26

      That impression was flawless

  • @Keirnoth
    @Keirnoth 6 місяців тому +19

    I'm really happy you folks helped to bring UMVC3 to a new generation of players, and many thanks to Gary and Lytheros for making it even more fun.

  • @jaccuelinewittwer5638
    @jaccuelinewittwer5638 Місяць тому +5

    “DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN MICKEY WITH A METAL CHAIR” Dumbledore asked calmly.

  • @Mr_Mushroom_Soup
    @Mr_Mushroom_Soup 8 місяців тому +693

    A Badger and Lythero crossover feels like something you’d see in your dreams but I can’t be happier seeing it become a reality.

  • @iriszilong1429
    @iriszilong1429 8 місяців тому +971

    Lythero and Badger was the crossover I've been subconsciously anticipating for far too long.

    • @krackokrag
      @krackokrag 8 місяців тому +17

      Double the brainrot, double to shitposts.

    • @thestarryeyedobserver
      @thestarryeyedobserver 8 місяців тому +2

      yeah that’s the best way to put it lmao

    • @drezzy6127
      @drezzy6127 8 місяців тому

      The Lythero cinamatic universe is real

    • @rafaelfigfigueiredo2988
      @rafaelfigfigueiredo2988 8 місяців тому +4

      I feel skulker and Alfred collabing would be over

  • @toastisgoodwithbutter
    @toastisgoodwithbutter 4 місяці тому +7

    at 23:35 it sounds more like squidward than joker

  • @That1Kid-cr8zy
    @That1Kid-cr8zy 4 місяці тому +11

    1:22 My fish brother, how are you stuck in a flat piece of plastic mounted to a metal square plate

  • @rhexis8591
    @rhexis8591 8 місяців тому +1860

    Lythero, Zyzx and Badger being together is something I never thought would ever happen but it's literal gold when they are together.

    • @SaiyanGamer1243
      @SaiyanGamer1243 7 місяців тому +7


    • @StriderZessei
      @StriderZessei 7 місяців тому +21

      I've always wanted to see a video of Badger and the boys competing against SovietWomble and the rest of Clan ZF.

    • @Gr4veM1nd
      @Gr4veM1nd 7 місяців тому +8

      ​@@StriderZesseiWe're gonna get that and Lythero with the rest of the Shenanigoons with DotoDoya and the rest of the Three Idiots and it's gonna be like the Avengers of funny gaming UA-camrs.

    • @ArcaneArachnid
      @ArcaneArachnid 7 місяців тому +3

      The crossover I never knew I needed

    • @maxrunitup8133
      @maxrunitup8133 7 місяців тому +5

      Shit on lythero crews impressions like its not a main draw of lytheros😭 channel

  • @thunderbolt4494
    @thunderbolt4494 8 місяців тому +535

    That "You know who else?" bit from Gary got me rofling hard man. Never stop, Badger. Never stop.

    • @trainman5513
      @trainman5513 8 місяців тому +20

      10:14 you’re welcome

    • @tylerspiers2671
      @tylerspiers2671 6 місяців тому

      Nah that shit had me crying Gary is funny asf

  • @Feniquis
    @Feniquis 5 місяців тому +9

    "Turns out extremely hard."
    "Frozen concrete hard."
    "Nokia phone made out of Tungsten hard."

  • @TerminalLag
    @TerminalLag 8 місяців тому +859

    Damn seeing the old animation style hit me with nostalgia like a truck

    • @panther-nk2hn
      @panther-nk2hn 7 місяців тому +67

      I didn't even notice it, thanks for pointing it out. That really do be hitting hard

    • @slinderb.4592
      @slinderb.4592 7 місяців тому +4

      Jesus I didn’t even notice that, shits flying everywhere and yelling. Thanks for pointing it out man.

  • @therobustllama
    @therobustllama 8 місяців тому +781

    26:06 is by far the most hype moment in my opinion, he just turned it all around and pulled out the plastic lawn chair. “He’s motivated!!!”

    • @sicklelkcis
      @sicklelkcis 8 місяців тому +22

      lore accurate vergil moment

    • @MeetYourDarkSide
      @MeetYourDarkSide 8 місяців тому +12

      I had a shit-eating grin on my face for like the next 15 seconds. Shit was badass

    • @Scootaloo157
      @Scootaloo157 8 місяців тому +9

      Heavently was fucking DROPPED DOWN BACK UP WITH FULL STORM

    • @da_riceboy161
      @da_riceboy161 8 місяців тому +3

      Lost my shit at that moment.

