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  • Опубліковано 22 тра 2024
  • It’s Showtime! #Beetlejuice#Beetlejuice Only in theaters September 6.
    Beetlejuice is back! Oscar-nominated, singular creative visionary Tim Burton and Oscar nominee and star Michael Keaton reunite for Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, the long-awaited sequel to Burton’s award-winning Beetlejuice.
    Keaton returns to his iconic role alongside Oscar nominee Winona Ryder (Stranger Things, Little Women) as Lydia Deetz and two-time Emmy winner Catherine O’Hara (Schitt$ Creek, Corpse Bride) as Delia Deetz, with new cast members Justin Theroux (Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi, The Leftovers), Monica Bellucci (Spectre, The Matrix films), Arthur Conti (House of the Dragon) in his feature film debut, with Emmy nominee Jenna Ortega (Wednesday, Scream VI) as Lydia’s daughter, Astrid, and Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe (Poor Things, At Eternity’s Gate).
    Beetlejuice is back! After an unexpected family tragedy, three generations of the Deetz family return home to Winter River. Still haunted by Beetlejuice, Lydia's life is turned upside down when her rebellious teenage daughter, Astrid, discovers the mysterious model of the town in the attic and the portal to the Afterlife is accidentally opened. With trouble brewing in both realms, it's only a matter of time until someone says Beetlejuice's name three times and the mischievous demon returns to unleash his very own brand of mayhem.
    Burton, a genre unto himself, directs from a screenplay by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar (Wednesday), story by Gough & Millar and Seth Grahame-Smith (The LEGO® Batman Movie), based on characters created by Michael McDowell & Larry Wilson. The film’s producers are Marc Toberoff, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Tommy Harper and Burton, with Sara Desmond, Katterli Frauenfelder, Gough, Millar, Brad Pitt, Larry Wilson, Laurence Senelick, Pete Chiappetta, Andrew Lary, Anthony Tittanegro, Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg executive producing.
    Burton’s creatives behind the scenes includes director of photography Haris Zambarloukos (Meg 2: The Trench, Murder on the Orient Express); such previous and frequent collaborators as production designer Mark Scruton (Wednesday), editor Jay Prychidny (Wednesday), Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood (Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Sleepy Hollow), Oscar-winning creature effects and special makeup FX creative supervisor Neal Scanlan (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and Oscar-nominated composer Danny Elfman (Big Fish, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman); and Oscar-winning hair and makeup designer Christine Blundell (Topsy-Turvy).
    A Warner Bros. Pictures presentation, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice will be released only in theaters and IMAX on September 6, 2024 nationwide, and internationally beginning 4 September 2024. It will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures.
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  • @tomimpala
    @tomimpala 11 годин тому +6630

    1988 Michel Keaton: Wanna see me play batman and Beetlejuice?
    2023 Michael Keaton: wanna see me do it again?

    • @thebakeddonut2038
      @thebakeddonut2038 11 годин тому +25


    • @viktorcheng2061
      @viktorcheng2061 10 годин тому +105

      Back in the 80’s Michael Keaton was a stand-up comic, I remember people were angry that he got the part as Batman. Boy, were they wrong, back 2 back hits and now he’s a legend

    • @kevinbatfan1989
      @kevinbatfan1989 10 годин тому +17

      @@viktorcheng2061 i’ve never seen any of the Beetlejuice movies, but I’m gonna go see this one just because I love Michael Keaton so much

    • @Wizard66
      @Wizard66 10 годин тому

      @@kevinbatfan1989there is only one Bettlejuice movie before this one. Check it out

    • @JameyMcQueen
      @JameyMcQueen 10 годин тому +18

      His greatest role will forever be the talking snowman!

  • @Jonathan_Collins
    @Jonathan_Collins 14 годин тому +11523

    The fact that back in 88/89- Michael did Beetlejuice and Batman back to back, and now to come back as both over 35 years later is just too awesome!

    • @massivemendoza
      @massivemendoza 14 годин тому +238

      Or that Hollywood is drying up the well of our youth.

    • @cjayarmada2305
      @cjayarmada2305 14 годин тому +50

      @@massivemendozaawww fake woke? Cuz we’re tf u been?

    • @patrickcaddy7061
      @patrickcaddy7061 14 годин тому +31

      No it isn't I watched Flash he didn't seem to want to be in it. Like when he goes in the suit in the cave he has a face that's like "yup I'm in the suit, you happy?". He does look any different here

    • @southside3119
      @southside3119 14 годин тому +32

      Meh graphics where better than they are now Beetlejuice looked better in the original

    • @jeffcrow2506
      @jeffcrow2506 14 годин тому +2

      not back to back

  • @Chaotickilljoy
    @Chaotickilljoy 5 годин тому +304

    If I wasn't somehow already sold on how flawlessly Michael Keaton slipped back into character or how they managed to get the original cast back, having Willem Defoe on the castlist is the perfect bow on the gift to this generation.

    • @MysticMorigan1998
      @MysticMorigan1998 5 годин тому +13

      Not to even mention how Wynonna Rider and Jena Ortega look vaugly similar in young age

    • @PmpMpp-sr4my
      @PmpMpp-sr4my 4 години тому

      🎉Just absolutely gorgeous!!! The little smile
      at the CHECK PROFIL🔥🤪
      melts me! How can me not love that face!!
      end melts me! How can me not love that face!!❤❤❤

    • @drachenritter42R
      @drachenritter42R 4 години тому +1

      @@MysticMorigan1998 Oh yeah. Jenna Ortega was fantastic in Wednesday IMO, can't wait to see her in another Tim Burton-helmed role

    • @gatorhoy0420
      @gatorhoy0420 4 години тому

      yes, Micheal Keaton is a really good actor.

    • @AustGamingAG
      @AustGamingAG 3 години тому


  • @emirlsanchos6302
    @emirlsanchos6302 5 годин тому +60

    It's amazing that Michael Keaton still manages to effortlessly switch from Beetlejuice Voice to Normal Voice even 36 years later in certain scenes.

    • @nsasupporter7557
      @nsasupporter7557 4 години тому

      It’s already obvious that he doesn’t have the same charisma that he had in the original movie.
      This is an unnecessary sequel that we don’t need… I’m completely counting on this movie sucking

    • @labeled1
      @labeled1 4 години тому +2

      Like the "You think I'm qualified" speech in the original? Normal voice for "I attended Julliard" and full on Beetlejuice for "...and it keeps gettin' funnier everytime I see it."

