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I Trapped 25 Celebrities In A Box

  • Опубліковано 17 бер 2023
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  • @airrack
    @airrack  11 місяців тому +13221


    • @abdalla0987
      @abdalla0987 11 місяців тому +256

      (start a chain)

    • @kamenridermelayu
      @kamenridermelayu 11 місяців тому +73


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      @uncopylock 11 місяців тому +15


  • @NickDiGiovanni
    @NickDiGiovanni 11 місяців тому +23790

    Call it "Not A Content House" and then it won't fail like all the others.

    • @sussyed7382
      @sussyed7382 11 місяців тому +131

      Bro I love your vids

    • @jerzy930
      @jerzy930 11 місяців тому +86


    • @ryder_k3287
      @ryder_k3287 11 місяців тому +130

      Big brain

    • @acb3120
      @acb3120 11 місяців тому +33

      Lol hi nick

    • @clean5165
      @clean5165 11 місяців тому +40

      Man you make sum dope ass pasta

  • @rhyskirkness
    @rhyskirkness 11 місяців тому +1986

    This video was brutal to watch. Some tik tok influencers are just pure pain to watch/listen to.

    • @tpwrm3458
      @tpwrm3458 10 місяців тому +1

      fr like the fat chick and the aussie wouldnt shut up the whole time

    • @grump1537
      @grump1537 10 місяців тому +33

      I thought it was very entertaining

    • @MarkQub
      @MarkQub 10 місяців тому +50

      @@grump1537 same i thought it wasnt cringe at all. it was really entertaining

    • @MarkQub
      @MarkQub 10 місяців тому +3

      go outside

    • @tpwrm3458
      @tpwrm3458 10 місяців тому

      @@MarkQub bro those tiktokers needa💀 the fat one wouldn't shut up and same with the aussie

  • @seanmatthewmonteagudo1023
    @seanmatthewmonteagudo1023 10 місяців тому +2800

    I thought Tati just pulled the biggest backstab I've ever seen then just was blown away by the giant plot twist airrack just pulled 😭

    • @rhianrhamessalvador3519
      @rhianrhamessalvador3519 10 місяців тому +71

      Fr same the twist airrack pulled almost gave me a scare lol

    • @madisontaylor5380
      @madisontaylor5380 9 місяців тому +11


    • @zanotellitb5457
      @zanotellitb5457 8 місяців тому +17

      This is editors team fault. The choose sequence isn't continuous, so they induce us into thinking that girl is gonna take it all for herself.

    • @thatoneguy5064
      @thatoneguy5064 7 місяців тому +7

      same i was so happy at the end tho

    • @im_just_watching9327
      @im_just_watching9327 7 місяців тому +3

      same, i would've been so dissapointed

  • @Telhio.
    @Telhio. 3 місяці тому +131

    Marquell saying he is the most talented person was the funniest shit seeing how he got humbled by the goat QCP

  • @JanutellaYT
    @JanutellaYT 10 місяців тому +646

    I feel so bad for Wonka for some reason in the line challenge and the boxing challenge, he was so sweet

    • @MicaleNicole
      @MicaleNicole 10 місяців тому +65

      Yeah me too I feel like he should’ve been more up in the line up challenge

    • @tweebranch25660
      @tweebranch25660 10 місяців тому +6

      If you watched the movie around him was sweet

    • @jordy1278
      @jordy1278 9 місяців тому +18

      @@tweebranch25660 if you don't know, he isn't the person who acted as wonka in that movie

    • @carstenbuentello6267
      @carstenbuentello6267 8 місяців тому +2

      @@jordy1278really??? 🤯🤯🤯😶😶😶🫢🫢🫢😳😳😨😨😳😨😨😲😲😧😮😮😦😦😦😧😯😯😯😳😨😰

    • @redly2940
      @redly2940 7 місяців тому

      nah i don't feel bad for him he acted like a pussy not like a man

  • @rairhahshallib3545
    @rairhahshallib3545 5 місяців тому +157

    I just can't get over Tati's reaction to Indiana getting eliminated

  • @itsQCP
    @itsQCP 11 місяців тому +6812

    I really worked as hard as I could to beat Markell in the dance off to get VOTED off. So dumb. Next time let us compete for something airrack 😢

    • @Simoncole64
      @Simoncole64 11 місяців тому +166

      you did great!

