I Paid A Real Assassin To Try To Kill Me

  • Опубліковано 17 бер 2023
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  8 днів тому +64332

    For those of you wondering, he was an Assasin in the military haha

    • scooter
      scooter 7 днів тому

      why do you lij kue ktrasbWoc
      Worlmnnnn this is wicks wick

    • Ömer Yağar
      Ömer Yağar 7 днів тому

      we are having a hard time here

    • NotAEngeneer
      NotAEngeneer 8 днів тому

      haha, i tought you are in black market!

    • Guigamer
      Guigamer 8 днів тому


  • EvanMCGaming
    EvanMCGaming 11 днів тому +172924

    Now we know why Twitter thought MrBeast died

  • 𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖐 𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑

    Cleaning a beach,
    Planting 20 million trees,
    Curing people’s blindness,
    You are such an amazing person, Jimmy.

    • Divingmichelle
      Divingmichelle 6 хвилин тому

      You meant he paid for eye surgeries, God gives Doctors talent and Literally Thank God that He does give them the ability

    • melon221
      melon221 4 години тому

      ​@Don't read my profile picture ok.

    • ItzMoonlightplayz
      ItzMoonlightplayz 6 годин тому

      @Don't read my profile picture k I wont

    • ip321
      ip321 7 годин тому

      what is gonna be next solving global warming?

  • Āłî Ľõ
    Āłî Ľõ 11 годин тому +46

    The level of commitment that this man puts into trying to entertain his audience is insanely inspirational. MrBeast and his team are going to continue to break records the more they keep this up. And they all deserve all the props in the world for it, too!

  • 5.12k subs challenge with 0 video
    5.12k subs challenge with 0 video 17 годин тому +185

    We have to give credit to the cameraman for all the work he has done. He is a true legend.

  • Bad Boy 😱
    Bad Boy 😱 2 дні тому +512

    Jimmy is the living example of that one friends who says "I'll give you five bucks if you can do this" and actually pays up, that none of us ever had.

  • •Lily Gacha•
    •Lily Gacha• 14 годин тому +24

    The amount of money he spent setting all this up is probably more that what he's carrying with him while running from the assassin.

  • Jakerton
    Jakerton 11 днів тому +63216

    Mr Beast is slowly turning into a real life James Bond.

    • BytarBricks
      BytarBricks День тому


    • tomy115
      tomy115 3 дні тому

      To you

    • tomy115
      tomy115 3 дні тому

      I'm subd

    • marianvat
      marianvat 9 днів тому +1

      the hampter king himself,didnt think i would see you here

    • NinjacatCreative
      NinjacatCreative 9 днів тому

      Yooo jake the meme daddy is here!

  • 𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖐 𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑

    Can we just appreciate that this man rented a whole fricking 200 room hotel and paid the wages of all the actors dancing and singing in every room, no other creator have this much dedication.

  • SILENCE7564
    SILENCE7564 День тому +15

    Thank u MR BEAST for all that u done for people I love the way u help others it's trully amazing it means there is hope for all of us that wins nothing it keeps my hopes up that there good people in the world I'm in south africa I would love to try and win something or even just compete

  • Hayden Posey
    Hayden Posey 14 годин тому +10

    Jimmy never fails to entertain us

  • 5.12k subs challenge with 0 video
    5.12k subs challenge with 0 video 2 дні тому +159

    Cleaning a beach,
    Planting 20 million trees,
    Curing people’s blindness,
    You are such an amazing person, Jimmy.

    • simplyepic
      simplyepic 9 годин тому

      ​@Will Blazenko lmao

    • KirthMathand
      KirthMathand 2 дні тому +1

      ​@Will Blazenko and paying the owner

    • Will Blazenko
      Will Blazenko 2 дні тому +1

      Blowing up a bank

    • Fuckaerox
      Fuckaerox 2 дні тому +4

      how original

  • 5.12k subs challenge with 0 video
    5.12k subs challenge with 0 video 17 годин тому +16

    That assassin tried so hard to keep his poker face, but produced that hint of a smile very often. This must've been VERY fun for him.

  • Rachid Aissaoui
    Rachid Aissaoui День тому +28

    This guy don't need an oscar, the oscar needs him.

  • Росс Лин
    Росс Лин 9 годин тому +5

    thank you so much mr beast for making such dangerous videos for us.❤❤❤

  • Aminium Music
    Aminium Music 6 днів тому +6693

    Probably one of the most chaotic MrBeast videos ever. I love it!