    • @labeled1
      @labeled1 3 години тому

      @@nsasupporter7557 While I hope it's great, I'm forced to admit that you are right.

    • @theLikou1
      @theLikou1 3 години тому

      @@nsasupporter7557 I just read "blablabla I'm an idiot that judges things without seeing them."

  • @LivingFire_BurningFlame
    @LivingFire_BurningFlame 14 годин тому +4312

    36 years later and Michael Keaton hasn’t lost all that charm that makes him Beetlejuice and in one sentence makes me nostalgic and extremely happy to see him.

    • @mfmr200
      @mfmr200 14 годин тому +19

      he is less jumpy

    • @maybeitsyou1317
      @maybeitsyou1317 13 годин тому +26

      @@mfmr200 Prob not on coke it's not that same era ya know?

    • @BrigadoonZyphoon
      @BrigadoonZyphoon 13 годин тому +5

      Confirmed BOT

    • @No-onesgayformoleman
      @No-onesgayformoleman 13 годин тому +26

      ​​​@@mfmr200Being in your 70s will do that to you

    • @StevenClipper
      @StevenClipper 13 годин тому

      On God lol 🤣🤣😂😂

  • @Cross177
    @Cross177 12 годин тому +1316

    The “EEEK” just gets me every time it’s like a trained response for that first Beetlejuice to send him back

    • @diablojones
      @diablojones 12 годин тому +35

      “Remember when Beetlejuice went ‘EEK’ in the first one? Yeah, that’s gotta be in the sequel. Now, what else from the first one can we cram in here to milk the most nostalgia out of people???”

    • @hurtysquirty
      @hurtysquirty 11 годин тому

      ​@diablojones haters gonna hate. Still looks like it's going to be good

    • @haydencooper_
      @haydencooper_ 11 годин тому +40

      @@diablojones nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia 😁 im all for it. Besides that, it's a character trait. These are the same characters in the same world so there was always to be callbacks and repeated quirks happening.

    • @Finfection
      @Finfection 10 годин тому +59

      @@diablojones You call it "milking nostalgia", I call it character consistency.

    • @LuizVillela
      @LuizVillela 10 годин тому +11

      Audience likes movie
      Company makes movie 2 with same characters
      Oh BuT ThE NOsTaalGiA

  • @T0nyTheArtist
    @T0nyTheArtist 6 годин тому +506

    The cherry on top is the fact that instead of just calling the movie "Beetlejuice 2" they named it "Beetlejuice Beetlejuice" and that's incredible!
    It also makes me hope for a third movie to finally finish the joke.

    • @eyesofthefox
      @eyesofthefox 5 годин тому +24

      Perhaps one day we'll get "Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice"

    • @ForEternia
      @ForEternia 5 годин тому +4

      Boy, the title went right over your heads, didn't it? Of course there's going to be a third one 🙄

    • @DeanTomboy1995
      @DeanTomboy1995 5 годин тому +5

      it gets you thinking they might make a 3rd movie to end the story if you think about when they say his name 3 times he shows up say it again 3 times he goes away so the 3rd film will be called beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice not beetlejuice 3 👀🤔😃😁🤯

    • @prussianpolydactyl836
      @prussianpolydactyl836 4 години тому +12

      @@eyesofthefox If they can keep Michael Keaton alive til 2059, sure

    • @PmpMpp-sr4my
      @PmpMpp-sr4my 4 години тому

      🎉Just absolutely gorgeous!!! The little smile
      at the CHECK PROFIL🔥🤪
      melts me! How can me not love that face!!
      end melts me! How can me not love that face!!❤❤❤

  • @minjod
    @minjod 7 годин тому +268

    I love how everything looks like 80s. The special effects, the presentation

    • @jeremylotr
      @jeremylotr 5 годин тому +1


    • @gatorhoy0420
      @gatorhoy0420 4 години тому +5

      Except for the crappy cgi in place of the crappy stop motion

    • @DeletedDevilDeletedAngel
      @DeletedDevilDeletedAngel 4 години тому +6

      @@gatorhoy0420 thats because the 80s doesnt have good "cgi"

    • @gatorhoy0420
      @gatorhoy0420 4 години тому +1

      @@DeletedDevilDeletedAngel my point was that the special effects don't look 80s. they look equally cheap, which is charming, but not the same.

    • @mattkennedy6115
      @mattkennedy6115 4 години тому +1

      @@gatorhoy0420stop motion>cgi

  • @RachaelWard
    @RachaelWard 10 годин тому +1261

    It took 35 years for his head to grow back to make this sequel.

    • @bmbxiii2045
      @bmbxiii2045 9 годин тому +12


    • @212013114
      @212013114 8 годин тому +9

      It takes a long time for dead things to grow back 👻💀

    • @Tokahaire
      @Tokahaire 8 годин тому +17

      35 years waiting in the line

    • @philip9566
      @philip9566 8 годин тому +5

      He wasn’t going to go woke. He needed it to be PERFECT. Jenna Ortega is the perfect addition.

    • @ebonyknight3948
      @ebonyknight3948 7 годин тому +3

      Best response to this trailer I've seen!

  • @xXW1LDDOG13Xx
    @xXW1LDDOG13Xx 14 годин тому +1484

    “Look, you’ve been to Saturn! Hey, I’ve been to Saturn. Whoa, sandworms, you hate ’em, right?”

    • @NickBraccia76
      @NickBraccia76 13 годин тому +18

      Such a great line.

    • @skinnysnorlax9356
      @skinnysnorlax9356 13 годин тому +17

      Imagine if Beetlejuice ever encountered the sandworms on Arrakis!

    • @leeh6317
      @leeh6317 13 годин тому +6

      “No, I mean…can you be scary?”

    • @ito2789
      @ito2789 13 годин тому +29

      "I Hate 'Em myself!"

    • @TheMarkmcr
      @TheMarkmcr 13 годин тому +6

      ​@@skinnysnorlax9356pretty smart to release the first trailer when they did

  • @mikelee285
    @mikelee285 7 годин тому +81

    I will see this 67 times at the cinema and it will keep getting funnier EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEE IT!!!