  • @Gameface9782
    @Gameface9782 5 місяців тому +19

    One of Badger’s best videos. The energy everyone brings is top tier

  • @Chaosmarauder
    @Chaosmarauder 5 місяців тому +10

    Honestly hearing you get excited as you learned how to do things and did them right just made me smile so much

  • @Panda-Named-Kayy
    @Panda-Named-Kayy 8 місяців тому +602

    Geuce never Fails to make me laugh

    • @Notthebloodgod812
      @Notthebloodgod812 8 місяців тому +26

      @@HeisenbergTheOGwaltuh…. Put your plug away waltuh….. I’m not subscribing to you rn Walt

    • @DumbChaoticFuck
      @DumbChaoticFuck 8 місяців тому

      Heavenly didn’t say that

    • @justagundam
      @justagundam 8 місяців тому +2

      That was Grouse.

    • @Panda-Named-Kayy
      @Panda-Named-Kayy 8 місяців тому

      @@justagundam I can't tell them apart 😭

    • @axeheadshot7793
      @axeheadshot7793 8 місяців тому +1

      That along with "HEAVENLY WAS LITERALLY EATING A FUCKING PIZZA BRO LIKE CMON" Are top tier moments

  • @Qwerali
    @Qwerali 8 місяців тому +708

    Everyone's talking about the Lythero and Badger crossover, but can we take a second to appreciate the absolutely heartwarming friendship at the end there?
    Mickey opting to give up $8k of his $50k prize without an ounce or moment of hesitation so that the other people who participated could go home with some extra cash is beautiful. Mad respect to my mans

    • @CyColt
      @CyColt 8 місяців тому +2

      take your 420th like.

    • @thinkingsoutherner9911
      @thinkingsoutherner9911 8 місяців тому +2

      And Badger writing in the contingency that even if he won, the person who fought him would get the whole prize. That’s some good stuff right there

  • @FoxKnight-by6vt
    @FoxKnight-by6vt 3 місяці тому +4

    the fact that badger went from noob to final boss in such a short time span is incredulous

  • @Mr-Green0
    @Mr-Green0 4 місяці тому +9

    Why is she going to jail for?

  • @DigitalCecropia
    @DigitalCecropia 8 місяців тому +544

    I would honestly love to know what Calvin's reaction was realising he missed a 50k tournament and that he also missed out on 1,000$

    • @TeamOneDay
      @TeamOneDay 8 місяців тому +47

      Same, he's probably MALDING.

  • @AfroHayot
    @AfroHayot 8 місяців тому +523

    Seeing Badger go through his villain and redemption arc in this tournament was both terrifying and hilarious.

  • @zrex4007
    @zrex4007 5 місяців тому +9


  • @nicorubio8290
    @nicorubio8290 2 місяці тому +5

    The deadpool "this is my taunt"then gets ABSOLUTELY MURDERED that was perfect 😂😂😂😂😂

  • @justarandomviewer6756
    @justarandomviewer6756 8 місяців тому +408

    This was genuinely awesome. From the amount of sweat and raging emotions from everyone to the villain arc of Badger and the sheer disrespect of Phoenix and Virgil, truly a great time.

    • @redmist6630
      @redmist6630 8 місяців тому +3

      this dude put the jordans in the engine so he could wear them

  • @NeoArcane
    @NeoArcane 6 місяців тому +2643

    20:29 Heavenly's most hilarious moment, especially when laughed as he said
    "put the controller around-"

  • @blackace41
    @blackace41 5 місяців тому +7

    Badger is the only gaming related content creator that I whole heartly enjoy every time I check out his stuff. No bullshit just fun times through and through.

  • @zrex4007
    @zrex4007 5 місяців тому +6

    "Your stepping on my Jordan's to hard dawg" 0:37

  • @williamcatala154
    @williamcatala154 6 місяців тому +1421

    Dante being called an "unemployed, subhuman omega male who is literally too angry to die and literally too busy to pay his bills" is honestly just the perfect summation of his character.

    • @fabulousneet1180
      @fabulousneet1180 4 місяці тому +62

      I would change the “too angry to die” to “too stylish to die”. Would be more accurate))

    • @silverrider99
      @silverrider99 3 місяці тому +20

      @@fabulousneet1180yeah too angry to die just sounds like kratos or azura.