  • Āłî Ľõ
    Āłî Ľõ 14 хвилин тому

    Serving as an inspiration to the whole world.... Thank you MrBeast!

  • mama naurah
    mama naurah 21 годину тому +7

    LOL saya nyasar disini.Berandaku penuh denganmu. Cukup menghibur dikala santai, Sambil ber Afirmasi semoga Rezeky ku bisa sepertimu.

  • UnrealEntGaming
    UnrealEntGaming 11 днів тому +2316

    The amount of effort that Mr. Beast puts into trying to outdo himself time and time again is motivating. Keep doing what you do, man.

    • Deep harmony ventures
      Deep harmony ventures 12 годин тому

      yeah its true huge fan

    • Dev Prasad
      Dev Prasad 6 днів тому

      मौत सबसे बड़े आश्चर्य है। क्योंकि बिना ज्ञान के हमें 84 लाख प्रकार के योनियों का कष्ट भोगने हैं ।वर्तमान में परमात्मा संत रामपाल जी के रूप में सतलोक से आकर ज्ञान वा भक्ति देकर मोक्ष प्रदान करने के लिए अभियान चला रहे हैं। जिससे मोक्ष की प्राप्ति कर सकते हैं।

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    • 粤西佳睿
      粤西佳睿 8 днів тому


  • 1k inscritos com _0_ vídeo
    1k inscritos com _0_ vídeo 2 дні тому +8

    MrBeast sempre alegrando os nossos dias 🙏

  • Shamwater
    Shamwater 22 години тому +5

    For real though, I would have said the same "All of this for a broken ankle? No way."

  • Vladimir Putin🇷🇺
    Vladimir Putin🇷🇺 6 годин тому +5

    MrBeast in 2050:-I hired Elon Musk to fly Chandler to Neptune

  • Максим Фирстов
    Максим Фирстов 11 годин тому +4

    🤩 Обожаю эту рубрику! Больше таких видео!!! 🤩

  • Saahu
    Saahu 2 дні тому +14

    The kind of energy they put in these videos is phenomenal ❤

  • 5.12k subs challenge with 0 video
    5.12k subs challenge with 0 video 17 годин тому +2

    Eres genial ❤me encantan tus videos

  • Ruanzinn
    Ruanzinn 9 днів тому +4480

    Jimmy is the living example of that one friends who says “I’ll give you five bucks if you can do this” and actually pays up, that none of us ever had.

    • Paul Hikari
      Paul Hikari День тому

      @JustAGirlOnJorvik So is Jorge m. Report them both.

    • Dolph Struck
      Dolph Struck 7 днів тому


    • hayley seroeyen
      hayley seroeyen 8 днів тому

      ​@D4rant frrrr

    • hayley seroeyen
      hayley seroeyen 8 днів тому

      ​@LOPERZEKA I wouldn't talk if I were you because mr beast has a lot more followers than you😂

  • Ali El Yassaki
    Ali El Yassaki День тому +14

    Can you imagine being one of the sumo guys, getting paid for literally 0.06 seconds

  • Rocky Jesu
    Rocky Jesu 4 години тому +1

    What a humble Jimmy teaching us how to rob a bank

  • qwerty
    qwerty 2 дні тому +114

    Служишь вдохновением для всего мира.... Спасибо тебе, MrBeast!

  • Vansh Panwar
    Vansh Panwar Годину тому +16

    You can't take revenge from INDIA ❤️❤️

    • Vansh Panwar
      Vansh Panwar 58 хвилин тому +1

      Forget about PewDiePie revenge from T series

  • Steven He
    Steven He 10 днів тому +12244

    I wouldn't be surprised if MrBeast legit gets BATMAN to hunt him down

  • 5.12k subs challenge with 0 video
    5.12k subs challenge with 0 video 2 дні тому +32

    Eres el tipo de persona que sueño con ser, gracias por enseñarme que siempre existirá gente buena como tu mr beast

  • Yunus Kızıl
    Yunus Kızıl 11 годин тому +6

    Çok iyi bir insansın eski videolarini izledim ihtiyacı olan insanlara ev araba vermen gerçekten çok güzel keşke tanışma imkanım olsaydı

    • MOBIN.Y
      MOBIN.Y 3 години тому +1


  • Rodrigo Luna
    Rodrigo Luna 22 години тому +4

    Que humilde mr beast con su mochila de Cars🤑

  • Title Match Wrestling
    Title Match Wrestling 10 днів тому +4450

    Easily the most creative use of product placement in the last few decades. Bravo Beast, another instant classic

  • Amber Naymon
    Amber Naymon День тому +5

    Chris just screaming of pure joy while crushing the car is so funny

  • Jason Corsile
    Jason Corsile 2 дні тому +3

    Damn this dude is soooooo motivated and full of pure people loving energy. His team is also just straight up on their game. Props and ❤ for the dedication.