    • @Bayou_Russ
      @Bayou_Russ 3 години тому

      Howdy fellow gentleman of sophistication 😂😂😂

  • @BrentWigginsWords
    @BrentWigginsWords 6 годин тому +28

    My childhood has been resurrected. Hopefully there's time in the afterlife for Keaton to make Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.

    • @Themando24
      @Themando24 3 години тому

      In 3 or 4 years maybe we get a 3rd

  • @hawkndove2082
    @hawkndove2082 14 годин тому +5372

    keeping the practical effects was the best decision they could’ve made

    • @benmunn7593
      @benmunn7593 14 годин тому +520

      Actually. Keeping the practical effects was Michael Keaton's only condition for returning to the titular role

    • @No1SumOneTV
      @No1SumOneTV 14 годин тому +57

      very much appreciated

    • @whatjake7898
      @whatjake7898 14 годин тому +252

      They need to move away from 100% CGI in all movies and use more practicle effects.

    • @Felskariot
      @Felskariot 14 годин тому +22

      @@benmunn7593 source?

    • @peatrick33
      @peatrick33 14 годин тому

      @@benmunn7593 Atta boy, Michael

  • @jperalta8449
    @jperalta8449 9 годин тому +762

    "I've seen the exorcist 167 times and it keeps getting funnier, every single time I see it"

    • @benphillips9973
      @benphillips9973 8 годин тому +35

      "Not ta mention the fact that yer talkin' to a dead guy, NOW WHAT DO YOU THINK?!?!?! You think I'm qualified?"

    • @DarkS1ayer100
      @DarkS1ayer100 8 годин тому +12

      "What I meant is, can you be scary?"

    • @MohsinKhan-tb3qo
      @MohsinKhan-tb3qo 7 годин тому +9

      "Oh yeah sure ....what you think of this"??👻 " you like it"

    • @CanadianRose
      @CanadianRose 7 годин тому +6

      Sorry, but you got the quote wrong. It's "I've seen the exorcist 167 times, and it keeps getting funnier every time you see it. Not to mention you're talking to a dead guy."
      Just saying.

    • @Generalbas1972
      @Generalbas1972 7 годин тому +8

      We've come for your daugther Chuck - BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  • @skyeroy29
    @skyeroy29 7 годин тому +25

    i love Willem Dafoe’s laugh at the end. like he drew out his inner goblin

    • @jamesthomas3282
      @jamesthomas3282 5 годин тому +3

      That was Michael Keaton. You know, the main character. Willem Dafoe is just a side character in this.

    • @skyeroy29
      @skyeroy29 5 годин тому +2

      @@jamesthomas3282yes wise guy, that's what i was kind of thinking, but it sounds so much more like Willem. especially after watching no way home and hearing the similarities

  • @gamemasters
    @gamemasters 7 годин тому +30

    if we don't get
    in the next 5 years, we riot.

    • @Darkshyy
      @Darkshyy 4 години тому

      It depends if everyone likes it

    • @muigokublack6487
      @muigokublack6487 4 години тому +1

      "The juice is loose."
      It's gonna depend on how well this does and if Tim WANTS to do a third one.

    • @PmpMpp-sr4my
      @PmpMpp-sr4my 4 години тому

      🎉Just absolutely gorgeous!!! The little smile
      at the CHECK PROFIL🔥🤪
      melts me! How can me not love that face!!
      end melts me! How can me not love that face!!❤❤❤

    • @InvictusOmega
      @InvictusOmega 4 години тому

      No. The new Ghostbusters sequel was bad. Let’s not kill nostalgia.

  • @beachfan1278
    @beachfan1278 13 годин тому +860

    No matter how well the movie does critically and financially, seeing Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice again brings a huge smile on my face.

    • @alexdavidson7785
      @alexdavidson7785 13 годин тому +7

      Hugest 😊

    • @tiffanyalice4478
      @tiffanyalice4478 12 годин тому +14

      I know, it was like seeing him as Batman again in The Flash. Not the best movie, but great to see Keaton with the suit again!

    • @jbb4670
      @jbb4670 12 годин тому +1

      dont worry! IGN will come through and trash it like they usually do..

    • @jayr3053
      @jayr3053 12 годин тому +1


    • @andrewgardner8972
      @andrewgardner8972 11 годин тому +4

      Me too. Keaton was and still is the best beetlejuice and Batman.

  • @dbreiden83080
    @dbreiden83080 8 годин тому +842

    Winona looks fantastic as Lydia after all these years..
    And Keaton is so iconic.. Whole cast looks great.. Can't wait..

    • @Anona_Meows
      @Anona_Meows 6 годин тому +5

      Agree. I wonder why they didn't bring Gina Davis for a cameo

    • @ejstanley
      @ejstanley 5 годин тому +2

      ​@@Anona_MeowsYou never know, easter egg maybe

    • @JimboSlice02
      @JimboSlice02 5 годин тому +2

      You mean to tell me she hasn't changed those bangs after 30+ years? 😅

    • @David-zp8oo
      @David-zp8oo 4 години тому +3

      I've always thought Wynona is absolutely gorgeous.

    • @PmpMpp-sr4my
      @PmpMpp-sr4my 4 години тому +1

      🎉Just absolutely gorgeous!!! The little smile
      at the CHECK PROFIL🔥🤪
      melts me! How can me not love that face!!
      end melts me! How can me not love that face!!❤❤❤

  • @ProtoVexium
    @ProtoVexium 5 годин тому +9

    As an artist , I can only express how awesome this is to see a squeal truly thought out properly. Time span is perfect, the vibe feels exactly the same, and everything feels like a proper continuation. Thank you Tim

  • @arielshade1209
    @arielshade1209 7 годин тому +36

    My gosh, hearing that iconic theme again takes me back. I loved not just the first movie, but also the cartoon series and feverishly watched them as a young kid. I really hope this one's just as good if not better.

    • @venomdonut6905
      @venomdonut6905 4 години тому +1

      "Hey, I'm looking for a little head" "Down the hall, locker marked "mermaids"

  • @Decaposaurus
    @Decaposaurus 9 годин тому +280

    Can we just recognize the dedication of Lydia keeping the same hairstyle for so many years?

