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Megadeth's Dave Mustaine stops concert mid song to stop bullying. and Holy Wars live.

  • Опубліковано 26 вер 2023


  • @matthoranofficial

    He may be 62 years old, but he still doesn't take shit from ANYBODY!!! 🤘🤘🤘

  • @jsr-uz3oj
    @jsr-uz3oj  +301

    Dave has changed for the better. I'm 60 and a big fan of Dave. In his younger days he was a mean drunk but in time he's changed for the better,I hope to see him play for many years to come. He is a true legend in metal.

  • @williamevans6468

    I applaud Dave for taking his stand against bullying. It's one thing to be at a concert and choosing to take part in a "Mosh Pit" but its a whole different thing for someone to get attacked by multiple persons. I have renewed interest of Megadeth because of this.

  • @jessedorsettii9988

    It's wild how on stage, the performers are watching us in the audience as much as we are watching them. At least in the smaller venues and up close. It's truly a personal experience.

  • @chrismark5405

    People can say what they want about DM, but he’s genuinely a good guy. It does my head in that he’s so misunderstood. He genuinely cares, what a guy. Awesome performance of Holy Wars btw!!

  • @metalhead-mf2zf

    I love that he was not satisfied with just those security guys going to the back but actually getting out of the venue! Big time kudos to Dave!

  • @mlkennedy67111

    Dave is the real deal. I was lucky enough to attend a meet and greet. We actually had a conversation: when I told him that I was finishing up student teaching, he lit up and thanked me for choosing my profession and said, "God bless you for choosing to be a teacher. We need more people like you!"

  • @gennaro4941

    Say what you want about Dave Mustaine...but he isn't all that bad of a person..!!

  • @cherylmajor3001

    what an awesome video!! Props to Dave Mustaine for doing what he did!

  • @ericwelteroth4760

    Props to Dave. He handled this correctly.

  • @shawnphase

    love him or hate him, when things aint right for dave, theyre not gonna go right for most anyone. but when dave's right, dave's right. absolutely appreciate artists stickin up for fans to lunkhead security guys, shameful display by them. props to dave for turning that car around.

  • @oaklandish-metalboy1194

    Really great when bands protect their fan base!

  • @Boudica234

    I love Megadeth. Always have. Haven't always loved Dave. But man this was awesome. What I liked best is this was not a musician grandstanding just to look like a hero. Dave did a lot of talking off mic and was clearly trying in good faith to fix the situation. I could tell he was genuinely pissed and did the right thing.

  • @BobCarr-pc5dr

    Been awhile since I've seen to a show but Megadeth will always be my favorite metal, take care of the fans cause they take care of you,that's one first class top shelf showmanship to me!!!

  • @timduvall4910

    Love Dave.. i mean, he's kicked the addiction and his music is still number one. A legend to inspire others. Love ya Dave.

  • @carl5192
    @carl5192  +11

    Will always respect Dave for respecting the fans.

  • @ericcurry-pitcher5493

    Hell yeah Dave, protecting fans. MEGADETH is still kicking ass. Kiko, hope you and fam, are good. Whether you return or not you made life long fans. RYGDH.

  • @mikewilliams4706

    The more I see Dave , the more I love Megadeth. Full respect! And I love the more aggressive tone he is using in his voice. Megadeth has everything with this.

  • @all5stars

    Dave is the man! I recently went to a show where this kept happening, people getting thrown and assaulted by security, I've been to hundreds of show never seen something so egregious I was pissed the bands never acknowledge how fucked up it was, people just kept getting hurt. Dave did the right thing.

  • @michael4591

    Dave is an idol through and through! Also Dave, thx for the cool acoustic set in Stuttgart! :)