    • @LBOZO69944
      @LBOZO69944 11 місяців тому +489

      You would of destroyed in boxing 🥊

    • @eclipse-xt9gq
      @eclipse-xt9gq 11 місяців тому +181

      Should've won

    • @RudyTheLizard
      @RudyTheLizard 11 місяців тому +71

      Its funny how tati voted u out its funny her evil smile

    • @pramithpradeep564
      @pramithpradeep564 11 місяців тому +39

      Imagine losing you shouldve won

  • @Randomthings16
    @Randomthings16 9 місяців тому +757

    Tati: “No Indiana😢”
    Also Tati “I ‘unfortunately’ voted out Indiana😊”
    💀 no way she did her dirty like that.💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • @bruhmoment1171
    @bruhmoment1171 8 місяців тому +353

    Tatti saying she was an athletic person was the funniest part of the video😂

  • @user-gf6nf7bu3w
    @user-gf6nf7bu3w Місяць тому +9

    The "Let us out" from QCP got me rolling on the floor😂

  • @BigChris_pms
    @BigChris_pms 10 місяців тому +758

    It was obvious Tati wanted to "steal" but didn't for obvious life saving reasons.

    • @ipyosh
      @ipyosh 9 місяців тому +15

      There is no need to bring up that fact again, they splited in the end dont bring any more emotion except joy

    • @kalyani1379
      @kalyani1379 9 місяців тому +48

      Exactly it's the fact that the internet will probably hate them and moral police them if any one chose steal.. but if this video wasn't on the internet then I think all of them would have chose steal.. not just tati.. didn't u see the rest of the two acted so disinterested from the start?? I would have never guessed.. they came to win

  • @haleebyhaleeby
    @haleebyhaleeby 4 місяці тому +17

    the fact that tati said she athletic mate i smell some cap

    • @alryou684
      @alryou684 Місяць тому

      won the dancing and boxing challenge but ok

  • @itsdanielmac
    @itsdanielmac 11 місяців тому +416

    This was a whole movie bro

  • @nekoxzr9769
    @nekoxzr9769 11 місяців тому +39

    21:29 "i feel like for us being in a little bit of an unfair match" GIRLLL LMAOOOOOOO

    • @FreshO2
      @FreshO2 10 місяців тому +11

      The weight difference 😂

    • @forbiddenbox
      @forbiddenbox 9 місяців тому +4

      Little bit?

    • @bengaming1964
      @bengaming1964 4 місяці тому +1

      Potato vs carrot

    • @vanessa-fm5pg
      @vanessa-fm5pg 4 місяці тому

      bro tati is built like shawty bae vs the of girl

  • @officialcreativereality
    @officialcreativereality 7 місяців тому +294

    You’re getting to Mr. Beast level man. So happy for you. You’re pushing the platform to a new level.

  • @retrobowl4life889
    @retrobowl4life889 6 місяців тому +11

    Jack LOVES that "communication"

  • @ryukisinmyroom1953
    @ryukisinmyroom1953 8 місяців тому +164

    Tati saying she’s athletic made me laugh out loud

    • @user-ig1fe9we8b
      @user-ig1fe9we8b 7 місяців тому +1

      Not to much on Tati

    • @cloudy_skiesxx
      @cloudy_skiesxx Місяць тому

      Nothings funny tho?

    • @sirmeowthe3rd988
      @sirmeowthe3rd988 Місяць тому

      @@cloudy_skiesxxa little ironic cuz someone as fat as herself shows no signs of athletic ability

    • @alryou684
      @alryou684 Місяць тому +2

      she won the dancing competing and the boxing one sooo? the guy she beat was slim

    • @squish6917
      @squish6917 28 днів тому

      Why because she’s not super skinny? 🙄

  • @stream3dsyndrom373
    @stream3dsyndrom373 5 місяців тому +4

    If QCP stayed in the last round, he would absolutely destroy influencer boxing 💀

  • @JesseJamesWest
    @JesseJamesWest 11 місяців тому +1950


  • @mcrobberts253
    @mcrobberts253 11 місяців тому +37

    If QPC made it to the boxing, I am sure he would've dominated

  • @darkpanther2646
    @darkpanther2646 11 місяців тому +1265

    The fact Tati thinks she has more money than someone who is an actor is kinda shocking