    • @djshy3
      @djshy3 7 годин тому +15

      I mean, when you have a look that works...

    • @ravenking2359
      @ravenking2359 6 годин тому +28

      It wasn't just a phase

    • @spoooook
      @spoooook 6 годин тому +21

      She kept her style, and I absolutely LOVE that. Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you need to change up your whole style.

    • @ThaGataNegrra
      @ThaGataNegrra 5 годин тому

      @@spoooook Absolutely THIS.🐾

    • @r0bw00d
      @r0bw00d 4 години тому +1

      You can. Go ahead!

  • @christopherblackburn9271
    @christopherblackburn9271 13 годин тому +115

    “I am gonna make you so happy” every line from Michael Keaton straight up kills me!😂😂

    • @paulwoodford1984
      @paulwoodford1984 11 годин тому +1

      really? it seems weak to me. Disappointing

    • @Superstarseven
      @Superstarseven 11 годин тому


    • @christopherblackburn9271
      @christopherblackburn9271 10 годин тому +1

      @@paulwoodford1984 whatever floats your boat

    • @ShadyGrandson
      @ShadyGrandson 10 годин тому +1

      Yeh that line didn’t really fit bettlejuice for me

    • @ghoulbuster1
      @ghoulbuster1 8 годин тому +2

      @@paulwoodford1984 Bro responding to every comment lmao get a life

  • @PaulRizzo
    @PaulRizzo 7 годин тому +59

    1:30 - that’s Danny DeVito!!!!

    • @m3diterra
      @m3diterra 4 години тому


    • @Themando24
      @Themando24 3 години тому


    • @MichelleLyn84
      @MichelleLyn84 3 години тому

      my goodness you may be right!! i had to slow it down majorly just to see

  • @AllFirstHand
    @AllFirstHand 5 годин тому +9

    Looks like Winona Ryder carries the movie, which is awesome. There's no point passing the buck when you can still carry your own.

    • @RobertBaur-pp9kj
      @RobertBaur-pp9kj 4 години тому

      Right if only Disney understood that about Star wars

  • @armandocorralejo8853
    @armandocorralejo8853 13 годин тому +152

    Monica Bellucci and Willem Dafoe are literally two cherries on the cake.

    • @cullly
      @cullly 11 годин тому +7

      and Danny Devito

    • @frodo322
      @frodo322 10 годин тому +4

      @@culllyis he in this one too?

    • @quatz1981
      @quatz1981 8 годин тому +2

      Couldn't agree more, i just hope they are in it for more than like 5 minutes.

    • @socmonki
      @socmonki 6 годин тому +1

      @@frodo322 he plays a janitor. a dead janitor.

    • @rtyughvbn12
      @rtyughvbn12 6 годин тому +1

      Monica ..two cherries.. he he he

  • @SteveNothing94
    @SteveNothing94 12 годин тому +313

    I can see Michael Keaton really did have fun making this like he’s said in interviews, he just slipped right back in over 35 years later

    • @paulwoodford1984
      @paulwoodford1984 11 годин тому +8

      doesn’t look like from this trailer. looks alike a weaker performance

    • @nickharper8145
      @nickharper8145 11 годин тому +14

      @paulwoodford1984 so you're just going on to different comments where people are happy just to be a Debbie Downer? That is weak.

    • @paulwoodford1984
      @paulwoodford1984 10 годин тому +5

      @@nickharper8145 No, you are getting your hopes up and you will only pretend that you like it. i have high standards and expect better but in this day and age they can’t make a good movie to save their lives. but they are good for the lowest common denominator

    • @Free_Content_About_Me
      @Free_Content_About_Me 9 годин тому

      The most cringe vid on yt.... I know ur doingthis for money but at what cost... Did you actually achieve anything in life. lI'm justa random guy saying

    • @kadiriolanipekun6486
      @kadiriolanipekun6486 9 годин тому +3

      @@paulwoodford1984what do you mean “they”?

  • @StephaneGman
    @StephaneGman 6 годин тому +11

    Beetlejuice: "EEEEEEEEEEEEK!". Never gets old!

  • @forestduffe5576
    @forestduffe5576 6 годин тому +6

    Tim Burton is a genius! 35 years and finally a sequel! Life is good 👍

  • @juliet1203_
    @juliet1203_ 11 годин тому +822

    I like how the effects look like they're from the late 80s, early 90s. I gives a nostalgic touch to the movie

    • @Killswitch1411
      @Killswitch1411 10 годин тому +21

      I was just going to say that.. This feels like movies from the 80s and 90s.

    • @JTheTeach
      @JTheTeach 9 годин тому +33

      looks like crappy CGI to me..OG used stop motion for those scenes, which looked better to us old heads.

    • @Izlude84
      @Izlude84 9 годин тому +12

      Yeah, the claymation stuttering of the sandworm was brilliant. I'm so glad it all 'looks' right!

    • @gandalfthegrey9277
      @gandalfthegrey9277 9 годин тому +7

      it makes it look worse, enough with this nostalgification of movies we want RAW CINEMA!

    • @Free_Content_About_Me
      @Free_Content_About_Me 9 годин тому

      The most cringe vid on yt.... I know ur doingthis for money but at what cost... Did you actually achieve anything in life. lI'm justa random guy saying

  • @user-hk1fq9gx7z
    @user-hk1fq9gx7z 13 годин тому +2001

    Beetlejuice working as a manager of an Afterlife Call Center is oozes hilarity. A Someone who works management in a Callcenter, I can easily imagine the cringe he has to deal with. bro *AWMKPX* is the best thing you said, just perfect

    • @nomadawhereva
      @nomadawhereva 13 годин тому +11

      I love it they're still using practical effects

    • @velociraptor4you3291
      @velociraptor4you3291 13 годин тому +4

      I worked in a call center myself for two years; I can relate somewhat.

    • @khalil8043
      @khalil8043 13 годин тому

      wtf, nobody said anything about AWMKPX, stop promoting for crypto in the comments

    • @watertommyz
      @watertommyz 12 годин тому +6

      Looks more like he took over Juno's position to me.

    • @Bumblebee-qj9ui
      @Bumblebee-qj9ui 12 годин тому +10

      What does Awmpkx stand for?