    • @aesiro13
      @aesiro13 3 місяці тому +10

      ​@@silverrider99 *Doom Slayer in the corner*

    • @Mekboy_ComputerMonster
      @Mekboy_ComputerMonster 2 місяці тому +2

      He ALSO likes pizza.

  • @prismknight353
    @prismknight353 8 місяців тому +478

    You know, for all the goofy things badger does with the homies, he’s one of the nicest guys around

    • @shoooja
      @shoooja 8 місяців тому +1

      oh brother, mr preacher over here

  • @keyholegaming
    @keyholegaming 2 місяці тому +2

    Best one-liner

  • @zrex4007
    @zrex4007 5 місяців тому +14


  • @Charlie-lp3ns
    @Charlie-lp3ns 8 місяців тому +230

    “Get your money up not your funny up, Dante” is the best quote in gaming history

  • @scarasriel
    @scarasriel 7 місяців тому +1193

    Seeing this live and participating in in the casual “don’t let him cook” spam was amazing

  • @thumbspunch6997
    @thumbspunch6997 День тому +1

    Amaterasu: *is a literal deity of light*
    TheRussianBadger: "what the dog doing"

  • @0xXxcmwxXx0
    @0xXxcmwxXx0 2 місяці тому +6

    23:51 what joker are we referring to?

  • @TheTolnoc
    @TheTolnoc 8 місяців тому +419

    "Ten Marvel seconds is three minutes."
    This man knows what's up.

  • @daemonmoreno9456
    @daemonmoreno9456 7 місяців тому +1291

    **gets sent to Brazil**
    **gets sent to Brazil again**
    **gets sent to Brazil yet again**
    "THAT WAS FOR 9‐"
    **gets sent to Brazil AGAIN**

    • @t.cameron3365
      @t.cameron3365 6 місяців тому +99

      We keep sending him to Brazil but somehow he keeps coming back

    • @daemonmoreno9456
      @daemonmoreno9456 6 місяців тому +34

      @@t.cameron3365 he is a beast, no?

    • @cephalonein2141
      @cephalonein2141 6 місяців тому +60

      I'm gonna buy Popeye's and crack
      *Mickey has been sent to Brazil*

    • @ashmeetsingh2685
      @ashmeetsingh2685 6 місяців тому +23

      ​@@t.cameron3365Probably was trained in the Same Dojo in which Sam trained in MGR which was Owned by his father

    • @moniqueena2279
      @moniqueena2279 6 місяців тому +1

      is grouse the blud screaming

  • @Jgmot
    @Jgmot 5 місяців тому +9

    24:17 *EAT FREEDOM RAHHHHHHHH* 🗣🗣🗣🔥🔥🔥🦅🦅🦅

  • @Lewis_Steel
    @Lewis_Steel 5 місяців тому +1

    This is my first time watching a badger video, there was so many flashing lights, words, commentary that it was so difficult to focus on anything, kept watching and it was worth it, had fun, 10/10 would watch again.

  • @Yueff
    @Yueff 8 місяців тому +154

    Heavenly went from upsetting everyone because he was eating a pizza to upsetting everyone because he’s playing Vergil.

    • @snorp6781
      @snorp6781 8 місяців тому +15

      Should've let the pizza play, I bet it could win a match if it was playing Vergil.

  • @BestCryptix
    @BestCryptix 8 місяців тому +428

    Wow, Badger and Lythero playing together is like a whole new ballgame.

    • @justanotaku8288
      @justanotaku8288 8 місяців тому +9

      Literally the crossover we didnt know we needed

  • @playamcnugeegames8267
    @playamcnugeegames8267 4 місяці тому +3

    Bro you have the most goofy ah videos, friends, and fan base, and I just wanna say I absolutely adore you all and thank you badger and friends for this awesome community you have built up, and I am so happy with the quality of the vids as well, you’re absolutely on of the most incredible persons on this platform. Much love and respect! P.S. SWAWS

  • @sparda_
    @sparda_ 5 місяців тому +5

    nearly every single second of this video i was cry laughing, my ribs are so sore, absolute masterpiece, wish we had more marvel content creation like this

  • @wallacecollins8411
    @wallacecollins8411 8 місяців тому +293

    This video had it all: Humor, action, suspense bafoonery, Ceasar Salad level sadness, money, friendship and some creased J's. Top tier content.