  • Robert Hodge
    Robert Hodge 20 годин тому +2

    Amazing videos man watch all of them and re watch them would be honored to just be in a challenge

  • 5.12k subs challenge with 0 video
    5.12k subs challenge with 0 video 2 дні тому +3


  • best_anime3
    best_anime3 21 годину тому +2

    I love watching mrbeast videos I makes my day❤

  • Dude Dans
    Dude Dans 11 днів тому +4390

    How do you just find an assassin? They don't seem to have any on Craigslist

  • 𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖐 𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑

    I love how Jimmy actually did a good deed by blowing up a bank lol

  • julio
    julio 3 дні тому +65

    it’s terrifying how chill that assassin is. i thought he was gonna kill chandler or karl at one point

    • Homie3
      Homie3 11 годин тому

      ​@El chavo TV🤣

    • Paul Hikari
      Paul Hikari День тому

      @El chavo TV Translation: "Kill me. I'm a spam bot."

    • Julian Arturo
      Julian Arturo 2 дні тому

      ​@El chavo TV ibas

    • El chavo TV
      El chavo TV 2 дні тому

      Estoy triste porque hoy no tuve ningún suscriptor 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Klaire Serentas
    Klaire Serentas 10 годин тому +1

    You never fail to amuse us mr. Beast

  • 5.12k subs challenge with 0 video
    5.12k subs challenge with 0 video 2 дні тому +1

    Não existe limite para esse homem

  • FireLegend
    FireLegend 9 годин тому +4

    If you ever feel useless, remember this guy exists.

  • NotBing
    NotBing 10 днів тому +3741

    The amount of money jimmy spends for entertaining us is crazy.

  • Welto gamer
    Welto gamer День тому +8


  • Great Finds
    Great Finds 9 годин тому +3

    Just entertaining!! Imagine pulling such stunts just to put smile in people's faces?? What will MR. BEAST think of next??? NEXT.....

  • FaZe Beam
    FaZe Beam 12 годин тому +3

    Awesome content! Congratulations!

  • khalid
    khalid 10 днів тому +3936

    this is crazy, having a team of people that can do anything anywhere and any time is insane

    • Le Mau
      Le Mau 9 днів тому

      @Fatih Demirbilek no hablo español

    • Fatih Demirbilek
      Fatih Demirbilek 9 днів тому +1

      _ * هل تريد البحث في الإعجاز العلمي للقرآن؟ * _

    • Fatih Demirbilek
      Fatih Demirbilek 9 днів тому +1

      *_Do you want to research the Scientific Miracles of the Quran?_*

    • Fatih Demirbilek
      Fatih Demirbilek 9 днів тому

      _____*Kuran-ı Kerim'in Bilimsel Mucizelerini araştırmak ister misin ?*_____

  • Steve247
    Steve247 2 дні тому +47

    the amount of money and time he spends into his videos is amazing

    • dario caparros
      dario caparros День тому +1


  • Jeanine Bell
    Jeanine Bell День тому +11

    We loved your videos, been watching them since 2021. My son loves how you are always helping people and always telling me about it. I really appreciate the roll mode you are giving my son. He is autistic and it has been really hard for me getting him help in here in Oklahoma. I just wanted to let you know I much you mean to my family and keep up the good you are doing because there is a lot of people you are touching in different ways. ❤

  • monica ortega
    monica ortega 2 години тому +2

    Vamos por esos 140M suscriptores


    A successful man is the one who can lay a firm foundation with a bricks others have thrown at him..

  • Creatures Canada
    Creatures Canada 8 днів тому +6837

    I love how they try to be stealthy and avoid cameras while the camera man stands out in the open

      CallMeHONKYHONKY 7 днів тому

      @Ash and marijuana:))

    • Ash
      Ash 8 днів тому

      @CallMeHONKYHONKY gigachads dont smoke

    • Davi Youtube
      Davi Youtube 8 днів тому


  • رتاح لي مكتاب ليك تديه
    رتاح لي مكتاب ليك تديه 11 годин тому +4

    El mejor youtuber del mundo gracias por todo

  • Isaiah Myers
    Isaiah Myers 3 дні тому +9

    Thank you you’re channel has helped me through some tough times your videos are what I look forward to.