  • @notthegoodgirl
    @notthegoodgirl 5 годин тому +4

    Michael Keaton is my favorite. “Creep, creep.” 💛

  • @IndrajMakwana
    @IndrajMakwana 13 годин тому +1567

    Michael Keaton is that friend you barely see but when you do it’s like you never missed a step can’t wait for this awesome movie !!! wtf all of you in *AWMKPX* ??

    • @oliviagarofalo7564
      @oliviagarofalo7564 12 годин тому +15

      What does AWMKPX mean?

    • @T4P.0N.MY.PIC1
      @T4P.0N.MY.PIC1 12 годин тому +1


    • @Jhakson
      @Jhakson 12 годин тому

      ​​​​@@oliviagarofalo7564it claims to be some new crypto from Amazon apparently but the last one AMK33X was a big scam, when you googled it you were brought to a fake Amazon website. There were a lot of these comments then too but all written by AI.

    • @sailoritaly
      @sailoritaly 12 годин тому

      @@oliviagarofalo7564it seems like it’s referring to a type of cryptocurrency? Not sure what that has to do with the movie

    • @HDL_CinC_Dragon
      @HDL_CinC_Dragon 11 годин тому

      @@oliviagarofalo7564 It's a scam crypto currency thing. All of the people posting comments about it are bots trying to fake legitimacy in search engines and such.

  • @felixmx3
    @felixmx3 11 годин тому +288

    I don't even care what the plot is. Just seeing Michael keaton back in this character is good enough for me.

    • @avigutierrez8948
      @avigutierrez8948 9 годин тому +1


    • @sorciak
      @sorciak 8 годин тому +1

      idk why but i tho Jhonny Deep was playign bettlejuice LOOOOOL

    • @PaulWagner1
      @PaulWagner1 8 годин тому +2

      If the movie were called "Beetlejuice Drinks Tea for Two Hours" I'd probably still pay to watch it.

  • @briansager3744
    @briansager3744 7 годин тому +11

    Love how they're just like "uhhhh Jeffrey Jones is dead dont worry about it" right off the bat.

    • @OldWestGunslinger-vs9mx
      @OldWestGunslinger-vs9mx 5 годин тому +2

      Yes, Jeffery Jones is dead...... in this movie about ghosts and the afterlife. So is Alec Baldwin..... who was already dead in the last movie. They didn't think this through.

    • @briansager3744
      @briansager3744 5 годин тому +2

      @@OldWestGunslinger-vs9mx Zero chance Jeffrey Jones shows up. He's dead and lost in the hallways.

    • @thestraydog
      @thestraydog 4 години тому

      Good riddance to creepy gross rubbish ​@@briansager3744

    • @OldWestGunslinger-vs9mx
      @OldWestGunslinger-vs9mx 4 години тому

      @briansager3744 Didn't say that they'd bring him back. They just need a better excuse. Maybe the character didn't have unfinished business or something so his soul went to heaven. Same for Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin's characters. Say they are finally at peace and moved on.

    • @briansager3744
      @briansager3744 4 години тому

      @OldWestGunslinger-vs9mx maybe Charles Deetz was a pedo too and no one wants to see him either.

  • @ChristopherToro
    @ChristopherToro 4 години тому +1

    Micheal Keaton had been on his A-game for the last 10 years straight. An absolute inspiration!

    @WARFRAMEPARADOX 14 годин тому +695

    Something is telling me the 3rd movie will be called "bettlejuice bettlejuice bettlejuice" check back 36 years from now.

  • @mattfitz1412
    @mattfitz1412 9 годин тому +60

    Keaton is a legend. Who would have thought we'd ever see the original screen Batman or Beetlejuice again more than 3 decades later?

  • @cosmosblue772
    @cosmosblue772 4 години тому +2

    This actually looks really good, and the fact that Burton went back to practical effects here is even better ✨️

  • @Nines_Rodriguez
    @Nines_Rodriguez 3 години тому +1

    -Me: "Michael Keaton/Batman/Beetlejuice after 35+ years. Amazing..."
    -Trinity: "What did you see? Tell me exactly what did you see..."

  • @Flash-FireCC
    @Flash-FireCC 14 годин тому +143

    "Here's a preview"
    That was the best preview for a trailer without spoiling the trailer, thank you

    • @FoxNinja4000
      @FoxNinja4000 5 годин тому +1

      How a preview should be done.

  • @xCherryGirlx
    @xCherryGirlx 9 годин тому +241

    Winona is an icon and having her back in this legendary film couldn't be more perfect. BEAUTIFUL as always.

    • @Slayer--
      @Slayer-- 8 годин тому +2

      c'mon nowsheeshh...

    • @mspionage1743
      @mspionage1743 7 годин тому +1

      An "icon" lol.....

    • @spoooook
      @spoooook 6 годин тому +6

      ​@@mspionage1743 she is an iconic actress to many.

    • @mspionage1743
      @mspionage1743 6 годин тому

      @@spoooook Imagine believing an actress/actor is an icon lol. What a failure of a life for anyone who looks up to such people.

    • @phdonme1
      @phdonme1 6 годин тому +3

      Wouldn't be Beetlejuice without her

  • @zairehaylock4974
    @zairehaylock4974 7 годин тому +5

    After 36 years and now I can't wait to see it.

  • @AfricaMix2024-zn9of
    @AfricaMix2024-zn9of 4 години тому +2

    1988 Michel Keaton: Wanna see me play batman and Beetlejuice?

  • @Gill.H3
    @Gill.H3 13 годин тому +161

    God, we're getting old.
    Had it on vhs growing up. One of those movies I've seen more than the average person.
    Part of me is happy and part of me is sad. Life is going by so fast appreciate. Appreciate the OGs coming back to entertain us again... feels like it was just yesterday.

    • @jasoncolliver3648
      @jasoncolliver3648 4 години тому

      hey, at least you are still alive to see a properly done sequel! We could have got "Beetlejuice goes Hawaiian" as was originally planned!

  • @gingerjoewolves
    @gingerjoewolves 14 годин тому +78

    That deep bass from the horns at 1:25 gave me a level of excitement I wasn't ready for.
    Amazing how a score/piece of music can bring forward such great memories and emotion

    • @marcoludema8876
      @marcoludema8876 13 годин тому +10

      Danny Elfman's music generally always adds so much to Burton's films. I can't wait to hear the full soundtrack!