    • @lylytruong69
      @lylytruong69 10 місяців тому +5


    • @CommanderFox65th
      @CommanderFox65th 10 місяців тому +6


    • @Leah0xt
      @Leah0xt 10 місяців тому +91

      He isn’t the real Willy worker you do know tahts

    • @pompom1006
      @pompom1006 10 місяців тому +146

      he isnt the real willy wonka ☠️☠️

    • @noahsherlock2685
      @noahsherlock2685 10 місяців тому +25

      come on broo ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠

  • @Ra-InSoulsChaloompa
    @Ra-InSoulsChaloompa Місяць тому +3

    “I feel like I’m gonna need you for this one Markell”
    *this man is the old ladies with the glass balls*

  • @melselfe
    @melselfe 8 місяців тому +127

    airrack is so humble that he didn't even mention he gave a free shoutout to 25 channels

    • @eomarbles7593
      @eomarbles7593 7 місяців тому +2

      For 9 million views and counting 💀

    • @alryou684
      @alryou684 Місяць тому

      they’re the ones acting out the content

  • @KnownAsDuke
    @KnownAsDuke 4 місяці тому +4

    at 8:25 when he says "so you should go hit the like button" the like button glows rainbow on this video

  • @dude.dans_
    @dude.dans_ 11 місяців тому +1726

    At first I was like, Yo how come there's no animators?! But then when the first challenge was to make a video in 10 min it made more sense 🤣😭

  • @JoeMeats
    @JoeMeats 11 місяців тому +85

    She voted out Indiana confidently then cried when she was illuminated, but realizing that everyone will see what happened in the future... ☕️

  • @gavin4583
    @gavin4583 11 місяців тому +110


    • @Hyperisback
      @Hyperisback 11 місяців тому +3

      Appriste 💀

    • @gavin4583
      @gavin4583 11 місяців тому

      @@Hyperisback Yea my bad but still my spelling 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    • @ashaydwivedi420
      @ashaydwivedi420 10 місяців тому

      apprisite 💀💀💀

    • @I-like-yellow123
      @I-like-yellow123 9 місяців тому


  • @OrbitVR1
    @OrbitVR1 2 місяці тому +3

    When QCP said ima fart in the camera if it’s me got me cracking😂😂

  • @typhonicussr
    @typhonicussr 11 місяців тому +17

    "bunch of scumbags and QCP decide who gets even richer" is a more accurate title

  • @gamingwithsander9858
    @gamingwithsander9858 4 місяці тому +2

    This literally needs to be a tv show bro💀

  • @SeanDoesMagic
    @SeanDoesMagic 11 місяців тому +5803


  • @nsnbwhijsv
    @nsnbwhijsv 11 місяців тому +32

    I haven't seen Sean since early 2020 on TikTok when he used to do those backwards basketball shots from like half court and say things like, "Will I ever get married" and he would throw it and either miss it on purpose or try hundreds of times to make the shot. He was literally the most entertaining person on TikTok during COVID-19 lockdown for me. Thanks for the awesome content as always Airrack and I will see you in the next video 🤝

    • @admhkll
      @admhkll 10 місяців тому

      yeahh fr

  • @lyxina
    @lyxina 7 місяців тому +14

    I owe Jack Neal a lot, he is the reason I cant walk downstairs without the lights on. 💀

  • @crptix2129
    @crptix2129 4 місяці тому +19

    20:03 was mad funny when tati fell 💀💀

    • @Leon13447
      @Leon13447 2 місяці тому

      I can’t stop 😂😂 I need help

  • @gabrielh8840
    @gabrielh8840 10 місяців тому +863

    Indiana and her arrogance over how much she makes made her elimination even more satisfying lol

    • @lagwapa500
      @lagwapa500 10 місяців тому +41

      seriously lol

    • @imdoingstuff9906
      @imdoingstuff9906 8 місяців тому +12

      it’s literally not arrogance, it was literally the point of the challenge to get as far up in the line as u can. obviously she’s gonna act like she makes more mooney than she acc does.

    • @gabrielh8840
      @gabrielh8840 8 місяців тому +43

      @@imdoingstuff9906 the other people did the same without being a complete pompous brat or coming across that way.

    • @imdoingstuff9906
      @imdoingstuff9906 8 місяців тому +7

      @@gabrielh8840 okay but what works works and tbh i don’t think she was being a brat she just had to be louder than the louder personality’s in the line up. for instance tati was so annoying and full of herself in every challenge

    • @gabrielh8840
      @gabrielh8840 8 місяців тому +9

      @@imdoingstuff9906 honestly, these type of challenges can bring out someone's true colors, and it's evident the type of person she is.