  • somecat™
    somecat™ 22 години тому +3

    jimmy be doing the craziest stuff

  • Dini Mgcina
    Dini Mgcina 11 годин тому +2

    At thus point we should jus make MrBEAst awards for all this brilliance ❤❤❤

  • Lynds💗
    Lynds💗 18 годин тому +1

    Jimmy never fails to entertain me

  • ItIsYeBadger
    ItIsYeBadger 10 днів тому +2664

    Imagine being a sumo wrestler, and you are hired by Mr.Beast himself and he pays you to sumo wrestle for hours on end until a assassin walks into the room and leaves immediately.

    • scazab
      scazab 5 днів тому +1

      That's so random, oh my God xDDDDDDD

    • jon doe
      jon doe 9 днів тому


    • itsMarvo
      itsMarvo 9 днів тому


    • Canaan Hagemeister
      Canaan Hagemeister 9 днів тому +1

      They probably got paid more by mr beast than they would have for winning a sumo wrestling championship

  • Jack Dion
    Jack Dion 22 години тому +2

    chandler: there's a camera
    camera man: *walks right in front of it

  • Dr.Leandro
    Dr.Leandro 2 години тому +2

    Me gustaria que un cubano pudiera participar en uno de sus desafios 😀

  • Eli YaBoi
    Eli YaBoi 7 днів тому +5337

    No pain could be worse than being locked in a vault with Nolan

    • AlexCarusoWClips
      AlexCarusoWClips 6 днів тому

      imagine Karl😭

    • oregano
      oregano 6 днів тому

      Karl would

    • Mutant
      Mutant 6 днів тому

      @CoopUpNext yes

    • zozo
      zozo 6 днів тому

      @Diego Ore literally what

  • Osvaldo Ortega
    Osvaldo Ortega 21 годину тому +6

    Al ver ese auto destruido me puse a pensar en que quizá mi economía jamás alcanzará para comprar un auto y ese era perfectamente útil 😅

  • Protagonist_Station505.75YT
    Protagonist_Station505.75YT 20 годин тому +6

    *What seriously blew my mind was that the assassin refused to believe that Mr. Beast had injured himself. For the average person, they would simply let it slide because it seems real 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯. 900IQ move*

  • Leaves
    Leaves 2 дні тому +5

    I love this content. I feel happy for the people in these videos.

  • Taposhi Farhana
    Taposhi Farhana 13 годин тому +2

    "Our car is literally a pancake right now " that's hilarious 😂

  • Brah
    Brah 2 дні тому +3

    Never fails to disappoint us ❤

  • Haziq Ahmed
    Haziq Ahmed 3 години тому +1

    Legend says chandler and karl are still tied up

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson 2 дні тому +2

    Great channel and a great bunch of lads having so much fun, plus changing people's lives for the better 🎉 it's a shame you don't come to the UK and do some magic over here 😊 keep up the good work lads

  • Matias Vergara
    Matias Vergara 3 дні тому +2

    Hola Desde hace tiempo te sigo gracias a mis hijos me entretengo mucho con tus videos y mas aun cuando personas con nesecidades reciben tu ayuda crak saludos desde Rosario Santa fe Argentina si venis por estos lados arias m7chas personas felices

    • Samu Roblox
      Samu Roblox 3 дні тому +1

      Te acabas de doxear ._.

  • Sumit Ray
    Sumit Ray 14 годин тому +1

    Love your thinking of helping people
    Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • Dr edwardo
    Dr edwardo Годину тому +1

    Keep up the amazing work

  • It's a me
    It's a me 9 днів тому +2550

    Imagine driving past while Chris rides a literal tank over a car. Would be a very bizarre sight.

    • Jorge m.
      Jorge m. 9 днів тому

      I’m way better than MrBeast

    • Lrm Srm 755
      Lrm Srm 755 9 днів тому +1

      Yep the centurion tank is pretty cool. It was the first MBT tank created by Britain.