  • @GillBoldberg
    @GillBoldberg 3 години тому +1

    Finally someone with the balls to use practical effects. Movies need more of this.

  • @ijnfleetadmiral
    @ijnfleetadmiral 6 годин тому +5

    We FINALLY get the full trailer! Looks awesome!

  • @_what._.
    @_what._. 11 годин тому +164

    This looks like an absolutely INCREDIBLE sequel.
    I'm absolutely shocked at how much they perfectly replicated the style of the original movie.
    Everything is in this is giving me chills.
    And the Danny Elfman soundtrack sounds amazing as ever!!

  • @SurfNinjas
    @SurfNinjas 14 годин тому +1427

    Winona is still an angel.

    • @Otisboy121
      @Otisboy121 14 годин тому +66

      A gothic angel!

    • @mikejorsch304
      @mikejorsch304 14 годин тому +28

      She is in her wedding dress again 1:31

    • @eclate_666
      @eclate_666 14 годин тому +27

      Once a goth always a goth.

    • @brokentoothstudio4929
      @brokentoothstudio4929 14 годин тому +27

      Still really good looking to. I had a crush on her back in the 90's among other iconic 80's and 90's girls.

    • @SurfNinjas
      @SurfNinjas 14 годин тому +11

      ​​@@brokentoothstudio4929 Yep! This movie and Heathers were all it took to make her one of my first celebrity crushes. Have loved her ever since.

  • @totemworlds
    @totemworlds 5 годин тому +3

    Antiquated CGI? YES PLEASE!

  • @ChaosChanneler
    @ChaosChanneler 7 годин тому +1

    Got chills after all these years they still have it. I cannot WAIT to see this movie with my dad again after 35 years. How Keaton still sounds the same blows my mind. :D

  • @undiscloseduser2004
    @undiscloseduser2004 11 годин тому +88

    I was 2 years old, born in 1986. My bigger brother was 4 years old. He had a Beetlejuice wind up doll and I had a Pee-Wee Herman one. I LOVE THE FIRST MOVIE AND CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!!!

    • @bitshtannicajohnson6957
      @bitshtannicajohnson6957 9 годин тому +2

      *Unlike Pee Wee, Beetlejuice never got baby batter on the back of the neck of an undercover cop in an adults only theatre*

    • @georgekouts
      @georgekouts 6 годин тому

      @@bitshtannicajohnson6957 No one cares, a$$hole! Grow up! The man is dead!

  • @zooweemama3835
    @zooweemama3835 14 годин тому +700

    I'm glad they kept the original aesthetic and used practical effects

    • @NeverSaySandwich1
      @NeverSaySandwich1 13 годин тому +38

      There's a lot of CGI in this dude

    • @BrigadoonZyphoon
      @BrigadoonZyphoon 13 годин тому +4

      Confirmed BOT

    • @zooweemama3835
      @zooweemama3835 13 годин тому +3

      @@BrigadoonZyphoon lol okay

    • @a_waff1es_0pinion76
      @a_waff1es_0pinion76 13 годин тому +17

      @@NeverSaySandwich1 actually it’s been confirmed that not a drop of CGI has been used. It is all gonna be practical like the original.

    • @a_waff1es_0pinion76
      @a_waff1es_0pinion76 13 годин тому +2

      @@BrigadoonZyphoon no he’s right, it has been confirmed that not a drop of CGI was used and it’s all practical

  • @alexrunyan1434
    @alexrunyan1434 7 годин тому +1

    After 36 years Michael Keaton still has what it takes to be Beetlejuice.

  • @cyaatthemovies
    @cyaatthemovies 7 годин тому

    I've never been more excited for a film in my life. I've waited for this since I was a kid. Keaton is back, practical effects, Elfman is scoring the film, same whacky vibe.....this is everything i've hoped it would be.

  • @TheHellsingHQ
    @TheHellsingHQ 10 годин тому +56

    Beetlejuice: "I'm gonna make you so happy."
    Now THIS.... Puts a smile on my face!

  • @BrookeAmezcua
    @BrookeAmezcua 12 годин тому +650

    He's still got it over 30 years later.
    Also, so glad to see stop-motion animated sandworms, and the shruken head guy again.
    This is how you do a revival, people.

    • @MrV8696
      @MrV8696 11 годин тому +19

      I was about to say that. The stop motion worm and mini head guy sold me.

    • @Lildeadthing420
      @Lildeadthing420 11 годин тому +10

      It looked like it was computer animation in the stop motion style which isn't bad and makes sense they'd probably go about it like that

    • @Jones-ke6bt
      @Jones-ke6bt 11 годин тому +3

      ​@@Lildeadthing420 cgi just with less frames than normal lol.

    • @chrisrusche2109
      @chrisrusche2109 11 годин тому +1

      Sure thing, bot account

    • @rustiouk760
      @rustiouk760 11 годин тому +2

      Shrunken head guy is who I'm here for.

  • @MP-in4or
    @MP-in4or 6 годин тому +2

    Love that Burton is sticking with the clay animation.

  • @jonathanclark2622
    @jonathanclark2622 14 годин тому +614

    Seeing stop motion effects in a modren may movie feels so surreal. And i love it

    • @snekface1707
      @snekface1707 14 годин тому +20

      Tim Burton is the GOAT for a reason

    • @ThinCrustPizzzza
      @ThinCrustPizzzza 14 годин тому +37

      It's CGI made to look like stop motion. Tim Burton talks about in an interview.

    • @masterofallgoons
      @masterofallgoons 13 годин тому +15

      @@ThinCrustPizzzza - No he doesn't. In every interview where he's spoke about it, he said they were using stop motion and practical effects. I don't doubt there is clearly some CGI as well, but all of the interviews have emphasized the use of old fashioned effects.

    • @ThinCrustPizzzza
      @ThinCrustPizzzza 13 годин тому +4

      @@masterofallgoons Can you please refrain from trolling. Did you wake up this morning thinking to yourself " How many lies can I come up with today?"

    • @ThinCrustPizzzza
      @ThinCrustPizzzza 13 годин тому

      @@masterofallgoons I'm watching an interview now and he's clearly saying that used CGI to mimic practical effects. Are you stupid? Or just deaf?