  • @jonheintz2661
    @jonheintz2661 6 місяців тому +2

    I don’t think anyone that does TikTok besides a small amount of people actually know how to fight. I’m not a professional but I know how to punch and dodge. This was hilarious

  • @ASH-kr9ft
    @ASH-kr9ft 11 місяців тому +3975

    I was so confident that Tati was gonna steal that shit

    • @huzaipha9546
      @huzaipha9546 11 місяців тому +43


    • @laciyt7570
      @laciyt7570 11 місяців тому +116

      I was willing to put a lot of money on that

    • @ninatalreja7939
      @ninatalreja7939 11 місяців тому +29

      Same no 🧢

    • @AgapeYeshua
      @AgapeYeshua 11 місяців тому +49

      The Gospel:
      (I am not a bot, I'm just someone who enjoys spreading the gospel. Much love to you all!)
      The gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for our sins and rose again, eternally triumphant over His enemies, so that there is now no condemnation for those who believe, but only everlasting joy.
      Peter says in 1 Peter 2:24, “He himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness.”
      So Christ died not only to forgive sin, but also that it might die in the lives of His people.
      ~Quoting John Piper~
      My friend put together a great PowerPoint about the Gospel and Jesus being the prophesied Messiah. I'd like to share if you're interested, just reply and I can send you the link. May Jesus Bless you!

    • @spudo6
      @spudo6 11 місяців тому +16

      Wow the racism 😤😤

  • @vjlva
    @vjlva 11 місяців тому +159

    Glad they did take the right decision, I was rooting for them.

  • @Space_Monke000
    @Space_Monke000 8 місяців тому +11

    when jack said "my fault" i died laughing lmao

  • @ThatBeanMan
    @ThatBeanMan Місяць тому +1

    Bro imagine QCP stayed in the challenge for the boxing part

  • @The_Secret_Account
    @The_Secret_Account 10 місяців тому +26

    24:00 you got me at the end honestly ☠

  • @user-vb8yt1vu9b
    @user-vb8yt1vu9b 6 місяців тому +2

    As soon as Wonka got eliminated and I was pretty pissed about the Italian guy getting kicked out.
    Not Daddy Wonka

  • @Fakey69
    @Fakey69 11 місяців тому +2632

    The boxing match between Tati and Kylie is the reason weightclasses exist.

    • @syrup3586
      @syrup3586 11 місяців тому +108

      whats weightclasses? Also yeah I think its kind of unfair since tati had an advantage

    • @christiaanmosterd929
      @christiaanmosterd929 11 місяців тому +209

      @@syrup3586 people who weight more have an avantage, in boxing a lightweight boxer cant fight a heavyweight boxer for that reason

    • @pageroll
      @pageroll 11 місяців тому +6

      Fr tho

    • @nezu727
      @nezu727 11 місяців тому +40

      @@syrup3586 To be fair i think that would be the fairest match Kylie would have gotten. Men naturally don't go as hard as they can against woman even if its winning a lifetime supply of money, hate it or not. It is what it is

    • @ahmedutd1783
      @ahmedutd1783 11 місяців тому +10

      Ones a bantamweight and ones a large heavyweight

  • @hybriidthewiz
    @hybriidthewiz 10 місяців тому +33

    Thank you Eric,..you're videos are constant and entertaining. And your sauce is dope,💯👍👍

    @RUNBOOOO 11 місяців тому +7

    I think Kevin should be invited again since he is also a UA-camr and he is very honest about what he does

  • @hnad9874
    @hnad9874 24 дні тому +2

    22:06 bro definitely named 10 books 💀

  • @itsorchid
    @itsorchid 10 місяців тому +5

    honestly I feel so bad for airrack dude. When he said that if they won, they could join him in his group and all they care about is the ducking money. I would be super hyped if I could join airrack. Humanity is broken 🙁