    • MK CROWN
      MK CROWN 9 днів тому +1

      @w2cky imagine it was ur past bank

    • I3rahee Ibraheem
      I3rahee Ibraheem 9 днів тому +1


    • SP1K3Y EY3
      SP1K3Y EY3 9 днів тому +1

      @Idiotic And then it exploding :)

  • Red Alien Drip
    Red Alien Drip День тому +1

    Your Content has always been ahead of the times man!

  • TheAlexz
    TheAlexz День тому +3

    miren todo lo que este hombre a logrado wooo

  • Mohammed Moustafa
    Mohammed Moustafa 22 хвилини тому

    Mr beast doesn't need an oscar he needs someone named oscar to hold all his oscars

  • The Purple Fly
    The Purple Fly 3 дні тому +7

    12 seconds in and this already looks sick af, the man comes up with better and better ideas every seccond

  • Miguel angel Ramirez paucar
    Miguel angel Ramirez paucar 3 дні тому +2

    woow como siempre muy buenos videos gracias por alegrarnos los días mi Hijo Es SU Fans .pero ahora estamos separados el los ama mucho a todos me gusta cuando sonrie viendo a cada rato sus videos a Todos bendiciones a todos amigos amigos gracias ❤

  • Brasil Kakashi 007
    Brasil Kakashi 007 3 дні тому +3

    Você tinha abandonado a gente continuar com esses vídeos maravilhosos❤❤

  • Saravana Prasath
    Saravana Prasath 16 годин тому +1

    I was so surprised seeing a celebrity who pays for being assassined by another ....... until I see the end , how he got killed 😂.

  • bread
    bread 3 дні тому +18

    That assassin managed to keep his poker face the whole time

  • DjBlue Tartagal-Salta
    DjBlue Tartagal-Salta 16 годин тому

    Eeeey volviste!!!! Que alegría!!! Salu2 desdee 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • TheGamingDoge1
    TheGamingDoge1 2 дні тому +11

    I don’t even know how they were legally able to do some of this stuff but I’m here for it

    • Gutts The Hawk
      Gutts The Hawk День тому

      The bank was probably already gonna get demod

  • Death Forum
    Death Forum 9 годин тому +1

    Yo esperando a que mr best sepa que existo😢😢

  • LXN3
    LXN3 3 дні тому +26

    *Un asesino que esta 2 pisos cerca quiere acabar con Jimmy esencialmente*
    MrBeast: Genial, llego la hora del sponsor

  • Ak-quann
    Ak-quann 15 годин тому

    Insane well done beast next time hire me to do this .

  • Oceanzy
    Oceanzy 11 днів тому +898

    Oh my god, the commitment of this man to content is insane!!

  • Liam Davies
    Liam Davies 3 дні тому +6

    Watching your videos never ceases to amaze me!

  • Lourdes Reyes
    Lourdes Reyes 2 дні тому +1

    Te rifas Mr bests eres el mejor amigo nunca cambies ojalá un día salga en uno de tus videos 🎉🎉🎉❤

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  • frorg
    frorg 10 годин тому +1

    Imagine the people next to that just seeing the fireball coming out of it

  • Виталий Лев
    Виталий Лев 2 дні тому +1

    Я мечтаю так же помогать людям в России! ❤

  • Marina Cervantes
    Marina Cervantes 21 годину тому

    Mrbeast siempre asiendo nuevas cosas

  • Guilherme Santos
    Guilherme Santos 10 днів тому +2720

    I love how he never stops to explain what’s happening. Dude just explodes a whole building and refuses to elaborate any further. What a legend!

    • Speedy Speed
      Speedy Speed 10 днів тому

      @Nigel Shirlin still an explosion bro

    • Crosber87 !
      Crosber87 ! 10 днів тому +1


    • Nigel Shirlin
      Nigel Shirlin 10 днів тому +1

      If you watch closely it's just a fireworks

    • Fizz_Hamster
      Fizz_Hamster 10 днів тому +1

      Man that home was we're I rew up rip Jeffery

  • Стань Миллионером
    Стань Миллионером 2 дні тому +1

    Наверное, очень много людей хотели бы поучаствовать во всём, что придумывает Мистер Бист) 🥳

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  • Miguel YT 02
    Miguel YT 02 День тому +7

    Algún día seré grande como tu ❤😢

  • Ruka
    Ruka 20 годин тому

    These videos Never die 💯

  • Silverninja
    Silverninja 19 годин тому +1

    Thank you Ukrainians for giving Mr. Beast a Russian tank lol