  • @trustmeimmexican
    @trustmeimmexican 13 годин тому +263

    Lydia '88 - "No, mom. Is not a stage".
    Lydia '24 - "See?"

    • @chrisrusche2109
      @chrisrusche2109 11 годин тому +5

      If you're still the same person in your 50's as you were in your 20's, something is seriously wrong with you.

    • @ljeans531
      @ljeans531 11 годин тому

      So this is a sequel?

    • @chandlermartin9266
      @chandlermartin9266 11 годин тому +4

      ​@chrisrusche2109 but what if you actually happened to be a sane and decent person. It can happen sometimes 😂

    • @seanian8986
      @seanian8986 10 годин тому +1

      ​@ljeans531 what did you think it was?

    • @LizLevan
      @LizLevan 10 годин тому +3

      Lydia is clearly still true to her spooky self which is awesome to see.

  • @TheDigitalPumpkinCat
    @TheDigitalPumpkinCat 7 годин тому +3

    1:47 Love how they have those great references but reuse them in different ways!!!

  • @chrxssytina
    @chrxssytina 9 годин тому +71

    Already obsessed! Tim managed to somehow capture the whole spirit of the first movie! Now that's finally a movie I can look forward to! The outfits, the inside jokes, even the music! Can't wait! 🤩

    • @bmbxiii2045
      @bmbxiii2045 9 годин тому +2

      That was my exact thoughts. It is exactly as it was in 88. They couldn’t have done better

    • @commandercaptain4664
      @commandercaptain4664 5 годин тому

      Sounds like they added a restaurant kitchen in the middle of a hurricane in place of the music. Elfman’s score didn’t need the “help”.

  • @SockBramson_
    @SockBramson_ 13 годин тому +34

    Keaton in his renaissance era, I love it. Also best two Spider-man movie villains working together.

  • @StarWolf2199
    @StarWolf2199 4 години тому +2

    I have seen this trailer 167 times, and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it!

  • @JamesFarrOfficial
    @JamesFarrOfficial 14 годин тому +212

    You had me at undead Monica Bellucci.

    • @Vysedragon
      @Vysedragon 13 годин тому +14

      Burtons new wife so she’s gotta be in his films

    • @marcoludema8876
      @marcoludema8876 13 годин тому +6

      So that's why she doesn't seem to age...

    • @MrTristy22
      @MrTristy22 13 годин тому +8

      Not the first time considering she was in Dracula from 1992... ALSO STARRING WINONA RYDER!

    • @catwatch1744
      @catwatch1744 12 годин тому +7

      That woman is 59 years old and still breathtaking. Must have made a pact with the Devil. No other explanation!

    • @robertbusek30
      @robertbusek30 12 годин тому +6

      Willem Defoe is a great addition too.

  • @TwinMama828
    @TwinMama828 8 годин тому +60

    The 90s Beetlejuice cartoon is so underrated

    • @lightheart5
      @lightheart5 5 годин тому +2

      I grew up on the Beetlejuice cartoon

    • @kyles5513
      @kyles5513 5 годин тому +1

      I used to watch it all the time. And transformers.

  • @mebrandonb
    @mebrandonb 4 години тому +2

    I love that they stuck with the original styling for the film!

  • @Goobian
    @Goobian 4 години тому +1

    The idea we were told about the Beetlejuice goes to Hawaii pitch for years thinking a sequel would never happen this is amazing.

    • @jasoncolliver3648
      @jasoncolliver3648 3 години тому

      The crashing plane says "Pacific Travel" on the side....! Maybe we get a little Hawaiian reference in this film, heh

  • @eddyalvarez8351
    @eddyalvarez8351 10 годин тому +143

    THE RED DRESS AND THE UNIFORM ARE BACK PEOPLE !!! I’m glad they still focus with Lydia and Beetlejuice I was scared he was going to be paired up with Jeanna Ortega more

    • @functionatthejunction
      @functionatthejunction 8 годин тому +3

      Ortega has her own problems to deal with in this movie, the least of which is Beetlejuice.

    • @caiooliveira5863
      @caiooliveira5863 8 годин тому +7

      I agree, it's a good thing they're going to focus on Lydia and Beetlejuice instead of Jenna because I thought the focus would be on her since she became friends with Tim Burton and that would be boring.

    • @Daminous_Games
      @Daminous_Games 7 годин тому +1

      Jeanna Ortega is who he tries to marry this time as they basically ripped off the original and added in pronouns and agenda trash. Jeanna Ortega is basically Lydia in this version.

    • @WHMStudios
      @WHMStudios 7 годин тому

      ​@@Daminous_Gamesfunny, considering all of the pronouns in your comment, you tool.

    • @cannibalbunny
      @cannibalbunny 7 годин тому

      @@Daminous_Gameswtf are you talking about

  • @unclehollywoodshouseofther995
    @unclehollywoodshouseofther995 9 годин тому +27

    The "I'm gonna make you so happy," is my favorite part of this trailer

  • @hainavidotcom
    @hainavidotcom 6 годин тому +1

    We had Keaton in Batman, Lee majors in Fall Guy! We got Axel Foley! We got 3 kaiju movies and shows within 12 months and now this! AWESOME! please do Six Million Dollar Man next!

  • @urwomansfantasy4163
    @urwomansfantasy4163 5 годин тому +2

    For you people complaining about the graphics, it's an 80's movie okay, so you kids wouldn't get it, it's nostalgic to your parents and maybe grandparents actually so zip it.

  • @joeygauvin2765
    @joeygauvin2765 14 годин тому +34

    As a boy I had the biggest crush on Winona in Beetlejuice. Now she still looks amazing in her goth gear😍

    • @Jim-Mc
      @Jim-Mc 9 годин тому +1

      I saw Bram Stokers Dracula as an early teen and...yeah.

    • @joeygauvin2765
      @joeygauvin2765 9 годин тому

      @@Jim-Mc I credit her,Christina Ricci and Elvira for getting me into the whole goth girl look

  • @Wolfeisberg
    @Wolfeisberg 3 години тому +2

    When they get to the third movie, the title of the movie will bring him into actual existence.