  • @Ur.Fav.Mary15
    @Ur.Fav.Mary15 Місяць тому +1

    The way he just smiles so innocently😂

  • @ape2091
    @ape2091 11 місяців тому +1753

    16:41 the facts she said "what no indiana" and voted on her 2 times is wild af

    • @harveysguygaming6957
      @harveysguygaming6957 11 місяців тому +426

      I actually hate Tati

    • @thyblackpanther
      @thyblackpanther 11 місяців тому

      Bit¢he’s be stabbing people in the back for sport

    • @Drewski4444
      @Drewski4444 11 місяців тому +61

      @@harveysguygaming6957 same

    • @thatboiperez1
      @thatboiperez1 11 місяців тому +123

      Tbh I didn’t like Indiana she was cocky

    • @iziahh280
      @iziahh280 11 місяців тому +27

      @@harveysguygaming6957 same

  • @DailyGoldenPlayz
    @DailyGoldenPlayz 11 місяців тому +15

    You gotta give Wonka another chance! 🔥

  • @jackjack0145
    @jackjack0145 10 місяців тому +4

    “Just like the people who bullyed me in high school” got me LAUTHIN

  • @phinaekwy2101
    @phinaekwy2101 2 місяці тому +1

    Eric please make another I trapped 25 people in a box but with UA-camrs for your 30 day series or something

  • @2kT3ify
    @2kT3ify 11 місяців тому +59

    20:27 Jack with all that knowledge of medieval torture methods and still lost 💀

    • @Gerardwayismywife
      @Gerardwayismywife 10 місяців тому


    • @Althobia
      @Althobia 10 місяців тому

      Which One, Theres 2 Jack Mate.

    • @Gerardwayismywife
      @Gerardwayismywife 10 місяців тому


    • @weird_oo
      @weird_oo 10 місяців тому

      And he can still use that against u cant he?

    • @lolphenomlive
      @lolphenomlive 9 місяців тому

      @@Althobia the one who lost dumbass no offense

  • @ILoveSmolDWSkins
    @ILoveSmolDWSkins 2 місяці тому +1

    I literally rooted for Tati the 1st round bcus she got a leshawna pfp and I was scared that she was gonna lose in the rock,paper scissors
    Literally so happy that she made it through the end

  • @VincentKlein1
    @VincentKlein1 11 місяців тому +3665

    Imagine if QCP stayed in to box. I would be so sorry for whoever would have had to go against him.

    • @Plasmaas
      @Plasmaas 11 місяців тому +69

      Dude Facts

    • @ryguy8805
      @ryguy8805 11 місяців тому +43

      He’s a terrible boxer. Absolute trash at boxing. But he’s obviously tougher.

    • @Reykh24
      @Reykh24 11 місяців тому +193

      ​@@ryguy8805 look at the rest of em, wouldn't have mattered

    • @ryguy8805
      @ryguy8805 11 місяців тому +9

      @@Reykh24 learn to read and understand. Exactly why I said he’s obviously tougher.

    • @Reykh24
      @Reykh24 11 місяців тому +49

      @@ryguy8805 chill out bro

  • @seanduerksen4519
    @seanduerksen4519 10 місяців тому +4

    How long do you think they’d have to be trapped in there before they start to eat each other?

  • @The_gaming_chicken6964
    @The_gaming_chicken6964 9 місяців тому +8

    you are the best youtuber i watch, love your videos soooooo much. they are entertaining, suspenseful, and funny. thank you for
    making my day everyday!

  • @aleesha_suites
    @aleesha_suites 4 місяці тому +5

    really glad indiana got voted out
    when she said "CALL THE NAMES OUT ALREADY"... i was saying her name, and airrack said her name, and she proved me right, when she asked "who did it?" like she didn't also vote others with hopes that they get voted out
    the fact that she was acting that way to Wonka, made me instantly dislike her; bro tried like three times and she was dismissing him; i just knew others couldn't have looked passed that attitude.
    don't come reply me with shii like she wasn't being dismissive or rude, go comment your shii elsewhere... cuz i replayed that section of the vid twice, to analyze what she was on about; and they all didn't know that the person on the far end would get the least voting power, else indiana, with that attitude, would've fought her way, farther than she was.. tch.

