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Paris in Y2K America | Paris Hilton | Docuseries

  • Опубліковано 20 лис 2023
  • In the early to mid-2000s, no celebrity was more talked about than Paris Hilton. Her omnipresence and subsequent decline reflected broader cultural shifts in the 2000s.
    At the turn of the new millennium, there was an air of optimism. Ideas of what the upcoming millennium would look like had already been sold to us through the movies and media of the 20th century. It was the future, and now it was finally here.
    However, one year into the daydream, America experienced the worst terrorist attack in world history. The events of 9/11 spurred a cultural shift, fuelling a hedonistic, nihilistic, patriotic, and consumerist culture.
    At this time, hotel heiress turned reckless socialite Paris Hilton’s fame rockets. She revels in a new flashy materialism. She uses her image to endorse products. She is ‘Famous for being famous’. She is constructed of an artificial persona. She is both hated and put on a pedestal. However, as the increasingly abstract ‘War on Terror’ accelerates, so does a desire for celebrity news. The country is pulled between abject horrors and vapid escapism; the increasingly jarring tonal changes can overlap to paint a portrait of the time.
    The show will act as both a portrait of Paris Hilton, a unique and influential figure as well as the time she was situated and ultimately thrived within.
    Oliver Elphick, Jordan Hill, Brian Aabech
    Lady Bunny
    Paris in Y2K America | Full Documentary
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