  • @PabloEspana-ie4li
    @PabloEspana-ie4li 7 годин тому

    I really have no words to explain this, but this is exactly what I wanted, a sequel for so long I waited, and now it's here! Makes me wanna go see it, but I'm patient, and the trailer looks legit 🔥!

  • @retrotaco11
    @retrotaco11 12 годин тому +64

    Seeing Winona Ryder reprise one of her most iconic roles is so awesome. Always loved her in this movie and it’s great seeing her doing so well

  • @alexmeza6486
    @alexmeza6486 8 годин тому +77

    Persephone: where's Batman
    Green Goblin: WHERE'S BATMAN

    • @MentalLiberation
      @MentalLiberation 5 годин тому

      Two nasty pieces of work looking for a nasty piece of work? Yea, it's the afterlife alright. 😂
      This looks fun!

    • @PauloReis88
      @PauloReis88 5 годин тому

      haahahhaahhahahahaha That was epic!!! lmao

    • @musiciangamer76
      @musiciangamer76 4 години тому

      After reading your comment I literally heard his green goblin voice say “Spider-Man” in my head. 😂

  • @Ironfist13
    @Ironfist13 7 годин тому +2

    This is how you do a sequel to a great movie

  • @KazBaka
    @KazBaka 7 годин тому

    The use of practical effects and stop motion is so refreshing to see come back!

  • @AlecRGunther
    @AlecRGunther 14 годин тому +225

    36 years later. Worth all that time.

  • @Aniket.Gamin83
    @Aniket.Gamin83 13 годин тому +1335

    Practical effects is Always better than CG, and this trailer proves it. joining *AWMKPX* was smart! Thank you for the headsup

    • @CaptainChromaKey
      @CaptainChromaKey 13 годин тому +43

      Almost all the shots in the trailer have some kind of VFX/CGI... how people can not see that is wild. Please stop with the "everything practical BS". TOP GUN had 2000 shots with CGI and they called it "all real" as well...

    • @zombiemomsen66
      @zombiemomsen66 13 годин тому +1

      ​@@CaptainChromaKey K

    • @acescher9011
      @acescher9011 13 годин тому +10

      @@CaptainChromaKey What they mean is not total green screen sets.

    • @TheDarkPorkins
      @TheDarkPorkins 13 годин тому +8

      There are clearly practical effects in this movie.

    • @justinavera7846
      @justinavera7846 13 годин тому +12

      I was actually just thinking the scene of the plane going into the ocean was some atrocious cgi.

  • @davidmadera009
    @davidmadera009 4 години тому +2

    keeping the 80`s effects was the best desicion they could have made

  • @shuichiminamino5788
    @shuichiminamino5788 7 годин тому +3

    This is giving me the beetlejuice cartoon vibes

  • @beaufonville4454
    @beaufonville4454 9 годин тому +26

    (2024) Michael Keaton: "The Juice is loose."! Classic!😎👏👍💯

  • @linengray
    @linengray 14 годин тому +52

    *"I am going to make you so happy."* You just did.

  • @anhurtorrez
    @anhurtorrez 4 години тому +1

    I have a major problem with this video, you are making me want to see the movie even more now. I just can't wait till it comes out.

  • @XAn0nymousX0
    @XAn0nymousX0 4 години тому +2

    Really sick of the Hollywood trend of reboots / sequels... But seeing Winona Ryder and Michael Keaton come back with this lineup actually looks pretty good.

  • @Shubham12122
    @Shubham12122 13 годин тому +1151

    I can't wait to see Keaton back!! Gonna drag me to *AWMKPX* man

  • @Popozable
    @Popozable 13 годин тому +28

    The Juice is loose is probbaly the catchiest opening sentence they could've picked, love it.

  • @TheRetroManRandySavage
    @TheRetroManRandySavage 7 годин тому +1

    Beetlejuice 2 & Beverley Hills Cop 4 trailer's released on the same day?
    It has made this 80s kid extremely happy, lol.
    Now all i need is the Alien Romulus trailer to drop.😂

  • @HisXLNC
    @HisXLNC 5 годин тому

    I love how they managed to preserve the aesthetic of the first movie. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  • @Alyssa-tv7py
    @Alyssa-tv7py 8 годин тому +42

    The fact that there is 1.3 million views in 5 hours says loads of how amazing the original was. We have been waiting for a sequal!

  • @miaangelo4537
    @miaangelo4537 12 годин тому +19

    Keatons laugh at the very end sounds like Dafoes Green Goblin. I LOVE IT!!

  • @Rachhlaur
    @Rachhlaur 3 години тому

    Stranger things casting Winona was the best thing to happen to give her a career again so they could do a sequel of a classic

  • @rainemonet
    @rainemonet 5 годин тому

    I’m so glad the original cast is back, the new cast of actors look fantastic! All fantastic actors, Tim Burton really knows how to choose his actors and actresses.

  • @jimmyr16
    @jimmyr16 14 годин тому +46

    Winona is still as beautiful when I first saw her I’ll be at the premiere

    • @fatherdamien69
      @fatherdamien69 14 годин тому +3

      No she was much hotter in her 20's. lol
      She looked her best in mr deeds from 2002.
      She looked so hot in that movie.
      Shes aged a lot but so have all of us.

  • @frankazoid
    @frankazoid 12 годин тому +16

    I'm glad Michael is coming back to his comedic roots. I know he prefers being a dramatic actor nowadays, but he was always a funny actor and comedian, and I'm looking forward to this movie.

  • @sea_wolf
    @sea_wolf 7 годин тому +2

    Please take my money!! For Burton to be directing this??!! We are going to get everything that has been cooking in this mans head since the first film! Does Lydia get to ride a sandworm this time? LOL.

    • @calvarydominique
      @calvarydominique 6 годин тому

      keaton isn’t directing it? it’s still tim burton lol

    • @sea_wolf
      @sea_wolf 6 годин тому +1

      @@calvarydominique Oooo my bad. Tim is the director. Still, both are geniuses.

  • @datheoryof
    @datheoryof 7 годин тому +1

    So happy it's not a remake. It's a sequel ! 😁😁

  • @reinmaker1711
    @reinmaker1711 14 годин тому +111

    Beetlejuice working as a manager of an Afterlife Call Center is oozes hilarity. A Someone who works management in a Callcenter, I can easily imagine the cringe he has to deal with.