  • @ryleyknockaert7146
    @ryleyknockaert7146 7 місяців тому +6

    5:36 prolly the funniest part in the while vid 😂😂

  • @user-cy3lp2sd8c
    @user-cy3lp2sd8c 5 місяців тому +1

    La parte del boxeo fue mejor que la numero velada 3 jajaja

  • @marbearr
    @marbearr 10 місяців тому +1

    all three of them seem like decent people because they didn’t take the money for themselves at the end

  • @shofarsongbird
    @shofarsongbird 9 місяців тому +1

    Eric: What do you think of the name Big Money Ranch? TikTokers: We hate it! Eric: *Officlally names it Big Money Ranch and continues to say it multiple times throughout the rest of the video.*

  • @Dog0_00
    @Dog0_00 7 місяців тому

    The shy dude is always the most brutal

  • @Anormalmalaysian
    @Anormalmalaysian 11 місяців тому +2

    "You could've at least said content first. "
    "... Anyways he shows his body off-"

  • @atharvasamant581
    @atharvasamant581 4 місяці тому

    I am still searching for the box in which they were supposed to get trapped as mentioned in the title

  • @FrenchieFries
    @FrenchieFries 11 місяців тому +433

    You got me sweating watching this 😅

  • @jemmyann3260
    @jemmyann3260 9 місяців тому +2

    When he said, "Choose a partner," I suddenly remembered that episode in Squid Game. I was thinking, "Oh no. This can't be good. " I was hoping it wouldn't come to that, but it did. These games/ tournaments can give serious trust issues 😅

  • @ehno4358
    @ehno4358 10 місяців тому +9

    its funny how they were so nice to each other until they lost

  • @dereknong368
    @dereknong368 3 місяці тому +3

    Imagine if qcp didn’t get voted out

  • @hernamenichea
    @hernamenichea 11 місяців тому +17

    This is like total drama island , I’m so weak 😂. I wanted Tati to win so bad.

  • @zaanitt
    @zaanitt 2 місяці тому

    I NEED more of this, this is basically the office but with tiktokers

  • @edemariee
    @edemariee 11 місяців тому +3226

    The fact they were all putting down Wonka about money when he had the most followers out of everyone is just funny to me

    • @sunsunisreal5349
      @sunsunisreal5349 11 місяців тому +485

      No but dude was kind enough to ignore them, like I would never stay this calm.

    • @edemariee
      @edemariee 11 місяців тому +149

      @@sunsunisreal5349 honestly. Duke is a lot strong than I am. Like they had no faith in him.

    • @jahirlopez8937
      @jahirlopez8937 11 місяців тому +101

      Tik tok doesn’t pay much, youtube pays the most….

    • @edemariee
      @edemariee 11 місяців тому +117

      @@jahirlopez8937 yeah but Duke also does UA-cam, Snapchat, Instagram and tiktok so you think he would be making alot if he had 20mi

    • @kieranjoy8294
      @kieranjoy8294 11 місяців тому +12

      @@edemariee SeabDoesMagic had the most follower by 1 million

    @L1TEPLAYS 10 місяців тому +5

    Camera Guys deserve the 50K for sure

  • @DragoPlayzThis
    @DragoPlayzThis 10 місяців тому +8

    Thank you Airrack and friends for this amazing content I really appreciate it.

  • @Qc4ty
    @Qc4ty 3 місяці тому +4

    Dios amo los doblajes al español de este canal 🎉

  • @Raquandra
    @Raquandra 10 місяців тому +2

    I think at the end of your challenge 11:32 you should do a video about facing jimmy off in exercising challenges and I will let you think of punishment for losing

  • @ItsJustTim
    @ItsJustTim 5 місяців тому +1

    20:51 bro what is Eric doing 💀😭

  • @jakeallen1739
    @jakeallen1739 11 місяців тому +2359

    Tati weighted more the double the other girls weight, that is a easy win for her

    • @soyouthinkyoucan...9361
      @soyouthinkyoucan...9361 11 місяців тому +31

      That don’t mean nothing, she was going hard . She making sure she got more hits

    • @melvinmycat_
      @melvinmycat_ 11 місяців тому +413

      @@soyouthinkyoucan...9361 weight classes are a huge factor as more weight = more power

    • @Chuchisq
      @Chuchisq 11 місяців тому +57

      19:26 😂

    • @ghilliee
      @ghilliee 11 місяців тому +92

      thats what i was thinking the whole time, very unfair but ig eric didnt know better

    • @johnanderson9415
      @johnanderson9415 11 місяців тому +46

      I was so mad

  • @joeparry4646
    @joeparry4646 10 місяців тому +2

    When he revealed that they were competing with each other in the dance off i just couldn't help but think about that marble scene from Squid Game

  • @Spyfriendmern
    @Spyfriendmern 11 місяців тому +2

    Jack acted shy at first.

  • @imoldheather
    @imoldheather Місяць тому +1


  • @rs8585
    @rs8585 11 місяців тому +1

    “I’m a lion” “I have got this” once she lost “I think I did pretty good as being in an unfair match”

  • @mq0br3
    @mq0br3 28 днів тому +1

    "Celebrities". I've never seen any of these people before. Never even heard of them.