    • @NickHavingFun
      @NickHavingFun 8 місяців тому +3

      Video gets a 10/10 in my book probably yours too

    • @gilang26060
      @gilang26060 8 місяців тому

      Dont forget geuce's mic broken moment

  • @WhyIsThisVisible
    @WhyIsThisVisible 7 місяців тому +2431

    7:43 the classic badger stop-motion animation just gave me a lot of nostalgia. How far we've come. ❤

    • @consoleguy647
      @consoleguy647 7 місяців тому +110

      First stop motion, then sfm, then whatever masterpiece we have now
      it’s beautiful

    • @IdiotSavant12345
      @IdiotSavant12345 7 місяців тому +46

      @@consoleguy647he still uses SFM for animations, but I get what you mean.

    • @BoogieSquared
      @BoogieSquared 7 місяців тому +63

      @@consoleguy647 That mocap suit has elevated his shitposts to god tier

    • @Aflay1
      @Aflay1 6 місяців тому +16

      To use stop motion is human
      To use SFM is glorious.
      To use mo-cap is divine
      To use all 3 in the same video is
      *a s c e n d e d*

    • @marsupialmole3926
      @marsupialmole3926 6 місяців тому +1

      I still kinda prefer the stop motion

  • @RexGaming107
    @RexGaming107 5 місяців тому +5

    Lythero, Garry, Badger and his friends are some of the funniest people here on YT, i had an awesome time watching this i might aswell go watch the VOD too

  • @Mr-Green0
    @Mr-Green0 4 місяці тому +7

    That's not even Miles Morales, dude.
    His outfit doesn't even match that outfit.

  • @IHeartJustice
    @IHeartJustice 8 місяців тому +370

    Thank you so much for visiting this game we all love and adore! Glad my homies Lythero and Zyzx took care of ya too this game is hype. Hope you continue to play this game even for fun fam this game has an OCEAN of depth and skill expression behind it , fantastic video every LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE ☝

    • @beanybombguy7847
      @beanybombguy7847 8 місяців тому

      Man who even is this guy?

    • @cheese4728
      @cheese4728 8 місяців тому +6

      An Evo champ

    • @fatihaydynly5500
      @fatihaydynly5500 8 місяців тому +11

      The guy who won the tournaments who zyzx was talking about

    • @spencerabdo5144
      @spencerabdo5144 8 місяців тому +8

      Hey Javi! Glad they gave you a shoutout, homie!

    • @fatihaydynly5500
      @fatihaydynly5500 8 місяців тому +2

      I cannot believe you got so less likes, 300- likes? The hell? (This comment was posted before it passed 300 likes)

  • @Mr-Green0
    @Mr-Green0 4 місяці тому +3

    Taskmaster did what Chris has been trying to do in every Resident Evil game.

  • @watermeelone536
    @watermeelone536 4 місяці тому +4


  • @raging_azzhole3672
    @raging_azzhole3672 5 місяців тому +6

    37:46 White man jumpscare, watchout

  • @AccidentalInsomniac427
    @AccidentalInsomniac427 8 місяців тому +327

    Badger comes back after 2 months and decides to just drop a 40 minute marathon on our asses

    • @Meme-pg5tw
      @Meme-pg5tw 8 місяців тому +2

      Thats how he does it

    • @bigchili5952
      @bigchili5952 8 місяців тому +2

      40 minutes of straight heat tbh

    • @aggressiveavocado
      @aggressiveavocado 8 місяців тому

      Only for it to do piss poor compared to his other vids...

    • @jbgaming3221
      @jbgaming3221 8 місяців тому

      Man’s coming back with some awesome ass videos.

  • @Horizons9406
    @Horizons9406 8 місяців тому +238

    Nothing will stop Vergil when he is MOTIVATED

    • @Freedomfighter205
      @Freedomfighter205 8 місяців тому +10

      Expect the M1911 chambered in .45acp

    • @chiefkeef74
      @chiefkeef74 8 місяців тому +13

      Not even taxes, alimony, and child support 😂

    • @wtfyoulookingat
      @wtfyoulookingat 8 місяців тому +13

      ​@@Freedomfighter205 mf deflects bullets by spinning the Yamato faster than Amazon same day delivery at 11:59PM

    • @Dazzle4U-qm9cg
      @Dazzle4U-qm9cg 8 місяців тому +1

      Shit Will turn a pacemaker off, no cap bongo style