  • @JasonCravesAttention
    @JasonCravesAttention 11 місяців тому +329

    If only Eric did the whole world a favor and never let them out.

    • @thereisnochannel8735
      @thereisnochannel8735 11 місяців тому +7

      Lmao the greatest comment I've seen this has to be the top comment.

    • @zh1568
      @zh1568 11 місяців тому +3

      hahahah like who are these people

    • @deapexx
      @deapexx 11 місяців тому +1

      @@zh1568 who are you💀💀

    • @chrissoler7758
      @chrissoler7758 11 місяців тому

      ong brodie deez mfs are what makes the world shit

    • @cantaloupgmes6367
      @cantaloupgmes6367 11 місяців тому

      ​@@deapexx he is definitely better than all of them tiktokers(excluding qcp)

  • @GenshinXStay420
    @GenshinXStay420 10 місяців тому +9

    I feeel like Wonka deserved the money ❤

  • @bibisaldana6685
    @bibisaldana6685 11 місяців тому


  • @aluqvs
    @aluqvs 2 місяці тому +2

    ngl i just found this entertaining, it might of been a bit weird at times but all for the laughs for me

  • @Nozidumb
    @Nozidumb 10 місяців тому +1

    The way they kept knocking each other out was so funny

  • @dsbrill19
    @dsbrill19 4 місяці тому

    QCP beating the literal dancer in ddr was so raw

  • @SomeRandodude222
    @SomeRandodude222 11 місяців тому +510

    Airrack is doing the world a favor by trapping 25 TikTokers in a box so for that I thank him for his service.

    • @SCOP_
      @SCOP_ 11 місяців тому +10

      @Vani Gaming 💖😘 I don’t care also sniperwolf cringe

    • @JohnDoe-bt9qp
      @JohnDoe-bt9qp 11 місяців тому +4

      Put their crazy suscribers within that box aswell.

    • @somerandomyoutuber4053
      @somerandomyoutuber4053 11 місяців тому

      My brother

    • @jhance265
      @jhance265 11 місяців тому

      @@JohnDoe-bt9qp and get a guy that likes fire... a bit too much

    • @minecrafter5lol
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  • @bolton8128
    @bolton8128 10 місяців тому +2

    I like how willy wonka cosplayer is verified and his uncle is Johnny Depp instead of him xD

  • @bilaleymenduger6800
    @bilaleymenduger6800 10 місяців тому +4

    Bro at the Voting literally the 2 most sympathic people got votet, tiktokers are monsters

  • @roblox-random-ella2138
    @roblox-random-ella2138 6 днів тому +1

    Honestly I really wanted QCP, Indiana, and Jet to make it to the end😅

  • @alfredovilla1822
    @alfredovilla1822 11 місяців тому +2

    I couldn’t stop laughing when the two girls were boxing 😂

  • @naimaraven
    @naimaraven 2 місяці тому

    I love the little vibe between Tati and jack....and the little beef between wonka and tati😂😂

  • @aidenohmk9224
    @aidenohmk9224 11 місяців тому +441

    QCP definitely felt like he was the only Normal one there

    • @zKoala
      @zKoala 11 місяців тому +43

      He was tbh

    • @LewooYt
      @LewooYt 11 місяців тому +18

      He was

    • @lopunney
      @lopunney 11 місяців тому +8

      Bro he sounded so egotistical and prideful

    • @dashielcockrill998
      @dashielcockrill998 11 місяців тому +29

      @@lopunney All of them kinda sucked but he was the the closest to alright

    • @junbergs15yearsago47
      @junbergs15yearsago47 11 місяців тому +8

      Imagine if he did boxing

  • @olliemon2019
    @olliemon2019 10 місяців тому +2

    "I think that was a nut shot bro!" -Airrack

  • @CarolinaAlmeida-xu1pt
    @CarolinaAlmeida-xu1pt 10 місяців тому

    Making people team up in pairs and having them say what they like most about each other and then making them compete. So typical of Airrack 😂😂

  • @ashleashirley7969
    @ashleashirley7969 5 місяців тому

    When he said "Big money ranch" she was like "I like it" then someone else was like "Stop lying" but when he was like "I got something relatable!" I was laughing so hard and almost died but that's fine